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Approved Characters / Re: Nathan Eau
« on: May 16, 2018, 08:35:39 PM »
Added a(nother) theme.

Everywhere Else / Re: Bone of the First [SSMR]
« on: May 15, 2018, 05:48:56 AM »
After being shoved into the car, Maena considered for several minutes whether or not she should cave the snotty brat's head in. "Fuming" was an understatement. Alas, she settled on not doing so, knowing fully that she'd be unlikely to reach the rest of her team in time to help otherwise.

The Vale Region / Re: Within Nature ~ Training [Nathan] (CLOSED)
« on: May 10, 2018, 07:23:09 AM »
When the fox started acting like a joyful puppy, Helena laughed out loud and kept petting it. Aah, she was glad. It'd been worth getting so tired over. The little guy was safe and apparently not too traumatized, Grimm had been dealt with with minimal damages and Helena got to pet (and get petted by) a fox. Truly, a great day.

A soft chime brought her attention to her scroll. Keeping up the petting with one hand, she picked it up with the other. Doctor Sophos was calling, huh? She accepted the call and brought the phone to her ear, having fun with the orange fluff on her lap all the while. "Hello - ahaha! - Doctor Sophos! What can I do for you?"

Everywhere Else / Re: Preparing for the Coming Storm, Team Two
« on: May 08, 2018, 06:50:59 AM »
Nathan had been standing a bit behind the rest of his teammates, arms crossed and listening intently to the representative - as well as his colleagues when they asked questions.

From what he'd heard so far, what he'd - they'd - have to face off against was a group of robots, numbers unknown, fairly mobile by the looks of the glints coming from the forest as well as tailored to anti-Grimm operations. That probably involved some sort of coordination. Maybe lots of it, too, seeing as they were prototypes. Seeing as they were in the forest, they might be more belle than the usual Knights he'd seen here and there? Not that it precluded ranged units, but still, you're better off with CQC in mildly dense woods.

The Vale Region / Re: Songs of Peril [Closed]
« on: May 08, 2018, 06:42:36 AM »
As Calen went off ahead on his own for a while, Camelia more or less just watched him go off before returning to her surveillance routine. With a horse, try as she might, he was outside her intervention range. All she could top was wish him a safe moment away.

Later, as Justice began to draw away, Camelia nearly started to try and catch up before realizing that he hadn't just sped up, but was merely putting distance between them. Why, though? First thing that came to mind was just to get away, but then he would've just sped up. It was sorta contradictory to the music he was playing as well. Oh, perhaps it was because of the music? Was he walking a bit ahead to put distance between the source of the sound and the rest of his team, in case of an attack?

Camelia concluded that it was entirely likely and, as a result, redoubled her efforts to keep watch for dangers, especially ones headed for Justice.

AMA Section / Re: Zenith Semblances
« on: May 05, 2018, 11:27:22 AM »
Nathan: Could blow up an entire Academy if using Dust. Otherwise, can pull an actual megaton punch. Both are a 1-shot thing that may leave him severely harmed or dead.

Camelia: Can freely control the local gravitational fields. Things can get thrown at supersonic speeds or implode into highly improbable configurations, as well as be torn asunder. Mind you, it still takes large amounts of concentration to pull things off.

Anna: She can see a lot more now. Almost everything within 10 kilometers. And it's mildly terrifying.

Brock: He can pause for a second and get back to full Aura, about a dozen times.

Helena: Can heal everything within seconds. Including death, if it's only been a minute or two.

Maena: She can carve stuff into mountains with the power she now has. Or, y'know, a random dude's face can be vaporized hundreds of times over.

Teams / Re: Team List
« on: May 01, 2018, 05:59:15 AM »
Beacon 1st year

BSSM | Blossom
Lightish red

Anna cracked a grin at Calen's joke. Seriously, sometimes, the guy wasn't so bad.

A few hours later, after the Sun had set and she could barely distinguish the treetops, she quickly climbed down the tower like only she could; smoothly swinging her way down the massive structure with effortless grace. She landed softly on her two feet and slowly walked over to the building everyone'd set up at, enjoying the twilight as she did. She took the opportunity to respond to Calen with "Don't worry, we only peek at you when you're cooking!" before briefly ducking inside, grabbing her coat and climbing to the roof. She might not be able to keep visual watch anymore, but she certainly could still use her ears. That, and when you had nothing to read, being outside was basically the next best thing.

When the temperature got outright uncomfortable, even with the thick extra layer, she popped back inside by swinging into an empty window frame, landing with an unnervingly soft thud. After staying still for a couple seconds, she realized the fireplace was void of all, well, fire. She went right back out where she came in, landing on the ground a floor lower. Getting her bearing was relatively easy in the quiet town, the crackling of  a fire standing out like bright red on a blue canvas.

It wasn't long before she found the campfire Calen had set up in the middle of town (it was probably him), a ways away from the temporary residence. She sat down besides the firepit, eyes unknowingly staring right into the flames, and whispered a hushed hello to the other person waiting around, namely Teddy. The smell of grilled fish and... something she couldn't really identify wafted by, increasing in complexity and intensity by the minute. When Calen asked if anyone was hungry, she raised her right hand high.

The Vale Region / Re: Within Nature ~ Training [Nathan] (CLOSED)
« on: April 25, 2018, 09:44:37 AM »
Seeing as the fox had accepted her and wasn't panicking or even fidgeting at all, Helena used her right hand to gently scratch its neck, hoping the petting would help it relax a bit more. Having conluded her probing, she analyzed what she'd felt once again, just to be sure. Something had seemed a bit off. It was generalized, too, a sort of barely-perceptible bounciness against her semblance. Actually, it reminded her a bit of -

Oh. Oh, wow. Well she knew what she'd be doing once her patient had been healed.

Speaking of healing, while still petting the fox, she brought her left hand right besides the damaged ribs, being careful to not touch the body. She then activated her semblance at full power and a bright light filled with warmth, akin to the Sun's, shone forth from her palm. In under thirty seconds, the ribs had moved back into the correct positions and healed entirely. The drain on Helena was rather significant, as she expected when healing bones, but far from what it would've been had she been treating a human. As it were, she would have enough juice to heal the fox completely and have some to spare. She briefly made a detour by the fox's head, healing the damage in a couple seconds, before moving to the much larger enterprise that was the hind leg.

First, everything went back to its rightful place. Then the skin was mended, right down to the follicles; hair would grow back normally. Then came the blood vessels, nerves, ligaments, bones and finally, muscles. When Helena finished, the leg was pretty much as good as new, except for a few hairless spots. While happy to see her work, she felt incredibly drained after such an expenditure of energy. Fighting back the urge to doze off with some ease, she 'finished' her treatment by infusing the animal's body with her own Aura, parting ways with some of it in the process, until a glow signaled a successful awakening. Despite feeling more tired now, she says "There you go, buddy. All patched up, and then some" in a decidedly cheerful tone before petting the fox with both hands.

Anna was ambivalent about her current situation. One one hand, the mission had been a success, Calen's meals were pretty damn good and things were currently peaceful; on the other, they had now been away from civilization for a week, Calen had been a dick several times (the hallucinogens had given her headaches as well as made her attack him on multiple occasions) and there were no books around apart from the wealth of digitized scientific literature they'd been hoarding.

She was currently sitting near the top of the radio tower, pinging her semblance every now and then as a makeshift sentry. Looking upon the surroundings was currently her sole source of entertainment apart from social interaction - but alarm duty was more important than that, surely. Apart from that, when it wasn't her turn to be the lookout, she helped whoever she could. However, lookout had been her job all the time until now, bar the time where she slept with the others in one building or the other.

She spotted a blur - quickly identified as Calen - shooting up the radio tower, stopping mere metres above herself. Her only reaction was a casual "Hey."

The Vale Region / Re: Songs of Peril [Closed]
« on: April 18, 2018, 01:15:59 PM »
Camelia kept walking alongside Calen, more or less vaguely keeping tabs on the conversation at hand while most of her focus remained on her surroundings. The mention of having some live music for the trip did manage to make her glance at Justice for some time, though.

Plot Zone / Re: Preparing for the Coming Storm(Site wide plot thread)
« on: April 18, 2018, 07:09:07 AM »
Add Nathan pls.

Approved Characters / Re: Camelia Sol
« on: April 17, 2018, 05:38:45 AM »
Count yourself lucky I haven't found one for Maena yet 8)

Added uncategorized theme.

The Vale Region / Re: Within Nature ~ Training [Nathan] (CLOSED)
« on: April 14, 2018, 08:29:11 PM »
Once the fox was free, Helena took back her scroll and unceremoniously shoved it back in its place, keeping her eyes trained on the fox. After crawling out of its own volition, it looked at her.

Her heart melted.

Her expression softened to a degree that would probably make most indifferent and even hostile men weak in the knees. She whispered, in the quietest voice, "It's okay. I'm here now. You're safe and I'll take care of you." Ever so carefully, she brought one of her hands close enough for the animal to smell while using her left hand to inspect the damage. Activating her semblance at the bare minimum allowed her to feel the 'tug' of injuries without actually healing them. As expected, some head trauma, a few broken ribs and a heavily damaged hind leg.

Waiting on the fox's decision before actually petting it, she reached into her backpack and brought out a water bottle, room temperature. With an incredibly soft and gentle touch, she picked up the small ball of fur and put it on her knees, keeping her right hand above the front torso in case it panicked. She said "This might be a bit unpleasant but please bear with it..." before rinsing the various wounds with appropriate amounts of water.

WiP Characters / Re: Eleanor Etoile
« on: April 14, 2018, 06:59:23 AM »
  • Banned Semblance Abilities: These are general concepts that are not allowed for characters.
    • Creation Powers. You cannot create a hammer made out of a physical matter. You can create a hammer made out of Aura, which would dissipate when you let go of it or ran out of Aura.

Just a reminder.

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