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Character Creation / Re: Azure Blair
« on: September 19, 2018, 06:10:24 AM »
Another mod will have a look first but yea once they approve it we will move it into approved characters but you can rp right after the second approval.

Character Creation / Re: Azure Blair
« on: September 18, 2018, 11:13:19 PM »
You answered it perfectly, +1.

Character Creation / Re: Azure Blair
« on: September 18, 2018, 09:02:02 PM »
The changes to the history are good but I would you to be a little more specific about Azure's strengths and weaknesses. How is she good with her battle axe? Is she fast? Is she strong? Does she have good combat awareness?  etc etc, if you are having trouble describing stuff feel free to ask. You might know these specifics but those playing with you will need a little more detail.

Beacon Academy / Re: ABoat time [Open]
« on: September 18, 2018, 08:22:56 PM »
Calen did always like to be watched. It was a strange contradiction of always wanting to be the centre of attention but never wanting anyone to know anything about him. It’s one of the reasons why dance so appealed to him, on stage he wasn’t Calen Shrike son of mass murderers or Calen Shrike up and coming huntsman, he was simply the dancer and that dance was all that mattered. As such he felt very comfortable under Kisha’s gaze and in turn studied his fellow student out of the corner of his eye. ’Anything eatable honestly, but hoping for some mackerel or some blue. But let’s see what the sea gives us. And it’s a pleasure to meet you Miss Miles, my name is Calen.’ Calen responds pleasantly.

’So what brings you down to the pier? Although it may be awkward, silence is a perfectly acceptable answer, I can be quiet.’ Calen joked as he started to slowly reel in his first baited cast. He did seem to be getting any bits but he would never attract catch worth fish with a still lure so he would have to keep everything moving. Or at least that is what the book said. As Calen set up for another cast he took a deep breath of the sea air into his lungs, he had never spent much time by the sea but enjoyed it now he was at Beacon. Although some might consider the raw power of the sea to be humbling Calen saw it instead as vast wilderness which had been harnessed and enslaved by man.

 ’So, what type of music were you listening to? I used to be quite the audiophile but I don’t have the time to take in many albums outside of when I’m training.’ Calen asked gesturing at Kisha’s earphones as the line flew back out into the sea. For something that played such a significant part in his life, Calen did very rarely actually listen to music, instead using the beat or rhythm to direct his movement, resulting in a pretty wide collection much to the dismay of his teammates.

Character Creation / Re: Azure Blair
« on: September 18, 2018, 06:43:58 PM »
Adding on to what Moth has pointed out I have a few issues with the history. Becoming a Mercenary at the age of 15 is a bit of a stretch so that has to be removed also Atlas is established as being quite racist which I personally feel should be touched on in the history regarding foster care and music career. If you don't what to that's fine but I would suggest at least thinking about your character's opinion on the near slave-like state some Faunus live in, the White Fang and so on.

But other than that it is a very well put together profile, well done.

Character Creation / Re: Azure Blair
« on: September 18, 2018, 01:00:57 AM »
And don't worry about you not being able to expand the spoiler out, that issue should be fixed soon and we can still see what's behind it by editing the post

As the escape pod continued bobbing along the water the Kotick starting tightening their circling, occasionally brushing up against the craft as if looking for a reaction or an opening. The Grimm knew DALT and Cornell were inside but the fear the huntsmen and huntresses in training and pirate were feeling was much more controlled than they were used to, and it made them cautious. This prey wasn’t like others they had stalked in the wake of the behemoth below but that trepidation was quickly running out, bumps became scratches, biting into the thick metal plating deeper and deeper each time resulting in horrific screeches as the plating started to give way. The pod was mostly stationary, however, without a pilot, the craft couldn’t navigate all the debris as well as the circling Grimm.

A burst of static came through the pod’s communication system, someone somewhere was trying to get into contact with them but the interference from the still raging storm made it difficult to get a clear signal. ’Alpha…. Romeo….. Theta…..Zulu….ond.’ Was all of the transmission those in the pod could make out, it sounded something like the Atlas confirmation code, used when broadcasting on open channels to ensure both the listener and receiver was friendly although it was too broken to be certain the confirmation code was accurate. There was also something about the voice that even through all the distortion and the static would sound slightly familiar to the still conscious members of DALT.

Speaking of the unconscious members of DALT, Dorian was still unresponsive but that did mean he started flying around the confined pod once the strikes from the Kotick got more and more intense. Without his aura to protect him the blunt force impacts where already causing a fair amount of blood to start seeping out of small scrapes. This wasn’t including the awkwardness of a mostly unconscious person fall into your lap when you a busy trying not to die.

Beacon Academy / Re: ABoat time [Open]
« on: September 13, 2018, 07:01:10 PM »
Calen’s insistence on only eating the food he cooks himself can end up being quite an expensive endeavour. Calen’s medical poultices keep him with enough supplied with lien to survive particularly now he had gotten a bit of a name for himself as a Huntsman-in-Training but all the high-end clothing and weapon maintenance products add up. As dusk started to settle around the harbour Calen decided to try his hand at a bit of fishing, it was supposed to be the best time to do so or at least that was what his father said. As the sun dips below the horizon the air cools faster than the water which in turn leeches more warmth out of the air, which makes the fish hungry. As well as making the water more attractive. Calen mused to himself as he made Kisha out on the jetty.

Leaping down off the cliff above Calen flew down at a blitzing speed and would have gone crashing through the wooden jetty if it wasn’t for his semblance which cancelled out his downward momentum. Straightening out his black suit and green tie Calen then goes out to set up his fishing equipment, bait, the rod and a bucket of water to keep the fish fresh. ’Good evening young Miss, hope I’m not being too disruptive.’ Calen calls out to Kisha, he was now close enough to recognise her as a student as well as having earphones in. Which may mean his greeting would be missed but it would be impolite not to.

Regardless of Kisha’s reaction Calen started throwing out some practice casts, testing where the rocks are, where the drops are or other bits of debris could snag the fishing line. Food for the small fish would be growing around the rocks and sunken would which although not what Calen was looking for but would attract those he was. This meant that Calen would need to get his casts close to these rocks but not close enough the line would get trapped, it was more difficult than Calen was expecting but after a few casts he had found a few good spots. Now confident Calen started using bait to actually start fishing.

Beacon Academy / Re: Stargazing [Open]
« on: September 11, 2018, 06:38:50 PM »
Calen sighed, breathing hard knowing that he would have to use his semblance twice again to reclaim his knife as it sailed through the now empty air as Catalina had shot the target first, effectively losing him the game. Breathing very hard as he returned Calen was about to introduce Catalina, Prism and Smokey to each other before he was caught rather off guard by Prism’s outburst. If you can’t win, ensure no one else can either. Calen thought to himself echoing a lesson his mother had taught him a long time ago, one which permeated much of Calen’s actions.

’Now who is bringing up their fantasies Prism? But by and large I agree with you, violence shouldn’t be restricted to self-defense, you’ll always be at a disadvantage that way. But it’s meaningless to concern yourself with small-minded racists and ignore the institutions that protect them and encourage them, there will always be bigots just like there are sexist and homophobic people now but without legal actionable power, they will just be noise. as I'm sure you have experienced in your personal life.’ Calen responded simply.

Calen leaned back against the wall, trying in vain to get his breath back. ’Anyway introductions, the person you are pointing your glaive towards is Master Catalina Glenn, the person doing the pointing is Miss Prism Skylark and over here we have Master Smokey Emberstone. But yes a simple game one asks a question then launches the target while the other fires at the target, unable to move until having answered the question. First one to miss three times loses, speaking of which you just cost me my third miss Master Catalina so what is your prize Prism?’ Calen continued as jovially as the exhausted boy could manage. The game had been fun, Calen had learned a lot about his fellows and planted several false seeds in their minds in return, some truths had come out as well but overall Calen thought he had won the informational aspect of the game. Still Calen was happy to continue the questions but the rules of the game had to be obeyed, otherwise, there was no point to these proceedings.

Continuing to slowly back off towards the nearby hidden dust crystals Saffron was completely caught off guard by Justice's weapon striking at her from behind. The force of the blow caused the Faunus's guard to drop leaving her exposed for Justice’s follow up kick. Managing to get her semblance up in time Saffron was never the less sent tumbling backward a couple meters before she steadied herself again. Rolling on to her feet Saffron tried to subtly swap her hatchets around, taking the loaded ones in hand getting ready for the climax she could feel was rapidly approaching.

Justice was too far away to risk using her last set of shells given his speed, Saffron knew her opponent wouldn’t give her another opportunity to reload again so this was going to be her last chance. Feeling the absorbed energy course through her body Saffron’s quills bristled as the anticipation grew. Spending a few precious moments to ensure a solid base cost Saffron any chance for a counter attack and the coalescing soft brown aura around her legs made clear her next move.

Dropping her arms to her side Saffron sacrificed defense for speed as she set up in a sprinter’s start. She might have to endure another one or two of Justice’s vicious attacks but after that, she would have her opening to end this.

Aura: 49%(-9% from the blade, -9/3% from the kick)
Semblance: 56% 6% Stored
General disposition: Focused and determined


Hatchet 1: Stored on Saffron's belt. In Hatchet Form.
Hatchet 2: Stored on Saffron's belt. In Hatchet Form.
Hatchet 3: Left Hand. In Hatchet Form.
Hatchet 4: Right Hand. In Hatchet Form.

Calen sneezed loudly as he and his teammate walked down out into the stadium followed by an equally loud sigh as the gaunt boy became aware of their stadium terrain. ’Just my luck I suppose.’ Calen remarked his tone lowed by both a blocked nose and a rather genuinely dejected outlook. Their first fight hadn’t exactly been easy but they had finally made it to the finals, to the big stage and no one would see them. If Calen was spiritual he would see it has karmic punishment for all his wrongdoing but instead the gaunt boy was simply looking forward to the next Faunus he can bully. Calen had a run in with Reginald before but they didn’t exchange much and Calen had his hands full with a certain succubus to pay the other boy much mind. Shiroe was a complete unknown however so Calen was still on his guard for whatever the other students may throw at him.

The thick fog both provided Calen and Setsuna a powerful advantage but also compounded Calen’s ill health, the damp heavy air playing havoc with the gaunt boy’s mucus-filled lungs. ’It looks like outmaneuvering could be a good strategy this time around, I’m afraid I don’t have much information on these two, other than Master Reginald is a lot like myself without my redeeming qualities.’ Calen offered his voice still heavy and punctuated with small coughs. Surveying the terrain around them Calen started to slowly move from tree to tree, doing a very good job at staying visibly hidden has he approached the halfway point of the field. Unfortunately, he did a significantly less competent job at hiding himself audibly, and his semi-regular coughing could be heard across the entire stadium.

It was going to be an uphill battle but that only meant information was going to be more important than ever. This combined with Calen’s ability to disappear into the fog if attacked gave him the confidence to range ahead with saying a word to his leader. He’d make sure Setsuna was there for the actual encounter however, the fog may have robbed Calen of the main audience but there are still three people he could show off to and he wasn’t going to let it get much less than that.

Status: Sick: Starting at 90% aura and -1% to damage done, I’ll calculate it.

Beacon Academy / Re: Stargazing [Open]
« on: September 06, 2018, 02:59:04 AM »
’So you do agree that in specific situations the more direct …modes of protest are if not better at least acceptable? And innocent people suffered in the Faunus Rights Revolution as well, no war is without collateral damage either directly through overly enthusiastic soldiers or indirectly through refocusing of government funds or even the grimm being attracted to all the killing. If intent is what you are wanting to prove then you will never get it, even in a genuinely just court intent is difficult to prove, and I do understand your line of thought, I even empathise, it’s just wrong.’ Calen responded glad the conversation is picking up steam despite Smokey remaining mostly silent. ’Also do you honestly believe that thinking people will take advantage of a group’s outcast nature from society is giving them too much credit but entire kingdoms somehow convincing themselves they aren’t people at all isn’t? Hate and fear motivate racism not ignorance, just like how we once believed women had smaller brains or homosexuality was mostly targeted at children. We had been doing dissections for centuries, we knew there was no serious difference in brain size but the truth doesn’t matter. And yes very well I will bow to your personal experience receiving about racial abuse as long as you bow to mine about giving it, and which do you think is more relevant in this discussion?’ Calen finished making it rather clear that he does or at least did habour some anti-faunus sentiments.

’Oh was I not clear enough? I meant how Beacon allows you to perfect yourself; professors, libraries, that sort of stuff.’ Calen continues to explain himself, a little embarrassed at having misspoke. Taking his place at the shooting range Calen was expecting a difficult question but Prism did quite out do herself, Calen was clearly getting under her feathers. Perfect. ’And I honestly don’t remember who that kid was.’ Calen responded sending his knife into the target as it shot away. ’Sometimes I remember bits and pieces, some specifics but try as I might I can’t know who he was.’ Calen ‘explained’ being a lot more careful with his not directly answering the question this time round. Calen then swapped with Prism in his way to the firing array. ’How do you deal with failure?’ Calen asked keeping his knife out and kept fidgeting with it as their conversation progressed. 

Managing to get a fair distance away Saffron sensed her last discarded hatchet with her echolocation and reached down to retrieve it, only taking her eyes of Justice for a tiny moment. It was enough however as her opponent’s weapon stuck just as her defences faded delivering a savage blow to her head sending her stumbling. Hearing Justice coming Saffron steadied herself against the coming onslaught taking the kick on the hafts of her hatchets and trying to spin the Beacon student off balance. Not disengaging again however Saffron followed up this attempt with a quick combination; feinting left, striking low followed by a double strike coming from the right.

Although Justice definitely had the advantage in these close quarters spars Saffron still knew she needed to show she could hold her own. Not only to make Justice question his approach but also to show the audience she wasn’t just running away, that this wasn’t going to be a fluke and she was going to win by skill and strength alone. Still the reality of the situation meant Saffron needed to hold most of her weight on her back foot, in preparation to disengage but it did leave her considerably off balance.

Keeping her empty hatchets out Saffron was hoping to draw Justice into a false sense of security, after which she could pounce on any miss positioning by her opponent for crippling effect. This was helped obvious by Justice actually being in a quite secure position and Saffron being the one who had to constantly back out.’Might as well make it part of the plan.’ Saffron continued to think to herself dryly. There was a second stage to this plan as well, using any breaks in the fight Saffron would continue to use her echolocation but this time find any sort of hidden traps around the arena. The other stadiums had them so it wasn’t unreasonable to assume there would be some here as well, that was Saffron’s hope anyway.

Aura: 61%(-9% from the blade)
Semblance: 62%
General disposition: Distracted

3x5% Hatchet strikes

Hatchet 1: Wielded in Saffron's left hand. In Hatchet Form.
Hatchet 2: Wielded in Saffron's right hand. In Hatchet Form.
Hatchet 3: Stored on Saffron's belt. In Hatchet Form.
Hatchet 4: Stored on Saffron’s belt. In Hatchet Form.

Approved Characters / Re: Luna Otonai
« on: September 03, 2018, 08:31:27 PM »
As long as you are sure, you can always change it back later. edits approved.

Approved Characters / Re: Luna Otonai
« on: September 03, 2018, 06:41:34 AM »
The character itself seems fine but I want to make sure you know that you don't have to year up your character and it will be harder finding teams/events being a second year.

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