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Beacon Academy / Re: Sensory Shenanigans [Closed]
« on: Today at 08:21:15 PM »
Samantha blinked at the other woman's words, tilting her head slightly in consideration. "Huh, maybe. Not a bad theory at all." She mused, avoiding the followup question for long as she could and only having to half-pretend to keep considering the current topic, before eventually frowning slightly and her neutral demeanour breaking a little.

"Ah, it's- it's nothing that bad, just. Got a bit banged up in the tournament by someone, my... implant got damaged, if you've heard about all that. Quartz girl and all that." She mumbled quietly, ears twitching slightly under her hood. "Since we don't exactly have a load of, uhm, bioengineers at Beacon available, there's a bit of a limit to what I can do to repair it, so they've been... acting out a little. Feels like my arms aren't quite. Listening to me."

She really wasn't sure why she was telling this to a practical stranger in comparison to trying to go over it with her team. Maybe it was the fact she seemed shy enough not to say anything, or somewhat trustworthy in her reactions; maybe it was just she didn't want to let her team down at all or bother them with her issues anymore. Either way, there seemed to be a lot of pent-up frustration in the fox faunus.

"Ah, that's fair! It provides a minor benefit in speed of transmission, and another in it still functioning even with a lack of aura, but you hold a good point there. It's a gateway to some future technologies, really, but- well, you know how it is." He stated, tapping his nose knowingly. "NDAs and all that. Either way; in that case, extending the amount of energy given out directly might be useful, some kind of pneumatic or otherwise force-enhancing implant! Separate limbs to channel your aura directly through, particularly ones with a longer reach, might help to give your semblance a longer effective range as well."

The employee muses for a moment, before snapping their fingers. "Taking advantage of the generated kinetic energy in some form may be useful, too - something to charge with the release of energy, perhaps, or a mobility option if you could direct release in some form. Alternatively, an implant to grant some mobility to help you get close enough to give off the energy could be useful - we've had some success with smaller jump jets and muscular-skeletal reinforcements, which would both help give off some extra energy from your attacks at that." He blinks at a buzzing of his earpiece, and then gives a grin over to the hunter-in-training. "Can talk a little longer about this, but it looks like we'll be doing the exhibition match soon, and I doubt you want to miss that."

Beacon Academy / Re: Sensory Shenanigans [Closed]
« on: June 10, 2019, 10:53:04 AM »
"Ah, uhm-" Samantha started replying to the babbled statement, looking a little bewildered for a moment at the excited description and just nodding along. "I, uh. Yea, strains the aura a bit but the longer it's contained or the more power I push into it, the stronger it gets, yea. Though really large blasts are a bit, uh, hazardous." She mused, furrowing her brow for a moment as she thought about the events of the tournament not long ago and the results of it. Still better than getting crushed, she guessed.

The faunus got brought out of her musing by the inquiry, blinking as she escaped the brief haze she'd been trapped in. "Oh, right! Yea, I- it sort of works by drawing in the waves I'd normally use for my sonar, I think? Or, well, draws from the same source, maybe? I'm not exactly sure, but passively I think the same energy I use just kind of... pulses about. Or I just hear things I could potentially use as sources for my semblance? More sensitive? Either way, it uh- it forms a kind of echolocation. Interrupted a bit during charging, but it's useful!" She explained, taking her time as she puzzled over her own abilities. She'd never fully grasped how the two interacted, barring that there was something there, but she was happy to try and communicate what she knew so far. Wasn't like it hadn't all been over television already.

The thought got another distant look out of the fox for a moment, before she pinched the bridge of her nose to try and snap herself out of it. This whole ordeal with her chains was bringing up too many bad memories, really.

Beacon Academy / Re: Sensory Shenanigans [Closed]
« on: May 25, 2019, 12:18:27 AM »
The fox faunus took a second to breathe, before looking down at her hands, making sure her aura had handled the backlash properly. Her usually-hidden fox ears popped back up, swivelling around slightly, before Samantha remembered where she was and quickly pushed them back down against her hair as they were before, hiding them under the hood.

"Ah, uh, yea- there we go! Amplification of sound into a... kind of kinetic... sound wave? Half and half?" She explained, slightly sheepishly over her own lack of knowledge of the active portion of her semblance. "Blocks my, uh, sonar while using, but useful to make things all quiet!". Wasn't like people hadn't seen the Vytal Tournament; it was generally common knowledge what it did now, so no harm in explaining a bit.

"It's- well, not much, but it's mine, y'know? So, uh- does that, that help?" She questioned a little shyly, tilting her head.

The employee with Smokey gave the form one last look-over, humming to themselves for a moment before nodding and placing it into the box of forms. "Right, thank you!" She replied gratefully, offering out a hand to shake with the smile. "Is there anything else you'd like to ask about?"

Looking over the weapon, the representative with Nathan got more enthusiastic himself - it looked like they were really passionate about what they did. "Wow, quite advanced stuff here. Very compact for what it does! I think I remember seeing you back then, so it's something to start from, certainly." He replied, scratching his chin. "Certainly, some of the basic implantation features we tried out might be of interest - mechashift by thought, for example, which could be helpful for a weapon with several different forms and possibly save a little bit of space for further compaction. Does your semblance release more energy if the object is swung with more momentum on hit, and does it have kickback?"

Beacon Academy / Re: Sensory Shenanigans [Closed]
« on: May 12, 2019, 05:38:29 PM »
Samantha gave a small smile in reaction to the other woman's shy, if enthusiastic nodding, holding a quick thumbs up in reply as she walked back to the centre of the room, inviting them in. "Best shut the door." She stated, raising her voice a little to reach Anna.

The fox faunus held her arms out before clapping her hands loudly together, then keeping them grasped around something invisible within. She then stood semi-awkwardly still for a few moments, focusing on controlling the building energy in her hands - her gray aura gently starting to glow in resistance to her semblance's backlash - before taking a deep breath, pressing her fox ears firmly down against her head under the hood, and throwing her hands forward. A slightly screeched and far louder copy of the initial clap rang out, resulting in a blurred disturbance of air smashing into several of the targets in the room as a shockwave, impacting them with blunt force and sending them backward.

"Ah, right!" The representative replied to Smokey. "Well, part of it is that... it is new technology, of course. It's best to avoid going up against, say, a semblance that would rust metal - even if the theory shows it should be protected by the user's aura constant covering it." She sheepishly explains, looking apologetic. "Of course, you get to know what their semblance is before the fight, while they won't actually be told yours - it's just to prevent accidents, really. There's too many experienced eyes here to pull any tricks. More to the point, you should be at the advantage here; they're not going to be using their normal weapon! It's meant to be a showcase for the implant, not just her skill." She pauses for a little bit at the titbit of information she gives, glancing to the eye-masked faunus with a Shard INC logo on who had been standing about the main showcase without meaning to, before flushing a little and looking back to the hunter-in-training. "Ah, uhm- you, didn't see anything." She murmurs with a conspiratorial, slightly embarrassed whisper.

"And, well- it's a point that was brought up a lot during testing! Put simply, there isn't really a direct way of preventing it when you start out, as far as we know - just ways to minimise the effects. Aura helps lessen the burden for hunters, especially with constant saturation of the limbs due to their direct connection, and therefore more lightweight materials can be used since aura will help shield the limbs from the worst of the effects - not that we skimped out on structural stability, though." The representative furrowed their eyebrow as they thought over, before continuing. "From what we've seen so far, barring the larger sets of limbs-" and they pause here purposefully, trying to look innocent as possible. They'd seen the 'student' on the form, and were feeling nice today. "-mobility is usually counteracted by further training and simple acclimation to the additional weight. Of course, the limbs can be removed or even exchanged with properly build components; we use a 'port' system, almost like plugging in a very, very sturdy USB to a computer. With the computer being your nervous system. And with aura shielding the internal components, just as it shields that of weapons, there tends to be a remarkably low failure rate. In fact, with the known stresses of hunting, we've managed to make tentative strides in self-repair; only baby steps for now, and reliant on a constant direct connection to the user, but even in this set the wiring has some ability to repair itself!"

The employee talking to Nathan blinked, before their grin widened. Their first talk and they've already got the fun job, a fact that they lauded over the other employee with a wink and receiving a stuck-out tongue in return, before the pair of them realised they were presenting a new technology in public and both blushed before looking back to their potential customers. "Ah, right!" He embarrassedly replied, before the enthusiasm returned to his tone. "So, the first question we'd need to ask is what your semblance and weapon are - you can write it down if you don't want to talk about it publicly, and it doesn't need to be too detailed unless you want it to be."

Beacon Academy / Re: Sensory Shenanigans [Closed]
« on: May 06, 2019, 05:16:29 PM »
It took a few moments for Samantha to realise what had been said, more preoccupied with trying to see if they'd hurt the other woman - and all they could see was hesitance in their stance, rather than any limping or blood. Once she actually realised she'd gotten a reply, they blinked, before making an 'oh' face with their mouth.

"Ah! Right, I- sorry, my... my semblance is quite, uh. Loud." She sheepishly replied, gently scratching against her cheek in a little nervousness. They hadn't meant to disturb anyone, but Samantha supposed their semblance might still be audible through the training walls - Akel at the very least tended to get annoyed at the sheer volume of it when activated, but there wasn't much to compare Akel's hearing to except her own in the first place.

"Sorry about that. Uhm. Hope I didn't disturb you or anything? I- well, I could show you what I mean at least, make up for it?" She continued. Offering to show the ability in action should make up for any kind of disturbance they'd created for the other huntress-in-training, right?

Beacon Academy / Re: Sensory Shenanigans [Closed]
« on: May 03, 2019, 04:08:31 PM »
Keeping up the slight head tilt, Samantha gave another little wave over to them as the other woman made an odd surprised noise. Were- were they alright? Had they managed to hit them in the crossfire or something? A slightly worried look crossed the fox faunus' face at the thought, and she straightened her figure, sliding her weapons into their sheathes.

"Uh, excuse me, are- are you alright?" They questioned, the worry similarly audible in their tone, along with their typical slight caution around new people. Nonetheless, it didn't matter how typically shy or reluctant she was to talk - she might have hurt someone, and she at least needed to make sure they were alright. Taking a few slow steps forward, they started walking over to the other figure.

The Vale Region / Re: Shards of Knowledge [Shard INC][Semi-closed; PM]
« on: April 29, 2019, 06:46:39 PM »
"Ah, yes!" The representative replies brightly, giving a smile that only seemed partially fake at worst - they seemed to be enjoying their jobs, at the very least. "You can sign up just by writing your name on this form here..." They trail off for a moment, reaching to get another of the printed sheets out from the box next to them and lay it out in front of Smokey; it seemed to almost be a copy of normal tournament waivers with a few snippets about confidentiality and possible risks to person or property, but even reading over the fine print nothing malicious or out of the ordinary appeared to be there considering the circumstances. The exact details of the fight were an individual hunter could take a round, or a team of two students with restrictions placed on their opponent instead. The paper required a few signatures and a 'profession' section, as well as details requested about semblance and weapons 'to avoid any accidents in testing'. Maybe the prosthetics weren't quite as optimised yet as they'd prefer?

"...and I'm also here to answer any hunting-related queries about the displays here; star attraction is discussing a theoretical prosthetic to help out with an individual's semblance or fighting style!" They continued peppily, leaning to the side a little to point at what some of the more detailed conversations had lead to; rapidly sketched ideas and designs for limbs or attachments designed for a variety of different styles and semblances. Though some seemed a little... implausible, there were a few that did seem to hold some merit to them. "But hold on just one second; there's a little bit of a queue, so I'm just going to get my colleague to help out..."

They walked away from the desk, half-jogging over to the back to poke their head out into the room behind the stall. "Forrest!" They called, and another employee with a cup of coffee and undone jacket looked through the doorway. "I could use some assistance here, get another queue going." The man blinked semi-tiredly, before giving a sigh and a little smile of acceptance, ruffling the woman's hair - much to her dismay - before chugging the coffee and patting their cheeks to wake themselves up. The female employee quickly moved back up to the counter with more dishevelled hair and a look of fond annoyance, before returning to her previous smile as she attempted to fix the hairdo. "Right, apologies sir - do you have any further queries?"

The other employee moved up to the desk as they buttoned up their white jacket with the Shard INC logo on it, waving to Nathan. "Ah, sir, if you could join this queue, we can get through people a little faster."

Beacon Academy / Re: Sensory Shenanigans [Closed]
« on: April 17, 2019, 10:18:22 PM »
Samantha started up the movements of her twin blades, the weapons swung in an unheard rhythm as she practised. The pain in her arm quickly died down, and the motions got a little more fluid like they used to be, her breathing slowing as she calmed herself once more. Slowly, she started weaving in the chains to the motions as well - not quite the quick and decisive strikes from before, but more aimed for tripping or just simple annoyance to the invisible foe in front of her, building up a light vibration in each sword as she tried to work through the full practise she normally did.

Eventually, as she sped it up, one of the chains flinched slightly to one side, wrapping around her right hand and interrupting the motions - drawing a light sigh out of the woman as she let the charge dissipate from both weapons with a light, almost melodic high pitched noise ringing from the release of the vibrations. Standing there for a moment, she drew back on the charging portion of her semblance, deciding it was probably safer to avoid its use until she had a bit better control.

There was a brief delay as it went into effect, before she blinked in surprise at a nearby figure. Turning around without much warning, she tilted her head at the door and gave an awkward wave after a beat.

Beacon Academy / Sensory Shenanigans [Closed]
« on: April 16, 2019, 04:22:33 PM »
Inside one of the many training rooms at Beacon, odd clinking sounds met the noise of hits against a training dummy. Standing straight, a hooded woman stood a few meters away from the sturdy target – and oddly enough, with four chains extending out of her back taking turns to try and weave their way forward to impact it.

The figure was wearing headphones, the edge of them peeking out beneath the hood, but the rest of her features were somewhat obscured in her combat gear; somewhat reinforced jeans and a similar hoodie covered in little chains on their side. The clothing seemed a little damp; she appeared to have been working for a while, at any rate.

She would go through a pattern; the chains would start slowly hitting the dummy in sequence, then the process would repeat, sped up. This kept going until suddenly, one would veer off oddly, tie itself in the others, or even swing back around near the huntress-in-training to the point she had to block it. There was a quiet curse mumbled each time, and visible agitation in the now-hunched figure of Samantha Quartz as she attempted to get a handle of her chains again after her injury.

The damage done to her own body had been annoying, but she’d dealt with worse. What was grating on her nerves was the damage done to her implant. Unlike the rest of her body, the doctors didn’t exactly know what to do with it – even she’d had to figure it out through reverse engineering, but the large gash near the centre of the four circles had resulted in her not having perfect control of her chains anymore. It was like your arm randomly deciding to punch yourself one out of every ten punches; infuriating and possibly dangerous. It did only happen during fast-paced movements, but it was a very much ‘for now’ outlook in Samantha’s head; a tire will continue to deflate once its punctured, after all.

Another few misses and a sudden chain whacking her in her side brought out a slight yelp of surprise from the fox faunus, distracted in her own thoughts for the moment. The jolt back to reality brought along a frustrated growl from Samantha, before the four chains suddenly snapped forward to bind around the dummy, her semblance charging in their collective forms through the sound of their rattling before the dummy was constricted and torn apart with a screeching noise of her semblance release.

A few more moments passed, before Samantha let her fists unclench, one going to rub against her forehead.
“Shouldn’t lose control like that. In either sense…” She murmured to herself, tone slipping back to its usual neutral point as deep breaths brought her back to her senses, the chains continuing to rattle for a few more seconds before the rest of the stored energy dissipated. Letting them slowly coil back up around her body, she drew Staccato and Encore out of their sheathes, instead deciding to practise something she could control.

A little jolt of pain chaining up the metallic portion of her arm reminded her that might not be true too much longer. Gritting her teeth, she started up the motions nonetheless, determined to at least get something done during one of the rare times she had enough motivation to actually work on training.

Plot Zone / Re: Tech Convention [Shard Inc] [Signup]
« on: April 15, 2019, 07:06:52 PM »
Thread up!

Participants in the exhibition match have been chosen, will be announced once the in-thread 'raffle' has been completed. Ideally make a mention of your character putting a ticket in if they had planned to try out for it!

Edit: Everyone on the thread is fine to hop in, forgot to note.

The Vale Region / Shards of Knowledge [Shard INC][Semi-closed; PM]
« on: April 15, 2019, 07:05:43 PM »
Within a sports building briefly renovated for the event, the Shard Inc exhibition has got well underway. Many screens have been changed to provide their logo along with one new advancement or another, and more physical representations of these shown in the various displays located around the different pitches. One has a variety of neurology developments, including some prototype mechashift linkage, while another contains a variety of miscellaneous technological advancements – some weapons research, some computer learning developments and materials research to name a few.

Yet the main attraction still lies in the one containing what really defined their brand; the area entirely designated to prosthetics. A variety of new replacement limbs and haptic sensors lined several of the displays, some even interactive – the limb copying the person’s own movements with a sensor attached to them. Various weapon integrations also were displayed, hoping to further interest the hunter crowd who were attending the convention. Most notably, however, was the area designated to showing off their ‘latest’ invention – additional limb prosthetics. Several screens were displaying videos with commentary about development of the project, uses of the extra limbs, and showing examples – loader-like detachable limbs for heavy lifting, nerve-controlled weapons systems and even additional arms that could be taken off or on with available port implants for hunters and huntresses.

Indeed, there was even a few members of Shard INC with such implants showing them off; one having the heavy duty arms curling around his back and smiling as he took heavy crates around the room without a care in the world, reminding people he didn’t have aura; another woman with a number of folding limbs holding various medical instruments, smiling and occasionally getting someone to show them a small bump or bruise and patching it up; and then a huntress in blue-black clothing, the signs of an implant obvious by the metal framework on her back extending to her shoulders, but just talking with some of the older hunters and huntresses about her face mask covering her eyes about the viability of the replacement limbs, keeping her cards close to her chest – the exhibition match was due fairly soon, the match why Shard INC had chosen the sports building (along with the space offered) - and the rules behind it were meant to be a surprise, after all. Two employees stood in a booth within the additional limb section, one with a ‘queries’ sign and another with ‘hunters’ – one was answering general questions, and the other was taking in someone’s weapon and semblance and offering ideas about what this technology could do to benefit them in the future, giving some example implantations - as well as offering tickets for a raffle to enter the exhibition match.

The final, main arena was left as it was, albeit with some fanfare added - it would be the sight of the exhibition match once the raffle was over. The other rooms were laid out almost in a circle around the sunken middle room, having glass windows all able to look into it; Shard INC had certainly chosen the right building to highlight their technology in the flashiest way possible. An announcer stand was being set up, along with some audience protection; there were stands surrounding the room, but they'd been moved back from the room itself and the dust forcefield tested in a few methods to ensure public safety in advance.

Plot Zone / Tech Convention [Shard Inc] [Signup]
« on: March 21, 2019, 04:57:26 PM »
Over in Vale, Shard Inc has announced an exhibition for their recent technological develops. A smattering of mecha-shift technology, some weapon developments, neurological controls and - the focus of the company - their latest advances in prosthetics; advanced mechanics in existing replacements to allow for greater functionality in all aspects of life - civilian, military and hunting - and a recent announcement, additional limbs.

After hinting at it for several years, the company has finally decided to unveil their latest range of prosthetics; while not available publicly at this time, there will be several people with such prosthetics present to show the proof of concept and their uses. Namely, there are several examples of civilian uses, but - more critically for Shard Inc's target audience for the convention, being so near to Beacon with the convention - showing how these could aid hunters and huntresses, even with a Q&A desk to ask how one particular style of combat or semblance could be enhanced with one of such implants.

Furthermore, the convention hopes to prove their safety and effectiveness - offering individuals the chance to signup to face a fully fledged Huntress with one of these implants, recovered from a career-threatening injury and made more threatening than ever.

(Slots non-specific; based on character appropriateness, previous participation and discussions. Otherwise generally first-come-first. Slots open till thread starts or too many people, though no specific number on that. Add in if your character would want to participate in the exhibition match; entered into a raffle.)

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