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Beacon Academy / Re: Blind Not-Date [CLOSED]
« on: Today at 05:30:50 AM »
Bleh. Height joke. He’s not that short is he? Noir knows that he’s above average in terms of height, so that really shouldn’t hurt. Though, to be fair, he is short compared to his team. I guess that does make me short… Doesn’t it? He didn’t know what to feel about that. After all, it’s merely a statement of facts, though it still hurt nonetheless. Not only that, but it could be one of those jokes Lyssa always makes, so how should he deal with this? Noir was so unsure that he could only give the most bland and awkward response.


Realizing how downhill Noir went, he should just use work to unawkward the whole situation (for him anyways). With a smoothie of a consistent texture, Noir quickly put it into a cup for Lyssa’s consumption, all with nervous laughter towards the joke and Lyssa’s response. ”Of course, of course! Haha... “ The nervous laughter fades away as he just stands there awkwardly now with the cup extended towards Lyssa.

Shoot, Noir doesn’t know what to do from here. What do they talk about? What can he even say? Internally, he’s sweating bullets. Externally… Well, he does still seem nervous but not to the extent of internal screaming.

Everywhere Else / Conflicting Ideals [CLOSED]
« on: Today at 05:16:04 AM »
If one was to survey Haven’s dock at the current moment, it seems rather desolate and lonely with a singular bullhead currently waiting for its occupants to make their way over. Compared to the bustling weekends where students are coming in and out to make daily excursions, there’s only a singular fourth year tiredly waiting with the bullhead. Said fourth year also happens to be letting out constant tired sighs as they rub their eyes under the mask. After all, Arian is allowed to make constant expeditions and he just came back from his most recent one. A sound of disgust rises from within him as he ponders about his current status. He can’t let his exhaustion hinder him, so he’ll have to account for it in other ways.

Moreover, Arian has just been tasked to essentially mentor his juniors alongside a fellow peer that he’s not all too familiar with. He’s not too sure as to why him of all people out of the members in his team, but he’ll have to make do. I suppose I can take the time to become familiar with the ones that’ll become my colleagues in the future. It’ll be difficult, but perhaps it’ll be a nice test for all of them to grow stronger in the end.

As Arian thinks about this, he also goes over what their mission will be. As far as he knows, it’ll be one of the daily patrols between villages in order to clear out local supply routes of any grimm and bandits. Doing this would secure the safety of the villages and transfer of goods for the next group of huntsmen. Any other information he really didn’t care for all too much.

The Vale Region / Re: [CLOSED]Pecking Order
« on: Today at 02:03:44 AM »
Blank, dead eyes stare back at Tiber. Artist is basically leading their “conversation”, if you can even call it that, and she’s getting absolutely no verbal responses from the kid. Most normal people would be weirded out at this point and just back off. Fortunately for Artist, and unfortunately for Tiber, Artist is the opposite of normal and is all the more determined to figure out the kid’s shtick. After all, that’s her best trait! If her subordinates and bosses say so, then it definitely is. That’s besides the point though, since she has a new “project” to focus on right now.

The dead eyes revive as they fill with burning determination. ”Well, alright then. Say, what do you think about hanging out for a bit? I’ve got a bit of free time and you seem interesting enough to stick around with. Hell, you can decide what we'll do, I'm down with whatever!” By the end of the day, Artist will definitely find out what she wants to know, and no one can stop her.

The Vale Region / Re: A Difference In Social Skills [CLOSED]
« on: July 16, 2019, 03:12:04 AM »
Iron catches the clothing thrown at him, with his face twisting in slight displeasure as he glances over the recommended articles. While he’s not against it, Iron supposes that extra clothing would help and things other than sweaters would be better for any more excursions. Iron’s gaze scan the store for a nearby fitting room before frowning once more as it would take too much time with everything that needs to be done.

Well. Iron is someone that knows how to keep things simple to get things done. Swiftly removing the hanger from one of the dress shirts, Iron quickly removed his coat and sweater. It briefly revealed his upper body (as if Iron really cared), but he quickly put the dress shirt on before anyone else would notice. To be honest, Iron appreciates the feel of the shirt as he twists and turns as the fabric moves with him. Though, it does feel rather tight around the torso.

 ”Hm. You have good taste, I suppose. Do try to keep it civil as I look for similar clothing of my size. Please watch over my sweater and coat.”

Iron picks up the two clothes off the ground before deftly tossing it in the two's direction. With that, Iron leaves the two alone as he starts to browse similar articles nearby of various colors and sizes. However, he’s still within earshot should his attention be required, in many different ways.

Beacon Academy / Re: Blind Leading Blind [CLOSED]
« on: July 15, 2019, 04:57:38 PM »
If one was to look at Noir in his current predicament, they’d be slightly confused. After all, they’d only see some guy randomly moving books between bookshelves while having difficulties while doing so. Not only that, but the music playing through his headphones and the bobbing head hints that he’s not too aware of a lot of things. Externally, it seems like Noir is out of it and is literally just doing whatever in the library to curb his boredom.

Internally however, Noir is currently screaming in his head. It’s so embarrassing to be doing whatever he’s doing, especially since he could just go somewhere else and do something - except for the fact it takes way too long to do anything else. In fact, he might as well just call it quits and actually wait for the library attendant to come back.

If only he didn’t walk into a table he distinctly remembered not being there and fall over in surprise. If only. Now that he thinks about it, maybe all his movement made him lose his orientation within the location. Maybe he should’ve stopped being the dumb. Unfortunately, it was too late to stop the fall and his idiocy.

Beacon Academy / Blind Leading Blind [CLOSED]
« on: July 05, 2019, 08:50:51 PM »
Noir wasn’t all too sure as to why he was in the library. He did say that he was going to pick up a book for his teammates since it would’ve been a good read for them. In fact, it was in his nature to help out a friend however he could. Unfortunately, Noir didn’t quite have the foresight to realize that he does not have the capabilities of finding the book he’s looking for. Now he’s in Beacon’s vast library with no form of assistance whatsoever as it seems like the attendant is currently out on a break. A quick sense of the aura also doesn’t reveal much either, with most of them out of the way and isolated. He didn’t have the heart to bother those people while they’re trying to do whatever they need to do in a library

Noir really didn’t have the will to return back to the dorm, but he really didn’t have anywhere else to go for the rest of the day. That’s why he’s now going to meander thoughtlessly throughout the library with his headphones on and music jamming. Of course, he occasionally bumps into a lot of things that he didn’t expect, but that’s just because they’ve been moved. As long as he takes it slow, he probably won’t be in too much pain.

While Noir’s at it, he might as well look like he’s doing something as he picks up random books and dropping them off elsewhere.

Beacon Academy / Re: Blind Not-Date [CLOSED]
« on: July 02, 2019, 09:58:39 PM »
Noir gives off a nervous chuckle as he cleanly sends all the cut up ingredients into the blender. ”I mean, I guess you can call me badass. I’m just average though.” It’s true too. He’s definitely not the best at fighting, and not only that but he’s average at academics as well. Noir isn’t too sure how his mediocrity makes him badass, but it feels nice that Lyssa gives him her support. Well, he’ll take it since support from Lyssa is rare.

”You’re welcome, glad to make a teammate’s day.” Noir’s offhand comment was made distractedly as he properly sets up the blender and starts doing the thing you do with blenders: blending. Counting in his head for the proper consistency as he held the blender down, his thoughts wandered elsewhere, specifically directed towards Lyssa.

She’s definitely an interesting sort, and Noir is sure he doesn’t click all too well with her. However, he’ll make do since she’s a teammate and her company isn’t all too bad. Though, he does wonder if he’ll continue making daily meals for the team. That would hurt on the finances.

”So uh, you want me to continue making food for you for the rest of our time here?”

The Vale Region / Re: [CLOSED]Pecking Order
« on: July 02, 2019, 08:47:34 PM »
Artist got severe whiplash hearing the kid speak. He looked like a rather nice kid, playing up the quiet guy stereotype. If anything, she expected a softer voice from her. Hell, she would’ve even taken whispers. Instead, she ends up visibly confused by whatever Tiber just said as she pieces together what he just said. Normally, she’s much more generous on things like this, but damn did that surprise her. Reigning in all visible confusion, Artist starts moving her mouth as if she was going to speak but has no idea what to say. ”For…. School. Right.” She pauses again as she didn’t piece together what that meant after she tried to understand what the kid said. ”Ah. School! Huntsman right? Beacon maybe?”

Artist would pause again as she kinda awkwardly pats Tiber’s shoulders as she tries to voice her next comment albeit weakly. ”So uh. What’s up with the uh… pronunciation mangling you got there.” If Artist was anything, she’s straight to the point.

The Vale Region / Re: A Difference In Social Skills [CLOSED]
« on: July 02, 2019, 08:29:08 PM »
Iron frowns at the two of them, and immediately straightens his posture as he composes himself in spite of their silliness. Surely, there was nothing wrong with his actions, and the two clearly do not understand the complex logic behind it. Clearly Iron would have to play Ayaka’s little game and take her bait. ”May I remind you that you as well live in that so-called ‘cave’?” Iron leans in a somewhat aggressive manner to get in Ayaka’s face with a full blown smirk to continue with his comments. ”You should stop projecting your own issues and desires onto other people, it’s unbecoming of you.”

Iron would’ve continued to prod at Ayaka for their verbal skirmish, but Isabelle’s ‘order’ stopped that in its tracks. On that same note, Iron wasn’t too sure on what’s going on with his leader, but he supposes there wouldn’t be much to dwell on as it’s clear she doesn’t want to talk about it. With a shrug, Iron would lead the two off to the part of the store for his sweaters and coats, not before making a quip directed towards Ayaka.

”I suppose while we’re on our way, do you want your hand held? Might as well fulfill your impure desires with someone respectable enough.”

Beacon Academy / Re: Blind Not-Date [CLOSED]
« on: May 14, 2019, 11:07:36 PM »
Feeling Lyssa apprehend the meal in his hands, Noir considers the question she asked. Noir wasn’t too comfortable with what she’s asking, but it wasn’t like he was uncomfortable either. It’s like sharing your capabilities with your teammates so that they can function the best they can, though he supposes that the team is already quite dysfunctional… With what seems like a shrug, Noir would answer in a bland tone. ”Well, to begin with, colors are nonexistent and I usually get the barest details of what I see.”

Noir sort of makes what seems like investigative gestures towards Lyssa’s face, almost like he would touch her face, though definitely respecting her boundaries. ”Like… Like…” Noir frowns in frustration as he decides to take it out on the poor ingredients he’s using for the smoothie, quickly returning to the kitchen. Cleaning and cutting strawberries and bananas, Noir would continue to struggle to formulate the exact details of his ‘sight’. ”Like, it’s difficult to tell much from someone’s face. Sure I can see some of the facial structure, but I don’t…” How can he tell someone that when he looks into people’s eyes with his semblance, all he sees is empty eye sockets? Noir would shudder as he remembered the horrors that came with his ‘sight’. The first time Noir used his semblance, it almost gave him nightmares just from how… empty, everything felt with his sight. It’s almost like being blind but not. Noir would pause as he decides to branch off into something else in the topic since it’s getting slightly too uncomfortable for him. ”It’s like using your aura to probe, and you just get slightly detailed outlines I suppose. It’s hard to put into word.”

The Vale Region / Re: [CLOSED]Pecking Order
« on: May 14, 2019, 10:52:45 PM »
Artist blinked at the weird audible clack the boy made. She also blinks as the boy actually lands a shot on the target. What a quick learner! She’ll certainly make a shooter out of him. Artist ruffles the kid’s hair as a form of approval as she starts to speak again, ”Alright kiddo, here’s what you’re gonna do. You’ll take a few more shots, and then we’re gonna get you used to firing with one hand. Capiche?” Once again, Artist would begin to poke and prod the boy as she tries to slowly coax his stance into a much more looser but still functional one.

While doing so, Artist renewed her interest at the sound she just heard. She wouldn’t have thought much of it, but being who she is, it might be worth investigating. Though, it wasn’t worth getting called out for any form of harassment or assault, so she’ll tackle this in a normal way. Gently grabbing the kid’s hands and manipulate them into what would hopefully be a better form for him, Artist would casually start an off topic conversation. ”So loser, it’s probably personal and all, but what’s the gun for? The knives? Most normal people wouldn’t be like…” Artist pauses in her ministrations before sort of making a weak gesture to all of the boy, ”like, y’know… You. Edgy.” Artist’s amazing social skills strikes again, like the hero she is! Not really, but she likes to think that.

The Vale Region / Re: A Difference In Social Skills [CLOSED]
« on: May 14, 2019, 10:41:19 PM »
Well. Iron’s ruse had been easily revealed, though he wasn’t too surprised that it was. Deciding to finally stop acting like a lovesick dolt, Iron returns to his blank expression to properly converse with the two. However, it quickly returned to something out of character for him as Iron would bring up the hand that held Isabelle’s hand close to his face. Flexing it open and close as if considering something, Iron would intensely concentrate on the feelings he had gotten. Almost under his breath, Iron would voice his forbidden thoughts instead of continuing any form of normal conversation.

”Hm… how delicate.”

Without context, it sounds extremely strange. With context, it still sounds strange but at least Iron’s reasoning was clear. Iron always struggled with things that required a finer touch when it came to his projects, and usually Iron would just brute force it or take extensive lengths for it to not get in the way. However… Isabelle’s hand was a mixture of being soft yet firm, presumably from years of hard work and combat. Iron would sincerely consider recruiting Isabelle for a few of his projects.

Though, for what Isabelle and Ayaka sees, it’s just Iron being shocked about what Isabelle’s hand felt like. What a loser.

The Vale Region / Re: A Difference In Social Skills [CLOSED]
« on: April 21, 2019, 05:55:34 PM »

The rather weak insult was ignored in favor of the appearance of his teammate. ”Mmm. Good to see you Ayaka.” Iron had sent out a rather cordial greeting, but there was a level of smug underlying the greeting. ”Are you jealous? I suppose you would be, though I must wonder who’d you be jealous of..” If the smug in his voice wasn’t obvious before, it’s distinctly obvious now since Iron is deadset on teasing both of them regardless of the dignity he’s going to lose today. Iron would proceed to sigh and continue with his teasing. ”I mean, after all, Isabelle is such a lovely lady, and I myself am quite the gentleman.” While amusing as of right now, future Iron would be full of regret at his rather undignifying actions, but that’s for another time.

However… Iron would sharply turn to Isabelle with a face full of false hurt from her response, one that looks real enough to suit his desires of teasing the faunus. ”Oh? I thought we were on a date! It seems all my planning was for naught, how cruel.” Iron played out the hurt victim perfectly. The heartbroken expression, the slight shuffling of feet in awkwardness, hell, even the slightest movement of his hands to show the feeling of hurt! While doing so however, Iron would eye Ayaka to see what made her so… un-Ayaka. After all, if he’s committing to the all-in, might as well try his best.

Iron wish he could make up an excuse about how this is all for information gathering and realistic reasons, but that’d be wrong.

Beacon Academy / Re: Blind Not-Date [CLOSED]
« on: April 18, 2019, 04:27:46 PM »
Noir felt conflicted. He was filled with joy, enough to put a little pop in his steps. Noir never felt so happy that someone thought he was actually competent! On the other hand, it was completely for the wrong reason. Hell, Noir was tempted to keep it that way because he wouldn’t have the heart to deal with being labelled as “a blind guy” again. Unfortunately, he doesn’t have the heart to leave Lyssa in her own self-deceptions about his capabilities either. Well. Noir is just going to have to suck it up. While cooking. With dangerous objects.

”Well… Not exactly.” Noir awkwardly coughs as he goes to voice his thoughts. ”See, my semblance, it strains me. I usually get nasty headaches, sometimes even worse.” The sizzling of the bacon quickly becomes the only thing that can be heard until Noir speaks again, much more weakily as he voices the next constraint. ”It’s not complete sight either…”

Whatever sadness Noir had left, it was gone. Noir hisses as he nearly cuts himself with the knife he was using, before moving to start distributing the meats into the tortillas. Quickly shuffling around, Noir evenly distribute the meats, then some guacamole and sour cream. Lastly, Noir sprinkles the vegetables and cheese he cut up into the burrito. Wrapping it up nicely so that nothing leaks, there are now three plates of burritos! He wraps up those burritos in a foil and puts them into a brown paper bag as he grabs the plate and sort of turns to Lyssa’s direction. Slowly walking to make sure he’s at the right place, Noir offers the plate.

”Want me to make anything to drink? I can make smoothies or…” He might as well. Noir had more things to be cooked and prepared for his team, so it would be easy to knock out any drink requests.

The Vale Region / Re: A Difference In Social Skills [CLOSED]
« on: April 17, 2019, 01:07:05 AM »
This whole day has Iron off his guard, and Isabelle’s laughter and amusement is not making any better. Though, he supposes that it is sort of pleasant to the ears compared to how they interacted before. That’s only a minor benefit since he’s still in a pretty bad situation for the rest of the day. Looking back to the faunus and back forwards in the direction he’s moving, Iron found himself inside the store, noting the very same sections that Isabelle had saw. Some of the outfits already seemed gaudy and excessive, but he supposes that Isabelle would want to take part in some of those.

Having not let go of Isabelle’s hand when she tugged back, Iron would think to himself. Although it’d be easier, Iron really didn’t feel like splitting up to give himself false hope that today will be over, so it would be better to just stick together to get what they need. Plus, there’s an opportunity to be had. ”We’ll stick together. It’ll be simpler that way and the item management would be feasible.” Looking at the sections, Iron would look back to the girl with a teasing smirk, ”I suppose you’d want to go to the children’s section?” A dig at his leader’s height would be too bad, and it’ll voice his displeasure in a way. Or maybe it’s just amusing to do so. Who knows what goes on in Iron’s head.

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