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Mountain is just a great terrain for Infrared Ray. Blocking off direct rushes at her means she gets to commence indirect fire with impunity. Which is exactly what she is going to do. On the other side is wind dust apparently, can be fun playing with her semblance if she gets to that side.

Entering the field with her wheelbarrow that stores all her ammunition for Reaction Infrared opened with firing over the mountain targeting the middle of the dust field, where she senses an aura in the proximity. Even if it is just to get her opponent to dodge anything is better than being a sitting duck while Kei sets up for an assault. After the first one fired she immediately started reloading for the next, which would aim at a different spot according to his reaction. This is the most enjoyable part of her job, as evidenced by Infrared humming her favourite tune for the occasion.

Battle data:
Aura: 100%
Reaction: 19/20 Shots

Rocket: 20% direct hit/15% off-center/9% splash damage

This is just bad. With an attack that powerful and that wide there's no getting close with anything, and if she does if that's so long for them. But she had a pattern memorized for that.

With most of the integrity of the fighter just gone in a poof Siu had to push quite a bit just to avoid straight up crashing and By the time they're regaining altitude all of them is pretty much skidding on the snow. But crash they did not. With the power of critical existence failure on her side, the fighters started chasing Malina while firing from behind.

At the unblockaded end of the street Siu stood while sending another five fighters to intercept Malina head on. Siu gave all them the default instruction of home in and fire, but before they get in even 20 meters from Malina, Siu would assume control and the planes start turning away keeping the closest approach at 15 meters, hopefully well out of countermeasure range even if Malina used a burst to close in. Then Siu releases her control and the fighters point their nose back while accelerating towards the center before getting too close and Siu steers them away again. Thus with one reproducible short pulse of manual control Siu created a pattern of concentrated fire with long periods of strafing into one point thanks to its wide firing arc of 60 degrees. The pattern is fascinating to an observer... if they are not in the middle of it.

With more hand telegraphing Siu sent the intercepting fighters to start from 5 different inclinations while Malina is still airborne. Besides her are eight inactivated barricades and a box full of ammo. Running and stopping while steering is troublesome but hopefully the fighters can distract her well enough that she would go unnoticed hiding. As for the bomber, Siu simply commanded it to vaguely return to herself.

Battle data:
Aura: 74.5% - (5% fightersx5) = 49.5%
Dust: 982/1000 units
Point Defense: 500/500 box/Full magazines 10/10
Spoiler: show
Recon#1: 1% Dura/98% fuel
Recon#2: 1% Dura/98% fuel
Recon#3: 1% Dura/98% fuel
Fighter#1: 2% Dura/88% fuel/0.80 units of dust/chasing
Fighter#2: 2% Dura/88% fuel/0.80 units of dust/chasing
Fighter#3: 2% Dura/88% fuel/0.80 units of dust/chasing
Fighter#4: 15% Dura/100% fuel/1 units of dust/orbiting
Fighter#5: 15% Dura/100% fuel/1 units of dust/orbiting
Fighter#6: 15% Dura/100% fuel/1 units of dust/orbiting
Fighter#7: 15% Dura/100% fuel/1 units of dust/orbiting
Fighter#8: 15% Dura/100% fuel/1 units of dust/orbiting
Bomber#1: 10% Dura/80% fuel/8 units of dust/returning

Chase: 9%x3 At total direct hits
Orbit: 3% per plane per flyby at total direct hits

Everywhere Else / Re: Hunt for the Howling Storm {CLOSED}
« on: July 20, 2018, 01:33:26 PM »
Infrared listened intently. She does find the Captain's analysis reasonable, yet gritted all the same when she knew she couldn't possibly save it. "That isn't much of a compromise. Trying to use it would be too dumb to live, and honestly, staring into it for too long and I might even fail to make the save against taking it. Its construct just looks so majestic..."

"If it makes a tidal wave then the island will probably be gone. Considering even the biggest baddest bomb Atlas has ever tested still doesn't come close to destroying a small town that might be worrying too much. Just let me take a good look."

Siu watched Malina uses her semblance on one of those defunct Atlesian knights to test out what do they do and the answer is an explosion. What is interesting though is that the explosion moved. That meant her flames packed a punch. And the fact that she then properly attacked her and the plane with her weapons meant she did it on purpose. A show of force? Anyway, an area punch is a pretty good point defense so there's that.

Standing on a broken pavement Siu made sure she ran well out of the way of the incoming projectile before snapping down two of the barricades on one side of the main street. With one side blocked off Siu ran towards the other. When it is done she would form an enclosure that walls off a few buildings allowing her to take shelter. Or not...

At the same time as Siu evaded the big ice spike which shattered on a building behind her, she commanded the lead fighter to dodge to the right and the bomber to the left. That's one unusually dense anti-aircraft barrier. Sticking close on her body might not work then. Highspeed flybys it is.

(Aerial attack theme: On the Dawn' Horizon)

Still running on the street and telegraphing her moves with her hands Siu approached from the right side of herself, strafing at Malina's left ribcage from three different angles. Left to right, right to left, middle fighter stays straight. That should make an asterisk threatening a sizable area of Malina's left flank. To follow up the bomber climbed and dropped a bomb at her current position incentivizing Malina to dodge to her right, although being guided means it was also a genuine attempt to deal damage. Repeat that for a few flybys and she can pressure her to go near one of the knights. Rinse and repeat and she got this in her bag.

Battle data:
Aura: 74.5%
Dust: 987/1000 units
Point Defense: 500/500 box/Full magazines 10/10
Spoiler: Planes • show
Recon#1: 1% Dura/99% fuel
Recon#2: 1% Dura/99% fuel
Recon#3: 1% Dura/99% fuel
Fighter#1: 15% Dura/94% fuel/0.95 units of dust
Fighter#2: 15% Dura/94% fuel/0.95 units of dust
Fighter#3: 15% Dura/94% fuel/0.95 units of dust
Bomber#1: 10% Dura/90% fuel/8 units of dust

Strafe: 3%x3 At total direct hits
Bomb: 8%

Don't you dare timeout your matches!
Pls I don't want to fite Janus
And happy new home I suppose!

Against a currently teaching assistant... truly the best matchup she could've gotten, both ironically and unironically. If she wins this somehow, she is going to be so proud, and it will be a great proof that complete air supremacy is truly a tremendous edge, even on a very personal scale.

Now onto the match. Evaluating the battlefield as Siu Ceong entered the arena revealed a surprisingly favorable condition: Covers on my side and an open, hazardous plane on hers. Fairly easy to exploit. Opponent uses... a staff? Siu stared through her myopia-corrected googles, And her tail. Both look fairly close-ranged. Let's hope it keeps that way.

It was a shame that she can't wear her stylish, representative robe in front of the world but pragmatism comes first if she wanted to stand a chance against world-class huntsmen. And sure enough, her tunic is colored in navy which means she gets to hide well inside buildings. Which is pivotal to her battle plan.

Siu waved her left hand and in the wake of her hand, three fighters and one bomber started flying towards the other side of the field. Her right hand reciprocated and sent out three reconnaissance planes. Given the simple instruction of circling the battlefield, they should only require a regular glance like it is a CCTV. The combatants, on the other hand, need direct attention. Not all of it, but enough to reduce her option back at the ruins to simple tasks. Like placing down barricades on the roads.

From the perspective of an audience, four plane-shaped objects are flying toward Malina in a diamond formation, although the last one looks more fat and bigger.

Battle data:
Aura: 100% - (5% fightersx3) - (7.5% bomber) - (1% reconx3) = 74.5%
Dust: 987/1000 units
Point Defense: 500/500 box/Full magazines 10/10
Spoiler: Planes • show

Recon#1: 1% Dura/100% fuel
Recon#2: 1% Dura/100% fuel
Recon#3: 1% Dura/100% fuel
Fighter#1: 15% Dura/100% fuel/1 unit of dust
Fighter#2: 15% Dura/100% fuel/1 unit of dust
Fighter#3: 15% Dura/100% fuel/1 unit of dust
Bomber#1: 10% Dura/100% fuel/10 units of dust

If they actually get there their power would probably still be weaker than the scans but...

Catalina will be able to do stunts like spamming and shifting with his semblance and do gun kata-snipe at close range. Fighting with the hammer form won't be much different aside from being more skilled and more semblance aided. He would probably be one of the leading Huntsman activists for Faunus equality.

Infrared would have her semblance cost factor reduced gradually and reflection precision increased. Reaction will load faster and get more powerful. That should make her swordfight style shifts to one far more aggressive, where she can afford to be a glass cannon without the glass and focuses on offense. She would probably be either a full-time specialist for Atlas or tries her best to go independent as a huntress.

Sheer will have his skill deficit finally fixed and is a pretty good all-rounder, and his physical stats would be so good that he can stand his own while giving away to a teammate.

Amongst incremental buffs of all the characters, the summoning cost of Fung the dragon is for sure the largest, followed by reflection cost of Infrared's semblance. When it gets to 50% or so she would be able to use them regularly providing an excellent anti-installment firepower. She would be on pretty good terms with Vale military and tends to take their or the police special forces' missions where she will ample support.

"He's got the mindset for a boss for sure. When I think about robotic guards I think about their utility and adaptability, but he thinks in terms of cost to produce and ease of deployment." Sheer watches the conductor's inspection with interest. "The boss must also pretty approachable huh? Considering he told you about his buddy. Well, so would I probably, but I suppose having a nice boss is good?"

Not to us though. I suppose hired guards and regular employees are different enough?

AMA Section / Re: Why do you want to win the Vytal Festival?
« on: July 09, 2018, 11:50:57 PM »
Catalina wants to win and go on to fight Zabar Aga, who beat Nathan Eau in the finale of the last tournament, who in turn beat Cat in the quarterfinals, for Nathan. To quote Nathan:
Quote from: nathan67003
In context, in-character? Not really.
OOC? One of the runner-ups to the runner-up wants to more or less take revenge (to some extent) for the runner-up. Already, we're nearing anime levels of comedic plot convolutions.
Infared wants to show how a some tropes can be used without being exploited, while exploiting other's attempts.
Siu wants to win the tournament because she wants to prove her cooked up anti- melee strats works even on a huntsman's level.

Everywhere Else / Re: Hunt for the Howling Storm {CLOSED}
« on: July 06, 2018, 09:04:04 AM »
'I object,' Said an obviously hurried- and visibly irritated by the suggestion- Infrared, having to get up when her legs haven't yet fully recovered because someone decided to make a suggestion that risks all of us, 'Quisling has a point back then. We don't know what it can do if this concentration level of dust blows up all at once. Dumping it in the ocean won't work either- someone was bound to stumble upon it if it is not secure. I suggest we grab that container you spoke of back on the ship and put it under the protection of Mistral's professionals, along with Howling Storm.' Infrared threw a frowning glance at Rust. 'Now, how do we split the loot into equal shares?'

This is bad. Twice in a row now he couldn't win against an opponent, this time even with a large advantage on his hand and he blundered it away. Was it because he didn't utilize his semblance fully? Not really, he used various techniques of his semblance including self-movement, rapid-fire fistcuff, punch faking and spare hands. Maybe he didn't aim true enough? Nope, he hit mostly every time he fired and even was lucky enough to blast away that last desperate fire. Did he make use of everything in his arsenal? Well enough he'd say. So that leaves his choices as the major mistakes. In hindsight, are there better moves he could have made, or lessons learned by experience?
Why yes.

For one, don't close your range against a close range opponent even if flamethrower is an excellent close range weapon, that can always wait until they charge you, and you never know what they can pull off against you when you throw away your distance.
Second, don't close your eyes in a fight. This is such a no-brainer that Cat really should beat himself up over it literally. It's not the first time he did that. You have all the time to relax if you win the fight. For instance, if he tried to pull that against
Thirdly, try not to hold back when the Aura is not down in a match. It's probably the subconscious reason he didn't fire or rush his way to victory because he didn't want to injure Smokey and get accused which scares him. How stupid that is, and a disrespect to his opponent too.
Lastly, play to your strength more. His semblance is at most a supplement at hand-to-hand ranges, and his main advantage is his high ranged firepower shoot more often and strain his semblance less.

Actually, is that even true? He had to face a resistive semblance and superior firepower at a close range, and at melee range, he easily gets disarmed. If not for Smokey's backward launch shenanigans he would have utterly humiliated Catalina with a full overpower, given he did not and still do not know what weakness he has. Speed, strength, skills he all possesses and even reloading is hardly an exploitable weakness. It seems he needs a completely different mindset against him than his goal.

Have an ideal teammate in mind for any of your characters?

[Attack completion Granted by Reaper.]
Cat was throwing his punch when he saw Smokey was already blocking it and he knows why. His.winding up comes with the downside of being telegraphed. He was lucky though, because he isn't actually doing a left hook. He is using the speed to add power behind his semblance attack, and that can be launched from a different direction.
In slow-mo vision, Smokey would see him moving in time to block the punch, but when it is about half a second away from impact, a blue spike extrudes from his fist and whiz past the defense of Matchstick, hitting him squarely in the right collarbone. But at the same time, since Cat was focusing all his mind in this attack, Smokey's own puch went entirely unnoticed and lands with full force at Catalina's side.

As Cat fell to his last received punch he took a glance at the Aura numbers and heard one buzzer. Wait, one? No way ones of us didn't go red. He took another look and sure enough, the numbers sit at Cat 10% to 11% Smokey. That technically counts as a draw, but Cat has less Aura so he felt as if he had lost. With that thought he retched. Luckily nothing came out, but now Cat had to rest before he can even talk, this time he can comfortably close his eyes.

Wow, that worked. Cat almost couldn't believe it. Just one more hit and it's match. Here it comes.

Taking a half step back to balance himself, Catalina refocused, planning to use his semblance at a close distance. Close enough that it can't be easily dodged or blocked, but far enough to prevent getting hit even if Smokey thrust with his hammer. To add the most to this one hit, Cat pulled his left fist and punched the air at his full strength and at its fastest, Cat used his semblance to launch his semblance-created spike, adding the speed of his punch to the normal attack of his semblance. He basically created a piston punch. With it heading for Smokey's right collarbone, he should hit hard enough to down him past the aura but without any serious chance of harming him.

Aura: 21%
Semblance: 34%
Status: lightheaded, headache
Spike: 10% + 2% fire

Catalina's just wanted to blindly spam his trigger to blow Smokey up but nope, he had to face one last trick up his sleeve before he can win. Or he will lose. The latter being much more likely given what he had to face. His slightly recovered mind had one thing pop up and he followed through.

Subconsciously filtering out any words and communicating only with combat skills Cat pulled the trigger on Take that!, targeting only the lowest of the shots. He gets exactly one shot, so he needs to be quick and precise at the cluster so that a lot of them blasts off course just enough and miss him.

The answer sailed through the explosive shockwave and hit him, but not all of them and not all at full force. The shockwave deflection had worked. The buzzer had not sounded, at least not yet, and the explosion is heading for Smokey. He won. Or at least, had not known his loss yet.

Aura: 21%
Semblance: 38%
Status: lightheaded, headache
Explosive rounds: 5% splash damage

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