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Re: Across the SALTy sea (Main Thread)(Closed but message if you want in)
« Reply #45 on: June 12, 2018, 11:17:24 AM »
(OOC: Heyo! The SALTy Sea threads are officially merged now, so... who's ready to flee a sinking ship with a pirate of questionable intent?)

She had to fight the urge to panic as her Semblance reported back, their situation clearly going from bad to worse in short order. Grimm. Almost certainly aquatic Grimm, at that, and she rather doubted that anyone here was an expert in underwater combat. While it wasn't surprising that the dark beasts would be drawn to the panic aboard a sinking ship, the notion that they could even reach the ailing vessel amid a storm like this was a bit surprising. Clearly there was far less turbulence and chaos below the waves than upon them.

Well, it was time to make a choice...

Abandoning her stealth and stepping out into the open, the fiery young pirate leveled her cutlass at the two Atlas students ahead of her. "Oi! You lot!" Her words were shouted such that they couldn't be ignored, and no doubt when the Dorian and Avery turned and saw an unfamiliar woman in an outlandish outfit brandishing a blade at them they'd have plenty of concerns. Those concerns would soon turn to alarm as, with a sharp hiss of pressurized air, the blade of said sword shot through the air towards them both, missing by only about a foot. The blade clattered off a bulkhead further down their route before swiftly magnetizing, the woven metal tow line connecting it to the rest of the cutlass going taut. Using it to stabilize herself against the jostling and swaying of the ship, Cordell let the retracting line pull her into a light-footed sprint. "Grab a hold, an' don't bother me with questions! Yer ship's takin' on more'n just water from th' sea, boys -- we're gonna have t' fight our way t' shore if any of us wanna live through this!" It was an alliance of convenience, no question, but hardly unprecedented. When Grimm threatened, the people of Remnant -- even sworn enemies -- knew it was either fight together or risk dying alone.

And she was not dying here!
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Re: Across the SALTy sea (Main Thread)(Closed but message if you want in)
« Reply #46 on: June 14, 2018, 10:26:01 AM »
Avery ducked away from the blade as it pierced the air just beside him. He was ready to drop Dorian and prepare for another attack, but the woman's words froze him in his tracks. Indecision and hesitation: the wrenches that clogged the gears of his mind which he'd normally be able to work through with time, but time was a luxury that they couldn't afford. He bite his lip.

The ship lurched as the woman neared and Avery could feel his footing gave way just as she passed him. He freed his hand that was resting atop his weapon and instead used it to grab hold of the woman, lunging toward her as his feeling of imbalance turned into a reality. His hold on her was also worrisome, but with his other hand preoccupied with Dorian, there wasn't much he could do except pray that the ship wouldn't do anything drastic.
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Re: Across the SALTy sea (Main Thread)(Closed but message if you want in)
« Reply #47 on: June 15, 2018, 11:25:06 PM »
Topaz glared at Aurum in a feeble attempt to get her annoyance and disappoint at the quality of his joke across while in reality her looked much more panicked then she intended, even if the joke was in a effort to lighten the sinking mood it seemed to her they should save it for after they clear themselves of danger. Glancing back at the water she barely escaped she could see some large fish Grimms shadows lurking about just below the surface below where the light of the emergency lights could reach. While Topaz grabbed Aurums arm and pulled herself to her feet she finally realized the type of Grimm these were and thanked her lucky stars that she got out before they showed up.

"Considering it was the fish bomb that got us into this mess I would say, yeah, it still seems pretty bad." Topaz said in response to Aurums query while also trying to calm her shaky sounding voice, continuing to look at Aurum she toggled her microphone into broadcast mode and said.

"We got Kotick I think? in the water, a whole bunch of them too guess they want refuge inside the ship or somethin." Disabling her small microphone she shouldered Lithium and began running up the stairs behind Aurum while also trying to maintain her balance. The tipping of the ship doing tons to trip her up throughout the entire journey no doubt much slower than the nimble Aurum. In between sliding around and muttering curses Topaz activated her semblance tracking down the location of the crystal that she had given Dorian at the beginning of the mission. Locating the small crystal she called out to Aurum,

"Dorian and Avery are up a deck, or sideways I guess? Well, in that direction" She pointed up towards the top of the ship and to the left. "Head in that direction and we should be able to meet up with them"
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