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Before Vivian could respond to Sheer, her attention was robbed by the loudspeaker as well as the subsequent roars that shook the passenger car. Along with the others she went, entirely disregarding the advice that came from the intercom. All the while, she had to wonder if her wish of having something interesting happen was partially responsible for the current attack...  Next time, she would be sure to ask the universe for something involving less imminent danger.

Strolling up beside Airi, the faunus girl brought one metallic hand to her chin, humming to herself as she assessed the situation. The Ursa was definitely an issue that had to be dealt with, but if the train was blown to bits, they wouldn't have anything to protect. While she could assist in taking down the big dude, her guns wouldn't do much for her there, and her fists would only really hurt it if she could get up high enough to bash his head. Her weapons would be much more efficient at dispatching groups of smaller Grimm. Once Vivian reached her conclusion, she nodded, her hand returning to her side to draw her pistol.

"If you three wanna take him, I'll try and protect the dust. I'll shout if I need help." She looked over at the others, at least, those that had yet to charge into battle. It might be a good idea to wait for some sort of approval before she would run off. "Everybody cool with that?"

Vivian sat slouched in her seat as the first two introduced themselves, her attention divided by the view outside the window. Her tall faunus ears tilted in their general direction to catch what they were saying while her eyes remained locked on the gorgeous crimson landscape. It wasn't often that she passed through this area. For the moment, she wanted to enjoy the scenery. But at the same time, she realized it would probably be rude to ignore the others. After Airi had finished, she turned back to face the group, giving them a warm smile before speaking up.

"I'm Vivian, I go to Beacon. Same year as you guys." She slumped down further in her seat in an atempt to get comfier, her hands moving to the pockets of her jacket. "And you're not the only one that can't wait to get out... Gettin' a little tired of these missions where nothing happens." Perhaps it was a good thing if an assignment to protect something ended up being uneventful, but knowing that didn't make it any more exciting.

Plot Zone / Re: Taking A Bull By The Horns [SIGN-UPS]
« on: February 14, 2018, 07:17:32 AM »
Signing up Vivian.

Plot Zone / Re: Royal Guard (SIGN-UPS)
« on: February 06, 2018, 10:38:30 AM »
Signing up with Lyssa.

The predicted outcome of her plan had turned out to be spot on. After her aura flared and her semblance altered her trajectory into a more tilted angle towards the ground, she landed hard. After the first thud, she bounced off the ground slightly, landing again before rolling to a stop. It didn't feel like she had lost a ton of aura in the process, but that technique was really going to need more practice to be effective. Standing up with a pained groan, she quickly brushed herself off and surveyed her surroundings. Everyone seemed to be alive. That was great and all, but Grimm were incoming. Without much time to recharge, she'd be forced to climb to get where she needed to be.

Jogging over to the nearest tree at a brisk pace, Isabelle noticed Rory had just hopped down from one close by, giving him a quick nod. She started to work her way up, grabbing branch after branch and swiftly pulling herself up until she found a solid branch to stand on where the view of the enemy wasn't totally blocked. Finally, she drew her bow and readied an arrow, taking her time to select the best target before doing anything else.

Isabelle gave a nod as Imber finished up briefing them on the mission. It sounded simple enough, and even included a backup escape plan in case of emergency. Knowing the course of action they would be taking made her just a little less anxious about their chances of success. Unfortunately, she was also about to jump out of an airship, which was most likely one of the least relaxing activities out there.  Hesitating would only make things worse, and so she only waited a couple seconds after the others before running and leaping out the door.

'Keep it together.'

For the first few moments of falling, Isabelle kept her eyes shut, only squinting down at the ground after a few moments. Everything was a blur, though it was still easy enough to tell how far from the surface they were. Hoping to take advantage of being at such a high spot, she tried to look around for Grimm, though couldn't manage to make anything out while falling so fast. Trying to quickly think of a proper way to land, she prepared to use her semblance, deciding to launch herself at an angle near the ground and make an attempt to tuck and roll. It would most definitely be a rough landing, but it was about the best option she had that wouldn't end in a serious loss of aura.

Watching silently as the rest of them listed off their names and talents, Isabelle leaned against the interior wall of the ship and awaited her turn. Having a reminder as to who exactly these people were was very much appreciated, as she would have certainly made a fool of herself otherwise. So far, it didn't seem like the group would have any issue getting along. Of course, that had the potential to change, especially if barrages of elements were being carelessly thrown around. Once Wisteria had finished, she finally spoke up.

"I'm Isabelle." She made a short motion to herself with one hand. "I, uh, don't think anyone will have to worry about me hitting you or anything. I'm not a bad shot." While she didn't oversell herself, she was more than confident in her ability to aim. "Hopefully I can find high-ground of some sort, then I'll try and support you all from above. " Deciding that it was sufficient enough for her greeting, she put her hands in her pockets again, returning to her usual quiet self.

Isabelle sighed and frowned as she peered up at the dark sky. Why did it have to be so rare for her to get a chance to travel somewhere and train on a beautiful, sunny day? Perhaps it wouldn't be so bad as long as it didn't rain, but still, the current weather didn't exactly make her enthusiastic about going anywhere. With no choice but to accept these conditions, she continued her stroll towards the docks, hands in her pockets and eyes focused on the ground in front of her.

Her bag, much like those of the other students, was stuffed with all of the items she had deemed to be essential for the mission. A basic first-aid kit, complete with a small amount of food and drink to make sure that they could continue to survive in the case of a (rather improbable) disaster that might get them stuck there. Of course, she carried dust for her blade, stored in a sealed container to keep it from going off. In addition to the arrows already occupying the quiver on her back, she had an additional tube filled with some more, which stuck halfway out of the top of her partially unzipped bag. It looked kind of dumb, a fact that she was well aware of, but she really did need all of the shots that she could get.

Quietly making her way up to the small group crowded at the airship, she gave whoever happened to be looking a small wave before returning her hand to her empty pocket. The girl had no clue what to say, or whether or not she should say anything at all. After having a sudden realization as to just how much she was overthinking this, she simply followed the wave up with a soft "Hello."

The Vale Region / Re: "Pretend You Like Me." [Closed]
« on: December 04, 2017, 12:16:28 AM »
Lyssa kept her mouth shut while Mira complained about the supposedly awkward silence. Really, she just wanted to eat. That became clear when she devoured the burger in the brief few minutes of quiet, finishing off the last bit of it right before Mira's questioning began.

"Hm... They are weird. So are you." She let out a short laugh before shaking her head. "But nah, they're fine, I guess. I don't see Noir very much, but he's definitely the most capable blind person I've met. Not that it's a high bar to pass, really.." The woman readjusted herself in her seat again, muttering for a moment about how the relatively small booth was a 'retard' before continuing her train of thought.

"Right, and Mithra is... Well, I don't know. A little too bubbly, I guess? She never seems to stop smiling, it's almost unsettling. And the hugging is just... ugh. Why? Leave me some personal space, maybe?" For a moment, she hesitated, but she continued regardless. "Otherwise, I suppose she's got some useful talents when it comes to fighting. I'm mildly concerned about whether her size could be an exploitable weakness, but other than that, she doesn't strike me as being easily pushed over. And I've tried."

Recalling that trainwreck of a sparring match, she felt a light wave of rage pass through her mind, urging her to stop thinking about it.

After the odd stretch of time in which they all sat in silence, Isabelle nodded as Julia finally answered. She had enough time to come up with something that had potential to cause some embarrassment, but also probably wouldn't have been as crazy as some of the other dare options available.

"Alright, uh... Pick another player. You have to sit on that person's lap for three rounds. Don't get up unless you have to for a dare or something." While she was about to leave it at that, she quickly raised her finger after remembering what had happened last time someone was allowed to pick their victim. "... And you can't choose me."

Isabelle looked rather calm up until he uttered the word 'sex'. Her eyes opened wide and she blinked a few times, her gaze shifting quickly between everyone in the room. She could only hope that she wouldn't be the only one, otherwise she'd look like a total nerd. "... No, I haven't asked anyone that. I-I don't even want to think about getting married yet..." At the follow up question, she seemed to be thinking intensely. "And I don't wanna do that with anyone, but..." All she could really do was run through the list of people that she knew and try to decide which was the most attractive. Even that was difficult. She barely knew anybody! Still, there were a couple of options from that small list that stood out, so she just had to pick a person. There was Ayaka, but trying to imagine that sort of scenario with her was actually a little terrifying. And that left only one.

If I had to, well, uhm. I don't really know. I... I have this one teammate, I guess she's kind of cute. I mean, i-if you're into the whole tattoo thing." Prior to about five minutes ago, she would have been afraid of the reaction to anyone finding out that she wasn't totally straight, but now she doubted anyone cared. Really, she was more scared of what would happen if someone repeated what she was saying outside of this room. "Her name is Lucina. I definitely don't want to, but if I had to... That might be my choice."

Letting out a long sigh of relief once she finally got it out, she went to take a long sip of her drink, emptying the second can before looking around at everyone again. She didn't want to wait much longer to get people's attention focused elsewhere, but that drink was necessary. "Alright. Julia, truth or dare?"

Even after being told that it was her turn, Isabelle was quiet for a moment, dumbfounded by what she had just witnessed. As much as watching this all was a blast, she didn't really feel an urge to subject herself to it.

"Let's go with... Truth." While it wouldn't be as bad as being forced to do random shit, she still really had no idea what to expect for this one. The game had advanced at a much faster pace than she had been anticipating. Her list of truths and dares that she had come up with would probably have to be abandoned, as her own were extremely tame in comparison to what had been done so far.

At some point, Isabelle had grabbed herself a couple of beers, the first of which was already empty on the floor. Even if it was shitty beer, getting some in her system was helping to take the edge off. Just like the others that were awaiting their turns, she sat there silently, choosing to relax for a moment with her eyes closed. Even when Zwei named her as part of his made-up team, she only smiled and nodded, not having much to say in response. Unless she was called on, she saw no reason to draw any unneeded attention towards herself. It wasn't until the two girls suddenly kissed in front of the group that she seemed to be very interested again, sitting upright and looking back and forth between the duo. That dare was definitely a step up from everything that had happened so far. Still, she wasn't complaining. She just nodded again, cracking open her second beer. 'This... is awesome.'

As Julia yelled through the megaphone, Isabelle frowned and used her hands to press her faunus ears against her head, trying to not have her eardrums explode. Even with that, she could more than clearly hear everything that was being said. 'Whoa.' Isabelle hadn't been expecting to be put on the spot right off the bat, so to say she was surprised would be an understatement. Still, the game needed to start, so she had to think quick. Luckily, she had created a small list of both truths and dares in her head long before her arrival to avoid randomly coming up with something dumb on the spot. More important was the process of choosing someone. As she moved to sit on the floor, she looked at each individual in the room, attempting to recall their names. After a few moments of silent contemplation, she nodded.

"Alright. Mao." She didn't know him very well at all, but the same could be said about the majority of the other people in the room. Going off of what little knowledge she had of the game, she settled on picking a truth first, even if it was probably extremely typical to start with. "Truth. What, uh..." Isabelle held her hands together, fiddling with her thumbs as she chose her question. "Is there anything about yourself that you don't like, that you'd change if given the opportunity?"

The sounds of multiple different voices echoing out of the open doorway made it rather easy for Isabelle to guess which room in particular would be hosting the game. Even though she walked along slowly, her mind was racing. Before this, she would have never imagined that someone she hardly knew would invite her to any sort of get-together, let alone someone popular. And yet, here she was, about to walk into a game of truth or dare. In a moment of both excitement and extreme anxiety, she stopped dead in her tracks in the hallway, making sure to mentally go over the list of guidelines she had set for herself. First, don't act like a god damned creep. Be friendly, but not too friendly. Second, do everything they said. While she had never actually played truth or dare, she knew enough about it to be aware of how insane it could get. Caving into peer pressure would be totally fine if it meant being able to climb the social ladder! Most importantly of all however, and the one that she had deemed to be the most difficult to accomplish, would be properly managing her alcohol consumption to avoid getting absolutely wasted. Nobody likes an annoying drunk, but at the same time, she'd certainly have to get intoxicated to avoid acting like a nervous wreck. Finding a good balance would surely secure her the keys to new friendships! Maybe.

After looking at the room number to confirm that she was in the right place, Isabelle slunk into the room, giving a brief wave and cheerful greeting directed at anyone who may have been looking. ”Hi.” Among the vaguely familiar faces was a single masked one, Zwei. Of course, she had known he’d be there after reading the list of guests, but it had slipped her mind up until this point. Spotting him made her slightly less anxious, as she knew that at least one person here wouldn’t be judging her if she were to act in an unusual way. Still, he had somebody talking to him, so approaching him would have to wait. Not knowing what to do otherwise, she just… stood there. Even if she was appearing to be handling this situation like a normal person, she doubted herself immensely. She smiled a little at everyone, while simultaneously dying on the inside from the awkwardness that was hopefully felt by her alone.

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