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The dust-enhanced attack from Topaz was more than enough to knock her off the ground, her raised leg and the loose sand preventing her from keeping a steady foot [-7% aura]. Letting out a pained grunt, Vivian tumbled over and rolled a few feet across the arena floor before quickly forcing herself up with both arms [-3% aura]. She took in a deep breath, exhaled, then bolted away. Rather than turn back to face her opponent, she darted in the direction of her previously discarded firearm. On her way past, she scooped it off of the ground, taking a quick peek at Topaz as she kept moving. The sudden assist from Verm was a little unexpected, but well appreciated. Her plan was originally to use the rest of her ammo on Topaz, but the rapid spray of her gun would be a lot more effective on an opponent that didn’t see it coming. She didn’t pay attention to how successful his attack was, instead using the brief moment to begin closing the gap between herself and her own teammate. As the faunus approached Verm and his opponent, she brushed some of the sand off of her gun, getting ready to fire on Avery if the opportunity presented itself.

[Aura - 59%]

”Bam!” Vivian let out a yell as Topaz took the blow square in the middle of her body. Normally she wouldn’t get so excited over a single hit, but this one had put her right where she needed to be. A stunned enemy standing within arms reach was one of the best advantages Vivian could have, as far as she knew. The massive ice attack had made her own arm a little stiffer than usual, but thankfully, she had two!

The faunus moved in again, using her good arm to swiftly follow up with a hook aimed at the girl’s head [-5% aura]. Trying to keep up the offensive before Topaz could collect herself and retaliate, she didn’t hesitate to attack again. Vivian lifted her right leg, opposite foot turning to the side and digging into the ground. Her knee extended out as she spun, driving her shin towards her opponent’s ribs in a rising, side-angled kick [-4% aura].

[Aura - 69%]

Vivian stood up as Topaz went down, the golden glow of aura disappearing from her empty hand. The random spray of shots wasn’t as precise as she would have hoped, but it definitely improved her situation. It had a lot more utility at a closer range… Which made it all the more surprising when her opponent began charging right at her. In that brief moment, she felt a very real urge to unload the rest of her magazine on the poor girl at point-blank, but making that choice could potentially leave her open to the incoming attack. Evading and trying to counter would, she hoped, let her keep a larger advantage.

As Topaz neared her, the faunus took one step back, making sure to focus on keeping her feet steady in the sand. Vivian then slid back, rotating around one leg to narrowly avoid the heavy swing. As she leaned away from Topaz, she suddenly let go of her own weapon, the firearm falling to the ground. After all, that hand needed to be free if she was going to make use of the ice dust loaded into it, still unused since her scuffle with Avery. It was a risky mix-up, but it wouldn’t be right for her to not take such a chance here of all places. With one quick step forward, she clenched her fist and drove the metal towards her opponent’s gut with tremendous force, exhausting every bit of ice dust in the prosthetic all at once. [10% damage, heavy freezing effect.]

[Aura - 69%]

The charge that Topaz had started was rather easy for Vivian to notice. She pivoted to face the other girl, raising both of her fists in a defensive stance. Unfortunately, she hadn’t noticed the kinetic dust that was currently loaded into her opponent’s weapon. She sent her glowing, semblance-shielded fist to meet with the strike, only for her hand to bounce right back towards her. The force from the attack carried through the bubble of aura, colliding with her torso and sending her back off of her feet [-5% aura].

After rolling to a stop, Vivian lay on her stomach in the sand, groaning some. This environment was really not working in her favor whatsoever. She began to stand up, but stopped as she reached a kneeling position. Instead of running in to trade blows again, she quickly drew her submachine gun from its holster with her free hand, letting loose a surprise spray of bullets towards Topaz. Her finger only held the trigger for a couple seconds, but with the high rate of fire, she had already emptied half of her magazine. [15 shots, wide spray, 3% damage each]

[Aura - 69%]

Planting one foot in the sand, Vivian lifted her opposite leg, sending a swift kick towards Avery's swinging staff. His attack struck her directly on the leg [-4% aura], halting his swing. Not a moment later, her tall rabbit ears that had been turned in Verm’s general direction picked up the fast approaching whistle of an arrow. With little time to move out of the way, she swung her frozen hand down to bat at the incoming projectile. The tip of the arrow struck the wide block of ice protruding from her hand, cracking it immediately while still sending her arm reeling back [-5% aura].

After what had felt like forever, she could finally clench her fist, breaking apart the ice from inside. It was tricky defending against two opponents at once, with the distraction from Topaz leaving her unfocused on Avery in front of her. Feeling overwhelmed with her situation, she abandoned her previous plan and activated her semblance. A faint glow emanated from her opposite palm, which almost immediately materialized into a spherical shape that soon surrounded her hand. The large glowing bubble that had been created from aura remained connected to her arm at the wrist, even as she swung at Avery [6% knockback damage].

It wasn’t too often that she tried to use this ability offensively, but judging by how effective it was at bouncing away even the heaviest of weapons, it could surely be used for repelling foes. While it could have been a good trump card later on in the fight, making some distance between them now could give her the opportunity she would need to turn the fight back around.

[Aura - 74%]

Immediately, Vivian regretted her taunting. Even with the space she had cleared between them, his spear was long enough to close the gap and strike her in the torso [-6% aura]. She couldn't quite move fast enough to evade, especially with this big block of ice on her arm keeping her off balance. The ice was falling apart, slowly but surely, as was her plan of action. Moving in and smacking him with her frozen arm was a possibility, but she could tell it'd be too sluggish. For now, she kept at bashing the ice, continuing to back up with her eyes locked on

At her teammate's call, her ears perked up. Resorting to help from that guy was a pain, but if it would better their chances of victory, she could put up with him gloating about it later. "Help please!" was all she shouted back, still retreating cautiously.

[Aura - 83%]

Knocking Avery onto the ground was the opportunity that Vivian needed. Whistling casually to herself, she reached into her ammo pouch and pulled out two small dust canisters of a light blue tint. After these were spent, she'd be left only with kinetic, fire, and wind dust. Each would give her a brief power-up, though if she could simply land all of her punches, he'd surely be stunned long enough to let her swap them out. She went ahead and removed the empty vials before slipping the new one into the small compartment on her left arm.

In the process of reloading her right side with her left hand, she was suddenly and suprisingly jabbed twice from a distance [-8% aura], her grip on the canister tightening when the staff struck her. The ammunition was fragile, and her hand was far too strong. Ice exploded from the container the moment it cracked [-3% aura]. Her left fist was frozen shut in an instant, a big block of ice formed at the end of her forearm. The combination of his attack and her own mistake sent her stumbling back, momentarily dazed.

Vivian quickly shook her head, trying to keep her mind in the game. She had been careless! Too much confidence in her own chances, and she had missed an easy shot at continuing her assault. Now she had paid the price- her dust was loaded, but with her hand frozen over, it didn't matter yet. Her eyes locked onto Avery, paying much more attention than she had a minute ago. She began to bash her opposite arm against the ice, taking off chunk after chunk with each rapid swing. "Come get some more!" she taunted, hopping back twice to get just a little more distance between her and his staff. With the unstable ground below them, it wouldn't be the easiest weapon to avoid without the aid of her semblance.

[Aura - 89%]

Vivian lifted up her arm for a moment to block some of the sand, turning her head to the side and shutting her eyes as it briefly stunned her. She quickly regained her footing and shook her head, attempting to get some of it out of her rabbit ears. Unfortunately, the ongoing sandstorm was ensuring that she would never truly be free of that annoyance. It had given him the opportunity to keep his distance, something she needed to prevent. Vivian charged at him suddenly, the start of her run slowed slightly by the sand that she stood on. She still closed the gap rather quickly, balling up her fists and raising her arms as she came at him. This volley would surely burn through what was left of these particular vials of dust, but it was a chance worth taking. Making no effort to conserve her electricity, the girl sent a series of three hard straight punches with both hands [3 attacks, 5% damage each]. While the pace of her step slowed drastically, she kept up her approach, wanting to keep the pressure on.

Standing alongside her partner, Vivian squinted her eyes and hummed lightly as she noticed Avery approaching them on his own through the sand. The mentions from the announcers gave her little clue as to how exactly their opponents would fight, but seeing as he was kind enough to close the gap for her, engaging Avery seemed like the most obvious route to take. Meanwhile, her leader was acting like his usual self, something she had grown numb to. Leaning towards Vermilion, the girl stood on her toes for a brief moment to get closer to his height while speaking in a hushed tone.

"Oh, let me go after him first. You can take care of the girl and her 'drone'."

Rolling up the sleeves of her pink jacket, Vivian revealed more of her shiny prosthetics. A moment later, the thin and symmetrically patterned lines along her forearm and bicep lit up, glowing yellow to indicate the type of dust that had previously been inserted. The brightly glowing lines converged at both the back of her hands and her palms, at what appeared to be the main points of dust exhaust. The exposure of her arms served more of a purpose than simply showing off; electric dust visibly coursed throughout the limbs, the occasional flicker of electricity making it clear that they would be dangerous to touch. Despite that, she was quite obviously proud to have them on display to the world, a big grin stuck on her face.

As much as she wanted to return Avery's kind gesture with perhaps a handshake or high-five, doing so now and zapping him would most definitely be seen as a cheap attack. It would give her and Verm a good laugh, but this Atlas crowd certainly didn't need their stereotypes of the sneaky and conniving faunus validated. Instead, Vivian took a couple steps forward and entered an upright combat stance to make sure he knew what to expect.

"Have fun, guys!" the woman called out to the pair, giving Avery a couple more seconds before stepping forward again. The moment she did, she sent a shocking left-handed jab his way, aimed at his upper body [5% damage].

The Vale Region / Re: Royal Guard [CLOSED]
« on: July 03, 2018, 11:38:15 PM »
Lyssa did her best to meander through the crowd. Unlike Beige, she didn't move elegantly whatsoever, accidentally bumping into a couple of people as she made her way past. After cursing under her breath, she let out a sigh, trying to relax herself a little. While her temper was well under control, having dozens of people surrounding you, all of which you had to try and keep track of was a little stressful. Perhaps Beige had the right idea- there wasn't really too much to worry about at this very moment. If something were to happen, it most likely wouldn't be here. She hadn't had much interest in it initially, but maybe chatting a bit would help her ease up some.

"We don't really know each other." She glanced over at Jima, giving her a curious look before turning back. Part of her wanted to know what exactly Mrs. Royale meant, but she felt it would be strange to ask. "... But since you apparently know all about us, mind telling us some things about yourself? I kinda wanna know why these people we're lookin' out for don't like you." The last part was somewhat easy to guess, but any extra information she could get from her would be valuable.

Plot Zone / Re: Beach Volleyball!
« on: June 12, 2018, 08:49:30 AM »
Signing up Isabelle for social thread and Cassidy for some volleyball.

Everywhere Else / Re: Preparing for the Coming Storm, Team One
« on: June 08, 2018, 10:34:48 AM »
His sudden disappearance into the fog was enough of a red flag for her to be ready. While she expected some sort of swift attack, she was instead greeted by a flying mass of metal, barely diving and rolling out of the way in time. Her entire body shook as the pistons collided, her eardrums ringing from the loud booms. The pain was manageable, even if it did make it much harder to concentrate.

"How the fuck?" she muttered to herself, unable to hear her own voice. There really was no clear solution here, not one she could piece together. Maybe if she could take a moment to regroup with Solaris, though she couldn't even see her partner past the moving metal. This predicament only reminded her of how badly she needed to invest in some heavy duty explosives... Nothing like a big boom to solve all of your problems.

For now, all she could do was wait on the defensive. She had an idea that involved getting on top of one of those pistons to find the source, but she'd need her semblance to use as a platform, and that was currently recharging. And so, she waited, watching the fog closely while praying that her eardrums wouldn't be permanently screwed after standing near this set of crashing pistons for a while. Better here than wandering into the deep fog.

The Vale Region / Re: Royal Guard [CLOSED]
« on: June 08, 2018, 10:13:59 AM »
"I'm Lyssa," the tall woman answered briefly, her attention partially divided as her eyes moved between individuals in the crowd. The chances of an attack at this very moment were much slimmer than if the speech had already begun. Despite that, she felt the need to stay alert. The large amount of security present in addition to this bunch of students almost seemed like overkill... Perhaps that was for the best, but it didn't make her feel at ease, as the organizers of the event were clearly overly concerned about safety. Picking out any threats here would be difficult for sure. Nobody looked like murderous mercenaries here. As long as she had a couple seconds to react, she was confident in her ability to protect Ms. Royale, though there was no guarantee she would get that kind of time.

While the others spoke amongst themselves, Vivian simply stared at the newly acquired mustache that she held in her hand, giggling to herself. Even as Jonathan ripped into the students, she held it up to her face, looking over at Airi for a moment to show off her new accessory. Unbeknownst to her, she was almost perfectly proving his point on discipline. It took the arrival of the professor for her to realize that she should probably be paying attention. Apparently, it was too late, as she was already totally lost. Something about a semblance doohickey? Before she could ask, they were on their way out. Her rabbit ears drooped a little, but she quickly shrugged it off.

Along with the others, she made her way back towards their car, slipping the fake mustache into one of her front pockets. "That guy was totally weird... I see why him and the professor get along."

Upon their return to the passenger area, the faunus went to her seat and slumped in the chair once again. Rather than stare out the window, she kept a curious eye on the conductor of indeterminable gender. While she wasn't attentive enough to be even a bit suspicious about them being there, she definitely had to wonder if this person was looking for their mustache, as it wouldn't look too out of place on them...

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