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The Vale Region / Re: [CLOSED]Pecking Order
« on: March 18, 2019, 03:16:01 AM »
Tiber found the woman putting his knifes back on his rig like that a bit odd - the oddity of it seemed to take him out of it enough for the following swipe for his gun by surprise. Tiber cursed himself for not keeping his gun in place with his semblance, but was done was done. As soon as she took hold of the gun, the boy pulled out a knife and took a defensive stance.

It appeared, however, that his worry was misplaced. The woman instead put a bullet in the target's head no problem, making him... Well, he wasn't exactly ecstatic to see the ease with which she had accomplished this.

After a moment of consideration to boy relaxed his stance and put the knife back in its place. He looked to the woman and gave a nod. Not much harm could come from actually learning to shoot before heading off to Beacon. These here were stationary targets, and grimm were not - if he had trouble here, he'd be shit outta luck and jolly well fucked in the field.

The Vale Region / Re: [CLOSED]Pecking Order
« on: March 14, 2019, 11:31:49 AM »
Tiber lowers his gun and side-eyes the woman that had approached him. Why had she approached him? Did she spot the beak under his scarf after all? Did she know him somehow? Had she followed hi-

Oh. It appears she was just here to roast him. Fantastic.

The bird faunus chooses not to respond vocally. After all, he doesn't want to reveal his peculiar trait - not that he could actually defend his shooting either way. Even if this was his first time it felt... subpar. Instead he takes a knife off of the rig around his chest and shows it to the woman as he sends the target back. He then flings the knife at said target in a single smooth motion, then another - the blades stike the target first in the chest, then right between where one would find a person's eyes.

Tiber looks to the woman then to the revolver in his hand and shrugs. He had no reason to hide that he was no marksman. He had bought this gun because he knew that grimm were tough sons of bitches, and that there would be fuck all he could do if one of them could tank his knives. Having a weapon that didn't require him to go out and grab it again to reuse it just felt like common sense.

Beacon Academy / Re: Starting a rebellion [RBLS]
« on: March 14, 2019, 11:13:41 AM »
"Do not place words in my mouth, bat. I have nothing against... cookies," he says, though again, that last word just... seems wrong coming from his mouth. Like someone who didn't speak the language trying to force the word out from their throat. Still, he huffed and took the seat offered - not like he had many other options.

He then peered at Lilla. This one was... bizarre. Very bizarre. He scoffed as the girl backpedaled. "If you don't like something, say it outright. You'll continue to be served that which you don't like otherwise, and you'll just have to take it."

The dicksweasel then took a sip of his own tea. Bitter. Fuck, that's too bitter - without a word, he briefly purses his lips and glances towards Shiroe, waiting for that sugar to be brought over. He'd much prefer to drown out the taste himself.

The Vale Region / Re: [CLOSED]Pecking Order
« on: March 09, 2019, 01:39:30 AM »
Tiber stepped out into the back where, as expected, one would find a firing range. There were four targets in total, all lined up in four separate firing lines. Controls next to each lane allowed for changing the distance. On the counter by the first firing lane was a box of .357 rounds, probably left by the shopkeep who had already been expecting Tiber.

The boy walked over to the range and propped open the revolver's cylinder - he had studied the actual workings of guns like this in preparation, though he had never held one. He loaded the bullets into the cylinder one by one, then closed it up.

After hefting the weapon for a bit, he raises it in both hands, aims down the lane, and fires. The initial knockback takes him by surprise, the boy folding his elbows back as smoke rises from the barrel before his eyes. Had he hit the target? He couldn't tell, the damn thing was a bit too far away. Nevermind - he continued to fire until all six rounds had been spent. Tiber then turned to the controls and brought the target up close.

Two hits, one of them barely striking the edge of the target, another having hit the area around the target's pelvis. Another shot had struck the white part of the target.


The Vale Region / [CLOSED]Pecking Order
« on: February 28, 2019, 10:07:09 AM »
Tiber didn't like the city. Not during the day.

The city was always full of people and people were always full of judgement, the faunus having to hide his facial features to avoid public humiliation. He tucked his scarf higher as he passed an obnoxiously loud group of high school students, avoiding eye contact. Of course the kids didn't even know he was a faunus to begin with or pay any mind to him, but he had always lived with the thought that all those around him would mock him if they saw his face. People were cruel. It's something he had gotten all too familiar with.

He glanced both ways before crossing the street and hurrying to his destination - a gunsmith's shop by the name of 'Chudder's Arms'. He stepped inside, the bell above the door dinging as he did. The man sitting behind the glass counter filled with various weapons, from swords to shotguns, looked over and nodded.

"Aye, Tiber. Good to see you. Had an order, yeah?" he asked.

Tiber nodded and headed for the desk, producing a folded sheet of paper from his front pocket and setting on the glass. The man looked the paper over and nodded. "A bit bigger than your usual order. Guess you're finally 'eadin' to Beacon?"

Again, a silent nod. The man meanwhile went into the back room and returned soon after, carrying with him a knife rig and a holster for a revolver - both of them filled appropriately. "Knife rig, twelve knives, just as you like 'em and a custom revolver. One of my finest, but I like to say that about all of them."

As he handed the items over, however, he paused. "That revolver there can use dust round, per your request. You didn't order any, though. You sure? I could give you a loyal customer discount, lad."

Tiber took the items, strapping the rig around his chest and the holster onto his belt, then glanced towards the man. Dust rounds? Yes, he had asked for the revolver to be able to use them. Tiber was a scavenger, after all - if he were to find any rounds on the field, he wouldn't say no to using them himself. But those things were expensive - and with these last purchases made, he was broke. Slowly he shook his head.

"Well, suit yourself. If you want, you can test your new gear out at the range. I'll cover the ammo for you."

 The apparently mute boy simply nodded as a thanks - and the shopkeep got the message. With that, Tiber headed towards the back to test out his revolver. After all, this would be the first time he'd wield such a weapon to begin with.

"I am more prepared than you might think!" Reginald groaned out, now in a low crouch. With his rifle held in one hand and his dagger in the other. He then, however, does something rather unorthodox - rather than standing up to face his swordsman foe at a close range, he slams his palm against the slider on Solace's stock - the weapon quickly transforms as the bayonet folds into a bipod and a scope forms on the top. As it does so, the boy extends the arm holding the weapon... And slams the dagger down just next to it, through the shirt, nearly clipping himself in the process.

"If I do get sick - well, hopefully I won't be as awful for it as you are!" he finally adds before firing just once at Calen's center of mass.

(Sniper shot: 7%)

Aura: 83%

Approved Characters / Tiber Rostrum
« on: February 05, 2019, 01:41:59 PM »

Name: Tiber Rostrum

Age: 17

Species and Gender: Male Grosbeak Faunus

Symbol:  A raven mid-flight from the side.

Occupation: 1st year student at Beacon

Appearance: A somewhat scrawny boy standing at 178 cm and weighing 70 kg, Tiber is not all that imposing. His hair is kept neatly trimmed and slicked back, his face bears no sharp features - sans one - and his dark green eyes rarely bear malice. These features, however, are rarely what one would notice first as any onlookers attention tends to be grabbed by the thick and somewhat stubby beak covering the lower half of his face. The lower part of the beak connects to where one would normally find a person's chin while the top ends just below the eyes. The beak itself isn't particularly wide, allowing him to see past it just fine. However, the lack of lips and teeth makes it quite cumbersome to speak. The boy has learned to use his beak much like one would use their teeth when speaking - which he still needs to do slowly - but he is incapable of saying the letters P, B, M, V and W.

When it comes to choosing outfits, Tiber tends to go for practicality. He usually goes for white short-sleeved undershirts and bulletproof vests over it - said vests covered in pockets and pouches for ammo and grenades. His legs are usually covered by relatively loose, dark green/tiber camo pants to match his vest and army boots on his feet - albeit modified to be lighter, lacking a steel toe and having room to store a set of throwing knives.  On colder days he'd accompany this outfit with a tiber-colored bomber jacket and most of the time when out-and-about he'd be seen hiding his beak with a thick scarf around his face. Said scarf is often a part of his everyday attire and school uniform.

History: Tiber was born to a faunus couple - a winged grosbeak faunus named Lucidus Rostrum and a cat faunus named Aniene. The new parents were quite perturbed at first at their son's bizarre trait, but learned to live with it in time after getting pecked plenty and losing a few relatively expensive toys. As both of Tiber's parents were working class faunus, they had little time to spend with their offspring and they often left the boy at a daycare center and were glad to put him in a boarding school. Constantly bullied and mocked for his strange appearance, Tiber learned to fend for himself quite soon - though he could never grow that physically strong, his meals limited by his lack of teeth. As such he learned to use whatever means necessary to win his fights - whether it was outmaneuvering his attackers, cheating or pecking his way out of trouble. 

He wasn't the only one to get picked on at school, though he had been a priority target for quite some time. Once he learned to defend himself and did so quite fiercely, his tormentors found now victims among the other faunus at school. Tired of their nonsense, the boy defended them and continued to take and deal punches wherever and whenever he needed to, often getting into more trouble than the bullies themselves. Seeing the faunus in distress like this he knew he had to do something about it - and to do something about it he had to become much stronger.

Due to lack of attention and inability to properly communicate, he was quite the rebellious teen. Devoting much of his free time to his studies he had no issue passing the entrance tests at Beacon - without his parents' consent. Having nothing more than the clothes on his back, a few childhood trinkets and some rather cheap store-bought and lightly modified weapons he traveled to the combat academy with one goal in mind - to become a huntsman and a symbol of strength to those faunus who had been denied such at birth.

Personality: Tiber can appear overly aloof, detached and unsociable to those around him, but this is hardly by choice. Unwilling to embarrass himself by attempting to talk, he often prefers to remain alone. Even so, he retains a bizarre sense of humor in the form of prop comedy often involving his most prominent feature.

Though he isn't judgemental per se, the boy lacks trust in humans and prefers the company of other faunus who might have suffered much as he had. He bears a strong sense of justice in this regard and will always stand up for the rights of those abused. That said, he may also appear quick to anger and always ready for a fight.

Not being able to eat much solid food he's grown to prefer nutritious meals over delicious ones and can eat just about anything so long as it's soft.

Aura and Semblance: Tiber's aura is tiber(#063537) and is relatively strong. His semblance is the ability to stop objects mid-motion so long as he is in contact with them. For example, he can use this ability to throw a knife but stop it as he is about to release it, then do the same for several more knives before deactivating his semblance and sending all of them out at once or disabling it for a single item so long as he has sight of it. The semblance adds no extra force to his attacks and requires some finesse to utilize properly. The semblance has an active range of a hundred meters, allowing for Tiber to set traps so long as he knows when to activate them by freezing the thrown objects in appropriate spots.

The items affected by this semblance can't be moved while the semblance remains active and they retain no force exerted on them during this time. With enough force, however, the items can be deformed, thus altering their flight path if they had been thrown. Larger objects which could sustain his own weight can be used as steps even when mid-air.

The semblance does tire him, though it is largely not noticeable with something as light as throwing knives. The weight held by the semblance begins to affect him starting with 1kg at which point he could hold it for around 20 minutes before becoming tired. Each kilogram added would lower that amount by about a minute - something weighing 20kg in total would tire him out very quickly and leave him exhausted. The weight does not include something which is placed on top of the frozen items.

The semblance does not work against living things directly, whether they have aura or not and it can rarely be used as a defense against weapons fired or thrown at him - he can generally use it against things he could otherwise catch, however, but if he is hit by something before touching it with his hands he will be hurt all the same.

Combat Behavior:  Tiber's expertise are throwing weapons - for the most part knives, though he enjoys using grenades whenever he can afford them. With a combination of normal throws and ones set up using his semblance, Tiber prefers to attack his enemies from cover or wherever he cannot be reached, often using his semblance to climb to high ground or to hover in the air. Out in the field he will use whatever he can find as a weapon - rocks being the most common. Due to the fact that throwing weapons are a limited resource in a fight, he tries to save them for traps, barrages and sure hits, otherwise using his handgun to keep opponents at bay.

In melee, he gets quite close to his opponents fighting either unarmed or using a knife. He's also known to fight dirty, using his semblance to create obstacles between himself and his opponent mid-fight - perhaps even surrounding them with objects stuck in the air.   


+ Good damage output against lightly armored opponents
+ Very maneuverable
+ Thrown weapons can be reused/found during combat
+ Semblance has numerous potential uses


- Subpar melee combatant
- Without explosives lacks effective means of dealing with tougher/more heavily armored opponents
- If thrown weapons are countered somehow, can only do so much with his revolver
- Unable to communicate with teammates effectively


Name: Becca Rivoltella

Primary Form: A simple iron six-shooter revolver chambered in .357. Bears his symbol on either sides of the grip. In its current state, is really just a revolver.

Dust Functions: The weapon is capable of taking dust rounds, but Tiber finds them much too expensive.

History: A weapon he purchased shortly before leaving for Beacon. The boy lacks proper training in using it and mostly uses it to buy himself time.


Name: Lame di Piume

Primary Form: A series of throwing knives with a feather-shaped hilt topper. Tiber carries:

12 on a knife rig around his waist
4 in his boots
8 on his vest
2 in his sleeves (If wearing jacket)

Additional knives can be carried in a pack if he's preparing for a longer mission or something.

Dust Functions: None.

History: Acquired over the years with whatever allowance and measly pay from weekend/summer jobs the boy could get. The collection continues to grow ever since he arrived at Beacon.


Name: Frag Grenades

Primary Form: Simple fragmentation grenades with a pin locking mechanism.

Dust Functions: None.

History: Rarely do these end up in Tiber's possession as the results most often do not justify the costs - grenades cannot be reused, after all.

The Vale Region / Re: Royal Rumble [CLOSED]
« on: January 23, 2019, 09:07:13 AM »
Hart snickered as Sark diced through the can. "Y'know, that stunt becomes a lot less impressive after you've witnessed him try and do that with a full can during practice. Bastard complained about sticky hair for weeks."

He then looked towards Rachel. "Sarkans over there was indeed one of my own not so long ago. But I'm a gambler at heart - though some would say not a very good one. I made a little bet and the result was that I lost 'em. Not to Pig Mask over there - if that were the case, Sark would already have brought my head to him on a platter. His master at this time..."

Hart then snapped his fingers, his index finger pointing out towards 'Cat Friend'. The man seemed to notice this - and if Rachel looked carefully, she might spot him... winking? "Geralt Bourbon - he's one of the top dogs along with me and Pig Mask over there. Though his trade is... Quite different from either of ours. Something I haven't really ever tried, though I have thought about it."

For some reason, the last part of his response earned a glare from the woman next to him, prompting him to add: "But I did decide against it in the end. Yes."

Prism would find the interior of the room somewhat lacking - the steel desk on the other side of the room was covered in heaps of papers with only a single desk lamp next to them, the wooden floor was barren, there wasn't as much as a chair in front of the desk. The walls, however, were covered in framed photos - each of them featuring a white-haired man with a pale complexion, high cheekbones and an obviously forced smile on his face. There were pictures of him shaking hands with other men in suits, of him standing in front of buildings and waving to the camera in front of an airship, pictures of him supposedly working behind his desk. None of these photos seemed in any way sinister - but perhaps a bit... dull. 

Among the papers she would... not find that much of interest, certainly not at first. Much of it would be various delivery forms, fighter applications, records of bets and their respective winners and losers. But three files would very much stand out after a bit more thorough of a search.

The first would be a list of all currently registered fighters, with a tally next to them as well as a pair of initials. Quite a few of the names on the list were completely marked and scratched out, while others were simply crossed out - and most of the names present were clearly fake. What was still readable looked a bit like this:

Sarkans Tulpe |||||||||||||| HK GB
Rachne ||| HK
Cliff ||||| HK
Guru |||||| PM
Sway Ilk || HK
Jay Flagstaff | SW
Peter Fay SW
Tigress ||||||||| GB

Most of the names after that lacked tallies, with few of them being crossed out.

The second document would be a delivery form - or what remained of it, at least, as it had suffered a fate similar to most of the fighter list. Most of it was completely erased one way or another, but from what remained you could tell that only one item had been delivered, the delivery had been made yesterday and that Whitaker himself had signed it.

Lastly, a finance report - the top contributors in ascending order being G. Bourbon, K. Hart, PM... and the Royale Organization. Thousands of lien had been invested by the Royales just this month - but the file did not mention a specific person, the reason why the money was invested or what it had been spent on - but for what it was worth, the Royales were certainly involved.

Then, however, Prism would hear something - footsteps coming from out in the hall and it sounded like they were coming closer.

Sark spun the sword in his hand as he took a step forward. "Well, I guess I couldn't have expected any better from some no-name manager. As much as I would enjoy it, I won't drag this out..."

He then grinned, gliding his tongue across his blade... before launching into the air, stopping just before the top of the cage - and lunging back down with a slash aimed for Akel's head! "There's no reason I should play with my food!"

'Here it comes!' Rufus would have time to think before Jima's barrage of attacks came his way. He noticed her eyes being closed, but didn't assume that meant she would miss or not spot his own movements - she wasn't a rookie by any means. As such, he could only power through and hope for the best.

Rufus returned her charge, managing to side-step the first swing but taking the brunt of the second. Before the third could land - though it did - he threw a punch aimed at her gut. He was hoping to knock the air out of her and give himself some window of opportunity -  opportunity to do enough damage to put them back on even ground.

(Gut punch: 5%, hoping to stun)

Aura: 20%

Beacon Academy / Re: A Lunch Side Chat [DGTL]
« on: December 16, 2018, 09:29:21 AM »
"Thanks for the compliment, but while I'm in my armor the thing I'm best at is being a target," the tank girl said and looked towards Brock. "Ah, dang, forgot about that. I'd offer my parents' help with that, but not with dust ammo of that quantity."

She huffed. "Logistics is another problem with this team, I suppose - my dad can make you some temporary guns or something if need be, though."

She then grinned, taking a large bite out of a piece of bacon. "Point stays - did good, let's eat!"

Beacon Academy / Re: Starting a rebellion [RBLS]
« on: December 15, 2018, 09:26:08 AM »
Reginald was about to respond to Akel, but decided against gracing her with one. In reality, he couldn't think of one. Instead he stood up slightly, his arms still crossed and glanced around. Shiroe appeared to preparing four cups rather than three, so he was counting on him to join them. Even if he detested the other two, he remained on good terms with their new leader.

"Yes, Earl Grey is quite fine," he answered and glanced towards Lilla. Then back towards Shiroe. "Us Royales aren't quite tea drinkers or coffee drinkers. Different beverages fit different situations, be it coffee, tea, champagne or wine. None pair particularly well with... cookies."

It almost seemed like he spat out the last part - did this snot bubble really see himself as above eating cookies?

Beacon Academy / Re: Meet and Beat [Team CASA][Closed]
« on: December 02, 2018, 03:15:37 AM »
Coconut actually jumped a bit at Prism's voice. He hadn't heard her this commanding in some time now... A massive, lascivious smile crept up on his face as he saluted back and straightened himself out, unsure what else he should do. "Y-yes, ma'am!"

A part of his mind was glad that the new girl and Prism's bossiness was able to take his mind off Amane so quickly. Another was almost upset how that was the case - in just a little while he would forget what she even looked like. Forgetting a girl like that didn't sit right with Coco, not in the slightest. But that was the way things were - he could only accept it and move on.

It was now time to focus on the new girl.

Azure Blair. Tall - about as tall as he was, even! Great hips, sizeable chest - nice. The blue tint in her hair was definitely a good look in Coco's books, as were the piercings - he wouldn't get one himself but he found them appealing, unlike some people. And finally... The tail. The t a i l. Blessed be whichever gods had granted Coconut another faunus teammate.

The poor guy was sweating like a pig when Azure asked him to reintroduce himself, though luckily his coat hid most of it - his face was glistening, though. "C-coconut! Coconut Cream!"

"Y-you think you can take three people at once?" Coconut asked, that dumb smile still on his face. Was this girl really that good? Was she just cocky? Was he okay with it either way?

Probably not, possibly and yes.

Beacon Academy / Re: A Lunch Side Chat [DGTL]
« on: December 02, 2018, 02:57:53 AM »
Janna grinned at Diana. "I'll have to show you a good meal sometime then, eh?" she commented, glancing at Brock's food and then at her own. "Though I 'spose the two of us aren't exactly prime examples of 'normal eating habits' either."

She then nodded to Zaffre. "Guess the problem might be that we got good ranged capabilities with all of ya, but Brock and I lack mobility. I'm a bit too slow to get back and help ya if I go out in melee." she said and rubbed her chin. "Hrm. That'll take more brain power than I have to give at the moment, I guess."

The amazonian woman half-shrugged and took a sip of juice. "But Diana's right - for what it was worth, we did pretty damn well out there." 

"The rifle is the most noble of weapons!" Reginald called out, almost sounding... genuinely offended. As Calen went for his overhead strike, Reginald was half-prepared. He had been expecting - hoping for, even - a simple attack such as a slash or a stab, but his plan remained the same. Reginald tosses his cape off of his shoulders and towards his attacker, having removed the latches on his shoulder just before.

With his cape in the air, his next move was to lunge towards Calen with his bayonet - while the overhead strike had made it easier for Reginald to pass by his own cape, it also meant that Calen's attack was not fully stopped. Reginald was still crashed into and sent back across the dirt, gripping his rifle as he was. He felt the cold harsher than before now with his cape gone, but he wasn't ready to give up yet.

"Do not underestimate me, swordsman!" he called out, taking out one of his daggers but not yet rising from the ground. "I'm no worse in melee as I am at ranged!"

He really wasn't.

(Bayonet stab: 5%)

Aura: 83%

The Vale Region / Re: Royal Rumble [CLOSED]
« on: November 10, 2018, 04:21:52 AM »
Prism would find a door at the top of the staircase which would lead her into a much nicer looking hall. The walls were actually covered in proper, pure white paint with rows of wooden doors on either side. Next to each door was a plaque with a name and supposed occupation carved into it: R. Joule, Manager; PM, Manager; K. Hart, Manager; G. Bourbon, Manager; Whitaker, Associate; Administrator. There were also several which were blank - if she were to try and open these she'd find the rooms completely empty. Strangely enough, she wouldn't find a single living soul around - even the rooms which were supposedly in use were abandoned.

Mordred remained equally motionless and expressionless while Hart smirked, knocking his glass against 'Jane's'. "I'll offer a toast for yours, at least. It's not my fighter your friend is going up against - at least, not anymore. But I will say... She'll probably need all the luck she can get. Sark can be a real pain a good fighter's behind." As he spoke, he seemed to glance towards the man sitting on the opposite side of the arena - the one dressed in the damn pig mask.

It was at this time that the intercoms hidden away in the corners of the room came to life.

"Lasses and gents, I hope you all found yer seats well, 'cause tonight is going to be a bit of a special fight! A cage match to the last drop, and our administrator's promised us that we'll get a bit of a surprise at the end - we don't know how good it'll be for the fighters, but it's gonna be damn good for the rest of us! And now, without further ado, here comes today's challenger - Alter! A newcomer to the fighting game going up against our reigning champion, we can only wish her luck, can't we?"

As Akel stepped out into the arena, met with cheers and chants on every side, she'd find herself in a fully enclosed metal cage. It looked sturdy enough and capable of withstanding a blow or two, but a heavier strike from a blade might be able to cut through it. As she entered the door behind her was shut and locked. After a short while the chanting quieted down as if in anticipation of something. The intercoms came on once more.

"As for the champion himself - we ought to hope Alter here's made peace with her god, because this man won't be one to show any mercy! Known as the 'Bloody Blade', 'Red Angel' and 'Fucking Psychopath' - it's none other than motherfuckin' Sarkans Tulpe!" the voice announced excitedly, the crowd bursting into cheers again. The door on the opposite side of the cage slid open.

Sark's Theme: Monsta X - DRAMARAMA

Sark stepped out into the cage with his sword resting over his shoulder and a can of coke in his other hand. He was maybe in his twenties or so, with unkempt red hair poking out in every possible direction. The guy was dressed somewhat plainly, with a pair of loose, black trousers, a red undershirt and black suit jacket over it. His intense, deep red eyes remained trained on Akel as he walked out and sipped the soda in his hand. He looked her over, then scoffed and tossed the can in the air, slicing it clean in half with one slash.

"Another one of those creatures. And here I thought I'd get a decent fight," he spat out, loud enough to be heard by Akel - though likely overpowered by the chanting to those in the stands and manager seats.

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