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Introductions, birthdays, and departures. / It feels good to be back!
« on: December 01, 2016, 12:38:02 AM »
Oh boy I'm back~ Hiya all long time no see!

Introductions, birthdays, and departures. / Leaving for a while :(
« on: October 19, 2016, 01:21:42 AM »
Hello all! As much as I believe some people here don't care about my existence, no one really does honestly, I still have to say this. I'll be gone till 1 December 2016 due to certain matters in real life. Let's just say I'll be at most quite busy with life during the holiday period, as what it is, confidential.

I know its a really odd time to leave for something but things happen unexpectedly, lots of people often misunderstand situations because they don't know what goes through a person's head or their current timeline. Till 1 December, Leycil signing out.

The Vale Region / The Bridge Home[Open]
« on: October 08, 2016, 04:18:34 AM »
The Bridge Home, a small pub in the residential district of Vale. Shady, yes maybe. Old, older than your grandfather. Drunk people, plenty.

Orion looked up from his small round table and looked around, the wallpaper showed signs of peeling, an old jukebox stood idle and its neon lights just flickered in and out of existence. He could see a bunch of drunkerds singing away red faced. He puts his cigar bud into the ash tray and took a swig of his mug.

This morning, he took an airship to Vale that got highjacked by White Fang, no problem with him around. He then was met with a mob of the media just shortly afterwards and had to fire his revolver into the air to create a loud enough distraction to leave. He then came across a bunch of thugs wanting to steal his things. He gritted his teeth, why can't he find a day without facing idiots. He lit another cigar and leaned against the nearby wall, last thing he needed was another gang to rear their ugly heads up.

General Discussion / Ruby's semblance
« on: October 07, 2016, 11:31:54 AM »
Okay, since I can't post on the RWBY discussion board, I'll ask here.
Below contains a small spoiler if you haven't watched the recent Ruby character trailer. And also a confirm plot. But that is not what we are going to talk about.

Ruby is shown to be more rosey than usual. Not the metaphorical way but literally. Her every steps makes rose petals, kinda her motif. For the longest time ever, Ruby is shown to be able to travel at speeds fast enough to lift everything in the cafeteria.(Fav episode btw)

But in the trailer, something different occurs. Ruby still goes fast, but is followed by rose petals, then spilts in to three. Whaaaaat? We already know thag everytime she uses her Semblance, Rose petals! This is the first time we see this.

Could this be a development in her Semblance(like maybe she moves fast enough that she forms afterimages) or perhaps Speed has never been her Semblance. But rather, something to do with turning into roses.

Beacon Academy / Randomness in Beacon[Open]
« on: September 16, 2016, 07:41:37 PM »
There exists a little rumor, about a person with purple hair, whose androgny can really mess up your affairs. She might be the gal next to you with purple hair, or the man with a book with purple hair. He seems to be everywhere, actually he is not, but his bag of tricks and briefcase is sure to switch alot.

Galileo is sort of amused by the rumor, despite it being true. It sort of rhymes and sort of brings him to a jolly mood. He was walking around campus, looking very feminine, with a female uniform ironed neatly, hair all so glossy and makeup put on nicely, with a sort of sass and pretty in the eyes. Anyone from a mile away will agree he is a girl. Being androgynous really does have its perks.

As he makes his way around the corner he hopes to bump into someone, honestly he can't wait to see that happen, especially when his acting skills come into play.

Worldbuilding / Flake Homestead[Ready]
« on: September 15, 2016, 07:16:51 PM »

Name:Flake Homestead

Location and Geography: The Flake Homestead is located in Southeast of the main kingdom. It is surrounded by a vast mountain range and various plains and forests. A large calendera lies within the mountain range. It is accessible from the main kingdom by taking a dirt road, it is about a 5 hour long trip.
Spoiler: ShowHide

Don't worry no nefarious plans here

History: The Flake Homestead didn't exist till only recently, as the land value was low due to how Grimm roamed to the area, the land was unsuitable for construction of buildings and is rumored to be a graveyard of Hunters(it isn't true, both of them). So a certain woman bought the place so she could make toys in peace. She personally constructed the entire place by herself while hitting Grimm in the face. Eventually Grimm stopped trying to attack her because she was more of a threatening presence and not easy prey.

It started out as just one small building, but with funding from an organization called the Order of Folk the place grew in size and became open to the public as a sort of vacation home for people who want to be away from the chaos of the city.

Description:The Flame Homestead has 2 major buildings and 3 minor buildings.

Farmhouse(Major): The Farmhouse is a very large building, about 10m wide and 20m tall, because it isn't your typical farmhouse, even though it is made of wood. Inside the Farmhouse contains a supply room, an indoor stable, indoor pen and coop for storms. The most cool thing however is the vehicles inside. 4 all terrarin prowlers meant for racing.

The Workshop(Major): The workshop, is not a really big building, 5m wide and 5m tall. But it does have a big role in the Flake Homestead. For it sells toys it makes in the city of Vale. The lights of this place is often open very late at night for the woman in charge makes toys here.

Stables,Pens,Coop(Minor): To be more specific it actually is one whole open piece of land with bordering fences. It is the widest place, covering about 85 meters of flat land. The Staples have the most area, pens followed by the coop. 10 horses, 3 Stallions, 5 Mares and 2 fowls(one male the other female) occupy the staples. Most of the stables is flat land covered by grass, obstacles and a small area with shelter for the horses to chill. The pen is home to pigs while the coop contains one hen house and a flat land for chickens.

Guest House(Minor): The Guest House is a blue rooted building with 20 rooms for 4 people each, making the second largest building. The rooms occupy the second and third floor with the bathroom, kitchen and dining room occupy the first. A small lobby connects the stairs to the second floor and the corridor leading to the first floor rooms is the first place you enter opening the door. This place functions as the house people who come a take a vacation or camp.

Flake's House(minor): Flake's House is where, the owner stays. The building also serves as the registry and administration. If you want to do anything here, Flake's house is where you go first.

Activities: Flake's homestead is open most of the year, the only times it isn't open is during Frost. There are two types of activities.

Hunter's Camp: Open to anyone above the age of 13, with the warning "Grimm activities", and it advertises itself in Beacon as a yearly 5 day camp for students. Activities include: Camping in Grimm infested areas, Dirt Racing, Huntsmen's Paintball etc. This camp aims to help future Huntsmen and woman to learn about what it means to be a Hunter on the field in remote areas like forests and mountains.

Do not participate if: Ill, have major injuries, unable to perform under physical standards or pregnant.

Common's Camp: Open to anyone above the age of 13. Does not include Grimm and Huntsmen based activities.

Owner Beezle Claus Flake: The owner and founder of Flake's Homestead. 37 year old Beezle Claus Flake aka "Mirazle" found Flake Homestead after being passed down her father's toy shop. She bought the plot of land and killed any Grimm that she met. She built a small toy shop, as the city was too hectic for her to work. An organization she worked for, the Order of Folk, helped funded her and she decided to expand, buying livestock, building facilities and turning Flake Homestead into a camp and vacation home. She hired people to help her manage the place.

Mistle Laurel: Beezle's 23 year old secretary, administrator, head of activities, accountant, phone girl and cover girl for their advertisements. A very capable woman in both the physical and mental side of her work. She may look like an office worker but don't be surprised when she breaks bricks in two with her foot. Also camp director of the Common's Camp.

Reol(Ree-Ole) "Red Nose" Hoof: The  27 year old camp director of the Hunter's Camp. He may not look for for the job, with his constant sneezing and red nose, hence the nickname, he is a capable killer and is worth his salt. Though a bit sickly and grumpy, he is nice and puts the students before his own safety.

There are some trained staff to handle some things like administration, transport, manual work etc. But these three are the main people behind the operations. Total strength is 25, excluding the three above.

Equipment Owned
4 All Terrarian Prowelers at the max speed of 50km/h. Suggested speed however for the place is 20km/h.
An all terrain jeep that goes at the max of 60km/h
Crates full of specially modified paintballs that resemble real bullets and various ammo. Hunters would have to inform the camp should they wish to use their own weapons for Hunter's Paintball.
Regular Pressures Carbon Dioxide Paintball guns and ammo.

Interesting Facts
Flake Homestead is only closed on 25 Frost.

Approved Characters / Galileo Mephis
« on: September 12, 2016, 12:13:28 AM »

Name: Galileo Mephis

Age: 20

Species and Gender: Human Male

Symbol: A top hat with an Ace of Diamonds card on it.

Occupation: Magician, 4th year Beacon Student, Fortune Teller

Appearance: Galileo is 162cm tall and weighs 64 kilos. He is androgynous. He has the physical shape of a flat chested female and feminine shaped face. But he has the sharp chin, the emerald eyes and lankiness of a male. You basically can't tell whether he is male or female at first glance. He even keeps his indigo(dyed, his hair is black) hair long and spiky. His teeth are pearly white and tends to wear blue eyeliner.

Now… Galileo doesn't have a fixed choice of clothes. He is always randomizing his choices. But he does wear specific types of clothing. He would normally have a top hat, white undershirt, black belt, long pants, leather shoes and a coat with a flat collar. But his top hat will have an Ace card, usually the Ace of Diamonds, the diamond being his symbol.

Even worse, he tends to walk around with a briefcase, one very simple looking briefcase you often don't notice it. Inside the briefcase, is clothes of various kinds. Due to a certain talent, he can change into those in a blink of an eye. If you see a girl in the Beacon uniform with long spiky indigo hair with a briefcase, it is most likely Galileo playing with your head. Yes he crossdresses and disguises himself in school.

History: Galileo since young was an aspiring astronomer, and gifted magician. Galileo was born into a family of magicians, well two female magicians. Yes his parents are lesbian and one human and the other Faunus, the Faunus being also an actor of both voice and reality. This lead to Galileo having a very very plain outlook on the world, hence his love for the stars and all that in the sky, because it seems so interesting.

Galileo started practicing magic and various other types of performances like quick change clothing since he was born, because he became part of the tricks. Eventually at 4 he started with his acts, usually miniature ones like making coins appear out of your ear and making the apple vanish. But as Galileo became 9, he pretty much knows every trick in the book and innovated his own tricks as well, though they remain small scale until he was 13 when his parents approve of him going for big tricks like sawing people in half.

But due to his parentage, he wasn't the most popular kid in school. He was often teased to be adopted(he isn't, sperm donation) or a freak of nature. But his magic tricks did help him garner friends who helped supported him in his troubling years.

He had no vision of becoming a Hunter, so he attended a regular school and pursued astronomy, still performing from time to time in his parents’ shows, and becoming quite the celebrity in school. One day he invites his classmates to one of his performances and it had a nasty twist.

One of his classmates decided to ruin his show, so with the help from a few others, lured a Grimm into the show tent and to their delight and horror, his show got ruined but at the consequence of their classmates being injured if it wasn't for one of Galileo’s classmates bringing along her dad.

Galileo’s vision changed, he still studied astronomy, with help from his friends, but went to Signal to study. He took a while to get used to having a change in education but he managed. He also gained an interest in astrology and fortune telling. Also he learnt to throw shurikens from his friend’s dad, and also went through the most vigorous exam you would probably ever see, many times did Galileo throw up as he was pushed beyond his limit.

Galileo applied into Beacon and surprisingly passed the exam, his way of fighting and technique was much different from typical fighters and hence helped him gain a bit of popularity and a bit of distaste from some students. He still does prefer to not boast about it, he did not want another incident like back then to happen again.

Life went somewhat smoothly for Galileo for the next three years. His human mother passed away from an illness and hence it was just him and his Faunus mother running the show, but due to his Faunus mother’s age, she couldn't do the amazing tricks she once did and hence Galileo had to juggle magic and school, hence finance was getting tight for Galileo’s family.

He did manage to get a sponsorship from one of his astrology friend(the same one whose dad saved them) and made lots of money for his Faunus mother to retire happily while Galileo continued the family business. He also confessed to that friend, and was promised her hand in marriage once he graduates from Beacon, because her dad wanted a capable man, infact Galileo still goes through that vigorous training.

Personality:Galileo is what one would describe as someone with a loose screw. He is crazy, weird and really really goofy. His sense of humor knows no bounds and always is ready to drop a fart bag on the teacher’s seat just for plain entertainment.

He doesn't give a care about the world, he is never serious and really quite the annoyance if you would say. But he doesn't care if you get pissed, he enjoys it, and makes fun of you. It happens to be worse with his amazing voice acting skills and variety of costumes he keeps. He also “breaks the fourth wall” kind of person, thinking there is some outer force actually watching what they are doing, even there isn't am I right?

But take him for no idiot, he is quite smart. Math, English, Physics and other Sciences trust him to ace. As for other subjects, kinda below that league, just at average. The only exception is the other subjects is Combat. In the school records, he may seem average, but he is much better than average, in fact, he is secretly one of the students with a better track record.

But, his androgyny makes his quite the pain in the neck when you meet him for the first time. You think you approach someone new, turns out it is Galileo wearing a disguise. And he is good at it, he is quite the actor.

Unbeknownst to all, he actually does have a more humane normal side. He is a nice man and shows confidence no matter the situation. He is someone who thinks with his head and believes in his tools of logic and reason. He is calculative and rather cool headed. Then again, he has to maintain that mentality as a magician. Also he is dedicated and loyal to a fault. Then again he can look like a buffoon.

Aura and Semblance: His aura is Psychedelic(He doesn't have a fixed color, since it really really random, just like him). His Semblance is Shape. Shape allows Galileo to create geometric objects or organic shapes with his aura. Depending on the size of the object, the cost can be negligible or real hefty. But it rarely has a whole chunk as, in order to make shapes, he needs his hands. So anything larger than his arm span is almost impossible, or anything that isn't a geometric object or organic shape(this means no doomsday machine and mechanical objects). The objects can be used defensively, offensively or as a means of moving. He can control any Shape he makes.
Object smaller than his hand - No cost
Object the size of his hand - Just a minor tingle
Object in size up to his upper arm length - Hand feels a rings of numbness
Object in size to his half his shoulder span - Hands feel numb, still bearable
Objects his height - Hands feel numb, almost unbearable
Objects above his height(max 3 meters)- Whole arm is numb, can make move his arm unbearable if he goes to the max. Usually a last resort.
Each Shape can last about an hour, and the numbness won't go away until he gets a good rest for an hour. Shapes are created with a 0.5 second delay.

Combat Behavior: Galileo is a very weird fighter so to say, the way he fights, is meant to make you underestimate him, make him seem like an idiot and basically mess with your head. Case in point, unless you have no emotions or have no head, you will most likely will get trolled by Galileo as he "entertains" a "crowd".

Once you get tangled in his tricks, he would show you how much of a demon he can be with his Semblance and fencing skills. He is agile, excellent footwork, astronomical hand eye coordination and reaction. All that from being a magician. By the time you realize, you are most likely finding yourself with wounds all over your body from quick movements and pinpoint stabs.

But Galileo is a softy, without Aura or his Semblance to defend he would be easily dealt with a few strong blows. That is if, you can hit him.


Name: Crux

Primary Form: Crux is a meter long metal sword cane(specifically the blade type is of a sabre) with the handle resembling a horizontal crux. Galileo likes to call Crux his multi purpose stick. Mostly because many of Galileo’s tricks revolve around Crux. Near the handle is a rectangular shape, the spacing the size of Galileo’s hand. A button can be seen on both sides of the handle.

The rectangular box contains small shurikens, the size of Galileo’s palm. Upon pressing the left button, a mechanism inside pushes up a shuriken and is held in place by a small gap under the handle. Galileo can then proceed to throw them. The rectangular box contains 20 shurikens.

The right button flips the handle so it forms a line with the metal blade hidden inside and separating itself from the mechanism required to give Galileo shurikens. He then can proceed to unsheathe it. He can't use shurikens from the cane when the blade is out.

Dust Functions: There is dust up his sleeves, no kidding. Galileo has a special gauntlet hidden by his sleeve that gives him dust canisters to use. He loads them into Crux through a loading attached where the handle and the blade meet. So when Crux’s blade is out, it sort of sticks out like a sore thumb on the straight line. He carries five of each type. Each dust canister lasts about 2 minutes.
Fire Dust- Makes his Shapes combustable
Water Dust- Makes his Shapes float and feel cool as a passive, makes his shapes explosive bubbles.
Earth Dust- Makes his Shapes denser and harder.
Wind Dust- Makes his Shapes become bullet proof bouncy balloons.
Glass Dust- Makes his Shapes fragile but with a see through property.

History: Crux was Galileo’s first weapon, he went from simple design from the most unexpecting. Meanwhile the gauntlet that gives Galileo’s dust canister and Foci comes from his girlfriend’s dad.

Galileo’s GF(NPC)
Galileo’s GF Lyra visits Galileo from time to time and brings him boxed lunch. They are usually found sitting together near the fountain. Lyra may seem like a dainty girl, but she is a black belt in Karate and is no pushover. After all her dad taught her everything she needed to defend herself from both Grimm and perverted eyes of man. She however becomes a flower when Galileo is around, he doesn't care about the person being beaten up either because he is too lovey dovey with Lyra.

The Vale Region / Home of Little Flames[Open](continued)
« on: September 12, 2016, 12:12:20 AM »
(To recap, Izumi, Fallow and Colton are in the courtyard of a very old orphanage called Home of Little Flames. Right now, Colton is inviting them to go on to check out the orphanage's new facilities)

The Vale Region / Fated Delivery[Open]
« on: September 11, 2016, 10:22:07 PM »
Leycil knocked on a door, she stood outside and waited for the person to collect their parcel. When they did, she smiled as she left with a good stack of cash. Fated Delivery Service, a small courier service owned by who else, Leycil. She got on her bicycle, which had a delivery container attached to the back and rode of to her next location. She wonders who the next customer is

Approved Characters / Orion Noon
« on: September 11, 2016, 08:50:49 PM »

Name: Orion Noon

Age: 35, 23 Machlud, 41 AC

Species and Gender: Human Male

Symbol:The Symbol of Orion(as in the constellation) combined with a clock, the hands of the clock point to 3:37. Notabke location is his poncho

Occupation: Hunter, Help For Hire, Street Performer

Appearance: Orion is a man clocking in at a height of 176 cm and weighing 78 kilos. He has brown hair and brown eyes, having a short messy beard and sideburns. His skin color is beige and he has a muscular build, and rather hairy along the arms. He wears a steel rimmed black cowboy hat, a sleeveless jacket and plain beige t-shirt underneath a woolen red and yellow poncho. He also wears a scarf that is especially thick that tear gas does not go through. He wears cowboy boots with beige long pants. He wears a belt with his symbol on the buckle. He has a scar over his right eye. He often keeps his weapon in its holster. This is his combat attire.

His regular attire is something more simple. He still wears his hat and pants and belt. But he wears a fitting beige t-shirt, blue cowboy boots and his weapon is kept in its bolster.

History: Mistral, Atlas, Vacuo, Vale, this man has blood from all kingdoms. His Vacuo mother was from a family line that originated in Atlas and his father is a mix of Vale and Mistral. He took his mixed heritage proudly. His family were a group of trick shot performers. He grew up to use the slingshot and other ranged weapons. His first performance was in a small town in Vacuo, the kingdom he grew up in, it went off with a bang, literally.
  Raiders tried to use Grimm to take over the town but instead got eaten and the monster ran rampant. His family managed to hold off using their tricks but they were almost overwhelmed until a hunter came by to save them. However his sister suffered fatal wounds. As Vacuo’s nearest hospital was far, she died on the way.
  They moved to Vale, unknown to Orion, his parents chose to move here because they feared Vacuo might leave him depressed with the memory of losing his sister. He still did became depressed and became distant from the family for a while, he decided to enroll into Beacon to escape the family business, taking his sister’s revolver with him. So he entered through the exam, his travels had managed to teach him more than the books and got high marks for academic while his trickshot training and near perfect aim does magic in the combat exam. He impressed the judges with his performance but some teachers were not pleased, arguing his entrance into Beacon as he does not fight, he performs. However there were teachers who sided with him. In the end he enrolled.
  His first year were met tougher than most first years. As some teachers harbored a harsh view of him, they forced him to be better and often targeted him for better results. But time and time again, he managed to pull through. Each time he gets down, he stands up stronger.
  Second year and some teachers had given up on trying to best the poor kid and instead support him into the transition from the honeymoon years of first and second year and into the tougher third and fourth years.
  Third year was his toughest, his father fell ill and the family business needed him again. He juggled school work and performance time, often burning the midnight oil for the sake of completing homework. He became dedicated to the school that once faced him with a glare and now with a happy smile. He pulled through. Four year went like a breeze, he just felt time fly by like the wind.

Personality: He speaks like a cowboy, acts like a cowboy, because he is a cowboy. Orion likes to amaze the crowd with his trickshots and still do his business of a Hunter. He never bats an eye to world issues and treats every problem like the passing breeze. But despite his cold first impression, he is a fun man who knows how to how tell a good joke and he always has things to talk about to keep the mood up. He likes to whistle and enjoys reading poetry. He hated Geography in Beacon, not because he is bad at it but because he already knows the maps by heart, he came from a travelling family. Also he hates the teacher anyway. Never touch the hat or touch his weapon. He says they have sentimental value that shall not be stained by others’ hands.
He does like drinking and often goes out of Beacon to drink. He always challenges his teammate to a drinking competition, but it always gets interrupted by their leader.
No one knows this, he actually plays the saxophone and is really good at it.

Aura and Semblance: His aura is Yellow and his Semblance is High Noon. You know when High Noon is active when suddenly it gets hot and bright light is shining from behind Orion. Orion’s shots become more powerful and have a large noticeable and painful trail. The shots have a 2 meter diameter and can travel over 10km. But using High Noon forces him to remain in a fixed position and have his location shone to those everywhere and if you can't see him, you can certainly hear him, shots are almost artillery blasts. But his Semblance automatically deactivates if he runs out of bullets in his weapon. But his major weakness is that his back is exposed, he only has a 180 vision and can't turn around. This Semblance also only works with weapons that have single projectiles, meaning it does not work with shotguns, miniguns etc. He also needs to draw his weapon before he can use it. As for physical repercussions, none, he is just rooted by his Semblance. He can fire multiple shots in succession, but the Semblance automatically turn off once his weapon needs to reload. But he does not do it because the effects of pulling the hammer on his weapon can be very violent, which may do more harm to him than to his enemies. Each shot takes 10% of his Aura.

Combat Behavior:The quick witted Orion is always ready to pull off a trickshot with his weapon. He is capable of killing things at odd angles and as long as he can envision the trick performed, it will never fail, though it does if something unexpected appears. He will stay close to his enemy to make sure his bullets land and roll towards them if needed. He only uses his shotguns if they decide to get too close for comfort
He tends to say certain lines to taunt or joke. His favorite line, if it happens to be a fight that happens at 12pm. "It's High Noon..." and activate his Semblance.


Name: Sunsling

Primary Form: Sunsling is a peacemaker revolver capable of shooting dust bullets.

Dust Functions: Sunsling can shoot several types of dust bullets. Each round is 6 bullets
Kinetic: Regular bullets. 10 rounds.
Fire: Explosive contact. 1 round.
Water/Ice: Becomes sharper and freezes the holes. 1 round.
Glass: Explodes into shrapnel upon contact. 2 rounds.
Earth: Like a punch to the gut, or a stone flying at the speed of a bullet. 1 round.
Wind: You won't see it coming, the bullet flies the fast 3 rounds.


Name: The Undertakers

Primary Form: Twin single barrel shotguns with a cool silver flame design on them. Lethal at close range, not so at far range. Shoots 20 pellets per shot. Holds 6 rounds.

Secondary Form: The twin shotguns fold to reveal a shorter barrel hidden inside the gun lower than the barrel that fires the rounds. These barrels fire bombs that explode after a brief 0.5 seconds. They are smoke bombs that also happen to be laced with tear gas. He carries six bombs, each he can detonate whenever he likes.

History: These two weapons have a history with Orion’s sister. Her sister used to use guns in her acts and she favored their grandfather’s revolver Sunslinger for its good accuracy. Orion took these when his sister passed away. The shotguns however were the two twin shotguns that the Raider used to attack the town before he got eaten and was used by his sister to defend against the Grimm.

Approved Characters / Leycil Redlee
« on: September 11, 2016, 11:03:20 AM »

Name: Leycil Redlee

Age: 17

Species and Gender: Ginger Cat Faunus Female

On her hoodie: ShowHide

Occupation: 1st Year Beacon Student, Data Broker, Courier

Appearance: Leycil is a girl with a lithe body hourglass height of 148cm, yes quite short, weighing 53 kilos. She has pale skin, natural red hair(her hair is more towards red than the classic ginger), a round nose, rounded cheeks, round but sharp chin, green eyes and a small mouth. She has average body fat and lean muscles, but not that noticeable that it breaks her girl figure. She has an average waist and hip length and C cup breasts. She has four ears, human ears are kept hidden by her long straight hair and faunus ears hidden by her hoodie. She wears blue ear studs and no glasses, though she does have reading glasses. She wears a hoodie jacket, using the hood to cover her cat ears, black gloves on her lithe smooth hands and underneath the jacket is a plain white t-shirt. She wears comfortable navy blue jeans and shoes. She hides her sleek black tail behind her back under the shirt.
Her combat attire is more open, she wears a navy blue jacket with grey markings. She wears a camouflage cloak with a hood so she can cover her cat ears. Under the jacket is a thick vest. She wears baggy pants and combat boots too of a similar color to her upper clothing. She retains the gloves and wears an ammo belt. Her tail just wraps itself around her waist. 

History: Leycil was a real bookworm, before she even was even able to read. Her parents will watch their baby stare at the children books they got for her like she was trying to read it. But signs of intellect have began to show, she spoke words at an age younger than average. Well she kept reading and reading, her knowledge expanded beyond children by the age of 10. She was already knowledge in Dust before the kids in school knew even one of its major functions. Her parents saw that she read books on information, combat, technology and Grimm. So they enrolled her into Signal to start her Huntress career, she gladly agreed
  However a small problem arised, well it was not a small problem. Some of the students were not Faunus friendly, so she was often a target of bullying. She was facing depression soon after a few months, she wore a hood to school to hide her Faunus features, and her face. She even grew accustomed to using a sniper scope with her left eye even though she was right handed as her hair naturally falls to her right eye, covering it. She even started climbing stuff and trying to jump far that she learnt to parkour and navigate areas to what seems humanly impossible, even though you just need to know the right ledge, just so she could have a way of running away whenever bullying started again.
  She went through the rest of school life as what some people call a Dandere. She displayed no emotion to no one but her family. Her friends got used to the dead pan expression on Leycil's face and often found her buried within the library. She became an information broker and courier to earn a bit more cash to supply herself with things she wanted, which were more books. She left Signal with top notch scores in academics and technology of both kinds. She passed her combat exams with ease as she says "Brains over Brawns."
She enrolled into Beacon, but instead of going through the regular Entrance Exam, instead to her hidden surprise, instead had an interview with the principal. She answered his questions honestly but one question left lingering in her mind even though she answered it. "How much do you know about everyone?" No one has asked her that before. She could not give a clear answer to herself. She looks forward to the year she starts in, but that emotion is in her heart, not her face. Her courier service 'Delivery Scales' is still currently running and she gives Beacon students discounts depending on the weight of the object and type. Also her data broker is for those who manage to find out.

Personality: Leycil is a dead pan emotionless girl. But deep inside she is a bubbly girl with lots to say, and lots of jokes too. Just like a nut, hard outside soft inside. If you can get pass her stone face, steel nerves and dead tone of voice, you can find the girl she used to be before her bullying started. She is not fond of talking about Faunus and tends to get irritated by people who offend Faunus, though she keeps a poker face about it. But however, no one knows this, but if you catch her in the library at the right time, you would find her reading Romance novels and Joke books. Also she may have cake beside her, strawberry sherbet is her favorite. Also trust her room to be full and full of tech and books, and also be very tidy. She isn't a neat freak, just really organize.  Also she hates explaining the obvious to people. But she knows where to draw the line. You don't know what she has been through, so be sensitive and she may open up. She is not a fan of History though, but is knowledgable on the subject. She is rather introverted and let her friends find her. She is willing to fix things for others and use her courier and information broker services. She can sometimes be seen tweaking her sniper rifle in the workshop or her room, usually next to a bunch of books. She always tries to hide the fact she is a Faunus, using excuses and cover stories. She does not hate being Faunus, she just does not want to get bullies again. You can say she hides behind a mask. She is a fan of the color red, but she does not flaunt it as red is a strong color, increases attraction levels. She does not want that, especially after her bullying.

Aura and Semblance: Her Aura is Red and her Semblance is Scales of Fate.
Leycil when she activates her Semblace, is given a mind calculation of various things, height, weight, force etc. It then tells her her chances and whether its to her favor. Its math, lots of math. To some its useless, but to the smart sniper Leycil is, its useful. It helps her determine the force required, angle, positioning, chances of hitting etc. But it gives her mental stress if used for extend periods(about an hour) and may get headaches. Also she can't use her semblance if she has one anyway. She calls it Scales of Fate because she could not think of a simple enough name, after all, Chances is Math.

Combat Behavior: She plays the support role. Taking down key targets, getting information is what she does best. She moves stealthfully, using her environment to her advantage. Also she prefers to stay out of combat. When she does, she prefers to have team mates or stay hidden. She lets the environment to her dirty work. But don't be surprise of how capable she is in combat, she is not the stereotype sniper. If needed, she can fight in close combat, her semblance surprising useful in punching the right areas. However she lacks endurance so she tries to avoid it as to the best she can. And being a Faunus really helps her detect danger fast. Increased senses sensitivity, her leg muscles are also a bit more developed than other, helps her whenever she starts climbing and jumping and also hard fingernails that could almost be claws help her climb tough bark. She even has night vision. But of course she really prefers not to flaunt them and shows her Faunus abilities only when no one she does not want dead to be around.
Interesting fact, most snipers aim with their dominant eye. But Leycil aims with her left eye even though her dominiant one is the right. She says it helps improve accuracy if she were to lose the right eye. But she is just too embarrassed to admit her fringe just keeps covering her right eye.


Name: Recon Observer Final Legion Rifle (ROFL Rifle)

Primary Form: A Sniper rifle with a 60.96 cm barrel, 10× Magnifiying Scope, No laser, Semi Automatic. The scope is designed to be seen with the dominant left eye, but is right handed. She carries 10 rounds, each round holds 6 bullets.

Secondary Form: Her scope works as a flare. She pulls the scope down like a lever and distaches itself. So in her hand she holds a flare cartridge. Firing it fires the canister which after a five second delay explodes. Her scope would still be attached.
Spoiler: ShowHide

She has three types, Red, Green and Blue. Red for Danger, Green for Safe, Blue for Assistance Required.

Tertiary Form: The barrel contracts and the rifle rearranges itself to become what looks like a chopper that could easily be carried around.

Dust Functions: She holds two types of sniper ammo, first is Explosive Bullets. Self explanatory Fire dust. Just one round, used as last resort.
Kinetic Rounds, her common ammo, hits harder, flies further and less sound. Carries nine rounds.

History: A simple concept she came up with. She is not into building back then so she had a simple design instead using inspiration from previous blueprints on sniper rifles and developed ROFL Rifle. But perhaps developing the contractable barrel was her hardest part, she need accurate measurements and tools in order for it to contract and still shoot without jamming. Also the tertiary form was from a joke book she read.

A mysterious voice[NPC]
Atlas, that's what it is called. Atlas is like Leycil's source if she can't get the information she wants. Atlas gets it. They connect through voice chat in a special chatroom software protected by tons of firewalls and anti-spyware. The only person who knows Atlas's true identity is Leycil herself.

Approved Characters / Lucillé Leyes
« on: September 11, 2016, 10:38:38 AM »

Name: Lucillé Leyes

Age: 17

Species and Gender: Albino Weasel Faunus female

Symbol: A crescent moon on a fan, the symbol… is on her fans.

Occupation: 1st Year Beacon student, Bodyguard for hire

Appearance: Lucillé is 4'7" inches and weighs 53 kilos. She has a round face, pale skin and eyes with a red iris, a pair of simple black frames glasses to cover up her far sightedness. She has silky long white hair, her fringe curls up in an S shape that covers her right eye. She wears a bit of blue eyeliner and lipbalm. From the head down, she has a pear figure, though not so obvious, but it is. She has an ample C-cup chest but a somewhat noticeable waist line with her just a bit wider than her chest hips. Her white weasel tail is 2 meters long and furry and if lax sweeps the floor as Lucillé walks. She wears different outfits throughout the day.

Uniform: She wears the Beacon attire, perfectly ironed and made. She can't help but make her uniform look really really neat. She wears this on the first day of each school week. She wears black doll shoes for footwear.

Usual: Usually worn when out shopping, out of school and simply walking around to see what's going on in Vale, and on the other days of school weeks. She wears a lovely black dress and doll shoes to match. She has a frilled wristbane. She does not want to flaunt her wealth. Under the dress, is her weapons.

Combat Attire: Lucillé wears a black dress specially made to fight it. It is carbon fibre and bullet proof. It is flexible and long enough to be decent, but short enough to not be a hinderance, it is about to her knees. She wears long black leather arm gloves and tights for her legs. She wears shoes that are both stylish, made for dancing and combat worthy. Obviously she wears this in a fight or a mission.

History:Lucillé comes from a rich family in Vale, but she had no parents. Her father was too deep into his work and his mother had left her father for a man that actually cares for her. So Lucillé was instead raised by, her maid Lizzy. Lizzy was special so to say, she was a Huntress, but due to a family debt she works here, protecting Lucillé's father while doing her duties as a maid.
Lizzy became more like a mother to Lucillé, from young Lucillé learnt how to clean, wash, and do all things maids need to do. But as she grew older, Lizzy believed that Lucillé was responsible enough to learn a bit more different things from her.
Her father, never took notice of her, so Lizzy and Lucillé sneaks out to do girl things and go adventuring Hunter style. From Lizzy, she learnt to survive, climbing trees and swimming against the river became pretty much her hobbies. Of course there are occasional days when they just stay home and watched tv.
After a while, Lizzy became sick, Lucillé did what she could to take care of her. So one day, Lucillé thought of an interesting plan. Lizzy loved to watch people dance, Lizzy basically had two left feet so she is afraid to dance herself, so Lizzy tried to learn dancing to entertain Lizzy, but Lucillé herself grew fond of it. Lizzy could not let potential go to waste, so Lucillé attended dance classes while Lizzy recovers.
After Lizzy recovered, which was a good timing, Lizzy enrolled Lucillé into Signal, with help from funding from her father, who was now old and starting to appreciate his daughter and Lizzy, apparantly some of her friends are teaching in Signal, helped with homework.
Lucillé however, did not expect herself to get an enrollment form from Beacon, but she wanted to earn a living for herself, so she got Lizzy to advertise her as a bodyguard for hire.

Personality:Lucillé is a scatterbrain. She is forgetful, awkward and really conserved, if anything she is what you call shy and cute. But she does have a soft side for very big things that can be very dangerous, calling them cute and stuff when usually they are not. This even applies to Grimm. She has a habit when she gets embarrassed or is very sorry about something, her tail goes to the front of her body and Lucillé fiddles with the fur. It does not help considering her small size the Awwwww factor just goes up. She does have certain behaviors due to her influence by Lizzy, like being a shopaholic and being hyper organized about things.
But secretly she wants to become an opposite of herself. She wants to be more confident and more out spoken, but her shyness prevents her from doing that. If anything she wants to be more like Lizzy.
Dancing however, was Lucillé's solution, though she hasn't realized it. While she dances, she is a totally different person, more confident more expressive more beautiful. Heck even when dancing her words are more proud and sultry and her speech behavior is more pompous and joyful.
She calls everyone by their surname followed by the word ariji. A habit picked up from Lizzy.

Aura and Semblance:Her Aura is Midnight Blue(#191970). Her Semblance is called Silken Moon. Silken Moon gives Lucillé 4 extra "arms" made with aura(you can tell as they would be blue) that are a copy of her own arms. Each arm can behave "independently", but they obey Lucillé's thoughts. If she is thinking of one thing that requires her arms, then the aura arms copy the organic ones. They are fixed on the shoulders and under her armpit. Hitting them will cause them to disappear. She can't regenerate arms unless all four arms are gone. Each set takes 5% of her Semblance. She can't use this Semblance when she is stressed or having a sort of mind related issue. The arms disappear after 5 minutes but if they are destroyed before 5 minutes, then they only can be made again after 10.

Combat Behavior:Lucillé hits like a child(she is child size in a sense), but with razor sharp blades attached that may or may not use Dust to give it a bit of extra firepower, in fact its her only major firepower against people who can shrug off an attack easily. But she does not fight those kind of people. Instead she will focus on the weaker less armored people, those who are protected by the tougher people. She can easily slip past into backlines like a weasel and unleash a flurry of attacks, using dance.
She does heavily rely on her teammates to keep the tanks at bay while she deals with people who most likely can't hit her.
But like anyone she has her problems that need to be covered up. She can't hurt people who are meant to take hits. Maybe she can find a hole in their armor to slash at or some way to make them hurt themselves but most of the time she would be tired out before she can lay a scratch on the body. She only has the capabilities to reach mid range, so people really far away will be a problem to her, even with her better hearing and fast movements. Also her white coloring is a very big giveaway in the night and she has to take off her glasses in a fight so she is farsighted for most of the battle.


Name: El Lunas

Primary Form:Six iron war fans(she only holds two or one fan at one time, she carries all six with her) with holes near the end. The fans are made from six iron blades. Do not touch, it is really sharp. She can switch between them being fully open or partially open. Fully open, she can throw them and they would fly back to her. Partially would make them more like a piercing weapon then a slicing weapon. The end of the fan, where she holds it, is made from a magnetic material. She wears a pair of electro magnetic gloves(the same gloves in her combat attire) that attracts the fans back to her. She can only grab fans that are 3 meters away, or any other magnetic object if she isn't careful.

Secondary Form:Lucillé keeps a special 1.3 meter pole she has keep in her bag. The pole, if anything is flexible. It does this with the many many sections it has evenly spread out, like snake anatomy. Lucillé can attached one of the fans to it to make a spear or glaive, depends on how much the fan is open, as she can't change that unless she takes it out and then does the adjustments.

Tertiary Form:The iron fans fold just a fan would, but won't unfold until she uses them. They hang from her waist.

Dust Functions:El Lunas' main firepower(one that she really relies on) are the holes that are used to utilize the dust. The dust she carries is loaded into injector canisters. She takes these canisters and "injects" the fans with dust(it is actually a hole which the dust flows into and spreads throughout the fan), giving the fans a vein like look to them. She carries three of each type she has in an ammo belt on her waist.

Fire Dust: These canisters give the fan a red vein glow and creates flames at the end of the fan, they look very amazing when thrown.

Water Dust: These canisters give the fan a blue vein glow. Water Dust makes the fans spew out cyro, sort of like a flamethrower except with liquid nitrogen that freezes things. Throwing the fans turns the spew into an Area of effect, not so big just a meter in diameter, freezing anything below it with cold temperatures, or at least try to freeze.

Earth Dust and Wind Dust: These two are mixed together for good reason. Wind Dust on its own makes the fans turn into tiny tornadoes, Earth Dust creates rocks around the fan that if the fan is thrown the rocks rotate around it at the same speed. Earth plus Wind you get a dust storm with huge chunks of earth inside. Only works is thrown. Gives the fan an earthly vein look.

Wind Dust: The personal favorite of Lucillé, she can use the fans to force herself into a direction with gusts of wind, cleans very well in dusty rooms. She always flies it the opposite direction of where she fans. Throwing them makes the fan mini tornadoes. She does landed slower when the Wind Dust is active, because wind keeps expelling out of the fans that are enough to slow her descent. She still has to roll, it doesn't slow her that much. Gives El Lunas an emerald look.


Name: Le’ Sweeper

Primary Form:Le'Sweeper, is a throwing glaive. Not really special in terms of dust functions or transformations. But the design of the blades make it so that always returns. The only way to stop it is to either hit it or grab it.

History:Le'Sweeper is Lizzy's weapon, since she can't go on Hunter jobs until her family debt is paid fully, she gave Lucillé her throwing glaive instead to use instead before she got the El Lunas.
El Luna(s) was given to her as a birthday present from her dad, who after years realized he should be taking care of his daughter. It was a happy and sad day.
Though both function similarly, she keeps Le'Sweeper because it has a sentimental value and a dream attached to it. Also Lizzy is always watching Lucillé.

Lizzy is Lucillé's mother figure and definitely best friend(you'll be surprised, they only have an age gap of 5 years). She, now tasked to protect Lucillé after her employer orders her to do it(That girl is really capable of taking care of herself, she is just shy and all that)(... Um... kay thanks Lizzy). She has hot pink hair tied in a spiky ponytail (she has brown hair, just dyes it) and wears pretty plain clothing, a beige T-shirt and blue tight jeans. She dresses very casually for a maid. So Lizzy follows Lucillé everywhere she goes, whether the toilet or the dorm. Also Lizzy is over obsessed with her job and has more of a presence than Lucillé(really who would notice someone as small and as shy as her)

Approved Characters / Colton Joule
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Name:Colton Joule, aka the Shredder, you see why in his combat behavior.


Species and Gender:Human Male

Symbol:Lightning travelling along a fang

Occupation:3rd Year Beacon student.

Appearance:Colton is 6'5" and weighs 73 kilos. He has sandy yellow short messy hair and brown eyes. He has a somewhat tan complexion along with his rough skin and several scars along his arm, back and legs. He has somewhat white teeth, with a tinge of yellow. He has a sharp jawline and a toothy smile.
Colton usually wears a blue denim jacket with several pockets and looks ripped in some areas(it's the design). Underneath the jacket is a yellow T-shirt to cover his chiseled lean body muscles. He wears a leather belt with blue denim jeans. He wears shoes with rubber soles and gloves made with rubber. He is seen carrying a black briefcase.
In combat, he wears his usual clothing along while still carrying the black briefcase., but no rubber gloves or shoes.

History:Colton is part of Joule family, a family rich in history that started since the dawn of mankind. However most of that is lost but the spirit to fight is not. Somewhere along the line, it split, one part became brutes, the other became scholars and successful people. Eventually Colton was born from the group that became scholars. But he was different just like his siblings.
Colton was not into studying, he seeked adventure and fame in finding lost cities and places never discovered before. But however, that set him and his siblings apart from his family for having radical ideas and showing no signs of intellect. Eventually he and his siblings were disowned and forced to live on the streets. Colton wriggled his way into underground boxing to support his younger siblings by being a whiny brat until they let him and struggled to maintain family order as his siblings all hated him for losing their home and their parents, but they slowly warmed up to him again after one of them found him crying in, they reflected on themselves and started appreciating the things Colton did for them.
He became the pinnacle of the ring at the age of 12, he could beat down people twice his size. However this was not what he wanted, he wanted his siblings to be happy. He brought his siblings to an orphanage and they stayed there under the care of the Matron, but when he was about to leave his siblings, he was given an offer by the Matron.
"You struggled to keep your brothers and sister alive, how about you let me take that burden off your shoulders dear boy." He couldn't say no.
So he and his siblings became the Matron's family, helping to do her duties in the orphanage. It was a stepping stone to a better life, but Colton wanted to repay her, so he asked what can he do to make her proud, she said the answer gladly and Colton agreed to fulfill her wish.
Colton joined Signal and studied, at first he struggled due to him lacking in certain areas. But after a while that natural IQ of his shone brightly and by the end of Signal became quite excellent in his studies. He took up an actual form of martial art while he waited for the Beacon Year to start, it was Capoeira and boy did it benefit him during the two years he had before becoming a Third Year. He would have never gotten past the third final exam test if he keep running from 2 Death Stalkers.

Personality:Colton is full of spunk and energy. He can be seen as overconfident and really crazy, but that is Colton being himself, confident and always ready to try something new. Colton has a set of rules for himself he calls the Jolt Rules.
1. Save them no matter what the background
2. Be nice to kids and the elderly
3. Just keep trying
4. Slap sense into people, literally
5. If they are feeling down, give them a jolt, literally.
He has unintentional destruction tendencies, he unconsciously breaks things and his brother will always make him go away from his room. If he gets angry, just stay out of his way, he will just punch everything, I mean everything, even teachers. Some call him violent, he agrees. But trust Colton to be the life of the party and the over hyper active guy that is usually annoying.
But he has an irrational fear of clocks, gears and things that go tick tock. He nearly pukes when he touches them. Just putting him in the same room as one can make him feel scared and disgusted. Reason? One of his friends back when he was 11 played a prank where instead of Colton’s Capoeira tutorial CD, they switched it with one of the best horror movies of all time called Ticker. Note that the movie is rated Adult, with serious gore(I mean like demented gore), that friend was the son of the director of that movie.
PS: Never shake his hand, you will find out below.

Aura and Semblance:His aura color is Rich Electric Blue(#0892D0). His Semblance is called “Uber Joule”. Uber Joule makes Colton living electricity, he zaps people by touch, simple. But there are limitations. He does not truly become electricity since he can't travel through wires nor is he ethereal. Also he makes a lot of thunder so he is not going to be sneaking around with his Semblance. He cannot shoot the electricity but he can transfer the electricity if he touches something that can conduct electricity, and obviously rubber and simply let him get tired. You can tell the Semblance is up by these three signs. The first, whenever he runs, the first step he makes causes thunder. Two, his hair turns electric blue and looks like it went through static. And the most obvious, electricity will run up and down his body. Each minute that passes takes 3% of his aura, while discharging the electricity takes 5%. He can change the amps in his electricity(since amps kill not volts). From 0.001amp(just enough for a static shock) to 0.02amp(just 0.08 amps from killing range but still very painful)
There are side effects to his Semblance that are seen when not is use. He is a walking carpet static. Gives quite a shock. And also why you shouldn't shake his hand.

Combat Behavior:If there is one tactic Colton sticks to, its to get up in their face and knock them to next Tuesday. He lives in the battlefield to come and hit you in the face. He isn't the easiest to beat down nor is he the hardest. He is sort of the in between, a bruiser that focuses on beating down any enemy.
He lacks proper range capabilities, as he is the type of guy who would bring a knife to a gunfight(well a fist to a gunfight), he will make punching you his priority even if it means taking bullets. Also he can't really keep up with people who focus of speed and may be a real safety hazard to his teammates who touch him.
Reckless? Yes. Capable? Yes. An idiot? Depends on how you view his tactics of charge in and destroy. But he gets the job done.
He is called the Shredder because he cleans through tanks like they are paper. Let's just say electricity goes through their armor and does their magic, and he has things up his weapons.


Name: Pincer

Primary Form: A pair of metal gauntlets with a fun facing outwards

Secondary Form:The fin splits and becomes separate fangs along. A small short blade meant to pierce and pry things comes out of an opening in the gauntlets.


Name: Ripper

Primary Form:A pair of metal plated boots that have look like the feet of a three toed bird of prey, except the toe behind is turned upwards.

History:Pincer and Ripper came from the Matron's son, who had died of an illness after a year before graduating from Beacon. She gave this to Colton to fulfill her son's dream of becoming a Hunter and protecting the people. Both Pincer and Ripper are kept within the black briefcase.

His Family[NPCs]:
Kiel Joule: The youngest sibling, aspires to be like Colton when he becomes old enough to join Signal. Right now attending kindergarten.
Leti Joule: Second youngest, a tinker and a tech wiz, hates Colton being in his room. Right now attending a school of technology.
Maxy Joule: The middle sibling, he is shy and pretty introverted, an excellent visual artist.

Rowan Joule[PM me if you want her as your character]: The second oldest and almost mother figure of the siblings, also Beacon student and one heck of a great cook, if you ignore her wild strength and violent tendencies. Works part time in a small café.

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