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Rufus Stern
« on: April 27, 2017, 07:22:28 PM »

Name: Rufus Stern

Age: 17, born  Zinnober 18

Species and Gender: Human, male

Symbol:  a fishhook surrounded by shark teeth

Occupation: fisherman (former), first-year student at Beacon Academy


Rufus is a tall (6'7"), lanky  young man with messy red hair with a tanned complexion, weighing in at 185 lb. His face is distinguished by a scar crossing his nose under his blue eyes. In and out of class, Rufus wears a red rain coat with his symbol on the back. Outside of class, Rufus wears a black turtleneck sweater and a dark navy pair of waterproof pants tucked into black rain boots. Rufus's right leg has been replaced with a mechanical prosthetic which appears to have been repaired from multiple damages.

When ready for combat, Rufus wears a cushion-like kneepad on his right knee to prevent further damage to his mechanical leg. He sometimes wears wrist braces in combat. Other than that, he wears his normal, everyday clothes in and out of combat, due to not caring too much about the state of his dress.

Spoiler: ShowHide

He has very poor posture, almost always slouching forward. This makes him appear at a relatively normal height. He also has a slight limp, but nobody would notice if they didn't know he had a prosthetic leg.

Rufus grew up in a fishing village with no siblings, but he was friends with all the children of the village, often getting into play-fights with them. However, even at an early age, Rufus was always a larger person than his peers, and he won nearly every one-on-one fight he ever got into. After countless wins, the other children began to gang up on Rufus in their play. This led to Rufus only getting stronger, though his win-loss ratio began to lower considerably.

Rufus was always fascinated by the stories his parents would tell of the things they saw while at sea, so it only made sense that, when Rufus turned 15, he would join his parents on a fishing trip to have a chance to have an adventure like in their stories. The first three days of the trip were uneventful, but the fourth day brought a terrible storm. The sky turned black and the sea tossed the ship back and forth across the waves. Everyone tried their hardest to keep the ship from being tossed over, but no one noticed the shadow emerge from the ocean, except for Rufus. Happening to look up, Rufus saw a horrid sight, an enormous Grimm with a white body and a blackened face. Its eyes burned red like coals and its teeth were like daggers. The beast crashed into the ship, breaking it in two. Rufus called out for help as the Great White Grimm circled around the wreckage, swallowing anything it could fit in its gaping maw. Then, turning its attention to Rufus, the Grimm grabbed the boy by the leg and flung him across the waves, severing the leg from Rufus's body. Rufus was found a day later and treated for his wounds. The only survivor of the attack, Rufus vowed revenge against the Great White Grimm.

Rufus spent the majority of the first year of his recovery waiting for a new prosthetic leg to be shipped from Atlas. After months of filling out forms and waiting, Rufus was excited to receive his new leg, but was exhausted by the months of physical therapy required to get accustomed to walking with his leg, and months more to self-train to fight with the mechanical prosthesis. During this training period, Rufus learned how to repair the leg, mostly due to not having the money to get it fixed by a professional, let alone replace it. Through this new skill, Rufus has made his leg more versatile than it was previously intended.

After almost two years, Rufus fully recovered from his injury, at least physically. He has now enrolled at Beacon Academy to learn the skills needed to combat the Great White Grimm and finally get his revenge.


Rufus presents himself as an approachable person. He seems to be rather calm and collected, but there are times when his eccentric nature begins to show, such as his insistence on eating seafood at every meal as a petty revenge against the Great White Grimm. He also hates being in other's debts and enjoys being a debtor, though he hardly ever asks for more than a petty favor in return for his loans.

Rufus hates getting personal with people, mostly out of fear that they will disappear from his life with no warning. He sees most people as allies and hardly ever as friends, though he does keep his few real friends close.

Rufus loves the ocean and is fascinated with all the creatures in it. However, he has no interest in other, more useful topics, except for maybe combat.

Rufus never forgets a debt. He also never truly forgives a person if they hurt him in some way. He takes insults incredibly personally, but he never outwardly lets it show. He, instead, keeps his feelings of anger build up inside him, which often leads to him lashing out at small offenses. Rufus does not like this aspect of himself and apologizes immediately if he ever accidentally lashes out against someone undeserving of it.

Aura and Semblance:

Rufus's aura is a deep red.

His semblance gives him the ability to extend the range of slashing attacks. The range of the attack is limited by Rufus's line of sight, but the damage is lessened as the distance increases. The slash is activated by moving any part of his body in the direction the slash is meant to travel. Using this ability slightly weakens the effectiveness of the protection his aura gives him for the duration of the slash. This is his only consistent ranged attack.

Combat Behavior:

Rufus is a ruthless front-line combatant. His weapon, Ishmael, is perfect for ensuring that enemies not only go down, but they also don't get back up. He prefers to end fights quickly, so he often attacks more vital areas of his opponent's body.

Rufus uses his leg as an anchor to hold himself in place when fighting larger opponents, as the leg has been modified to be able to stick a steel rod into the ground. This rod can be used in combat as a weapon, but itís not really effective, as Rufus is not used to fighting with kicks, preferring to use Ishmaelís primary form.

Rufusís leg is also useful for giving him a boost in speed when moving short distances, and it allows him to move twice as far with less effort. However, he canít use both of these traits at once, as Rufusís remaining leg canít match the speeds the mechanical version is capable of, keeping him to only using the leg to travel short distances in an instant or to jump further distances.

While Rufus is highly effective in close-range, he lacks proficiency at longer range, even despite his harpoon gun and semblance. Ishmael is effectively a weaponized grappling-hook and lacks any real accuracy required to consistently hook enemies targeting Rufus at a distance. Rufus's semblance is a better ranged weapon, but he hardly uses it due to the vulnerability he has when using it.

Overall, Rufus's fighting style is self-taught, meaning there are some wholes in his technique. A more experienced fighter, or simply one who has received more formal training, could easily fight, and win, against Rufus.


Name: Ishmael

Primary Form:

Ishmael's primary form is a club-like weapon in the shape of a thin rectangle. The club is telescopic and has several holes on the bottom face of the prism (one of the thin faces).

Secondary Form:

Entering the second form, the bottom face of the club extends twelve sawteeth. These teeth extend from tip to base and can be extended one at a time.

Tertiary Form:

Folding in on itself, Ishmael becomes a harpoon gun that fires a harpoon attached to the weapon by an incredibly long chain. The harpoon is fired at speeds great enough to pierce metal and has a single hooked barb at the tip.


Ishmael was crafted to be the perfect weapon for Rufus's goal of slaying the Great White Grimm. The weapon is designed so that when the battle against the beast starts, there's no way Rufus can get flung away like last time.


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Re: Rufus Stern
« Reply #1 on: April 28, 2017, 12:59:32 PM »
First, welcome to the RP board. Overall, this is a fairly good character (love the reference to Moby Dick). There is only two issues/concerns:

1. How did Rufus get into Beacon? There's nothing showing that he had any formal training or studies so there's not much to say as to how he was accepted into Beacon. Seeing that there's nothing on him going to combat school, the only other option for him to get into Beacon is the Beacon Enrollment Exam, which is a fairly hard test to pass for someone with no formal training and education. Please clarify this.
2. This won't hold up your character from getting approved, but at some point, we'd like it if you can do a write-up on this "Great White Grimm". This will fall under the 'Worldbuilding" section in the "Grimm Catalog". You will just need to PM the Worldbuild staff your Grimm and await for their approval.

That's about it for this character. Overall, this is very well-written so well done.
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Re: Rufus Stern
« Reply #2 on: May 09, 2017, 10:27:08 AM »
Moved to MiA on 05/09/2017.
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