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Title: Across the SALTy sea (Main Thread)(Closed but message if you want in)
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Saffron took a few minutes to prepare herself to meet with the headmaster. Washing up to get rid of the fish smell and got into her dress uniform as well as reapplying her makeup before finally, as confident as she was ever going to be to face the headmaster Saffron made her way to his office and went to knock on the door. Before she could, however, the door opened the person Saffron least wanted to see in her state, her mother Elizabeth Artemyeva, walked out. Snapping to a military salute and stepping out of her way. ‘Ma’am.’ Saffron said locking herself behind military protocol. Missing her daughter’s distress Elizabeth simply smiled and returned the salute before gesturing that they would talk later.

Not likely once this gets around. Saffron thought to herself bitterly as she went to knock again but the headmaster’s voice boomed out. ‘You may enter Ms de Cortez.’ Saffron complied and stiffly walked into the headmaster’s office then waited to be addressed again. Amarant Lovis, whose seventy years of life had only sharped his mind, did not address Saffron immediately. Instead, he rose from his seat and walked over to his student studying her silently. Saffron tried her best to remain calm and wait for permission but couldn’t endure the headmaster’s gaze for long and broke protocol. ’There was an incident at Alystra Plaza…’ Saffron began hurriedly before Amarant cut her off by raising his hand.

‘I know what happened at the Plaza.’ Amarant interrupted turning away from Saffron and moved towards one of the several artworks which surrounded the walls of his room and gestured for Saffron to follow. Stuttering as she followed Saffron tried to respond properly to Amarant’s seemingly impossible knowledge. ‘Do you know what this is?’ Amarant asked gesturing to a particular piece. It was a mask, looking like it was made out of stone decorated with semi-precious stones. ‘It… it’s a mask, sorry sir I don’t know its name but I know it’s from Menagerie. Now if I could…’ Saffron replied only to be once again interrupted by Amarant.

‘Yes no one knows their name, you can tell people took effort in its construction with the valuable materials and simply it surviving so long but they didn’t protect its name.’ Amarant continued turning back to face Saffron who met his gaze for a second before the latter breaking off instead studying the mask again. ‘Is this the kind of fate that you want Ms de Cortez?’ Saffron gasped slightly but managed to hold herself still. ‘No Sir.’ Saffron responded through gritted teeth. Amarant cocked his head at his student’s response as his eyes slightly glowed. Blinking a few times, the headmaster turned and made his way back to his desk. ‘So how are we going to stop that?’ Amarant asked coldly as he took his seat.

‘I’ll do better..’ Saffron began only to be interrupted by a harsh ‘How?’ Stuttering Saffron tried to continue ‘I’ll become a better leader..’ But she only managed to get a few words out before Amarant interrupted again. ‘How?’ Saffron was losing herself control, it wasn’t her fault, she didn’t choose this, what right did the headmaster have to treat her like this, why won’t he simply punish her and get it over with. ‘I’ll learn, I’ll try harder, I’ll….’ Saffron answered, her voice rising slightly as her emotions started to overflow. ‘So have  you not been trying before this moment or have we simply not been teaching you.’ Amarant responded, calm as ever only the glow in his eyes started to come back.

'WHAT DO YOU WANT ME TO SAY? THAT I WOULD HAVE GONE ALONG WITH THE PLAN IF IT WOULD KEEP MY TEAMMATES OUT OF TROUBLE AND NOTHING IS GOING TO CHANGE THAT? THAT I DON’T HAVE CONTROL OF SALT BUT I DON’T WANT TO?’ Saffron screamed letting the emotion which had been building up since the incident loose. Her outburst had left her physically drained and it was in this pit of exhaustion that the reality of the situation hit home. ‘Sir… I’m sorry…. That was…There is no excuse.’ Saffron apologised profusely. Amarant was silent for a few moments and Saffron shuffled uncomfortably in the void. ‘You are right Ms de Cortez, there is no excuse. I appreciate your frankness and you coming to me. I’ll take it into consideration with your punishment. You can leave now…. And take the mask with you, for a reminder.’ Amarant finished turning his attention to the paperwork in front of him.

Saffron stood still, face downcast, for a few moments before wordlessly complying. Hefting the stone mask and made her way back to the team room. The whole interaction had taken less than a minute but had left Saffron shaking and exhausted beyond words. Leaving the mask by her bed the last thing Saffron wanted to do was wait around for her team to come back so she headed back out to the training arenas. Walking slowly out of the rooms and tried to get her mind off the day but her movements lacked any speed or determination to actually get her to that stage.
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Avery's breathing was heavier than normal having made good pace back to the academy. He had long since let go of Aurum and honestly wasn't even sure if he was still following him or not. He rolled around the doorway to the headmaster's office only to find that he was speaking to someone else entirely. Amarant paused mid-speech, tilting his body to see around his visitor. "Ms de Cortez is already gone," he told Avery as he shooed him away.

Avery left without saying anything and made his way toward the team's dorm room. He noticed the mask sitting beside Saffron's bed and picked it up, recognizing it from his previous visits to the headmaster's office. Avery sighed as he set it down and took a seat on his bed, leaning forward and resting his head upon his clasped hands. "She's quick," he said half-jokingly, but he didn't even crack a smile himself.
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Topaz had gone off to shower in an effort to get rid of the fish guts that covered her after the disaster in the square before attempting to do anything else. She kept trying to keep her mind clear of what punishment would await her team this time, cleaning duty was really what she hoped for since it was the "lightest" punishment. But that was unrealistic considering the scale of this mess.....Stepping out of the shower she shook her heard trying to dislodge the thoughts of punishment since it didn't help to worry about the future. 'Besides',she thought,'what we get Saffrons probably going to get something ten times worse.'. Quickly drying herself off Topaz changed into a new set of clean clothes before going back to their team room in hope of finding Saffron, but instead, she ended up finding only a stone mask sitting on her bed.

It took a couple of seconds before she realized that the mask must have come from the headmaster's office and that for sure was not a good sign. For one, she doubted Amarant would just loan it out unless he had a very good reason to, also it meant that Saffron had come and go making her much harder to track down. That is, for other people. Focusing her attention inward Topaz reached out for the crystal she had given Saffron to track her just in case. Immediately after finding Saffron's location she began running towards her direction.

Topaz eventually found her way to Saffron after a couple of wrong turns, somewhat surprisingly she found herself in the training arena,'Make sense shes here I guess. Gotta work out those emotions somehow.'She thought before opening the doors and scanning the people currently testing out new weapons and fighting styles before finding Saffron a little further into the arena. Running up to her Topaz exclaimed,"Saffron!". At this point, she was right beside her and realized that she didn't think of something to say to try and comfort her team leader."So, uh, how did it go? I saw the mask in the room....." She said, awkwardly shuffling in place.
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Avery silently entered the room and sat on his bed, having just come from his incredibly brief visit to the headmaster's office, Topaz and Saffron nowhere to be found. He glanced over at the mask that was sitting beside Saffron's bed, staring for a few moments empty-headedly before finally realizing where he recognized it from; Avery wondered how close he was to catching Saffron. He rested his hands upon his clasped hands, replaying all of the events that had transpired today, and the worst of it being caused by himself. If he had just waited or done nothing at all, Dorian may have just strolled by with nothing more than a scoff at the team's childish antics. Avery misread the situation and it cost them. His hands visible clasped harder.

"I wonder what Lovis plans to do. I wonder what Dorian plans to do. Something inconspicuous I'm sure," Avery said, focusing his eyes on the doorway to the room. "Or maybe nothing at all. He could just sit back while we check every corner, preparing for something that doesn't exist". That option certainly would've enticed Avery were he in Dorian's shoes.
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Saffron didn't notice Topaz enter and jumped defensively as she heard her name called out and a figure run towards her. Trying her best to smile and barely half succeeding Saffron turned to her team mate and ran her hand through her hair before replying. 'Oh... hey Taylor, didn't see you there. Er... you know how the headmaster is, always keeping his cards close to his chest... and... er.... you know.' Saffron muttered dejectedly far from her normal upbeat personality. Turning back to her punching bag gave it a few strikes before collapsing into the bag. 'Do you think I'm a good leader.' Saffron asked meekly as she sunk deeper into the bag, almost collapsing to her knees. The experiences including and since Alystra Plaza had left Saffron seriously shaken in regards to her confidence which has only been magnified with Amarant's comments.

'I've tried so hard but why does everything always go wrong.' Saffron continued regardless of Topaz's response basically playing a conversation in her head. She was in pain and crippled by emotion exhaustion Saffron only barely managed to lean herself against a wall before remaining motionless, eyes open, lost in thought. 'It was a gift.' Saffron murmured after a few moments, her brain only then reacting to the second part of the question. This wasn't a single of Saffron getting more responsive however, if anything she fell deeper and deeper into depression. Although she would still respond to questions and follow simple instructions she had entered an almost zombie like state with her mind busy throwing up nightmare after nightmare.
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   "Do you think I'm a good leader?" Topaz was taken a little off guard but tried to answer Saffron with "Of course you're-. Before getting cut off by Saffron sinking into the punching bag and saying  '"I've tried so hard but why does everything always go wrong." She watched on not sure what to do to help, obviously, her team leader was in distress and she needed to at least attempt to cheer her up, or comfort her, or something. She watched as Saffron barely held herself together against the wall of the arena, mumbling about how the mask was a gift. 'Oh no, a gift from Lovis is not a good. We're in it deep.' Topaz thought as she considered what do next.

   After several moments of thought with Topaz staring at Saffron, she quietly declared,"Come on Saffron, it been a long day for you, time to go rest a bit." As she began doing the only thing she could think of, placing Saffron's arm around her neck and supporting a portion of her weight Topaz carried/dragged the much taller girl towards in the direction of their room hoping that she could rest a little bit and recovery some mental fortitude. After crossing the threshold of the arena into the hallway she sent out a message to Aurum and Avery that said,"Found Saffron, bringing her back to the room. Put away mask but DON'T damage it, its Loviss." Putting away her scroll she let the moment of silence drag on for a minute longer, thinking about what she could say. Turning her head to face Saffrons she said"You're doing the best you can Saffron, and that's still better then everyone else could. Think Dorian could handle SALT and our antics?" She stopped and smiled slightly a thinking of the disaster that would become." You're the only one who can do anything to control us, so please, don't be too harsh on yourself."
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Saffron doesn't resist being picked up by Topaz and the latter mostly has drags the former's not insignificant weight back to their room. On a few moments Saffron does halfheartedly try pull Topaz around not to anywhere specific she simply doesn't want to be out although Saffron isn't that difficult to hold still. Their leader is still mostly unresponsive but does manage to mutter out. 'No one else keeps screwing up ... it must be me.' Although Saffron has her face hidden behind her thick red hair, the drooping quills and heavy breathing show how close to completely breaking down Saffron was.

Walking back to their rooms a younger student accidentally bumps into Topaz as he runs past. Quick to apologies the student's eyes linger on Saffron's unmoving form before looking back to Topaz and explaining his rush. 'The headmaster has been seen making his way over to the dorms, it must be a serious inspection if the headmaster is apart of it. I've never heard anything like this.' Quickly realising he has probably overstayed his welcome and is needed back in his room the younger student raced off again ever faster.

Saffron does seem to become more active if not responsive as the headmaster is mentioned, walking mostly on her own but she still keeps an arm around Topaz more for emotional support than physical. Luckily the two girls manage to get back to their rooms before they hear or see anything more about the headmaster. Saffron collapses on her bed, accidentally kicking the mask although not hard enough for it to break. The faunus's eyes seem to glaze over staring up at the ceiling, not trying to sleep but not truly awake either.
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Everyone seemed to be down at the dorms and Aurum didn't like it one bit. The earlier partial success-slash-fiasco of his prank left him in somewhat of a disappointed mood too but seeing his teammates, most notably his leader mope sure felt like a punch in the gut. His pranks were supposed to bring laughs to his friends, not make em feel down in the dumps and  if he remembered anything about their few years in Atlas was they at least had the occasional laugh with him.

Something went wrong somewhere and he couldn't point it out. Maybe it was his design, or maybe the execution? It did seem to have exploded prematurely which, as all explosion specialists would know, is worse than it not going off at all. It didn't help that nobody wanted to help him but maybe it was an error on his part for not reading the mood. Whatever it was all was said and done so now they were left to clean up the mess.

Aurum didn't lurk any longer than he needed to at the scene of the crime, mostly due to Atlas' drones taking care of most of the cleaning. He did however head back to the dorms with Avery to freshen up and just popped out of the shower when Saffron and Topaz came back.

"I don't remember you being noctournal, dear leader." Aurum blurted out, arms crossed as he leaned by the  door frame half-naked. "Nice mask, though if anybody had to wear one here it'd be Avery. Your face is scary enough as is, Saffron."

With his hair in a strikingly contrasting droopy fashion compared to his spiky mess he actually looked serious for once. Aurum picked up the mask and stared at it for a good few seconds before tossing it to Avery with a shrug. "Too creepy for my tastes.
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Avery remained silent and Topaz and Saffron filtered into the room, mostly waiting to see if they would say anything but they didn't. He was caught off-guard by the toss but managed to catch the mask anyway. He examined it before putting it up to his face. "You really think so?" he asked from behind the mask. He thought about dropping it straight onto the floor despite it being Lovis', but decided against it. For now. Instead he gently placed it on the nearby nightstand. "What did Lovis say"?
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Topaz didn't say anything as she entered the room and Saffron plopped on to the bed, 'the headmaster making an inspection around the dorms. I hope it's not in connection with us , but still, better safe then sorry.'She thought as he began picking up the room a lost in thought. After a few moments what Avery and Aurum said finally processed into her brain allowing her to respond. "I don't know what Lovis said to her but it did this- " she said gesturing with one hand to Saffron "So it can't be good news for her and realistically us.". She finished before grabbing some clothes from the desk chair and forcibly throwing it at Aurum."At any rate, he's also making some rounds around the dorm so get dressed and clean up a bit. A dirty dorm is really the last thing we need Lovis to see...."She said turning her full attention to cleaning up.
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'I'm fine... It went fine... I just need some time to ... process.' Saffron responded in a muted monotone still looking at the wall. Saffron knew how much her behaviour was distressing her team but try as she might she couldn't put on a brave face. Or even a neutral face for that matter. It hurt that she was the one disrupting her team and it just made her think that maybe she just wasn't cut out for this sort of thing.

As for cleaning Saffron had long given up trying to keep their room inspection ready at all times but still kept her corner as clean as possible. Saffron watched Topaz do her best the make the room presentable, doing a phenomenal job considering much of Aurum's knick-nacks are still spread out around the room, she wanted to help but she just lay there. She knew it was her responsibility to to help but her arms and legs simply wouldn't respond. Even the fear of Lovis seeing her like this didn't seem to bother her anymore. She was just numb to it all.

Topaz was just putting away the last of the obvious mess away a few minutes later when SALT heard heavy banging on the door. 'Inspection.' Was all Amarant called out before he opened the door and entered their room, closing the door behind him but not before Dorian followed him in. Dorian clearly didn't look happy but brightened up a little after seeing the state of SALT. Instinct more than active decision making made Saffron act but even she wasn't up and in the correct position before the headmaster came in.

Amarant stares at the members of SALT for a few moments before beginning his lecture. 'I'm sure you are all aware of the events surrounding Alystra Plaza. Normally there would be serious punishments for the use of dust in a public area. You should all know what high powered explosives could do to a civilian. Unfortunately we can't afford to have one of our most senior free operations team completely grounded.' Amarant began, speaking the last sentence through gritted teeth. There was something more at play here, not many people could put pressure on the Atlas headmaster but Amarant clearly didn't approve of this course of action.

'We have received a distress call from one of Lexkvar Industries's aquatic bases, apparently their security team has been delayed because of the blizzard in the area and they are worried that there might be something malicious behind it. Lead Researcher Heliosi is a personal friend and although she may make the blizzard feel like Vacuo she is a great asset for Atlas and Remnant as a whole. However I can't have leader I don't trust in the field as such Dorian will be replacing Saffron for this mission. Saffron will play a support role along with Dorian's team, hopefully a new environment will provide her a suitable educational experience. Details will be sent to your scrolls and you are leaving in an hour, quietly. Might want to use air dust to get the smell out students.' Amarant finished and quickly left the room to begin his 'inspections' of the other nearby rooms. Dorian stands still, still clearly unhappy about the assignment and not willing to be the first to extend an olive branch. Saffron likewise doesn't say a word when Amarant leaves and stays at attention, frozen in shock.

Each of SALT's scrolls scroll beep as a series of documents are sent to each of them. Details of the ship they are taking as well as the station they are checking out. The ship is a standard Atlas transport ship although it has been modified to run on a skeleton crew, something SALT or now DALT should be able to crew themselves. The research station was built on top of a decommissioned dust rig as the large electromagnetic radiation bursts the researchers experiment with could cause significant trauma to nearby non aura protected life forms. There are also weather reports of an enormous blizzard which will leave the Solitas continent and engulf the research centre in a matter of hours. It is also why the team can't take an airship. No information is given on Lexkvar Industries however well known information include they are an extremely old, varied but not market dominating mega-corporation which prides itself on multi-nationality to the point it changes which kingdom it's HQ is set up in every year.
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Aurum groaned as soon as Lovis left the room and rustled his hair as he tried piecing everything together. "So, not only do we have to go on some sudden mission but we have to do it with Dorian as leader? Aurum whined, clearly audible to everyone in the room. "I'd sooner clean the whole.courtyard with a toothbrush!

Having entered a speed bubble to change beforehand he was now fully dressed but not in the least happy about the pompous ass in their room. Making another speed bubble he laid down on his bed and gave the assignment a good long thought. Through his bubble he could see the blurry outline of his teammates and Dorian and even had half a mind to lure the poor sod on a stray thumbtack. Seeing the downtrodden Saffron he shook his head  and thought of an even better plan.

Popping the bubble Aurum was now in a sitting position.
A whole minute had passed inside his bubble but it was barely a few seconds in real time and he was determined to get what he wanted. "I gave it some thought, maybe you should take this assignment Dorian, it's not like you have anything  better to do.  Aurum suggested, grinning impishly. Of course deep inside he'd hate to have to listen to Mr. Perfect order him around but at the very least he wasn't going to make things easy on him.

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Dorian was clearly upset about the double whammy and Avery couldn't blame him. Avery tossed a pillow at Aurum hoping to keep him from riling Dorian up any further; the last thing they needed was a pissed-off Dorian while they were out in the barren wasteland. He opened up his scroll to read up on the mission details before dropping it beside him.

"I don't understand what Lovis' hopes to achieve by doing this, but if we have to do it, we might as well get it over with quickly". Avery stood and crossed his arms. "Given what has already happened today, I'm sure we can all agree on that". He took a few steps toward the window and briefly glanced out it. "So, is Saffron being transferred over to your team as temporary leader as well?" Avery asked Dorian.
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Topaz stared on in disbelief that something like this could happen, Dorian, being made the head of the team? Even if it was temporary it spoke volumes about what Lovis thought about them. After the headmaster left the room Topaz fell into the chair she standing beside and angrily stared at Dorian, trying to calm herself down. "This is a nightmare, Dorian of all people? God I want to wipe his smug smile right off his face." She thought while staring daggers at Dorian.

  She was about to speak when instead Avery began talking about getting it over quickly and asking Dorian about Saffron's role in this. Topaz opted now to stay silent, not wanting to go something that could make this bad situation worse and instead stood up and began gearing up, grabbing her crystals and making sure Lithium had everything he needed to be operational, whatever adjustment that would need to be made for cold weather would be done on the way. Strapping Lithium to her back and a small pouch of tools to her belt she turned to Dorian and began speaking, "Lets just get this over with, if we do good hopefully it'll only be for this mission and we can get everything back to normal." While she was looking at Dorian while speaking it felt like she was addressing herself, trying to calm down and not start a fight.
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Saffron was guttered by the news. SALT had been her one chance to prove all her critics wrong and now all it had done was prove them right. Tears seemed to have all dried but it still took a phenomenal effort for Saffron to put one foot in front of the other and slowly make her way out of the room. Dorian moved to let Saffron out but before she left she called back to her team keeping her head facing forward. 'Well I've got other information for my role so I should go along with the rest of Dorian's team to discuss that with them. You guys are third down the hall right?' Dorian nodded then Saffron continued. 'Be nice to him, guys. Dorian doesn't want this anymore than the rest of us. For me.' Saffron then left the room, not being able to look her team in their eyes.

Surveying his new team Dorian examined each member closely and noting Topaz's stare and Aurum's repeated use of his semblance. What is Lovis's plan here, surely he doesn't think I can make real soldiers out of these fools, and Saffron is going to be eaten alive in my team. Ignoring Aurum's antics Dorian turned to Avery and answered his question first. 'Saffron has shown herself not to be an effective leader, not that should surprise anyone given the obvious, so the support team will have one of the teachers so she can she real fighters in action.' Dorian remarked, the events of Alystra Plaza was still a sore point and that only exacerbated by having to deal with the perpetrator, someone with the perpetrator's face and someone shooting daggers with her eyes at him.

Taking in a deep breath Dorian looks at Topaz and responds. 'Yes Topaz we should get moving but remember quietly, not that I don't trust your ability to remain inconspicuous but it might also be worth taking advantage of everyone else being in their rooms.' Dorian continued as he motioned for the rest of ALT to follow him out.
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Sensing his first opportunity to stick a needle up Dorian's butt Aurum brushed aside the gesture to follow him and plopped onto his bed, arms resting behind his head as he opened his scroll and started scrolling over random videos on the internet. Taking a relaxed pose he even kicked off his shoes and crossed his legs while laughing obnoxiously to get Dorian's attention.

"Hey Topaz, take a look at this idiot, thinking he's the boss of those other guys. Yelling like a howler monkey on steroids, his face is turning sooooo red. Aurum cried, pointing at his scroll. Whether she or Avery resisted as well Aurum didn't care, this was his way of showing defiance and to make things better he'd only respond if the uptight Atlesian Boy-Wonder said please, which he doubted he would when it came to Aurum.

Aurum made a mental gamble with himself, if Dorian would ask politely Aurum would comply, if he got pissed, he'd get defiance. To make matters worse, in this case better for Aurum, he'd constantly prod at their newly elected leader to get the best reactions out of him. Like he declared earlier, he wasn't going to make things easy.
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Avery watched as Saffron left and exhaled softly through his nose. "Hm, I wasn't aware this was being done in secret," Avery said as he began to gear up. "Is this facility classified?" he asked as he finished up. He looked at Aurum. "Oh and," Avery turned and walked past Dorian, whispering to him, "You're like a parent to him. Treat him as such". Avery hoped Dorian would get the gist of what he meant. "I'm heading to the next meeting point. C'mon, Tay". Avery shifted his mouth around, the unfamiliarity of that nickname making him uncomfortable.

"I don't like where this is headed," he muttered under his breath as he made his way to the dock.
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Taylor looked over at Aurums scroll and watched part of the video he had displayed on his screen, his comment got a small 'heh' but she too mad to get a reaction.  She grabbed some cold weather clothes from her closet before heading over to Dorian. After double checking, she had everything she needed Topaz reached into her pockets and pulled out a crystal and earpiece which she promptly handed to Dorian. "Don't lose these or you own me new ones. They'll make it a lot easier to stay in contact."' She grumbled before following Avery out the door, reading the rest of the mission details on her scroll as to decide how Lithium should be equipped.
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Honestly Dorian was expecting more resistance, two out of three wasn't bad, but it would look bad on him not to bring everyone. Shrugging at Avery's question Dorian explained. 'I don't know much more than what the headmaster told you but yea seems like they want to keep it under wraps. It's a lot of effort to keep everyone in their rooms so lets try to take advantage of it.' Dorian was still furious about the events before but quickly came to realise it would do nothing to keep lashing out now when everyone else seemed so hospitable. Well mostly everyone except for the twin Aurum. Taking a deep breath and Avery's advise Dorian tried to plead his case with the last bastion of defiance. 'Come on man, like that.... like your leader said I don't want this anymore than you do. The faster we get going everyone can go back to where they belong. Isn't that best for everyone?'

Dorian accepted the crystal gingerly. Being class mates for three years everyone had a vague idea of each others semblances although Topaz had remained a bit of a enigma. She had to have a semblance to remain part of the school even in the beast lead team. Dorian thought to himself as he examined the crystal closely, it looked just like any other except being of rather high quality. 'Is there somewhere specific I should wear it?' Dorian asked, he had other questions but his pride was keeping on track for now.

Now hopefully with the group on the same page Dorian opened the door and went out into the hallway gesturing for everyone to follow silently. Just as planned the fear of inspections had trapped everyone inside their rooms, not even the most rowdy first year would risk the headmaster's focused attention. 'We'll be swinging by the armoury, take only what you need. We will have to remain light for the mission.' Dorian whispered. He wasn't actually sure what the exact requirements of the mission was, Lovis had been annoying vague. Still Dorian wouldn't admit that in front of his team let alone these, in his mind, lessers.

'The ship is right out the door, try to get inside as quickly and quietly as possible, Aurum think about using your bubbles.' Dorian remarked condescendingly but still keeping his voice low. Quick in, quick out. Dorian repeated in his head as he walked back into the school proper.
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Aurum felt a bit dissappointed that Topaz and Avery left him to his solo  strike but nevertheless stuck with his plan. Surely if Saffron asked him nicely enough he would have followed eventually(after several death threats) but Dorian was just so....boring. He couldn't even get more than a condescending suggestion before he left the room and was now alone with his stupid prank videos and makeshift devices lying around.

Not wanting to get up, Dorian didn't say please as expected, Aurum lounged around for the meantime. If he really did need to rushhis bubbles were there and he'd be in the ship before they could even say Golden Time.
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Dorian looked at Avery as they all walked out of the room when he realised that Aurum wasn't following. 'Tried it your way, now it's mine. We aren't waiting for him. If he isn't here when we leave I wouldn't expect to see him here when you return.' Dorian remarked quietly through clenched teeth. This new conflict between the team wasn't something he was useful. This couldn't be another part of Lovis's plan, could it?' Dorian thought, hating the idea almost as much as Aurum's insubordination.
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Avery stepped aside to allow Dorian to take the lead as they made their way to the armory and ship. Aurum was nowhere to be seen. Avery sighed to himself, hoping that Aurum would just bite the bullet, but he also knew that when Aurum wanted to be stubborn, he could be outright defiant. "So be it," Avery said as he placed a hand atop his holstered weapon as a means to keep it from moving about.

Avery wanted to shout back at Aurum, but considering they were to leave undetected by their peers, he decided against it. Instead, using his free hand, he flipped out a scroll and typed up a message for him. [Our transport better not leave with you not in it.] He promptly set it back inside his pocket.
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Topaz followed behind the rest of her "team" into the armory, picking up a couple extra crystals while down their before continuing the ship. After placing her stuff down she looked around the standard transport and came to the realization that Aurum still wasn't on the ship or in the pathway leading to it. "Man he's going to make this harder then it needs" She asked Avery. Dorian being the leader was enough, if Aurum didn't also come along Topaz was going to lose her mind.
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Aurum read Avery's message and sighed, rethinking his little stunt. Sure he hated Dorian but this was probably going to be grounds for keeping him on the team for longer, and Saffron staying in Dorian's stuck-up little posse for just as long. He hated that fact that he had to cooperate with him, especially since the initial plan would have gone off so well had it not been for a little bad luck. He had to make a compromise somewhere but his pride didn't want it to look like he did it just because he said so. 

Just a few hours before the whole incident Aurum was doing some basic weapon maintenance on his highly convoluted weapon. The scales seemed to align perfectly now and a quick speed bubble would ensure all the checks would be in place without having to spend a few hours in real time. As he pondered on how he was going to show up at the ship a small spider crawled out from under his bed, a long legged thing that would probably freak out Topaz if she saw it. Cupping the insect in his hands he prepared to hurl it out of the window but stopped mid-way as that all so bright lightbulb in his head lit up.

Grinning at the spider then back at his weapon Aurum opened another speed bubble and got to work. "You got lucky this time around little dude, you just gave me an idea." He chimed, letting his long legged friend go, "Now, to reply to my all so serious brother." [Sorry lil-bro, but you won't catch me walking up that air-ship with my own two feet, especially with Dorian around. I've got my hands full for now but do not fret, I just want to do my own thing- in style]

Clapping his hands together he opened a speed bubble, finished his maintainance, and got to work. "Six feet off the ground should work, I wonder if Dorian is afraid of bugs."

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Dorian is actually gone for quite awhile, more than enough time for Aurum to finish whatever he had planned. While waiting Saffron and the rest of Dorian's team quietly made their way through accompanied by an Atlas teacher. Although most of the group ignored Avery and Topaz but Saffron gave a small smile and wave before they all quickly filled out. Although she was putting on a brave face it was clear to her friends it was only that, an act to get through the mission as fast as possible. Atleast the rest of Dorian's team didn't seem as openly hostile as some might expect, whether it was because of the nearby teacher or simply game time nobody knew.

After five or so minutes Dorian returns with a slight frown on his face, just in time to see his team sail off into open water, he didn't say anything but his gaze did linger. Sighing heavily Dorian turned to Avery and Topaz and remarked. 'Looks like it's three, I wish I could say I expected more. Let's get on the boat and get this over with. If everything goes to plan it should only be a few hours. We don't even have to talk.' Noticeably more negative Dorian grabbed several clips for his gun as well as some extra vials of dust and made his way quickly to the ship. Having the actively slow himself out of a run as that would attract to much attention the Rothenberg scion cursed quickly under his breath. I'm sorry mother but this is under the headmaster's own orders.

The ship itself was a reasonably impressive specimen, as well kept as any in the Atlas fleet but also a sleekness present despite the ships massive size. And it was big, easily 200-300m stem to stern and no visible weapons simple a lot of room for storage. Not that there would be any weapons invisible either, designed to be part of a convoy Lovis was taking a risk sending students out on such a vessel. The ship that Saffron and co left on was much smaller, a proper combat ship which would clear the way and double back at the first sign of trouble.

DALT's ship
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Saffron and Co's ship
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Getting to the ship itself Dorian quickly gets to work activating the various automated systems and making sure they are running within acceptable levels. He was also regularly taking white pills from an unmarked container when he thought no one was looking. Although what Lovis said was true the ship is designed for a smaller crew but it was still more than three and there was plenty of work for all present members to get the ship ready. Once it seemed primed for departure Dorian called over the intercom. 'Two minutes before we get out of here, just letting the engines warm up, I'd try your brother again if I was you.' Dorian's voice seemed more stressed than before and it was strange that he was giving Aurum of all people a second chance. Both Avery and Topaz would also know that 'letting the engines warm up' wasn't required on this craft.

Even hours out from the storm the sky was getting cloudy, the sun had been cut off and the ordinary freezing Atlas temperature plummeted even further. On the positive side a light patterning of snow had started to fall both disguising their escape and adding a kind of holiday feel to the whole thing. Dorian set himself up on the bridge seemingly forcing himself to look out into the sea beyond.
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Despite the situation, Avery couldn't help but admire the sleek design of their vessel. "Is this one of yours, Rothenberg?" Avery remarked, inspecting the ship by poking at its hull. Avery walked to the side of the vessel facing the sea and watching as Team 2 left ahead of theirs. He sighed and adjusted his scarf as the frigid sea hair blew inland.

Avery regrouped with the others, just in time to get Dorian's next message. Avery caught Dorian's tone as well and had no doubt in his mind that it was intentional. He again got  phone and sent Aurum a message, making sure to keep it concise. [5]. "You're so gracious," Avery said. He smirked as he placed his scroll back where he retrieved it.
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Topaz watched as the other team went out to sea in a much faster and better-armed boat than the one she would be riding on, once they disappeared into the ocean she headed into the ship examining it for anything of interest but finding nothing. It was a nice looking ship but it didn't seem to have a purpose other than cargo, begging the question of why they were being sent out with it? After hearing Dorians message Topaz headed to the engine room to examine them, she knew that they should be good to go without heating up but figured examining the engines might hold her interest long enough to be given a task. Who knows, maybe having some knowledge of the engine could come in handy?
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     One thing was certain, Aurum had a taste for the extreme. Ever since they arrived in Atlas he always wanted to do things that differentiated himself from his brothers. Avery was the mostly calm type, Sovereign with his extreme sense of justice, and him with hid pranks and foolish antics. Sure he wasn't exactly big brother material, he was spontaneous, always needed to be looked after,  and always got in trouble, but not without getting a laugh or two in, be it the bystanders or his own. Avery and crew seemed tonhave boarded already as Dorkian lead them along. Aurum caught a glimpse of a rather subdued image of his own team as he scuttled along his new weapon modification around the corridors towards the docking area.

Waiting for the rest of the team to get inside he quickly maneuvered his contraption into place and with the use of a quick speed bubble or two, managed to avoid detection. The ship looked more like a bullet than a sea vessel and Aurum struggled to get his machine inside with its sheer height, but managed just fine as he detoured to the roof and laid there for the meantime.

With a quick tap on the roof he stood his contraption to full height and shrieked with an over-the-top girlish scream,  trying to get the attention of the team. If they did go out they'd get a look at a Aurum and his ridiculous mechanical spider legs, made of his weapon parts, as he sat in a harness, feet never touching the ground.
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'I don't believe so Avery, my family seems to focus more on aircraft in the past couple of years but I'm sure it will do regardless.' Dorian responded. Although it wasn't one of the Rothenburg creation Dorian was very happy with it compared to the much smaller vessel his team left on. Looked far more stable and durable. And stable, the stability was an important asset. Most of the functions for the ship where automated only requiring overseeing from personnel to continue as long as nothing went awry. There was however basic information regarding the manual operation on both the craft itself as well as more detailed stored on the student's scrolls.

Dorian allowed himself a small smile as the drifted out of the harbour, maybe this wasn't going to be so bad after all. The ship was so large he could almost forget he was on the sea if he kept his vision a bit higher than normal. Unfortunately his reprieve was broken by a woman screaming impossibly from on top of the hull. Perhaps slightly on edge Dorian immediately slammed the emergency lights, flashing lights and a quite but high pitched screech filled the ship. 'Topside now.' Dorian called out over the message system. Regardless of his uneasiness at sea Dorian wasn't going to show cowardice in front of two fellow students even those he considers lesser.

It would be hard to put into to words the disappointment Dorian feels when he sees Aurum standing smugly on top of the boat. Not even giving the jester a word beyond a disappointed sigh Dorian returns inside, now a fair bit out of the harbour they can risk going at higher speeds and Dorian used it as an excuse to get away for a while. Deeper water was full of all kinds of weird and wonderous creatures, dark shapes could be seen from the side of the ship and odd sonar signatures come in. The occasional bump against the side of the hull sent Dorian's teeth rigid and maybe-not-waves off in the distance.

After an hour the blizzard Lovis had warned had almost engulfed the ship.
 Ice and rain beat heavy down onto the hull and massive waves smashed rocked the boat side to side. Dorian had long since withdrawn to the lowest point of the ship until his voice once again came through the speakers. '...Radar is playing up ...but...looks like ...somethings approaching... fast. Go check on it, I'll go check the weapons.' Dorian muttered barely audible over the crashing storm. Through the naked eye nothing much could be seen except for the frequent flashing of lightning and strange odd splashes of colour.
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"Yeah, that's right," Avery said as he made his way into the interior of the ship. "Have you considered branching out?" Immediately after finishing his question, a scream traveled down from the top of the ship. Even without Dorian's order, Avery hustled his way up and found a site to behold: Aurum in a spider-like contraption. "How did you even-," Avery cut himself off. "Nevermind, you don't have to say anything." When Dorian turned his back, Avery gave his brother a thumbs-up.

Avery spent the next hour looking out over the ocean, thinking about the situation that laid ahead of them. They were going quite a distance away from civilization, and any mistakes out here could mean the end of everyone. He shrugged off the thought. Was he getting cold feet now of all times, he thought. "You can take that pun and sh-," Avery was cut off again, this time by Dorian relaying a message over the speaking. He found the nearest voice-comm panel. "I'm heading to the bridge now." He released the button and made his way up.
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Topaz was sitting in the engine room of the ship reading the owners manual when she heard a girl-ish scream that was barely loud enough to be heard over the roar of the engines followed by Dorian's command. Before even thinking about how weird it was to have women scream when she was the only one on the ship she jumped off the floor and booked it to the top of the ship as fast she could. Slamming open the door to the deck her first reaction to what she thought was a giant spider was to scream little while placing a hand on her mouth so she didn't bring the monster attention to her. But after a second she realized that what she at first thought was the spider's torso, was actually just Aurum hanging out with some mechanical spider legs. In light of this realization, she angrily threw the engine's manual she carried up with her at him and screamed obscenities before stomping back into the belly of the ship angrily muttering.

She spent the rest of hour going over the weapon systems and the engines on the boat, avoiding Dorian as best she could. She didn't want to run the risk of having to interact with that snob, plus it gave the time alone was useful to get her thoughts together on what was a very interesting day so far. Dorian's announcement of something else approaching the ship snapped her out of her headspace as she checked the time noting that within only an hour something was already attacking them. Begrudgingly following Dorians instructions she ran to the top of the ship once more while also turning on her facemask getting ready for some potential combat.While running up the stairs she briefly consider the thought this was Aurum again, deciding if it was she would kill him. Reaching the top deck she opened up the door getting blasted by strong and freezing winds, forcing her back into the ship a little bit. She had to squint to look outside since her facemask only covered her mouth, and her glasses offered little to no protection against these whipping winds. Topaz looked around, trying to spot the approaching threat but found just finding the other end of the ship was difficult enough, let alone some Grimm in the distance.
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For a ship owned by some rich schmuck there didn't seem to be much to play around with. Where were the girls? The games? The good music? All Aurum could see and here was monotonous speakers in the corners, the occasional chair, and...not much really. Having needed to come down due to the awful weather Aurum felt disappointed that his plans for a beautiful ocean sun tan were sunk, Mantle did have the worst weather. If it were somewhere like Mistral or even Vacuo he could only imagine the beautiful noontime sun blasting his skin with its hot rays. Dull cold trips like these were why Aurum had to heat things up himself.

After Remnant-knows how many minutes Aurum spent disassembling his spider contraption for lack of anything to do, Dorian's announcement felt almost a "would puke in a bucket rather than on himself" sort of way. Reassembling his weapon to brace against his arms and torso Aurum strut towards the door, before realizing he had no idea where he was on the ship. Luckily he could see the outside from a nearby window but it didn't mean he could see anything else on the godsdamned ship. Sighing he scratched his head and walked out, aimlessly walking in the hallway for lack of anything better to do.
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'Good idea Avery, Ill make my way to the engine room to ensure we stay on course.' Dorian replied to Avery though the communication systems. Quickly leaving before Avery came Dorian started to  hunker down in the heart of the ship, popping nausea pills and finding a way to pretend he was no longer on a ship. Looking at the screens on the bridge it was incredibly difficult for Avery to decipher any meaningful information. The storm was acting strange, seemingly generating a electro-magnetic field of it's own made much of the radio equipment useless and explosives played havoc with the heat sensors. Paying close attention to the screens however Avery could pick up on the same signature that Dorian pointed out before. Moving far to fast to be a aquatic craft whatever it was it did seem more and more like a real threat the closer the object's course appeared more purposeful than the wilds of the storm.

As Aurum and Topaz made there way to the outside of the ship they immediately became buffered by harsh winds, physically pushing them back and blinding the hunters-in-training for a few moments. Progress was still possible however as long as they kept tight grips on the railing. Unfortunately it was positively bucketing down with rain soaking both hunters-in-training and all the present hand holds in seconds. Off in the distance flashes of light can be seen, explosions, dust mine filings had been caught up in the storm and they created a spectacular fusion of colour, primal fireworks only enhanced by the misty overlays of rainfall. That is until a particually large collection of raw dust slamed straight into the hull of the ship. A horrible tearing could be heard from all over the ship even with the booming of rain on metal and warnings lights flashed on the bridge, the hull had been breached. On the lower quarters only Dorian, Topaz and Aurum were in any position to get to it within a reasonable fashion. Upon inspection the breach was a rocky pillar, not dissimilar to those wielding but earth dust users back at school. Luckily the pillar seemed jammed into the breach blocking most of the water rushing through but the ship was still filling up slowly if DALT would leave it. Spending any time outside the craft exposes the person to a much lighter rain of unrefined dust as Aurum and Topaz both find out with fire and ice dust filings flying straight towards them.

Just as the excitement from the first breach dies down a second is reported by the ships systems, far smaller than the previous, there is little reason to take it even as seriously as the first breach. Ridding into the belly of the storm the bombardment of dust fillings was only going to get worse and although the ships automated systems were already moving to lift their weight in keeping them afloat, cutting through obstructions and sealing the hull before returning back into their hideyholes in the walls.

Battle Data

Topaz and Aurum 4% from speeding dust fillings.
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While he could vaguely tell from the distorted screens that something was heading their way, he was caught off guard by the collision. Avery fell to the ground, managing to at least catch himself before fully smashing against the floor. But his wrist didn't handle the maneuver well and a sharp pain shot up his right arm. He allowed his wrist to give way for relief.

Avery stood himself back up, but the flashing lights and sirens were making it hard to focus. He glanced around the screens again and managed to find one that told him what was going on below him. Avery's breathing froze while he deciphered what was on the screen and resumed with a lengthy exhale. He went back onto the comms. "We have a breach in the hull, port side. I repeat, there is a breach in the hull, port side." Avery let out a deep sigh after toggling off the comms. He formed his hands into fists to keep them under control.

He walked over to the front-viewing window of the bridge and watched as the storm put on a brilliant light-show.
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     After a strong gust of wind pushed Topaz back through the open door she decided it wasn't worth wandering around outside in the violent winds, what if a strong gust of wind pushed her off the boat? She shuddered at the thought of being lost at sea, it was not something she wanted to think about. At any rate, standing around outside wouldn't do any good since the visibility was basically non-existent she decided. Right before she was going to give her brief report the ship violently jerked in a direction, knocking her into the wall and off her feet along with forcing a small yelp out of her. "What the heck was that" She exclaimed to the empty hall quicking getting back on her feet. The possibilities of what happened raced through her mind'Grimm? No that was too big even a giant sea monster couldn't do that, I think. Maybe we ran aground on some small uncharted island?...No these computers a-" Her train of thought process was interrupted by Avery's announcement.

     Topaz's eyes widened as the news that the ship was breached came out the speakers, of all the places possible this was really not somewhere where she wanted to be stranded at sea. Her thoughts quickly flashed back to being pushed off the boat by the strong storm's wind. 'Maybes it not too bad and it can be patched up quickly'She thought as she ran down the hall and down the stairs towards where she suspected the breach was. Practically falling down the stairs she arrived a minute after the initial breach at the bottom of the ship where her boots hit some water that had gushed in. At this point, there was an already considerable amount on the floor all flowing from an easy to spot source. A massive pillar jutting out of the side of the ship.Her mind raced trying to think of some way she could fix it before realizing that she should probaly contact her "leader" before doing anything hasty.

"Dorian do you hear me!? " She practically yelled into her masks microphone.

"The damage here is pretty bad, I'm not sure what to should do. If I had a welding torch I could try to fix it but even then I don't think its enough. I could try using Lithium but I don't think he can get hot enough for long enough."She said her voice filling with panic as the water rose higher the thought of drowning become harder to push away.
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Ahh, dust storms in the cold briny sea. What a wondrous way to continue their boring mission. To think that they'd hit a storm so early on, and with dust fillings to boot! The intense light show interested Aurum but the face full of ice and fire and whatever other mixed dust did not, his aura took a small bit of damage but nothing he couldn't shrug off. He was tempted to go out and brave the storm like any old salty coot but he knew that the maintenance on his weapon system would be hell and frankly didn't find the thought of more wind and dust messing his hair appealing.

Hearing his brother's announcement he rushed to the area and found both of his present teammates scrambling over the large dust pillar sticking into the hull. It seemed serious and how it got there befuddled him. If it was a simple crash it would have made sense to some degree but the circumstances played out a little too conveniently for Aurum's highly active mind. Keeping that thought in the back of his head he skipped towards Topaz with a large grin on his face saying, "For a sophisticated  self-driving ship this turned out worse than expected. Well, I wouldn't blame the poor thing, it's not everyday a giant pillar of earth would suddenly spike the hull, there's something weird going on but I guess patching this big booboo takes priority. If only I had a giant amount of putty and a blast torch, though I'm guessing we don't have that at hand so let's freeze it for the meantime since obviously we can't just patch the steel with all this water gushing in. So.. you got any ice dust?

Aurum himself usually had one or two vials of dust on his person but ice wasn't one of them. He didn't really rely on that certain type, given that Atlas was already fricken full of ice in the first place, but given the situation there wasn't any quick fixes he could offer save for the single vial he had. It wouldn't be enough to patch the entire hole, given how much he was lacking but water was already pooling around his feet and the thought of getting wet inside a ship didn't seem fun at all. That's when it hit him. Aside from a stray shard of earth getting blasted towards his head by a jet of water an idea also smashed into that noggin of his, freeze the salty water around the earth and let it patch itself, at least for the meantime.

Stepping a small distance away he fashioned his weapon into a few hovering daggers held by wires and carefully tipped each one with ice dust in one swift motion. Usually one would seal it from one end to another but given the time he didn't really have that luxury, even if Topaz did have a small portable boomerang-looking flying tool.

"Since we can't melt it, let's freeze it! Activating a speed bubble around himself, Topaz and the leak, Aurum effectively slowed down the outside flow by speeding up their own time. From a massive gush the water was practically just trickling in now, which sadly wouldn't hold the second he dropped his bubble, so he launched his daggers around the pillar to freeze the edges long enough for Topaz to get started on the welding. "I know I'm pretty much a savant with my semblance but you know I can't hold this  forever so let's fix this thing quickly!!!

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As the chaos around them escalated it became increasingly apparent to Avery that the information being projecting on to the screens around wasn't quite matching up, sonar was showing large and rapidly moving forms not far beneath the waves but the rest of the measurements weren't picking them up. Likewise the surface radar seemed to strangely lag behind real world events. Still moving the the glass to witness what the storm had to offer Avery was treated to a truly spectacular display of colours which almost blinded the scion to new danger before it was too late. Another shard of dust crystal slammed straight into the glass surrounding the bridge and weather through superior design or providence the material held as the crystal deflected off the glass surface. That isn't to say it didn't leave damage, a massive crack had formed at the point of contact and several smaller crystals had been scattered across the glass. Droids have already spilled out from their crevices and started trying to repair/clean the glass but it's slow going and at least for now makes the bridge a poor viewing point.

Dorian's voice croaked through the communication systems, both from variable static and Dorian's own short breath. 'The engine is holding together but she is struggling, I'm not sure if we should move the ship around much to try to keep the engine as stable as possible. The stabilizers also seem to be playing up, I can try to keep us upright manually but it means we will have to keep someone down here unless people want to try swimming to our objective.’ Dorian called out, his judging quip not quite managing to cover up the growing fear in his voice.

The stabilisers which Dorian is referring to play a vital role in keeping the ship upright, being a highly automated ship the team’s vessel demands a huge amount of computing power to govern itself. This is only magnified in a storm and as it becomes increasingly apparent something was causing the ship’s more advanced systems to go haywire.


Managing to quickly get herself back inside Topaz was treated to a series of bright lights flashing in the distance, too far away to see what exactly was causing them but they lit up an enormous black shape sitting on the ocean's surface. Dashing through the labyrinthine corridors of the ship Topaz also add to navigate past the scuttering droids, going about their business as best they could given the situations and trying to fix any minor damage. Upon calling up Dorian there was a significant pause before the Rothburg scion responded. ’In theory the ships droids should take care of major breaches they just need time. That might not be a luxury we can afford, even if you can’t wield the hull close yourself simply halting the influx of water would be greatly appreciated.’ Dorian responded, breath still coming quickly as numerous sounds of beeping and switches being flipped could be heard. After a rather loud beep Dorian swore into the still open mic before the line dropping dead.
Rather sheepishly Dorian came back in a few moments later ’I would advise Aurum and yourself to meet up, there seems to be something playing up with the systems and we can’t afford for everyone to be separated.’ Dorian continued with genuine concern in his voice. ’The internal scanners also seem to be playing up unless one of you are trying to sneak up on me.’ With that last bit of forced humour Dorian went silent again.

Despite the large distance she had to cover Topaz still made it to the first breach first, the water wasn’t filling as much as it could have been as the rock was sealing the hole. Unfortunately the pillar had pieced deep into the side of the wall exposing a series of electronics, luckily rock isn’t the most conductive material and there was already the ever present droids trying to close the gap.


Aurum arrives a few minutes after Topaz and after his glib remarks got to work reducing the flow of water. Effectively cutting the flow to near nothing to truly nothing as ice sprouted from the daggers. Covering both the connecting rock and hull in a reasonably thick layer. Unfortunately the drag of the pillar twisted the intrusion and it was already ripping free of it’s frozen cage to embed itself deeper into the ship. The rock however seemed it might not be a problem for much longer with Aurums daggers causing small chucks to splinter off and cracks appear in the main rock.

Recognising that the pilots of the ship were taking care of the big intrusion several droids formed themselves in an orderly line beside of Aurum and Topaz waiting for any instructions the hunters-in-training had for them. Dorian and Avery busy with their own tasks silence fell over the ship, even the storm seemed to be letting up as the thunderous belting on the ship hull morphed into a more moderate clanging.

Spoiler: ShowHide
(Reading back over I’m not sure if it’s clear but everyone can hear what Dorian says over the intercom but not what the others responses are unless they are nearby.)

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Avery jumped back, the engineering of the glass paying dividends for his safety as the glass cracked at the sudden Dust impact. Drones swarmed out to repair it, but it was going too slow. He went back to the intercom.

"I'm going to meet up with you, Dorian. The Dust is doing work on the glass up here and the sensors aren't coping well with the storm." Before he went back down into the ship, Avery looked around the bridge for a control panel dedicated to the management of the drones.
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     Being placed in times bubble always put Topaz in a short loop, and she could only wonder what effect it was having on the water currents outside the hull. It was a interesting thought and she would like to study it more but for now she had something a little more intense to deal with. Shaking off the thought she got closer to the pillar while pulling Lithium off her back.

      "Ya know, sometimes you are useful." she told Aurum before getting onto the rock and readying her weapon for the task ahead. Quickly loading in some of her limited ice dust and waiting for it chill the edges she extended it in order to have a better grip. After a quick look over making sure everything was working properly, she bent down and started creating a thick frozen sheet that would ideally slow the water that was coming in down enough to get to where they were going. After getting about a third of the way down the hole the rock twisted breaking off a portion of the ice she just laid down and sending her down into the increasing amount of water below.

     "Damn it I'm completely soaked now! She angrily yelled before looking up and seeing the water coming in where she just froze it.

     "We gotta do something about this rock or its gonna keep breaking the ice!" She said while thinking of a plan. After a short decision-making process, she decided chopping it off would be the best bet.With little extra thought Lithium was extended to his full form and brought down on the rock right beside where it jutted into the hull, cleaving a good chunk off. A moderate amount of extra water now joined the previous trickle but not enough to deter Topaz as she kept cutting off more piece of the rock until there was only a small amount left jutting into the hull. With the rock out of the way Topaz quickly got back to freezing the gap shut.

     "Now we just have to worry about the rock leaving the hole before we can freeze it shut." She said while regaining her focusing on the task at hand.
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A slight mechanical whirring was audible across several of the gears across Aurum's Silver Tanhelm as he yanked back the daggers that spread the ice and neatly assimilated them back into the complicated contraption. The water seemed to all but stop but that didn't satisfy Topaz, who was busy hacking away at the stone that jutted into the ship. Not too long after she was finished Aurum let go of his bubble and sighed as the mild exhaustion took its toll.

Using Golden Time as long as he did wasn't something too rare of a circumstance for him but the size he had to manage while wading in ice-cold water gave him a bit of a aural workout compared to many of the other times. Several bots were neatly lined up next to the two, Aurum having just noticed them now, and he wondered what the damned contraptions were doing as the boat was flooding. Of course, he forgot that they probably took much longer because of his time bubble, but for Dorian's talk of high quality thingamajigs and state-of-the-art equipment, the boat was oddly thin walled and the robots disappointingly bland. Maybe it was his biase coming through but Aurum groaned in annoyance as he kicked one robot on the side, stalking away as he begrudgingly mourned for his wet feet.

"I'm not going to stick around in case that blasts wide open," He declared, staring at one of the drones. "Why don't you tin cans do something about it, help poor Topaz out while I find an actual engineer, if Dorian wasn't too confident that we didn't need one."

Cracking his neck, limbering his arms, and popping his knuckles, Aurum made a quick line of bubbles across the hallway and casually walked through them, saving a few valuable seconds while oddly just casually walking away.

He needed to find someone who was capable of a problem as big as this, and unlike airships, a hole in the side wouldn't have the whole thing keel over due to its own weight sooner or later. It'd just crash. That was far more enjoyable to watch. 
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It proved a wise idea to abandon the bridge, close behind Avery's heels a huge crack shook the entire vassal as the supposedly impervious glass gave way under the tremendous pressure washing the now vacant bridge with a hail of razor sharp shards as well as exposing it to the elements from the outside. It was going to be a long walk to the engine room where Dorian had hunkered down but aside from being thrown against the wall as their ship continued deeper into the storm, knocked about by the ever increasing waves in the storm's last gasp and ending these intruders, there was little danger between the two third years.

Speaking of their fellow third year Dorian was a bit slower to respond than usual, his breath only getting more and more haggard as time passed. 'If you...think... that's for the... best.' Dorian began before audibly taking a huge gulp of air. 'Although I'm sure Aurum and Topaz are also in need of help.' The high pitched beeping of warning siren could be heard through the communication and they only seemed to be getting worse.

If Avery continues to the engine room he will find Dorian almost completely drained from exhaustion, dashing from console to console in a desperate but clearly deteriorating attempt at keeping the ship stable. 'I'm...fine... Dorian. It's... all under control.' Dorian managed to croak out in stark contrast to the chaos around him. A chaos which only grew as the lights faded for a few seconds before being replaced by a dull red glow. Emergency power. In the darkened room Dorian stumbled over to a monitor and could only look at Avery in horror, the ship was capsizing.

Topaz and Aurum

Drenched in freezing sea water Topaz could be forgiven to act rashly but it was still a rash act with rather serious consequences. Already weakened the rock pillar gave way under the third years strike as it cleaved to only the inside part off but drastically worsened the growing cracks as well. The pillar gave way and just as Aurum dropped Golden Time the chaos well and truly broke loose. An almost unimaginable jet of water shot through the now gapping hole in the ships up straight into Topaz's face, forcing the swordwoman back. The droid leaping to respond to Aurum's orders tried to assist, helping catch Topaz as well as trying to seal the hole.

Unfortunately as water continued to spray around the confined area it was inevitably going to hit the exposed electronics. Fitted with counter measures to prevent the worst they still took time to activate and in the scant few seconds enough electricity to power this part of the ship coursed through the water, taking out all the droids and unless the students could do anything to stop it caused significant aura damage to themselves. The same flash off of the main lights to be replaced a few seconds later with a red glow. A red glow that given the drenched surroundings covered their corridor with a macabre undertone.

Being at the center of the torrent but Topaz in a incredibly precarious position as the destroyed husks of droids where shot back further into the ship. Aurum was already moving out and his bubbles did a lot to get the students away from the incoming surge of water. It would not last forever however as the loudest groan from the ships hull followed by the incredibly unusual feeling of their balance shifting, well flipping would be more accurate. A huge splash reverberated from outside followed by the slight but never the less present sensation of sinking.
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Avery made his way down to the engine room with haste only to find an exhausted, out-of-breath Dorian. Avery himself could feel his accelerated heartbeat reverberating through his chest, but he did his best to keep himself straight. He rushed over to Dorian's side and placed a hand on his shoulder. "Dorian, you don't look so well. We should-," Avery was interrupted by a sudden and strange movement of the ship. He looked toward the console Dorian was operating and saw what was happening. And he thought his heart was already racing. "I think we should get out of here before it's too late".

Avery found the intercom. "Topaz, Aurum. Get topside. We have to leave ASAP". He let his finger off the button and turned back to Dorian. "Are your legs still working or do you need a hand?"
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At the moment of cleaving the rock Topaz thought she was doing a good thing but as the pillar cracked more and water blasted her in the face she came to the realization that she did not think this action through very well at all. 'I need to get out of here NOW' she desperately thought as the droid caught her preventing her from having to scramble out of the water, saving her precious seconds in the race against the highly damaged ship. Her planned actions were even further solidified when Avery blasted his message over the intercom right before a surge of electricity raced through the water which Topaz was deep in and drenched in. Even while semi-expecting it at the shock of the high voltage made her scream out in pain and slip back into the water allowing her to be carried away by the powerful current.

Thinking quickly she jabbed Lithium into a wall on the inside of the ship to stop herself from being carried away further without giving her a chance to look down the hall. She didn't really pay attention to that section earlier but she did recall from the maps posted around that there should be a stairwell not too far down the hallway. Droid parts were now pelting her and Lithium weakening her position in the hall.

"Alright I'll see you guys topside, hope someone knows wh-" she got part way through speaking to her team in her microphone before a drone smashed into Lithium ripping it out of the wall and cutting out her transmission with the sound of rushing water. With the red lighting, it was difficult to see down the hallway and being thrown around by the current didn't help so once Topaz saw what looked like her exit she had to gun for it by pushing off the opposite wall. She barely made it into the stairwell flopping up the rest of the way like a dying seal but she at least made it out of the water.

"Shit that was close, now to get topside..." Topaz muttered to herself while trying to climb the now slightly lopped sided stairs as quickly as her soaked body would let her.
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     Well...that didn't take too long, Aurum thought as their makeshift bandaid of a repair job gave way. He was far enough to not get hit by the blast of water, but that also meant he was too far to help Topaz. Luckily enough, his mechanically inclined friend got out soggy and buzzed, and he was there to help her out. At least, that was the plan.

     "Well, that went horribly well." The blonde-haired boy said, his voice as chipper as always. "If this keeps up we might have to abandon ship. But I'm guessing our chances are just as bad if we just swim back to Atlas." He grabbed his sides and pinched the skin near his stomach. "I guess a little workout won't hurt too much."

     Letting out a laugh he offered a hand to his brine-soaked friend and lead the way up the now disorienting set of stairs. Before he climbed, however, he left a slow bubble in the hall, hopefully that would delay the water that crashed into and through it, though it wouldn't last forever. He watched for a second as the water swirled inside in an almost beautiful fashion but having more gush towards it made it but a temporary plug as the water slowly flowed back out the other end.

     "Does my little fishbomb seem so bad now?" He joked, trying to get a laugh to ease things out.

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'I ...think that would be wise Avery.' Dorian responded quietly trying to get to his feet. Collapsing on to Avery when his fellow student got close Dorian was clearly barely holding onto consciousness but managed to croak out some more lines before he went quiet again. 'Mechanical issues....not wasn't a false flag.' Luckily for Dorian and Avery the capsizing ship meant they where close to the top of the craft already leaving little distance left to travel. Worse however the winding corridors weren't meant to be traversed on this orientation and Dorian's limp form didn't provide Avery any advantages. Still it wouldn't take long for Avery and Dorian to make their way to one of the exit panels along the bilge. Going a little further would bring them to one of the life raft stations which seemed more and more valuable as time went on. The automated droids which could be seen hard at work trying to prevent the ship from taking on too much water and they where mostly succeeding however the capsizing and slowly sinking thing was less in their control. The pounding of rain and more dust infused debris could be heard clearly once the students got close to the hull which Avery had seen what it could do before on the bridge.

Although hard to hear given the commotion happening all around them there was a sound of someone following Dorian and Avery. Keeping just out of sight, maybe a room or two behind something was equally keen on not being left behind as not being seen. Possessing impressive sensory information meant that simply waiting would result in the unknown figure matching and delays weren't in anyone's best interest.

Topaz and Aurum

Topaz and Aurum had a much longer trek to go to meet up with the rest of their team mates but luckily despite being drenched they were both moving quickly. The same couldn't be said about the water, trapped in Aurum's bubbles the normally raging tempest slowed to to barely a crawl. It also revealed what were moving within the water, the familiar dark shapes with occasional bone plating and red eyes which could only mean one thing... Grimm. Hard to tell exactly how many given the low lighting but it looked like there was at least a half a dozen each easily three meters long. More likely Topaz than Aurum may remember them as Kotick, an incredibly territorial breed of Grimm extremely dangerous in the water but rather clumsy on land. Needing little more than their brute strength and huge speed under water what the Kotick may lack in tricks they made up in with raw physicality.

Regardless of how large Aurum's bubble was it wouldn't be enough to hold back the grimm, and the water, for ever and now the Kotick have their sights on their prey they leaped out of the water to try to chase the students down, or at least tried to. Not built for land movement the Kotick had little hope of catching the students unless they stayed and fought but with more and more of the ship sinking underwater that advantage won't always be there and the Kotick knew it. Detecting the presence of Grimm the automated droids stopped their work trying to repair the ship and instead threw themselves at the invaders, black mist and explosions filled the corridors as Topaz and Aurum made their frantic escape but still the Kotick kept coming.

Grimm in question: ShowHide
( Artist link:


'Although I can't promise that you won't come out without a scratch the rewards both monetary and globally are worth it, that I can assure you.' Rachael began her voice already breaking up as the Red Corsair got closer and closer to the emp radiating dust storm. 'I don't really believe in luck Captain but if it helps you get through this I'll get one of those 'feng shui' specialists in, but my husband once told me ''the odds may be sent in stone but we aren't, so surge like the ocean below and soar like the winds above.' And with that overly dramatic send off Rachael finally cut off leaving the cockpit in a strange silence for a few moments.

Things quickly went from bad to worse from Cornell's perceptive, whatever prize Rachael wanting from this rig was going to need more of a scuba diver than pirate and there didn't look like anything she could do to stop that. Other than staying alive. Keeping up with the two figures was easy enough, one was clearly struggling and draped themselves other the other's shoulder only moving short distances by themselves. Pulsing her semblance at regular intervals Cornell developed a significant understanding of the boat, it's mechanics and more important for her current situation what was going wrong. Most of the ship's onboard programs were still running instead the issue is that there were being fed inaccurate sensory information causing the craft to over correct the massive waves. This combined with the dust storm left the ship effectively doomed.

Still there was a lot going on in the sinking ship for Cornell's 'treasure sense' to pick up weapon storage, massive refrigerator units keeping the teams food fresh and a strangely blank spot close to the center of the ship, echos of circuitry only minutes ago caring charge could be felt meaning it's either shut down from water messing with the circuitry or it went into some kind of lock down once the trouble started. More worryingly dark shades where moving outside the ship, experience told Cornell they were Grimm although what exactly and how many was hard to say.
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(OOC: Heyo! The SALTy Sea threads are officially merged now, so... who's ready to flee a sinking ship with a pirate of questionable intent?)

She had to fight the urge to panic as her Semblance reported back, their situation clearly going from bad to worse in short order. Grimm. Almost certainly aquatic Grimm, at that, and she rather doubted that anyone here was an expert in underwater combat. While it wasn't surprising that the dark beasts would be drawn to the panic aboard a sinking ship, the notion that they could even reach the ailing vessel amid a storm like this was a bit surprising. Clearly there was far less turbulence and chaos below the waves than upon them.

Well, it was time to make a choice...

Abandoning her stealth and stepping out into the open, the fiery young pirate leveled her cutlass at the two Atlas students ahead of her. "Oi! You lot!" Her words were shouted such that they couldn't be ignored, and no doubt when the Dorian and Avery turned and saw an unfamiliar woman in an outlandish outfit brandishing a blade at them they'd have plenty of concerns. Those concerns would soon turn to alarm as, with a sharp hiss of pressurized air, the blade of said sword shot through the air towards them both, missing by only about a foot. The blade clattered off a bulkhead further down their route before swiftly magnetizing, the woven metal tow line connecting it to the rest of the cutlass going taut. Using it to stabilize herself against the jostling and swaying of the ship, Cordell let the retracting line pull her into a light-footed sprint. "Grab a hold, an' don't bother me with questions! Yer ship's takin' on more'n just water from th' sea, boys -- we're gonna have t' fight our way t' shore if any of us wanna live through this!" It was an alliance of convenience, no question, but hardly unprecedented. When Grimm threatened, the people of Remnant -- even sworn enemies -- knew it was either fight together or risk dying alone.

And she was not dying here!
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Avery ducked away from the blade as it pierced the air just beside him. He was ready to drop Dorian and prepare for another attack, but the woman's words froze him in his tracks. Indecision and hesitation: the wrenches that clogged the gears of his mind which he'd normally be able to work through with time, but time was a luxury that they couldn't afford. He bite his lip.

The ship lurched as the woman neared and Avery could feel his footing gave way just as she passed him. He freed his hand that was resting atop his weapon and instead used it to grab hold of the woman, lunging toward her as his feeling of imbalance turned into a reality. His hold on her was also worrisome, but with his other hand preoccupied with Dorian, there wasn't much he could do except pray that the ship wouldn't do anything drastic.
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Topaz glared at Aurum in a feeble attempt to get her annoyance and disappoint at the quality of his joke across while in reality her looked much more panicked then she intended, even if the joke was in a effort to lighten the sinking mood it seemed to her they should save it for after they clear themselves of danger. Glancing back at the water she barely escaped she could see some large fish Grimms shadows lurking about just below the surface below where the light of the emergency lights could reach. While Topaz grabbed Aurums arm and pulled herself to her feet she finally realized the type of Grimm these were and thanked her lucky stars that she got out before they showed up.

"Considering it was the fish bomb that got us into this mess I would say, yeah, it still seems pretty bad." Topaz said in response to Aurums query while also trying to calm her shaky sounding voice, continuing to look at Aurum she toggled her microphone into broadcast mode and said.

"We got Kotick I think? in the water, a whole bunch of them too guess they want refuge inside the ship or somethin." Disabling her small microphone she shouldered Lithium and began running up the stairs behind Aurum while also trying to maintain her balance. The tipping of the ship doing tons to trip her up throughout the entire journey no doubt much slower than the nimble Aurum. In between sliding around and muttering curses Topaz activated her semblance tracking down the location of the crystal that she had given Dorian at the beginning of the mission. Locating the small crystal she called out to Aurum,

"Dorian and Avery are up a deck, or sideways I guess? Well, in that direction" She pointed up towards the top of the ship and to the left. "Head in that direction and we should be able to meet up with them"
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"The heck is a kotick, all I saw were swirly, black, evil licorice!" Aurum cried, almost tripping as they advanced, "Speaking of licorice do you got anything to chew on? I need something to bring my energy back up after using so many bubbles.

     Despite the cheer in his voice, Aurum was showing small signs of exhaustion. He left a number of bubbles to hold back the evil licorice back there and after holding them so long, and using so many in such a short amount of time, his movements started becoming slightly more sluggish. Luckily he was well rested physically, considering he had Silver Tanhelm carry him around all morning in spider form, but another rapid use of Golden Time would surely be a dampener to his day. Even more so than his now wet underwear.

"Dorian and Avery are up a deck, or sideways I guess? Well, in that direction" She pointed up towards the top of the ship and to the left. "Head in that direction and we should be able to meet up with them"

     Aurum nodded briefly and chimed a quick, "Lead the way, Topaz" as they navigated their way up.

     Making their way through the ship reminded Aurum of one of those tumbling rooms he used to see in theme parks, except wetter. The stairs were at an odd angle, some random objects started rolling down the wrong way, his balance was almost always a bit off with his footing, and the swaying didn't help his empty stomach.

     The water was now pretty far below by now but the squishy feeling he got in his socks kept reminding him how soaked he was. He stared down at his unkempt uniform, a few buttons loosened and his shirt untucked, and wondered if going outside wet was the best option they had. "Going out in the cold is going to suck, big time." he complained, only to be interrupted by the sound of water crashing against the walls down below, "buuuut I'll take that over getting eaten alive by evil licorice. I'M THE ONE WHO'S SUPPOSED TO EAT YOU!" he shouted, getting a groan from the ship in reply. Rude.
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Despite being a rather loopsided bunch Dorian, Avery and Cornell managed to shoot their way to one of the escape pods, thankfully it seemed they where passing through a lull of the storm which would mean a few moments of respite even as the storm would come back as fierce as ever once the piece passed. The excitement of such a rapid form of transport towards the lift raft combined with Dorian almost spilling out of Avery's hand made it hard to hear the stomping of wet shoes coming up from below. Quickly Topaz and Aurum turn around the corner ending up face to face Dorian, Avery and the newcomer Cornell.

The life raft is a rather high tech affair, six seats in an enclosed shuttle like chassis capable of submerging or operating on the surface with all the sensory technology it's parent ship had as well as hopefully avoiding the viruses which plagued the main craft. Regardless the ship continued to drop into the sea as it continued to fill with water and grimm. As the group finally united the storm kicked up again and continued to rock the ship along with a series of crashes against the hull, far too concentrated to be completely random.

Pods of Kotick's started to come out to play making a series of passes at life raft as it was released, the grimm weren't immediately attacking but where clearly still around and hadn't forgotten about the Atlas Students and their pirate companion. Scans found land not far off or the team could try to continue it's way to the research lab.
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Finally, a stroke of some luck! Cordell spotted the escape vehicle even at a distance, her awareness as an engineer giving her plenty of clues even before the actual signage for the emergency pod came within reading distance. Now all they needed was --

And, as if on cue, the remaining crew rounded the corner. Cordell immediately nicknamed them 'blonde #2' and 'blonde #3' in her mind, with the two boys she'd semi-rescued already having been designated 'blonde' (now 'blonde #1') and 'ginger' moments before. This group pretty well shared the stereotypical Atlesian pale-and-fair thing, that was for certain, though none of them were rocking the whole 'crown of snow' white-hair bit, at least not quite. A glance across the two newcomers' gear and weaponry confirmed what she'd already guessed from Avery and Dorian: students, not sailors. Ye gawds, did that explain a few things.

In any case, they had a moment of calm and a shot -- narrowing with each passing second -- to make it through this mess. Three choices presented themselves. One: she could try to assert authority by taking four heavily armed and well trained Atlas students hostage using nothing more than two pistols and a cutlass... not a smart play. Two: try, without having the first bleeding idea as to the group's mission or standing orders, to convince them that it was best to work together and that they must all have common cause for braving this mad storm... which would take far far too much time and likely get all of them killed. And then, of course... there was option three.

"Name's Cordell -- smuggler, criminal, pirate." She deactivated and reeled back the blade of her cutlass... then turned it around and extended it handle-first for Avery to take. "An' I surrender. But let's deal with th' formalities once we're not in danger o' drownin', aye?" She nodded towards the pod.
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"Just in time!" Avery said upon Topaz' and Aurum's arrival. They seemed a bit disheveled and figured that they didn't have the best time, either. Aside from the sinking ship, that is.

Avery was still weary of the the woman who'd come out of nowhere just to save them and he wondered if she had something else up her sleeves. Kidnapping? Perhaps she'd even orchestrated this entire fiasco! That made it all the more surprising when she willingly gave up her weapon and surrendered herself to DALT.

In truth, he thought about leaving her behind, but her capabilities were unknown to him and it'd be dangerous to wonder into that territory given their situation. Hiding his shock as best he could, he accepted her weapon and places it upon the left side of his wasit. Avery moved Dorian into the pod before gesturing toward Cornell, Topaz, and Aurum to get in as well.

"No time to waste. I'll cover the rear."
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"Sorry Avery I didn't bring any snacks for ya this time" She called back as they rounded the corner to join up with the rest of the team, and an extra person who Topaz was pretty sure wasn't there when they boarded the ship. Before Lithium could be taken off her back and placed into a battle ready position the newcomer, Cordell as she learned, surrendered to DALT opting to get in the lifeboat and sort out what the hell was going on later rather than fighting in the rapidly sinking ship.

With a look of that was a mix of distrust and confusion on her face Topaz responded to the surrender with a drawn out, "Uhhh. Guess this is happening too now." as she came to much the same conclusion as Cordell, opting to also get into the relative safety of the lifeboat and hoping that it wouldn't succumb to whatever was happening to the main ship that just minutes ago was nice and stable. Once inside she began activating all the system as quick as she could and prepared it for launch into the dark waters below.

As Topaz flipped on the last switches for the scanner system a green light illuminated the front of the lifeboat showing that the scanner had flickered to life and was giving them some direction in the now calmer storm. "Judging by these scans and what we saw below decks it looks like we got about.....,yikes, a million and two Grimm ready to attack us the second we hit the water. I say we just blast it straight to that land over there" She said pointing to a spot on the scanner, without waiting for the rest of the team to give input Topaz began going through the last of the launch sequence with the full intention of following her proto-plan since it seemed no other options were available to DALT, at least as far she really cared.
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     Aurum resisted the urge to throw his wet socks at the newcomer, wondering if she actually was a pirate. She had the get-up, that was evident, and the talking. "But where the heck is your eyepatch? The Parrot? Also...where in Remnant is your ship, Cappy!?" Aurum spat out, his thoughts turning into words half way. He shrugged prematurely at the incoming groans and closed one eye, hooking his elbow in classic pirate fashion. "Uh...I mean. Yarr! Where be your fine ship, if ye really arrre a pirate? Or are ye a faker?!" Rolling r's are a must! Especially if they sounded like Arrrrrr. Arrrrr, Yarrrr, Garrrrr. What else sounded piratey?

    Hopping towards the escape pod as Avery gestured at them, Aurum gave his brother a well deserved, and extremely soggy, pat on the shoulder. Thanking him while gawking at Topaz' grimm count. "Are you sure there are that many? That's a lot of evil licorice to fight. I say we run. No shame in running! Heck, why else would they call it the fight or FLIGHT syndrome if it wasn't as important. Live to fight another day, I say!. Aurum said, pulling off a boot before getting into the pod, an unbelievable amount of water pouring out. He switched back to pirate speak a second later, winking at Cordell, "And let's bring the fine lass, as well. We be needing a guide once we get leave, yar? Does yar mean yes? Oh whatever."

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As DALT and their new pirate friend, all crammed into the escape pod the automated systems recognised all crew finally aboard and disengaged shooting the craft out. Normally this would send the escape pod straight into the water but now with host ship, half capsized there was an uncomfortable free fall before they reached the water. Not far enough to cause significant damage but enough to send the unsecured stumbling around the cockpit, including Dorian who only just managed to find a seat before he fell back into the rest of the group. Immediately facing down into the depts a possible reason for the large host of Grimm attacking an isolated shipwreck revealed itself. A truly leviathan-sized Grimm swam just a couple dozen meters below the sea, so large it's head or tail wasn't visible. Luckily for DALT and their pirate friend, the enormous creature didn't seem to notice them and simply continued swimming slowly on its way.

Dorian seems to have finally truly lapsed into unconsciousness still murmuring about being swept over off the ship. The Kotick began to surround the pod but are not going in for the kill yet. After almost an hour of pounding dust on metal and the screeching of a capsizing vessel, the silence which now enveloped the escape pod was a stark contrast, it could even be comforting if it wasn't so awkward. Regardless DALT wasn't out of the storm yet and although the Leviathan below them was paying them any attention more than enough other Grimm were.

As the life raft righted itself it's more advanced electronics activated. Whatever the issue with the host ship's computer systems didn't look like it had infected the escape pods systems as it was correctly reporting the surrounding water level correctly. It reports a small land mass within an hour travel, maps report considerably forested but an otherwise uninhabited island. There are plenty of survival resources in the pod as well, food, communication devices, and shelter basics are easily enough for all five to survive for weeks if need be.
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'Out of one frying pan...' Cordell thought to herself as the pod lurched to life, briefly launching into a gut-tightening arc before splashing back down haphazardly and beginning to come online. She was jostled, to be sure, but had managed to get a handhold and brace herself before the separation from the main craft, so in that regard all was well. That she now shared a fairly snug emergency craft with a handful of Atlas personnel didn't do much to put her at ease, and neither did the awareness that the water around them almost certainly teemed with dark life. And then, passing right in front of their pod's main view port, swam the largest f***ing Grimm she had ever, EVER seen. It was an uphill battle not to be absolutely overcome with fear at the sight -- that thing was big enough that it could probably swallow the pod whole and not even realize it. The pirate captain held her breath and stayed as stock-still as she could manage, terrified at the idea that it might notice them. Thank the gods, it just kept on swimming.

The pod, now coming fully online, did what it was built and programmed to do. Whether it would ultimately protect the group long enough to make landfall... well, that was an entirely separate matter. She was certain that the lesser Grimm were still after them, if only because Grimm never gave up that easily, but if this pod had been built right it would probably keep them all safe... at least for a while. The idea to use her Semblance, both to get a better picture of their tactical situation and the pod's systems, did cross Cordell's mind -- she dismissed it. If there was even the slightest chance using it might draw that thing's attention, it was far too great a risk.

Her eyes were drawn to the computer systems and the maps brought up by the auto-rescue systems. Land was an hour away, and even once they got there safety was far from assured. Getting to a point where her captors wouldn't be pointing gun barrels at her for the rest of this ordeal would improve survivability considerably.

"So . . . " She began somewhat awkwardly, sure to keep her hands where they could be seen. "I'm sure you lot have plenty'a questions for me, then." She glanced at blonde #3 (Aurum), remembering his comments earlier. "Also: a parrot? Really?" There was bemused incredulity in her voice, accompanied by an uplifted eyebrow. She wasn't sure why blue-eyes thought she'd be useful as a guide, but confirming or denying any of this group's suspicions about her could be a bad move at this point. Better to deal with direct questions and see where things went -- volunteering info when it didn't benefit her was too much like giving plunder away for free, after all.
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The pod's door nearly closed on Avery, but his desire to get himself off this miserable ship happened to save his life; if he hadn't made it, he'd either be crushed or getting a captain's funeral as he joined the ship in its journey to the bottom of the sea. Being the last one to get in, he wasn't able to find a seat. The fall and subsequent crash into the frigid water below caused Avery to rattle inside the pod like a bead in a maraca.

He laid still, recouping from his minor injuries. The pod's systems seemed to be intact and it was moving toward a landmass. He sighed. "One hour." He laid back and shifted his attention from the systems to Cordell. Since Dorian what out for the count, Avery decided to ask the obvious question, "What were you doing on that ship? If you were looking to take something, why help us?"
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Topazs timing could not be better as the second she sat down the pod fell a small distance off the capsizing ship into the water causing her to slide out of her seat and onto the floor with a small bang. Sighing she picked herself back up and dropped into the seat. With the pod in the water and appearing to be heading toward the island she could finally focus on the next event since they was no longer the immediate threat of death preventing an investigation. Still sopping wet her gazed switched between the radar showing the copious amount of Grimm outside and the red-coated Cordell in front of her.

"Did you do something to mess up the ship and almost kill us?" Topaz asked moving her gaze between the red-coated stow away and the screen displaying the worrying amoung of Grimm. The quieter pod also kick-started the process of relising just how much trouble they were in, DALT were shipwrecked, surrounded by god knows how many Grimm, they had a hideaway, and one of the worst personal offenses to Topaz, she'd had to spend the next hour at least sitting in soaking wet clothes with almost no chance to dry them out.

"And we're not even all together" Topaz muttered under her breath as she pulled off her hoody and arm warmers before proceeding to throw them onto the last remaining seat. If she couldn't dry anything out at least she could not be wearing it.
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     "Yes really, parrots are a pirate's best mate! Or was it first mate? I know it's not best friend, dog's are man's best friend. Are parrots a pirate's best friend?" Aurum blabbered, one foot bootless and the other soon to follow. Topaz pulled off her sweater right next to him to which he responded with a grimace at how soaked it was. He wasn't any better, however, but the pod seemed warm enough but now it felt like he was wearing a full body diaper.

     Silver Tanhelm sat beside the spikey blonde in a rather metallic like backpack configuration, almost like like a really shiny pillbug, leaving aurum with several straps on his body running across his torso to his arms. Guides for the weapon to follow should he don it. Aurum yawned, barely noticing the repeated red blips on Topaz' monitor, and wanted to take a nap. Unfortunately his remaining squishy boot still irked him so he stretched his leg out and leaned a bit into Topaz to get some room to move, then kicked his boot off with his free leg, sending the heavy boot flying into the ceiling of the pod.

    Aurum grimaced as it smacked the ceiling and sprayed warm foot water across the pod and all he could do was mouth a sorry.
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As the escape pod continued bobbing along the water the Kotick starting tightening their circling, occasionally brushing up against the craft as if looking for a reaction or an opening. The Grimm knew DALT and Cornell were inside but the fear the huntsmen and huntresses in training and pirate were feeling was much more controlled than they were used to, and it made them cautious. This prey wasn’t like others they had stalked in the wake of the behemoth below but that trepidation was quickly running out, bumps became scratches, biting into the thick metal plating deeper and deeper each time resulting in horrific screeches as the plating started to give way. The pod was mostly stationary, however, without a pilot, the craft couldn’t navigate all the debris as well as the circling Grimm.

A burst of static came through the pod’s communication system, someone somewhere was trying to get into contact with them but the interference from the still raging storm made it difficult to get a clear signal. ’Alpha…. Romeo….. Theta…..Zulu….ond.’ Was all of the transmission those in the pod could make out, it sounded something like the Atlas confirmation code, used when broadcasting on open channels to ensure both the listener and receiver was friendly although it was too broken to be certain the confirmation code was accurate. There was also something about the voice that even through all the distortion and the static would sound slightly familiar to the still conscious members of DALT.

Speaking of the unconscious members of DALT, Dorian was still unresponsive but that did mean he started flying around the confined pod once the strikes from the Kotick got more and more intense. Without his aura to protect him the blunt force impacts where already causing a fair amount of blood to start seeping out of small scrapes. This wasn’t including the awkwardness of a mostly unconscious person fall into your lap when you a busy trying not to die.
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Avery squirmed with anxiety as the encircling Grimm brushed up against the pod, afraid that their time was limited. However, with every minute that passed by, he became more at ease. It was safer that way anyway given their attraction to negative he could. Aurum swinging around his wet boots weren’t helping in that regard, though.

Suddenly, something flicked on within the pop and a message started to come through. Unfortunately, the storm was still ongoing and the message was broken. He turned toward Dorian, unfortunately still unconscious, before turning to Topaz.

“Do you think you can fix the signal?”
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Topaz almost wished that she kept the hoody on as Aurums foot juice sprayed around the cramped cabin adding to the negative atmosphere inside. All in all, not great, all this just cause of some stupid prank. Plus they were now directionless as Dorian had slipped into a rough unconsciousness and the other team was….somewhere. Oh and they had a pirate on board now too, all stuck together inside the Koticks equivalent of a food can. All this was fuel to the fire of Topaz’s internally panic ultimately all stemming from her feeling of uselessness. She couldn’t do anything on the big ship. Now she couldn’t go anything in the small ship. But it was the radio coming to life and streaming a broken confirmation code that reminded Topaz that not all is lost, and maybe it would be a good idea to start using the pod as more than a shield against the Grimm. At the request of Avery(was he the leader now?) she sprung into action flipping switches and tuning dials on the pods dashboard bringing more of systems whirring to life.
”Someone please strap in Dorian and make sure he doesn’t die.” She said before punching the pods throttle to its maximum position and turning towards the land mass. While the pod violently shook about from the added movement Topaz did her best to boost their radios strength to transmit a message back through the storm, the confirmation code was close enough after all. ”Alpha, Romeo, er, Theta?” Topaz tried to remember the rest of the confirmation code but was fairly pre-occupied with swearing around the school of aquatic death licorice that swam just outside. ”Whatever! This is team DALT from Atlas requesting immediate assistance! Our boat has gone down and we are in the middle of a swarm of Grim including a-“ She was forced paused for a second to swerve the pod around another Grim just barely scraping it which caused another violent jostle. Man this was hard.”Look if anyone is there please send help!” She yelled with into the microphone, hoping that whatever was around to transmit the message could also receive their call.
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     The ship was sinking, grimm were trying to kill them, Dorian was out cold, which was actually a good thing, so Aurum did what any sensible Huntsman in training would do. Nap.

     Well what could he do? Even as awesome as he was he couldn't exactly use dozens of speed bubbles to get them out. For one, he was exhausted from his previous splurge of power, and for another, he just didn't feel like taking a dip in ice cold waters surrounded by evil licorice. He'd have liked to talk to the pirate by she didn't have a parrot, which was a big minus in his book.

    Aurum snored as the pod got jostled them around but took a groggy moment to say, "Stupid evil licorice." Before going back to sleep. If Dorian was getting a pass to sleep so should he. He'd need his energy considering he didn't have anything to snack on while waiting. Listening to Avery drone on might help but the rocking felt almost pleasant. Like some evil cradle that was going to drown and rip them apart any second now. Pleasant.

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’..cieved. We’’ The radio sparked back, all the work Taylor had done to try to improve the reception didn’t seem to be having much impact. ’’ As possibly uplighting the message the radio tried to deliver was it was nothing compared to the increasing horror of the loud rents into the metal finally reached their climax as the Kotick managed to breach the hull of their little escape pod and water started to fill the lift raft. For now, the gaps weren’t large enough for the Grimm to slip through but it wouldn’t take long until there where. In their terrain, the Grimm would be even more of a danger but even if DALT would overcome the demon killer whales the life raft was well and truly sinking by now and there was little aura and years of huntsman training could do against drowning.

The incoming water did have some benefit, however, well benefit might be giving it too much credit, but the constant splashing of water on to Dorian was enough to wake the poor lad up. The world had gone from bad to worse for the poor boy and now he was trapped in his worst nightmare, drowning in dark, icy waters surrounded by strangers. Still, his training was drilled in enough that he wouldn’t go down without a fight and Dorian raised his assault rifle to fire a burst of dust ammunition at the coming Kotick. He even had the presence of mind to ensure he wouldn’t use any of the dust types which would be screwed over by the water resulting in a flurry of kinetic blasts. It was hard to miss something trying to get in through the only windows you have to fire from but regardless two Kotick were blast to pieces under the fire. More came however only more incensed by the deaths of their fellows. The pirate Cordell on the other hand was trying a different approach as she was trying to use her communicator to call back to somewhere but it was rather easy to infer from the pirates even louder and harsher than normal language that she was having trouble getting through.