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Rufus snickered at the girl returning the rap. The following slam to his chin was less appreciated. He leered back, but didn't falter to return the favor. Rufus went for a dual attack, tossing Flow aside as he lunged at Jima. He weaves to her left side, pulling Soul off from his belt with his right hand.

The boy brings the dagger forward along with his right leg - the kick aimed for her knee while the dagger was aimed higher towards her chest. The girl hit hard - he needed to get in as much early damage as possible.

(Kick: 3% Stab: 5%)

Aura: 89%

[Grab permitted by Rush]

It's a hard kock life, for us

Well, that was unexpected. It appeared that since the last tournament, Juno had learnt some new tricks - the most notable one being that he didn't give a shit about being hit.

OTN bounced back as if Coco had struck a solid wall. The only good thing about that was that the boy had been prepared to switch to its short sword form on a whim - after all, he'd have to get up close and personal with Juno. Granted, 'getting up close and personal' ideally wouldn't involve getting punched square in the jaw - maybe that was a bonus.

Coconut was falling. This was not ideal, since being on the ground would put him at an even worse disadvantage than before. As such, his free hand grasped at the closest stable thing - Juno's own arm. His drop halted, Coconut realized he needed to make some distance again. As such, the boy brought up OTN for a jab at Juno's stomach before letting go. Coconut rolled backalong the dirt, his back against a tree.

Juno had used his semblance - that much was clear. Fact was, Coconut still didn't know what it was all about - and whether or not it had a weakness.

(-10% damage from punch. Stab is 5% aura damage for 4% stamina)

Coco's Battle Stats:
  Stamina: [█████████-] 91%
  Aura: [█████████-] 90%

"If a  good show is what you want, it's more than words that I can flaunt!" Rufus responded, appreciating the fact that his opponent seemed to share his sentiment towards the announcers.

Rufus' new fight theme since I lost the link to his original theme list: 6 Foot 7 Foot - Lil Wayne feat. Cory Gunz

Rufus isn't much of a ranged fighter - he knows he needs to get in close range with his opponent. The appearance of a shotgun mace might put a wrench in things. But, hey - that's just how the boy likes it.

He runs directly at his opponent - his small size aids in avoiding the first blast, but the second still clips his shoulder. Wincing he continues his dash towards Jima. He's over 20 cm shorter than her - to some it would be a disatvantage, but the kid has learned to use his height well. Both of them now likely near the center of the field, Rufus opens up his attack with a jab towards the girl's abdomen. Not the most sophisticated or powerful of attacks - but an opener never the less.

(Stab: 5% aura damage)

Aura: 94%

And here we go.

Coco's tournament theme: 一心不乱 (Isshinfuran) - Reol, ill.bell, nqrse

Coconut was familiar enough with what Juno's hardlight was capable of - he had witnessed those discs in action last time. He'd remember if only because of how cool he thought they were. While he didn't know yet how he'd counter them if Juno sent several of them at him, one of them was just fine.

"You bet I am!" Cream ran at Juno as his opponent launched his attack - the wide arc he had launched the disc allowed him to avoid it without much trouble simply by moving forward. Coco's initial attack plan was simple - hit him hard.

The boy went for a wide slash with both of his hands on the hilt of his blade. With Juno in the middle of the field, Coco was hoping to either get a good hit in or force Juno to back up - possibly onto the swampy terrain.

(Slash: -5% stamina for Coco, 8% aura damage)

Coco's Battle Stats:
  Stamina: [█████████-] 95%
  Aura: [██████████] 100%

Rufus sauntered into the arena and sneered at the announcer's booth. "Y'all are just a buncha posers, trying my patience, so keep y'all traps shut or I'll hit you with a cadence, so sharp it'll cut through the silence left by the jokers who -"

Rufus then realized that whatever he was saying was being entirely blocked out by the noise of the crowd. As such, he turned directly towards the announcers booth, activated his semblance and simply yelled "Fuck you!" before turning towards his opponent.

The terrain was all kinds of wack. He didn't know what his opponent was capable of, but gears were already turning in the young rapper's head on how he could use this stuff. The trenches weren't great, but the lava... The lava was pretty lit.

The boy was carrying Flow in his hands, Soul strapped to his belt. As much as he'd like to go in with just his fists, he decided to see what his opponent brought to the table first - he didn't want to be too far from his weapons lest he needed to use Encore.

Razzy entered the arena with a bright smile, raising his hands to greet the cheering crowd. The young boy loved the tourney - it had been so fun, and he had made it to the finals already! Last year, he had made it to the semi-finals and had about as much fun. He didn't really dwell much on the odd way the nice people in the announcer's booth were pronouncing his name - he knew it was a bit hard to say after all!

He strolled past the crystals on his side of the arena, noting how they were similar to the ones on the field during his fight with Zabar last year - maybe he could do something like that again. He then made it to the center of the field where the two terrains met and extended his hand, his palm open for a handshake, waiting for his opponent.

"Hiya! I'm Razzy! I hope we have a fun match today!" he cheerfully called out to his opponent.

Coconut felt a bead of sweat roll down his back. He had never felt this nervous before in his entire life. Even CASA's initiation hadn't made him this giddy and excited - he had actually made it into the Vytal festival tournament, after all.

The announcers... Actually helped. His expression changed to his usual dumb, slanted grin as the woman complimented him, not really registering them poking fun at his name. Coco wondered if that female announcer was cute...

But finding that out would come later. It was showtime. Coconut sauntered onto the field, OTN in its long sword form on his back. The cheering crowd made his head spin - people were... cheering for him. A lot of them were girls, too. This was probably the best day of young Nut's life.

He shook his head to snap out of his own trance, looking across the field towards Juno. Right. His first opponent was fucking Juno Vert - last year's semi-finalist. People were expecting him to make it about as far or even further this year. Meanwhile Coconut himself was just a newcomer, no matter how nicely the announcers put it.

Coco gripped his sword and took it off of his back. Well, if that's how it had to be, then so be it - it was time for him to show the world what he was made of!

I don't know about a lot of them just yet, but two of them are almost entirely thought out:

Janna becomes a literal walking tank. A human stug. A lesbian siege engine. Her armor gets bigger and bulkier, costing her even more speed but allowing her to use her ultimate weapon - a literal cannon/mortar mounted on her back. Her armor would lock her into place as she 'goes into siege mode', support struts coming out from her back and stabilizing her from behind. She'd also have to use her semblance to use the cannon, with aura shields againse her back, her shoulders and her feet to help deal with the massive recoil from the cannon. Even so, she'd end up taking damage - twice. Her body would slam against the shields, but the worst of it would come from the shields being slammed by her armor.

Aside from that, she'd likely get bigger shields as well as proper hand cannons on her armor. At that point her armor would essentially turn into a mech suit.

Coconut's growth is much more straightforward. Hitting puberty as late as he did, he's still got some growth spurts ahead of him. With his rigorous training, he's bound to grow larger and stronger - much, much stronger. Along with his body, something else would grow. His O.T.N.

Each year, its largest form will grow larger and a smaller form will be ditched. Eventually, you'd be looking at a weapon to surpass metal gear which would be about the size of a midway point between Guts' Golden Age sword and Dragonslayer. Coconut's semblance might not grow too much, but he just might find a better use for it.

AMA Section / Re: Why do you want to win the Vytal Festival?
« on: July 13, 2018, 02:08:34 AM »
Razzy likes putting on a show. He loves entertaining as many people as he can, and the Vytal festival lets him reach the biggest audiance possible. Plus, last year's tournament was super fun for him - he'd love to go at it again and meet more cool fighters.

Coconut has always seen being a huntsman as something cool and exciting, idolizing the proffession as well as the most prominent huntsmen out there. He knew he wanted to get in the tourney before he even enrolled in Beacon, having closely followed the last tournament. The fact that he's up against last year's semi-finalist right away only makes him that much more excited. Plus - if he does well in the tournament, fangirls are pi[bound[/i] to flock to him.

Rufus isn't going into the tournament to win, despite his usual bravado. He knows he's not the best fighter at Beacon - but he also knows he needs to get much better to beat his father. He wants to figure out exactly how he needs to improve, even if that means taking a few beatings.

Reggie went into the tourney alongside Shiroe because he's certain he'd win - at least outwardly. He also knows that his father will be watching the tournament, so doing well in it is his shot at redemption in his eyes.

Beacon Academy / Re: Renovations [Team CASA] [Closed]
« on: July 07, 2018, 12:37:35 PM »
You could almost physically see the goosebumps run along Coconut's form as he shivered and reeled back from the picture. "Oh, lord, gross, get that away!" he called out at the sight of the centipedes. Cockroaches were fine. Most bugs were fine. Spiders were iffy. Centipedes, however... Too many fucking legs.

Upon the suggestion that Prism might eat a bug, he gets mixed emotions. He's mostly disturbed. But only mostly. He turned to look at Amane, who he now saw completely differently now that he knew she had pet centipedes. "...wha?"

The Vale Region / Re: Royal Rumble [CLOSED]
« on: July 04, 2018, 02:10:18 PM »
The dressing room is plain and rather squalid. Two metal lockers and a cheap wooden closet are lined up on one side of the room, a shoddy looking, filthy sink on the other. A simple full-body mirror stands at the wall near the entrance, a bench in front of it. One thing was for sure - these people did not take them as guests of honor.

Eyepatch glanced at the faunus, the woman next to him squinting at her over his shoulder. He then smirked and raised his hand, snapping his fingers twice. Moments later a redheaded boy in a waistcoat, no older than twenty, hurried out from the side of the room with a metal plate in his hand. On said plate laid a selection of drinks - two glasses of champagne, two glasses of beer and a variety of shots.

"The drinks here are free-of-charge for fighters and managers, so feel free to take what you'd like," Eyepatch explained. Once the waiter was gone once more, he smirked and peered at Rachel once more. "You don't quite look like you're old enough to drink, but I suppose you've already wound up involved in much worse affairs. I gotta tell ya, you kids have a lot of guts to be infiltrating a place like this. So blatantly at that - Peter back there would have had your head on a platter had I not come along!"

"S-sir, why-" the woman tried to speak up.

"Because," Eyepatch interrupted her, "it seems like tonight's going to be a whole lot more interesting than I had anticipated. Oh, and where are my manners - the name is Kepler Hart."

Beacon Academy / Re: Renovations [Team CASA] [Closed]
« on: July 02, 2018, 03:33:32 AM »
"A physical calendar sounds good!" Coco said as he continued to fiddle with his scroll. He then looked up and tilted his head at Amane. "What's a... 'Gejgej'? And, man, I would've thought Beacon at least would be a nice enough place not to be infested with roaches and whatnot."

Beacon Academy / Re: An Extra Edge [Closed]
« on: June 30, 2018, 12:06:21 PM »
"I-I think you should know I barely passed those classes. I'm not even sure how I did. But I'll try!" Coconut said before watching Prism's demonstration. He then followed her example, taking his sword out from its sheath and closing his eyes. He tries his best to concentrate. Getting the image of Prism's posterior in a pair of tights out of his mind proves to be a challenge.

Come on, Coco, concentrate! Extension of yourself, extension of yourself, extension of... Oh.

Imagining it as an extension of himself... Isn't really that hard, somehow.

Because he's held a blade in his hands for most of his life, of course. That's the reason. Even so, he isn't able to focus his aura into it right away. He simply doesn't quite have the control over it.

Beacon Academy / Re: An Extra Edge [Closed]
« on: June 29, 2018, 04:11:55 AM »
Coconut watched with his mouth agape as the blast of aura sliced the target in half like it was nothing. If he could figure this out, he'd be able to make up for his current lack of ranged attacks - something which would benefit him greatly in the coming tournament.

"That was awesome! ...How did you do that?" he asked. He really had no idea - he hadn't even properly thought about his aura in years.

Approved Characters / Re: Coconut Cream
« on: June 29, 2018, 03:38:49 AM »
Fixed typos in history, added offensive aura capabilities to aura section. Added sword forms to combat behavior, tertiary sword form and stamina usage/potential damage to the weapon forms.

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