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The Vale Region / Re: Royal Rumble [CLOSED]
« on: Today at 09:17:50 PM »
"Smart. On that note, I should go - I don't know how long it's going to stay so quiet back here. Good luck out there, beat their ass  black and blue." Prism responds, offering Akel one last smile before slipping out the door. Taking a nervous breath, Prism glances down the hallway - still abandoned - before moving across the hallway to her first stop - the unmarked door from earlier.

Prism opens the door quietly, before slipping inside and immediately closing it behind her, groping on the wall for a lightswitch. She finds it easily enough before flicking it on, turning to reveal the contents of the room - and her jaw slightly drops, before she manages to pick it back up and reach for the camera she was given earlier. It was obviously some former utility closet, based on the rusted boiler across the room, but the contents change it's intents dramatically. Chains, collars restraints - they're covering literally every surface in the room. Near the boiler is a rusted cage with the roof blown off and the bars twisted in crazy directions. Either this place moonlit as a freaky sex dungeon, or they trafficked something in here - animals, people, maybe Grimm? Prism shook her head at the thought, not wanting to know before raising the camera to take several shots of everything in the room. There's a quiet moment as she stares at the restraints, before covering her hand with her coat and reaching out to pick up a collar and pocket it. Who knows, they might need evidence later on.

Nodding to herself as she mentally checks off the boiler room, Prism slips out the door and closes it behind her, taking he opportunity to tie Akel's coat around her waist. She gives another glance down the hallway, before moving on to the dilapidated staircase at the far end and beginning to quietly climb.

Beacon Academy / Re: Stargazing [Open]
« on: Today at 08:33:00 PM »
The look of triumph on Prism's face falls as Calen and Smokey continue to banter, lowering the gun from her shoulder to point to the ground next to her. As Smokey's cut off, there's a visible change to the faunus' frame. Her back goes ramrod straight as her wings immediately pull in, she holds Matchstick just a bit tighter, and a tense look crossing her face before she takes a breath. She wouldn't admit to it, but there's a very slight shake to her entire body - it's almost as if she's afraid of something. She barely registers Smokey's challenge, though she at least acknowledges he's speaking to her by turning in her direction, and she starts to raise the gun with trembling hand as if to return it. "No, I'm thinking it might be best if we like, actually call- call it here-"


Prism's unsteady hand was just a bit too flighty - and apparently had just grip that was a tad too tight on Matchstick's trigger. The powerful gun goes off while it's still pointed downwards, partially obliterating Prism's right boot - and immediately causing her to shriek in pain and draw the gun upwards, where it goes off again from the sudden jerk. This shot drives the butt of the gun directly into Prism's face before the recoil sends her tumbling backwards to hit the ground, wings splayed wide as Matchstick's left on the ground, her hands going to cover her nose as she starts to curl into the fetal position.

"Absolutely marvelous. Right! Let's... let's hope this goes to plan. Okay. Tallyho, pip-pip!" He enthusiastically answers, before putting in his own earplugs and stepping into Ramalia's hands. He braces himself, holds Saxobeat in one hand, and then is absolutely sent flying with nary a scream high into the sandstorm above.

Erza tracks the path of her twin for a second, then two as he's sent soaring, before turning to check in with Ramalia, and seeing her dive behind cover. She gives the desert dweller a nod in confirmation before transforming her sword into it's secondary mode, then takes her own position behind one of the makeshift barriers where she can fire off shots at anything that gets too close. One Beowolf, two Creepers, and then another Beowolf fall to her gun, before-

Erza and Ramalia wouldn't be able to hear it, but they'd probably feel the high-pitched tone ripping through the surrounding area, loud enough for anybody to hear. Azre had reached the height of his flight where he'd taken the absolute deepest breath possible, before playing the highest-pitch tone that Saxobeat was capable of - resulting in an incredibly-loud, incredibly painful tone being broadcast for literally everyone to hear - at least, everyone except Ramalia and Erza. Any Grimm within 200 meters would be treated to the front seat of Azre's debut and make them cower in pain, but so would any of their nearby allies - and that's not even speaking of Ramalia's animals.

At the very least, it's an excellent distraction.

Teams / Re: 1st years in need of a replacement teammate.
« on: July 16, 2018, 11:42:46 AM »
I think it’d be a shame for Gray to lose any of the characterization he’s already had, so I’d suggest keeping him as-in. In regards to the timeline problems, we can always just handwave it all by saying “in the past,” though it depends on the severity of the consequences you want for each event and how they’d heal in time.

On another note, I'm leaning towards Logger, but will see what MM has to say.

AMA Section / Re: Why do you want to win the Vytal Festival?
« on: July 15, 2018, 06:29:27 PM »
At this point, I might as well throw my own characters into the ring.

Prism's entire thematic revolves around beating the odds. She wants to see just how far she can carry herself with her skills and an iron backbone, and the Vytal tournament is the perfect place to do that, where she'll be pitted against the best and the brightest. Prism's also taking part in the 4v4 matchup of Casanova vs. Blossom, where she's not afraid to admit they're up against tough opponents - but she still has high hopes. Her team succeeded in a initiation when she was rendered useless thanks to a Nevermore and the other team member was unconscious, and she's all seen them continue to grow since then - if she can lead Casanova to victory, it won't only prove their synergy as a team, but also that they're just as effective as she wants them to be.

Jima's been in a bit of a flunk recently, and has lost confidence in her own combat skills. She wants to gauge the limits of her abilities both physically and stategically, especially since she doesn't have the advantages offensive semblance. No place is better than to try that out than on the tournament floor, thrown up against who-knows-what.

Everywhere Else / Re: [Mistral] Summer Shopping (PM for invite)
« on: July 15, 2018, 06:13:08 PM »
"Thanks." She says, eyeing the gun and the owner of the weapon a bit warily, but walking past him to face the shooting range regardless. The rifle is a bit heavier then her Hawk's Eye, but Prism seems to handle it without problem,  Bringing the weapon up and tucking it into the crook of her shoulder. Leaning down to look through the scope, there's a moment or two while she locates the targets, before firing off three quick shots - and the three targets in the distance immediately erupt into explosive flames, noticeably larger than the normal fire dust-tipped rounds.

Prism blinks a few times at the sudden destruction of the targets and passes the gun back to it's owner, before returning to the table to check the price tag. Picking up a spare box of the rounds, Prism makes a complicated face before setting it back down, glancing at Amane and shaking her head before returning to her side. "Powerful, but a little bit out of my budget." She explains.

Beacon Academy / Re: A Warm Welcome [Closed]
« on: July 15, 2018, 01:08:44 AM »
...Okay, she might be moving a bit fast. Prism turns around to face Yu, walking backwards as they approach the great hall. "The administrative office is where all the paperwork is handled. It's basically where they're going to go 'Oh hey, Yu Nanhai is at the school now! He's an official student!'" She fauxely-quotes, before spinning around to drag open the school's front doors for the new arrival. "And no worries - Beacon's training facilities are top-notch, and the staff's even better." She answers, gesturing for him to go inside.

Beacon Academy / Re: A Morning on the Range [Closed]
« on: July 13, 2018, 11:36:30 PM »
There's a pained expression on Prism's face at Jocelyn's laugh, flinching slightly at her words. Unfortunately, what she's saying rings true, but Prism offers up her arm regardless, trying to slip her fingers to intertwine with Jocelyn's. "...I mean, hey. There's nobody I'd rather have to deal with these moments with. I can always trust you'll be there to pick up the pieces, and I can promise I'll be around as long as I can for you." Prism says faintly, nudging her friend with her wing again.

"We're... overdramatic teenagers training to save the world. I've got PTSD and an out-of-control semblance, you're genuinely the most empathetic person I've ever met, it's... it's going to happen. We'll both still make mistakes, with words, but - hey, progress. Neither of us cried this time!"

Beacon Academy / Re: Stargazing [Open]
« on: July 13, 2018, 06:20:10 PM »
Prism gives a disappointed sigh out of her nose as every shot misses, fluttering slightly lower before she lands back on the ground. The hummingbird faunus is staring down the target, wheels obviously ticking and turning in her head. The gun has a heavy kick, Smokey can only really fire it because he doesn't need to deal with any kickback. His symbol is a volcano, his semblance makes him literally rock-solid. So Prism would need to...

"...the offer's appreciated Calen, but I'm afraid my pride won't let me accept help until I'm at least on my last shot. If don't get these two, we'll try your way." She says, glancing towards Calen. The updraft kicks in again, and she rises a couple meters into the air. There's a new light to her eyes, and she pulls the gun a little closer, and a little tighter to her body. It's tilted downwards and a little to the left of the target, but her eyes fixate on the goal regardless. She stares down the barrel, takes a breath to steady herself, and...


At the same moment the gun fires, Prism's wings flick forwards, propelling her forwards against the gun's recoil. It helps her stay in the same place in the air in comparison to her prior shots, but the gun has it's unavoidable kick up and to the right, but she'd prepared to for that - and the result came in the form of a wicked smile blooming on her face as she stares down the remains of the target. The entire head and a good portion of the left shoulder are missing, causing the rest to crumple to the ground.

That wicked smile stays in place as Prism's wings slow their flutter, and she comes back to the ground. The gun's hoisted up in one hand to rest on her shoulder, the other on her hip as she turns to face Smokey with that same cocky smirk he wore earlier. "The only one in Beacon who can fire this gun, huh?"

The motion as Mogan is forced to block her shots gets determinated grin out of Jima, finally needing to do something to parry her damage. She might just be able to get somewhere, if she can keep up that level of damage and force him on the defensive - he might have have the superior firepower, but all she needs to do is stay a step ahead.

That first flick of his whip is a feint, and she doesn't flinch away as it streaks towards her head and then her leg, instead only staring down Mogan as she pumps the barrel of the shotgun and prepares to fire another blast - but not before that whip suddenly changes direction as he goes to deliver his actual blow. She immediately moves to dive to the side - and she's fast enough to avoid it wrapping around her leg to deliver a shock later on, but not fast enough to avoid the stinging sensation as it makes contact. She comes back up out of the combat role a bit clumsily, still on one knee, and fires off another shot at Mogan's unarmored right side.

Attack Log:
Shotgun Blast (7%)

Jima's Combat Stats:
Aura: 92% (-3%)

Spoiler: show
I'm so sorry for the wait, life like to happen at inopportune moments!

Beacon Academy / Re: An Extra Edge [Closed]
« on: July 13, 2018, 04:46:55 PM »
"You want to be powerful, right Coconut? I know you exercise every morning, you put in the extra time to fight with a weight attached to your blade when we spared. This is your shot at it." Prism explains, turning to face her teammate. There's a certain determination set in here eyes, the white edge along her glaive shimmering gently. "You want to hit harder, faster - so pour your soul, your everything into that sword - imagining just how powerfully you'll manage to hit."

RPG Discussion / Re: Weekly Writing Prompts
« on: July 13, 2018, 04:08:48 PM »
What-If: Improvisational Pillows - Prism Skylark

Feathers falling through the air, swooping to catch that weird gun, mouthing run and then windnothingbutwind-

There’s a sudden breathless gasp as Prism jerks back to consciousness, startling herself awake. The room around her isn’t quiet - there’s papers rustling, utensils rattling, and a cool breeze blessing her face despite- despite-

Prism blinks another couple times, taking deep breaths as she mentally tries to repress the urge to flee. She’s somewhere, but she doesn’t know where, it’s dark so it’s night and there’s no lights on where she is but there’s light reflecting, so she’s near civilization- One step at a time Prism. One step at a time. Backtrack. Think about the last things you remembered. She’d just finished a mission with the rest of Casanova, but it’d been late at night and they’d only just managed to get back into town. The school would’ve been another long ride or two via Bullhead, but Prism could barely manage to keep Coconut conscious, and based on the way Jocelyn was yawning she would’ve followed soon. Thankfully Amane’s apartment was significantly closer, so after some quick discussion that ended in a unilateral decision, the team decided it would just be easier to crash there for the night.

Right, Amane’s apartment. Somewhere familiar, and safe. The breeze at least dies down, but here breathing is still coming in quiet gasps. Keep remembering things one step at time. Step-by-step until you reached the present. Use it to force the other thoughts- memories- thoughts out of your head.

Prism had barely gotten everybody up the elevator to Amane’s apartment. Coconut immediately crashed onto the couch, Jocelyn had settled on the far side. Amane had muttered something about having a drink after a day like that, and she’d disappeared towards the kitchen - Prism had closely followed, raiding Amane’s kitchen for something that looked like food. She’d stuffed her mouth full of crackers, followed Amane back to the couch, and had collapsed in between Jocelyn and the unconscious Coconut. Amane had put on the television as some sort of background noise while you all just decompressed, some black-and-white soap drama, so she’d kicked off her heels and snuggled into the sofa to just relax, taking a breath and leaning back against the comfortable cushions, only just closing her eyes for a little bit-

She must have fallen asleep.

Prism blinks again, and her breathless gasps finally calm to heavy, but steady breathing. She tries to test her limbs from where she’s fallen asleep on the couch, sitting up from the feel of things - there’s a weight on her shoulder and something’s gripping her left arm, and her left wing is pinned to the couch cushion by something heavy. Her legs are numb as well - something heavier than the thing on her shoulder is laying across them. Her right arm is free though.

Prism gropes through the darkness in the last direction she remembers her scroll being. Deft fingers navigate the blind landscape until the faithful device is plucked from the depth between two couch cushions, and Prism squints as she whacks the stupid thing against her leg to get it to turn on, filling the darkness with clean white lights. 3:17 am, apparently.

The first thing she sees is the shock of blond hair and crooked glasses that’s sprawled across her lap. Prism blinks a few more times in shock, and tries to raise one leg slightly - the teammate in her lap murmurs slightly in protest and winds his arm around her waist a little tighter, snuggling into the makeshift pillow of her thighs. Prism raises the scroll to look at her left shoulder, where another teammate has decided her arm is the appropriate thing to cuddle while her head rests on Prism’s shoulder. Long blonde hair half-covers her face and is tickling her collarbone, but the sight gets a half-smile out of the exhausted hummingbird faunus - and as she casts her gaze to the last place she remembered her third teammate, it seems even their lightest sleeper was tired enough to pass out on the couch. The scotch glass dangles a couple of inches off the floor where her arm is draped over the edge of the couch, her head resting against Jocelyn’s leg as she breathes evenly.

Somehow while he slept, Coconut had managed to maneuver himself into Prism’s lap. One of his arms had wrapped itself around her waist, while the other cushioned his head - he’d curled into the fetal position, his head facing her stomach. Jocelyn seemed to have fallen asleep shortly after she herself did, and had tilted sideways - commandeering Prism’s shoulder as a pillow and her arm as a teddy bear. Even Amane hadn’t been able to make it to her bed, probably with thanks to the alcohol she drank earlier - Jocelyn wasn’t the only one who’s lap was commandeered as a pillow.

The entire sight brings a sappy smile to the hummingbird faunus’ face. Placing her scroll face-up just a little past Coconut, her free hand goes to gently tug the glasses from his face, before folding them up against his shoulder and setting them in a safe spot atop the couch cushion. She can’t really do anything about the scotch glass from her angle, so she’ll have to leave it until morning, or until it hit the floor - whatever came first. Thankfully Amane had at least emptied it, so nobody would be cleaning up spilled alcohol first thing in the morning.

Prism takes one final breath, and lets it out in a sigh of relief. The panic of the nightmare has passed, her winds have died down. Nobody would be waking up to her screams tonight, or the sound of shattering glass as she blew out the window, like that one time. She lets her head flop back against the cushions again, staring at the ceiling. Numb limbs be damned, she couldn’t wake up her teammates seeing them like this. Looks like she’d just need to deal with it.

Prism closes her eyes again, her breathing even. Not the worse problem to face.

Spoiler: show
The rest of Team Casanova was used with their creator's permission. Coconut Cream belongs to Walter, Amane Petrichor belongs to Inexhaustive, and Jocelyn Antiqua belongs to Monstermanic.

Prism's gonna gain two inches in height, a better amount of upper-body strength, and probably another foot or so to her wingspan by the time she ends up graduating from Beacon. She'll never stop being a long-distance sniper, but in her prime she'll be consistently pulling off shots around 2000 meters - something she can barely manage now, as-is. Hawk's Eye is probably gonna get an upgrade with a silencer and a better scope that can help her calculate long-distance shots, but also gain some upgrades to help with more short-range problems - more than likely, an inbuilt grenade launcher. The truly impressive thing is how powerful her semblance is gonna be by the time she graduates, which she'll have a mostly-complete mastery over by that point - her strongest gusts of wind are gonna be hitting around 150-160 mph, and she'll be able to sustain them significantly longer than 5 seconds as well. The whirlwinds she creates are gonna be more like tornadoes, reaching well over 10 meters tall and able to cause rather devastating amounts of damage as well. Even if they aren't particularly big, the important thing is she'll be able to make them incredibly fast - packing an absolutely massive punch into a small whirlwind.

Jima's closer to graduation, and is close to approaching her prime time as a Huntress. The range of her semblance is gonna probably reach around 100 meters at max, and her toolset is gonna probably recieve a major shift as well before she graduates - moving on from the blunt impaling weaponry of Goliath to broadswords (preferably with an inbuilt chainsaw) and quite possibly shields. She'll likely expand her ability to deal ranged damage with a crossbow as well. She'll never stop working on the Grab n' Go, but the technology is definitely going to get better and more efficient - utilizing larger constructs to trap bigger Grimm, alongside some especially clever uses of Dust.

Teams / Re: 1st years in need of a replacement teammate.
« on: July 13, 2018, 01:52:18 AM »
So Team LGGR it is, but as Logger or Lager? Either works, we can get some sort of forest green or bark brown for the former, or... beer-colored for the latter, as Monter suggested.

On that note I finally realized Arcus’ reply about team DCKS was sarcasm. Sorry - I seem to have a track record for making those mistakes.

Teams / Re: 1st years in need of a replacement teammate.
« on: July 12, 2018, 12:36:51 PM »
The alternative name for DCKS is team Dicks. I’m assuming nobody wants to become Team Dicks.

So one vote for RGGK, one for DCKS, another two for LGGR by the looks of things?

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