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Razzy: Something fun and bubbly, so probably pop.

Janna: She prefers silence to think things over.

Nut: cute_anime_faunus_girl_cover_of_country_roads.mp4

Reggie: He says classical, but any music he puts on is just background noise for ranting to himself.

Silica: Speed metal.

Anza: Sad country music.

Rufus: ...Smooth jazz.

Tiber: Ska.

Razzy is a showman, and spends a loooot of time interacting with his fans, but to him they're really just friends he needs to know even better. He's great with the kids, and makes sure to show them a trick with his semblance whenever he meets one of them IRL.

Janna... Well, she isn't too keen on the fans. She's not a huntress for the glory of it. Instead, she tends to direct any praise towards the other members of her team.

Reggie doesn't have fans. At least, he doesn't have fans he's interacted with because anyone he's interacted with has promptly changed their mind.

Rufus is much more likely to deal with the haters than to interact with the fans. His online presence includes roast battles on social networks and occasionally giving what he believes to be sound life advice to people who might ask for it.

Anza loves the praise and basks in it online, but in person she tends to have trouble when dealing with any fans. Being praised directly by people she hardly knows leaves her flustered.

Coconut... Well, it's Nut. He's as braggadocios as can be with the guys, urging them to become huntsmen as well. With the girls, he's the same awkward, lecherous dork he is with any of the girls he meets at Beacon. As for online presence, he's constantly bombarded with invites to meetups and lewd suggestions, and fan confessions and what else. Too bad he has exactly 0 fucking clue how to use his scroll.

Tiber would not yet have any fans. If he did, he would ignore them other than the faunus to whom he might be an idol. He enjoys talking to them online, since it's easier for him, and tries to inspire them to go out there and kick ass.

Beacon Academy / Re: Meet and Beat [Team CASA][Closed]
« on: May 11, 2019, 09:32:19 AM »
To Coconut's surprise, rather than launching an attack, Azure flies up to the rafters and takes a seat upon them. Moments later, a tune begins to play - one which has him feeling... a bit melancholic. He's still a bit bummed about Amane leaving, after all. Azure seemed cool, and she was a faunus, but... Hm.

What has him snap out of a slightly off mood is the gust of wind in his face, the sound of gunshots above and a reassuring smack of cold aura upon his back. He shakes his head, raises O.T.N. up with a grin upon his face, and goes for a swing, channeling his aura into the blow for a beam of it to be launched right at Azure's position!

...Sadly, the aura mostly dies off along the way, being uneven and jagged, and barely scratches the beam upon which Azure had taken position. At that distance, it's unlikely she'd be hurt even if she had been hit. Yeesh, Nut really needs to practice his aura beams.

Coco's Battle Stats:
  Stamina: [█████████-] 95%
  Aura: [██████████] 100%

The Vale Region / Re: Royal Rumble [CLOSED]
« on: May 05, 2019, 09:27:48 AM »
Sark's blade crashes with Akel's, sparks flying off in every direction - there had been considerable force behind the attack, so the interception comes as some surprise to the guy. He plants his feet down as Akel pivots, lurching down and launching forward, though less powerfully than before. Sark goes into a roll and as he rises, he turns to face the faunus again.

"Hah. At least the crowd will get some show. Your turn, bitch. Come at me!" he calls out, spinning the sword in his hand once more and rolling his shoulders. "Ain't like we have a lot of time to play around."

Hart watched Akel deflected Sark's attack and in turn the guy dodged her's. The man grinned, taking a swig of his beer.

"If she can manage it, then I have no objections at all. He certainly deserves to be taken down a peg, but I'm not quite sure that'll be happening today," he says as he sets his glass aside. "It's just about time things started going down in the back isn't it?"

The question seemed to be aimed at nobody in particular. The woman next to him didn't react, but Rachel would spot Mordred's arm moving up to his ear, then back down.

On the other end of the room, the long-haired woman which had been sitting next to Pig Mask had left, though his bald companion remained, the bottle of liquor already half empty. Pig Mask himself was leaning back in his seat, seemingly watching the fight, though the mask made it hard to tell where he was looking at any point. The bald man had resumed scanning the crowd. His sight lingered on your group.

Was something bad about go down?

The footsteps drew ever closer to the office. Just as Prism would hide underneath the desk, the door would open, the footsteps stopping.

"Hm. Must have imagined things," would come a male voice from the doorway, "but check the room. I don't want anything interfering with things."

At this point, Prism's earpiece would turn on with the sound of Mordred's voice. "It is possible that you've been compromised. Get out as soon as possible and avoid being seen. Call out if you are spotted. Over and out."

By the tone of his voice, the message appeared to have been prerecorded. A short while after it ends, you would hear the footsteps resume - a single pair, heading towards the desk. Slow and deliberate. Searching.

"Did you just say something?" the voice from before asked, still at the door.

"Uh, no, sir. I didn't..."

You would now see the legs of the man searching the room, dressed in black-and-grey military fatigues. For a moment, it appears that he has spotted you. No, he definitely has.

Then, a muscular arm extends from the ground, grabs onto the upper leg of the soldier and pulls down hard, the poor guy's chin slamming against the side of the desk. Before the man at the door could finish an expletive, he is cut off half-word which is followed by a loud thud.

There is a pause which lasts only a few short moments.

"You may now step out, young lady," comes a somewhat deep and utterly calm voice. "Though your cover is not yet blown, it is best for you to leave before things go sour."

Beacon Academy / Re: Meet and Beat [Team CASA][Closed]
« on: May 03, 2019, 10:54:46 AM »
During the two girls' fight, Nut has been off on the side next to Jocie, grinning and hopping on his feet. This girl was feisty, and knew her way around a weapon - well, duh, she's aiming to be a huntress - which made him all the more excited. She was holding her own against Prism and even landed that hit - hell, even he's had trouble doing that much.

As he was ordered to take position, he saluted and stepped up, taking O.T.N. off of his back, the weapon already in its long sword form. "Gotcha, m'am!" he responded all giddy-like.

Break his aura? Not a chance! As good as she was, it would take a whole lot to do that. Granted, he was more used to playing it offensively, but even so he had utmost confidence in his abilities.

The boy swung his blade forward and turned it, so that the blade would be facing down before him. He'd need to test the girl in combat for a bit before deciding if he'd be better off with O.T.N. in its short sword form. Her fingers were quick, but he had no way of knowing just yet whether the girl was more about quick attacks or hard hits.

"C-come at me, then. I'm ready for you."

Coco's Battle Stats:
  Stamina: [██████████] 100%
  Aura: [██████████] 100%

Approved Characters / Re: Aleksandr Zelyony
« on: April 19, 2019, 01:27:08 AM »
Altered his stuff here and there, mostly semblance. Replaced every 'behemoth' with 'goliath'.

Approved Characters / Aleksandr Zelyony
« on: April 18, 2019, 01:53:37 PM »

Name: Aleksandr Zelyony

Age: 38

Species and Gender: Human Male

Symbol:  A hand with a whirlpool in the center and an eye above it.

Occupation: Biology and grimm anatomy teacher at Beacon academy.

Appearance: A hard-faced, broad-shouldered man at the height of 189 cm and a weight of 88 kg, Aleksandr is quite intimidating upon first introduction. His features are sharp, jagged, even, his chin well pronounced and his face kept shaven bar the occasional shadow of stubble. His moss green hair is rather long, falling down over his shoulders and across his back though it is kept slicked back to stay out of his eyes for the most part. His eyes are a dark grey.

The man usually sticks to wearing professional attire - suits, plain white dress shirts, sweaters on colder days - but always accompanies them with a custom lab coat. The lab coat is lime green and though it reaches down to his knees on the right, as it wraps around the back it gradually becomes shorter until it is the length of a regular jacket on the left. This is to accommodate for Mirotvorts on his left thigh.

History: Aleksandr was originally born to a middle-class military family in Atlas where he studied to become a huntsman and later joined the army. During his studies he more heavily focused on semblance use and facing grimm specifically, as joining the military ranks only to fight in another meaningless war was hardly appealing to him.

Albeit temperamental, he was well respected by his fellow soldiers for his effectiveness in dispatching of grimm. Aleksandr became an asset of the Atlesian military's R&D department due to his ability to really dig into the monsters before they would die thanks to his semblance. He seldom talks of his work at that time, so little is known about it in detail by his colleagues - but he found much of it unsavory.

After ending his service in the military, Aleksandr returned to his studies to further his understanding of grimm in order to better use his own abilities. However, after a certain point he grew tired of his own work. Not wanting to go out into the field to dig through grimm guys anymore, the man started looking for a less involved profession. Finding one was somewhat difficult at first, especially in Atlas, as the military was quite intent on getting him back in the army. After nearly giving in to their pressure, he was offered a position at Beacon instead as a teacher of biology and grimm anatomy. Though still no longer a fan of the field, he accepted in order to get out of Atlas's immediate reach.

Now working as a full-time teacher at Beacon, Aleksandr has all but given up his old research. As far as he is considered at this point, so long as the grimm are killed, that's all that matters.

Personality: Aleksandr is mostly seen as a stoic and cynical individual. He sees his own classes as somewhat unnecessary and will not defend them to his students, though he would still claim they should remain as they are to his colleagues and employers because he does get paid for them. He tries to keep his classes interesting, however, through the introduction of various practical experiments such as dissection - which the students don't often find too exhilarating themselves - all the while delivering them in a deadpan tone.

In fights and arguments, however, he is incredibly easy to anger and will often resort to expletives rather than using any bit of tact. While he is not one to be heated over a disagreement or being insulted, he is disproportionately maddened by his own shortcomings.

His semblance and all work related to it has made him jaded and nigh impossible to disgust.

He rarely expresses joy but he is often taken by schadenfreude.

Aura and Semblance: Aleksandr's semblance is Moss Green(#ADDFAD) and while he is not capable of aura bursts, it is exceptionally good at regeneration and shielding.

His semblance allows him to alter biological material not covered by aura, including grimm. This ability only manifests with direct contact, meaning he can not use it at range or with a weapon. He most often embeds his hands into grimm and alters their internal structure enough to kill them, but this has its limitations. For one, the larger the grimm, the more draining and less effective the process is. An average beowolf is not much of a problem to him, but an ursa is already quite rough and something like a goliath would be largely unaffected. There is a limit to how far the tissue can be altered from where Aleksandr touches the thing, after all.

When it comes to creatures other than grimm, Aleksandr is capable of altering the tissue more drastically and deliberately. In theory, this allows him to heal injuries at a great speed - but he almost never uses this ability, as a single mistake would kill the subject.

On average, unless fighting larger grimm, Aleksandr can use his semblance on about 8 grimm in a row before needing to recover, being ready for another use every two to three minutes. If he can use Kogti instead of his semblance to break through the grimm's flesh and conserve some energy, he can manage about a dozen additional uses, though that comes close to pushing his limits. Using it more than that is possible, but runs the risk of Aleksandr completely over-exerting himself.

Anything covered by aura is unaffected by his semblance.

Combat Behavior:  Aleksandr's combat style largely relies on his semblance and is focused solely on fighting grimm. He tends to fight packs, killing two or three creatures, before pulling back to recover. During a retreat, he often chooses to use Mirotvorts instead and force himself through the grimm. His fighting style lends well to fighting with backup, as while he is effective at killing grimm he runs the risk of being overwhelmed.

Against larger grimm, he would still attempt to use his semblance unless they're the size of a goliath or larger. If running around, hitting it in weak points and retreating is proving to not be effective, he chooses to use explosives - embedding them inside of the creature with his semblance.

He is not proficient at fighting people. While quite good at fisticuffs, he lacks ranged weapons and his melee weapons aren't very versatile.

+ Physically strong
+ Grimm-beating semblance
+ Explosives for large grimm
+ Knowledge of grimm weak points
+ Quick Recovery

- Easily overwhelmed
- Screwed if unable to rest between semblance uses
- No ranged
- No melee counters
- Melee weapons are short
- Temperamental


Name: Kogti

Primary Form: A set of plated stainless steel gauntlets ending in sharp points, the palm and the bottoms of the fingers not covered and the gauntlets themselves reaching past the wrist. Used in this form to penetrate through grimm flesh and bone for better use of Aleksandr's semblance.

Secondary Form: When the fist is clenched, the points at the end of the gauntlet retract and form at the knuckles instead. This form is used for brawls and when overusing his semblance would be risky.

Dust Functions: None.

History: Made during his time working for the Atlesian military.

Name: Mirotvorts

Primary Form: A thick, stainless steel baton, 80 cm in length, with an arched handle bearing a small switch. The handle is located 20 cm above the bottom of the weapon. Used in this form to beat things senseless.

Secondary Form: Upon flicking the switch, the baton extends further to be 120 cm in length, though a portion of this length goes to the bottom and most of the weight goes to the center. Used in this form for shoving opponents more than beating them, as it can be grabbed on either side unless lightning dust is involved.

Dust Functions: Can be fitted with electric dust cartridges, a small hatch on the handle servings this purpose. Activation is immediate and essentially turns the weapon into a sort of stun prod with the electricity concentrated in the tip of the baton.

History: Acquired by Aleksandr soon after his arrival in Vale. Similar to the weapon he used back in the military to force his way through groups of smaller grimm, fitted with a stun prod element to work against people if the need comes.

Name: Bombachka

Primary Form: Small, round, hand-held explosives with manual safety pins, carried by Aleksandr in limited supply unless he's come prepared for hunting large grimm. The explosives have a 10 second timer and are accompanied by a loud clicking sound when activated. These are intended for being implanted into grimm directly through his semblance, so they aren't all that powerful and it might take several for taking down something like a goliath.

Dust Functions: None.

History: Designed by Aleksandr while he was still in Atlas, made after he arrived in Vale.

The Vale Region / Re: [CLOSED]Pecking Order
« on: April 12, 2019, 12:29:40 PM »
Albeit reluctantly, Tiber adjusted his position to the woman's suggestions and prodding. He peered down at the target and paused for a moment. Come to think of it, this was largely what he had read about in preparation for getting his gun, but it somehow didn't stick. Standing like this he felt... rigid. So far from how he preferred to fight with his knives. Discomforting.

Still, he huffed, his scarf shifting just slightly and a sort of faint 'clack' coming from his face - like he had just audibly bit his teeth together - and pulled the trigger, waited a moment to recover from the recoil, and fired again. And true enough, his shot hit a whole lot closer to their mark this time, both striking the target - not perfectly center mass, but close.

AMA Section / Re: What types of symbolism do your characters have?
« on: April 12, 2019, 12:06:34 PM »
Most of my chars are based on either songs or some random idea that pops into my head for a semblance or whatnot, so I can't say that the symbolism is huge for a lot of them.

Reggie's probably the best example, really. First and foremost would be his semblance - one with great potential and power if used correctly and yet it seems to be wasted upon someone like him. Unhinged and sporadic, dangerous to himself and prone to flaring out when he gets angered, often just resulting in himself getting hurt. His combat style also exists to emphasize his perceived strength in comparison his actual abilities - great at range, and yet he falls apart when confronted in melee.

Other than that? Well, there's Nut. The symbolism in his design is a bit less impressive.

His semblance covers things in his cream-colored aura and his weapon is called 'O.T.N.', combined with his personality I think that should be pretty clear. There is also something behind the naming scheme of his weapons, and a certain destiny I do want him to fulfill, but that's stuff I can't really reveal until all of his weapon's forms have been revealed.

Approved Characters / Re: Tiber Rostrum
« on: April 03, 2019, 08:16:15 AM »
Added a theme with no other edits

AMA Section / Re: Righty or Lefty?
« on: April 02, 2019, 09:25:21 AM »
This is something I haven't really thought about before, to be honest. Nut would probably be right handed and only really right handed, as he always just learned to fight the way he felt comfortable. This is especially noticeable when OTN goes into its larger forms, prompting him to wield the weapon with both hands, as his backswings are a clunkier than his regular ones.

Reggie is a bit like Calen in that he's a lefty having to go righty - Marvin is right-handed, and Solace with its transformation slider are built for someone whose main hand is their right. He's grown accustomed to using his right, but in the heat of melee he might actually switch to his left. This doesn't give enough of an advantage to make up for him being just kind of bad.

Anza, Silica and Janna are all right-handed. Anza and Silica aren't much affected by this, Anza having armor on her left arm as that's the hand that'll be stretched out when firing her bow and Silica just not being much of a fighter. Janna, meanwhile, will often go for a cannon in her left hand and a sword in her right when having to combine melee attacks with ranged.

Razzy is ambidextrous, which comes in handy ([Seinfeld theme]) when having to rely on his wits to get out of a messy situation. He doesn't often switch his hands around per se, but he can usually fight with his right while his left does something sneaky, such as pulling out a dust cartridge or the like.

Rufus is left handed, but it largely doesn't impact him - his left hook might be better than his right, but he's practiced fighting with both enough for it to not be too notable. When wielding his usual weapons, the dominance of his left hand is seen a bit more.

Finally, Tiber is also right handed - his throws are much more accurate with his right than they are with his left.

The Vale Region / Re: [CLOSED]Pecking Order
« on: March 18, 2019, 03:16:01 AM »
Tiber found the woman putting his knifes back on his rig like that a bit odd - the oddity of it seemed to take him out of it enough for the following swipe for his gun by surprise. Tiber cursed himself for not keeping his gun in place with his semblance, but was done was done. As soon as she took hold of the gun, the boy pulled out a knife and took a defensive stance.

It appeared, however, that his worry was misplaced. The woman instead put a bullet in the target's head no problem, making him... Well, he wasn't exactly ecstatic to see the ease with which she had accomplished this.

After a moment of consideration to boy relaxed his stance and put the knife back in its place. He looked to the woman and gave a nod. Not much harm could come from actually learning to shoot before heading off to Beacon. These here were stationary targets, and grimm were not - if he had trouble here, he'd be shit outta luck and jolly well fucked in the field.

The Vale Region / Re: [CLOSED]Pecking Order
« on: March 14, 2019, 11:31:49 AM »
Tiber lowers his gun and side-eyes the woman that had approached him. Why had she approached him? Did she spot the beak under his scarf after all? Did she know him somehow? Had she followed hi-

Oh. It appears she was just here to roast him. Fantastic.

The bird faunus chooses not to respond vocally. After all, he doesn't want to reveal his peculiar trait - not that he could actually defend his shooting either way. Even if this was his first time it felt... subpar. Instead he takes a knife off of the rig around his chest and shows it to the woman as he sends the target back. He then flings the knife at said target in a single smooth motion, then another - the blades stike the target first in the chest, then right between where one would find a person's eyes.

Tiber looks to the woman then to the revolver in his hand and shrugs. He had no reason to hide that he was no marksman. He had bought this gun because he knew that grimm were tough sons of bitches, and that there would be fuck all he could do if one of them could tank his knives. Having a weapon that didn't require him to go out and grab it again to reuse it just felt like common sense.

Beacon Academy / Re: Starting a rebellion [RBLS]
« on: March 14, 2019, 11:13:41 AM »
"Do not place words in my mouth, bat. I have nothing against... cookies," he says, though again, that last word just... seems wrong coming from his mouth. Like someone who didn't speak the language trying to force the word out from their throat. Still, he huffed and took the seat offered - not like he had many other options.

He then peered at Lilla. This one was... bizarre. Very bizarre. He scoffed as the girl backpedaled. "If you don't like something, say it outright. You'll continue to be served that which you don't like otherwise, and you'll just have to take it."

The dicksweasel then took a sip of his own tea. Bitter. Fuck, that's too bitter - without a word, he briefly purses his lips and glances towards Shiroe, waiting for that sugar to be brought over. He'd much prefer to drown out the taste himself.

The Vale Region / Re: [CLOSED]Pecking Order
« on: March 09, 2019, 01:39:30 AM »
Tiber stepped out into the back where, as expected, one would find a firing range. There were four targets in total, all lined up in four separate firing lines. Controls next to each lane allowed for changing the distance. On the counter by the first firing lane was a box of .357 rounds, probably left by the shopkeep who had already been expecting Tiber.

The boy walked over to the range and propped open the revolver's cylinder - he had studied the actual workings of guns like this in preparation, though he had never held one. He loaded the bullets into the cylinder one by one, then closed it up.

After hefting the weapon for a bit, he raises it in both hands, aims down the lane, and fires. The initial knockback takes him by surprise, the boy folding his elbows back as smoke rises from the barrel before his eyes. Had he hit the target? He couldn't tell, the damn thing was a bit too far away. Nevermind - he continued to fire until all six rounds had been spent. Tiber then turned to the controls and brought the target up close.

Two hits, one of them barely striking the edge of the target, another having hit the area around the target's pelvis. Another shot had struck the white part of the target.


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