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Returning to her seat, Airi agreed with Sheer's comment on the boss, about his mindset being on cost and efficiencies rather than flexibility of usage.  She took a quick glance at the conductor speaking to them, before laying her head back against the headrest.  With her eyes closed out of habit on long-distance travels, she added, "his faith in his robots is misplaced.  They lack intuition, but I suppose he's unlikely to think of that as a meaningful drawback.  However, I don't think I can call him eccentric quite yet like I would the Professor." 

3rd year 1v1: Airi Okairos

Everywhere Else / Re: An Afternoon Downtown [Closed]
« on: June 21, 2018, 06:17:29 AM »
Greatsword girl ordered the rest of the grunts to attack Lyra, but she was not deterred in the slightest.  When she wielded the enormous power of her semblance, such concerns were trivial and almost beneath her.  With absolute concentration, she sent forth three aura spheres at the closest approaching grunts, keeping two close to her should any defensive need arise, though Lyra doubted the necessity. 

One sphere moved in between a trio of grunts, appearing almost completely motionless as it cut through the air, undisturbed by its surroundings.  Coming to rest in between the three, its passive appearance ceased and instead, it suddenly launched itself erratically between the grunts, severely battering them as its unpredictable motion made it look like it had a malevolently berserk will of its own.  Meanwhile, the other two spheres spiraled around each other in a helix, apparently targeting a pair of grunts, before each morphing shape.  One did a simple transformation, changing from a sphere into a large cube, before it proceeded to fly into a grunt, knocking him off his feet and crushing him against a wall with its flat face.  The other morphing sphere also abandoned its spherical form, but unlike the other member of the helical pair, this one began to rapidly stellate, becoming a stellated polyhedron in the shape of a Moravian Star.  As it did so, it rapidly flew at the other grunt.  However, before making it contact, it stopped short in front of the grunt.  An audible sigh of relief could be heard from the grunt, as he must have figuratively (or maybe actually) urinated his pants watching his fellow grunts being battered and crushed mercilessly.  The grunt would get no reprieve, however.  The stellated polyhedron began to rapidly rotate its faces, and as it pressed against the grunt, the edges of its faces began to lacerate him, cutting first against his aura, then breaking through it and gruesomely ripping and tearing through flesh.

As the constructs continued on with their onslaught against the grunts unlucky enough to get caught in the initial engagement, they began to absorb the streams of free aura that were being released as a result of the grunts attempting to utilize their aura to defend themselves.  The more the grunts struggled, the more they fed the constructs, and it began to become apparent as the constructs grew ever so steadily in size and darkened into deeper shades of purple - the color of Lyra's aura.  The entire scene must have been a grisly one, but Lyra remained unperturbed.  With so much aura available, she was in control, and so was her will to dominate these grunts who have offended Airi, Airi's strange friend, and herself.  Restraint was not a word that she knew.

Everywhere Else / Re: An Afternoon Downtown [Closed]
« on: June 19, 2018, 10:19:04 PM »
Lyra was holding her dagger our against an encroaching and menacing thug when all of a sudden, she felt a powerful force compelling her to drop her knees.  From experience, she knew this was Airi's semblance.  Trying to move her head so that she could look at Airi, Lyra her in a bit posture of intense concentration.  Not at all trying to resist the force, Lyra simply let herself lay flat on the ground.  However, as Airi had instructed her to get ready before using her semblance, Lyra understand what was going on and closed her eyes.  Focusing on her own semblance, she could feel the  wisps of free aura radiating outwards from Airi as she expended her aura to power her semblance.  Similarly, Lyra could feel also feel the wisps of aura being expelled and cast free from the grunts that, not understanding what was happening, tried to best to resist Airi's semblance, thus expending their own aura in their struggles.  Without any movement and in the depths of concentration, Lyra felt herself reaching out and grabbing these streams of free aura, bringing them back to her, and a sense of both comforting familiarity and empowerment welled up inside Lyra.

Before long, Lyra felt the force keeping her flat on the ground ease up before disappearing completely.  With that, she got up off the ground and faced the group of grunts.  With a quiet, but forceful voice, she said to Sovereign, "take care of her," referring to Airi, who seemed utterly exhausted by the use of her semblance.  Lyra now physically reached out with both hands towards the aura streams that she now perceived, and an eerie purple glow surrounded her hands.  Having brought the free aura under her control, she focused them into shape, and a quintet of basketball-sized purple spheres manifested, orbiting around Lyra.  With a domineering look in her eye, she gazed over the field of brutes and thugs and thought to herself of the limitless ways she could play with the new toys present before her.  A barely perceptible smile crept across her face.

Everywhere Else / Re: An Afternoon Downtown [Closed]
« on: May 25, 2018, 11:41:27 PM »
With the approach of the grunts, Lyra stepped behind Airi, hiding behind her teammate.  However, as Airi stepped forward to engage the gangsters, one took the opportunity to focus on Lyra.  Slowly backing, Lyra hastily withdraw a dagger from her outfit at her assailant and timidly brandished it at him.  "Don't come any closer.  Stay back!" she warned him, though her voice lacked confidence, and her defensive display was overall quite unconvincing.

AMA Section / Re: Semblance Discovery!
« on: April 21, 2018, 04:26:36 AM »
Lyra was more or less under house arrest throughout her childhood.  Apart from reading, playing with toys, and practicing musical instruments, she had to learn to entertain herself within her own mind.  Her parents had her semblance unlocked, since having an active semblance, even if not being proficient with it, was the the thing to do for her family.  At first, Lyra's semblance didn't quite manifest itself, but that's because she didn't realize that in addition to using her own aura, she had to draw aura from another source in order to use her semblance.  When one of her family's servants watching over her injured herself, Lyra instinctively felt the aura available to her, if only she would reach out and take it, so to speak.  Ever since then, Lyra spent the majority of her time practicing how to use to use her semblance, at rare times even tormenting her maids, forcing them to provide secondary sources of aura for her semblance to manipulate.

AMA Section / Re: What badass boast/creed does your character have?
« on: April 21, 2018, 04:16:37 AM »
"Tits or GTFO" - Ben Dover (not my character, but it belongs here)

Airi regained her balance after being pulled by the Ursa shortly before its demise.  Straightening out her outfit, she looked towards the deactivating Knights in response to the exclamations by the other students.  "Hmm, that's strange indeed.  But forget about it for now, let's secure the area quickly and move on."  With that, she brandished her blade and swung at several small Grimm that were harassing the deactivating Knights.

Airi watched the fighting going on, though her attention was primarily focused on the Ursa, with it being the largest, most obvious threat.  Seeing Topaz target the Ursa, she decided she would assist, disregarding Topaz's claim of having already called the Ursa.  It was an Ursa, after all - not something to be trifle with.  Since Topaz was targeting one of the Ursa's legs, Airi targeted the other.  She got into a running start, charging at the Ursa before sliding beneath it between its legs.  Right before she did so, however, she used her semblance to release a time fragment.  Then, as she did slid between its legs, Airi released Timeweaver's spool and clasp mechanism, throwing the ultra-thin wire so that it caught around the other Ursa leg.  She pulled hard so that it, combined with Topaz's assault on its other leg, would cause the Grimm beast to fall under its weight.

Jostled into alertness, Airi opened her eyes and immediately stood to her feet.  Following the other students, she climbed the train ladder.  The large Ursa Major was the first to catch her attention, for obvious reasons, but she couldn't help but notice the Beowolves attacking the Dust car.  "We need to protect the Dust car from sustaining too much damage," she shouted over the commotion, Grimm roars, and howling of the wind.  "If the Grimm critically damage it, the Dust might explode and take the train with it."  Looking back at the Ursa major, which was much too big to ignore, she suggested, "We might be able to have three of us on the Ursa Major and peel off one to protect the Dust carriage."

Approved Characters / Re: Celeste Izusa
« on: March 04, 2018, 12:21:14 PM »

Growing up, Airi had rather severe motion sickness.  It didn't matter the vehicle - car, ship, train, or airplane - she had difficulty avoiding the dizziness and nausea that so often accompanied such trips.  As a result, Airi's eyes were closed.  While Airi had outgrown most manners of motion sickness, except for the kind that came with travel by boat, she still kept her eyes closed and put herself into a sort of half-sleep - a holdover from when she was still affected by motion sickness.  When Taylor introduced herself to the group, Airi, still eyes closed, responded, "My name is Airi, also a third year." 

Plot Zone / Re: Taking A Bull By The Horns [SIGN-UPS]
« on: February 06, 2018, 03:35:34 AM »
Airi Okairos

Diddling themselves - it's not a tradition that's limited to only the holidays, but it's a tradition they do observe nonetheless

I'll sign up Auric Herz

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