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Silica Methiviola
« on: November 24, 2016, 01:15:10 PM »

Name: Silica Methiviola

Age: 29

Species and Gender: Female Human

Symbol:  None

Occupation: Servant to the Royale family. Reginald Royale's resentful assistant.

Appearance: Silica is, most of the time, a rather average looking woman most often seen in business attire. Her common outfit consists of a pencil skirt, blouse, cardigan and high-heeled shoes at work, and her white hair is done up in a high ponytail reaching back down to her shoulders.

When she gets to have some time off, however, she often lets her hair out, turning it a shade of violet, and dresses much more casually. This often involves cropped tank tops, short shorts, occasionally jeans or leggings and running shoes.

Though she isn't exactly a combatant, she has a bit of experience, and thus has a set of combat attire as well. This consists of a pair of blue jeans, a tank top, boots and fingerless elbow gloves. Her hair is usually made orange and made into a compact bun on her head.

Personality: At work she can be a bit strict, but not so much when she's merely dealing with Reginald. She has no respect for him, but plenty for his father. Silica is otherwise quite aloof.

Aura and Semblance: Silica's aura color shifts between three colors - white, purple and orange - depending on her mood (Content, sad/bored, happy/angry).

Her semblance allows her to change the appearance of her face and make minor changes to the appearance of her build. She can rather convincingly emulate any face she's seen, or create new ones on the fly. It doesn't take too much out of her, and she can keep a new face up for several hours. Doing something as simple as changing the color of her hair takes almost nothing out of her, and she can keep this up for days, though she can't do it in her sleep and reverts to her normal appearance when resting.

Combat Behavior: She is not a combatant, but when she gets into a fight she generally keeps her distance and sticks to conventional methods of combat, such as using firearms or doing simple attacks with melee weapons.

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