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Title: Frostbite [Closed]
Post by: Kaliot on September 21, 2017, 10:49:35 PM
Mahava Plains
Town Center

General Vicinity: Townspeople
Immediate Vicinity: Savas Carnelian (,171.0.html), Aurelia Caelius (,126.0.html)

It was the middle of winter and the wicked air clawed at their bare skin with every passing breeze. Still, it was still not as bad as the harshest of Atlesian winters. Fortunately. There were few clouds in the sky leaving room for the noon Sun and its warmth to lay claim. A fresh sheet of snow had blanketed the town during the past night, but it was short-lived in the paths of the townspeople, trampling all over it or brushing it off to the side of walkways; there were a few unmolested patches here and there, but still they owed their lives to temporarily merciful or ignorant children.

Aurelia sat in the outside dining area of what was essentially a cafe, typically used by those who just wanted to watch blacksmiths work or for those waiting for their items to be finished. Chatter and the sound of metal-striking-metal filled the air, and behind that, a background of rocks and pebble rubbing together as people walked down the gravel pathways. She took a sip of her expectedly-cold tea only having ordered it a few minutes ago.

"So, when do you plan on visiting Praetor Rubra? (,598.msg7218.html#msg7218)" she said as she was setting down her cup. "I'm sure she's dying to see you. But I wouldn't be surprised if she''s seen you already".

She was proud of that one.
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Despite the reassuring ringing of metal on metal from the blacksmith, the cold air surrounding him, and the familiarity of the building surrounding him, Savas couldn't help but scowl slightly over his folded arms as he sat across the table of the huntress before him. It wasn't the fact that he was home or Aurelia's little remark that had him on alert. No, those weren't the reasons for his mood. It was the fact that he was sitting at a cafe having a drink with a female and the fact that everyone around them might consider them a couple. Not to mention the fact that his companion today was a huntress. And so, as immature and stupid as the reason may be, it was enough to get him slightly on edge.

"Nggrh" he snorted, trying to keep a straight face. "I'll visit her later." Holding back on saying more, since he knew that Praetor Rubra already knew he was here, he simply looked down at his now cold cup of coffee. "What did you want of me?" he finally inquired after a moment of awkward silence. Despite never being on a mission together with her, he knew of Aurelia during his first year in Beacon. At the time of his first meeting with her, he was the hopeful Academy student that wanted nothing more than to learn as much as he could from his peers, including her since they were from the same town. Now, after three years of experience and loss, he was less hopeful and more resolved that he would forever be at war against the cruel world that was before him.

Holding nothing against her request to have him accompany her back to their hometown, Savas simply wanted to get this meeting over with as well as this visit home so that he could get back to Beacon and finish his final year there.
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Aurelia, like usual, was completely oblivious to the 'situation'.

She pouted her lips. She leaned back in her chair, crossed her arms, and then put one hand against her cheek. "I just wanted some company on this long trek, is that too much to ask? Besides, who better to ask then my junior". She sighed and leaned forward back onto the table. "I was contacted by Praetor Caeruleus [Aurelia's Praetor] with a request from Praetor Rubra to bring you here. And you know how she is: had I declined, she would've definitely left to hunt you down. We can't be having that now could we. Besides, it's always nice to visit home every now and again".
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Listening to Aurelia's reply, Savas relaxed slightly. I guess Rubra wants to talk he thought to himself. Picking up his cup of coffee lightly so as to not crush it by accident, he drank some of the contents before placing the cup back down. " have a point on that" he remarked, trying his best to not sound too skeptical of her. Despite being on familiar terms with Aurelia, Savas still found it hard to befriend people, whether it was due to his sheer size or because of his desire to not grow close to people any longer. "I guess it would be good to visit home and see everyone" he added, his voice rumbling deeply in his throat.

Shrugging his shoulders to adjust Sandalphon and Metatron on his back, Savas turned his attention briefly to look at Aurelia. Despite not seeing her around all that much after she graduated from Beacon, she still looked the same as before. No matter how much he tried to keep his distance from people, there was something about her that made him want to look up to her and to listen to her like the old days. Doing his best to suppress his feelings, he did his best to keep his composure around his companion, if anything to at least look like he had grown up from the boy he once was that she knew. "And what about you?" he inquired, looking over at the blacksmiths for a moment before switching his gaze back on Aurelia. "Will you be visiting your old roots while here?" Gazing over his horn at her with penetrating olive green eyes, he picked up his cup again and took another drink from it.
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Her eyes met his with the same intensity. "Huh?," Aurelia said, slightly caught off guard. She tilted her head, and one of her free hands balled into a fist and began gently tapping against the table with no clear bear or rhythm. "I...yeah, I guess you could say that. Family, old comrades, old mentors, old friends. You know, the usual suspects". Her hand relaxed to pick up her cup . She finished the rest of her tea, it making a quiet dink as it met against the plate on which it had been served.

Aurelia scooted back her seat and stood up. "Finish up. She's waiting". Aurelia laid some money on the table, enough to cover for the two and just a bit extra. She leaned back against the table, parallel to the walkway, with both her hands atop each other protecting her body from the table, watching the blacksmiths work away.
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"Ngggrh. You've got a point." Savas muttered, finishing the remaining coffee in one big gulp. Standing up from his chair, he took note of Aurelia paying for his share of the bill. She's always had a friendly side to her he thought, scratching the back of his head briefly. "Thanks for covering my share" he stated, standing next to her. Would others look at the two of them, they would've seen the most strangest of pairs simply due to their size differences. Guess I shouldn't be so suspicious of her...she's just being herself he thought again, looking down at her. "Sorry if I seem upset at you" he murmured for her ears only, placing his left hand on the back of his neck. "I'm not" he added, trying to sound as sincere as he could, though it still came out as a rumble through his throat.

Taking a step forward, Savas began to make his way to the Clan Gladiis encampment and main hall, knowing that Rubra was waiting for him. "Think you can keep up?" he inquired loudly over the clanging of metal on metal coming from the blacksmiths. Shooting a quick glance to Aurelia, he continued onward, his feet making a loud thud with each step as it crushed the gravel pavement below.
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"Hm? Don't worry about it, Savas". Her gently distanced herself from the table and stretched her arms in the air before following him down the rocky pathway.

"Making fun of my size?" Aurelia said with a smirk. She had to keep quick pace to keep up with the giant. "I'll have you know I eat Grimm your size for dessert.". Losing wasn't an option for her, and she had no intention of doing so here, either. "So, what do you think she wants to talk to you about?" she asked. Given the round-about way Aurelia dragged him here, it would definitely a surprise to be sure.
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"Ngggrh" Savas snorted, suppressing a smirk that slightly creased across his face at her Grimm remark. He was sure that she had faced numerous Grimm that were bigger than he was. He thought about making a little joke about how eating Grimm would taste, but decided to remain quiet and continued to trudge on with a stoic expression. Each step he took made a continual crunch sound as he smashed the gravel deeper into the ground from his sheer weight. Though he had thought about wearing his lighter leather armor since he was simply coming home, he thought against it and wore his breastplate armor today. Appearance was crucial, especially here amidst all the other clans and he did not want to make it appear that he had gotten soft after leaving here.

"Ngggrh...not sure what she wants" Savas said simply after a brief pause. "Probably to inquire how Beacon is going for me" he added. Deep down, however, he had a feeling why she had called him back. She probably heard about what happened to my teammates he thought, doing his best to suppress the memories of the tragic event. Despite his best efforts, the memories flooded his mind as if it had just happened yesterday: the sight of blood in the snow as Vigdus breathed his last, a shocked look crossing his face. The screams that echoed through the trees as his teammates tried desperately to ward off the relentless attacks. The tears that fell from Auburn's eyes that were locked on to his own as she was killed after trying to protect him.

As the memories continued to run through his mind, Savas gritted his teeth as his expression took an even more impenetrable gaze. Clenching his fist briefly, he continued walking down the pavement as the main building for Clan Gladiis came into view. Let's get this over with... he thought as he squared his shoulders and moved on, forgetting for a moment that Aurelia was with him as he did his best to calm the storm in his heart before he came face to face with Rubra.
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Aurelia clasped her hands behind her back, staring straight ahead as the prevalence of the color red became evermore apparent and the crowd growing thinner as they moved away from the center of town until it became almost eerily quiet. She took a couple fast steps to get slightly ahead of Savas and tilted her body towards him. "Oh, did it have to do with not participating in this years festival?" she asked, an inquisitive look on her face. "I'm sure she was really looking forward to your matches".

And that was when she noticed that something seemed familiarly odd; his body language was suggesting that something was not quite right. Her heart started to get cloudy itself, but she staved it off. Her mind kept far away from the idea, but somewhere in her subconscious she knew of one possibility that would connect all the dots together. And yet she smiled, and would continue to do so, not only for those around her but herself as well. And if her deepest fears are realized, for Savas as well.
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Walking towards the building, Savas' dark thoughts were interrupted abruptly by the question that Aurelia asked. Blinking for a moment as he was startled back to reality, he simply looked down at the smiling face that was looking up at him. Get yourself together man! he thought to himself. "Ngggrh...perhaps that could be it" he said simply as they finally made it to the door of the hall. "Suppose you can come in also" he stated simply as he pushed the doors open.

The hall of Clan Gladiis was what one would think as a simple hall: there was nothing too special that marked it. Crimson red banners hung on the walls down the stone hall with two long tables parallel to each other ran much of the length of the hall, separated by a blazing fire that warmed the room during the winter. At the far end of the room, a large chair with a desk in front of it was placed for the Head of the clan.
Hearing the door open, Rubra looked up to see who it was. Bout time she thought irritably as she watched the behemoth of a faunus walk in with Aurelia behind him. Motioning towards the other in the hall to leave, she kept her gaze on the two. Despite training him since he was a lad, his size was still a shocking sight to see. "I see you like to still keep me waiting after all these years?" she remarked, her eyes locked right at Savas' eyes as if drilling through his skull. Standing up from behind her desk, she walked around to stand in front of it. "Perhaps I should have a talk with the Headmaster to fix your tardiness, hm?" she added, waiting as the giant made his way to stand before her. "Kneel." she commanded, mostly because she didn't feel like arching her neck to look up at him. Seeing him comply, she looked straight into his eyes before looking over at Aurelia. "Good to see you Aurelia" she said, nodding slightly in acknowledgement to her before shooting her hard gaze back at Savas. After a moment of her gaze drilling deep into his eyes, she softened her eyes and simply gave him a hug. Even with him kneeling before her, he was still too big so that all she could do was put her arms around his waist as he simply knelt there before her, quiet as always. "Why didn't you come to see me after what happened? Or at least come back for Vigdus' funeral?" she asked softly.

Kneeling there before Rubra, Savas simply kept his head bowed slightly as she hugged him. Not hugging back, he tried his best to keep his composure as she inquired why he didn't return home. "Ngggrh...I figured Headmaster Alban had told you what happened" he said quietly. Despite him partially wishing that Aurelia wasn't around to witness this, he simply let it slide and let down his walls that blockaded the emotions in his heart from coming out. "I couldn't protect them" he said. Though his face still held a granite hard look, his voice clouded over with emotions. Clenching his fists, he bowed his head further. "They died because I was too weak to protect them...too weak to protect her." As his voice began to choke at the thought of Auburn, his eyes also began to slowly cloud over as he fought hard to stop the tears from falling. Inevitably, a single tear fell onto the shoulder of Rubra as she continued to simply hug him as a mother would a broken child.
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Clan Gladiis Grand Hall

General Vicinity: Nobody
Immediate Vicinity: Savas Carnelian (,171.0.html), Aurelia Caelius (,126.0.html), +Rubra Cerasis (,598.msg7218.html#msg7218)

Getting acknowledged by Rubra, Aurelia simply nodded and bowed slightly.

Her chest felt like it caved in, collapsing on her heart. Aurelia didn't want to believe what she was hearing. Her fears and anxieties, once tapping on the door, were now slamming into it, screaming to get in; she had no intention of letting them have their way. Not here. Not now, at least. Her fists clenched as she struggled to keep her emotions under control. She took a deep breath and opened her mouth as if she were about to speak, but she quickly shut it again, instead choosing to make a quiet exit.

Outside, the breeze had picked up a bit, the cold air more furiously clawing at her than it had before; she felt none of it though. Distant memories of Vigdus popped into her mind like explosions from a fireworks show. She wanted to scream. She wanted to yell. She wanted to cause pandemonium. She removed her compacted weapon from her waist, looking at it before looking into the sky and muttering under her breath.

"Fuck". Aurelia's grip on her weapon tightened as she let it fall to her side.
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It felt like an eternity had passed. An eternity of memories and regret. Memories of the last three years spent at Beacon: moments of laughing at Vigdus' stupid jokes, moments of studying in the late of the night next to Auburn, and moments spent on numerous missions protecting each other's backs. Still kneeling there, Savas simply kept his eyes downcast as Rubra continued to hug him.

Holding on to Savas as a mother would a broken child, Rubra patted back softly to help console him as she noticed Aurelia leaving quietly. Can't blame her for leaving she thought. After a couple minutes, she let go of him and looked into his green eyes. "It wasn't your fault" she said softly before taking a step back and leaning against her desk. "Tragedies happen that we can't avoid. They are what makes us stronger." Gesturing him to take a seat in one of the chairs in front of her desk, she went around and sat back down in her chair. "Now, tell me what happened?" she inquired. The best thing for Savas now would be to let it all off his chest so that he can take the next step forward. And Rubra decided that it was her place to set him back on his path again.

Thirty minutes later...

Taking a deep breath, Savas calmed himself before opening the door to leave Rubra's presence. As harsh as she could be during training, she did care about those under her protection. Letting the door shut behind him, he looked around briefly and then noticed Aurelia standing on the side of the building. Ngggrh...she probably heard a little of the story he supposed, noticing that she was not in the hall when he began to talk to Rubra further.

Walking over to Aurelia, Savas put on a granite-like face as he approached her. "Were you waiting long?" he inquired. No point in trying to hide anything now as she looked like she had a lot on her mind. Though there was a big part of him that wished she had not heard anything prior, there was also a small part that was subconsciously thankful that there was at least one other person he could talk to about the situation. "Was there anywhere you would like to go?" he asked, hoping to try and break the silence.
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By the time Savas had finally reemerged from the clan hall, Aurelia had already cooled off both literally and figuratively; the cold had burrowed into her skin, causing tremors to quake throughout her body, her sheer force of will doing its best to limit them to once every few minutes. The things that had once plagued her mind thirty minutes prior had since departed, though not completely.

She had removed a fire-Dust round from her weapon and was tossing it into the air repeatedly, not bothering to pause upon his appearance and only responding with an ambiguous hum as Savas asked about the wait. Upon his second inquiry, she held the round in her balled hand. A silence took too the air as Aurelia took a moment to think, wondering if she should just talk to him directly, or if she should let her actions speak for themselves. Rubra of all people broke the silence as she popped her head, directing a "Be prepared by the break of dawn" at Aurelia. She didn't have time to respond so she simply nodded.

Having settled on what she wanted to do, Aurelia removed herself from the wall she was leaning on and said to Savas, "Yes, actually. Follow me". She began to walk in some direction away from the hall, the round exploding in her fist.

Aura: 100% 92% (-8%)
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Caught slightly off guard by Aurelia's response as well as Rubra's remark about being prepared for something, Savas simply complied and followed behind Aurelia, the heat from the exploding round briefly warming him before it quickly dissipated. Despite his longer legs, it took him a brief moment before he was keeping pace alongside her. No doubt, she probably heard my conversation with Rubra earlier he thought, trying not to look down at her facial expression now. No matter. It's in the past he thought, looking around as the buildings around them slowly passed by.

After what felt like an eternity of silence between the two, Savas decided to break the silence. "Ngggrh...Where are we going?" he inquired, still not looking down at Aurelia. Rolling his right shoulder briefly so as to adjust his weapons on his back a bit, he quickly cracked his neck as he continued to walk forward. Whatever Aurelia had in mind, he would do his best to be prepared for anything she would throw past him.
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Clan Gladiis Residential District (Outskirts)

General Vicinity: Nobody
Immediate Vicinity: Savas Carnelian (,171.0.html), Aurelia Caelius (,126.0.html), -Rubra Cerasis (,598.msg7218.html#msg7218)

"Visiting an old friend of mine," Aurelia told Savas, her eyes unwavering from the pathway, only diverting themselves to take glances at the passing red-decorated buildings to make sure she was going in the right direction. "Since we're in the area, I figured why not".

After a few more minutes, they came upon an ordinary, one-story house among many others. "This is it," she said as she looked up toward the roof. "I'm not sure if he's even home," Aurelia said. She took a deep breath and raised a shivering fist toward the door, hesitating for a few moments before actually rapping on the fairly new wooden door. "I sure hope this is the right house". She chuckled, though it was not as lively as before.

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Arching an eyebrow down towards Aurelia, Savas continued to follow her in silence. His emotions were still raw from his visit with Rubra, so he decided to use this time to reinforce the mental walls around his mind so as to not lose his composure again.

It wasn't until Aurelia spoke up again that Savas looked closely at his surroundings. They were standing before a simple house that spoke of nothing very extravagant. Watching Aurelia knock lightly on the door, he took notice that she seemed the be shivering. Folding his arms across his chest, he let out a slight sigh. "Ngggrh...cold, isn't it?" he asked softly, his breath coming out as a mist in the cold air. After waiting a moment, he looked at the door. "Perhaps you should knock again?" he inquired, looking back down at Aurelia.
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Clan Gladiis Residential District (Outskirts)
Residence of Nicolas Romani

General Vicinity: Nobody
Immediate Vicinity: Savas Carnelian (,171.0.html), Aurelia Caelius (,126.0.html), +Nicolas Romani

"Haha, yeah. Pretty cold," Aurelia said as she raised her fist toward the door once again. "Let me do that". Before her fist could make contact, the door cracked open to reveal a man a couple inches taller than Aurelia with blond, freshly-cut hair and bright-green eyes. He was dressed in fairly comfy clothing and in his left hand was a wooden cane. A wave of warmth rolled over Aurelia, her body feeling relief from the cold.

The man's eyes widened as he realized who his visitor was. "Aurelia! It's good to see you! And...," he turned toward Savas and paused. "...Savas...?" he said a little less enthusiastically. "How could I almost forget the Red Giant. I'm Nicolas, Aurelia's partner back in the day. Come, get out of the cold!" he said as he gestured for them to come inside.

His home was fairly modest with the main space doubling as the living room and dining space. The floor was completely stone with rugs strewn about to keep things comfortable. On one wall was a fireplace alongside a stack of firewood. On a perpendicular wall was a small TV, currently off, mainly used to catch broadcasts from Vale. In the middle of the room was a table large enough to comfortably seat four with the number of wooden chairs to match. On the table was a closed book with a ribbon protruding from its innards.

"Have a seat, you two," Nicolas said as he went around the table pulling out chairs. Aurelia thanked him as she sat down. He hesitated as he was about to pull out a chair for Savas, instead dragging over a nearby, moderately-sized trunk instead. "And this one's for you," he directed at Savas before sitting down himself.
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Following Aurelia and Nicolas into the house, Savas ducked to get through the doorway. Closing the door behind him, he was thankful to get out of the cold and into a warm house. The cold didn't quite bother him all that much, but he preferred the heat much more. The inside of the house reminded him much of his own family's home, though a bit more tidier. Looking around the residence briefly, it appeared as though Nicolas was the only one who lived here, something that slightly impressed Savas as it must've taken a lot of resources and funds to build a home as nice as this one.

Taking up Nicolas' offer to sit on the trunk, Savas took his seat, the trunk groaning under his weight. Remembering the nickname Nicolas called him earlier, he couldn't help but smirk slightly as he recalled the numerous times his peers around him called him that whenever they would spar or train together. If he recalled, it was either the teacher or Vigdus himself who started calling him that and it quickly spread like wildfire throughout the rest of the nearby clans.

Suppressing any and all thoughts of Vigdus, Savas quickly tried to think of something to say in hopes of maybe breaking the ice as he sat on the trunk. However, nothing came immediately to mind, so he simply looked over at the fireplace, reveling in the warmth, as he waited for one of the others to speak.
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Immediate Vicinity: Savas Carnelian (,171.0.html), Aurelia Caelius (,126.0.html), Nicolas Romani

Nicolas made it way to the opposite side of the table, leaning on it to keep himself stable. He pulled out a chair, and when he finally was able to sit down again, he sighed in relief. Aurelia fidgeted slightly. The air was silent for a moment as everyone just seemed to sit still in the stagnant air. Nicolas finally broke the ice. So, what brings you two here together?" he asked, his hands softly tapping on the wooden table. "The weather is horrible this time of year, after all".

"Actually, we just happened to visit Praetor Rubra and I wanted to stop by to see how things were going," Aurelia replied. Her hands were clasped beneath the table.

"So that's what this was about," Nicolas said as he turned toward Savas. He stopped tapping the table. "Tell me, Savas, what have you got to save for yourself?"

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Sitting there watching the other two, Savas merely listened to Nicolas and Aurelia talking, despite his attention not being fully on the conversation at hand. Despite anything the others were saying, he continued to focus his efforts on getting his emotions back under control. However, it was when Nicolas directed his attention towards Savas, that he brought his full attention back to the conversation.

"Ngggrh...Not much worth saying" Savas muttered, his deep voice rumbling through the room as he looked towards the fireplace briefly. "Praetor Rubra merely wanted to check in on things at the Academy." Turning his attention back to Nicolas, Savas rolled his shoulders and then proceeded to take Sandalphon and Metatron off his back. Considering the turn of things, it looked as though they would be sticking around here for at least a few minutes so he decided it be best to be comfortable while at it.
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Nicolas leaned away from the table and let out a sigh. He tapped on the wood with his knuckles. "Oh, you spoke with the Praetor already, huh?" He crossed his arms. "Though I still feel like beating your ass for not showing up. If you haven't visited her already, you better before you leave or else." Nicolas unwrapped his arms and punched his fist a couple of time in jest. For the most part.

"Listen Savas. You still have the power to protect others. I don't, not with my leg," he patted it a few times, "and unfortunately, Vigdus can't as well. Everyone who can't either looks up to you, wishing they had or still had the power to fight. It's not something to take for granted. But most importantly, Nicolas retrieved his cane and held it near the base, putting the handle lightly under Savas' chin, "no looking back. No matter what. He withdrew the cane. "Got it?"
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Listening to Nicolas speak, Savas merely nodded in response to his final remark. Savas oftentimes forgot that Frouri wasn't a large city and so news traveled fast through the town. Vigdus' death was no mere matter and Savas heard that the funeral for him had much of the town attending. Despite the traumatizing experience Savas went through to the point that he was holed up in his room for weeks after the tragedy, he still regretted the fact that he didn't go to the funeral for his best friend and brother in arms.

Focusing his attention back on the duo in the same room as him, Savas folded his arms across his chest, almost in an act of stubbornness. "Looking forward is all I can do now to honor those that have gave so much" he said quietly, his voice resonating through the room. "It's the only way I can honor Vigdus both in life and in death now" he added, looking at Aurelia first and then at Nicolas. It truly would be dishonorable of him if he were to step down and back away when Vigdus gave so much to fight for what he believed as right. If he were to do that now, surely Vigdus' spirit would come back to haunt him. Auburn as well... he thought, slightly amused at the thought of Auburn haunting him for the rest of his life before coming back to the reality of things.
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Nicolas nodded and let out a sigh of relief. "I've had that one in me for a while now. I'm glad to finally off my chest". He pointed his cane toward the ceiling. "Now that we've got that out of the way, how about I send you two off with a little...spar," Nicolas said. It was hard to tell if he was being serious or not.

Aurelia nearly coughed up her drink. "Excuse me? Not in your...condition...," her voice trailed off. She was fully aware of how he would respond.

"Nobody believed that I could fight anymore. And they were right. But I don't want to sit on the sidelines for the rest of my life so I've been trying to figure out a way to work around my weakness. What do you say? Would you like a sneak peek, Savas?" he grinned.
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Taken aback by Nicolas' request to spar, Savas quickly hid his surprise on his face. Sitting around reminiscing on the past was one of the last things he would have wanted to do and, after everything that happened earlier with Praetor Rubra, Savas was itching to fight something or someone just to get his mind off of things.

"Ngggrh...It would be an honor to spar with you" Savas said quietly, his voice interjecting before Aurelia could protest further. Standing up, he rolled his shoulders before cracking his neck. "Besides..." he added, picking up Sandalphon and Metatron. "...I've been rather itching to do something more than dwell on the past" he growled, his voice rumbling through the room as he smirked first at Nicolas and then at Aurelia.
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In truth, Nicolas has been bluffing, at least partly. He was developing a fighting style to work around his weakness. He could never convince anyone to spar with him, though, not even Praetor Rubra so a fight with Savas would certainly be out of the question. But the grin on his face never faded.

Nicolas shot out of his chair, Aurelia, surprised by the move, shot up herself afraid that he would hurt himself, but she soon realized that he was fine. She sighed. Nicolas tapped his cane against the floor. "Typical rules apply," he said as he started to move about and rummage through some boxes. "And of course: no holding back." Out of a box emerged a few what-appeared-to-be silver bracelets. He tossed one to Savas and then one to Aurelia for good measure. They were aura trackers, designed to send aura information to a display. Unfortunately they were still catching up on some Valish technologies and gadgetless, accessoryless aura tracking was one of those areas.

He put his on before continuing toward the fire. He grabbed a nearby spade and carefully placed ashed atop the flame, and when they seemed to be dying down, he grabbed a bucket full of a sand-ash mixture and dumped that into the fireplace. The home grew fairly dark, the only light coming in through past the window blinds.

"Let's get going." He took hold of his cane once more and opened the door.
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Catching the bracelet, Savas fussed over getting it over his large wrist. Having it fastened securely, he looked over to see Nicolas putting out the fire. As the house took on a darkened demeanor, Savas simply walked through the door and squinted slightly as he looked up to the dreary sky. The wind had picked up, causing a slight chill to creep through his armor. Letting out a sigh, he merely watched the mist from his breath blow away into the air above.

Turning around to face Nicolas and Aurelia, Savas harnessed his weapons in their respective places on his back. "You sure about this?" he asked simply. Despite his eagerness to get into a good fashioned sparring match, he was hesitant about it if it meant his opponent being Nicolas. Folding his arms across his chest, primarily due to the cold wind, he arched an eyebrow towards Nicolas' direction. "We need not spar if you don't want to." he added, trying not to give any indication that he was looking down at the other man. Knowing some of what had happened to Nicolas, Savas had nothing but respect for the man so he did not want to come off as rude or dishonorable towards him or Aurelia for that matter.
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Clan Gladiis Residential District (Outskirts)
Outdoor Sparring Arena

"I'm sure. Whether it be now or later, this is something I need to do. For myself".

After a few minutes, the party arrived at an outdoor sparring arena. The terrain, having been freshly cleared, was hard dirt.On one side of the arena was the aura display, capable of displaying up to eight individuals and built to withstand all sorts of weather.  Everywhere else along the perimeter of the arena were stands where spectators would watch fights, but currently they were vacant. The arena itself was decently sized, large enough to comfortably accommodate two individuals, but once the number is ramped up to eight, it gets a bit crowded.

Aurelia plopped herself down on one of the seats, a look of slight worry spread across her face. Nicolas made his way to one end of the arena and equipped the bracelet. When he turned it on, the arena's aura display lit up with his name and a full aura bar. He tapped his cane against the ground and his nickle-colored aura began to shimmer.

"I'm ready when you are, Savas".
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Following behind Nicolas and Aurelia silently, Savas merely took in the scenery of his hometown. Despite the dreary weather, the town buzzed with activity from shops opening up to showcase their wares to a few small children running down the pavement, laughing as they went along. Here and there, he caught a few gazes on him, though many of them merely nodded their head in acknowledgement of the giant faunus, to which he nodded back politely.

Arriving at the outdoor arena, Savas took a moment to get himself prepared for a fight. Walking over to the other side of the arena from Nicolas, he smirked slightly as he saw the faint glimmering around Nicolas. "Ngggrh...guess we're not holding back" he remarked, also activating his semblance. As he began to glow a dark crimson, he closed his eyes and let the faint picture of his team flash before his eyes. I will live on for them he thought as his semblance activated and he let out a loud shout, as if challenging the heavens itself. With his semblance glowing around him like a raging fire, Savas pushed off, breaking the hardened dirt with his weight and force as he came charging straight at Nicolas, Sandalphon held at shoulder length to do a downward swing on the man.
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Nicolas watched as Savas charged toward him. While he looked calm on the outside, his heart was racing. There was no sense in blocking or parrying any of his attacks--Savas would break you all the same--so the next logical thing would be to dodge. Coupled with the fact that Nicolas was handicapped, a brief feeling of regret shot through his mind. He took a deep breath and felt his heart ease up a little.

"This is no time for hesitation, Nick," he said beneath his breath. The glow of his aura grew stronger around his cane-wielding hand, and as Savas approached with his sword raised, a flurry of propulsion Dust was released from his cane. With a short flash of light, Nicolas was sent flying away from Savas. The impact was something he had to get used to, but he was able to retain his footing nonetheless, albeit barely.

Nicolas switched to attack mode immediately, knowing that he had to keep Savas out of attack range for as long as he could. The aura around his hand glowed again, and this time there was a mix of ice along with the propulsion Dust. He waved his free hand and two icicles formed from thin air, and with a quick gesture toward Savas, they shot towards him.

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Watching Nicolas fly away from him with amazing speed, Savas had only a brief moment to be surprised before two icicles came flying straight at him. Unable to dodge, he raised his sword to help block one of the icicles, but was hit hard by the second one in his abdomen, causing him to grunt and take a step back from the impact. "Ngggrh...not bad" he muttered, reassessing his options. Seeing that Nicolas was keeping a far distance from him, Savas could only assume that he would continue to do so in hopes of having the advantage.

Changing his plan of attack, Savas proceeded to running perpendicular to Nicolas. Pulling Metatron off his back, he slammed Sandalphon into it, causing the two to become one. Wield Halvanhelev with one hand, he continued his long strides as he pulled a dust cylinder and loaded it. "Lets do this!" he roared, rotating the cylinder so that an air crystal was the first to be used. Swinging Halvanhelev with a brute force, it created a horizontal slash of highly pressurized air that went straight towards Nicolas. Hopefully that'll stun him slightly he thought as he rotated the cylinder to a lightning crystal. Pivoting on his left leg, he sprinted as fast as he could towards Nicolas, hoping to close the distance enough so that he could use the crystal to stun him.

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Nicolas' eyes widened just slightly, and he took in a sharp and quick breath. It took his eyes time to adjust to what the air distortion was, and by the time they did, it was too late. The wave smashed into him, the impact as if someone had charged directly at him. Nicolas was knocked back again, but this time he couldn't keep on his feet. He fell to the ground a few feet away and slid for a couple more. The alarm bells in his head went off immediately as he realized the situation he was in.

Nicolas look up, doing his best to find Savas amid his blurred vision and just managed to do so. Still trying to recover, the only thing he could reliably do was to wait and see what Savas did next.

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With the blast of wind hitting Nicolas directly, Savas continued on, in hopes of closing the distance quickly before his semblance ran out and Nicolas could gain a foothold in the situation. Charging as quickly as he could, he closed the distance, his heavy footsteps landing loudly on the ground. As Nicolas took on what looked like a guarded stance, Savas got within range of using the lightning crystal, but hesitated for a moment. He might be able to dodge this attack... he thought, but quickly erased any hesitation. The time to act was now or never and so, with a heavy vertical slash, Savas unleashed a bolt of lightning straight at Nicolas. Should this hit, then the battle would surely tilt in his favor and he would win. However, something in Nicolas' stance told Savas that he would need to be prepared for a second plan of attack.

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Upon seeing that another ranged attack was on its way, more Dust spilled out of his cane, this time a mixture of propulsion, wind, and earth Dust. With a motion of the cane to his left, the Dust formed something of a wall, and with a sweeping motion back toward his right, the wall rushed forward toward Savas, crashing into and destroying the bolt of lightening in the process [feels like a single strong gust of wind with a lot more oomph; low actual damage].

With his senses coming back into focus, more Dust released from his cane, this time a pure white. Being careful of his leg, he launched himself into the air toward Savas with the intention of peaking out approximately above him. As he neared the peak of his trajectory, Nicolas prepared for his next attack, and as he passed overhead, he sent three fire-propulsion fireballs to rain down upon Savas.
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Watching Nicolas thwart the lightning attack, Savas could only brace himself as the wall crashed into him, pushing him back a few feet. It was at that moment that his semblance came to an end and he took a moment to catch his breath. However, it was short-lived as Nicolas took that moment to fly into the air and fire three fireballs straight at him.

Cursing under his breath, Savas threw himself to the left, dodging two of the fireballs, but getting hit on his side by the third one, causing him to grunt as he knew his aura would dwindle from the attack. Pushing himself up as best as he could, he swung his sword and activated the lightning dust crystal once more. Try dodging this in mid-air he thought, shooting another lightning bolt straight at Nicolas. With the lightning dust crystal completely depleted along with the wind dust crystal, he only had a fire, earth, and one more wind dust crystal left in the hilt. Let's just hope I won't have to use it all up in this fight he thought as he got back up to his feet and readied for another barrage from Nicolas.

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Nicolas was almost relieved when his attacks landed onto his opponent as if he was expecting otherwise. Almost. Soon after the attack, Savas sent his own straight at Nicolas, and he was wholly unprepared for it. Nicolas' body buzzed and tingled, and a sharp pain was felt along the area where the attack made contact with him. His arc through the air remained relatively unchanged, but his control over his own body was nearly non-existent.

Mentally, he braced for impact as much as he could and he crashed into the ground horizontally, bouncing and skidding along the ground until all his momentum was spent. Still, he was unable to move, at best being able to twitch, so he just laid there, defeated.

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Watching Nicolas take the brunt of the attack and fall to the ground, Savas tried taking a step towards his opponent, but his already weakened legs from the use of his semblance gave out and he feel onto one of his knees. Sensing that the fight would almost be finished, he decided to take this moment to catch his breath. "Shall we call this fight as a draw or do you want to keep going?" he growled, chest heaving as he slowly calmed down his heartbeat.

Using Halvanhelev as a type of crutch, Savas mustered himself up and leaned against the sword. "Ngggrh...I must either be out of shape or your attacks hurt more than they appear" he muttered, his deep voice resonating through the area. Taking the opportunity to look around, he finally noticed a small crowd of people watching from a distance. Surely, the dust attacks had drew some attention and so Savas did his best to stand without using his weapon for support in hopes of looking a little more composed.
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 "If you want to keep go-" Nicolas started to talk, but Aurelia cut him off realizing that there was even a slight chance of the fight being prolonged.

"Absolutely not. Call it a draw," commanded Aurelia as she huffed her way over to him. She tilted herself over his body and placed her arms upon her hips. "Is this what you've spent all your time on?" She took note of Savas' comment but was reluctant to the thought. Still, she didn't bother to wait for an answer and instead made her way to Savas. "You okay, Sav?" Aurelia said as she knelt to the ground and inspected his person. He appeared to be decent enough, but his semblance and the attacks must've did their toll she figured.

"Arcana has been dormant since the last war. You don't think...," she muttered. Her voice trailed off.