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Approved Characters / Re: Albrecht Clodwal
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Approved Characters / Re: Siu Ceong
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Hmm, everything checks out. It would be preferable if you could improve on the grammatical side a tad bit more, but content wise it's good. Pretty original, aura planes.

Weapon seems a tad slow of a lmg but choices are choices.

     Well...that didn't take too long, Aurum thought as their makeshift bandaid of a repair job gave way. He was far enough to not get hit by the blast of water, but that also meant he was too far to help Topaz. Luckily enough, his mechanically inclined friend got out soggy and buzzed, and he was there to help her out. At least, that was the plan.

     "Well, that went horribly well." The blonde-haired boy said, his voice as chipper as always. "If this keeps up we might have to abandon ship. But I'm guessing our chances are just as bad if we just swim back to Atlas." He grabbed his sides and pinched the skin near his stomach. "I guess a little workout won't hurt too much."

     Letting out a laugh he offered a hand to his brine-soaked friend and lead the way up the now disorienting set of stairs. Before he climbed, however, he left a slow bubble in the hall, hopefully that would delay the water that crashed into and through it, though it wouldn't last forever. He watched for a second as the water swirled inside in an almost beautiful fashion but having more gush towards it made it but a temporary plug as the water slowly flowed back out the other end.

     "Does my little fishbomb seem so bad now?" He joked, trying to get a laugh to ease things out.

     Jonathan scoffed at Sheer's reply and bit back,  sneering. "Robots," He said, "DO NOT disobey orders and can do much more than be stationary dummy's. I don't know what they teach you at Beacon but obviously discipline is not one of them. A waste of potential, a waste of money, a waste or resources, it's all pointless if you do not do as needed! What if you brats damaged the rear cars? What then? The 'robots' are at least easily programmed, but a sassy little kid wouldn't mind as long as it looked 'COOL'!" The man's face twisted as he spoke but just as quickly as it came, it was gone. "Besides, if I lose an Atlesian Knight all I need to do is replace them. Isn't that right, Professor Nox?"

     "I share some of your sentiments, Jonathan, but not to the same extents." The wild-haired professor replied, "For one I believe all things have a place. As complicated as they may act." Not once did he look up from his scroll until a drone flew by and flew straight to the back car. Jonathan's eye's widened but a knight quickly grabbed the bot out of mid-air, bringing it over to Nox a moment later.

     "Now, now, Professor, you know better than to send your contraptions flying about wildly." He said.
     "yes, yes. Now, what is it that you needed me for?" William asked,
     Jonathan  smiled, "Just a little project you worked on a while back. See, I have people interested in your past dabbling in semblance-aiding machines, Project Facad- Let's take this talk elsewhere. Children, you may return to your quarters." Professor Nox's eyes darted from his scroll to Jonathan, sizing up the smile with an almost suspicious gaze but with nothing more than a nod to the huntsmen-in-training, he followed Jonathan to the rear trains, his drone flying beside him as he did.

     As Jonathan and William disappeared behind a car door, Kei entered the Students' common room, or car, or whatever they called the damned things, and noted the mess the professor left. It was in disarray as always but had a bit of a hint of organization to it, albeit ugly. She needed to know what was in the cars at the back and figure out why the White Fang were so interested in this train. Something was fishy, and from the little she overheard, it may have to do with some weird project.

     Clicking her tongue as the students started walking back, she adopted her Conductor persona while sighing upon seeing her mustache in the hands of some random girl.

Tossing the mustache with an almost devil-may-care flick of his wrist, Jonathan seceded the prop and stared back at Topaz with an equally leering gaze only to soften as he realized just how stupid the kid might be. "You don't read much, do you?" he claimed, pulling his scroll out and  barely giving Topaz any acknowledgement.

It should have been obvious from his surname alone. He owned the train, or rather the company in which it did services for, a somewhat new face in the bustling and demanding delivery services which seemed to explode onto the scene not too long back.  Two swipes on his scroll and he sent the aforementioned details to the kids, disappointed that his hired help was so incompetent.

"This is why I prefer robots and mechs, they don't raise guns at those who bought them." he muttered, turning away. "Coincidentally, where is your professor? I'm guessing back with his drones as usual? There's something I need to ask of him if he's not too busy."

     "Expensive indeed, miss Xanthia. Though not nearly as important as our cargo." The man in the white suit stated, fixing his tie as he approached the young fighters. "Having intervened when not asked was appreciated but not required."

With a quick swipe on his scroll the deactivated Atlesian Knights marched towards the back of the train and took out any straggling grimm with short bursts of machine gun fire. "Jonathan Crimson, if you wish to address me but please don't use any frivolous nicknames. Now where were we?"

Studying the students with a cool gaze, Jonathan - not much older than Professor Nox himself - audibly clicked his tongue as he noticed the small wreckage and now-deceased Ursa. "No need for introductions, I have your files on my scroll right here. But since I'm here I suppose I could entertain any questions for the time being." Jonathan said, glancing every now and then at the back of the train. "But before I do I must ask," he paused, raising what seemed to be a faux moustache

"Have any of you lost a moustache?"

Approved Characters / Re: Coconut Cream
« on: April 06, 2018, 08:38:48 AM »

The Ursa whimpered as both of its legs got attacked from the sides, one by Topaz and another by Airi. With a large crash, the beast fell onto some crates, knocking them aside while struggling against the wire wrapped around its leg. Whilst still tied, the beast struggled under its own weight and lack of support from its now smoking leg and roared in defiance as it tried yanking against Airi's wire to free itself.

Almost wriggling free, the Ursa yanked one more time with enough force to knock Airi off balance if she wouldn't let go, and managed to plant the wire caught leg back up. It took a swipe at Topaz, missing completely as it stumbled on one injured leg, and tried again, only to get a face full of nevermore from above while Vivian landed towards its head. Several more flying grimm were taken down by Sheer's burst with a joint barrage by the remaining Atlesian Knights and the birds dispersed leaving but a few stragglers and one very angry ursa on the ground.

Peeking out from one of the cars near the back of the train, a man in a white cropped suit with red hair observed the fight with interest and shooed away a small nevermore with a small slap of his hand. He pulled out a scroll not a moment later and deactivated the remaining Atlesian Knights, prompting them to curl down after marching back into the car, despite some of them still getting assaulted by small grimm.

"Good good. That's what you huntsmen are for. Though I do have to say your efficiency leaves some...area for improvement." He said, arms set back as he strutted towards the ursa. Spotting Vivian in the air, he took a few steps back and checked his watch. Almost as if he were timing the end of the encounter.


Professor William Nox observed the rather coincidentally coordinated attempt by the quad of huntsmen-in-training and grumbled something about his tools lying all over the train car. There wasn't much left for him to do but tidy up as the kids would probably take care of the ursa any moment now, though that left him to wonder what started the grimm attack in the first place. Whatever it was it wasn't exactly his area of expertise so he started browsing his scroll for more info about the train while several of his 0ddb0ts started cleaning up, one of the drone versions sparking at the joints as it moved.

Crimson Express. Yadda yadda, same stuff as before. Unfortunately digging deeper into the databases wasn't his speciality so he gave up the search and instead have a bot fly out the window to sirvey the train.


Ducking back behind the car Kei hid as the white-suited man appeared. He looked important enough to be familiar with the people on board and observant enough to see through a disguise. She cursed her luck as she siddled back into the engineering section of the train and could hear murmurs about an odd fast moving object coming from the front of the train. It was still a ways away but no further info was spoken as some engineers scrambled back to their stations as a large mechanical groaning echoed through the car.


Character Editing / Re: Prism Skylark
« on: March 16, 2018, 06:43:00 AM »
Lookin good


Approved Characters / Re: Sveo Zi-Eun
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The train shook violently as Ursa roared in response to Topaz's attacks, slamming its paws into the ground. The arrows were mere annoyances as they hit hard bone instead of flesh and seemed to anger it rather than do much damage. That was good though, it stopped flinging robots and crates off and turned instead to the students, some of the nevermore following suit while a few dropped to a barrage of bullets from the back. The large bear-shaped grimm scrambled towards the kids with fire in its eyes while flinging a dust cart with a massive swipe of its paw right at the archer girl. 

Some of the Atlesian knights leaped onto the top of the earlier train car and began firing at the small fry, dropping beowolves and flying grimm like gnats, but occasionally got knocked down as well. The amount of grimm was quickly being diminished but the Ursa remained along with several small flying nevermore which darted towards the students like vultures at a carcass, one of the birds getting knocked out of the sky by the flying crate that headed towards the dust car while a few others attacked Sheer as he popped out of his hatch.

Nox was busy scrambling to fix his bots as the mess outside happened and an audible curse could be heard as the shaking car dropped a few of his tools on the ground.

*          *          *

As the fight went on Kei continued her prying, looking for hints as to what would cause the White Fang to target this particular train. It didn't seem to have more than the standard amount of dust, from what she researched, but it was quite heavily armed with robots for a simple train. Were they upping security for the dust? Or was there another reason...perhaps having something to do with the number of grimm attacking...She needed more info.

Kei watched as the students continued their fight, a look of boredom on her face. Grimm were boring and predictable to say the least but at least the train proved to be a tricky environment. Dust carts here and there, limited space, the chance of falling off and tumbling to the side like a log down a hill, maybe even a derailing. She had to get to the car at the back but the grimm blocked her way. She wouldn't want to join the fight just yet, being as crammed as it was now, so she held back but not without keeping a hand nestled near her yo-yo.

A slight mechanical whirring was audible across several of the gears across Aurum's Silver Tanhelm as he yanked back the daggers that spread the ice and neatly assimilated them back into the complicated contraption. The water seemed to all but stop but that didn't satisfy Topaz, who was busy hacking away at the stone that jutted into the ship. Not too long after she was finished Aurum let go of his bubble and sighed as the mild exhaustion took its toll.

Using Golden Time as long as he did wasn't something too rare of a circumstance for him but the size he had to manage while wading in ice-cold water gave him a bit of a aural workout compared to many of the other times. Several bots were neatly lined up next to the two, Aurum having just noticed them now, and he wondered what the damned contraptions were doing as the boat was flooding. Of course, he forgot that they probably took much longer because of his time bubble, but for Dorian's talk of high quality thingamajigs and state-of-the-art equipment, the boat was oddly thin walled and the robots disappointingly bland. Maybe it was his biase coming through but Aurum groaned in annoyance as he kicked one robot on the side, stalking away as he begrudgingly mourned for his wet feet.

"I'm not going to stick around in case that blasts wide open," He declared, staring at one of the drones. "Why don't you tin cans do something about it, help poor Topaz out while I find an actual engineer, if Dorian wasn't too confident that we didn't need one."

Cracking his neck, limbering his arms, and popping his knuckles, Aurum made a quick line of bubbles across the hallway and casually walked through them, saving a few valuable seconds while oddly just casually walking away.

He needed to find someone who was capable of a problem as big as this, and unlike airships, a hole in the side wouldn't have the whole thing keel over due to its own weight sooner or later. It'd just crash. That was far more enjoyable to watch. 

          Professor William Nox, dust genius, was not too fond of company to say the least. Even among students who showed interest in his work he couldn’t help but try to avoid conversation straying from his line of work.  One of the students in the passenger car showed such interest in his 0ddb0ts for a fraction of a second before getting lost in his thoughts. It wasn’t at all uncommon for that to happen but the other teachers did say he needed to interact with the kids more.
Pondering on how to start a conversation he opened his mouth to speak only to be interrupted by a sudden message on the intercoms. In the corner of the passenger car, a corner speaker seemingly newly added for the purposes of the people, -regular staff having messages relayed on scrolls- chimed in:

          Attention all Passengers. A small group of grimm have been spotted mounting the train’s supply cars. For your safety please remain indoors and avoid changing cars while local security handle the situation. Thank you for your patience.

   A friendly reminder for staff of the Crimson Express. Please do not leave tools and luggage lying around the passenger cars to avoid accidents and firmly store them in the overhead compartments. Thank You.

   “Dust be damned.” The professor swore, dropping a smaller wrench as the train jostled from the back. “If you young ladies and gentlemen would kindly deal with the threat nearby, that would be great. Don’t mind the announcements, those are for rusting fools who underestimate huntresses and huntsmen in training.” Did that sound praiseworthy? He groaned for a second, bending down to reach the wrench. Whoever said programming a mech was like a conversation with the machine was a rusting idiot.    

          People were way harder to talk to.

          Instead of sending a few 0ddb0ts to deal with the threat, William let them sit by just in case something attacked the car. If needed he’d shoot some of the blasted things themselves if it came down to it but at the moment he needed to continue maintenance. A small drone flying into your face in the middle of combat due to a faulty sensor would ruin anyone’s day.


          Kei heard the announcement as she peeked into the passenger car from outside, noticing the professor preferring to stick with his machinations, and started climbing the car’s ladder. While on top she spotted several small sized nevermore harassing a couple of Atlesian knights, not numbering even a dozen, while a dozen Beowolves clawed at the side of a dust car. The distance was roughly 3 train cars away and wouldn’t take more than a moment to reach but for some reason the Grimm preferred the back. It was odd but not exactly unheard of when Grimm attacked transport vehicles so maybe this was an isolated case.

          Everyone else seemed used to the small-scale attacks and seemingly didn’t care if some stupid Grimm were right on the train. The train itself seemed pretty new for train standards but the occasional scratch marks barely covered by a new coat of paint showed that it had been running quite a few trips already.

   Kei decided to leave the grimm to the robots and proceeded to start climbing down before spotting an ursa major rushing a the car’s side. The thing was pretty large for ursa standards and shrugged off quite a number of blows before crashing into the Atlesian knights, sweeping them off a flat crate ladden car with a quick swipe of its paw. As much as she wanted to get rid of the thing herself she had to keep her identity hidden, and climbed down the car and back into the conductor’s quarters. A few engineers gave her a glance but otherwise were a bit shaken by the roars of the grimm to ask about her and went back to work.
   Were the knights really enough for the grimm? That would be impressive in its own right but she hasn’t once seen them take on larger ones without massive losses and there wasn’t a paladin in sight. Whatever, there were other students on board and they could handle it. She had more important matters to attend to.

   Not too long after her little clash with Ali a few weeks back Kei had been doing some digging. It took time away from her thieving but she managed to gather some info about a possible White Fang operation in foreverfall. There were some minor clashes outside the kingdom but she did gather enough info to track the next operation here.

Whether it be covert or something larger, she wanted to be here when something happened. Maybe she could get some answers and maybe get a chance to talk with Ali again. Who knows. But hopefully she wouldn’t have to fight. She glanced back as another roar echoed through her body. Hopefully.

Approved Characters / Re: Shoko-La Bitter
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The Vale Region / Taking A Bull By The Horns [PLOT] [CLOSED] [FOREVER FALL]
« on: February 21, 2018, 07:35:35 AM »
     Sometimes to tell the best lies, you have to believe in them just a little bit.

     Today Kei was a conductor. A master of tickets, a local of the locomotive, and a champion of steam. Wait. Trains didn’t run on steam nowadays. Or did they ever? It’s hard to tell when studying different things for a role. Well, as long as nobody asked, Kei was a conductor, and a darned handsome one at that.

     Donning her signature faux moustache and a pretty small sized uniform to fit her light frame, Kei neatly placed the hat on her slickly combed hair and proceeded out to collecting tickets for the day. That’s what conductors did, didn’t they? Except...there were no real passengers on board except for typical train staff and some oddly militarized robots. Well, there were the students and the professor but maybe they already got covered. Damn this job was tricky.
   Instead of going ahead to the on passenger cart on the dust filled train, Kei just made her way out to the corridor connections and rested her back across the door in between the trains, staring out into the red leafy mess that was Forever Fall. Taking a moment to appreciate the view, Kei silently judged the streets of her memories to the mellow cascade of leaves that painted the forest red. From barely functional streets, to hard concrete jungles, and then one lair to another,and then finally a school, she had made quite a ruckus in every place she was ever in and nobody even knew who she was. A bittersweet smile arose on her lips, past the bushy moustache, and she sneezed as the prickly hairs tickled her nose and sent the thing flying off past the car.

   That was fine, she guessed, she wasn’t going to miss it anyways. Besides, why can’t a girl be a conductor for once? What name should she go for? Red? Ruby? Crimson? Damned these leaves she couldn’t think of anything but red...Fine. Red it is. Red…Bark...Not exactly a good name, a rather dumb one at that, but it was probably not gonna be much of a problem since nobody asked conductors for names. Though why she was on a train was another story all together, something she had yet to confirm before acting.

     "Ali, just what are you planning this time..."


   In the passenger car of the Crimson Express, Professor William Nox, Illustrious dust genius extraordinaire, was busy giving tweaks  to one of his many odd bots, that he so conveniently named 0ddB0ts, while four other students were promptly sitting across him as well. Next to him were several machines and gadgets that even he didn’t need at the time, but there were so many that they practically filled his side of the train. Unlike the passenger dedicated ones, the car he was currently on had no dedicated rooms and all seats were in the same open space with a bit of walking space in between. On his side he pretty much hogged them all with one set of seats holding his massive wrench, while the others hand whirring machines that seemed like they might fall apart at any moment.

     The train just arrived in forever fall not too long ago and he was tasked to chaperone four huntsmen-in-training from Beacon and Atlas. Given his previous dabbles in the latter Academy, and the fact that saying no would just get people up in airs and ruin his precious work time, he agreed to taking in no more than 4 students from both schools.

     The students weren’t really given a briefing though save for the rather generic message on their scrolls reading:

   Mission XXXXXXXX


   Task: Guard Porter Train Crimson Express to its Destination
   Date: XX_XX_XX

     Several smaller details were listed below the message with the train name and destination, the cargo, that being dust and some weapons of sorts, and local possible grimm types they might encounter. Nothing seemed to out of the ordinary for a plain escort mission for their year levels though couldn’t they have relied on their defenses for that? Perhaps they were just being paranoid or maybe they had some info they weren’t sharing. Whatever it was Professor Nox didn’t seem to care and continued tweaking his odd spider-shaped robot as a single propeller drone ran itself into a corner.

   “Biscuits, I need to fix the depth sensors on that one.” he groaned, dropping a screw and then scrambling after it with an extendable doohickey. He blabbered on to himself regarding sensors and screws and all sorts of incoherent technobabble which even the most advanced dust and mechanic student would have trouble comprehending before dropping the spider bot to the floor and walking over to the dead drone. 


     Wrenching his...well, wrench off the seat beside him, he plopped the thing rightside up and began dispensing some rich dark liquid from a small compartment on the side. One sip. Ugh, too greasy, but it should do. And then he downed the thing in one go, going back to working on the oddbot on the ground.


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