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Uh, nice. I'd like to participate.

Nami hesitated for a second, before taking the water bottle. "Thanks," he said, swallowing the pill, followed by a big gulp from water bottle.
You could clearly see how Nami tensed up a little when Catalina asked her question and he looked at her "It's ... A health condition. Nothing too bad, just a little dizziness from time to time", he said and gave the bottle back.
"Interesting weapon you have there, did you made it yourself?" Nami asked to change the subject.

Standard setting, huh? They at least won't have the problem of being attacked from a dead angle like this.
Mikado stayed on the professors right side and watched Billy and Smokey take their places. Unlike those the two, he hadn't much to say. The only thing he wanted to object was, how needless it would be for Kiro to scout for grimm, but the far away howls who slowly became louder and closer did not even give him the chance to open his mouth. Mikado reached for the bo on his back and pulled out the blade. Now it started to get interesting.

Teams / Re: Looking for a First Year Beacon team (4/4)
« on: June 14, 2018, 09:17:51 AM »
I'm for the grey one too.
So, seeing that we already have a name, color and leader, the only thing left to do is thinking about what we do for the initiation, and then wait for Rock to get his second approval

Nami lay on his back and looked at the ceiling, which doubled, then quadrupled. Groaning softly, he put his arm over his eyes and tried to suppress the spinning feeling.
That's what I get for not taking the pill... echoed his voice in his head.
"Yes, yes... draw sounds fine," Nami muttered, not sure if Catalina could hear him. It took a while until the dizziness subsided and Nami sat up. "Do you have something to drink?" He asked a little louder and opened a zipper of his jacket and pulled out a small jar. He opend the jar and took out one of the many purple-white pills. Oh, how much he hated those things. A few seconds passed in which Nami silently looked at the pill before closing the jar with the remaining pills again and put it back in his jacket.

The fight was coming to an end. Nami saw that Catalina was already exhausted, but he could say the same about him. The options for his next attack were limited when Catalina re-used his semblance and summoned the same arua blades as before. Just there were more this time. Nami had two options, switching back to his wolf-form, being faster but also more likely to be attacked due to his size, or staying in the human form and shoot.
Catalina looked very exhausted and his attack would certainly break if he hit him with a few shots, but for that he would also have to take a few hits himself and this would most certainly reduce his aura to a point where he wouldn't be able to fight anymore. He was definitely in a hopeless situation, but he wouldn't give up without a fight.
Nami jumped forward just before the aura blades threatened to hit him, just above the one directly in front of him, and started shooting. He was only able to fire a few shots when the aura blade from above hit him and knocked him to the side. Before he had time to stand up, the other aura blades came back and rammed him in the other direction, where he slid a few meters on the ground before finally coming to a stop.

Aura: 7%
Gun shots: 2% x8
Semblance: 97%

So, I also looked up some names, but only found CNRS (Cinereous) which would be a ashy grey color, but I'm also fine with SCRN. Guess RASN would be okay too if everyone else votes for it.

Nami's triumph was short liven as his opponents attack made contact with his eyes. With a noise that sounded like a mix between whining and growling, he jumped a step back, right into the spinning hammer. Okay, bad move.
He shook himself, puffing up his fur and making him look a little bigger than he already was anyway. With a mighty leap forward, Nami once again ran towards Catalina, the same white lights appearing on him as earlier. Back in human form, he deliberately slid past Catalina and found himself at her back. During this movement, the blades from his steelcases changed to long sword-like blades with a curved-diamond shape at the tip, with which he attacked.

Aura: 37%
Slash: 10% x 2
Semblance: 97%

Nami had his ears flat back against his head and bared his teeth. There came the attack he had been waiting for. He was fortunate that Catalina decided not to go for the flamethrower again, otherwise he would have been in some serious trouble, but luck was on his side. He growled as the hammer approached him in a high speed, but he didn't move away. Without hesitating for a second, Nami opened his mouth and aimed at the arm Catalina hold the hammer. His goal was to only disarm him, but if it gave him the opportunity to harm him at the same time, he would use this.

Aura: 58%
Bite: 20%
Semblance: 100%

Plot Zone / Re: Beach Volleyball!
« on: June 12, 2018, 07:07:06 AM »
Signing up Kisha for the playing part

Nami hissed as he felt the first swing of the aura-blade. He'd only been able to see the attack briefly before it actually hit and couldn't dodge in time. He slid across the floor for a moment, risking another blow, but managed to block it off with his dagger in the last second. Now he stood there. He had already lost more aura than he wanted to, and he couldn't get close enough to disarm him. As he continued blocking the aura-blade, he felt a brief pain in his leg.
Damn...! That was not the first time he forgot to focus on his opponent, and that was also not the first time he had to take a hit for it. He couldn't go on like that, his aura sank faster and faster and he was running out of breath.
Okay, let's get real, Nami thought as he took another dash at Catalina, still blocking the Aura-blade whenever it came to close. While he was running, shining, white light started to appear on his skin and clothes, and not a second after he was in his wolf form. As long as you could call it a wolf. Yes, the appearance itself showed a white wolf, but the size, well, let's just say it feels like a shire horse was standing in front him.

Aura: 58%
Bite: 20%
Scratch: 15% per hit
Semblance: 100%

Nami kept the distance to Catalina for the time being and tried his best to avoid the shots. If it continues like that he would soon run out of breath and had to switch to his semblance. But then there's the flamethrower, that goddamn flamethrower. He had to do it differently. As soon as he saw a opening in the gunshots, Nami got ready to storm again, jumping from left to right and back again to make it harder to hit him. As he ran, he jerked his right arm and the metal claws retreated and switched to a dagger blade, while the second copy of the weapon remained at the clawed version.

Aura: 72% 1 bullet hit the shoulder, 1 grazed his arm.

Nami let go and jumped back a step. Where did those things come from? Two of the spikes hit his wrist, which he embraced with his other hand. Had to be his semblance. And now he had missed the chance to disarm him while lying on the ground. But he had no time to think about it as it started to get hot very fast. He managed to dodge the fire with a quick roll to the side. It were situations like these that make having a tail so inconvenientl. But now the warm-up was done. He planed on winning, and he'll do anything to do so.
He continued dodging the flamethrower with more rolls and jumped to the side, always moving and coming closer to Catalina. He didn't even had to be so close to him to carry out his plan. After another roll, Nami held both hands out in front of him and the small bullet hole on top of the steelcases became more visible. Catalina wasn't the only one using firearms, and he was about to find that out for himself! Still in motion to escape the heat of the flamethrower, the bullets began to shoot out of the tube.

Aura: 82%
Gun shots: 2% per shot, 5 shots per steelcase

Nami was surprised by Catalina's move to use his arm to 'block' the blow, but didn't let that distract him. This fight turnted very intense very quickly, from this point on there was no going back, Nami was fully focused on the fight and nothing, not a single thing, could change that.
Nami noticed something about Catalina's stance that could give him a clear advantage, if everything went well, but he would certainly have to take one or another blow. As Catalina poked the handle of his weapon against his neck, Nami's free, left hand reached to grab his opponent's wrist. As soon as he grabbed it, he would put his strength into a 180 rotation, putting his whole weight on his right foot for more impetus, and slam Catalina over his shoulder and into the hard floor below them.

Aura: 88%
Slam: 14%

The Vale Region / Re: The Hunter and the Hunted [CLOSED]
« on: June 10, 2018, 04:48:00 AM »
Kisha nodded, even though it was quite sinless for the fact that the professor couldn't actually see her. Slightly shining symbols on the ground and/or the side of the rocks, that's helpful.
"Thanks for the information professor, but I still have a question" Kisha said as she looked over her shoulder to the quiver, which was attached to the backpack she wore, "Do you know what type of dust the chalk has been modified with and whether you can find it better with the help of other dust types?"
As she waited for an answer, she turned toward the sun. Northeast. If the information is correct, what she strongly believed and hoped for, Jacobson should have set off in that direction.

Depending on the professor's answer, the search will either be simpler or harder. If he know's what kind of dust the chalk was modified with, she might be able to find them better by lighting one of her fire arrows and guide it over the ground and rock walls nearby. The chalk track would then disappear, but she should be able to find the symbols easier and, even if it's only for a few, short seconds, she should also be able read them better, before it destroys the track itself that is. If, however, that idea doesn't work out, she had to simply hope that she can find one of the symbols while looking around. Either way which option applies, the mountain idea has to wait for now. From the height you could see a lot, but not slightly luminous chalk markings.

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