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Everywhere Else / Re: Foreign Delicacies [Closed]
« Last post by MonsterManic on August 17, 2018, 09:57:28 AM »
"Yu Nanhai. A pleasure to meet you both." Yu inclines his head in a bow, since standing up to do a proper courtesy would just attract unwanted attention. As a matter of fact, his presence here was already a spotlight shining on him from above. He couldn't linger here for long. "I'm...not sure why I'm here, to be honest. Suppose I wanted to see if anything's changed since I left." He shook his head bitterly, his small eyes downcast. "Nothing has. I cannot say I am surprised either." Yu said.

There's a moment of silence before Yu takes into account where Diana's homeland is, and instantly backtracks. "My profuse apologies, Diana--I assure you I meant no offence to you or your family, wherever they may be. I am afraid my emotions got the better of me." Despite the tone used when referring to Atlas, his voice now carries genuine regret. "...Would you like me to leave?"
The Vale Region / Re: Burn Unto Cinereous Ash [CLOSED][Team CNRS-Initiation]
« Last post by Zatorator on August 17, 2018, 07:35:14 AM »
Joshua reads the message, and hides his smile. in his head, he thinks about what a good opportunity this is too start his training* i finally get to take part in a mission, a pirate capturing mission nonetheless * Joshua checks that he has his weapon attached to his deployment mechanism, picks up his helmet and walks at a quick pace to the bulkhead, whilst thinking about the note reviewing it to himself in his head *four huntsmen in training AND a teacher? seems like overkill, but it is not my place to criticise the decisions of people more experienced and trained than me, so i am guessing these "immortal Lancers" must somewhat live up to their name* By the time he gets to the ramp that leads to the Bulkhead, he sees three people standing there. He guesses that the tall one standing sensibly next to the bulkhead is the teacher. Once he reaches the bulkhead, he greets everyone with handshakes and a simple "hello". He then stands there calmly, waiting for the last teammate to arrive.
Beacon Academy / Re: Stargazing [Open]
« Last post by ReaperJoe on August 17, 2018, 04:16:23 AM »
Smokey eyes Calen somewhat suspiciously as he brings up a casual murder of a faunus.  There's no evidence, or anything remotely incriminating about the description of events, but as far as he knows, nobody just casually makes up murder stories like that out of the blue.  Not to mention, it happened in his hometown?  And the way Calen talked about the White Fang's "justice" and "equality" was just eerie.  But in the end, that's really all Smokey gets, an eerie feeling.  Perhaps he should pay more attention to this conversation...

When Calen finally asks his question, Smokey doesn't answer verbally.  Instead, he ponders for a moment, and then shrugs.  He doesn't really think he's either one.  He tends to be a DIY kinda guy, so as long as people don't get in his way, they can do whatever the hell they want.

It's only when Prism asks her question that Smokey finally speaks up, but only long enough to utter one word.  "Mantle."  There's not really much more to say, but he's slightly more interested in Calen's answer.  He's never heard a story like the one Calen described, but he might have heard of a White Fang attack on a major settlement.
The kinetic dust blast comes as a surprise to Aurelia.  With no preparation to deal with such a surprise, no way to dodge or block the attack, she has no choice but to take the hit.  The kinetic blast strikes her and knocks her inch.  It seems Airi made a nasty miscalculation.  The threads dig into her neck once again, but that's a small price to pay for the reward practically leaping into her arms. 

By using a kinetic blast, Airi had unwittingly blasted herself.  As the line goes taut, Aurelia yanks on the thread, forcing Airi forward.  It's not much, only a step on Airi's part, but the real prize is her now-outstretched hand.  Using the threads as a rebound once again, Aurelia dashed towards her opponent with greater speed than before.  The faunus's hand glides along the electrified cable, using it as a guide, before finally reaching the source of her ire.  The moment she's able, Aurelia attempts to grasp hold of Airi's wrist, causing the electricity coursing through her to now run through her opponent.  Even if Airi manages to pull her wrist away in time, she won't be able to get away from the charging Aurelia, and the charge will be certainly redirected regardless.  However, if Aurelia manages to grab the outstretched wrist, she'll use her momentum to dash behind Airi and pin her hand against her back, at which point she'll begin marching Airi towards her time clone to force Airi to choose between staying or getting paralyzed.

She'll attempt to do this regardless of the attempted grab's success, but if she does get the grab, Aurelia will position herself so the resulting blast both keeps her away from these damn threads but also launches her towards Dusk.  In any case, Aurelia will force the issue.  Be trapped with me or let us both go.

Aura: 57% (3% from knockback + 2% from whiplash.  Optional additional 8% if Airi truly wishes to continue the coursing electricity at this point)

Action:  Diverting lightning dust charge back to source, attempting grapple (8% electric + 8% additional if charge is truly still sustained.)
Camelia was patiently waiting behind a pillar, shield between the ice and herself, still crouching. Whatever the gun her opponent had was, it'd made her that much more careful of things.

She was about to stretch her legs when, at almost the exact same time, an ear-deafening crack and an even louder clang resounded, during which period she was outright thrown back. After the surprise had passed, she propped herself up onto her elbows.

Movement brought her attention forward. The pillar which was - or rather, had been - her cover lurched downwards, its weakened point collapsing with a crush, before it  started to lurch.

Towards her.

Scrambling, she took her shield back in hand and rolled to the right as fast as she could, narrowly avoiding the massive chunk of frozen water which split itself into pieces upon impact with the ground. She quickly checked to make sure she was still behind some cover, which she was, and resumed her previous position, albeit this time solidly camped onto her feet. What the hell is up with that girl's weapon?

[Aura: 88%]
[Orion: 1/2 1/2]
Smokey growled in a mix of frustration and anger as Calen managed to avoid the swing of the hammer with his own semblance.  On top of that, since Smokey was no longer under the effect of his own semblance, his own momentum allowed Calen to twist his leg free and escape.  Still, that victory would be very short lived, as Immovable Object was just about to come up.  At least then he won't have to listen to Calen's mouth.  What the hell is he on about anyway?  ...Why is Billy wet?

Whirling back around to face the fight, the gunslinger draws out his ice dust cartridge and spies Setsuna clambering out of the water.  Unfortunately for him, Calen's dashing gave Smokey a heck of a headstart.  After loading the ice cartridge into the revolver, Smokey flips the switch that transforms the gun into the volley form.  There's no way Setsuna will be able to get to him in--what the hell, how'd he get so close so fast?

Setsuna's speed comes as a shock to Smokey, who had been spending the entire fight focused on the other opponent. Taking another step back, more to buy time than anything else, he raised and leveled his gun at the knight charging at him.  Unfortunately, the cooldown on his semblance will take too long to time out, and as Setsuna gets in range to make his strike, it becomes clear Smokey won't have time to get--

There's no friggin' way I'm leaving this tournament only firing one shot.

Setsuna would see Smokey lower his weapon, almost dropping it to his left side.  The crowd might think Smokey had accepted his fate, but Calen might recall a relevant discussion early one morning in a training range:  Matchstick jumps up and to the right. 


Smokey pulls the trigger of his weapon.  Using aura-enhanced strength to try in vain to contain the gun's recoil, Smokey nevertheless will score a point-blank shot at Setsuna.  With the ice dust loaded in and the wild spread of the weapon, everything from Setsuna's arms to his head will be covered in ice, effectively blinding him and restricting his upper-body movements.  Unfortunately, Matchstick's power comes at a cost.  The spread of the weapon will also ultimately hit Calen, as well as Billy.  The brunt of the damage would either hit Setsuna or miss wildly, but considering how low Billy's aura is, the blast might still knock her out of the fight.

Speaking of knocking out, it's time to discuss what happens to Smokey.  Without the aid of his semblance, Matchstick's recoil is enough to launch Smokey back.  Hard.  As in, Smokey is lifted off his feet and sent flying into one of the stone outcroppings.  His aura is already low, and between the force of his weapon and his head slamming into the rock, Smokey is knocked unconscious.  Setsuna's sword never connects, but a buzzer sounds for Smokey nevertheless. 

As for Billy, even if she isn't knocked out, she'll be in a tight spot.  But frankly, she would've been in a worse spot if he didn't take the shot.  Smokey's not the saving type, nonmoving objects don't get to rush in to save the day.  But he can be an obstacle that gives her a fighting chance.  And so, he leaves the rest of the fight in her hands.

Smokey's combat data
Aura: -4% (12% from Matchstick [2% per round fired] and 8% from slamming into outcropping)  Status:  Unconscious, possibly concussed
Matchstick: 0/7
Dust: 14/14 Fire, 7/14 Ice

Last Hurrah!:  Point-Blank Volley! at Setsuna ((20% + 3% ice) x 6)  Immovable Object inactive!  Damage reduced by 2/3.  Upper torso and face encased in ice
Side Effects:  Splash damage to Calen and Billy (5% each, negligible ice dust).  12% + knockback into rocky outcropping for additional 8% to Smokey.
Akel was happy that the gap was closed but slightly annoyed that she wasn't able to bring the aura levels closer since she was forced to take the stab. Letting the scythe revert back into its sword form, Akel could only raise an eyebrow at her opponent as the rims of her weapon turned and the barrel aimed at Ayaka as she saw the girl sheath her blade. Several bullets went flying towards the girl's diaphragm to hopefully keep the girl winded.

Akel was playing it safe by attacking from outside the girl's immediate sword range but she wasn't making use of her proficiency with rushing and combo damage.

[Aura 53%]

[Bullets 5% x 3]
Everywhere Else / Re: Coffee and friends are the perfect blend [closed]
« Last post by Moth on August 15, 2018, 10:14:05 PM »
Prism's not going to lie, she's not the biggest fan of Atlas.

Well, that's not true. It was always a dream to travel internationally, and thanks to the Vytal Tournament she'd finally gotten the chance to see the world beyond Vale. It was awesome being immersed in another country's culture, seeing all the local landmarks and trying the best streetfood. Hell, it was pretty cool seeing another country's hunter academy, and comparing what they had here to Beacon.

It just had to be Atlas though.

Where she couldn't enter certain shops because of the feathers that grew along her neck, or otherwise risk being refused service. Where she needed to hide the massive pair of wings on her back underneath a thick bomber jacket in order to avoid dirty glares in the street. Where she needed to ritualistically pluck the fledgling feathers that tried to grow in around her neck. Where the oppressive atmosphere was nearly so stifling it almost wasn't worth venturing outside, other than her matches for the tournament.

Thankfully, it was only almost.

Which was why she'd taken up Kisha's offer made mid-match and gone to meet her for coffee. It'd been a bit of a challenge to find the place - it's not like she could've just flown there as normal - so after a few wrong directions and an asking a local, she'd managed jog up only 5 minutes early instead of her usual 10. "Hey, Kisha! I hope I didn't keep you waiting."
Character Creation / Re: Dawn Mae
« Last post by DEXES on August 15, 2018, 12:47:49 PM »
Okay, here goes nothing,


Gamer names are not much more than nicknames. Didn't thought I had to do this, but I added it for the sake of clarification

Professional gamer not being mentioned anywhere
Well, it is now:

...This was also very important considering that she actually gained Lien by entering and winning tournaments in all kinds of games. This is also where her Gamer name, Zeiis, rose to the scoreboards. Through this, a lot of other pro gamers noticed her, challenging her, fighting her, as well as a few smaller gaming companies which asked her to try out their games. That was exactly what she wanted. A life as a pro gamer.

Her Hometown

So, I thought I had allready changed it from near stemswell to actually just stemswell, but, apparently... I did not... Well, Changed it now.

History being repeated

Literally no idea how that happend, but I fixed it.

High IQ thing

So, didnít changed that much. She's still described as smart and being able to come up with a plan, but this should still work.

She always has been smart and always will be, she got used to be called 'the one with a plan', and will most likely act like this. That by no means says that she never makes a mistake, no, she does, but she's able to hide it up with either smart words or by coming up with another quick plan.


Okay, I wrote a bit more about the 'touch drawback'
If this is still too insufficient, I'm going to look for a new semblance.

...However, this semblance requires, as mentioned above, that Dawn has to touch the required person or object. But this isn't your ordinary 'tag you're it'-touch thing. The touch has to be at least Three seconds long for her to know her opponents Aura level. Knowing parts of their semblance takes fifteen seconds, and to know fragments of their personality can take half a minute.
A simple handshake won't always be enough though to get all the information she needs, and she can only find out parts or fragments about her opponents abilities.

and remove the "how to best use them" to simply:

For objects, she can find out the exact materials they are made of, know their function and the basics about how to use them.

Combat behavior

Changed it up in a similar way as the personality,

She's intelligent and a great strategist, having no problem to come up with a good plan. After looking at her opponents moves and patterns for a couple of turns, she can guess their ability and limits. Keyword here is guess, not know.

And her semblance makes up for the 'knowing everything after taking a bullet' part


So, I removed the grappling hock and the skateboard laser. I keept the Skateboard though. It's juts not a weapon anymove. Only a way of transportation that she brings along to a fight. But since it doesnít do demage, it should be okay.

I would really like to keep the sword and flamethrowers, so just tell me what i need to change there and I think we should be okay... Or not, who know.
It was clear to Justice that he was getting nowhere in the current moment. Justice dodged the feint, causing him to get hit with the blast from the right as it grazed his right shoulder. Three separate strikes from him accomplished little to none. This girl has some sort of trick up her sleeve. Justice brandished his weapon, slicing at her midsection as he moved to her right side. As he got there, he planted his feet and went for an open-hand slap to the face.

Damned if he was going to go through all of this trouble and not find out something of value, entertainment or otherwise.

Spoiler: show
Aura: 79%
Slice: 7%
Slap: 3%
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