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Title: Royal Guard (SIGN-UPS)
Post by: Walter on February 05, 2018, 12:54:09 PM

"I'm just worried, darling."
"I can handle myself just fine, Marvin."
"I know you can, but these people are completely unpredictable. We don't know their motives, we don't know their capabilities, and we don't even know who they are."
"That's never been a problem for us before, has it?"
"Alright, listen - I know you're confident. I want to be confident in you as well. But could you please get some more protection for the event? For me?"
"You're really pulling the 'for me' card, dear?"
"I might be, Beige."
"Hah! Oh, fine... Do you think you could pull some strings at Beacon again?

There's yet another poster on the anouncement board, bearing once more the Royale family crest. Just like last time, it appears to be a job offering for any and all willing students - to act as guards to Beige Royale during a guest speaking at Signal. Unlike last time, however, the poster does warn of potential danger - if Beige were to be attacked, the students would have to be ready to fight. One might recall reports from the last time the Royales hired students - the students fought several armed guards, gravely injuring several, some of said guards winding up dead. If one followed the news, they might have second thoughts about helping the Royales.

But it's just an escort job. How tough could it be?"


This is a combat mission for two-to-three students of any year! Like it says on the tin, you'll be guarding Beige Royale, an ex-huntress and succesful business investor, during a guest speaking she's doing at Signal Academy. Things won't go that perfectly.

I'll be picking out characters which suit the thread the best - though I won't be accepting characters from people who took part in the first thread to make things more interesting. I'm planning around there being two characters, but if a third one also fits really well, I'll go with three!

Sing-ups close... Eventually.
Title: Re: Royal Guard (SIGN-UPS)
Post by: nathan67003 on February 05, 2018, 12:56:38 PM
Throwing in Brock. He even does escort missions from time to time, too.
Title: Re: Royal Guard (SIGN-UPS)
Post by: DEXES on February 05, 2018, 01:11:28 PM
I'll sign up Mikado
Title: Re: Royal Guard (SIGN-UPS)
Post by: Metroidhunter on February 06, 2018, 10:38:30 AM
Signing up with Lyssa.
Title: Re: Royal Guard (SIGN-UPS)
Post by: Vahn on February 21, 2018, 04:13:08 AM
I'll sign up Vahn