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Title: Siu Ceong (Posted to creation)
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Name: Siu Ceong (In that order, but her surname is Siu); Usually nicknamed Ceongź→soar→'Sora'

Age: 21, born 59 AC Saule 28th

Species and Gender: Female Human

Symbol: A golden dragon in a background of sky and sea.
Spoiler: ShowHide

Occupation: Beacon graduate Huntress

Main theme: Kaga Misaki ( - Kancolle OST feat. Kaga(CV: Iguchi Yuka)
Combat theme: Akatsuki no Suiheisen ni(On the Dawn's Horizon) ( - Kancolle OST feat. Akagi(CV: Fujita Saki) and Shoukaku(CV: Nomizu Iori)
Dragon theme: A certain OST from the Chinese Paladin by Brother Hung(apparently) (
Moment of Awesome: Night Witches ( by Sabaton
Sad: Among the poor ( - Europa Universalis IV OST by Andreas Waldetoft

Appearance: Siu mostly sports her favorite outfit in day-to-day activities and sparring: Silk robe with big, long sleeves which extends to her knees with red lining over a usual shirt usually with white as the primary color, along with a lime green skirt and tight-high white socks up to the middle of her thigh with 5 cm of Zettai Ryouiki ( in addition to black short under and a flat shoe.
If practicality was demanded, she dons a much simpler wear in the form of a plain navy colored tunic with cuffed sleeves and a belt and several pouches, similar to that of a nomadic horse archer, instead of the robe, skirt and stocking, and a pair of sneakers instead of shoes.
In both normal, school uniform(when she were at school) and field if possible she wears a headset that both act as a wireless headphone and a transmit-receiver aid for her semblance. She has a mild case of myopia which translates to a pair of glasses normally and adjusted goggles in the field.

With a fairly unnotable height of 165 cm and weight of 63 kg, she has an average body with an undeniable but unassuming body curve. She bears a yellow skin and has a mostly round face with a pair of rather big grey eye and silvery hair reaching down to chest level. Siu is left-handed and has a set of tools designed for her dexterity.

History: Siuís father is an archeologist working in a site near his village, one just outside Vale close enough such that they can mobilize a team on an airship to help in time when occasionally the hired huntsman canít stop them before they start damaging the village. Her mother, a researcher in an Atlas-Vale exchange program on the Atlesian side, met him at a conference about newly recovered items from his site. When they married she moved there and set up a station for first-hand process and analysis after any discoveries. When she was pregnant with Siu, they had a rather large discovery with a multitude of excavated texts and artwork. They turn out to be teaching material including a picture dictionary and textbooks of mathematics and history. With their initial deciphered texts she was named Ceong, which was believed to mean Ďsoarí. The initial discovery gained some attention in the field, but they felt there's more. They don't know what it is but they feel it hinted at something deeper and wider. Maybe they are connected with other known or unknown ancient cultures. This quickly became the goal of the couple, to find and tell the full story of these artifacts.

Thus it was under an atmosphere of exploration and analysis of the past that Siu was raised. Looking at her parents work and asking them questions quickly became her favorite pastime. When one day she asks what are they doing archaeology for she got this:
We archaeologist excavates for learning the past both by itself and from which, discovering exotic knowledge to our and the public's fascination, but most in importantly doing them justice. People don't die when they're killed, it's when they're forgotten. In doing our work, if we can't immortalize those who have failed the test of time, we might at least rescue them from and stave them off against the threat of it for as long as we could.
In a spark of kid genius, Siu proclaimed "If dad and mom work to discover and protect the past, I'll be a huntress to do the same to the present!"
They're taken aback by her unusually quick thinking for her age and a sudden set of life goal, but they didn't outright oppose it, trying to show instead of tell and letting her form her opinion herself.
They told tales, shown footages and media depictions of huntsmen operating at their full glory... and horror. Choosing the most realistic portrayals possible, the little girl is exposed to moments alternating between the likes of a huntsman singlehandedly wipes out 100 Beowolves and an utterly exhausted one implicitly getting mauled in half by an Ursa Major, picking off a horde of Creeps from 300 meters as the sniper witnessed her best friend being overrun and slowly chomped to his death with a scream almost audible from that distance, equally gory and glory with nothing but the most needlessly cruel scenes hidden from her. She had expectedly as much fangirling as shivering but forced herself to watch because she would need to accept all of it if she were to genuinely choose and stay on the path of a huntress. After much longer than she initially thought she reaffirmed herself that she wanted to become a huntress and enrolled in Signal.

In Signal unlike some others who needed time to find their calling she immediately chose to drill her marksmanship, as a result of being scared of fighting closely.  Those footages would have definitely traumatized her if not for her parent comforting her and answering each and every question she had as well as knowing when and what to show her. Either hit-and-run or run and gun did her well, but she had a feeling that she couldn't keep doing that forever. She's right.

On one mission of simple extermination they were doing as well as usual until a particularly large horde came and she fell back more than in their regular responses to fire. While they slaughtered them as just before without issue, they argued if she falling back would be appropriate in terms of mentality and effect which lured an Ursa Major towards them. Not in effective range of attacking it, she can only watch her teammates put up a fight until their Aura broke while she is frantically running to them, but it takes one more good hit to finish it off. When the supervising professor moved in for the finishing blow he saw instead two toy planes crashing into the Grimm and killing it in a pretty firework show.

The moral that came with the semblance is that while she won't (and can't by now) get close and deal with issues and Grimm head first, she can still do the same things at a safe distance remotely and just as precisely, with the added benefit of getting a bigger picture of the events. This translated in day-to-day life to someone who would actually read the manual when getting a new scroll and a tendency to ask for directions first trying to clearly formulate the act before working which brought varying degrees of success. As for things that can't be learned beforehand which is usually only her semblance, she tends to explore the subject bit by bit at first and use it more liberally only when she thinks she has a deep enough understanding of it. Usually, this means her academic subjects improve more and faster than her melee combat because she takes her time formulating the stances or set pieces more than actually practicing them, although they're still passable and her other abilities easily admit her into Beacon. It is where she specialized as the coordinator, feeding information and maneuvering teammates and teams into executing plans made by the local tactician and sometimes providing fire support or even spearheading assaults with aerial bombing.

As a result of this development choice, Beacon Academy has to be the middleman in helping her and Vale establish an agreement in her usage of constructed planes as well as finding her a flight instructor to get her to properly fly the planes. She made a few friends in the Vale Airforce when some of them decided to test their skills against smaller targets and invited her over to a training airstrip.

Eventually, she reaches a new stage of her semblance when she was in her third year. In one attempt to soften a young Goliath before her melee teammates move in and finish it, a huge intense wave of bomber using a large cut of her aura was being created but what conjured instead was a shining golden dragon tearing right through the Grimm with eye blasts followed by several fireballs turning it into ludicrous gibs. Then Siu immediately fainted of the exhaustion and drain of her entire aura pool. The weekends of next month or so consists of Siu trying to surpass the aura usage and still summon the dragon then fainting away and having to spend the Sunday resting.

By the time the soaring girl graduated Beacon, she had learned a customized version of air combat doctrine, the construction and flight of warplanes with different roles, the second form of her semblance which she can finally use without passing out immediately afterwards, upgraded her gun, found herself a few friends aside from her teammates and stomached a slew of academic knowledge most in history. Her first objective is to save up enough Lien and get a permit to work in Mistral where she hopes might found site she can tell her parents about, of which the first step is to find a group that is can travel with her or maybe convince her team to 'visit' Mistral together.

Personality: Siu is naturally curious. If you tell her something new, chances are she would want to know more about it. But If she ever asks "what is this thing", instead of "is it edible" or "can I play with it", her next sentence would more likely be "Where can I learn about it". If she decides something is interesting then expect her to read about it on and off for the next month or so. When faced with a task, her favorite approach is to first watch it from outside, get an idea of the pattern and the core of the problem then solve it in one fell swoop. This kind of curiosity usually doesn't kill the cat, and her tendency to explore the big picture does give her a better understanding of most issues, particularly more subjective ones. This way of thinking isn't without its downfalls, however. After the month or so of being interested in a new subject, she would have likely gained only a less than mediocre level of expertise it and then either never be able to apply it or just forget she knew about it unless reminded of. And woe betides if she finds one of her course subjects uninteresting. There are many problems that require more than just observation and pattern recognition, or that its complexity is out of her league. When faced with such problem that requires hands-on solving, she would still obsessively stares at the problem until she has no less than a detailed understanding of the issue, even though just working on it could have been much faster.

Aura and Semblance: Siu's Aura is a shade similar to Sky Blue and is of above average strength.

She named her semblance "Flying Cranes". It allows her to create warplanes out of Aura and control them.
Planes created can receive simple instruction such as "recon", "escort" or "bombard" but more complex maneuvers such as in a forest or in dogfights usually have to have Siu take control directly to be most effective. Usually at controlling around 5 fighters in a dogfight she will have to put her full attention to them and have no awareness of her own surroundings.
Aura constitutes the structure and fuel of the planes but they're armed with dust if possible. To standardize the dust usage she had divided her dust into units of 5 cubic centimeters and carries one liter of those Dust on her typically. Their insides are a black box as far as mechanisms go but external damages are still possible, though it should be noted that created planes are noticeably tougher than just Aura defenses on her body.

Damages dealt to the aircraft take away from its Aura integrity, and they consume fuel in the form of Aura like a real airplane would, by loading them on the plane and burning it as it goes. Planes can be "landed" on Siu to maintenance. Just crashing into her works fine but Siu likes to outstretch her palm and let planes slide towards her shoulder.
When a plane "lands" on her they will be stored inside her Aura, who would then either fix, refuel and/or rearm them, or scrap them and refund their remaining Aura.
A list of standard planes she uses. Numbers subject to balance.: ShowHide

Reconnaissance planes: Costs 1% Aura to create and can only last as long as that in a fight. Passively and directly feed images into Siu's mind. Cruises at around 100 meters per second and can turn perfectly fine at that speed. It has a range of 2 km and refueling costs 0.25% Aura.

Fighters: Costs 5% Aura to make and is as durable as the equivalent of 15%. Equipped with a machine gun that does lighter but more continuous damage per second. Since there are no g-force constraints, it can fly and fight at close to cruising speed, keeping up with naturally speedier huntsmen when fighting. Costs 1 unit of dust to arm. Its range is 500 meters and refueling costs 1% Aura.

Bombers: Costs 7.5% Aura, of which 0.5% each is used as guidance casing of the bombs, and is as tough as 10%. Drops up to 5 bombs guided by recon planes and deals damage that is a nontrivial threat even to herself. They are usually level bombers so they have a lower maneuverability, not being able to avoid terrain in a forest while at a cruising speed that match only Beacon first years. Costs 2 units of Dust to arm per bomb. Its range is 300 meters and refueling costs 2% Aura.

Transports: Costs 10% Aura. This aircraft is significantly larger than at almost 1 meter long compared to others which are only around 30cm or less. It can carry loads as big and heavy as a rock the size of Siu's palm. They are the least nimble of the bunch, having a straight and turning speed above natural humans but below even a small nevermore. Its range is 1 km and refueling costs 5% Aura.

Given her semblance, it's natural that the airspace management of Vale gets worried so they reached out to Beacon and worked out an arrangement for usage of her semblance in city limits. Simply put if Siu were to use her semblance in an urban area she is subject to laws of drones usage and must maintain frequent communication with the closest air control tower.

There is a limit break of her semblance activated with an extra large dose (at least 70% as of graduation) of Aura being used to conjure aircraft at once, when a gigantic dragon comes out instead. It is armed to the teeth(literally), with rapid-fire eye beams and a fireblast that is as strong as a howitzer and to top it off, homing fireball attacks that is even more destructive. Siu likes to stylize its summoning with dramatic arms flailing and gesture making even though they have no effect on the actual creation of the dragon, only that she has to wave her arms around to assist in maneuvering the dragon to sweep or to point its weaponry at the direction of enemies. This form can be sustained for 3 minutes. Reference videos 1(at 1:38 to 1:49) (, 2(at 0:17 to 0:24) ( She nicknames it 'Fung' which her parents believed to mean 'wind' or 'peak' depending on the written character.
Of course, such a powerful surge comes with an equally tremendous drawback beyond just the Aura consumption. Siu have to focus with all her mind into controlling the dragon or it will collapse on its own, which means
She can see and sense through her dragon, but with almost no movement options it wouldn't be much of any use.
Finally, if the dragon happens to end for any other reasons than timing out(attempts to 'land' the dragon so far have been a failure), she would lose her ability to cast her semblance for 24 hours cutting to 'just' 8 with timeouts and if it is broken by force in particular, then she would also pass out for 30 minutes. And just to nail that she won't be using it except when definitely necessary, Vale requires her to file a vocal report if she uses it at all, and upgrades it into a written one, and one that's detailed and long at that, if she finds herself using the equivalent of a Bullhead in a city.

Combat Behavior: Siu acts like an actual aircraft carrier would in a navy. She stays at the furthest back of a team(which outside of occasionally her Beacon team she do not have by herself), launching planes to gather intelligence and provide fire support from well out of most enemy's range to do her any harm. She then feeds information to her teammates effectively sharing with them a bird's eye view over the battlefield giving them a rarely matched advantage. Bombardment can be either suppressive or played as a shock factor, giving the team a considerable range of option to crack the objective with.
But just like a carrier, she is not very well off if she's caught in combat at her own. She will try to first lure the threat away with bombers and fighter strafes, then unload her machine gun into them coupled with head-on dive bombs to push them back, and withdraw(abandoning the box she probably set down in the process because of the hindrance) with most of her effort preferring that over summoning Fung to drive them away unless in very dire circumstances, and fighting in melee is basically a non-option because if somebody is threatening her directly then they would be almost always superior at close ranges.
Here's a breakdown of her advantages and disadvantages in combat:

+Useful support and offensive semblance
+Fogbuster recon
+An incredibly powerful second form
+Above average aura strength
+Fast fighting speed
+Rather attentive and analytic

=Average marksmanship and strength
=Left handed

-Very bad at all forms of melee including polearms, medium and short-range weapons, hand-to-hand and even gun katas
-Slow travel speed
-Fung comes with an exorbitant price


Name: Point Defense

Primary Form: A black light machine gun that fires at about 80 RPM when in sustained fire. It is fed by a belt in a 0.5mx0.5mx0.5m box magazine. There are also a number of detachable magazines on her each carrying 50 rounds. It comes with a bipod but can also be handheld.

Dust Functions: Kinetic Dust acts as propellent in the gun's cartridges.

History: Siu brought it in parts in the form of an automatic rifle then assembled it herself to technically pass off as a made weapon for Signal requirements. When she graduated into Beacon she found a shop and had its firing and feeding mechanisms modified into what it is right now.
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Now before anyone asks that is not my real name. More work when I wake up.
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Update bump. Also, Huntress histories are long and we still aren't at Beacon yet although I expect it to be fairly soon.
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OK so the biggest thing I noticed was that although the character is a full-fledged huntress you have a few of references to school; school uniform in appearance, and team fighting in Combat Behaviour(If her team have decided to stay together that probably needs to be made clear.)

The planes seem fine if a little weak, rough speed for bombers and transports would be nice and overall less focus needs to be on numbers. Have their cost specific but use terms like 'light' instead of 2% or 'medium' instead 5%, it would do more damage to younger students it also makes the semblance easier to understand. As well as their speed go into more detail about maneuverability, planes in the real world obvious have great forward speed but struggle with quick turns and continuing to fire.

But overall I'm afraid I don't have much to add, it's a well made character although small nitpicks of you use the terms 'fridge' and 'Aesop' which don't make sense in context.
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I think I have addressed every point raised here. If no more issue needs to be dealt with than I would move it for approval.
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You probably need to explain what exactly refueling entails, like do the planes just fly through Siu or is it just whenever a certain distance is traveled more aura is drained?
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I think that is done too, so I'm waiting for a good timing to post it to creation.
Edit: Now pending approval.