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Title: Tea and Cookies [Open]
Post by: L-Money on August 10, 2018, 02:22:16 AM
There was the sweet smell of cookies being baked wafting through the hallway of the dorm leading toward the kitchen area this afternoon after classes. As one entered the kitchen area, they would be able to see the oven lightly smoking as Leona intensely read a cookbook while another three cookbooks sat around the messy kitchen. The strawberry blond girl used her semblance to lift an egg up to her hand as she read out loud the instructions.

“Beat vanilla and eggs together until well blended… Sounds simple enough. Not like the last recipe.”

Leona grabbed the egg and broke it into the bowl and started mixing. She still did not notice the smoke starting to slowly build behind her.
Title: Re: Tea and Cookies [Open]
Post by: DEXES on August 10, 2018, 06:01:33 AM
Humming softly, Kisha walked through the halls of the Academy until a sweetish smell rose in her nose and stopped her for a second. It didn't really surprise her, there were a few students who wanted to use the kitchen every now and then for their own satisfaction, even though it was usually her standing in the room and baking.

Since Kisha was on her way to the kitchen anyway, she could as well see who was baking and maybe make a friend along the way.
As she, still humming, approaching the kitchen, the sweetish smell turned a little ... dull.
With a "haaaaallllloo-" she opened the door carefully, but then interrupted herself as she saw the cloud of smoke forming above the oven. The cloud was still small .... Still...
"I think something's burning" She said slightly giggling and waved first at the blond-haired classmate, and than pointed to the oven.
Title: Re: Tea and Cookies [Open]
Post by: L-Money on August 10, 2018, 09:38:26 PM
"Hello," Greeted Leona as she turned to meet the stranger in the doorway. "It's very nice to see-" She started to say only to be cut of by noticing the smoke. "Oh not again! Please pardon me." She rushed to put her bowl that she was sturring down and pulled out the cookies. A plume of smoke came from the oven as she opened it. She coughed as she pulled the tray of questionably burnt cookies from the oven and placed it on the stove.

"Oh dear. This is embarrassing." Leona commented with a 'no hard feelings' giggle. "Um. Hello, again. It's nice to meet you." She washed her hands and extended one out for a handshake.
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Post by: DEXES on August 11, 2018, 01:02:40 AM
Again? Kisha thought as she watched the girl ran to the oven and saved the cookies from their fiery hell. Or rather what was left of the cookies, except for the black-baked sad-looking pastry.

Kisha still had the small grin on her face as she took the girls hand and shook it quickly up and down. "Hey there, I'm Kisha Miles, I've seen you in class a couple of times, weird that I've never talked to you before, is this your first time baking? Oh, I'm not saying it looks bad! When I baked for the first time- Okay, I've never burned anything, but that's just beginner's bad luck. Uh! Not that I was to saying that you look like a beginner! Everyone has just bad luck from time to time. Uhhhhm.... Your Name! I should have heard it before ... Uhm ... Uhh .. Lyonea?"

Only then did Kisha stop the handshaking and scratched embarrassed the back of her head. Unfortunately, forgetting the names of others was nothing new to her. She was lucky if she didn't accidentally forget the names of her teammates. When she looked away in embarrassment, she discovered an open cookie-cook-book and looked briefly over it. Standard recipe. But she decided not to say anything and waited for a response from the girl infront of her.
Title: Re: Tea and Cookies [Open]
Post by: L-Money on August 11, 2018, 01:56:19 AM
Leona politely smiled as the handshake became a tad long and awkward for her, but she did enjoy her enthusiasm.

"You are close. My name is Leona Koningsblauw." Leona noticed her looking at the cookbook. "It, um... is not my first time cooking deserts. You see, I was testing out different recipes to see which one would be less likely to burn. I see that this one is not it. Maybe the next few might be the ones. If not, I guess the oven just runs hot here too."

Leona snapped her fingers as if she just got an idea. "Would you like to help? I do enjoy company while I cook." Without warning she goes to the kitchen closet and grabs an extra apron expectantly.
Title: Re: Tea and Cookies [Open]
Post by: DEXES on August 11, 2018, 02:59:16 AM
Kisha decided not to question Leona's reasons any further, but at the same time she would have liked to object. To be baked only to be burned afterwards. The poor cookies, they had such a fulfilling life before them! She looked for the last time to the sad pile of burned cookies and then gratefully accepted the apron.
"I was going to make a cake, but I have time for that later, so those are the cookies we're going to make next?" she asked, tying the apron behind her. She could see the book and especially the recipe better now and read it quickly.

Vanilla sugar
Baking powder
... and a few other things

"hmm..." Kisha looked up for a moment, "How many portions do we make and do you want to garnish them afterwards?" Or do we just want to burn them? The last question was purposely left out. Well, even if they only palnned on burning them, she might as well use the burned cookies for something. Only the previous ones were already too far gone as that she could use these again.
Title: Re: Tea and Cookies [Open]
Post by: L-Money on August 11, 2018, 01:34:25 PM
"Oh, those cookies? Yes, they are the ones for the next batch. I was planning on making enough for my team to have two each, but we can make some more for you and your team as well." Leona scrapped off the burnt cookies into the trash remorsefully before continuing. "I've made it up to the part about mixing the eggs and the vanilla sugar into the batter. Oh! and I love decorating the cookies. That's the whole reason I bake." Leona grabbed a spoon and bowl for Krisha, though she wasn't quite sure what to do with it yet. "If you don't mind me asking, what kind of cake were you going to make?"
Title: Re: Tea and Cookies [Open]
Post by: DEXES on August 11, 2018, 02:54:20 PM
"Oh, it's a schoko aller grenze" she said with a smile until she noticed her mistake. The cake was so named only in her grandparents' shop, which is why she quickly corrected herself "It's a chocolate surprise-egg cake, wait, I should have a picture" Kisha quickly searched round in her hoodie pocket under the apron until she found her scroll. It was quickly turned on and she wiped across the screen to go through the pictures in the gallery. "Uhm... hm... Ah, there it is!" She turned the scroll over and held the screen to Leona.
We'll get a new teammate soon and so I thought I would bake one for him, but we don't have to stop making the cookies, I can make the cake later."
Kisha put her scroll away again and then went to the bowl with the batter "Let's make the cookies for your team first, if anything is left I can take them for mine. The batter looks good, did you already put salt in?"
Title: Re: Tea and Cookies [Open]
Post by: Moth on August 11, 2018, 03:20:35 PM
Something smelled nice.

Chantou's navigating a bit on autopilot. The mantis faunus has obviously already retired for the afternoon, swapping her school uniform out for a pair of sweatpants and a off-the-shoulder croptop. Her hair's a bit off a mess, tied up in a sloppy messy bun, and based on the slump to the shoulders and the way she was yawning as she plodded down the corridor, it wouldn't be an off guess to say she'd been napping. But regardless, the urge for food had managed to rouse her from her slumber, and short of going to her jeep to raid her cooler or bothering to get dressed for the dining hall, raiding the kitchen was her next best bet. Thankfully, that's exactly where she'd manage to find her leader. "Yo, Leo, other chick. What's cookin'?"
Title: Re: Tea and Cookies [Open]
Post by: L-Money on August 18, 2018, 12:38:46 AM
Leona almost drooled when she saw the cake. "I'm almost intimidated by that cake, it's so lovely." She said with a giggle. She nodded for a while until Kisha said salt. "Why would I need salt?" She was quickly distracted by Chantou's entrance. "Oh! Hello Chantou. We are making cookies! It was going to be a surprise for our team, but I guess you can have an early cookie once we are finished baking them." She said as she spilled some batter on to the floor with vicious stirring.
Title: Re: Tea and Cookies [Open]
Post by: DEXES on August 18, 2018, 03:14:37 AM
Kisha responded with a pleased smile to Billy's statement, and would have liked to continue talking about the cake, but it was probably better that she didn't. Especially considering the braggart factor.
"Salt is a natural flavor enhancer, you just have to watch that-" she cut off mid sentence as the door opened and another person walked into the room. And she seemed to know Leona.

"Ah, so that's your teammate?" she asked Leona before turning on tiptoes to the newcomer, "The name's Kisha, nice to meet you, as Leona already said, we're making cookies and- ah-" she cut herself off again as she looked over her shoulder at Leona to see her...Stirring. For a moment she stood there. Quiet. Ookkkay, at least it is well stirred. But still, poor batter... She personally was very sensitive when it came to wasting ingredients, or food in general, but she managed to keep the comment about it for herself.

With a barely audible sigh, Kisha turned back to the faunus. "You're welcome to help... Uhm..." She looked away, embarrassed. Leona had said the name not ten seconds ago and she had already forgotten it? She really had to work on her memory.