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Everywhere Else / Re: Hunt for the Howling Storm {CLOSED}
« on: August 13, 2018, 11:41:56 AM »
In response to Cordell's cheering Infrared joked,"One of us is already famous before and the other three of us still won't be famous afterwards because.we would rather keep our wealth secret."
On the other hand, Rust's threat does not intimidate her. "One, I won't know where you are like right after we depart. Ding! Two, I did not see how the Fang died so that's not a effective threat. Ding! Three, you just assumed I know who you are. For the record, I do, but you did not know that. Ding! Sin tally: 3. Sentence: trying to tell that to the face of my handler." Confident she just roasted Rust she took a long sip from the offered rum. If not for him though, Infrared can totally ensure her intoxication.

Oh, he's right behind me and trying to make a pass by. Remember how that rocket was dodged entirely? Now it's her turn.

Infrared shot to the air with another leap from the column of rock to make the viable window of his thrust disappear entirely. Leveraging the movement of the jump plus extending her hand to the fullest she can attempt a slam-slash aimed at Kei's forehead and if that didn't work, the real kicker comes in literally, when Infrared touches the ground she applies the semblance at herself and converting most of the fall into horizontal velocity that enables her to deliever her boot to Kei. A fall from that height isn't really damaging to Infrared, but a flying kick certainly is. And if it missed that's ok too, now she must be a fair distance from him which allow her to start making her way up the mountain.

Battle data:
Aura: 87%(-3% from semblance use)
Reaction: 1/2 Shots/16 stored

Slash: 8%
Knee: 12%

Plot Zone / Re: Big Game Hunting [Tentative Signups]
« on: August 09, 2018, 07:34:04 AM »
I'm put Siu in if/when her semblance issue get fixed. I want to debut the Dragon so if you can?

Character Editing / Re: Siu Ceong
« on: August 07, 2018, 03:21:14 AM »
"They are about the 10 centimeters tall and when they fly they make noises like a toy helicopter of a similar size. Their maximum range is 500 meters from Siu and she can have up to 10 cranes summoned at once."

Done, done and done.

Also the I have changed the speed. "Their cruising speed is about as fast as Siu herself without carrying anything".

Hah, that worked. But then Kei stepped back and Infrared did not push closer in time so she just mirrored the backward step to gain a bit more distance than is ideal to the lance.

Barely out of each others' direct reach she finds another approach in her peripheral vision, one that uses her semblance more liberally. That also means a lot more pain accompanies, but luckily things that doesn't hurt normally doesn't hurt with her semblance either. Just try to not give away the semblance entirely, because there's one thing Infrared really wanted to do with the terrain here.

As soon as Kei even looked like he's moving Infrared breaks off to her right and again jumped onto another column of rock 3 meters or so tall, looking down as she prepares for any chance of applying her semblance.

Battle data:
Aura: 90%
Reaction: 1/2 Shots/16 stored


Catalina sat in the match and carefully observed his potential future opponents. Thinking of ways he can counter their moves and now the wires. The easiest way to know some is by watching others go at it and so he did.

Character Editing / Re: Siu Ceong
« on: August 02, 2018, 11:35:27 AM »
1). Yes. Edited in.
2). "Their guns are about the same as the ones mounted on warplanes but proportionately weaker the missiles are similar to a grenade in power." Edited in.
3). "They are about the size of a pack of 250ml drink." Edited in.
4). "Siu can summon as many of them as her Aura can afford." Do I have to have a limit?
5). "They do not have a defined range but if their time runs out while in the air then they simply fizzle out and their invested Aura is lost." Again do I need to have one?
6). Yes. Edited in.
Balance: Done as told.

Infrared turned and pushed at the same time Kei did, letting the side of the lance hit her as close as possible so as to minimize its damage. The further inside Kei she can get the less damage she will receive. With that she stepped closer and threw more slashes at him, at his shoulder against the direction he is turning. Since she have a headstart she can just win if she keeps the damage output at a parity she can just cruise to her victory, but if it proves too difficult she might need to change her approach a bit, but she doesn't have time to consider that for now.

Battle data:
Aura: 90%(Damage slightly decreased by closing)
Reaction: 1/2 Shots/16 stored

Slashes: 6%

(OOC: GG Mike. Sorry to have to put you through this. Btw, you do not receive injuries before your Aura break.)

Did I just got overtaken by tedium of all things to spew that out? Come on Catalina you're better than that. Cat regretted to have even thought that thought, that's just mean. And- hit. Looking through the scope to pick a spot to land shots at again Catalina aimed while watch carefully.

And he was horrified at Michael just falling over. Immediately putting away his rifle after viewing the scoreboard he dived down with a semblance made parachute and rushed to his fallen adversaries' side to check on him. The fact that he managed to win without taking a hit did not bring him joy, not yet, the safety of his fellow participant is more important now. For goodness' sake I hope he did have a semblance like mine...

Welcome back! I'm so happy to see you again.
It-it's not like I was waiting eagerly for y-you or anything...

Maybe Infrared should have reloaded Reaction after all, that would give her quite an advantage now that she's stuck in mostly close combat. This is pretty risky

Against the fleché Infrared had no intention of backing down and all the intention of pushing forward, since staying at a distance while being outreached is a terrible idea anyway. Infrared parried the attack to the left but when that wasn't enough to remove the blade she moved herself to the right, trying to shift inside Kei's guard. If she does manage to do that, she would pull her sword from parrying and do a couple slashes with less fear of retaliation.

Battle data:
Aura: 94%
Reaction: 1/2 Shots/16 stored

Slashes: 6%x2

What's that? A grenade launcher? Shucks, now Catalina can't get free hits in anymore, and Cat does not have enough freezing round to do that all over again. At least he did damage to himself.

Not to waste any openings Catalina quickly pointed to where he projects Michael lands and fired two rounds. Then he had to switch rounds again as if he's in some FPS. For that I'm booming you into a ragdoll. From now on he needs to be paying very close attention to anything Michael can throw at him at any time, and if he wanted to be amongst the celebrated few who managed to win a Vytal Tournament match without taking a hit he needs to shoot down anything he can come up with as soon as they were raised, figuratively and literally.

Battle data:
Aura: 100%
Take That!: 20/20 Explosive rounds
Ammo: 1 magazine of piercing rounds/18/20 shots of piercing rounds/5 shocking rounds/5 heating rounds/1 freezing round
Dust: 100% Fire/100% Earth/100% Lightning/100% Ice

Piercing round: 15%x2

There he is. Infrared did not reload Reaction after that shot because she didn't have time and she's right, if she had been reloading when Kei blew the pillar from under her she would have been in trouble. But as she is right now she is prepared and so it only took her a split second to regain balance when she fell to the ground.

Recognizing an opportunity Infrared pulled back her right leg as she fall with the rocks. When she was about to make contact with the ground she kicked hard at the largest piece of shattered rock already resting at the ground, applying her semblance on it and send it flying at Kei while disguising it as an Aura enhanced kick. Between the fall and the force of the kick itself the move took a bit out of her Aura and the semblance made it like she stubbed her toe, but the power of the rock paids out. After the kick Infrared moved off the pile of rocks and onto solid ground, preparing for a good old-fashioned swordfight with her opponent.

Battle data:
Aura: 94% (-6% from semblance)
Reaction: 1/2 Shots/16 stored

Rock kick: 8%

Character Editing / Re: Siu Ceong
« on: July 27, 2018, 03:10:45 AM »
Since I'm clearly not well versed in planes enough I'm planning to do away the aircraft part of the semblance and replace them with miniaturized versions of Siu.

She named her semblance "Flying Cranes". It allows her to create miniaturized versions of Siu out of Aura and control them, called "Cranes".
Cranes look just like Siu in terms of shape but are colored in her Aura and look just like Siu when she summoned them, complete with Aura flashes and what not, but with blood and flesh absent; they dissolve into nothingness when their Aura depletes. They are about the 10 centimeters tall and when they fly they make noises like a toy helicopter of a similar size. Their maximum range is 500 meters from Siu and she can have up to 10 cranes summoned at once.

Cranes draw their integrity from a pool of Aura that is given when they are created, a process as simple as willing them into existence. In general, 1% of Siu's Aura invested translate to 3% equivalent of Durability. Cranes can fly up to 30 seconds, thrusting or hovering. Their cruising speed is about as fast as Siu herself without carrying anything and can generate thrust from any point of her body at any direction. When a Crane comes into contact with Siu(any contact works, crashing or landing included) she can pump more Aura into them and the timer resets.

Siu usually carries one liter of fire Dust on her subdivided into 200 units of 5 cubic centimeters. They can be armed on the cranes as machines guns or guided missiles. One unit of Dust translates to roughly 30 seconds of firing and 10 units of Dust makes a missile. Their guns are about the same as the ones mounted on warplanes but proportionately weaker the missiles are similar to a grenade in power.
Given her semblance, it's natural that the airspace management of Vale gets worried so they reached out to Beacon and worked out an arrangement for usage of her semblance in city limits. Simply put if Siu were to use her semblance in an urban area she is subject to laws of drones usage and must maintain frequent communication with the closest air control tower.

There is a limit break of her semblance activated with an extra large dose (at least 70% as of graduation) of Aura being used to conjure aircraft at once when a gigantic dragon comes out instead. It is armed to the teeth(literally), with rapid-fire eye beams and a fireblast that is as strong as a howitzer and to top it off, homing fireball attacks that is even more destructive. Siu likes to stylize its summoning with dramatic arms flailing and gesture making even though they have no effect on the actual creation of the dragon, only that she has to wave her arms around to assist in maneuvering the dragon to sweep or to point its weaponry at the direction of enemies. This form can be sustained for 3 minutes. Reference videos 1(at 1:38 to 1:49), 2(at 0:17 to 0:24). She nicknames it 'Fung' which her parents believed to mean 'wind' or 'peak' depending on the written character.
Of course, such a powerful surge comes with an equally tremendous drawback beyond just the Aura consumption. Siu have to focus all her mind on controlling the dragon or it will collapse on its own, which means
  • She has next to no awareness of her surroundings and can barely dodge mundanely thrown projectiles;
  • She can't really hold anything, even her weapons; and
  • Movements would be reduced to blindly wander in a general direction with again no situational awareness.
She can see and sense through her dragon, but with almost no movement options it wouldn't be much of any use.
Finally, if the dragon happens to end for any other reasons than timing out(attempts to 'land' the dragon so far have been a failure), she would lose her ability to cast her semblance for 24 hours cutting to 'just' 8 with timeouts and if it is broken by force in particular, then she would also pass out for 30 minutes. And just to nail that she won't be using it except when definitely necessary, Vale requires her to file a vocal report if she uses it at all, and upgrades it into a written one, and one that's detailed and long at that, if she finds herself using the equivalent of a Bullhead in a city.

Siu had to break the fire to dodge the incoming pins then watched Malina delve into a building getting hurt in the process. Siu immediately took that opportunity to run hiding behind the closest building, rejoining all the planes and circling them above the building.

When she saw the opening being closed via the recons Siu sent the bomber to the other side and sure enough, a hole busts out of the building and it doesn't take a huntsman to know that Malina is behind the dust kicked up. Taking the chance the bomber dropped two bombs on the weakened front of the building to collapse it forward onto where Malina hopefully walks out. Now is a good time to return the severely damaged fighters, so when Malina either dodged or burst out of the rubble she is going to send them to the left where Siu isn't hiding.

Battle data:
Aura: 49.5%
Dust: 982/1000 units
Point Defense: Full magazines 10/10
Spoiler: show
Recon#1: 1% Dura/97% fuel
Recon#2: 1% Dura/97% fuel
Recon#3: 1% Dura/97% fuel
Fighter#1: 2% Dura/88% fuel/0.80 units of dust/circling
Fighter#2: 2% Dura/88% fuel/0.80 units of dust/circling
Fighter#3: 2% Dura/88% fuel/0.80 units of dust/circling
Fighter#4: 15% Dura/94% fuel/0.95 units of dust/circling
Fighter#5: 15% Dura/94% fuel/0.95 units of dust/circling
Fighter#6: 15% Dura/94% fuel/0.95 units of dust/circling
Fighter#7: 15% Dura/94% fuel/0.95 units of dust/circling
Fighter#8: 15% Dura/94% fuel/0.95 units of dust/circling
Bomber#1: 10% Dura/70% fuel/4 units of dust/bombing

Bomb: 8%x2 at most but probably off center/10% collapse?

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