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Garnet Fluss
« on: February 15, 2018, 02:53:04 AM »


Garnet Fluss (nicknamed radar head by some old friends)


18, born on the 6th of Hitahita

Species and Gender:

Female, human



Combat Academy student (Atlas)


Garnet is a young woman standing at 167.64 cm (5'6") tall, weighing at about 145 ibs,  she has short purple hair and a purple eye.  she always has a pair of headphones on and wears a purple eyepatch over her missing left eye. 
she is noticably curvy, wears a purple cardigan over a white dress shirt, a pair of black shorts that stop just above her knees, and thigh high combat boots.
on the back of her cardigan is her symbol, a silver tribal compass (the Fluss family symbol)

physically, she appears somewhat lean, though if one looked at the exposed parts of her arms and legs, one would see noticable muscle. 


Born in Atlas to a huntsman named Saphir Fluss and his wife Hemetite,  Garnet was treated reletivaly well.  at around 6 years old she was attacked by a grimm while on a family trip and ended up losing her left eye as well as suffering several scars on the left side of her body. 
   Despite this she managed to make it into a private training school for the atlas military, where she learned to love the saxaphone.   during her training days, she was always surrounded by friends of all sorts, she never cared whether one was faunus or human.   she gets along very well with her father regardless of how often he is actually home,

at the age of 13 she enrolled in a private atlas academy, and at the age of 16 she took the entrance exam to atlas's military academy.
currently she is training to be a full fledged huntress.

though her family is higher in society, she tries her hardest to seperate herself from that part of her family's reputation.


Garnet is a very tomboyish woman, she is very sassy and positive. she will always try to keep things positive amongst those she is around, even if it means playing some music to ease any tension
   when she does get under the weather, she will try to cheer herself up with her music, claiming it helps. 
her strengths would be that she has an easy time getting along with others and is always positive.

weaknesses:  she is positive sometimes during unecessary times, due to missing her left eye, she has poor depth perception and an obvious blind spot (somewhat covered by her semblence)  this leaves her at a disadvantage against some opponents as well  as in battle in general

Aura and Semblence

Garnet is not capable of regeneration with her aura, shielding is her main form of defence.

Aura Training:  Garnet did learn how to increase her strength somewhat with her aura as well as how to create a shield.

Semblence:  Garnet's semblence is like a radar or sonar,  which is what her headphones are partially for.  the beacon attachments on the earpieces help enhance her radar range. 
thanks to this semblence, her not having a left eye is not as big of a problem as it normally would be in combat, but her semblence doesnt bring her back to what she would be like if she still had both eyes.


Garnet uses a curved sword that somewhat resembles a katana mixed with a long sword.  its hilt is purple with a black pommel and grip.  the blade itself is very ornate, with a few dust crystels embeded into the guard.  the sheath is designed to carry spare crystals to replace the ones on the guard if they are either damaged or drained of power.
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Re: Garnet Fluss
« Reply #1 on: February 20, 2018, 07:40:30 AM »
What type of faunus is she?

Iíd like you to have another look at your formatting because it is kinda all over the place. Itís fine now but it would also be nice if you could provide a little more detail on the personality and history. What are her experiences at school? What effects did they have on her? ect

You donít have a combat behaviour section and we have already talked about changing the weapon. Formatting could also use some work.
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Re: Garnet Fluss
« Reply #2 on: March 05, 2018, 10:35:32 AM »
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