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Beacon Academy / Re: Consequences [Private]
« on: April 15, 2018, 03:11:21 PM »
A few moments of hardly bearable silence followed Juno's somewhat ambiguous question with Xanh trying to take in what she came to be a witness of. That feeling deep in her gut that something must be off had been there from the beginning, when she had received that message in such a very un-Juno-like manner. And just taking a quick glance – and sniff – across the room made clear that things were definitely amiss. But only now, after the initial moment of surprise, did she get to take a closer look at her friend cowering on the bed, looking like it was only due to his companion Phi holding him up that he was still able to sit at all – and not just fall over and roll into a pile of sadness.

When the Xanh had first spoken up it was not really more than a slip of her tongue, but seriously, Juno seemed terrible. Not only because he looked like he had rings under his eyes that might as well be worth a week of sleeplessness, sported a voice like he had taken up chewing on sandpaper as a hobby and, of course, was probably the cause for this faint yet distinct smell filling the air with a slightly sour note. It also struck her how utterly deflated he appeared.
His whole posture, the slight shaking of his voice as he uttered his question, the way a pair of defeated eyes was glaring at her. This was about as far away from the typical Juno as Xanh had ever witnessed the usually so determined, steadfast man. Hell, even when she was trapped in the recovery ward together with Caja and he came by to visit his girlfriend who had literally been stabbed he had not been this troubled, instead still trying to find encouraging words to get Xanh off a rather dark train of thoughts. So what in the name of all hell had to have happened for someone like Juno to end up like this? Unable to do much else than ponder this question she simply stood there for a little while, blinking in disbelief a few times.

“You know”, the girl eventually opened up as she found her voice again, somewhat timidly reaching up with her left hand to scratch her head, strands of short black hair quietly rustling as she did so, “when I asked whether you killed someone I wasn't serious”.
Xanh kind of knew that this was not the best start to a conversation the moment the first words crossed her lips, but as it often did her sometimes misplaced approach to serious matters compelled her to go through with it, anyway. Shortly after however she followed up with a faint head shake, as if to invalidate what she had said before, opting for an apologetic if mildly crooked smile.

“Sorry, not the time to joke around, I guess. But...”, the smile vanished as quickly as it appeared, exchanged by a thoughtful, worried and almost somewhat pained expression as she focused on one of the corners of the room for a second, looking for the right words to follow up, presumably.

“I'm not sure how to answer that”. Another moment of awkward silence, becoming part of an ever growing collection of such. “Depends, I guess?”. The sound of Xanh taking a deep breath was about the only noise propagating across the room next, followed up by her finally remembering she had a pair of legs which she should use to do … well, anything but stand in the middle of the room like a child someone had forgotten to pick up. Slowly she walked over to the bed, making a small detour towards one of the desks to the side of the room to grab one of the chairs idly standing around, placing it next to Juno's bed. Accompanied by a muffled thump the girl let herself drop onto the seat.

“What are we talking about, here?”, she asked, preceded by a quiet sigh and her gaze focused more on the ground before her feet than who was sitting on the bed, her voice drained of much of the usual energy and roughness conveyed in it. As her head raised slightly, giving her friend the courtesy of looking at whom she was talking to, Xanh added:
“What happened, Juno?”

Beacon Academy / Re: Consequences [Private]
« on: August 20, 2017, 05:17:26 AM »
As she finally received an answer from inside the room Xanh's frown only intensified. That did not sound all to great. Did Juno catch a cold or something? Was that why he had called her over? If so then that surely sucked for him but was far from anything that she had expected. What a shame, she somehow really had hoped for that alcohol thing. But that is how life plays.

Not concerning herself with what could been for much longer however the girl reached for the door knob, shoving the aside to alllow her entry into the dorm. Xanh did not have to take a lot of steps into the room to notice the faint, barely noticeable smell brushing against her nose coming from the vague direction of the bathroom. She could not quite place what it was but it definetely had something off about it and reminded her of something. It was oddly close what her hands smelled like the morning after first time she really got drunk.
Odd indeed.

"Juno", Xanh finally greeted her friend as she spotted him in the corner of her eye, and as she noticed the faint blue glow around him added "Robo girl". After she had closed the door behind her it did not take long for her to properly turn around to properly face the two. "You know, if you've been at it without me and are now feeling a little bad I'm not sure if I'm a little mad or...", she spoke as she did so, but was interrupted by the sight of Juno cowering on the bed somewhat like a wet sandbag. That was the first time she had taken a real look at him today and that looked not all like someone just suffering from a mild hangover. "What the fuck?, was the first thing that crossed her mind - and lips - as she took in the scene of Juno sitting on the bed like he was done with the world, Phi leaning against his back from behind. "Are you alright? You look terrible".

Beacon Academy / Re: Consequences [Private]
« on: August 17, 2017, 02:48:00 PM »
With an expression on her face that looked a bit like it was unsure what emotion it wanted to convey Xanh had another look at her scroll as she closed the door of the dorm behind her. The message displayed on the screen, short and concise yet confusingly ambiguous did not need to do much else other than just be there to catch her attention. It seemed...odd. At least the way the girl knew him Juno usually was not quite like this, not necessesarily a man of few words or big secrecy. So if something had gone so far south that he was looking for an open pair of ears to talk without any further explanation shit truly must have hit the fan.
Well, that, or he finally had found that perfect secret spot to hide alcohol on campus there were so many rumours about.

Faced with these possibilites Xanh had been quick to find an excuse to bail from the sparring session she had just been about to have with a bunch of of classmates, quickly picking her stuff to drop it at her place before going on her way. The response Xanh had written up while walking back from the training grounds could also be seen, right below the original text and not much more elaborate than it in its mix confirmation and perhaps a little inapropriate humour.

'Right mystery man, be there in 15
The fuck did you do, kill someone?'

From that point on it did not take her much longer to get from one dorm to the other, the main delay being her trying to not collide with the occasional student passing by her while still staring on the scroll, trying to anticipate what this really could be about, half intrigued, half confused - and just a tiny bit worried. As Xanh found hersefelf infront the door with that little 'VCVS' plate on it she put the scroll away, using the now free hand to give it a half hearted knock and a: "Hey, delivery's here! Or...erm, something. Look, you know, it's me", The girl had expected someone already waiting for her arrival, seeing how against his usual nature her friend had so clearly asked for support with...whatever it was now. But as it was not immediately that the door was opened to her or even just a reply was sent her way a frown found its way onto Xanh's face. "H-hello...?"

Beacon Academy / Re: Wounded Warriors [Invite only]
« on: May 22, 2017, 04:53:29 PM »
"Yeah, teammates", Xanh reiterated affirmatively, sliding around on her bed a little to get into a halfway comfortable position that also allowed her to look at the two visitors. "I dropped by a few times when he was around here playing sick. So I guess he feels the need to return the favour! Right, Gray?" A somewhat forced laugh quickly followed up that slightly awkward attempt to lighten the the mood a little. But quickly another moment of silence ensued.

"Yeah, err, right...", the girl finally tried to pick up the conversation again after that short pause that might as well have lasted for months, switching her focus from Gray to Juno and back. "Oh", Xanh proclaimed finally, picking up on a thought. "Gray, that's Juno. You know, the Juno guy that I was talking about for a while. The guy that, err, that I was fighting in the tournament. The guy that...t-that I was supossed to smack in the face aaaaand then that didn't happen aaaaand he fucked me over instead and I got really mad about it -legitimately!- and...y-you know, that guy. That Juno. T-that's him". Yeah, the longer Xanh talked the more apparent it came to Xanh that towards Gray she did not have to drop any more than the name Juno. After her fight with Vert she went on so many angry, highly vocal rants about him afterall that all of her teammates probably had a very vivid image of that person. So there was no need to go on another tirade right infront of that guy. At least not today, when she was not at all in a mood to argue.

"But anyway. You guys doing alright?", Xanh adressed Gray in a question about her team. "I mean, Viridian is probably enough to keep everyone from getting complacent, but I hope you're not letting things slide...".

General Discussion / Re: Damage dealt by attacks
« on: January 23, 2017, 12:49:34 AM »
Please excuse this lazy way to engage in this conversation, but I will just go ahead and quote something I said on a topic similar to this a while ago.

Now, that is of course just a subjective look at things, but I would absolutely despise having a rigid, fixed combat system like those of the typical pen and paper RPG in place. I came to thise site in order write stories and interact with others, and I am willing to put my trust into those I interact with to 1)possess common sense and if needed the ability to have a constructive discussion about things if there is the need to talk about one's actions, and 2)have the balls to call me out on bullshit that I might be doing, because everybody fucks up at times, but if nobody talks about it nothing will change. And I will say that in the vast majority of cases, both points are very well satisfied by this community, with those problems that arise from the way things are being resolved very swiftly.

If on the other hand there would be a fixed combat system, then I would feel robbed of alot of the liberty I could have during the interaction with other characters. If I would want to have a fight resolved by a die roll I would go and play D&D. But I want a fight to be resolved via words; by telling the story as it unfolds, without any weird restrictions. In the end, it's all about the participants communicating and figuring stuff out together anyway. Common sense and communication.

Beacon Academy / Re: Wounded Warriors [Invite only]
« on: January 22, 2017, 07:42:12 AM »
Xanh frowned a little at the ground as Juno presented his thoughts on the situation. Yes, from one day to the next a whole lot of things had been shattered, indeed. Some expectations of what this field of work would hold for them. A lot of buldings, that was for sure. Some body parts as well...

"But there's supposed way more experienced people who are meant to deal with a mess of these proportions. And if it's us getting in the line of fire like, then what the fuck are they doing?" With a sigh she moved the hand on her chin up to her forehead to rub across her eyebrows. Sure, in the end she knew that at this point, the child had already fallen into the well. The damage had already been done and it was way more important - and perhaps healthier for one's psyche - to focus on the 'what now' than on what has already happened. But, as often is the case, that was easier said than done.

"Look, I", she began once more, looking up from the ground right infront of her bed, "I get where you're coming from. This mess is ours now just as much as anyone elses, so there's no sense in arguing about how shouldn't be. But it's's bullshit. And I don't know how to deal wi-"

The squaky sound of the door opening caused Xanh to cut short in her statement, and as her head zipped around to get a look on who had just entered the room she was kind of happy that she did. It was already bad enough how she basically ended up revealing these issues to someone like Juno. She did not want to end up loading this stuff onto Gray's shoulders, who surely already had enough problems of his own do deal with. In order to finish her statement she simply uttered a: "Well, you know", in the direction of the green haired figure sitting next to the other bed before adressing her teammate, who had already nonchalantly made himself comfortable on a chair.

"Hey Gray, you dropping by? Is it that time of day already?", Xanh greeted him, trying to sound a little more upbeat than she was, but just ending up almost seeming like she was not all too pleased by a friend showing up.

Beacon Academy / Re: Wounded Warriors [Invite only]
« on: December 19, 2016, 11:28:41 AM »
Xanh's view wandered back towards the window and up at the cloud speckled sky as Juno went on talking. He said they were all alive at least. But was it not the glaringly obvious result of the recent events that they were in fact not? The way he had phrased it it did not sound very likely that the person he and his companion were to protect actually had made it. And how many inhabitants of that quartier must have been killed in the wake of that giant Grimm going on a rampage after wiping the floor with a full blown huntsman and four students of varying expertise? Not as if she would know - during her stay at the recovery ward Xanh had felt the obligation to catch up on the latest happenings, but simply could not get herself to actually watch or listen to or read any news stories whenever she tried. For while she knew the consequences of her fuckups were out there either way she could not bear having them placed right infront of her, having to actively deal with it. As if not knowing how bad things turned out exactly mad the outcome just a little less bad.
But of course, it did not. In the end it was just an instinctive measure to keep a little of the shame at bay that often came with realisation.

"I know, right?", she eventually responded. "I mean, let's be honest. It's not like it's a secret that being a huntsman is dangerous business. But looking at what happened in the last few days... shit's getting real so quickly. And way sooner than I expected". Moving her left hand forward again only to place it on her chin Xanh went back into thoughts for a moment. "Getting wrapped up in stuff like this when you're a full blown badass with all the knowledge and experience you could ever need is one thing. But did you expect this to happen when you were still in school, not even far down it but at pretty much the beginning of your training? Because I don't think I did. And I'm not sure what to take from that now".

The Vale Region / Re: Roinnt Punt Faoi Cabáiste [Team KABS initiation]
« on: December 17, 2016, 09:13:14 AM »
Spoiler: ShowHide
I beg you guys' pardon for that shortish and sub quality post, but I've been a little ill lately and never could sit down long enough to come up with a proper way to tackle this thread, but also don't want to keep you all waiting for too long.

For a while now Xanh had been walking through the forest, but since leaving the small clearing and the pond behind she had gotten nowhere really. It might have been a good idea to have had a short break after landing to get some better overview of the area, maybe by climbing a tree and trying to spot anything interesting peeking over the homogenous mass of treetops. But, as always, hindsight was 20/20. And since she could not be bothered to find a suitably big tree to get ontop of amongst the ever denser growing forest, all the girl ended up relying on was the vague image of the area she had gotten while falling towards the ground at an uncomfortably high speed. Which maybe did not make for a great point to base her journey through the woods off. But what else was she going to do?

And so she continued on what could vaguely  be seen as a path across the forest floor - but which really was just a strip of earth slightly less covered in moss or other ground flora if we are being honest - not quite where it would lead to, but positive that it would get her somewhere useful. After all it was said that all roads lead to Mistral...or, well, in this case to the place where the relics were.

Beacon Academy / Re: Down but not out (Semi-open PM for invite)
« on: December 17, 2016, 08:32:50 AM »
With a smile Xanh helped Gray get on his feet, and this time it was genuine. The fact that he had accepted a helping hand - figuratively as well as literally - even just this once relieved the girl, and gave her the belief that she could at least make up for some of the mistakes she had made in regards to keeping her team together like she was supposed to and sticking up for the faunus, as a teammate as well as a friend. "Then come on, let's do this. You got your stuff and everything already Í suppose? Then let's just get a bit of distance between us and you show me what you're made of, alright?"

As Xanh took a few steps backwards however, already reaching for her weapons in their respective holsters, another very familiar voice reached her ears. She did not need to turn her head much to confirm whom this voice belonged to. "Oh, look who's dropping by!" With a vague nod she greeted Avaline before continuing. "Great, now we have someone to cheer for our wolf warrior  here and someone who can pick up the pieces after we're done!" An amused chuckle crossed her lips as she turned back around to face Gray. Of course this just had been a joke. Not in the world would she go all out and try to kick him into the dust. That was not what this was supposed to be about, and nobody would gain anything from this in the end. No, this was supposed to be some friendly exercise which should give Gray some much needed assistance in his recovery. And give her some peace of mind on the whole issue. Perhaps, at least.

Beacon Academy / Re: Wounded Warriors [Invite only]
« on: December 17, 2016, 08:05:29 AM »
"Your girlfriend, hm...?", Xanh reiterated quietly, and for a moment her eyes shifted from Juno over to the bed where the other girl still lay, undisturbed by the visitor or the conservation which seemed to develop. Thoughtfully looking at what she could see of the girl's face from over here she could not help but think about what weird coincidence this was. Sure, there were probably always things going wrong on the endeavours the students were sent on as part of their training, and the medical facility of the academy itself were small enough that it seemed inevatble for two patients meeting to have at least some connection between each other. But still, of all the people Xanh could end up sharing a room with it was the girlfriend of him?

"I see...", she eventually gave as a reply, her attention still more focused on the bed than on who was sitting besides it. Thinking about it sparked a little more interest in that other person than she had portrayed in the prior days. With all the incidents besetting the city lately, did she end up here because of one of those, or was it something different entirely? Had she been out on her own, or was Juno with her, going by the way he sounded while talking about it? If so, then what the hell had to happen for someone who seemed like such a tough not to crack - at least from what she knew - to not be able to step up and prevent a companion taking hits that are so bad she ended up in the infirmary for multiple days?

Those were question that came to her mind, but for which Xanh was not able to find answers on her own before being drawn back into the here and now by Juno's casual inquiry. Abruptly she looked down to check on her extensibely bandaged leg as if she had to see for herself that it was still there, then raised her head to face Vert again. "Oh...that...", she began hesitantly, followed by a shrug. "Yeah, that's a thing. It...ugh...kind of went all the way south, came around until it was back in the high north again, and...then went south some more". With a sigh she put her hands behind her back. Yeah, that surely was a way to describe what happened. Not a very explanatory one, or one that did justice to everything and everyone she fucked up. But certainly a way to do it.

Beacon Academy / Re: Wounded Warriors [Invite only]
« on: December 15, 2016, 09:18:01 AM »
"Hey", Xanh dryly replied as she faintly recognised someone calling out her name, more instinctively than in an active effort to greet the visitor. At this point she had not even fully processed that someone had dropped by, and just kind of guessed it by the sounds of the door opening and a chair being moved around quietly. Not that she cared very much.

Things like that happened from time to time. At some point every morning somebody came in to clean the table and swiftly wipe the floor, not really paying attention to the occupants of the room. Once or twice a day one of the nurses usually dropped by to check on the two girls and, occasionally, reminded Xanh to not miss her next therapy session. Sometimes that annoyed her a little, but by now she had figured out how to more or less ignore her. One afternoon a few days ago her brother had come by to pay her a visit without announcing himself beforehand. But she had not known what to answer to his questions about her well being and he had not wanted to poke further, so they both just...sat there for about an hour. With him looking at Xanh, and her staring past him out the window. So for all she knew or cared the person could be anyone doing anything. And, somehow, counting the little irregularities in the room's ceiling was a little more compelling than bothering with that new entry.

At least for a little while.

It took a bit - a minute, maybe two - for Xanh to consciously make any connections. But eventually, while still staring at the ceiling a faint frown found its way on her face. Wait, what was that? Somebody came in and sat down, then called out her name... As if the information had finally made its way through the mist of thoughts her mind was surrounded by, the voice resounded in her head once more, clearly addressing her in a short greeting. But it didn't sound like anyone the girl would have expected to just quickly drop into the room or come by for a visit. And yet she could not shake the feeling that she very well knew, just maybe not in quite this tone.

Slowly, Xanh leaned forward a little, using her arms as supports to get herself into a slightly more upright position. From there it did not take much time looking around to spot the culprit, right next to the other patient's bed. Of all the people she could have imagined to drop in here for whatever reason, he was the last one she expected.

"", was the first thing that came across her lips. She did not sound angry, or irritated, or in fact very much touched in general by no other than Juno being the person to come here, just...slightly surprised by this unexpected turn of events. "What are you doing here...?", Xanh added, moments later, even though it did not take great observational skills to figure out that he was here for the other girl., and not her at all.

Beacon Academy / Wounded Warriors [Invite only]
« on: December 14, 2016, 05:47:50 PM »
A quiet squeaking noise filled the room as the matress gave in a little in response to the balance of weight shifting. Xanh was careful not to hit her leg on the bedstead or the ground as she had sat herself upright first and then turned around, her feet now hanging off the side of the bed. For just a fraction of a second, the instinctive thought of simply hopping off the edge and standing up raced through her mind. But she had to refrain from doing so, for otherwise she would probably just cry out in pain, stumble and then end up lying on the floor like an idiot. One time was enough - she did not feel the need to relive that unique experience from the first day.

No, instead Xanh just looked towards the other end of the room, where through the windows she could see the wind gently swaying the branches of a nearby tree, always back and forth. She sure would have liked to take a little trip outside now. But she was not exactly supposed to just come and go whenever it pleased her. And even if, with the crutches she had to use to walk getting around was more tedious and exhausting than it could ever be enjoyable. If nothing else, the walks she had to do as part of her therapy were enough proof for that.

As her gaze wandered away from the window it came to rest on the second bed that filled the room, where another girl lay, currently fast asleep as it seemed. When they were done first taking in Xanh and the other injured students the medical staff had moved them all into different rooms, and for a little while she had been alone with her thoughts. Soon though, that other girl - some kind of faunus apparently - had been transfered here and for the last few days had shared the room with her. Not that that had changed anything about being alone with one's thoughts. They had not really talked or interacted with each other yet, for Xanh had mostly kept to herself and her problems, and the girl did seem to handle it similarly. Xanh did not know who she was - heck, she did not even know her name, and the one time she brought herself to ask what was up the nurse simply told her that "something went wrong on a mission". But for all that was worth the girl at least did not bother her, which already made for quite an alright roommate, and deserved the favour to be returned.

With a sigh Xanh stretched a little, and then slid across the bed to get in reach of the side table that contained a few of her things. She went ahead to grab the scroll lying ontop of it, Quickly checking the time. It was not even far into the afternoon yet, but it felt like so many more hours had passed, with the day creeping along like this.

Slowly, she leant back again, her feet still hanging off the bed, but her head now resting on the matress, her eyes somewhat absentmindedly staring at the ceiling. There surely was much time to think about things here. More than Xanh would have liked, perhaps.

The Vale Region / Re: Recovery ward (semi-open PM for invite)
« on: December 13, 2016, 03:32:10 PM »
"Wait, what?", was the first thing that Xanh could utter in response to the two women who had left the room for a minute returned with a rather bombastic reentry. Initially, she had wanted to retort to Mauve's attempt at...being considerate? explaining her friends actions? apologising for them?...well, whatever that was supposed to be. She already heard enough to give up on trying to be nice and tell her a bit about what she thought about the incident in the arena and the behaviour of the faunus' oh so innocent companion. But the absolute fit Ki started to throw shortly after the door closed behind them had caught her by surprise. And also did not leave a lot of room to say things without being drowned out between the other girls angry screams.

Only as Sapphire pulled out her scroll to apparently show them 'The Video' the room turned silent again, if only for the few seconds the recording lasted. Driven by the curiousity as to what was so important and so enraging to Ki to yell the whole room into the ground Xanh took a few steps towards them to get a better look at things. And oh boy were there things to look at...

As the short film finished, the look of confusion and a little irritation on her face slowly degraded into an angry grimace as she raised her head and her view bounced between Ki, Mauve and the unconscious Gray a few times, a frown becoming more apparent every time she passed the bat faunus. Had she really just seen? Had she really just witnessed that Nathan not only being a dangerous, hurtful asshole but also taking genuine pleasure out of shoting another person multiple times? She seriously was not sure about, it just seemed so surreal for the first seconds. But the aura of rage that radiated from Ki made it seem pretty clear. This sadistic little dipshit was just having having the time of his life! And his friend now was just here to either do some damage control or rub it in the faces of those who cared for the person lying on the bed, thinking nobody could do anything about it!
But Xanh was not having any of this. Not after all the things that she already had to endure today.

"Fuck staying calm. Fuck commentary. Fuck it all", Xanh just muttered in response to Jack trying to mediate. She was quick to get going and cross the few steps of distance between herself and Mauve, and perhaps other than Ki had dropped all restraints as she came to a halt directly next to them both, almost shoving Ki aside in the process. "What was this? What is this shit?!", she burst out, not at all giving the girl any time to have a go at one of her elaborate responses. "You have the audacity to show up here and open your gob to spew all your 'Oh, I'm so sorry, we're all so sorry!' bullshit?! He didn't mean it! It was just an accident'. An accident my ass!" In the short break she needed to look for words to even describe the anger that had started boiling up inside her, she clenched her fist. "The little fucknugget is just having his good fun, eh?! Going around, causing happy little accidents!? I wish he'd be here now instead of your sorry ass, so I could be done with it right here, right now, but you might as well tell him: The next time I see Nathan's ugly little face it's not an accident when I kick his shit in! And you can fuck right off, too!"

As she spoke her last words, Xanh's left arm had already moved backward, fist still clenched. Now, it was zooming straight towards the side of Mauve's face. At some point in the last minute a line had been crossed, and she had had just about enough bullshit happen which she had to simply watch from the sidelines. Looking at it from a neutral standpoint, she would still not have known what to do and perhaps not deemed this a constructive solution. But in the heat of the moment, and devoid of alternatives, this felt like a pretty satisfying start.

Beacon Academy / Re: Sunday Morning Hangover [Closed]
« on: December 09, 2016, 07:41:59 PM »
It was as if the portal into the void itself had opened up below her. The gaping, black hole that was the open mouth of the beast seemed to have no bottom, and she was not even sure where exactly its edge lay. In fact, everything she could see was somehow blurred, almost as if someone had tried to take a picture but forgot to turn down the exposure time. Only a few things she could see from her position, suspended in the air, were very clear to make out, like they were the only objects in this picture which had not moved. Some pieces of pipe, sticking out of the hazy ground, certain spots covered in rubble. A few dirty, lifeless silhouettes scattered across the scene, sometimes covered in blood, sometimes not.

Wait! Xanh had just realised: Yes, she was actually hanging in midair, headlong and right above the black abyss. Quickly the cautious curiosity about the scene transitioned into panic as she tried to move around and even just find out what was restraining her in such heights. Bending upwards she spotted it. A shapeless black mass, descending from the the sky, holding her more than firmly. The girl could clearly see its surface shift and flow constantly, crooking and crushing her leg - but she could not feel it. Despite clearly watching her limb being bent to ridiculous angles she could sense nothing. As if that was not even a part of her. The absurdity of this alone terrified her. And what made it worse was that she could not even try to free herself and regain some sense of orientation, for below her lied nothing but the black void. Frozen in fear, all she could do was stare.

Until it let go. And she found herself descending into the abyss.

Xanh's eyes snapped open as she woke up in cold sweat. For a split second her instincts begged her to scream, but as she spotted rays of light entering through a window and reality soon caught on to her all it turned out to become was a stifled cough.

She was alive and safe? Well, obviously she was not out in the streets and dangling tens of metres in the air anymore - which was about the last thing she could clearly remember, even if she might not have wanted to. The only logical conclusion then must have been that something had happened and they got her of the scene and into...what was this, a hospital?

Carefully Xanh had a look around. Yes, it was pretty clear that this was some kind of patient room. After spending hours in the one Gray was in when he had gotten injured in the tourney she definetely knew how one looked. But this one was bigger, and she was not the only one in here - the other two beds next to her own attested to that. Were these the others from the mission? From how she lied it was not possible for her to see, but even if so, why were there only three occupied beds in here? Were they not four people? Did someone get out unharmed? Was that person the one who got her out of there? And what had been going on in the first place? Questions came and went, passing through her mind as she slowly sat upright in the bed. However...

"Ow, fuck...", the girl brought out, followed by a quiet grunt, as she realised the dull, yet suddenly quite predominant pain resounding from her lower body. With a frown she noted her leg, resting on some sort of cushion, hurting the moment she just slightly moved it. So this of course was a real thing and not just imagination... Careful to not make any rash movements she shuffled around a little on the bed, putting herself into a somewhat more comfortable position.

"Uhm..." Once more she took a look across the room. Inside the other beds, nothing semed to be moving, or at least nothing she could see. But on the far side a woman had taken place. She appeared to be a little absentminded, but was at least more present than the other patients were for all she could tell. Maybe she could shed some light on things. "Hey, ugh, over there? Sorry to bother, but...where are we? What's been going on? Is...wait, is the city alright?"

Beacon Academy / Re: Down but not out (Semi-open PM for invite)
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Xanh shook her head, letting out an annoyed sigh. "No, you idiot. I know it was in the middle of the fucking night because I saw you close the door behind yourself. But as far as I know a day has plenty of hours, and there were a lot of days since you got your shit kicked in". She gave the boy a shrug before continuing. "Eh, you know what, I wouldn't even care if you were right. But you're not. You're not 'just getting up and doing something about it'. You're pissing into the wind and hitting yourself in the face with this. So come on and quit this shittalk".

Slowly, the girl rose from her spot next to Gray again, letting out a stifled groan as she did so. Now towering over the still sitting faunus she reached out with her hand, suggesting him with a vague nod to grab it. "I get you, Gray. But on your own you aren't going to get back to kicking anyone's ass anytime soon. So let me help you". Following a mocking wink, she added: "You think this wooden dummy can get you sweating? Come and have a go at me".

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