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« on: September 04, 2017, 11:17:39 PM »

Name: Unknown

Codename: Rider

Age: Unknown

Species and Gender: Male Squirrel Faunus

Symbol: N/A

Occupation: Valish White Fang Corporal

Appearance: Standing at 5'9" and 155 lbs, Rider wears a white and red color scheme to his armor and cuirass underneath. Usually has armor on him, with helm in a backpack along with supplies. His quiver is positioned on the back of the hip, held up by two straps around the whole waist. Instead of a solid make, however, the quiver is more like a loose sack, which helps prevent arrows from bouncing around and falling out. Wears hard leather boots with rivets on the soles for grip, and a pair of jeans under his lamellar. Lamellar “robes” are a bone white, whereas the plates are made of steel but colored with blood red. Helm also has red “highlights”, as well as hardened leather hanging down around the rim. Typically puts on some sort of thick cap before his helmet for comfort.
Rider's facial features are obscured by the standard white fang mask, covering the upper part of the face.

Armor - significantly slimmer fitting on Rider: ShowHide

Helmet: ShowHide

History: Not much is known about Rider's past other that he's been in the kingdom of Vale for some years. Though he mainly stays out of the city, he has been seen near bordering villages before.

Personality: Rider is significantly less resentful of humans then the rest of the White Fang, opting more and more often to spare lives and send a message of equality rather than just fear. He is kind to anyone who he believes deserves it, and a nightmare to anyone else.

Aura and Semblance: Unknown

Combat Behavior: Combat Record not recorded.


Name: Shursh

Primary Form: Ironwood composite bow.

Dust Functions: Along with standard arrows, can fire arrows with explosive fire dust and repulsion tips.

History: Rider's own bow from when his clan was still alive. His mother and father had helped him craft it at 17, and he never made another one.


Name: Nudrakh

Primary Form: Mongolian-style steel saber at the hip, sheath and handle both look very mechanical in nature and are significantly thicker than most sheathes. Sabre has a very obvious groove down the middle of the flat, akin to a fuller.

Secondary Form: Sheathe and saber handle connect, extending the weapon into a 1.8 meter halberd, the blade of the saber expanding and extending out into a larger ax blade and spike.

History: Not made during his time with the clan.

Visual Aide for Composite Bow:
Spoiler: ShowHide

Visual Aide for Sabre:
Spoiler: ShowHide

Visual aide for Halberd:
Spoiler: ShowHide

Khödölj: A short, stocky light brown horse with a blonde mane that is built for extreme and harsh conditions. With its lesser size, it is typically much faster and more agile than other breeds. It is also significantly intelligent compared to other horses, already having learned a wide array of commands from Rider. Has armored barding and stirrup. Seems to be appreciate Rider as a master.
Atlas: ShowHide
Mercenary: Kol Augur ~ The Judicator of Atlas
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White Fang Captain: Cornix ~ Survivor of Mistral and Captain in Vale
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