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Spoiler: White Fang • show

White Fang 2nd Lieutenant: Artist - "Funny. When blood is spilled, it looks the same doesn't it?"

White Fang Captain: Blacksmith - "To create, is to destroy. It's that simple."

Spoiler: Vale • show
First Year, Team ALIA: Iron Silvarious - "You know nothing? Then get out of my way."

First Year, Team ZCFR: Fenix Cerulean - "Stand behind me, I will protect you."

Fourth Year: Noir - "To see nothing, is to truly see the world."

Head of White Fang Investigation Team: Eklipsei Gray - "I bring justice to the darkness in this kingdom."

Spoiler: Atlas • show
Third Year Vigilante: Sovereign LeBlanc - "For my next trick, I'll make your Lien disappear!"

Spoiler: Mistral • show
Fourth Year, Team CNBR: Arian Reaper - "In battle, only skill matters."
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