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Infrared imagined she would be caught up much easier had it not taken Kei a while to consider his actions, but now she has the high ground and can wait for attacks to come comfortably defend with the high ground. When she actually look that idea was scrapped in the face of the fact that he simply broke off to advance his own plan.

Seeing him finally acting proactively makes something tick off inside her, however. Could he have figured her semblance out already? From what she has seen of his lances they can output a fairly powerful dust blast. If this many lances all unleashed their payload at once that could rough up the ground and knock her down or worse... or better.

Knowing more fragmented debris heading her way is more ammunition to redirect Infrared started to reload Reaction. The cloud of uncertainty still looms over her, however, and she is defaulting back to the state of readying her semblance as the response.

Battle data:
Aura: 87%
Reaction: 1/2 Shots/16 stored


The storm did not hinder Siu one bit, be it the wind or the rain, as she watched the two make it happen. An immobilization involving a claw dodge and plenty of maneuvering followed by two surprisingly mighty show of force, culminating in a one-hit kill of the giant Deathstalker. It's certainly impressive, but it's not time to celebrate yet. The pulverized chunks started smoking as Siu returned to play her role and do some more scouting. By the way, isn't the previous intel underestimating the horde a bit? If they have sent a team of first years they might have been in a bit of trouble. Well, they don't have recon this close so excusable I guess.

As Siu ran her mind the Cranes scattered again to recon the area and having each other's backs, giving Siu as some forewarn that just proved to be very useful.

Beacon Academy / Re: Stargazing [Open]
« on: September 13, 2018, 10:19:53 AM »

Catalina listened to Prism's explosive response and other's added points. Yeah, right, there's one big deal. "I should make myself clear, I have never subscribed to the idea that homosexual people are somehow different from anyone else bar their preferences. I was trying to use it as one of the examples of how xenophobia can cause racism. As for the situation where violence might be justified, I would have added the defense of and fighting for rights into the list but that opens up another can of worms. For example, what is an oppression? How do you expect to respect someone who killed and/or will likely kill your family to what is essentially furthering their own interests? Because that's how it felt to some of the people whose slaves demanded emancipation. It's not only that what is right, it's also about how people felt. I'm not going to doubt the objective effectiveness of the Faunus Rights Revolution, but it did leave a poor taste in some people's mouth and it's not just the slavers."

"Anyway as Calen said I'm Catalina Glenn, nice to meet you both and sorry for the intrusion Miss Prism, and if you would be so forgiving to let me join with one miss, to give back Calen the fair chance he deserved?" Catalina lightly bowed at the apology. He also spoke in a much more humbled tone then he is on the current issue, because he has something to ask of her: he is interested in joining the game.

That's interesting, they wanted to deal with the big one asks Siu to clear the two small ones. Well, Smokey wants to anyways. Nodding back at him Siu let the Cranes open fire while angled to cover different directions. The Nevermore tries to evade by steering sharply and braking suddenly in the air, but it doesn't work as well when the gunfire comes from 5 different direction covering roughly the sides, over and under as well as heal on, and soon it turns into a hole-riddled nest that would suit bees perfectly if not for the fact that it dissolves into blue smokes soon after that.

On land the smaller Deathstalker faired no better, since even though Crane-sized guns are largely ineffective against them, the grenade-sized rockets are and can bomb out its legs with 5 Canes going for it. Then it turns into a sitting scorpion and can are easy pickings.

That just leaves the major threat, the large Deathstalker. Siu pointed her gun at its direction. Breathe in, focus. They can do this.

Seeing Mikado and Kiro dispatch the Ursae with relative ease makes Siu take notes. There's at least one part where it could get better though, such as standing closer so that the breath attack comes quicker and harder to brace or evade for the Grimm.

As for his request, uh, this could be hard to deal with. "Two Deathstalkers, tree height and half of that. Mid-sized Nevermore. What do you do?" The larger Deathstalker doesn't make an easy or even moderate target for two first-year students most of the time but Siu is able to handle it with her Cranes, and hopefully the two know their strength well enough to either directly ask her for help or really impress her with their prowess. In the meantime, Siu had started to deploy her barricades by extending them and bolting them to the ground, with one of them having a plate put on so she can set Point Defense up with her bipod.

Aura: 85%
Point Defense: 35/450
Action: Setting up defenses

Beacon Academy / Re: Stargazing [Open]
« on: September 06, 2018, 09:47:28 AM »
The target shatters in the air before Calen's knife made contact allowing it to fly through freely. Catalina walks in from just inside the firing zone to more closely among the group, having listened in for a while and fired the shot that stole the hit. "Circumvent the element that caused the failure. Oh, am I not supposed to fire before answering the question?"

Cat was not sleeping well, the flight to Amity Colosseum in Atlas for the tourney being so close. So he went here doing some practice and voila, people with an ongoing topic he's really into. "Violence only works when it's self-defense, or it will just perpetuate the myth of danger. The motive behind hate if not personal stems from the feeling of difference. It's the feeling of alienation that provides the fuel of hate and breeds fear of the unknown. They are not one of us, they do not think like us, they value things differently than us. That makes one hate and fear. That's why we hated homosexuality." Cat spoke with disappointment and frustration, having had to deal with people like those he described before. Then it turned to condemnation as he went on, "If it's neither, then it's either spite, which is just not the case for people have enough to worry in their daily lives, or greed. The country did not manage to convince themselves Faunus are just animal because they are stupid or trolls, it's because it works out for them. Keeping the Faunus there in near-slavery provide them with cheap menial labor and plenty of Dust to run their military-industrial complex, it's greed. It makes more money, armies, and technologies. As long as the number ticks up, they will be all to happy to continue. They can't be just convinced or educated, they have to be exposed. Same deal with discrimination of women back in the days. Also, while the court aims for justice, it does not obsess at the truth like maths or science does, just 'good enough to not ask ridiculous questions' will do when it comes to law. There might not be a better substitution, but that is not ideal."

"Now, hello again Calen, and would you please explain how exactly does this game of yours goes?"

Right as Siu raised her barricade after a strike the foreman opens up the ground underneath the spot, but all it can find is thin air and a pair of shoes right in front of it. Not wasting time she immediately kicks it into the air out of the ground, but the foreman attempts to cling to her so she had to shake it off by doing kicks repeatedly. The foreman curls up in the air to protect it's underbelly but Siu just turns it into black smoke by putting a longer burst into it.

Two Ursae is not that tough to handle, so Siu opted to look through the Cranes to see what is coming up next.

Aura: 85%
Point Defense: 35/450

Beacon Academy / Re: The world and the people in it[open]
« on: September 04, 2018, 04:55:05 AM »
As Cat moved into the philosophy sections he can see someone already there, and she is even reading a book! Hunching over he confirms the title of the book she's reading, being that one book where his thinks he understands but probably doesn't. And she's looking at one of those diagrams that he definitely doesn't.

Standing beside her to analyze the two-page visualization of one of the schools of thought of influences on a person's Aura and Semblance. In the middle of the left side is your Soul, the culmination of one's being. On the right side is you as a person, an intuitively mundane concept. Then at the top of the left side are an array of experiences which is mirrored on the right. They are pointed at the respective centers of its graph like it is an input/output flowchart, but their outputs are drastically different: on the person's side are a collection labeled 'feelings' and is fed back into 'experience' on both sides, which is mostly true, as what one thinks does have an impact on what course of action would they take and therefore the outcome of them; on the Soul side, however, the output was Aura, being a single block that Semblances develops from, and they are sporadic at that. Which of course feeds into 'experience' again and the cycle began anew. This is the idea that everyone is the same at birth and experiences shapes who they are and what they do recursively.

Actually, didn't Catalina just explained it perfectly? It seems like he subconsciously made an analog with a certain something he is familiar with that he didn't know the last time he read it. A device that outputs vastly different results even with small differences in input, isn't that a pseudorandom number generator?  But the semblance remains largely the same once it is discovered... "Ah!" Got it! A procedurally generated map! He finally got the gist of the confusing side of this graph and is pretty satisfied. Now just to organize his words and spell it out...

Oh, and she's standing right next to Prism the whole time, his curiosity having overwhelmed his sense of personal space.

Thanks to the two Underminers attacking Mikado and Smokey, Siu is given ample warning and can act proactively rather than reactively. by forcefully stepping on the ground beside her the vibration tricks the Underminer into bursting out beside her and when it attacks with their front claw at thin air Siu shoves her gun at its exposed underbelly and turns it into black smoke. Three underminers... "Might be a foreman!" Siu cried out to alert the two juniors and started using one of her hedgehogs to make rhythmed beats on the ground to hopefully lure it out instead of being ambushed again or worse, letting it slip into the village. As for the two's performance, it's too soon to make any insightful observation, but she likes the way Smokey capitalizes on his literal stone wall ability.

Also, Siu realized she isn't sending the Cranes far enough ahead to forewarn themselves of the incoming Grimm long enough, so she rectified that and hopefully she can get to know what kinds of Grimm are coming next.

Siu did not have much to do this for now, after all, this is some easy Grimm the Cranes are reporting in "7 Beowolves, one of them Alpha, 8 Creeps. Deathstalkers and one Nevermore sighted", nothing she needed to help with. Well, except communications, which she heard one, but not precise enough. "We can hold the ground, but please make an ETA of evacuation."
It's also time to contact the Air Traffic Control. "This is Sierra-India-Uniform, we're engaging with the Grimm, altitude 5 meters to ground level and steady. Out."
Then it is just watching the Grimm and watching them fight. The ice volley is impressive but it's almost as slow as muskets in ye olden days. Let's see what Mikado and Kiro offers.

Beacon Academy / The world and the people in it[open]
« on: August 30, 2018, 01:01:28 AM »
Catalina Glenn was feeling like taking a break from training with Zabar in mind and improve his knowledge base a bit today. Not about military theory and such which is immediately useful for a huntsman, but something deeper, something he enjoys thinking about.
Philosophies, economic theories, fictional worlds; that's where his mind wanders the most. And where else better to go than Beacon library for those? With some luck, he might even find people willing to talk about them in depth.
So with that, Cat entered the library and head straight into the relevant sections, hoping he'd find something- or someone- interesting.

Character Editing / Re: Siu Ceong
« on: August 30, 2018, 12:16:04 AM »
"The Cranes starts without armament and must take some time to be charged with dust, and some more when she rearm and/or refuels, which are needed after 2 attack runs."
Done, at the start of paragraph 3. Also,
"The Cranes feed footages from themselves to the mind of Siu similar to a CCTV."
Added back the recon ability, at the end of paragraph 1.

"Understood." Siu started to send the Cranes out as she was commanded. In a 60 degrees arc, two waves of five, one of her common scouting formation.
Ideally, given the difficulty of the mission, she should never have to do anything other than stationing the fleet of cranes at their positions and provide information on the next incoming enemies.
After just throwing her hedgehog barricades on the ground "Use these!" She returned to communications. She's trying desperately to contact the evacuation now, but luck won't be on her side as the weather keeps being an obstacle.

"This is Siu Ceong, the huntsman sent to delay the horde incoming for Monaha. Requesting confirmation of situation."
"This is Siu Ceong, the huntsman sent to delay the horde incoming for Monaha. Requesting confirmation of situation."
"This is Siu Ceong, the huntsman sent to delay the horde incoming for Monaha. Requesting confirmation of situation."

Please, please respond, I don't think just letting them blow it all up as they describe would do much meaningful development for them.

AMA Section / Re: Okay, let's do this (AMA/AMCA)
« on: August 26, 2018, 12:02:29 PM »
Cough coughHitler's Time-Travel Exemption Act.

This is a trick question. You should find a bug or something and step on it. That or I shoot myself.

Regardless let me ask a more normal question. If Kisha could arrange the bracket of Vytal tourney 1v1 to her liking and do it again, how would she do it? How far can she get this time?

Siu double checked her handouts. They are not dropped at the convoy or the village? Instead they dropped in the middle of squat, not close enough to support the villagers and likely not far enough away from the horde. Well, those two have already dropped so she better follow.

Leaping out into thew rain isn't really a big deal to her, she wore her practical outfit precisely because of the projected weather. Navy colored tunic with cuffed sleeves is just much easier to manage in the rain and clean afterward. What she has to take great care is the landing, picking a spot so she didn't slip and crash-land on her behind, back or head.

Getting down she finally hears the thing she would have done if she was leading the mission: Planning and fortification. However, it seems neither of them brought any scouting equipment better than a telescope which really wouldn't do them much good in terms of providing an ETA or knowing the size and contents of the horde. But "I do". With a wave with her left hand outward she summoned her trusty cranes, all ten at once at her command. Each of them looks just like her but smaller, but devoid of the gun and barricades she carries herself. If not for the great detail down to every nooks and crannies, they would probably be thought of as chibis which Siu wouldn't mind either, it just... defies... her style so much.

With them up Siu delegated the exact scouting to them. "Scouting formation at your orders." Meanwhile With her summoning done she opened comms with Vale Traffic Control as mandated. "Vale ATC, this is Sierra-India-Uniform. On a mission 100 meters southeast of Monaha CCT support tower. 10 Cranes preparing to scout. Also please send the callsign of the closest Bullhead. Out."

"This is Vale Air Traffic Control tower. Position received. Request received. How's the day going? How long's the mission? ...The Bullhead's callsign is Bravo-Echo-Alfa-Zero-Two-One. Out." The control tower and Siu communicate in a slightly modified and easily understandable version of the formal aviation language of Remnant.

With that Siu switches to call the Bullhead that just carried them."This is Sierra-India-Uniform calling Bravo-Echo-Alfa-Zero-Two-One. Do you have enough fuel to carry us to either the evacuation or at least Monaha proper?"

And then Siu tries to radio the convoy. "This is Siu Ceong, the huntsman sent to delay the horde incoming for Monaha. Requesting confirmation of situation." Between all of them and micromanaging the Cranes and her teammates she'll be a real busy bee. Who said the position of sitting way at the back is easy and comfortable?

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