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WiP Characters / Re: Siu Ceong (Not finished but WIP regardless)
« on: May 21, 2018, 03:01:44 PM »
Update bump. Also, Huntress histories are long and we still aren't at Beacon yet although I expect it to be fairly soon.

Everywhere Else / Re: Hunt for the Howling Storm {CLOSED}
« on: May 21, 2018, 08:12:17 AM »
Finally comes the chance to pulverize the enforcer... that or the bullheads it seems. Although having two piles of flaming debris would make it quite difficult to get out with Howling Storm as they planned earlier. She had a split second to make a decision, but then she hesitated and both choices are invalidated. Well, she'll just have to act up a little bit more.

This time wearing the backpack on her back she came at the other side of Rust, hoping to catch the enforcer where he dodges with a slice from the other side. "He's mine! Help Solar board the bullheads!" Drawing both of their attention Infrared then closed in and whispered at the veteran's ear when they landed hoping to get his help enacting her plan, "And tell her to get ready for fire in the hole." After hinting at her ploy the specialist readied herself with Action in a twohanded grip in a standard front-facing stance and channeled frost dust into her blade a step or two away from where her match would be raising up.

While Topaz was confronting this Jonathan Sheer Gold was already looking up with his scroll searching for the name but then the man just sent his detail over. Seems legit. Although it would be best to confirm with Professor Nox.

Professor Nox,

Is this person our employee? Just checking for impostors with you to be safe. Also, he is asking to talk to you. Should I direct him to you?


Sheer attached file sent by Jonathan and sent it the professor's way. Sheer decided he should get a response before actually talking anything important, though talking something else could do.
"Robots and mechs aren't a tenth as versatile or resourceful as a human with relevant training, say us. At least for the foreseeable five, ten years... but by the time the robots can think as well as we do the 'don't raise gun' would kind of be nullified. For now, you're better off installing turrets for exterior defenses if blind obedience is what you wanted."

Everywhere Else / Re: Hunt for the Howling Storm {CLOSED}
« on: April 28, 2018, 02:40:03 PM »
Open fire? Oh, right I can ignore that. Definitely not stopping Infrared ran straight for the bag but turning back to face the guns. Any bullets fired are reflected with the semblance but through the sword pretending it is a deflection. One burst and many clanks later the deck is littered with three shot(lethally or otherwise) mooks. She gets her focus back to the back and zips it open.

...Found it.
Her mining charges. Now we can watch really fatal fireworks. Get back to the ship it is, but make sure we get back to helping Akel. Making her way up the ramp and moving over the downed mooks, she drew her sword and lunged towards the enforcer with her right hand still holding the bag. If he gets a hold of the bag the would be over in an instant. Could be hard to get him to fall for it though. Lights, camera, Action.

Everywhere Else / Re: Hunt for the Howling Storm {CLOSED}
« on: April 13, 2018, 11:15:55 AM »
...For one moment Infrared thought it actually worked. Nevermind. What she got instead is dropping the number of threats from two bosses to a boss in mook's clothing. Let's hope it's not from a Princess Taijitu to a Re- class- oh wait both of them are just fan-created expansions- Beringel. And it's also probably to no credit of hers, which kind of hits a little at her oft-boasted savviness. At least the odds are now not definitely overwhelming now. That was definitely an unwinnable situation especially if the 1v1s were to be secured against us. This seems much easier.

Mooks would be easy, one activation of the semblance per mook should do it. But she doesn't want to expose her dangerous not-forbidden technique since she already got a plan, thus having a good reason to not open with her strongest move first. Noting her previously spotted ceiling of rocks she moved towards the original entrance where he and Akel are. This is so cool and would work so well she just had to execute it. There's an unattended bag, let's start with this one. The sooner she got back her charges the faster she can reinforce Solar and the earlier it happens the more damage she can inflict.

Sheer poked his head out of the train and is immediately confronted by the howling wind and then a batch of Nevermores. Sheer points his gun at them before being pelted in the face by a piece of leaf which reminded him to climb out completely.

Standing up Sheer stumbled a bit which makes him wonder just how can so much of the Grimm land on top before noticing the scratch marks on the top of the train and answered this question.

Um, Nevermore, you're dumb, don't you know piercing attacks are super effective against soft targets? Well they don't because they're young. And now they don't get to because they're getting blasted out of the sky. What Sheer didn't notice, however, is that in the time he took to get up, aim and fire at the incoming group of nevermore the rest of them is already dealing with many more Grimm than he is and getting more things done.

So much for snacks. With a bit of guesswork, Sheer responded with his own assessment.
"I'm not sure which is the bigger threat, the Major or the dozen Beowolves aiming for the Dust. I'd suggest an even split instead. Sweep them out in short order then focus on the Ursa. Sound's good? I volunteer for the Ursa." He had the firepower to take it out and should be able to utilize his semblance more effectively. Who knows, we should just try blasting it and if anything fails, he could just watch his seniors show off their superiority.

With that in mind Sheer climbed up and out of the hatch following whoever else.

Sheer was looking out the window when they started introducing to each other. Turning his head to face his partners for this mission, well technically his senior but he's sure they won't mind, and guess it's his turn to introduce himself so "I'm Sheer and one year junior of you at second year! Aren't the view outside breathtaking? It'd be a shame if something happened to it... eh unironically! So maybe no news is good news?" The view outside is nice but a chat is more interesting even if it's just small talk, so he now turns his attention full among themselves and reached forward. "Vivian is it? Can you help me with that tray?"

Everywhere Else / Re: Hunt for the Howling Storm {CLOSED}
« on: February 24, 2018, 08:25:38 AM »
Infrared stares at the presumed mercenary talking her into stopping. He knows my name. (Pre-)Atlas Officer confirmed? Well proceed as it were anyway. Trying to keep her composure and act as if her name hasn't been mentioned she counter-offers.

"Why don't you stop fighting instead," She softens her voice in fear of being heard, "There's more we can offer than they do no? Lien and dust, can't imagine them offering nearly close to what's worth here if they make the treasure cache such a big deal that they didn't give it up while being all compromising? They only skimmed over it when you're coming in, but really they just wanted to coax you out of the BIG profit we have on hand. Surely you won't care about what happens to us or the humans, but just think of the Lien. This is just business -- surely you'd rather be on the profitable side here, hm?" Making a few glaring assertions that would make people frown on second thoughts, but getting him to emotionally agree is the priority here.

The falling bag was semi-ignored by Infrared using her semblance to launch it straight up, making a small mmm as it made contact. But the sound the bag makes is distinctly different from the one she craves to hear so she just caught the bag after one flight of the it. Wearing it over her chest she puts Action back into its scabbard and backed away slowly with her hands raised and eyes looking around still for spots with somewhat loose rocks. "You get a share of the entire pile, plus a quarter of mine. Deal?"

Everywhere Else / Re: Hunt for the Howling Storm {CLOSED}
« on: February 19, 2018, 10:25:02 AM »
When Infrared missed her charge she she ran straight past, not wanting to slow down one bit to get herself aimed at, not paying attention if Solar is getting her correctly and unknowingly escaping a plunge.
She gave a command trying to make her plan work. It had to work.
Check the bag! Then throw it left and off! That should convey it fully. As she gave this she turned and jumped off the starboard of Howling storm, facing away from the flash that presumably was set off by one of them.
When she reached the ground she used her semblance twice in quick succession to sneak her way to the port side of the ship waiting for the bag to drop down. She'd be lying if her foot doesn't hurt like stepping on a toy brick, but that's necessary lest she'd be intercepted trivially.
Trying to minimize the chance of being spotted as well as setting up an ambush she stuck near the surface of the ship. There are many things she need to be paying attention to now: searching for a viable cave ceiling, waiting for Solar and/or her bag, and trying to sneak up on the bird Faunus. There's something else, oh right the bag- she's leaning on it and she didn't even feel it. This means it's empty. it also means there's nothing she can use in it.

This should be a small breather if they lost her. She tries to think up something but all the things she already have to process prevents her from generating any new thoughts. For now she activates her dust in Action. A cold breeze tells her what she put in earlier which she've long forgotten by now.

Spoiler: Battle Data • show
Aura: 75%
Action: Using ice dust
Reaction: One in the barrel, 2 at hand

WiP Characters / Re: Siu Ceong
« on: February 16, 2018, 12:22:57 PM »
Now before anyone asks that is not my real name. More work when I wake up.

WiP Characters / Siu Ceong (Not finished but WIP regardless)
« on: February 16, 2018, 12:21:36 PM »

Name: Siu Ceong (In that order, but her surname is Siu); Usually nicknamed Ceongź→soar→'Sora'

Age: 21, born 59 AC Saule 28th

Species and Gender: Female Human

Symbol: A golden dragon in a background of sky and sea.
Spoiler: show

Occupation: Beacon graduate Huntress

Appearance: Siu mostly sports her favorite outfit in day-to-day activities and sparring: Silk robe with big, long sleeves which extends to her knees with red lining over a usual shirt usually with white as the primary color, along with a lime green skirt and tight-high white socks up to the middle of her thigh with 5 cm of Zettai Ryouiki in addition to black short under and a flat shoe.
If practicality was demanded, she dons a much simpler wear in the form of a plain navy colored tunic with cuffed sleeves and a belt and several pouches, similar to that of a nomadic horse archer, instead of the robe, skirt and stocking, and a pair of sneakers instead of shoes.
In both normal, school uniform and field if possible she wears a headset that both act as a wireless headphone and a transmit-receiver aid for her semblance. She has a mild case of myopia which translates to a pair of glasses normally and adjusted goggles in the field.

With a fairly unnotable height of 165 cm and weight of 63 kg, she has an average body with an undeniable but unassuming body curve. She bears a yellow skin and has a mostly round face with a pair of rather big grey eye.

History: Siuís father is an archeologist working in a site near his village, one just outside Vale close enough such that they can mobilize a team on an airship to help in time when occasionally the hired huntsman canít stop them before they start damaging the village. Her mother, a researcher in an Atlas-Vale exchange program on the Atlesian side, met him at a conference about newly recovered items from his site. When they married she moved there and set up a station for first-hand process and analysis after any discoveries. When she was pregnant with Siu, they had a rather large discovery with a multitude of excavated texts and artwork. They turn out to be teaching material including a pictured dictionary and textbooks of mathematics and history. With their initial deciphered texts she was named Ceong, which was believed to mean Ďsoarí. The initial discovery gained some attention in the field, but they felt there's more. They don't know what it is but they feel it hinted at something deeper and wider. Maybe they are connected with other known or unknown ancient cultures. This quickly became the goal of the couple, to find and tell the full story of these artifacts.

Thus it was under an atmosphere of exploration and analysis of the past that Siu was raised. Looking at her parents work and asking them questions quickly became her favorite pastime. When one day she asks what are they doing archaeology for she got this:
We archaeologist excavates for learning the past both by itself and from which, discovering exotic knowledge to our and the public's fascination, but most in importantly doing them justice. People don't die when they're killed, it's when they're forgotten. In doing our work, if we can't immortalize those who have failed the test of time, we might at least rescue them from and stave them off against the threat of it for as long as we could.
In a fit of fridge logic, Siu proclaimed "If dad and mom work to discover and protect the past, I'll be a huntress to do the same to the present!"
They're taken aback by her unusually quick thinking for her age and a sudden set of life goal, but they didn't outright oppose it, trying to show instead of tell and letting her form her opinion herself.
They told tales, shown footages and media depictions of huntsmen operating at their full glory... and horror. Choosing the most realistic portrayals possible, the little girl is exposed to moments alternating between the likes of a huntsman singlehandedly wipes out 100 Beowolves and an utterly exhausted one implicitly getting mauled in half by an Ursa Major, picking off a horde of Creeps from 300 meters as the sniper witnessed her best friend being overrun and slowly chomped to his death with a scream almost audible from that distance, equally gory and glory with nothing but the most needlessly cruel scenes hidden from her. She had expectedly as much fangirling as shivering but forced herself to watch because she would need to accept all of it if she were to genuinely choose and stay on the path of a huntress. After much longer than she initially thought she reaffirmed herself that she wanted to become a huntress and enrolled in Signal.

In Signal unlike some others who needed time to find their calling she immediately chose to drill her marksmanship, as a result of being scared of fighting closely.  Those footages would have definitely traumatized her if not for her parent comforting her and answering each and every question she had as well as knowing when and what to show her. Either hit-and-run or run and gun did her well, but she had a feeling that she couldn't keep doing that forever. She's right.

On one mission of simple extermination they were doing as well as usual until a particularly large horde came and she fell back more than in their regular responses to fire. While they slaughtered them as just before without issue, they argued if she falling back would be appropriate in terms of mentality and effect which lured an Ursa Major towards them. Not in effective range of attacking it, she can only watch her teammates put up a fight until their Aura broke while she is frantically running to them, but it takes one more good hit to finish it off. When the supervising professor moved in for the finishing blow he saw instead two toy planes crashing into the Grimm and killing it in a pretty firework show.

The Aesop that came with the semblance is that while she won't (and can't by now) get close and deal with issues and Grimm head first, she can still do the same things at a safe distance remotely and just as precisely, with the added benefit of getting a bigger picture of the events. This translated in day-to-day life to someone who would actually read the manual when getting a new scroll and a tendency to ask for directions first trying to clearly formulate the act before working which brought varying degrees of success. As for things that can't be learned beforehand which is usually only her semblance, she tends to explore the subject bit by bit at first and use it more liberally only when she thinks she has a deep enough understanding of it. Usually this means her academic subjects improve more and faster than her melee combat because she takes her time formulating the stances or set pieces more than actually practicing them, although they're still passable and her other abilities easily admit her into Beacon. It is where she specialized as the coordinator, feeding information and maneuvering teammates and teams into executing plans made by the local tactician and sometimes providing fire support or even spearheading assaults with aerial bombing.

Eventually, she reaches a new stage of her semblance when she was in her third year. In one attempt to soften a young Goliath before her melee teammates move in and finish it, a huge intense wave of bomber using a large cut of her aura was being created but what conjured instead was a shining golden dragon tearing right through the Grimm with eye blasts followed by several fireballs turning it into ludicrous gibs. Then Siu immediately fainted of the exhaustion and drain of her entire aura pool.

Personality: Sample Text

Aura and Semblance: Sample Text

Combat Behavior:  Sample Text


Name: Sample Text

Primary Form: Sample Text

Secondary Form: Sample Text

Tertiary Form: Sample Text

Dust Functions: Sample Text

History: Sample Text

Everywhere Else / Re: Hunt for the Howling Storm {CLOSED}
« on: February 16, 2018, 03:13:31 AM »
The same thing that have clicked in Akel's mind have clicked in hers. He handed documents to all of us didn't he? I was literally just checking those...
Infrared glanced at Akel's gesture, then at the bullhead, then at Akel again, and almost moved her hand towards Reaction, but vetoed the suggestion as it is in her mind. It would most probably be shot down if she aimed at the ship at all, then she's out and need 10 entire seconds to reload which she don't have when facing two opponents presumably at least on her caliber.
Not yet.
Infrared moved into right in between Solar and bag and the still standing sword wielder, taking a deep breath, looking around the surroundings and gesturing to Solar with a sign of flinging, she launched the first attack of the encounter with a straight charge-plunge with left hand drawing Action, the creak puntating her heartbeat and the stress of the deck resonating with her stress in her mind.

(OOC: Using the tournament system for this fight. Also she gets to fight with a theme for the first time!)

Spoiler: Battle Data • show
Aura: 75%
Reaction: One in the barrel, 2 at hand
Plunge: 10% maybe?

Teams / Re: 2nd year Beacon team.
« on: February 14, 2018, 11:09:57 AM »
Nice. Throwing in Sheer once again.

Everywhere Else / Re: Hunt for the Howling Storm {CLOSED}
« on: February 10, 2018, 02:01:34 PM »
Infrared is more than concerned about Quisling's choice of words in the reveal. She tried to probe more intel of their identity and the nature of the hologram but the last thing she wanted to confirm rendered that nil. This is bad.
It's the Fang...
Given the history of the crown, this could only mean...
Nonono that is bad...
What do I do... There are 2 obvious choices, need to find that third option... I didn't... not for this...
She is still frozen in thought as she witnessed Akel attempt to withdraw Cordell from the scene. Then Solar made a move and she had to act.
Knowing full well the consequences of the worst case scenario with this choice, she used the force of the pull to turn around, detached the backpack on the far side and reached into it, took out the Med-Aid kit and activitate as many mining charges as she can, then threw the backpack to Solar in a guess of her intent and made sure the the remote is thrown in a way that is obvious to her but not exposed as a form of suggesting a booby trap. Then glancing at the two threats yield important information: The sniper looks Altesian with no Faunus traits, so probably not a Fang and can potentially be bought off. So just one of them needs to be neutralized, and a sniper wouldn't pose that much threat to her anyways.
The next thing is to see how Rust reacts. Would be a good time to be able to get flung.

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