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Beacon Academy / Letting Loose [Closed]
« on: March 24, 2019, 01:03:13 AM »
It’s a nice day.

Chantou likes taking advantage of nice days. Park somewhere a ways away from the school in the sun so she can smoke without getting bothered, prop her feet up on the dashboard of her Babygirl, and lean back and let the sunshine soak in.

Even if enjoying the sunshine meant sneaking out of her midday study hall to drive into some far-off corner of campus, that was frankly mostly dirt road and open field. But hey, she’d managed to finish all her work early for once - she didn’t want that annoying nagging voice in the back of her head to disrupt her nice weekend - so she really hadn’t needed to stick around.

So she can just lean back, and enjoy her afternoon.

Plot Zone / Re: Tech Convention [Shard Inc] [Signup]
« on: March 21, 2019, 04:58:38 PM »
I'd like to sign up Prism Skylark!

Everywhere Else / Re: Shiver [Closed]
« on: March 20, 2019, 08:47:25 PM »
Yersinia Tenax

Jima had first found the name sprawled in the margins of a mildly-ancient textbook about Atlesian Grimm species she’d been pursuing for some light reading. Despite all her knowledge regarding Grimm, she hadn’t recognized the name - but the codex of the textbook hadn’t had it listed. She’d pulled out every other book regarding Atlesian-based Grimm she could find from Beacon’s expansive library, and she’d managed to find nothing - no book entries, no codex entries, not even mentioned in the sections regarding Atlas’ rarest Grimm. And this was from Beacon’s library, one of the world’s foremost schools of Hunting!

It’d been 1 am by the time she finished her obsessive searching, high in the shelves in one of the back corners of the library - the semi-restricted section, for Professors only. There were the translations and physical copies of journals and notebooks from Hunters past, and then some - from well before the job gained a working title, even. Another few hours were spent in that section trawling through journal after journal, and notebook after notebook, to the point she’d nearly given up - until she’d found a small paperback diary hidden between several of the larger translated volumes. It contained the tail of a relatively unknown Atlesian hunter he’d spent most of his time drifting from settlement to settlement in frigid north to help with their Grimm problems, documenting them along the way, and a lone page was titled with what she was looking for.

Yersinia Tenax

Also known as the Mold, the Rot, or the Plague. A possession-type Grimm like a Ghast. The mysterious species favored possession of organic beings over inorganic, and stuck to the frigid north, shying away from light and heat.

That’s what she’d managed to extract from the Hunter’s hasty scribbles, at least. His penmanship was nearly incomprehensible, smudged by time something like… fire damage? Even the crude stick figures meant to display document the Grimm strange, human forms that drooped as if carrying a heavy weight, with-all black eyes and something that could faintly be described as a mushrooms sprouting from their shoulders.

It was the last page in the Hunter’s journal, too.

Jima had held a somber moment of quiet for that poor Hunter, his name lost to time and the elements. He’d been taken by something not long after he’d written this, maybe even the very Grimm he’d spent his final moments documenting. She’d very carefully kneeled on the library floor that night to lay open the journal with her own right beside it, copying every detail down in her own spidery cursive

The next morning, she put in a simple mission statement with the school that noted she was off to Atlas to train on her own against Grimm in the extremely harsh climate. She was grateful with her relationship with the staff and her status as a student nearing graduation - she’d manage to book three whole weeks to herself to herself.

So off she went, searching for this mysterious Grimm species that was completely absent from common knowledge. People were discovering new Grimm species all the time, so it might not just have circulated yet - but she’d never heard of it before the previous night, and she was up-tp-date with nearly every new species that was discovered. So if there was the chance to find and publicize an entirely new species on her own, well-

She was going to make her name known.

So that’s what had brought her to the present - drifting quietly above the seemingly-endless Atlesian snowfields aboard Requiem, enroute to her next destination. She’d been flying from Atlesian outpost to outpost for nearly a week and a half now, picking up what little information she could from locals. Her next outpost was at the base of some far-off mountain, so remote the place barely had a name - all she’d needed were the coordinates for her solar-powered scroll, everything else tucked well away.

...the sample kit was a last-minute addition. If it was some sorta fungus Grimm, well- it was worth a shot.

The nice thing about having remote senses was that Jima wasn’t necessarily bound to her physical body. As long as she pointed Requiem in the right direction and kept her hearing attached to her body, she could let her vision drift to check out the outpost and its inhabitants. The thing was though, Even the most remote outposts had signs of life- lights on, a broadcasting CCTV tower, and usually footprints. But despite the signs of life, there didn't’ seem to actually be any life- beyond one large set of footprints leading into the village,  and some coming from the opposite direction down the main street-

Leading directly to a short woman in a hi-tech suit leaning in a doorway, a few years older than her at most. Potential threat, but nothing she can’t hold off long enough to flee from. Classification: cute, get a closer look at the tech she’s wearinng. She’s having a conversation with someone inside the house too, a man that looks like Janus Rogo in a too-short floral bathrobe too, but it’s not like she could hear it at the moment-


The name connecting with the information deep in the woman’s brain is enough to make her start, considerably slowing down Requiem’s headlong speed as she approaches the edge of the village. Janus Rogo. The Jet Knight. High-class hunstman who once worked for Atlas. Butcher of Tenang Bay. Wanted for sinking a ship with 206 Faunus aboard under the jurisdiction of the Atlesian Militarily. Classification: Dangerous.

He was notoriously on the run. It’d make sense to find him out here, in buttfuck nowhere. He needed somewhere to hide to survive. She’d reflexively stare if she got closer, so she’d need a way to ensure he didn’t realize she knew who he was-


The two strangers would be able to hear heavy impact from end of the street, a half-scream as Jima pitches forwards off her board, and a rather unfortunate thud as she hits the icy ground. Her backpack is still attached thank god, but her glasses have gone flying to who-knows-where, and the tinkling of glass indicates they’ve probably shattered. Requiem is halfway embedded in the wall, the motor’s steady purr slowly fading - and Jima’s left lying on a her front, dizzy from her own vision snapping back into her head for the first time in ages.

Nearly ten years living outside her own head, you think she’d have better cognizant awareness when she left it. “Well, fuck me!”

Beacon Academy / Re: Extending the Olive Branch [Closed]
« on: March 13, 2019, 12:58:00 AM »
“One.” Her left foot shifts forwards, her right foot perpendicular to stabilize her stance.

“Two.” Her left hand drifts to the neck of the weapon, her right sliding back as the staff is tucked in close to her body. There’s thin haze in the air around Prism, drifting from the tip of the blade and and curling up and away from her eyes. She doesn’t seem to notice.


The blade of Hawk’s Eye leaves momentary wound of iridescence in as it cuts through the air, the now-familiar white beam streaking down the arena to decimate another hologram. She watches for the split second it takes to confirm her success before her eyes dart to Juno, seeing if the man besides her manages to succeed.

Everywhere Else / Re: New Relations, New Family [CLOSED]
« on: March 08, 2019, 12:03:03 AM »
Prism freezes halfway through putting the menu down to see what all the commotion is about, watching Jocelyn and Setsuna practically launch themselves out of their seats to greet their parents. Their dad’s an absolute giant, that’s gotta be something like- eight feet tall? Maybe a little less? Regardless, he has Setsuna’s black hair and green eyes. The still-tall woman on his arm needs to be the two’s mother, since she seems to be the origins of Jocelyn’s colorscheme. Even if the siblings are pretty short in comparison to their parents, well- the relation is undeniable, and it’s impressive Setsuna didn’t end up any taller.

Prism really shouldn’t be surprised to see them here. Everybody’s family would turn out to support them in the Vytal Festival. It was the world’s biggest televised competition; nearly everyone tuned in to watch hunters-in-training beat each other up. Especially given the fact the Antiqua sibling’s parents are semi-retired hunters, of course they’d be interested in watching.

Prism swallows the growing lump in her throat, sets the menu down, and moves to her feet as she goes to meet her teammate’s parents. Only Jocelyn might be able to spot the miniscule changes in the woman’s posture - ramrod-straight spine, tightly-tucked wings, and a familiar mask of professionalism taking over her previously-relaxed expression.

Beacon Academy / Re: Extending the Olive Branch [Closed]
« on: March 06, 2019, 07:04:10 PM »
Prism takes a step back as Juno ignites himself in a deep purple aura, raising an eyebrow at the impressive display. All she usually got was an glimmer and a concentration of white on her blade - his aura almost seemed like something else. Unfortunately for him though, his results are exactly what she anticipated - all he’d done is manage to cleave the air in half.

“If it makes you feel better, you’re one step ahead of where Coconut was before he could throw swordbeams.” she offers, stepping back into range, shifting her glaive into her offhand. “He could barely concentrate his aura into his weapon before I taught him.”

She shifts her glaive so it’s held parallel to her body, gesturing to it with her free hand as the tip starts to shimmer again. “The way I think about it is that just like your semblance is the manifestation of your aura and soul, your weapon is an extension of your body and it’s capacity to allow you to become an effective hunter. Concentrate your aura into that part of your body, visualize the manifestation of your will, and then send it flying from your sword to rend whatever’s in front of you. Capiche?” She confirms, the blade of her glaive glimmering a familiar white. “We can launch on three, my count.”

Everywhere Else / Re: New Relations, New Family [CLOSED]
« on: March 06, 2019, 10:22:46 AM »
Jocelyn’s kind offer earns a smile out of "I already managed to give myself a concussion with the smaller of Smokey's guns once, I'll gratefully pass on it again." She jokes, before reaching for the menus in the center of the table. “Thankfully that gigantic last explosion worked well to my advantage - did you see the size of the twister I made? That’s like, the best new trick I’ve managed so far.”.

Regardless, Jocelyn’s offer didn’t go unnoticed, flashing her teammate a smile before she begins to peruse the menu. The Vytal Festival cafeteria offers a surprisingly large selection, but given that it did travel to all four kingdoms…. “ it okay to order one of those fancy Ramen bowls?My body is saying carboload right now and I’m prone to listening to it.”

Beacon Academy / Re: Weathering the Storm [Open]
« on: February 27, 2019, 04:24:09 PM »
Dawn’s rather blatant flirting earns a curiously raised eyebrow from Chantou, visible even over her sunglasses. Maybe she has a thing for short guys with powerful guns? It’s at least amusing to see him flail in response. Guy must have no experience with women. “Keep your heat in check, alleycat. Don’t need it gettin’ any hotter round here.” She calls out to Dawn, before turning back to Smokey.

Dawn’s right about at least one thing - his gun’s got an impressive kick. Enough so to at least obliterate a good majority of candidates for shield shape, though the trash can lid and the tower shield make a surprisingly good case for themselves. “...if ya’ don’t mind me askin’, how do ya’ plan on incorperatin’ a shield into your fightin’ style? Most traditional shield users are like, swordsmen.”

Approved Characters / Re: Gram MacConkey
« on: February 21, 2019, 04:20:47 PM »
He's looking fine in my unprofessional opinion!


Approved Characters / Re: Lucas Meridiem
« on: February 21, 2019, 04:19:46 PM »
+1! I look forwards to seeing Lucas in action :D

(Could another staff member mind moving Lucas please?)

Approved Characters / Re: Gram MacConkey
« on: February 21, 2019, 11:41:53 AM »
Right! Sorry about the wait for Gram’s review. His backstory and personality are looking good, but he’s gonna need some tweaks before be can go live.

The first problem comes with his semblance. One person’s aura can’t interfere with another’s, so poisoning a person via a toxic gas cloud made of aura isn’t going to work. They literally wouldn’t be able to inherit it. In a similar fashion, it wouldn’t be able to dissolve the flesh of someone who still has aura up. That doesn’t say anything about the obnoxious odor annoying people though, and it can still effect grimm thanks to their lack of aura.

Secondarily, we generally ask for three explicit weaknesses included in combat behavior. His lack of ranged abilities already makes for a good one, but two more and some more detail will be required before approval.

Make these changes and he should be well on his way to approval.

Approved Characters / Re: Lucas Meridiem
« on: February 20, 2019, 01:36:10 PM »
Lucas is a well-written  character, but there’s a few things regarding his semblance that need to be addressed before his second approval:

- A range of 300 ft is a bit much, so there's been a polite request to nerf it from a decent chunk of the staff.
- How does Lucas apply dust effects to his lantern? Are they applied while it’s within the initial summoning range, or are they flatup shot out to the lantern, and if so, can they be intercepted? Either way, the current implication is that the dust flatup teleports 300 feet out to his lantern, and if that’s how it’s done, it should be mentioned.

Edit 2/21: Semblance range and Lucas’ status as a SCF for the lantern approved via Discord. Another possible weakness brought to attention via Staff Discussion was the fact that his F/I dust combination blocks the lantern’s own light, and therefore disables its own dust effects, since the light is what causes it explicitly - so that might be worth tweaking.

Beacon Academy / Re: Extending the Olive Branch [Closed]
« on: February 15, 2019, 11:50:43 AM »
“ channel your aura into your weapon and simultaneously swing it to create and arc, while putting enough focus and thrust into it it has the power to fly off your blade, and not dissipate midair.” She finishes, tucking her glaive back into the corner of her elbow and leaning her weight on the staff. “There’s a bit more to it in the execution, but that’s the theory behind it essentially.”

She waits a moment, watching him lean on his sword and watch her expectantly. “...are you going to casually monopolize my practice time, or are you gonna ask me to teach you already dude?” She asks, the humor evident in her voice.

Beacon Academy / Re: Big Game Hunting [Closed]
« on: February 15, 2019, 11:32:19 AM »
Jima’s answering shout from the side of the arena ( “Ten points works!”) is nearly drowned out by the answering hissing scream of the Deathstalker beneath Smokey, the tail in his grip flailing wildly as the short-range explosion flat-up evaporates a chunk of black flesh. The dwarf would get another few seconds worth of solid ground before the floor of the arena crumbles beneath him, and the rest of the Deathstalker flat-up bucks through the ground, aiming to dislodge the annoyance on it’s back.

He’s lucky that Diana’s effort to slow down the Grimm worked: ice encases approximately half of the massive creatures’ multiple legs along one slide, shifting it’s attention from bucking wildly to get Smokey off, to jerking harshly to one side as it attempted to free itself.

Kisha’s quick reflexes manage to save her from the oncoming Deathstalker at least, but her enthusiastic dive headfirst into the throng of Grimm is more than enough to drag their attention from the other loud, shouty target on the field. Her blades manage to sink into one and then nick another, making it to recoil and hiss - but another three attempt to dogpile onto the huntress-in-training in revenge for their injured peer.

The rest of the group aren’t smart enough to avoid Tieren’s bait, and while the one he just cut through barely barely manages to dissipate before a tail cuts through the smog to try to smack him off his feet. Two more Creeps move in, trying to close off the young hunter from his peers. Two aren’t invest enough in the tank’s stomping or the Deathstalker rodeo however - and break from the pack, slowly pacing around the outside perimeter of the chaos

- Creep x 9 (3 @Kisha with 1 recoiling, 3 @, 2 approaching @Diana and Jima)
- Deathstalker (Smokey)

- Lizard-pile (4% x 3 @Kisha)
- Team Attack (Chance to stumble and trip @Tieren, 5% Damage if Successful)
- Deathstalker Rodeo (@Smokey)
- Stalking prey (@Diana and Jima)

- Smokey: 0
- Diana: 0.5
- Kisha: 1.5
- Tieren: 0.5

Approved Characters / Re: Tiber Rostrum
« on: February 10, 2019, 12:22:29 PM »
Backstory checks out well, and I can appreciate the unique faunus features - though why didn’t he just blend all the foods he needed into an all-purpose smoothie?

Personality could use a tad more, but it rounds out well for a rebellious teen in his circumstances.

Semblance doesn’t seem to have any major problems, though is there a limit to how long he can hold small items like his knives, assuming he’s within range?

That’s all I’ve got, otherwise +1

(Thanks for your patience and being my first review)

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