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Approved Characters / Re: Amane Petrichor
« on: March 26, 2018, 05:16:26 PM »
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[quote author=Inexhaustive link=topic=1373.msg17025#msg17025 date=1521144271]

Name: Amane Petrichor

Age: 18

Species and Gender: Human and Female

Occupation: First Year Student at Beacon, Explorer

Appearance: Amane is 164cm tall, weighs 45kg, and has light skin. She has shoulder length blonde hair and amber eyes.

While Amane mixes and matches her apparel, her clothing of choice in the field consists of a dark grey weather resistant peacoat over a black polo shirt, dark brown jeans, a black beanie on her head, black moto boots, a dark brown scarf, a luxury watch on her left wrist, and a backpack with various supplies.

She does not make any modifications to her uniform unless its for things like weather conditions, but always wears her watch.

Amane also has a collection of expensive men’s colognes, which she wears interchangeably.

Spoiler: show

History: Amane was born in Vale to two prestigious scientists who were on the verge of discovering something amazing until they were killed by a car bomb. She was taken in by her friend Iris, whose family also consisted of wealthy scientists. Amane and Iris grew up together and as the years passed, Iris was invited to a school for highly gifted scientists.

Seeing her sister and best friend moving up in the world, Amane resolved to do something too. However, she felt being a scientist wasn’t for her, especially after digging into her parents’ past and finding out that they weren’t the best of people. She still wanted to be somebody who helped people and made their lives better though, so she decided to become a huntress and signed up for Signal Academy with support from her family.

Even before discovering her semblance, Amane was really low-key and didn't like to attract attention, but was an excellent student who put in a lot of effort to train and study, even attending an extracurricular class to learn aura detection. However, she would slightly downplay her skills and never do anything flashy during demonstrations and duels, only getting passing scores so she doesn’t attract attention. After she discovered her semblance, she was even less there in the minds of others.

After graduating from Signal, Amane took an year off to work in the field, collecting lab samples for Iris, who graduated early and was immediately hired to work at a laboratory. This year for Amane consisted mostly of exploring ruins, but due to the nature of her semblance and the advantages it provides, there were also a few grey areas connected with Vale’s criminal underworld and the black market. Eventually though, Iris pushed her to go to Beacon so she can make friends other than Iris and finish her training to become a fully-fledged huntress.

Personality: Amane is a very grounded person who never panics and likes to thinks things through. She's also highly perceptive, good at collecting information, and willing to delve into morally grey areas. Being an introvert, she doesn't talk a whole lot and tries to stay away from the center of attention, but can still make conversation with others. Despite being somewhat withdrawn though, she does have a slight humorous side, like getting a 0 on every true or false test she ever took.

Amane is also someone who lives life to a high standard while staying out of her comfort zone. She likes playing racing games, listening to house music, working on or riding her motorcycle, drinking scotch, and occasionally smoking a cigar or weed. She dislikes greasy food and public restrooms.

Aura and Semblance: Aura Color: Invisible | Abilities: Detection
Semblance: People will forget what Amane looks like if they don’t see her for twelve hours. She also doesn’t appear on camera. While this ability is passive and cannot be controlled, those who knew her before her semblance was activated can remember what she looks like. One drawback of her semblance is that it slows down her aura regeneration by 30%.

Combat Behavior: Amane is someone who fights with pure precision and efficiency. Highly skilled at controlling her rifle and aiming in a short time frame, she can land two to the chest and one to the head within a single three round burst from thirty meters away. Her movements are devoid of anything extra as she moves around with agility, her reactions are impressive, and she’s great at strategy and decision-making in the spur of the moment. Her environmental sense is also a major asset, which she uses on top of her aura detection to predict enemies and hit various “oddshots”.

However, Amane is very lightweight and not the strongest person out there so in a match of physical strength, many people can overtake her. She also lacks short term stamina and defensive aura capacity, which gives her trouble with drawn out short-distance battles and makes her a glass cannon. Finally, Amane doesn’t have much experience working in a team, but she understands this and is willing to cooperate with team members.


Primary Weapon: A powerful automatic rifle with a silencer, holographic smart scope, foldable stock, twenty-round magazine with armor-penetrating bullets with two spares, and a strap for easy carry. It is capable of medium-range sniping.
Spoiler: show

Secondary Weapon: Desert Eagle Mark XIX

Tertiary Weapon: Tactical Bowie Knife

Throwables: 3x tactical throwing stars, which can be either a flashbang, high explosive, incendiary, or smoke.

Backpack: Climbing gear, various lab sample-collecting equipment/supplies, flares, compact multi-tool (pliers, tweezers, awl, wire cutter, various shape screwdrivers, coarse and fine files, scissor, can opener, serrated blade, bottle opener), compass, flashlight, duct tape, steel wire, pens, lighter, water purification tablets, mirror, thermal blanket, lockpick set, compact parachute, first aid kit, bobby pins, two tourniquets, scroll and earbuds, and a water bottle.

Vehicle: Amane likes to get around on a black Ducati Panigale motorcycle, but she occasionally borrows Iris’s cars from time to time.
Spoiler: show

Residence: Amane also bought a spacious high level suite in Vale with money inherited from her parents, where she likes to get work done in or relax and spend time alone.
Spoiler: show


Cheers Riven, and thanks for the offer :D I'm getting help in a few ways so should hopefully improve soon. 

Edit: And now i noticed that I posted this in the limbo forum

Hey guys sorry for the quite extreme departure out of nowhere, I am incredibly sorry it got as long as it did (and cant make any real promise that I'm back proper).

It's not something I particularly like talking about but suffice to say I've been quite sick (Nothing too serious mind you, but have been placed on some varying medications all with their own fun set of side effects). Anyhoo while I don't think I'll be back to the level of activity I was I do want to start again (and finish my stats projects).

Sorry for abandoning the threads like that (Although I have on multiple occasions said to skip me or drop me so perhaps not that bad), and hopefully back(ish)((tm))

Approved Characters / Re: Ramalia
« on: January 16, 2018, 05:24:57 AM »
Great stuff, sorry the reviews took so long

Beacon Academy / Re: Physician, Teach Thyself (OPEN to FIRST YEARS)
« on: January 03, 2018, 12:45:08 PM »
Diana looked up from her notes with a bewildered look, she had dismissed the question as a simple one and was surprised that it was still being discussed. The fact that it was started to shake her own certainty, but then again it was hardly fair to expect most people to know this stuff, besides that's why people were here. She reluctantly raised a single finger, low enough that she could be ignored if someone else took the initiative.

Beacon Academy / Re: The Newbie Strategos [Closed]
« on: December 27, 2017, 05:17:41 AM »
Jogging slowly wasn't exactly all that taxing, leaving her mind to wander. She briefly wondered if she should call Hagane, not only was he their leader but he had a mind for battle strategy. She decided against it however, she knew it was best for him to get as much sleep as possible. She could check in on him after their training, that way she wouldn't wake him if he was still sleeping.

"Well I'm a pretty decent shot, if you hold Uloe up I can probably encase it in ice, fire or something. However, I'm not really sure how much that would help." frowning slightly she opening a small case on her hip to check what rounds she had with her.

Approved Characters / Re: Justice Montenegro
« on: December 16, 2017, 02:55:06 PM »
All good

Approved Characters / Re: Justice Montenegro
« on: December 16, 2017, 02:01:23 PM »
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[quote author=Mikelobmike link=topic=1081.msg13370#msg13370 date=1500156333]

Name: Justice Montenegro

Age: 21

Species and Gender: Male Human


Occupation: 3rd Year Beacon Student


A man is nothing without his suit. And Justice will not be caught without his old-school suit and tie with all the accessories, from his silver pocket watch to his white gloves. The only times where he is not impeccably dressed is when he is bathing and sleeping. The dapper nature of his attire is cancelled out by his pale white skin and black hair, causing him to have an eerie air around him on first encounter.

Standing at 6'1 and weighing 194 lbs, Sebastian's body is hidden well under his preferred attire. His legs are longer than average and his general body shape is tall and thin. He tends to keep his emotions subtle, with a small smirk or frown being most of his emoting.

History: As Justice would tell those curious enough to pry into his personal life, there is nothing truly extraordinary about his childhood. He was raised the son of a schoolteacher and a doctor, and his life in Atlas was mostly normal. He excelled in school, taking to most of the subjects easily. This caused him to get acceptance into an accelerated program. He took to it, abandoning most of his friends and focusing deeply on study.

The one thing that stood out from his early years was the period after he discovered his semblance. There was no grand display, rather he simply found that he could sense the varied feelings of those on the streets. Each one told the stories of the complex emotional states these people were in. Taking his natural aptitude for learning, Justice would spend much of his free time learning the basics of psychology.

His early teenage years is when he discovered his love of the logic behind the scientific process. He was simply fascinated by the way everything around him worked, and he was near constantly in the library looking up one thing or another to satiate his curiosity. Eventually, everything clicked for him and he realized that his talent was given to him for a purpose. He dropped out of his accelerated program, taking a year off of his normal schooling to heavily devote himself into the study of psychology.

As that year ended, right around his 14th birthday, Justice finally found what he thought his purpose was. He needed to study the grim, their behaviors, and the way they are drawn to negative human emotion. Taking matter into his own hands, he enrolled at Atlas Academy. He stayed there for several years, quickly taking to fighting styles like new subjects, taking and discarding several before finding the style that suits him best.

After many years, he found that the school's military focus was dampening his creative freedom and taking away from his scientific focus. His transfer to Beacon was for several reasons, most important of which is the wide areas around the school with grimm population for him to study. Like Justice would tell you himself, nothing especially interesting.

Personality: Justice is not the most sociable of people. Having been away from friends and driven towards study for so many years, he is not suited to making friends. He is cold and egotistic, seeing the worth in other people mostly for the data they can provide and the aid they can bring to his research. He is always using his words to try and coax certain responses out of people. Anyone he has any substantial contact with will have their personalities and mental states analyzed, probably out loud.

From his cold exterior, you would never see the person on the inside begging for validation. His goal is acclaim for his scientific endeavors, and his fear is that he will be forgotten by history like so many others. He is also afraid of keeping anyone too close to him. He wants to be as objective as possible, and not keeping any close friendships is one of the ways he believes will better him. At least, that is how he justifies his fears of commitment and being mocked by those around him.

Aura and Semblance: Justice's semblance is empathy. He is able to sense and mimic the emotional states of those around him. When activated, he can sense the general location and emotional state of any living being within 15 meters of him and instantly switch to the emotional state they are in. He can keep up his semblance for roughly 20 seconds before the effective range starts fading in. After a combined 40 seconds of use, he needs to stop for 20 seconds before he can start again.

Combat Behavior:  Justice is a tactician through and through. He uses the ranged capabilities of his weapon and his hand to hand skill to be able to engage foes up to a good range. He is always thinking a few steps ahead, and that helps him keep an edge when taking on a single enemy. It also leaves him open to sudden surprises, and he is prone to being caught off-guard by less predictable opponents.

In combat, he chooses to continue his impeccable attire, leaving him with only a light amount of armor under his suit. He uses his speed and cunning to keep him in the fight, although those with incredibly long range will have a significant advantage on him.

He uses his semblance along with the ranged functionality of his main weapon to be able to hit a single target from multiple directions at the same time. When he does so, it will be rather easy to counter-attack him and get serious damage in, as his focus will be split between controlling his weapon and his melee strikes.


Name: Hanlon's Razor

Primary Form: It's primary form is a walking stick with a silver handle and a sturdy metallic shaft. It complements his outfit well, and he takes it wherever he goes.

Secondary Form: The tip of the walking stick will fold out into a
short spear at the press of a button. The blade is approximately 12 cm in length and 3 cm in width.

Tertiary Form: After the front blade has extended, it can be picked up by the handle of the walking stick and fired as a rocket-propelled spear. It is piloted by lazer emitted from the handle of the walking stick and has an effective range of 30 meter.

History: Justice experimented with several ideas for a weapon, and this one stuck in his mind as the most amusing in terms of reactions. The fighting style then grew on him, and he's been using it ever since.

Everywhere Else / Re: Aca's Amazing Adventure! [Closed - RWND]
« on: December 14, 2017, 04:44:13 AM »
Although she personally agreed with Ramm and she was still a bit surprised to be placed in a leadership role when they had a dedicated leader, Lav had seemed fine with it and Bas was admittedly excited to have the opportunity. "Hmmm, I'm not sure we want to rely too much on air support. Could be tricky to land in town, and we should expect some Grimm." Shaking off the serious tone in her voice she leaned her elbow on Aca's shoulder "And yeah rain never hurt anyone, besides you look great without that heavy coat." A statement that was partially a compliment but also a jab at the girl's horrible sense of fashion.

Remembering that she was supposed to be acting, leadery, she looked back towards the town. From where they were standing it was hard to get a good grasp of its layout, she frowned and then got her typical happy smirk back. In one fluid movement, she pulled her blade from its scabbard on her back, let the handle extend, and threw it straight up. Placing two fingers to her temple in a mock salute she vanished in a swirl of color only to reappear with her weapon, she quickly surveyed the area, and as she started to fall she threw her blade back to the ground and blinked to it. Letting out a heavy breath from using her semblance twice so fast she turned back to the group. "Well then, there's a small house close to the bridge, between two larger ones, seems pretty defensible. If you guys are ready I suggest we check if its clear and secure it, then if we run into too much trouble we can fall back there if we cant get to the airship."

Pulling her glaive from the ground she supported it over her shoulder "Sound good?"

Beacon Academy / Re: Physician, Teach Thyself (OPEN to FIRST YEARS)
« on: December 12, 2017, 03:22:01 PM »
Diana allowed herself a momentary sense of pride for answering the question well, however it didn't take long for her neurotic mind to point out how easy it had been. Her internal beratement was however interrupted by the sound of Blair's fall. Along with the rest of the class she looked over, her concern was alleviated from seeing Sophea heading over to her.

The new case presented by the doctor was a pretty simple one, and having just answered the last question Diana was perfectly happy to sink into her typical quiet mode for lectures, not wanting to seem lazy she did write down some basic notes on the symptoms.
  • Clammy skin: Stimulation of the sympathetic causing vasoconstriction in the extremities
  • Wide eyes: sympathetic stim- causing pupil dilation
  • Respiratory: [...]

Beacon Academy / Re: The Newbie Strategos [Closed]
« on: December 12, 2017, 03:05:14 PM »
As they were jogging Diana looked back at the others. She was always amazed that Janna could move around at any speed with all that metal on her. As for Brock, she had no doubt that he could outrun her with his absurd leg span. Then again being almost a third his weight did come with some advantages, she was certainly the agilest of the three.

Diana slowed down a bit so that she was next to Janna "Good idea." She paused a bit before continuing "Uhm.. I'm best suited on the backline, so to speak, so the combo is probably between you two. I can maybe help with some dust or something."

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Sorry for the delay, on a bit of a health hiatus but will do my best to keep up

Approved Characters / Re: Anza Burgundy
« on: December 09, 2017, 10:37:52 AM »

Approved Characters / Re: Anza Burgundy
« on: December 09, 2017, 10:17:42 AM »
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[quote author=Walter link=topic=659.msg7342#msg7342 date=1479327413]

Name: Anza Burgundy

Age: 17

Species and Gender: Female Human

Symbol:  A hollow, dark red circle.

Theme: S3RL - R4V3 B0Y

Occupation: 1st Year Student at Beacon

Appearance: Anza's features are not unpleasant to look at, and she would generally be described as 'pretty'. Her skin is caramel, and she has a lean build. She stands at 168 cm and weighs
59 kg.

Anza's hair is vivid burgundy, and flows freely down to the small of her back. She spends quite a bit of time each morning trying to keep it in order, but several stray locks still pop out here and there.

She has a somewhat soft complexion, chartreuse color eyes and she rarely wears makeup. The most she can usually be seen wearing is simple burgundy lipstick and burgundy eyeliner.

She usually wears a simple nyanza-colored button-up blouse, which she keeps tucked into a somewhat simple, red skirt reaching down to just above her knees. On her feet she most often wears a pair of knee-high socks, also nyanza, and on her hands she has burgundy-colored, silk elbow gloves. Her shoes vary from boots to high heels, depending on the situation.

She wears the same for combat attire, though she adds some protection to it. Most of her armor is on her left arm, with a leather vambrace, elbow and shoulder pad.  For combat she almost always wears a pair of dark red combat boots, and on her back she keeps a quiver full of arrows. Said quiver bears the image of her symbol.

History: Anza was born to a respected family living on the edge of Vale, and wound up being raised in two drastically different manners at the same time. Her father was a hunter - not the grimm kind - and would often take his daughter along on hunting trips, to his wife's discontent. He taught the girl to use a bow when she was very little, and practiced together with her regularly.

Meanwhile her mother, a prominent young fashion designer and well-versed in high society, tried to raise her daughter to be a classy woman. She would take her to balls, try and set her up with young, high-class gentlemen (Which, in this case, would often be about 7) and overall do all she could to try and secure her a future free of worry.

Anza herself, however, felt like both of her parents were great and both did cool things, so she stuck through it all. Still, she was always a bit more on the wild side, and found the 'fine young gentlemen' to be way too dull. She would oftentimes sneak out during the night and even go as far as to leave the city, wandering the wilds for short whiles. She had even had to escape a grimm once or twice.

Expert with a bow, quick on her feet and gifted with a good set of wits, she had little trouble getting into Beacon - to the joy of her father and to the disdain of her mother. She joined because she sought adventure, but remains uncertain of what her future holds for her.

Personality: Anza is a mixed bag. While certainly a bit more on the wild side, preferring action and adventure over all else and always seeking excitement, she can also compel herself to act with a certain amount of elegance and grace.

Those meeting her for the first time would see a different side of her depending on the situation: In combat, they'd see an excited young girl trying to show off her skill by attempting trickier shots and racking up as many kills as she could; among friends, they'd see her as the person that's familiar with everyone and will never miss the chance to jokingly mock someone; in a formal event, they'd see a slightly plain, polite girl with whom one can hold a nice conversation about the local weather. And in all three cases, they'd be seeing her act how she naturally would.

Aura and Semblance: Anza's aura is burgundy (#900020) and is of average strength. Her eyes can occasionally be seen flickering in this color, though this is mostly her using her semblance almost without herself realizing it.

Her semblance is vision enhancement, and she most often uses it for spotting and using her bow. Her eyes light up in the color of her aura, and she is momentarily able to see the things around her in great detail.

When using her semblance, her eyesight jumps up to roughly 20/2. This allows her to do much more accurate shots with her bow, and spotting enemies in the distance. She can actively keep her semblance enabled for roughly three minutes, though she often goes between using it and resting between each separate shot. Doing this, she can keep using it for about five minutes.

If she uses it to or near her limits, she'll experience fatigue and slight eye pain, so she tends to limit herself before she gets to that point. Her semblance tends to be back up to full strength after six hours of rest after being depleted.

Combat Behavior:  Anza is almost purely a ranged fighter, and she sticks to exactly that. She uses her agility and practice with traversing terrain to keep her distance and take vantage points on the field. Her fighting style consists of a rapid stream of arrows heading her opponents' way, and otherwise serving as a distraction, as her ammunition is somewhat limited compared to most firearms.

She fights well in a team, and can serve both as support and a damage dealer, though she can get greedy when it comes to taking kills. She does better against a single opponent, since she can concentrate more fire on them.


Name: War Eagle

Primary Form: A somewhat simplistic shortbow, which Anza usually carries swung over her shoulder. The weapon has two small latches on the grip.

The weapon has more mobility than its other forms, but suffers from a lack of power and range.

Secondary Form: Upon pressing on the latches, the weapon extends and instead forms a longbow. To return to the previous form, one simply presses the latches once again.

Dust Functions: The arrows Anza uses are occasionally infused with dust. The following infusions exist:

Normal Arrow: A regular steel-tipped arrow. Anza carries 30 of these in her quiver.

Fire dust: The arrow has been made to explode upon impact, and is held inside the quiver with special care in a different compartment. The explosion is enough to knock a Beowolf back and down to the ground. Anza has room to store two of these arrows.

Ice dust: The arrow is coated in ice dust, and, upon impact, will freeze an opponent's limb. Anna stores three of these in her quiver.

Lightning dust: The arrow sends electricity through the target's body, enough to hold a person in place for a couple of seconds. Anza carries three in her quiver.

History: War Eagle was one of the weapons used by Anza's father, and the one he trained her to use. When she applied for beacon, her father gifted it to her so that she may continue using it as a huntress.

WiP Characters / Re: Mogan Treehouse
« on: December 07, 2017, 10:23:31 PM »
Yeah. I don't have the spreadsheet on hand but I'd say over 90% are there.
If you want the full breakdown the spreadsheet is in my signature. However as a quick overview of 3rd years, there are 22 at Beacon, 5 at Atlas, 1 at Shade and 0 at Haven.

Since it's your first character I would recommend Beacon as you'll have an easier time finding people to make threads with, however as King said you can check the interest of others over in the Discord. Several of the teams for other schools were made like that.

Also welcome to the site ^^

Approved Characters / Re: Acero Walker
« on: December 07, 2017, 09:53:41 AM »
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[quote author=Capta1n_Henry link=topic=763.msg8407#msg8407 date=1482275525]
Name: Acero Walker

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Symbol: A human skull with a metal jaw and a robotic eye.

Occupation: 4th year student from Beacon Academy. Used to attend Atlas Academy

Appearance: (This is gonna be kind of bare-bones) Stands at about 5'9", weighs 175 lbs. (mostly in muscle), and has an toned, muscular build. Has a cybernetic left eye and arm due to the actual ones being damaged beyond repair in a futile fight against a horde of Grimm during his 3rd year. He also has a cybernetic lower jaw (similar to Raiden from MGSRR). The prosthetics are only about 1.2x stronger than his original parts, and his left eye can see stuff a lot better than his right one. He has multiple scars, including a Zuko like burn mark on the left side of his face. His hair is black and short. His eyes are red, and smaller than average and his eyebrows are solid, but separate at the ends farthest from the middle. When not in uniform, he wears a red T-Shirt that has a giant peace sign on the front, somewhat baggy black and white sweatpants, and red and grey shoes. When being deployed on a mission, he puts white and gold plating over his casual clothes (original I know). Due to a recent accident that occurred during a training session between students, Acero's body has suffered some disfigurements. He now has severe burn scars all over his body, along with a prosthetic left arm, left leg, left hip, left eye, and jaw. His casual apparel now consists of a
white long sleeve shirt with a hood, a black snap-back hat, black baggy sweatpants, and red/black tennis shoes. His combat uniform consists of a black, lightweight, full body combat suit. This suit is sparsely covered in carbon fiber plates at the forearms, pecs, upper back, lower legs, and middle thigh. These plates are colored silver, with gold outlines on the edges. He wears a dark grey belt that holds the batteries for his wrist laser. Acero also wears a somewhat bulky helmet that provides good protection from bullets, but at the cost of a camera only view from inside the helmet, meaning if the camera on the helmet is damaged, he will be forced to take the bullet proof slab off, revealing a visor. This helmet provides Acero with a H.U.D. that integrates with his arm cannon, showing him how many shots he has left.

Ref. Images (I don't own these)

Spoiler: show

Spoiler: show

Spoiler: show

Spoiler: show

Spoiler: show

Spoiler: show

History: This is gonna suck and I'm sorry

Spoiler: show
Acero was born and raised in the kingdom of Atlas. For most of his life, he lived a quiet, albeit dull life. Ever since he was young, he would go to school, train, go home, rest, and repeat. His parents weren’t home very much due to them being on various archaeological trips, so the only people he could talk to were his older, very talkative sister, Talim, and their Faunus babysitter, Juno. Juno was a retired huntress that had come to know the Walkers by escorting them through various Grimm infested areas and ruins. She was a wolf Faunus that cared deeply for Faunus rights and was even a White Fang member when it first formed--she left when it started getting violent. Talim--who was 2 years older than Acero--talked about any topic she could think of whenever she could find an opportunity to, and Juno and Acero listened intently, but didn’t talk unless Talim stopped to catch her breath. Acero and Talim treated Juno with great respect and grew up with hatred for those who take advantage of Faunus, even starting fights because of it. This behavior carried on until they got severely punished by their parents and teachers. Acero had never done anything notable in his life--except beating up Faunus haters--until he got to Atlas Academy. He spent three years there, being trained and taught by both his professors and Juno. Acero found his weapon, Solar Centurion, his second year and started to unlock his semblance at the same time. Acero worked for a postal service when he wasn’t in school and started to save up money when he could, as he wanted to move to Beacon to avoid going into the military. Talim didn’t like his decision, but respected it, as she knew that the military wasn’t for everyone.

One day during his third year, Acero’s parents never came home weeks after their supposed arrival date. They were later found buried in the snow, 10 miles away from their dig site, along with the hunter that was protecting them. Their bodies had been torn apart by the Grimm, with the only discernible features being their clothing and their faces.  Acero and Talim mourned the deaths of their parents. Juno also mourned their deaths, and helped the two siblings bury their parents. The three found the dead couple’s will and inheritance letter hidden in the house. The letter stated that Acero and Talim would split their fortune, and Juno would keep their house and its belongings, along with any artifacts that the Walkers found and kept on their journies. These included various weapons, armors, and valuable trinkets. Juno sold most of it to a museum, which allowed her to live the rest of her life in peace. Talim took two unique talwar swords with her as she left for the military. Acero went back to school pretty depressed, and anything his former team did to cheer him up failed.

Before he left for Vale, Acero asked his team if they could hunt the Grimm that killed his parents. They agreed and made a 2 day journey to the dig site. The Grimm ended up overwhelming the 3rd years and they were all badly injured, Acero being in the worst condition due to fending off a horde of Grimm to save his friends. Acero woke up a week later and was in a hospital. He couldn’t feel his left arm or see out of his left eye, but there was a feeling of cold metal touching his neck and upper jaw. His lower jaw, left eye and arm couldn't have been saved and were amputated as a result. Talim and Juno were crying as he looked at his new appearance, but Acero said nothing and looked at his remaining arm with a sense of determination. He looked at his caretakers and yelled at them to shut up and stop crying. This made the crying worse and he sighed deeply. The doctor came in and asked Acero if he would interested in prosthetic replacement parts. Acero nodded and signed off on the paperwork. Juno would would pay for these new limbs and the surgery about a month later. After about 2 weeks of recovery, Acero came back and finished his third year at Atlas. A week after school ended, Acero said goodbye to his friends and family as he left for Beacon Academy.

Recently, Acero was almost killed during a sparring match, due to a stray bullet hitting a bag of explosives that he was holding. He was rushed to the hospital and stabilized, staying unconscious for a few days as they treated the burn marks. When he awoke, Acero found himself in a similar, yet worse situation than before, parts of himself missing, scars all over his body. His sister and godmother came to visit him at Beacon hospital for a few days, crying over his newly disfigured state. After they left, Acero was visited by an official from Atlas. The official offered Acero new limbs and equipment, with a few strings attached of course. An easy option that the official gave was to sell out the schools plans for the Vytal Festival. The harder option was to do some paid, unaffiliated work for Atlas when he graduated, at least until the prosthetic's and new gear were paid off. Not wanting to sell out his new school and friends, Acero decided to take the harder option, and come work for Atlas when he graduated.

Personality: Despite the hardships he experienced, Acero is a very laid-back--albeit lazy--and caring person. He's not really one for school (he never tries hard in any of his classes, he just learns what he can and sticks with it, although he does study when he needs to pass a class) or conversation, but when he's with his team, he opens up and gives orders freely and confidently, something his team appreciates, but also gets fed up with from time to time. Ever since sparring accident, Acero has been proactive in studying for his classes and training for combat, knowing that he'd need to smarten and train up to repay his debt to Atlas. He does tend to keep silent, unless spoken to, but even then he keeps his sentences relatively short, unless the answer is complex. His hobbies include playing video games, listening to music, photography, boxing, and weightlifting.

Semblance: Flowmotion -- Acero can fluidly move around on both land and air. This allows him to perform feats such as kicking off almost any surface, air dash, swinging around lampposts, grinding along rails, and battling enemies with speed and style. Basically using his environment to his advantage. Acero doesn’t move super fast, but he can keep up with speedier opponents (not Tyrian or Qrow kind of speed mind you) and outspeed and outmaneuver slower opponents. Acero can only air dash/wall jump a total of 8 times before needing to rest a bit.


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Acero can only use his semblance when the terrain calls for it, meaning if he’s in an open field or desert, he loses a little maneuverability due to the loss of wall running/jumping, and can get overpowered by fast opponents due to his semblance excelling in tight places. It also takes a lot of accuracy and energy to pull off very complex maneuvers in a battle, which means if he messes up just a little, it could cost him. Due to having years of practice, he doesn’t have to worry about his accuracy or energy too much, but the threat of messing up or running out of steam is still constant while he fights. If Acero goes 100%, he can fight for about 6 minutes. If he goes 75%, he can fight for about 8 minutes and so on.

(Taken from the Power Listing Wiki:

Combat Behavior: Due to the nature of his semblance and his lack of a ranged weapon, Acero favors a hit and run fighting style, using the environment and his to outmaneuver his foes. He mixes all of his weapon transformation into his fighting style, blocking all kinds of attacks and getting in some of his own. This makes him a formidable foe to both groups and individuals, as it is hard to predict what form he'll use if you fight him for the first time. Acero also fights with a sense of chivalry and honor--asking for his foe's name, and even bowing to them in respect.

Acero is always cautious when fighting an enemy, in fear that he might be ambushed. This causes him to only give 75% of his max power when fighting, as he is afraid that someone else might appear. If this does happen, Acero will either retreat to a place where he can fight better, or he will go all out in an attempt to defeat his previous foe so that he can focus on the new one.

Due to his melee only fighting style, Acero can be kited very easily by swift ranged opponents, especially in an open environment like a desert or field. When this happens, Acero will play it safe and will either wait for his team to finish off their opponents, or he will simply use his weapons tertiary form to deflect the bullets and wait for the shooter to run out of ammo.


Solar Centurion - A transformable sword that lacks any ranged component

Primary Form: Greatsword Form - The basic form of the weapon, there are two holes in the sword near the top and bottom. There's a button on the hilt that allows it to split in half into its quicker form. The sword is orange and red.

Secondary Form: Dual Swords Form - After pressing the button on the hilt, the sword can be split in half. This form doesn't hit as hard as the greatsword, but they quicken the users attacks, allowing him to keep up with fast foes. There is a mechanism on the bottom of each swords hilt that lets them link up to each other to form a Polearm.

Tertiary Form: Polearm Form - This form allows the user to clear waves of weak enemies and can also be used to deflect bullets and other projectiles of reasonable size i.e. arrows, small to medium sized rocks, etc.

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History: Before, Acero only had a basic sword and shield when he attended Atlas Academy. Acero’s parents refused to pay outrageous prices for Atlas sanctioned weaponry, so they gave Acero his great grandfather's sword and shield and promised him that they would get him better equipment, but never did. While on a class field trip to some grimm infested ruins in the snowy Solitas mountains, Acero found the weapon that would later be named Solar Centurion in an old, yet untouched tomb. The tomb was guarded by several Ursas’ and Geists--who possessed suits of armor to attack. Acero managed to overpower them with his semblance--which at this time hadn’t fully developed yet because it was his 2nd year. With all of the enemies defeated, Acero picked up the weapon and felt an unfamiliar, yet kind warmth fill him, as if the weapon was congratulating him on his victory. Acero gave his handme downs back to his parents and kept his new partner close to him at all times. He named it Solar Centurion the day after he got back from the field trip and has proudly wielded it since then.

Name: Vortech Blaster - A small, semi-automatic, silver, black, and red laser pistol built into Acero's prosthetic left arm.

Primary Form: The primary firing mode of the weapon is accessed when Acero bends his wrist down towards the ground, causing the panel covering the laser to flip up towards him, revealing the laser. The weapon is connected to Acero's brain like the arm is. He just needs to think about shooting something and it will happen.The laser relies on special batteries that are pretty expensive and non-rechargeable, meaning Acero can only carry about 2-3 batteries on a mission as he is afraid of losing them. The batteries are too large to be kept inside of Acero's arm, so whenever he wants to shoot something, he needs to put in a battery to power the weapon. Each battery is good for 20 shots. The laser is as strong as a desert eagle, but without the recoil. Instead, Acero has to worry about overheating the gun by firing it too much.

Tertiary Form: When the laser is not in use, it is stowed in a retractable panel on Acero's left arm.

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How the laser is activated
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History: Acero built this weapon in the Beacon workshop to help him combat enemies that were always out of his sword's reach.

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