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General Discussion / Re: Help I'm confused
« on: September 16, 2018, 01:44:05 PM »
Welp, I'm not good at explaining things, but I can try.

Well, number one is easy.

When you write a message, there is a box below the message window asking if you want to Save a copy in your outbox. You have to check it and then it will be stored in your inbox.
To retrieve it you simply go on: My Messages> Messages (Next to Actions and Preferences) and then on Inbox. And don't worry, I'm sure the Admin got the message.

If you forget to check off the box, it's unfortunately too late.

Number 2.

Just here:

In my opinion, a little unclearly shown, but you just have to go on character creation and throw the character in there. But this is really only for when the character is ready and waiting for approval. Otherwise just put him in "WIP characters" so that you can still work on him and also get some tips from others.

Number 3.

Pretty much a learn by doing thing. There are a few who have never or very little RPGed before, so you should not worry too much.

And with all the Topics and Threads it's just one thing you get used to over time. Let me try to summarize it short and roughly.

You see all the different compartments on the "main page". These are bringing you to individual separate pages, each of which has further paths to other pages. Sounds confusing, but since everything is relatively well-ordered here, it works well. Most of it takes place in the RPG part of the forum (what a surprise)

Entering Threads is easy.
Let's take Beacon Academy as an example. Simply on The Vale region and then on the topic Beacon Academy (or you take the direct link) From there you look for a chat you want to join. It is important to ensure that this is also open to all and possibly active.

Hope this information helped a bit, Good Luck!

The Vale Region / Re: Hitting the bullseye [Closed]
« on: September 16, 2018, 10:54:19 AM »
Still embarrassed, Kisha gave her an approving nod. Hey, at least she was not completely creeped out by her.

As the Bullhead took off and slowly left the airspace of the academy, Kisha sat down on one of the seats and hints Anza that she could sit next to her, if she wanted to. It would be a while before they were in Gabsheim, so it was the best time to get to know each other better. So why not start with the thing they had in common?

"Did you always fought with the bow or did you had other weapons as well? When did you start shooting?" She asked, looking expectantly at Anza. She had about five more questions to ask in that same breath, but it was probably better for the both of them that she didn't.

Beacon Academy / Re: ABoat time [Open]
« on: September 16, 2018, 10:20:03 AM »
Kisha slowly opened her eyes as she felt the vibrations of footsteps through the jetty and looked up.

"Ah, no, no you don't disturb at all!" she said and took out the headphones, wrapped them around her scroll and then packed it away. She watched him quietly for a while. It seemed like she'd seen him before, several times actually, but she couldn't think of a place or name. And judging by his greeting, he probably doesn't seem to know her either. She stared at him for a little longer, thinking about all sorts of people she meet, but no one matched. Finally, she gave up and decided to do the best thing in this situation. Start a conversation.

"Sooooo," she watched as he threw the bait into the water "What are you hoping to catch?"

Kisha was relatively calm for her hyperactive and excitable nature and watched silently as circles shaped around the bait as it breaks through the surface of the water. Normally, a rain of questions would have already rained down on the young, pale man, but the countless questions confined to this one.
"I'm Kisha, Kisha Miles. And you are?"

Beacon Academy / Re: The INKKredible room fiesta [INKK]
« on: September 14, 2018, 01:30:21 PM »
Kisha looked up as the door of their dorm opened. This was the moment. Her new teammate would come in now. That was. That was... Surprising to see 'her'? She sat there for a second, thinking about the few pieces of information she got about Kin. The information said male. Then Kisha looked at the newcomer again...

Flat chest.

But apart from that, she could still tell him apart from a boy. Although this required a second look,  there were a few pettiness here and there that reveals his true gender. Maybe it was because of her way to think outside the box first and to see the things that remain hidden for others. After the somewhat questionable greeting from Kin, Kisha jumped out of her bed and walked up to him. Hey, she was taller! Not much, but she was taller!

Kisha first gave him a stern look and checked him over again, her face lit up "Awww, you're so cute!" she chuckled and pinched his cheeks, then turned to Nathan "Can we keep him?" She stayed in that position for a second, then it clicked. "Wait... you're in the team now!" She said loudly as she embraced him and pulled him to her chest. "Yees! your staying!"

It took another second before Kisha finally freed him from the embrace, but continued to hold him by the shoulders, her expression darkened "And woe you go" Then she let go of him and put on her dreamy and overjoyed smile again. "Now that that's settled, favorite color, weapon, and animal, now!"

Mikado gave Smokey a quick glance. So he needed his help, eh? Well then-

His "inner monologue" was interrupted and he looked up to see Siu's Cranes kill the Nevermore. He snorted annoyed. Why even bother to send the dragon into the air when Siu kills the Nevermore anyway? Although he should be grateful that he no longer has to take care of it, he was still annoyed. Mikado quickly whistles Kiro back to himself, just in time, as the big, or rather huge, Deathstalker lunged into the area of the battlefield and gave a gruff battle cry.

"Let's do this." Mikado said to Smokey before charging at the Deathstalker. He gave Kiro a quick hand signal and in the same movement split his staff in two, which, however, was still held together by the Metallic Chain of the Kusarigama. The Deathstalker had already prepared his attack and stride out with his powerful claws to attack Mikado, but he ducked just in time and slipped easily under the attack. However, this didn't happen without piercing the end of his Kusarigama with full force into the claw of the Grimm, so that it stuck in the hard, but free of the bone-like armor skin.

Mikado slid a little further underneath the Deathstalker's abdomen, before he quickly rolled to the side, rolling out between the second and third pair of legs, and pulled vigorously on the Kusarigama piece that he still held in his hands. Without question, his strength was not nearly enough to bring the Deathstalker to the ground, but it didn't have to. As the Grimm tried to turn around to Mikado, his legs tangled in the small but solid chain of the Kusarigama and put him in a staggering position.


The full fore of Kiros mass rammed into the wavering body of the giant scorpion and tossed it aside, taking damage himself as a side effect. Mikado hissed slightly as he felt the pain in his chest, but didn't let himself be distracted. The rest of the Kusarigama chain quickly wrapped itself around the still free claw of the Deathstalker and was pulled back by Mikado, whose putting all his strength into holding the Deathstalker back. "Now!" He hissed loudly to Smokey.

Man, if he doesn't hurry, this will end very bad very soon.

While Mikado was still wrestling with the Deathstalkers claws, his tail rose into the air, the spiky tip dangerously raised to attack, but Kiro managed to bite into it and pulled it back before anything bad could happen. Just as his owner, Kiro, despite his size, had to fight with all his strength against the power of the Deathstalker. None of them would be able to hold this up long- It was now or never, Smokey's next move would decide everything

Combat Stats:

Aura: 85%
Kiro's Health: 20%
Kiro's Dustbreath (Fire): 100%
Pock: 14/14


  • Big Deathstalker: x1
  • Small Deathstalker: x1 killed by Siu
  • Small Nevermore: x1 killed by Siu

Grimm's battle log:

Big Deathstalker: Breaking free if it's not killed + Claw strike at Mikado - 15% x2

Beacon Academy / ABoat time [Open]
« on: September 11, 2018, 01:40:46 PM »
(For the sake of clarification)

The water splashed softly against the cliffs, reflecting the light of the rising, shattered Moon.

Kisha lay with her back on the wooden jetty, to which some small wooden boats were docked, and watched how the first stars in the sky light up. A real dreamy view. Fortunately, Beacon wasn't overly controlling that everyone was in their rooms at the late night hours, and even if they were, it would still be another two hours before she had to return to her room. Kisha closed her eyes and continued to listen to the sound of the waves as they collided with the stony walls of the cliffs.

Sometimes she wondered why no one was here. It was such a wonderful place to have some peace and enjoy the beautiful view. And it wasn't even greatly hidden. Anyone could come down here pretty much anytime, but Kisha was always alone. She plucked in her earphones and began to listen to the music on her scroll, and after only a short while, she started to hum and sing along to it quietly.

Beacon Academy / Re: Big Game Hunting [Closed]
« on: September 11, 2018, 11:37:30 AM »
The excitement sprang up in Kisha as Jima started walking, gesturing the rest of the group to follow her. This was going to be so great! Killing Grimm is in itself an activity she enjoys way too much, but doing so with new friends? Nothing could top that!

She followed Jima out of the Academy and into the depths of the Emerald Forest, all with a huge, slightly dreamy, smile on her face and the melody of a song on her lips which she hummed quietly to herself. It was a long walk but time passed quite fast
for her, and it didn't take that long to arrive at the story road.

It may be a bit inappropriate to say that she was disappointed when they stopped in front of the stone wall, but that's exactly what she was. For a few seconds at least. However, after they passed the tunnel, her eyes widened.

"This.Is.AWESOME!" she shouted in high spirits and couldn't stop herself from exploring everything down to the smallest detail, meaning that she jumped excitedly from one position to the other without spending more than a
single second at the same spot.

"AhhhThisIsSoCoolHowDidYouFindThisPlaceDoTheProfessorsKnowAboutThisHaveYouBeenHereOftenAhhhThisIsSoCoolICanBarelyHoldMyselfHelpINeedAir- "

At the end of this... sentence, Kisha took a deep breath before repeating her words a little more calmly. "This place is incredible! Do the professors in Beacon know about this, or is that supposed to be a secret? Oh, are we allowed to
she finally asked, still exploring her surroundings.

After a couple more seconds passed she walk back to the group, just in time to hear Smokey's question "Right, shouldn't it be full of Grimm here?"

The Vale Region / Re: The Hunter Of Lenshin (Closed)
« on: September 11, 2018, 10:12:34 AM »
Bolding? Well, you do this with [*b] and [/*b] (without the *) , but I guess you mean the color, right? It's easy, find the hex code of the color you want to use and then write [*color=#Hexcode] and [*/color] everything between those two commands
will be colored.

Dawn raised an eyebrow. The reason felt a bit strange. A festival doesn't mean that there is no negativity. It is even very likely that it comes up. People just can't be upset on their own, they always have to share the pain with the world, and even if you don't directly enrage someone with it, you can still ruin someone's day. And at a festival with so many people, it would be too nice if everyone get along each other. But who was she to judge people she didn't know?

But there was more that bothered her. Even without negativity, wouldn't the Grimm be bound to find this place? Why wouldn't they attack? If there were as many as it was described, why hadn't they already ambushed the village? She should rather be glad that they didn't, but something felt weird. She decided not to ask any further. She would get more information soon enough. Then she looked at the rest of the Team.
"That's all from my side, do any of you have anything else, Otherwise, the sooner we can go, the better. "

Beacon Academy / Re: Weathering the Storm [Open]
« on: September 10, 2018, 01:35:57 PM »
After Dawn gave the home-made dummies the last look, she finally turned to Smokey. "Interesting weapon you got there, even if revolvers aren't even that rare. The size, however, is very impressive." she said as she took a step toward the boy and his gun "Oh? Those aren't the right shells for a revolver. Shotgun maybe? Hm, nice mix. Since you're about to try out your baby anyway- " She points to the dummies " You probably wouldn't mind me watching, now do you?"

She didn't really wait for an answer and went to the wall where another person, or rather Faunus, was already sitting. "Well?" She asked as she sat down beside the Faunus, holding out her arm for a handshake. "The name's Dawn Mea"

The Vale Region / Re: Hitting the bullseye [Closed]
« on: September 10, 2018, 12:57:32 PM »
Not long after Kisha entered the airship, her partner, with whom she had to work for the mission, came in. The tension tingled in her whole body. They had not even started and she could hardly wait. How could she survive the flight time without dying of excitement? She tried to clear her head and calm down, but that only worked for a few seconds. As soon as Kisha saw the bow on Anza's back everything burst up again.

This mission is going to be so awesome! Not only did the description sound exciting and varied, but she could even do it with another archer! There weren't many who prefer the bow and arrow over a gun. Really, she rarely sees any bow users, which is why this is a very special day for her. And even if Cocoa was not in its bow form, simply for the sake of transporting, the quiver on her back, filled with arrows, should make it very clear that she was one of those rare bow users.

After Anza introduced herself, it was her turn to talk, if you could still call it that "MyNameIsKisha, Oh, you already know that, nice to meet you Anza, you can't believe how excited I am to go on a mission with you! AboveAllYou'reAnotherBowUserAndThisIsSoRareTheseDaysAndI'mSoExcitedCanYouBelieveThisIsHappeningAnd- oh. Oopps. Sorry" Embarrassed, Kisha scratched the back of her head. She did it again. "I'm a bit excited" she then finished her sentence.

The moment of embarrassment was, to Kisha's favor, interrupted by the Pilot who told the two students that they were taking off now. Now it started. With the speed they are flying, it would only take about 20 minutes from here to Gabsheim. A relatively short time if you think about it. At least when you know how to use it.

"So..." Kisha started again, this time a bit calmer "Nice to meet you Anza, I'm really looking forward to work with you" and with those words, she stretched out her arm for a handshake.

Mikado gave Siu a curt nod. Deathstalker and a Nevermore, eh? It would be feasible, but the one Deathstalker could be tough.

The rain intensified, but the lightning became less and the storm seemed to calm down, it would not be long before it stopped. Now the two students were able to see the upcoming Grimm as well, or at least the Nevermore, who glided high in the air and whose eyes now fell on the battlefield. It let out a loud cry, angled its wings, and prepared to launch down every second.

Mikado glanced at Kiro, then at small Nevermore. The two creatures were about the same size, with the difference that the Nevermore protrudes only a few inches above Kiro. It would certainly drain a lot of Kiro's health, but they would definitively get rid of the Nevermore. However, before Mikado sent the dragon into the air, he threw him another red dust crystal to fill up his reserves. He could use it. When the dragon finally ventured into the air, Mikado turned to Smokey, the grip firmly around his Bo "Let's get it over with"

Combat Stats:

Aura: 85%
Kiro's Health: 26%
Kiro's Dustbreath (Fire): 100%
Pock: 14/14


  • Big Deathstalker: x1
  • Small Deathstalker: x1
  • Small Nevermore: x1

Grimm's battle log:

Non yet

The Vale Region / Hitting the bullseye [Closed]
« on: September 08, 2018, 03:04:37 PM »
Humming to herself, Kisha made her way to Beacon's landing platforms in the early afternoon.

It had been several hours since she had received the message from Beacon, but there was still enough time for the appointment. The message from Beacon contained the information for a mission she was assigned to, along with another student named Anza Burgundy. The message said the following.

She and Anza should meet with full equipment at Beacon's landing platforms where a Bullhead picks them up and brings them to 'Gabsheim', a small settlement in the south of Vale. Gabsheim reported that more and more Grimm gathered around the settlement and they fear that there will soon be an attack of the creatures. Even though the number of Grimm is very high, Beacon rated this mission as beginner-friendly, as the Grimm types indicated no particular threat. However, this was only half of the mission. The other half insists on having these groups of Grimm killed as unnoticed as possible.

Further reports stated that a large Deathstalker nest was spotted in the area where the Grimm gather up. Both the number and the size of the Deathstalkers are unknown at the time, but both didn't seem to cause any problems, otherwise, they would have already attacked Gabsheim. Despite all this, the students were advised to stay away from the nest and, if possible, to make no sounds that could alert the Deathstalker. This was the reason why these two were chosen. Both Anza and Kisha showed great skills at stealth and would have no problem taking out the Grimm from afar. Silent and deadly, just what was needed for this mission.

The assigned Bullhead was already at his platform, patiently waiting for the two students. When Kisha arrived, she greeted the pilot and talked with him for a minute or two before walking into the Airship.

The Vale Region / Re: The Hunter Of Lenshin (Closed)
« on: September 08, 2018, 06:10:59 AM »
Dawn threw her proviant-filled backpack over her shoulder as the Bullhead landed. It was very light in spite of all the stuff in there and now hung limply over her right shoulder while she clamped her skateboard under her left arm.

Once outside, she took in the fresh air. She bowed her head to the two men in suit and listened attentively.
"I have to agree my colleague," she said, bowing her head to Aurelia "It would be wise to start in the daylight and stay in the territory of the Grimm for the night. According to our information, we are supposed to deal with the overpopulation of Grimm, is that correct? Therefore, I would like to have a few more information about them. Anything you left out when writing the mission request? What kind are they? How bad is the overpopulation? Where exactly does they usually stay?" She asked precisely. The missions description was raw on information, so any info helped.

Dawn silently looked over her shoulder at the rest of the team to see if they had anything left to say and then turned back to the two suit-bearers.

As the giant fists of the Ursae blared again against the ice wall, it finally gave in and fell to the ground in many pieces. With the rattling sound of the ice on the hard floor, the two Grimm stormed forward on all fours.

Both Mikado and Kiro stood still. A little closer. Only a little bit more... now! The area in front of them was shrouded in huge flames that covered the ground and cut off the path of the Ursae. But it was already too late for the Grimm.
In the attempt to stop before the flames, one of the two Ursae fell over his own legs, rolled over the flames and as he wanted to straighten up again, Mikado had already sunk his blade into its unprotected neck. One done, one missing.

The second Ursa was damaged by the flames but not defeated. The Ursa stormed toward the next best target, in this case, Mikado, but it didn't reach him as Kiro threw himself on it and rolled over the ground a couple of times. They were scuffling
with each other, but it ended in a victory for  Kiro. Though this didn't end completely harmless. The damage was kept low, and the pain-link, therefore, left no inconvenience for Mikado.

After Mikado brush some dust off his clothes, he started to reload Pcok and turned to Siu "What's next?"

A little further away came the third wave. Among them were two Deathstalkers, one slightly larger than those seen in the Emerald Forest and the other about half as tall. In addition, a Nevermore flew over them, not yet fully grown and also didn't
seem to be too big of a problem. The worst was the one Deathstalker.

But, the real problem starts much further behind the wave. Still far enough behind to stay uncovered.

Combat Stats:

Aura: 85%
Kiro's Health: 26%
Kiro's Dustbreath (Fire): 61%
Pock: 7/14 Reloading


  • Ursae: x 2 1 killed by Mikado, 1 killed by Kiro
  • Foreman: x 1 Shot by Siu

The Vale Region / Re: The Hunter Of Lenshin (Closed)
« on: September 07, 2018, 12:55:43 PM »
Dawn had since the Bullhead started barely looked up from her scroll. She carefully tapped around on the small device, and if she hadn't switched off the sound beforehand, the sounds of various guns, grenades, and dull beats would have echoed through the room. A quiet sigh escaped her as the screen flickered briefly and shortly afterward the words "P327's cube destroyed, Zeiis wins" appeared over the screen. It was a tower defense game, with the difference that one needs to defend their own cube and destroy the enemies at the same time. This can then be expanded with ways to attack and defend. How many workers do you send where? What equipment do they have? Where do you place watchtowers? From which side are you attacking? And with how many people? Yes, all this makes for a good game, which could spend a lot of time, if it weren't for the much too low AI of the opponents. Even the Difficult and Expert classified opponents were relatively easy to beat.

The next round started and Dawn set up her troops. The game would certainly be more interesting once it was made public. What she had in her hand was the beta version, whose unlock code was only given to a few selected People. As the next round started and Dawn's soldiers began to make their way to the enemy city, she looked up.

They were in the Bullhead for some time now, but Dawn restrained, for certain reasons, from having a conversation. Until this point. After the horse Faunus introduced herself, she stepped forward.
"My name is Dawn Mae, second year. I am very pleased to make your acquaintance, and I hope for good cooperation on this mission of ours." she said, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear. During this little 'introduction' she inspects each of her colleagues again.

First, there was Aurelia, the armor-clad woman who started the conversation. She looked very polite at first glance and seemed very cooperative, which was reflected in her voice, but Dawn also noticed the stable tone within it. A strong personality who seemed to know what she wanted. Apart from that, there was still her weapon. The weapon was mostly hidden in the sheath on the belt, but it was definitely a kind of sword.

Next came the Mantis Faunus. Aurelia had already mentioned her name, Chantou. She hadn't spoken yet, but her appearance was already revealing some information. For one there were the Faunus features. On the other hand, there were the sunglasses whose meaning could go in two directions, the more likely of which, however, was the simple reason: showing off.

Last, there was the Nameless young Man. The only male person on board. He hadn't said a word yet, but the other features here spoke for him too. First, there was the giant sword, whose dragon head decorated handle protrudes from the sheath on his back. Definitely a somewhat stormier person, but she shouldn't judge him by the weapon.

Meanwhile, Dawn had already turned her head back to her scroll, where the last soldiers just destroyed the cube of the opposing city. The text popped open and the round was won. Again.
She turned off her scroll and stowed it in her thigh-bag. Then she looked up again and at the two remaining Faunus who have not spoken yet.

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