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Character Editing / Re: Juno Vert
« on: June 20, 2018, 02:17:18 PM »
Spoiler: pre-edit • show


Name: Juno Vert

Age: 19. Born: Machlud, 28, 60 AC

Species and Gender: Male Human

Symbol: A purple, highly angular capital "J"

Occupation: First Year student at Beacon

Appearance: Juno is a solidly built young man. He stands at 5'10” and weighs at 162 lbs, with quite a bit of muscle built from years of training to counter his lack of a semblance. He has a light tan as well as long, messy green hair that goes down to the small of his back. His eyes are a striking shade of purple. All along his chest, shoulders, and upper back are a thin network of circuitry scars, the result of an accident while testing the ANUBIS suit.

His casual clothing often consists of a purple t-shirt underneath a black and green hoodie bearing his insignia on his right shoulder and back in purple, as well as a pair of cargo pants with a similar color scheme to his hoodie. Despite this being his casual attire, he still often wears the soft layer of his suit. He is also known to wear the lower half of the suit along with a waist cape, and a sleeveless shirt on top. Combat attire consists of a black sleeveless top with purple linear highlights and his symbol in green on the back, a pair of black pants with noticeable gray padding, black and grey combat boots, a pair of black fingerless gloves that go up to his bicep, and a slitted waist cape bearing his symbol. In school, he wears the standard Beacon uniform.

Phi often projects herself as a small, cerulean girl with chin length hair, clad in her own version of the suit's soft layer.

History: Juno was the only child born to a middle class family in Atlas. From an early age, he had developed an interest in the exploits of Huntsmen and Huntresses, deciding that he wanted to become one himself. Unfortunately, there was one stumbling block that stopped him at every turn.
He had yet to discover his semblance.

This severe disadvantage caused him to struggle to keep up with other students, frustrating him to no end. No matter what he did, he couldn’t catch up. Desperate for a solution, Juno searched for other ways to enhance his combat prowess, starting with a longer ranged weapon. However, his family was faced with misfortune. Juno’s father was laid off, leaving his family hard pressed for money.

This, among other things, meant that he couldn’t get parts for a new weapon.

In the face of this misfortune Juno decided to check the junkyard. He was pretty good at tinkering. Maybe he could find a few damaged or discarded weapons and fix them, or use parts from them to make something new. The first day he looked, all he found (that was relatively intact) was a jammed Designated Marksman Rifle, which he took back home and repaired at his combat school. Unfortunately, adding the rifle to his arsenal was not enough, so he returned to the junkyard several days later… And found nothing. This rotten luck would continue for weeks.

Then, on one of his trips to the scrapyard, he got a call on his scroll, from an unrecognized number. At first, he had rejected the call. As well as the second time. And the third. After receiving a call from the same number for the fifth time, Juno finally decided to pick up the scroll and see what all the fuss was about. The girl's voice was faint, barely above a whisper, and her connection was spotty, but it was clear she was in pain and despair. It was clear she was pleading for help in escaping some form of captivity, begging for a huntsman to save her. Juno took a moment to consider what he should do. He was no huntsman, at least not yet. Whatever the girl was asking of him, it was definitely risky, and probably not something that a student should undertake. However, it was clear his shit luck with the scrapyards was likely to persist, so the boy threw caution and worries of lifelong imprisonment to the wind, and began his search.

Scouring the industrial district of Atlas eventually led him to a small, but substantially guarded facility. Electric fence, security drones, armed human guards… how was he going to get in? He was barely a huntsman in training, what could he do?

Apparently, breaking into a secure facility through the help of hard work, determination, tactical thinking, and a gun was a lot less impossible as it seemed.

However, there was no girl. The voice was coming from a chip with an integrated speaker. Seeing as how he had gone this far past the law to rescue… whatever this chip was, Juno stole it.

Her name was Phi. Supposedly, the chip contained a soul, though whether or not it was somehow simulated or ripped from a living being, Phi could not answer. Seeing as how that was a question that couldn't be answered at the present moment, he instead asked what her purpose was. The girl… AI… soul in a jar had been developed in a behind the black project that didn’t exist on record by the name of SET. Her directive was to monitor and operate a suit of powered armor with the ability to create weapons. This suit, named ANUBIS by the scientists behind the project, was guarded in a facility close to where Phi had been housed. After about a month together, the two eventually determined that taking the suit would be a benefit to the both of them. Phi saw her present confines to Juno's personal computer to be quite... lacking to say the least, and due to a distinct lack of hardlight emitters anywhere in his family household, she couldn't project a body with which to interact with the world. Juno, on the other hand, saw ANUBIS as a potentially beneficial asset toward his studies, and a means of finally progressing past the rut had found himself in in terms of combat.

The facility that ANUBIS was held in was more heavily guarded than the first, likely in response to losing Phi. However, Phi knew the facility, assisting Juno in getting to the suit with only a few hiccups regarding loose air vents and obstructive interns.

However, neither of them knew how to sneak the suit out of the facility. It was too heavy to bag, and there was no point in just leaving.

So he put it on.

Thanks to the suit, it was easier getting out than it was getting in. While Phi needed a few minutes to get everything properly running, the suit’s motion tracker proved invaluable to their escape. To say that Dr. Sarah Anki, developmental head of the SET program, was impressed, was an understatement. Not only had the boy managed to break into and steal from SET twice, but he had seemed to form a bond with the AI, Phi. Where many of her operatives saw a thief that deserved little more than a round to the forehead, she saw a potential asset. The order to disengage and cease pursuit came as a surprise to many, but was nonetheless followed.

However, not a week after the successful heist, Juno and Phi got a message from Anki herself.

To a Juno Osiris Vert and AI unit-00 Phi,

SET knows who you are, and we know what you did. I am not happy with what happened to our work. However, we will not pursue you for the crimes you have committed against us.

Phi, your distress signal hadn’t gone unnoticed. You are a valuable asset, one who we would not simply allow ourselves to lose. Take that as you will.

As for ANUBIS, consider it a gift. It is no longer worth my time.

You are free by my will and my will alone. Know that, and understand that further transgressions will be met with far less mercy.

We will meet at a later date.

Dr. Sarah Anki

They had gotten out with the skin still on their backs. Nevertheless, the fact that after everything, SET was just going to let them go troubled Juno. He had asked Phi several times, but each time, the question was deflected. Either she didn't know, or wouldn't... maybe couldn't say.

Unfortunately, Juno did not know how to use the suit when he finished fixing it, leading to several failed combat exercises, a painful overheating accident that left him scarred across his chest, back, and shoulders, and more frustration on Juno’s part. He continued to have difficulties in using the suit, eventually asking Phi for help. The AI agreed, offering to train Juno in utilizing the suit. Let it be said that Phi is not the best teacher. She often treated their training sessions like a game, as well as giving rather cryptic advice. However, after several months of practice, Juno eventually got the hang of using the suit, and was able to keep up with his fellow students, despite his lack of a semblance.

He eventually graduated from his combat school and applied to Beacon, where he was accepted and continued to pursue his goal of becoming a Huntsman. As for why he wishes to be a Huntsman? He wanted to prove that his lack of a semblance does not hinder him in the slightest, and that he can be as powerful and efficient as the next Huntsman or Huntress.

Since his acceptance into Beacon Academy, Juno had been issued a team and declared its leader, taking the role in stride. This team, VCVS, consisting of himself, Caja a Dintagel, Verdant Cowl, and Samuel Quartz, did not wind up assigned on many, if any full team missions, often winding up separated for individual assignments. Nevertheless, the team grew to enjoy each other's presence, with Juno becoming close friends with Samuel and Verdant, and eventually falling in love with Caja.

To say that Juno was surprised and honored that his team would be selected to participate in the Vytal Festeval tournament was an understatement, and he took the invitation with pride, gleefully signing up VCVS for all three branches of the tournament. While they took the full team bracket by storm, Juno experienced numerous periods of under performance in the 2v2s and 1v1s, leading him to begin doubting his own abilities. As the tournament progressed, however, Vale began to experience a notable increase of White Fang activity, alongside several terrorist attacks that nobody had yet claimed responsibility for, one of which was responsible for injuring his rival-turned-friend, Xanh Lo Kurstein. As a result of these attacks, more and more teams began to be deployed on missions prioritizing the safety of Valish civilians, as a preventative measure to deter these attacks. Among these missions was one to protect and escort a deserter from the fang, who had made herself a high priority target by offering information on the Fang's planning and involvement in these attacks.

Juno and Caja took this mission, expecting an easy success. However, numerous mistakes made by both Juno and Caja led to the destruction of the ANUBIS suit, an injury that ended Caja's career, and the death of their charge. While Juno was able to salvage the hardlight generator and power source of his suit, the crutch he had relied on for years was gone, and his girlfriend was now unfit for combat, forcing her to leave Beacon entirely.

Since then, Juno has jumped at the call for any mission against the Fang, leading him to a direct engagement with the Valish chapter's captain, Cornix. During the scuffle that eventually led to the White Fang Captain's retreat, Juno had unlocked his semblance in the battle, which he has worked heavily to understand and hopefully perfect. With the induction of Cerise Carnelian into VCVS, Juno has begun work on rebuilding himself and his team, hoping to prepare for whatever may come their way.

Personality: Juno is a determined individual, refusing failure unless pushed to his absolute limit. If there is a problem, he will think his way around it. If that doesn’t work, he will tear his way through it. And if he can't, he will regard himself as a failure until the next opportunity arises and he attempts redemption. However, such determination has and will give into obsession, which will in turn lead to him taking great risks in order to get that much closer to success. This mindset was born from an immense pool of self confidence, which he carried on and off the field for the longest time. However, said self confidence had begun to fall after his loss in the Festival 1v1 Semifinals, and his under performance in the 2v2s, with the loss of ANUBIS and the abrupt end of Caja's career enlightening him to how limited he is in his ability, as well as showing how his attitude and periods of recklessness have and will lead to disaster. As a result, he has become more conscious of his limitations, and strives to mitigate them, occasionally with little regard for rest or food. He believes firmly that a huntsman lives not for personal glory or strength, but to be strong enough to protect those who cannot protect themselves.

He is also very patient and caring, often treating those he is close with as he would a younger sibling, whether they appreciate it or not. This often results in him seeing a need to protect his allies, as well as expressing immense worry when they sustain injuries. During his time with VCVS, he and Caja a Dintagel had grown quite close, with their friendship becoming more intimate and loving as time went on. However, when Caja's career was unceremoniously ended, he became far more protective of his team and allies, knowing full well that complacency will only bring them harm, or worse. He now pushes his team and himself to better themselves, insisting that they improve, lest they suffer a worse fate than Caja.

He still takes time to be with Caja, despite difficulties in terms of travel, and absolutely despises the Fang for what they did to her.

Phi, on the other hand is childish, sassy, and blunt, often being innocently insensitive and saying what nobody wanted to hear, simply because she didn't know any better. She is not usually one for interaction with humans, but will speak up if she feels necessary.

Aura and Semblance: Full Stop: Juno takes no knockback from any strikes while active, with the upper limit of anything his aura can cover, while also moderately negating the pain of attacks that hit him. While this semblance requires one second of immobility to activate, he has full range of motion after that startup time. However, holding his semblance for more than five seconds at a time starts to cause him physical strain, and he needs at least five seconds of cooldown between uses, or he begins to suffer from mental fatigue. Also, despite being able to stop most hits that connect with him, he still takes damage and still feels quite a bit of pain, and the very act of using his semblance can tire him out if he attempts to wall out a large number of hits. It must be noted that if he attempts to take a hit that his aura cannot fully defend against, the semblance shatters along with his aura, and the blow connects as intended.

TL;DR: Any hits landed against him while active will stop on impact and somewhat hurt the attacker. Juno can move during Full Stop, still takes damage and feels some pain.

Being a soul in a jar, Phi also carries with herself an Aura, a crackling blue field that often comes with her avatar in times of stress.

Combat Behavior: Juno hits rather hard in hand-to-hand combat, a fact that is somewhat bolstered with the OSIRIS generator. He is moderately agile as well, and can play defense somewhat effectively. The OSIRIS generator's weapon constructs are a large advantage, though his lack of a semblance could be a significant hindrance.

When facing off against a single opponent, Juno starts off each fight testing the waters of his opponent and figuring them out. Once done with that, he moves into melee range to ruthlessly pick his opponent apart, utilizing his suit's constructs or his rifle to fit whatever situation he deems appropriate.

When faced with more than one opponent at a time, he forgoes testing the waters, and instead attempts to tear through his opposition as efficiently as he can, dashing in and out of combat with brutal combos, often switching through weapons on the fly. A pair of swords, a sword paired with a grappling dart for mobility, or a sword and shield will see the most use here.

Whilst with a team, he will attempt to orchestrate strikes and combinations, doing his best to cover up their weaknesses and playing to their strengths. Though he is capable of noting weaknesses in the opposition and coming up with tactics on the fly, his unwillingness to accept failure will result in less thought out strikes being orchestrated in desperation and frustration.

It should be noted that Juno does not specialize in any specific ability, instead opting for balance in combat and a variety of skills. However, his refusal to specialize leaves him outclassed by those who do. He can be outsped, outpowered, walled out, and so on.


Name: Mk-04 ANUBIS based Hardlight Generator, Desegnation: OSIRIS

Primary Form: A dust-based hardlight generator mounted on the small of Juno’s back. This generator is able to create weapon constructs from pre-fabricated templates. Due to the complexity of the process of template creation, as well as the immense amount of storage that each file takes up, Juno currently has five constructs he can use in combat. Said constructs are a 4-foot double edged broadsword, a razor sharp disk with a diameter of ten inches, a bubble shield capable of a 25 foot radius, a large projection of a fully articulate and armored hand, and a grappling dart and line. These constructs can only be created within the direct vicinity of the suit, but have a range of 150 feet before they cease to be maintained by the generator. Juno can utilize five constructs at a time, in any combination. Each construct can exist for thirty seconds at a time before they begin to deconstruct, and can be deconstructed at will. However, a ten second cool down between deconstruction of one construct and the construction of another is required for the system to refresh. These constructs are automatically destroyed when struck with electricity, forcing that particular slot to refresh as a means to protect the internals of the generator from electrical damage that may bypass Juno's aura.

Phi monitors the hardlight generator and constructs, allowing Juno to use them. She also runs checkups on the generator to ensure that it is working effectively, and assists in running a heads up display, found on a visor linked to OSIRIS that marks Juno's Aura, the Aura of those around him, and any problems that the system may be facing. The visor is of a light green color and is made of polycarbonate, adding a bit of protection of the face from small arms fire. OSIRIS will lock all weapon systems without Phi present, so if she were to ever be removed from the generator, the weapon would be rendered useless.

Known Constructs:
Double-edged Broadsword
Grappling Dart and Line
Razor Disk (maximum range of 70 feet, due to lack of physical connection to generator.)
Gauntlet ("Punchfist")
Bubble Shield (Requires 2 slots per use, regardless of size.)

Secondary Form: N/A

Tertiary Form: N/A

Dust Functions: The OSIRIS generator utilizes rechargeable electricity dust based power cells in order to function. These keep the generator running for up to six hours on a full charge. Juno carries six.

History: Juno stole the suit, as well as Phi, from the developers of SET. Due to the project technically not existing, they were not pursued after the heist, but the scientists behind the project try to keep a watchful eye. The suit has since been destroyed, with the Hardlight Generator being the only salvaged component.


Name: A-96 Dust-based Marksman Rifle. More often known as the DMR

Primary Form: An Atlesian military grade Energy Marksman Rifle built for mid to long range combat. Utilizing a rechargeable dust based power cell not unlike the ones Juno carries for the suit, this weapon fires a three shot burst of purple energy rounds and glows with a faint purple light.

Secondary Form: N/A

Tertiary Form: N/A

Dust Functions: The weapon is powered by dust, though the type of dust used does not influence performance.

History: Juno found this discarded weapon at the junkyard. He repaired it for use to help him during combat studies.


Vehicle: A Mistrali Motorworks Sprinter 12-C. A rear wheel drive mid engined sports car that Juno probably should not have convinced his parents to help him buy. He drives it to most places he needs to be in Vale and Vacuo, though he has gone out on joyrides before.

(Transfer of Juno Vert)

Approved Characters / Re: Rufus Chocla
« on: June 20, 2018, 01:59:04 PM »
All good, moved back to approved.

Approved Characters / Re: Rufus Chocla
« on: June 20, 2018, 01:31:50 PM »
Spoiler: Pre-edit • show


Name: Rufus Chocla

Theme: Chip Da Ripper - Freestyle

Age: 18

Species and Gender: Male Dog (Beagle) Faunus

Spoiler: show

Occupation: 2nd Year Student at Beacon, Freestyle Rapper

Appearance: Rufus is short, standing at just 150 cm and weighing 55kg. Rufus has well-toned muscles from rigorous training, both at Beacon and during free time. He has soft, rounded features, dark brown eyes and mahogany-colored skin.

Rufus' hair is dark and done in corn rows, and he has a pair of beagle ears drooping down on the sides of his head. He can most often be seen wearing dark brown military-style jackets, cargo pants and occasionally caps. His combat attire is much the same, with sneakers and studded gauntlets added to the mix.

Rufus has a somewhat deep voice, even surprisingly deep for his small stature. Despite the fact that he tends to communicate via well-practiced freestyle slam poetry, his actual pronunciation is flawless.

History: Rufus was born out of wedlock, to a faunus woman who worked as a factory worker. She raised him alone in the poor district in Vale. She rarely spoke of the boy's father, but when she did, she claimed him to be a hero who fought in the war, and is still off on some incredible mission.

Rufus quickly learned to fend for himself, having to deal with bullies and street urchins from an early age. He had formed a small circle around himself by the age of 14. Despite the rough and tough nature of the group, they were mostly non-violent, only sticking together for defense. They actually found common ground in more creative arts - music.

Spending almost all of his time with these kids, Rufus picked up a habit of rhyming and even singing out his words. The habit got more intense over the years, until he eventually just found himself almost ever speaking normally.

Rufus was 15 when he first met his father. To the boy's surprise, he wasn't a soldier in the Vale army. He wasn't a soldier at all - he was a mercenary from Mistral. And a fairly successful one at that. Shocked, the boy called him out, and at age 16 he had to fight his own father on the streets in front of his home. Needless to say, the boy lost. Still, his old man was impressed by the boy's ability to hold his own.

In the fight, Rufus was knocked out. When he woke up, he found out his father had left him a large sum of lien for equipment and a recommendation letter for Beacon. Despite his grudge with the man, Rufus was driven by the urge to one day face him again and win. As such, he started training as much as he could, and applied for the combat school after passing the tests, though he had his struggles with the academic section. His first year was rough, but he managed to get into the rut just fine, and still visits home somewhat regularly to meet his mother and his friends.

Personality: Rufus is feisty, to say the least. He won't back down from a challenge and won't give up unless forced, and even then it might be a struggle. He's quite stubborn in that sense.

Outside of combat, he's quite positive, but he's also a free thinker who will always speak his mind. During any sort of argument he's bound to give out insults even if he's just joshing around, as it's something he's gotten used to back home.

He's actually rather non-violent, preferring to solve his problems with words as opposed to fighting. Alas, he's still a better fighter than negotiator, and actually struggles academically due to lack of formal education.

Aura and Semblance: Rufus' aura is Rufous (#a81c07) and is of average strength.

Rufus' semblance allows him to exert force with his voice, similar in effect to gravity dust. If he activates his semblance, when his target is 'hit' by his voice, they will be forced back as if they were actually struck by an attack. This doesn't damage a person's aura directly, but may cause harm from knockdown.

The force exerted relies on how loud his voice is projected, the distance to his target and, strangely enough, rhythm, as there is a certain 'beat' to the semblance. The beat varies wildly each time the semblance is activated, yet Rufus has honed his ability during his years as a street rapper to the point where he can hit these beats near perfectly with his words. Each separate 'beat' acts as a wave of force. Rufus has little control over these beats, though his emotional state does appear to have some correlation to them.

Rufus can utilize various means of projecting his voice, such as microphones, megaphones and speakers, and his semblance will manifest itself through them as well. While this might make his voice louder, and technically more powerful, it also makes it harder to time correctly and increases the distance it has to travel. On top of that, such equipment must be tuned beforehand to function correctly, and will inevitably suffer damage if he utilizes his semblance too much.

Combat Behavior: Rufus is a front-lines melee combatant, focused on holding ground and dealing out powerful blows. He uses his short size to avoid attacks without having to actively dodge.

In combat, Rufus often goes between using his weapons and just his fists, as he mostly fought hand-to-hand before coming to Beacon. He's a proficient boxer, decent fighter, but lacks accuracy when it comes to any sort of ranged combat or precise strikes.

He rarely uses Encore's ranged form, and usually only brings it out if things are going South.


Name: Flow and Soul

Primary Form: Flow - A sturdy Iron spear with a small button located at the end of the shaft. The weapon is 110cm long in total, with a diameter of 4cm. Rufus carries the weapon on a strap on his back in this form.

Soul - A compact punch dagger with a rounded handle on a spinning axis. The entire thing, minus the blade, is made of an exceptionally light metal, though the weapon itself isn't too light as it appears to be 'filled' with something. Rufus carries the weapon in his jacket.

Secondary Form: Flow - Upon pressing the button, the tip of the spear splits into four pieces, which spread open to form the base of a stand. On the sides of the weapon appear small latches and the top of the stand opens up. This form serves no other function than to form Encore.

Soul - Upon twisting the handle, the side of the dagger cracks open and out pops a wire. The wire is well made and sturdy, and can act as a rope or lasso in a pinch.

Tertiary Form: Encore - Upon popping Soul in its secondary form into the top of Flow's secondary form, the wires connect to the latches and form a fully fledged mic stand. Upon being pressed into Flow, the part of Soul's blade which opened up forms into a speaker facing away from Rufus. Rufus can utilize this to amplify his voice slightly when using his semblance, though the thing only works for about a minute straight before having to be re-tuned, otherwise it's going to break.

Disassembling the weapon merely takes pressing the button on Flow again, at which point both weapons pop out and return to their primary form.

Dust Functions: When the weapon is in Encore form, Rufus can place a dust cartridge in a small opening at the top part of Flow. The cartridge can then be slid upwards until it clicks into place between the mic and the speaker. When Rufus uses his semblance and sings into the mic, various effects can be created.

Fire Dust: Lasts for roughly half a minute. The dust is spewed out and activated in the form similar to a rudimentary flamethrower. The fires are incredibly hot, and using this function will damage the speaker to the point where repair is needed.

Ice Dust: Lasts for about a minute, whether Rufus sings or not as the speaker winds up freezing over. Creates cold winds and snow in its path.

Gravity Dust: The effect builds up in the weapon for about ten seconds before activating. Combines the force from Rufus singing during this time with the force of the dust, sending whatever was in front of him, the boy himself and his weapon flying. Might result in much harm to him as it does good, essentially ruins the microphone and even damages the stand.

History: Rufus acquired the weapon along with all his other gear after his mother refused taking the money his father had left him. The weapon was designed with ideas given to him by all of his friends, and as such might seem a bit cramped.

Plot Zone / 41st Vytal Festival Tournament - Sign Ups end July 4th
« on: June 20, 2018, 01:24:53 PM »
Blip-bloop! "Welcome one and all once more to the Vytal Festival, this year located in chilly Atlas" The message on the scroll reads. "This is the forty-first biannual Vytal Festival and following of the success of last tournament's bracket changes, the councils have decided to make them permenant. For those who missed out last year, this means that instead of a single bracket included all years and all match-ups, we've spread out the action between a maximum of twelve brackets, though we suspect some may gain much more attention by the cameras than others. The brackets are as follows: One for each year in 4v4, one for each year in 2v2, and one for each year of 1v1. You may participate in all three of these bracket types, for example you and your team can participate in 4v4, you and your teammate can participate in 2v2 as well as the other members of your team, and you may participate in 1v1 as can the rest of your team. This means you have not one, not two, but three chances at championship if you participate in all of the bracket types. Along with the revamp of the rules, this year we are proud to announce the return of the new bracket type, 'The Huntsman's Bracket', exclusive to graduated hunters and huntresses that decide to stick around in the city long enough to participate in matches. We will also be increasing the amount of Field Effects that can be chosen at the start of matches, including new fields like mist, or fields rich in specific kinds of Dust.

We hope to see you all there this year and remember to keep your weapons cleaned, Dust stocked, and aura charged!
" Signing off...

Most important rule: You may have the same character in each of the bracket types but you cannot have more than one character in the same bracket and year. That is, I could not have two first years in the first year 1v1 but I could have a first year in the first year 1v1 and a third year in the third year 1v1.

4v4: Matches are estimated to have a very low turn out. Only OFFICIAL TEAMS may participate in this bracket type. This means the team you were assigned to by Atlas/Beacon/Haven/Shade and you MUST have all four members agree to participate in the round.

2v2: This is expected to have a low turn out. If you have two characters on a team they only one can be in this round.

1v1: This is going to be busy.

Hunter's Bracket: A 1v1 bracket for anyone with an official hunters license. Test you might against other fighters of the highest caliber.

Staff members will play the parts of referees in this tourney, but only in matches they are not in. We are there to both make sure matches run smoothly as well as to work as a check, if someone decides to challenge a post.

The matches themselves will run off a similar system to that of the past tourney, you both start off with 100% aura, attacks must be given a % damage value, it is up to the other person to decide whether or not they would hit and are responsible for taking the damage (unless an autohit penalty is required.). If you feel that your opponent has made an unfair attack value or dodged unfairly, you may contact a referee and we will determine whether or not it was unfair. If it was, the post must be edited to what we deem to be fair. That said, even if no one contacts us, we'll still be checking in on threads every now and again.

Semblances will work on a stamina system, the more you use them the more worn out you become. It is up to you to play this fairly, if you don't and referee sees you you'll get penalized. Don't fuck it up for everyone else.

In matches, it is required that you post within 3 days, if you don't and do not send a notice to BOTH a referee and your opponent beforehand, you will be given an autohit penalty. That is whatever attack was in someone's post before you didn't post will automatically hit. If there was no attack in the post, one may be edited in as long as a ref okays it. If you do not post in 4 days without notice following the auto hit, your character is disqualified. If you think tou won't be able to post for 7 days at any time during the tourney, do not sign up.

These rules count for everyone, normal members, minions, moderators, and admins. Do not be afraid to talk to one of the staff is anyone is breaking any rules.

There will be disciplinary action taken against a combatant if they: Continue fighting when either their opponent's or their own aura level drops below 15%, purposefully drop their own aura to gain an advantage over their opponent either by making them purposefully pull their punches or to cause them to be disqualified by inflicting actual damage on the combatant either intentionally or not, or cause damage to their opponent by inflicting them with enough damage to carry past an aura break.

The punishments for the first condition will be disqualification or a disciplinary action carried out by the combatants home academy. The second condition will be met with disqualification. The third condition will be met with disciplinary action carried out by the combatant's home academy.

Serious action will be taken against any who cause injury to their opponent with the possibility of disqualification on the table.

Below I will show the proper way to sign up characters per brackets.

Discuss/ask/suggest things here

You have 2 weeks to get characters or changes approved.


[Year] [Bracket Type]: Team/Character name(s) and link(s)

1st Year 4v4: Team RWBY Ruby Rose, Weiss Schnee, Blake Belladonna, Yang Xiao Long

1st Year 2v2: Weiss Schnee and Yang Xiao Long

1st Year 1v1:Yang Xiao Long

Huntsman's Bracket: Qrow Branwen

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1st Year 4v4: Team RWBY [url=]Ruby Rose[/url], [url=]Weiss Schnee[/url], [url=]Blake Belladonna[/url], [url=]Yang Xiao Long[/url]

1st Year 2v2: [url=]Weiss Schnee[/url] and [url=]Yang Xiao Long[/url]

1st Year 1v1:[url=]Yang Xiao Long[/url]

Huntsman's Bracket: [url=]Qrow Branwen[/url]


Hunter Bracket: Malina Nahualli (I swear I'll finish her profile before it starts)

1st Year 1v1:Aca Nahualli-Roth IF there are an uneven number of entrees for 1st year 1v1

RPG Discussion / Re: 41st Vytal Tourney Q&A/Poll/Rules
« on: June 20, 2018, 11:03:45 AM »
Combatants can bring as much dust or ammo as they normally would on a mission.

I can't speak for the dragon but Amity is as large as it is in the show so there could be a space problem. The highest intensity explosion would not be allowed as it would likely break the third condition that was in the response to Arcus as well as the Shockwave presenting a threat of breaking the shielding that protects the spectators.

RPG Discussion / Re: 41st Vytal Tourney Q&A/Poll/Rules
« on: June 19, 2018, 09:55:31 AM »
If a combatant shows up without full aura, their match can be postponed a few hours to allow them to recover.

All weapons and equipment in the tournament must be registered with the tourney committee beforehand in order to be allowed in (on the character sheet.)

RPG Discussion / Re: 41st Vytal Tourney Q&A/Poll/Rules
« on: June 18, 2018, 05:13:05 PM »
There will be disciplinary action taken against a combatant if they: Continue fighting when either their opponent's or their own aura level drops below 15%, purposefully drop their own aura to gain an advantage over their opponent either by making them purposefully pull their punches or to cause them to be disqualified by inflicting actual damage on the combatant either intentionally or not, or cause damage to their opponent by inflicting them with enough damage to carry past an aura break.

The punishments for the first condition will be disqualification or a disciplinary action carried out by the combatants home academy. The second condition will be met with disqualification. The third condition will be met with disciplinary action carried out by the combatant's home academy.

These restrictions are in place in order to prevent a repeat of last tournaments multiple gunshot wounds. A semblance like Gray's could easily land him in the hospital or dead and that is the last thing the Vytal Festival needs.

RPG Discussion / 41st Vytal Tourney Q&A/Poll/Rules
« on: June 18, 2018, 01:14:17 PM »
It's been deemed to have enough interest so we're going through with this again. There's gonna be some changes though and they'll be listed below. If you think a rule is dumb, feel free to talk about it in the comments.

First of all, last time if a single team signed up for something then we had an NPC or NPC team fight them. Not this time, it just didn't work great last time and it takes a lot of time to create the NPCs necessary. So what happens if you're the only one who signs up for 4th year 4v4? Well, nothing. You won't fight but you also don't win the bracket by default as that would encourage people to sign up for fight they think or know won't be populated and then not be likely to participate if someone else does sign up.

Speaking of 4v4, we're only doing 1v1s by default this time. If you really, really want to do 2v2 or 4v4 and there's at least two teams then sure we'll put something up but just so you know, 2v2 is a mess and 4v4 is a cluster fuck.

Most important rule: You may have the same character in each of the bracket types but you cannot have more than one character in the same bracket and year. That is, I could not have two first years in the first year 1v1 but I could have a first year in the first year 1v1 and a third year in the third year 1v1.

4v4: Matches are estimated to have a very low turn out. Only OFFICIAL TEAMS may participate in this bracket type. This means the team you were assigned to by Atlas/Beacon/Haven/Shade and you MUST have all four members agree to participate in the round.

2v2: This is expected to have a low turn out. If you have two characters on a team they only one can be in this round.

1v1: This is going to be busy.

Hunter's Bracket: A 1v1 bracket for anyone with an official hunters license. Test you might against other fighters of the highest caliber.

Staff members will play the parts of referees in this tourney, but only if they do not participated. I know for certain u won't be participating in anything but the hunters bracket and I'm not entirely sure if I will participate in that so I can referee for everything but that. We are there to both make sure matches run smoothly as well as to work as a check, if someone decides to challenge a post.

The matches themselves will run off a similar system to that of the past tourney, you both start off with 100% aura, attacks must be given a % damage value, it is up to the other person to decide whether or not they would hit and are responsible for taking the damage (unless an autohit penalty is required.). If you feel that your opponent has made an unfair attack value or dodged unfairly, you may contact a referee and we will determine whether or not it was unfair. If it was, the post must be edited to what we deem to be fair. That said, even if no one contacts us, we'll still be checking in on threads every now and again.

Semblances will work on a stamina system, the more you use them the more worn out you become. It is up to you to play this fairly, if you don't and referee sees you you'll get penalized. Don't fuck it up for everyone else.

In matches, it is required that you post within 3 days, if you don't and do not send a notice to BOTH a referee and your opponent beforehand, you will be given an autohit penalty. That is whatever attack was in someone's post before you didn't post will automatically hit. If there was no attack in the post, one may be edited in as long as a ref okays it. If you do not post in 4 days without notice following the auto hit, your character is disqualified. If you think tou won't be able to post for 7 days at any time during the tourney, do not sign up.

These rules count for everyone, normal members, minions, moderators, and admins. Do not be afraid to talk to one of the staff is anyone is breaking any rules.

"Hey if this is the 41st tournament and the last one was the 40th shouldn't the people in the last one be two years older?" Yes but shut up, time is convoluted in Remnant. We don't force anyone to advance years so it doesn't matter really.

RPG Discussion / The Vytal Festival Tournament 2 Interest Thread
« on: June 17, 2018, 11:25:28 PM »

Except not this time because I won't be directly involved in combat.

Recently, a few people expressed interest in another Vytal Tourney and no one on staff has any problems with it happening again but we want to express that if it does happen, it will probably take a while.

But that aside, this thread is to check to see if there's any more interest in the tourney, we don't want to set it up if only a few people are interest after all.

There will be a few changes, including that no referee can participate, but those changes are still being decided on. Right now, all I want to know is if people are interested in the idea. In my opinion there's no real downside to having another one as long as those involved understand the length it will take and that if they sign up they should be prepared to actually participate.

Comment below if you're interested.

Plot Zone / Re: Proving Gus Wrong
« on: May 17, 2018, 12:58:41 AM »
Janus sucks at this, here's the thread

First two to post without a shitty reason for being there get in.

Approved Characters / Re: Azre and Erza Sundown
« on: May 13, 2018, 10:17:51 PM »
Spoiler: Pre-edit • show


Name: Azre and Erza Sundown

Age: 18, Born Zinnober 31st

Species and Gender: Female Human (Erza), Male Human (Azre)

Symbol:  Red shooting star crossing a yellow setting sun.

Occupation: 1st Year Shade Students, former models, part time musician (Azre)

Appearance: Erza and Azre are both 5’8”, though Erza is 130lbs while Azre is 140lb due to an increase in muscle mass and weight. Erza’s hair is a bright strawberry blonde tied back in a tight bun or ponytail, complimented by blue eyes with darker, warm olive skin and a C-cup. Often considered classically beautiful, the huntress-in-training wears a combat skirt in the form of an orange mini dress, complemented with fishnet stockings and a pair of spike heels - something she fights remarkably well with, in an outfit that Azre finds complimentary to his own. If it were up to her, she’d likely dress in boots and tight clothing with more armor, but allows Azre to determine her dress to keep up their appearance as a duo

Azre is more broad-shouldered than his twin sister with a considerably greater amount of visible muscle mass, but possess the same slim waist and toned figure. He has bright red hair and usually styles his facial hair into a alfredo mustache, resulting in a somewhat outdated but handsome appearance, complimented by warm brown eyes and a pair of gold-rimmed spectacles. He wears a red vest over a white overshirt that’s been rolled up to his sleeves, dress pants, and leather loafers, opting towards expensive and fancy clothing. Azre's very particular about his look and will often refuse to start anything until his dress and makeup are perfect - alongside Erza's. To help compensate for a shorter height, it isn't uncommon for him to wear platform heals, boosting his height to 5'10" or 11". When viewed shirtless, Azre has two noticeable scars along the underside of his pecs, as he’s still recovering from a mastectomy at age 17.

History: The Sundown twins were born as Erza Marie Sundown and Anna Grace Sundown on Zinnober 31st. The daughters of an exceedingly wealthy family with an entrepreneur father and the mother that died in childbirth, their father was out on business trips nearly all the time and didn’t have time for twin daughters - despite them being the last remnants of his wife. Subsequently, the two children were raised side-by-side and treated as nearly a single individual throughout their entire childhoods by nurses, nannies, and private tutors, never afforded the chance to socialize with the outside world. Both girls spent the majority of their times immersed in every study possible, alongside a strict physical fitness regime to ensure they both stayed in shape - it was Anna who naturally gravitated towards music however, and Erza towards writing. The tutors were more than happy to indulge the girl’s interests under command of their absent father, and both girls were soon quickly well-versed in subjects of their choice. They were furthermore afforded extreme amounts of freedom of expression as kids, with Anna choosing to run around in boy’s clothing all the time alongside her sister in frilly dresses. With a lack of other children their age, Anna and Erza were incredibly close, as close as two sisters can be. The only times they socialized outside each other and the staff was whenever it was necessary for them to join their father on business trips and at dinners - in which case, they were dressed up in their very best and expected to entertain curious adults for hours on end. Despite some rough beginnings, both girls valued the time as it was amongst the most they got to see their father - and both became quickly adept at playing linguistic gymnastics to become the perfect little angels for every one of their father’s “friends.”

Zanzabar Sundown didn’t pay much attention to his daughters, and it wasn’t until his fellow businessmen began to remark about how “pretty” and “gorgeous” and “soft” his daughters were he began to realize the women they were blossoming into. Heart-shaped faces, long hair, growing bodies - it was obvious they were both blossoming into beautiful young women. It was the first time Zanzabar recognized his daughters as something other than assets to be taken care of, they were more importantly a source of potential profit. On the eve of their 11th birthday, he offered the girls the opportunity of a lifetime: join him and act as the models for the Sundown Company’s new line of perfume and jewelry. It only took a glance between Anna and Erza to confirm they’d accept the opportunity, as it would afford them what they’d always wanted: time with their father.

Unfortunately, the modeling gig didn’t work out as the twins anticipated. It was rush from photoshoot to photoshoot, constantly forced into uncomfortable and feminine clothing; makeup this and hairdo that. Their father was rarely present, and instead they were afforded a hurried schedule that contrasted harshly with their previous leisurely lifestyle. But both twins, masters of social conduct, sucked it up and let it drag on in the hopes of getting close to their father. This pattern lasted for four years until the twins were 15, in which the marketing ads with the “Sundown Sisters” became an almost instantaneous success. Magazine ads, commercials, even billboards - the Sundown Twins were launched into stardom faster than they could understand what was happening. They were a worldwide name, the teens every preteen would kill to become - and could, with just a few purchases of extremely expensive perfume from their parent’s credit cards! The Sundown name become the brand associated with both luxury and youth, fun and maturity - a thin line that the girls managed to balance with strict regimes throughout their early teens. This was furthermore bolstered by the twin’s talents for music: Anna’s predilection for nearly all things that she’s studied through her entire life, alongside Erza’s pleasant singing voice, made them the perfect deal to put out occasional music videos for the Sundown Company.

Until Anna one day cut off all her hair.

Forced into feminine clothing on a daily basis, sexualized from a young age -  all this awakened something in Anna. She’d always hated girl’s clothing as a child, and the help were perfectly happy to let her run around in boy’s clothing as long as she was happy and healthy. She’d opted into charming jacket-and-skirt combinations instead of dresses whenever a fancy dinner with her father’s business associates was deemed necessary. Puberty had been a hard time for her, as her body developed in unfamiliar ways she disliked - it wasn’t her body, anymore. Seeing her body sexualized on a day-to-day basis by men years older than her only made her more disconcerted.

She’d turned to the internet, as any confused teen would do. Googling “disliking my body”, “out-of-place in own body”, “can i make my breasts go away” - she’d stumbled on the term when reading in secret, the only one she’d ever kept from her twin sister. “Gender Dysphoria - the condition of feeling one’s emotional and psychological identity as female or male to be opposite to one’s biological sex.” It had clicked in an instant - they were male. They’d stepped into the bathroom on-location one day, picked up the automated razor in the onsite bathroom, and shaved off all her hair in one foul swoop.

He’d never felt more free than that moment.

He stepped outside the horrified gasps and stares of the entire crew. An entire career swept down the drain, just thanks to a teenager shaving their head - their father was beyond furious, sitting down the twins for what Azre recounts as the worst moment of his life. He received an earth-shattering lecture on what he’d done, an entire branch of the company thrown down the drain - threatening to take away every one of Anna’s privileges to the outside world, to banish her back to Mistral permanently, while Erza spent the entire time in the corner tapping intently on her scroll. Anna was alone with their father’s wrath for the first time ever, and had never felt more abandoned - but just when Zanzabar was threatening to separate the twins, Erza stepped in.

“Hey, what’s like, your name and pronouns and stuff now?”

The question was enough to shock Azre out of crying and their father into silence.

“Um… he-him, and… call me Azre.”

Erza had nodded in determination, pressed a button on her phone, and sent a note to every newspaper and celebrity gossip outlet she could reach that her sister was now her brother, they had a new name, and more importantly a new label - the “Sundown Twins.” The news was out, the new label was announced by Erza herself, and Zanzabar couldn’t risk contradicting his daughters without ruining his public reputation. The immediate launch of his new identity was more than Azre anticipated, but he took it in stride as he realized this was his bid to freedom - to become who he wanted.

Azre’s transition to regularly identifying as male was painfully public, but Azre embraced it like a warm hug. He was set to become a transgender model for every kid across Remnant, and therefore regularly updated his adoring fan base with every update possible - from his start of HRT at age 16, to the mastectomy he got when he was 17, to his first growths of facial hair. Azre thrived in this new environment, chasing the high of fame by being who he wanted to be more than ever - and before soon was incorporating his passions into his products, taking his lifelong passion of music and soon putting out occasional singles, and album in the works. Erza was overshadowed in her brother’s rapid rise to greater fame than either of them had ever seen, but was with him every step of the way - taking the same chances to start to explore their passions as well - starting to take her writing more seriously, and leaning towards texts of an academic quality. She discovered her love of literature and language, and the way they worked together - and learned to harness a quick wit that had hidden behind a vapid persona her whole life.

Despite finally blossoming as a person as a result of his transition, it wasn't without hardships: Azre faced an onslaught of too-personal interview questions, transphobic words from the half of his fanbase that was infuriated with his transition, and a scary amount of fetishization. It was thanks to Erza's endless help and support that he was willing to live through every hard word, and work to better himself; but even she couldn't shield him from the misconceptions of a cruel world. Azre's harassment culminated one day when at a cafe with his twin one day, he was confronted by an angry fan referring to him by his deadname and other crude slurs. Azre tried to keep the words from getting to him, but even he couldn't avoid getting upset, and once the violent situation escalated to physical confrontation, Azre was left pinned to the wall with a knife at this throat, threatening to be skinned alive.

Erza's shit was promptly flipped.

Coming this far and dealing with all their hardships, Erza wasn't about to lose her the only person who'd been there for her her entire life. Her semblance activated for the first time ever to an extreme degree, temporarily turning her into a hulking 8-foot monster with claws and fangs and a mane of yellow hair with more than enough phsyical strength to punch the would-be assailant into the wall and leave cracks behind. This transformation only lasted 10 seconds though, as her entire aura was completely drained - leaving her to collapse to the floor and resume a more human, if exhausted, form. She spent a few days in the hospital as a result of exhaustion, and the following court case deemed Erza's actions a necessary move of self-defense to protect her brother, letting her get off easy. Erza's sudden and harsh discovery of her semblance at age 17 sparked something within Azre - making him realize the popularity of hunters in Remnant, and therefore determining his goal for the future. His own more charming semblance was realized slowly by both him and Erza as his art of dazzling paparazzi and leaving them with nothing but good things to say became a formidable skill - to the point didn't seem to have a bad angle.

Years of physical conditioning and marital-arts training allowed them to both pass the entrance exam to Shade Academy with little difficult, even if Azre struggled somewhat academically. It was a joint decision to go all the way to Vacuo to attend a hunter's academy as another way of putting as much distance between them and their father, who by then they only associated with when necessary regarding the company name - both Azre and Erza's branch of the "Sundown Twins" had become a separate and successful enterprise. Azre enrolled for fame and glory, and like always Erza followed him - and at least one of them is more than prepared for whatever lies ahead. The other just wants to make sure her brother doesn't lose himself in the process.

Personality: Azre Sundown is an extroverted, charismatic, and incredibly vain man. After time attracting attention and fame for who he really was, Azre has become addicted to the spotlight, willing to do nearly everything to assure his reputation as a celebrity stays up alongside keeping himself entertained. He’s a natural charmer as he appeals to people’s best interests, a witty sense of humor wonderfully accompanying good looks, alongside a tendency to be endlessly entertaining, always some story to tell. He's furthermore naturally flamboyant and flirty, and will hit on anybody regardless of gender who shows interest and has a pulse - human or faunus doesn't matter. Despite his vanity and desire to stay in the spotlight, Azre really is a good person, aware of his position as a positive role model for kids all across Remnant. As a result, he’s always striving to be positive and upbeat and really be the role model the media perceives him as. This manifests most commonly in Azre’s greatest passion outside himself - music, being proficient in multiple instruments including guitar, piano, and the trumpet. His instrument of choice however is the saxophone, the classy brassy jazz instrument drawing him in with its associated history of suave entertainers. Overall, it isn’t inaccurate to call Azre the dominant twin.

Azre isn’t without his flaws as any person is - celebrities are always human. If a person doesn’t show an immediate liking of Azre, he’ll do their best to win over them to the point of annoying persistence - unable to fathom the idea some people may dislike him. This can escalate to incredible levels of desperation until he’s stressed himself out about one little thing, and it consumes him to the point he can’t think of anything else - he often puts too much stock in other people’s thoughts. This all-consuming desperation furthermore extends to his looks, unable to function unless his outfit, hair, and accessories are all perfect, alongside his sister’s - appearance is one of the most important things to him after all, and they’re a unit. Azre takes a lot to get angry after dealing with paparazzi his entire life, and an angry Azre is usually able to quickly calm down - but he’s hotheaded and confrontational when he reaches the point of anger, refusing to back down to anybody except Erza. There’s only a few things that are guaranteed to make him snap right away: his deadname, which he refuses to tolerate, or anybody hurting his sister in any way.

Erza’s always been the quieter twin, despite initially being the more popular one before her brother’s transition. Her good looks contrasted with the quiet, observational girl with a sharp mind -  you wouldn’t anticipate someone like her to have a dry sense of humor and an introverted approach to life. She prefers to support her brother from the shadows while slowly developing her own talents in journalism and critical writing, learning about the world around her that she was so protected from as a child. Despite her investment in the academics, she is troubled in math however. She’s fascinated by language and culture, and it isn’t uncommon to find her buried in a book - at least, if you know her in real life. She’s furthermore one of the warmest, most supportive people you could encounter - her support was what gave Azre the courage to publicly transition before he started to gain confidence, and the quick wit and situational awareness she possess makes her good at both cheering up a person and helping them find rational solutions to their problems.

Erza still has her problems, regardless of how together she seems to be. Supporting her brother her entire life and socializing entirely with him, alongside a lack of apparent real social skills herself, has left her incredibly inept at making friends her own age. Beyond the appearance she puts on to appease adults and other professionals, she’s beyond awkward, often not knowing what to talk about or more importantly how to - leaving her shy and letting her brother do the talking. She’s prone to depression and anxiety due to her lonely nature and her brother slowly gaining independence, feeling left behind despite everything. When mad, unlike getting hot-headed like her twin, she has a colder anger - a million-yard stare that could pierce steel, and that quick, dry wit finding the best way to tear a person apart piece by piece, or ruin their life. Erza doesn’t take prisoners.

The twin’s relationship has directly affected either of their personalities drastically. While incredibly close as children and only growing closer through their modeling career, Azre’s transition and subsequent personality change as he grew in popularity left Erza reeling. He was the first to break from their obviously codependent relationship while still retaining a degree of obsessive control over their relationship - using Erza emotional labor when needed and nitpicking about appearance, both physically and emotionally. Erza’s been left confused as what to do as a result - her brother is obviously taking her for granted, but he still needs her, so it’s not like she can just cast him aside. They’ve been through too much together anyways, and despite everything they’re still a unit - even if there’s Azre and Erza, and Azre Sundown himself, but no Erza Sundown. Erza has yet to discover herself without defining herself by her twin brother.

Aura and Semblance: Azre has a slightly smaller aura than normal, leaving him a poor defense in a warm gold. Erza’s aura is slightly stronger than her brother, colored blood orange. In a rare case of hereditary semblances affecting both twins at once, both Erza and Azre have the same one: Appearance Manipulation. Both can willingly change how they appear to other people on an individual basis, with one important distinction: Azre’s semblance makes him more appealing, while Erza’s terrifies.

Azre’s semblance allows him to cater to what people find most attractive. His voice becomes more enchanting and captivating, his hair might lengthen, and or he’ll grow taller - whatever the person’s type is, the more one-on-one time he spends with them, the more he’ll slowly morph to become that. This change is an illusion, only he and the person he chooses can see, and while milder features such as a captivating voice and constantly-perfect hair can be used in groups of people (and can only be used for 6+ hours within a day before sleeping, recharging, etc.) the ability to morph into what a person finds most attractive can only happen in one-on-one interactions. Azre’s unable to control the features he picks up in this form (at least yet) though he is aware of what he changes to look like, only able to control the intensity of his “charm”. While the captivating voice, flawless skin, and perfect hair are passive and can be maintained by Azre for several hours on end - most commonly in popular social situations, altering his appearance to best appeal to a person has a maximum usage time of up to an hour. This allusion can be shattered if the person he's talking to touches him, or he himself is distracted and drops the illusion, as it requires intense concentration and attention to keep up. It can furthermore be shattered if the person he's talking to gets distracted by anything or anybody else.

Erza’s semblance manifests in changing her appearance to appeal to a person’s greatest fears. Best used in combat, she’ll appear larger, stronger, and more terrifying than she really is - taking on animalistic traits such as sharpened claws, fangs, glowing eyes, and a wild mane of hair- an illusion that can only be maintained for up to 6 hours before rest is necessary. The more of her aura she pours into her semblance, the more stereotypically "scarier" it gets, to the point of growing extra arms, getting extra eyes, sharper teeth, etc. A generally scary allusion can be maintained for up to several hours by Erza, as it's a passive ability, but gaining any of the extra traits puts a greater drain on her, and maintaining a large, terrifying illusion can drain her aura completely within an hour. Just like Azre, her allusion can be shattered if she's distracted and if anybody or anything comes into contact with her (that she wasn't initially holding) when starting the illusion. Finally, while the more terrifying version of her monstrous persona can appear to everyone (unlike her brother gaining traits of what appeals most to a person), if she's distracted or her concentration from maintaining the more intimidating illusion is diverted, it drops completely.

The supposed physical changes for either twin are only illusionary, and they actually don’t get any of the traits they take on. This can hypothetically be done if either Azre or Erza pour their entire aura into maintaining the illusion. This is less useful for Azre, as his appearance will simply change temporarily, but has a much greater physical application Erza, as she’ll temporarily gain the height, strength, and wild attributes of her more intimidating persona. However, doing this is currently beyond either twin’s skill level, and the one time it did ever activate for either, Erza could only hold her new appearance for 10 seconds before her aura was completely depleted. Furthermore, either twin can hypothetically access the other twin’s form of appearance manipulation, but are yet to learn how to do so.

Combat Behavior: As anticipated, Erza and Azre fight when working together or with a team. Their lifetime together has made them masters of body language, often creating strategic plans with just a few gestures that would be invisible to anybody else - allowing for unanticipated and sudden attacks by both twins. Azre acts mostly as a brawler and partial skirmisher, wielding his axe with hard and sudden strikes that will often leave an opponent staggering, working best within close range. Azre's fond of playing his guitar as an actual guitar in battle, darting around and playing his own theme music to keep his opponents on his toes. Erza usually lets her twin do the majority of the fighting, as she prefers to keep her distance from her opponents thanks to the mid-range afforded to her by her chakrams and shield, and will step in to act as a defensive tank when the time calls. While she functions best at mid-range, Erza is capable of close-combat fighting with all three combinations of her weapons. Azre’s specialty regarding their semblance is practically useless on the battlefield unless he’s attempting to calm an opponent in a fight that doesn’t need to happen, while it isn’t uncommon for Erza to make good use of her semblance when in one-on-one fights where her speciality lacks to give her the upper hand on her opponents.

Both twins struggle when in one-on-one combat, as they’re used to fighting and training as a pair. Without the other, they often feel disconcerted on the battlefield - it’s like losing a limb, as they’re used to covering each other’s weaknesses. Azre’s absolutely useless at long-range due to the melee-based features of his weapon, and is incredibly vulnerable to snipers or frankly anybody with a rifle. Erza’s more covered since the nature of her weapon affords her both close combat and mid-range capabilities, but she holds the same weakness as her brother does to long range weaponry when her shield becomes unavailable.


Name: Saxobeat

Primary Form: Saxobeat is a golden-brass saxophone owned by Azre. The saxophone has a one-sided axe head built into the bell of the body, rendering it usable as a blunt-force cutting weapon as well as a completely usable musical instrument. By pulling a trigger located in the bend of the mouth pipe, Azre is able to activate the dust-based flamethrower built into the neck of the saxaphone - sending out up to 10 meter bursts of flames for 30 seconds at a time, before a reload of the dust chamber is necessary. The flamethrower in the saxophone can only be activated by blowing into the mouthpiece at the same time.

Secondary Form: By plugging Saxobeat into a round tube-shaped speaker he carries at his hip, Azre is able to rapidly amp up Saxobeat’s sound to an incredibly painful deterrent tone that’s effective up to 200 meters - temporarily paralyzing opponents in pain. To avoid being affected by Saxobeat’s sound himself, Azre (and anybody else in the immediate vicinity) must use sound-canceling earbuds.

Tertiary Form: Saxobeat is carried in a specially-modified saxophone case.

Dust Functions: Saxobeat’s “flamethrower” functions by loading pure powdered dust into a cartridge in the body of the saxophone. The flamethrower can hold a sustained blast for up to 30 seconds as long as the cartridge is full, the effects of the blast depending on the type of dust loaded:

Fire: creates a 10 meter blast of flames, burning on contact.
Ice: creates a 10 meter cone of ice dust, freezing surfaces on contact and causing frostbite.
Electric: Creates a bolt of lighting, consuming the entire cartridge at once; discharging up to 100 meters depending on the location of the target.

History: Saxobeat was made by a professional weaponsmith, comissioned by Azre once he decided to enroll in combat school, with the strict instructions of “...looking as badass as possible.”


Name: Artemis and Apollo

Primary Form: Artemis and Apollo are twin chakrams that Erza wears connected to armored gauntlets that extend from fingertip to forearm. Both chakrams are 8 inches in diameter, and can be removed to from their grooves on the gauntlets to be thrown. They then can be retracted automatically, thanks to a magnetic suspension system that Erza can activate from within the gauntlet at any time, causing them to fly back - this furthermore gives Erza a greater degree of control with both chakrams, as she’s capable of multiple rapid strikes with both. Erza prefers to keep at least one chakram embedded in the arm of either gauntlet however, as that allows her to activate the either gauntlet's shield- a rounded shield formed by interlocking titanium plates that folds outwards from underneath the chakram’s grooves in the a diameter of 36 inches. This shield has sharpened edges and can be used as a blunt instrument, but is unable to be removed from the gauntlets.

Secondary Form: Artemis and Apollo's secondary form is what Erza’s affectionately nicknamed the “World’s Deadliest Yoyo”. Both chakrams are disconnected from the gauntlets, and are connected to a third device Erza carries into combat that essentially resembles a spool of wire with the same grooves that the gauntlets have. The chakrams can then be connected to to the edges of this device, which functions as a large and super-sharp yoyo to be thrown and retracted. The chakrams can become serrated in this form, and this is usually used by Erza when close-combat is necessary.

Tertiary Form: When not in combat, the chakrams can be locked into the gauntlets and worn about to transport.

Dust Functions: In chakram form, the surface of either chakram can be covered by various forms of dust to give them the anticipated effect:

Ice: Freezes chakrams, which causes whatever the struck target to be covered in ice.
Fire: Lights chakrams aflame, causes burns when coming in contact with target
Kinetic: Increases throwing strength of chakrams, causes them to hit harder
Wind: Increases range of chakrams

History: Apollo and Artemis were commissioned by Erza early on alongside Azre’s weapon when he chose to go to Shade, trying to create weapons that compensated for her brother’s weaknesses in combat.

World of RWBY RPG / World of RWBY RPG, how do?
« on: May 13, 2018, 05:51:35 PM »
Posts in this section are essentially short-form worldbuilding posts. These aren't large enough to be put into the Worldbuilding section but are still interesting enough to warrant a post such as a particular piece of research or prolonged encounters with a single Grimm that affected the world, even if it's a small way.

The super, super basic idea is this is just World of Remnant for our site. There's no required format or length but each post does have to be PM'd to myself, NotSurprised, FunkyMonkey, or Janus Rogowho will then read over it and either OK it or send back criticism or denial.

AMA Section / Zenith Semblances
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Alright so the headmistress of Shade, Eliana, has a semblance called Zenith. The full text is

The user can pick someone in their 15 meter range and make the target's semblance the absolute pinnacle for 30 minutes.

The first time the user does this to someone, it is easy and without drawbacks, however if they use their semblance on the same person a second time, it will leave the user bedridden for at least a day, with each subsequent boost causing worse and worse backfires.

There are some semblances that will have very little changes as well as some that it doesn't affect at all only because they have no upward mobility, on those the user doesn't risk any backfires only a sort of mental flinch.

One of the largest downsides of this semblance is that if the boosting adds new or slightly different variations on the semblance it boosts then the user will not know how to have control of it or use it at first and must learn the new skill quickly and on the fly.

The TL;DR is for 30 minutes, she can boost a semblance to its absolute, 100%, complete peak

HOWEVER, some semblances have little to no upward mobility, not everyone gets a boost or as good of a boost as others. Who does and does not get a boost is chosen by the author so I trust you guys to pick fairly.

Ignoring the part where a character wouldn't know how to use any new or different abilities that comes with peaking, what would your character's absolute greatest version of their semblance be?

Two examples are Malina and Aca.

Malina's concussive burst strength and range would greatly increase, as would her ability to control the concussive burst after its been activated. She would also get the ability to remotely cause a concussive burst, no longer limited to it coming from her own body as well as being able to cause multiple bursts at once.

Aca would be able to completely control any objects coming back toward, letting her put spins on them, move them out of the way of object, speed them up, slow them down, etc. She would also increase the amount of objects she can tag and the range at which she can bring them back. She would also have the ability to tag a person, place, or thing and have that act as the homing point instead of her hand, letting her send things flying toward the homing point. In addition to this, she can tag only a part of an object, like a handle, if she wants to.

An example of a less potent boost is Zabar.

Zabar would get a boost to his semblance's duration and mass capacity but that's really it.

Approved Characters / Re: Smokey Emberstone
« on: March 08, 2018, 01:50:25 PM »
All good, approved and moved.

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