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Team Argent (ARGT) NPCS
« on: October 31, 2016, 11:28:28 AM »
Rusty Brennen
Rusty is Argus' childhood friend and the absolute heart and soul of the team. He is optimistic to a fault, and always seems to be full of energy. He's carried this on even into adulthood, albeit in a more controlled fashion, and remains the one to bolster the team's confidence even in the darkest situations. Rusty stands 5'8" and lean, with tanned skin, brown eyes, and (of course) red-orange hair, and dresses casually in a red hoodie over an orange shirt and blue jeans. He uses a massive black warhammer named Pyrebrand, which, like Argus' Onlooker, can store cartridges of Fire dust (which he learned how to make from his grandfather, who is also a Dust expert), and use them either to light the hammer's head on fire or launch them as grenades in the weapon's alternate form. His mastery of Dust and its uses has made him the team's unofficial quartermaster, and he is responsible for supplying the other members with Dust cartridges as needed. In battle, Rusty tends toward a berserker style, using the hammer's reach to strike multiple enemies at a time. His Semblance is Temperature, and allows him to rapidly heat or cool whatever he's touching, as well as making him unusually resistant to burning and freezing (meaning he's not immune to them, but he could never get a fever, he's comfortable in a much wider range of temperatures than most people, and he's difficult to burn with fire, for instance).

Gallia Villhune
Gallia is Tantalus' twin sister, and is generally the coolest head in the group. She and Tantalus come from a long line of Huntsmen and Huntresses, and they've been groomed since birth for the job. While Argus specializes in scouting and making plans beforehand, Gallia is the team's on-the-spot strategist when things get heated, and keeps everyone focused on the objective at hand in times of confusion or stress. She and her brother have pale white skin, jet-black hair, and glacial blue eyes. Gallia coordinates this with her clothing by dressing in silver and white with black trim and designs; usually, this means a blouse and pants (or sometimes a combat skirt). In combat, she dual-wields Razorwings, a kama/shuang gou hybrid that unfolds into a hand crossbow ( but with black instead of red). The bolts fired from the Razorwings are a special construction of Rusty's; their tips are made of either dense metal for piercing Grimm armor, or a brittle Dust-infused ceramic that shatters on impact, violently detonating whatever type of Dust it was infused with. Gallia's Semblance, Resonance, allows her to perceive even tiny vibrations in the ground, as well as use echolocation at range. This makes her an extremely good tracker, negating most forms of cloaking or invisibility technology.

Tantalus Villhune
Tantalus is the twin brother of Gallia, and fiercely protective of his "little" sister. From childhood, he and his sister would play games to see who could ambush the other in the forest near their house, which has made them both excellent trackers. While Gallia is adept at hunting down a single objective past any obstacles, Tantalus excels at surprise attacks and shutting down an enemy as quickly as possible before melting back into the shadows. Like his sister, Tantalus has pale skin, black hair, and glacial blue eyes; unlike her, he dresses mainly in black with white or silver trim; usually this takes the form of a black longcoat with silver buttons over a black and white shirt and black pants. In combat, Tantalus dual-wields high-caliber Vulcan pistols, which transform into combat knives for hand-to-hand combat ( His Semblance, Hunter Sight, allows him to see into the infrared spectrum with enhanced detail, to the point that he can see hotter and cooler areas in and on a person's body. This allows him to track even better than Gallia, though at a much shorter range, and makes his strikes extremely deadly unless avoided.

Every member of Team ARGT wears a steel mask identical to that of Argus (except with eye-holes), polished to a mirror shine. The only exception is Rusty, whose mask is infused with extremely small quantities of fire Dust; while this is not enough to give the mask any special properties, it has effectively 'dyed' the steel a rusty red, in keeping with its owner's name.
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