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Beacon Academy / Re: ABoat time [Open]
« on: October 17, 2018, 07:35:39 AM »
Not even the smallest of reactions.’ Calen thought to himself almost impressed. Although not taking things seriously seemed to be Kisha’s style given her following comments the fact that Calen was unable to disturb his fellow student did erk him somewhat. ’If you are sure.’ Calen responded packing the food away again, looking longingly at it while he was doing so. ’I avoid the school kitchens mostly on principle, I have all the equipment I need in my team’s room and my apartment. I know what that equipment has been used for, who used it last and more important my ingredients no longer go ‘missing.’’ Calen continued chuckling away slightly. It had been a hard lesson to learn, very expensive and very hard to utilise ingredients being ‘borrowed’ and wasted maybe amusing now was infuriating at the time, particularly when there was someone Calen was trying to impress.

’You want to go sailing? I must say I would very much enjoy that, successful fishing attempts or not.’ Calen remarked walking on to the small boat Kisha had freed. It floated and although the planks creaked loudly under Calen’s insignificant weight the boat did seem seaworthy and worst case scenario what are the chances Grimm lay in weight beneath the waves. Just then there was a sharp rush of movement came up from the water, a fish going after an insect. Probably. Nevertheless, Calen’s eyes were locked on the water for a few moments before the gaunt boy turned away and used his semblance to load there new claimed boat with his fishing gear. ’Now I’m Captain Mood Killer am I?’ Calen joked as the boat rocked beneath his rapid movements, remain upright of course but may be upsetting the balance of those not expecting it. Motorised or sailboat Calen had spent many long weeks on ships with his family, unbeknownst to him laying low when the authorities or the white fang was closing in on them, and it had prepared him with a decent knowledge of the operation of the ship which Calen would happily explain as they went along unless Kisha was already aware.

’So if you don’t take the academic side seriously what about the more physical? Teamwork and combat exercises, can’t exactly rely on your notes there. How does your, with all due respect, lackadaisical outlook deal with that?’ Calen asked keeping his voice upbeat and carefree. Kisha’s response before had surprised him, there would always be people who took things less seriously or less conventional than he did but Kisha was still around so it clearly worked for her. This did make Calen rather curious, maybe there was a method behind the madness after all.

Beacon Academy / Re: opening act [Open]
« on: October 16, 2018, 07:38:40 PM »
’Truely? Painful bit of beautification but I guess we have all done some pretty out there things to look pretty.’ Saffron responded, curious but not wanting to push if the topic was uncomfortable which it half felt like it was. Tattoos had always interested Saffron although she had yet to get one, to worried she would scratch them off while they were healing, she was nevertheless surprised it had no significance. Perhaps surprisingly tattoos weren’t that uncommon among the Atlas students, as long as they could be hidden beneath the uniform, but that was clearly not the situation here. ’An oddly shaped stick is better than no weapon at all, and you still have the axe blades themselves right? But like I said your teammates will play a critical role in your fighting style, at least for the next four years.’ Saffron continued, like Aurelia Saffron was dismayed at someone's only weapon requiring dust to work and that worry clearly flowed into her voice.

’Oh no.’ Saffron remarked struggling to hold in laughter at the image of Azure accidentally smacking her drummer across the head. ’Maybe they need to put you on a separate stage, for everyone else's safety. But I’m sure they got you back for it somehow.’ Saffron continued chuckling away. There again was a reference to Azure’s semblance, something that helps her perform, something that overwhelms her when she is tired, something she can channel through her weapon. An unofficial game of twenty questions which although Saffron knew from personal experience how difficult it could make your schooling but it still wasn’t something she could keep her mind off. ’So do you have a band or does your manager contact musicians on a case by case basis?’ Saffron asked, hoping for the former because it would both ensure Azure has at least some form of support network as well as regardless of her words to the contrary it may keep connections to Atlas as she grows up.

’Just because it does doesn’t mean it should be. Politicizing things that aren’t political overcomplicates them which is doubly fustrating when the subject matter is overcomplicated in the first place. Almost everyone wants to see the Faunus succeed in isolation but when other issues get attached to that, our cheap access to dust or security against the Grimm then many are increasingly willing to allow injustices to go on unopposed if they know they are going on in the first place. Same with having a ‘thick skin,’ just because many do doesn’t mean they should. With all due respect, there is nothing honourable about being the subject of ridicule Aurelia nor dishonourable about avoiding it.’ Saffron responded turning to face the horse Faunus, despite the strict disagreement Saffron did try to sound as passive as possible as she said it was an overcomplicated topic anyway. ’But I’m sure that can be arranged, it would be educational for both of us, all three of us if we can transfer what we learn back.’ Saffron finished gesturing at Azure.

That passivity did quickly vanish as the exchange between Azure and Aurelia grew. Caught a little off guard by the iciness and rapid-fire nature of the questions it took Saffron a few moments to compose herself for a response. ’Aurelia that was uncalled for.’ Saffron exclaimed, although Aurelia wasn’t 100% at fault it was definitely an overreaction to Saffron who would have responded to Azure’s childish remark with a simple shake of her head. Saffron was going to add more but she didn’t want to overstep her bounds by telling Aurelia how she should deal with her younger classmates. Once the conflict had hopefully softened slightly Saffron would try to turn the subject back on topic. ’Actually I was hoping for something a little more direct if you have the time and the temperance maybe we could train together, all together. Hands-on training always seems to stick in my mind the most. You get to impart your personalised lessons and maybe work out any left over… er… tension.’ Saffron finished, it didn’t look like it was going to happen given the rather negative first impressions but that wasn’t the end of the world. Saffron, of course, would still try to help as much as she could even if she spends most of her time on the other side of the world.

As conversation started to die down a little Saffron thought it might be nice to have a little more personal discussion. ’So now that everyone has been introduced how about we get to know each other better? Where did everyone grow up? I was born in Atlas but moved around lot between Menagerie and Atlas with my father and mother respectively but I traveled all over.’ Saffron asked hoping this topic would be less charged than the others. 

Approved Characters / Re: Zaffre Latya
« on: October 15, 2018, 09:10:55 PM »
No real complaints, +1

’Says the person using a rifle.’ Calen responded. Calen was a little annoyed at Reginald’s taunts even though they where perfectly accurate, Calen was going to be hardly a honourable opponent. More shots wisped through the fog and although Calen was careful to move the moment he made noise Reginald still managed to clip him twice. Grimacing at the pain and the cold Calen had to keep moving to keep some semblance of warmth as well as for protection. Reginald was rather obvious but there was still another combatant who hadn’t revealed themselves, Shiroe, the only unknown in this entire fight, and that did unnerve Calen significantly. Not immediately rushing to the aid of their partner showed a larger degree of forward thinking than Calen was looking forward to dealing with.

For the millionth time, Calen thanked his incredible balance, skating around ice was difficult but not impossible with his years of dancing and momentum based semblance gave him a huge advantage in that environment. But that advantage would mean nothing if Calen was forced to remain on the defensive and as such, he needed to continue attacking even if that would leave him exposed. Rushing in again at Reginald with his semblance Calen feinted low before flipping up for a heavy overhead attack aimed square at his opponent’s head. Losing his forward momentum allowed Calen to put a lot more powerful strike but it leaves him more exposed for a counter attack. ’But if you want me closer, all you had to do was ask.’ Calen taunted as he sent forth the bone-crushing blow.

Combat Data

Aura: 80%(2xHalf hits from Reginald’s shots)
Semblance 90%(One use)
Status: Sick, -1% to damage

Attacks: 14% Heavy blow.

Beacon Academy / Re: opening act [Open]
« on: October 11, 2018, 12:28:59 AM »
’I noticed, no point doing all those situps and hiding them away I guess. Huh that’s a… nice piece of ink I believe the phrase is, does it mean anything?’ Saffron responded spending a short moment searching for the ‘hip’ phrase. Saffron was no stranger to showing her fair share of skin herself, even going so far to use fire dust runes to allow her to do such comfortably in Atlas’ arctic climate. Ripped jeans, however, weren’t something that Saffron understood but she guessed it fit with Azure’s punk persona, the tattoo was much more impressive to Saffron as it showed action rather than inaction. ’A common thread is also helpful, having time to yourself might not always be possible with a life like yours so making sure you are always doing what you love is the only way to stay sane. Not that we aren’t all a little insane when you think about it’ Saffron continued looking off into the distance. A lot of effort was put into social support at Atlas, it’s more regimented outlook allowed for more of a hands-on approach to recovery, both physically and mentally. It was a necessary thing in Saffron’s view, the darkness they all faced every day could never be withstood alone and it isn’t always easy to confide with your team.

’Dust is an incredible asset.’ Saffron agreed innately but a ‘but’ was clearly coming. ’But remember it’s only a tool, the only thing you can guarantee you will have at your back every fight is your body and your friends. You should try to get some practice in with fighting without dust, not only for the situations in which you have to but also when you think you will have to save up for future encounters.’ Saffron warned. It was a common problem with Atlas student and when self-reliance is tied to failable technology it wasn’t really self-reliance and when those devices broke or simply ran out of power the results weren’t pretty. It was a harsh reality check for many, one which luckily enough Saffron’s parents had been drilling into her since before she wanted to go to Atlas Academy. Saffron’s electroreceptors could easily tell that little normal electrical current flowed through Renegade as Azure did her demonstration. ’I guess it also keeps the guitar in your hands when you are dancing around on stage. And I could imagine a few attacks from unexpected angles resulting from playing around with gravity. Very impressive. Just remember not to slack off on those sit-ups, your abs don’t run out of ammo.’ Saffron responded with a smile. As serious these issues are they shouldn’t kill the mood entirely.

Azure’s outburst was completely understandable and Saffron wasn’t at all offended by it, a little saddened that Azure wouldn’t return to Atlas but no one is obligated to stay where they are hated. ’Well beyond the weather I guess it’s because I’m OK being a political statement as well. Not that I’m accusing you of running away but not everyone has the means to leave Atlas, there needs to be proof that we can make our lives back there. That we can be successful, rising to the peaks of Atlas society regardless of the roadblocks in our way. Also, I can change more from the inside than the outside.’ Saffron responded a small smile beguiling deeper inner conflict. Every day was literally a day closer to her dream but it didn’t always feel like that to Saffron and when she looked back on all to progress she had made it seemed so little compared to harm others could, and often did, so easily inflict. ’Maybe think of it like songwriting, time signatures and instrument choice may at first seem confining but with restrictions come ways to subvert them, showing your own personal style in a way impossible without said restrictions. And… you can’t break the rules if there aren’t any rules, to begin with.’ Saffron continued her smile growing as she sort to convince Azure, herself as well as in a way Aurelia who could easily hear the entire exchange.

Saffron was still a little worried about Azure even as she brushed her off, a semblance with that kind of drawback could be very dangerous, particularly with Azure’s lifestyle. Still, it would have to be something Azure has to deal with on her own eventually and all Saffron could do was support that. As such the Atlas student was caught quite off guard by Aurelia’s comment, quickly turning as red as her hair and separating from the punk star. ’It’s… not like that...Azure was simply feeling the effects of her travels… she’s fine now though… there was nothing like that.’ Saffron replied incredibly embarrassed as she reluctantly backing away from Azure. A few deep breaths managed to calm down Saffron enough but her blush was still noticeable down to her neck. ’Well nice to meet you, Aurelia… hope you are having a nice day. I asked Headmaster Lovis if I could partake in some advanced classes focused on more real-world situations. As such I’ve been taking missions across the various continents with my stay here generously supplied by your Headmaster Inverno.’ Saffron responded falling back into a much more regimented response than what she gave to Azure even if they both ending up meaning the same thing.

’Well I’ve just been to comfor...reassure Azure here of her abilities and offering my help in bringing those to the fore. You two will obviously be around each other longer than I so perhaps together we could provide Azure a good base moving forward? Confidence comes from knowledge after all.’ Saffron explained, honestly having an older Beacon student would make the situation much easier, as much as there would be an advantage in offering a different perspective on the matter simply knowing what will be tested would be more effective in simply getting Azure to pass. ’As long as that is OK with you Azure? More the merrier after all… er for purely educational purposes of course.’ Saffron continued overly examining her words so Aurelia doesn’t get the wrong impression accidentally doing the exact opposite. Well that might make it more likely for her to accept if only to chaperone. Saffron thought to herself dryly, she had not made a good first impression.

Beacon Academy / Re: opening act [Open]
« on: October 07, 2018, 07:49:54 AM »
’Maybe keeping something back on a personal level might help make sure your music can still be an escape if it is different to what you perform. I understand you might not have that luxury but I do feel it’s important to have something even if it’s not music. It’s kept me sane so far.’ Saffron offered. Finding coping measures for herself and others caught up in the intense environment of Atlas was a common experience for Saffron but finding a coping mechanism from your own coping mechanism might be out of even her expertise. She still couldn’t truly abandon the issue, Saffron had seen enough dropouts and worse from burnouts to ever not offer some sort of solution.  ’You could take up sewing, help keep yourself together in more ways than one.’ Saffron teased gesturing at Azure’s ripped jeans. The rebellious fashion statement wasn’t exactly one Saffron agreed with and although everyone was free to dress any way they wish it was difficult to let Azure’s fashion choices go unremarked upon. ’Yea I lead Team SALT and yes again they aren’t here, still stuck in the cold. This is as much about self-exploration as it is completing missions as well as training for … in less than two years time we will go our separate ways.’ Safrron responds saddening greatly as she realised how little time she might have left as part of a team, it wasn’t a thought she frequently pondered and there was a reason; she needed them, she wasn’t ready to move on but the world didn’t care either way.

’Oh right.’ Saffron began remembering she had missed one of Azure’s questions before and quickly went on to correct that. ’Well I’m not particularly fast on my feet, neutrally call myself stocky, and combined with the armour I wear I won’t be winning any races. So I need a good stockpile of range attacks as well the shotguns can be loaded with wind dust to give me a bit of a boost when I need it or ice dust to slow down targets. And the hatchets… well that’s kind of straightforward, I’d break too many nails if I used my fists.’ Saffron explained smiling widely at her self-deprecating humour. It was tempting to go into more detail about the tricks her specific combination of weapons could make use off, mainly the shotguns being linked to her wrist mounted scroll.  ’Well if I am going to be helping you with combat school stuff it might help have more of an idea of how you use your guitar, I understand that this is a personal thing so I could start on something more general but as I’m sure you remember with guitar, making sure you fundaments are in place before moving on is key to cultivating good habits.’ Saffron continued, although she was still smiling Saffron tone did become more serious, it was a serious topic after all and if everything went to plan they would end up as competitors to some degree so knowing all of Azure’s secrets would be quite the unfair advantage.

’Well there is nothing wrong with that, as long as it’s a direction you want to go in and it’s for a good reason. Outrage is definitely profitable but, and I know you didn’t choose this, but there are a lot of eyes on your and no pressure but you might be the only Faunus some people regularly interact with even if it’s only listening to your music. That gives you a lot of opportunities to change minds but also reinforce stereotypes… so no pressure. You are not the only one of course but …. I don’t envy the role you’ve chosen to play but I’ll help any way I can.’ Saffron remarked, it was getting a little heavy so she tried to find a more pleasant topic. Her wrist device would do. ’Yea it can do a lot of stuff, closer to a laptop than a scroll really, clashes with a few fashion choices unfortunately but that’s the price we pay I suppose. Utilitarian works sometimes but its a bit of a push here regardless of how useful the mini-supercomputer is.’ Saffron joked before pausing to think about Azure’s question about traveling. It was something she was well familiar, having set foot on each of Remnant’s continents by five and expeditions only getting more serious since then but she always returned to Atlas. There was something in that imposing utilitarianism which spoke to her on a deep, personal level. Like a stack, a part of the headland which has stood against the sea for so long it has become separate from the rest of the cliff, Atlas was nothing like anything else.  ’There is nowhere I would rather be that Atlas, not that you aren’t pleasant company but I could spend a hundred lifetimes wandering Solitas. There isn’t much Grimm in the ice so it’s peaceful; freezing cold, blisteringly windy and a nightmare to get deep into the snowfields but peaceful.’ Saffron responded, it was hardly the most interesting answer but the truth often isn’t.

Saffron reacted immediately as Azure seemed to have a little episode right in front of her. Taking the younger girl into her arms Saffron’s quills immediately standing on edge as her eyes scanned the park. There wasn’t any obvious cause and Azure seemed to come down quickly enough but it was more than enough to activate Saffron’s more protective side.  ’We can go somewhere more private if you want? Saffron asked not giving in to her curiosity about what caused the episode. How quickly Azure recovered did assume some degree of regularity but that didn’t mean it was a topic for discussion. It was now Aurelia entered the conversation. Subconsciously shifting herself between Azure and Aurelia Saffron looked up and down the newcomer. Of course Saffron immediately recognised Aurelia, the preparation she had put in before the Vytal tourney had gone a lot deeper than appearances and nodded in response.  ’Yes I’m Saffron de Cortez, honestly, most of the tourney is a bit of a blur, so much adrenaline and stress have left quite the haze but I remember you having a fight against one of your fellow Beacon student, Airi Okairos. It was an impressive performance.’ Saffron introduced herself settling down slightly. Aurelia wasn’t likely to be a threat, frankly, any threat was unlikely to be at Beacon. Moving a little away from Azure Saffron left her hand on the rock star’s shoulder. The bow was a little overboard in Saffron’s books but no one could fault the horse Faunuses posture or sincerity and both did a lot to ingratiate Aurelia with Saffron. ’Your arrival might end up being quite helpful to us but I don’t want to be presumptuous, do you have a request or simply looking for a chat?’ Saffron asked perfectly happy with either outcome.

Beacon Academy / Re: ABoat time [Open]
« on: October 02, 2018, 12:34:39 AM »
’Red sky in the morning sailor’s warning, red sky at night sailor’s delight.’ Calen responded as his eyes followed Kisha’s fingers. And she was right, the sunset and the rising moon bathed the bay in a glorious red-orange-yellow light, not unlike Calen’s own glaive meant to be a far darker sunset of its own. ’A nice phrase but not particularly apt, storms aren’t what sailors fear anymore.’ Calen continued darkly before looking over to Kisha with a razor-thin smile. But only for a moment and then it was gone. ’Sorry about that, kind of killed the mood didn’t I, Kisha?’ Calen apologised, playing it off like a joke that didn’t land. It was a lie, of course, Calen rarely if ever gets a reaction he doesn’t intend and at this point it’s unease.

’To make up for it there is some food in the pack if you a feeling peckish, a simple ploughman’s lunch which you are more than welcome to partake in.’ Calen remarked gesturing to the small backpack by the rest of his fishing kit. Fresh sourdough, rich cheese and full flavoured pickles the meal was anything but simple. Calen kept throwing casts out into the bay but he wasn’t having any luck. It was getting increasingly frustrating considering he could see some fish beneath him through the water. Maybe I would have better luck with my glaive. Calen thought to himself. Not finding himself with the patience for fishing Calen was about to put the rod down before he finally got his first bite. A tiny thing, barely enough on it to stew came rushing out of the water as Calen reeled in the line before looking disappointedly at his catch. Chuckling to himself at the misfortune of it all Calen freed the fish and threw it back in.

’Maybe it will come back when it is a bit bigger.’ Calen explained mostly to himself but also to Kisha, although the catch didn’t amount to anything it was still enough to keep Calen going for a little bit longer, clearly he was doing something right. ’So how has everything been going for you at school? It’s a tough world and we aren’t exactly making it much easier for ourselves. How are you holding up?’ Calen asked always eager to get an inside look into another person’s mind, finding out any problems he could exploit would be a welcome bonus.

Beacon Academy / Re: opening act [Open]
« on: October 01, 2018, 11:35:17 PM »
‘Well if you ever try to pick it up again drilling the finger movements would be my first port of call, might be dull but I’m sure you know that there is a lot of effort which goes into making something look effortless.’ Saffron responded, she never practised enough to make her fingers bleed like Azure but she did receive training from a long list of players, her father first among them, and like most of Saffron’s educators each of their teachers were blended into the confusing but nevertheless comprehensive style Saffron developed. ‘That’s an interesting way of thinking about it, I also find music to be an important part of my life, a succour even. But I always wanted to keep it separate from my life as a to-be-specialist. Not to your level of course but I’m reasonably well known in Atlas, not for positive reasons exactly, and that makes it even more appealing to be able, for a time at least, strip on this off. Not to be Saffron the combat academy student or Saffron the only Faunus team leader in Atlas rather just be the music, to just walk around playing whichever instrument calls to me that day and be at peace.’ Saffron explained. It was a foolish activity, selfish even, and Saffron knew this but she continued to participate. Whoever said infamy was preferable to being forgotten was a fool but invisibility was simply another privilege Saffron would have to sacrifice if she was ever to achieve her goals.

‘These things?’ Saffron began taking one of her boomerangs out, unloading it then passing it to Azure. It wasn’t exactly something Saffron was comfortable with, Black Blizzard was precious to her and although she frequently threw them giving them to another was different. It seemed impolite not to however since Azure must surely feel a similar was about Renegade, minus the habit of throwing it, and as such Saffron gritted her teeth literally and figuratively to bear with it. The boomerang was a sleek metal design, heavier than expected but still well balanced. Intricate carvings showing the various myths famed across Remnant and a series of four holes on one end were the only indications it was meant for battle. ‘My first couple of years at Atlas were pretty tough, I never attended a combat school before but my mother is a specialist so my skills were up to scratch but there were issues. Personal issues. Early on people figured out my semblance and my style of fighting … it was difficult to recover the information disadvantage. As such, I rebuilt my weapons to optimise adaptability, refined my semblance to leave me with some surprises and more or less turned to tables on them. They might know how I used to fight but I know they know that and can plan accordingly. But on the plus side, this means I have a lot of experience with different styles so I’m glad you accepted my offer.’ Saffron finished, perhaps overexplaining, oversharing was a bad habit Saffron has had since childhood and wasn’t one she would be able to break soon.

‘I’m glad you think so, not everyone shares your perspective. And don’t worry too much, sometimes it feels our very existence is political.’ Saffron responded. Not most people even and it wasn’t just Atlas establishment and their outdated views. Many of Saffron’s fellow activists looked at her with disdain for her close association with Atlas, and not without good reason. She was part of the system that exploited the Faunus, a willing participant where not everyone is so willing. Destroying or changing it so much it might as well be destroyed might be for the best in the long term but the damage to Remnant as a whole losing an entire kingdom would be catastrophic. Particularly one as techonlogically prolific as Atlas. ‘I’ll send you my notes to start off with, hopefully, they will give you a little more confidence and a little more knowledge on the fundamentals. After that don’t hesitate to message me, I basically live off this thing so I’ll try to respond as quickly as possible. And remember there are those who never get in, or who give up after their first attempt. Perseverance is a positive trait, a necessary trait if you want to be a huntress.’ Saffron assured Azure gesturing to her … overly large watch. ’It functions as a scroll as well, but easier to access in combat scenarios.’ Saffron explained.

’Well how are you settling into Vale in general, even if you have only been here a short while it must feel different from Atlas? I used to bounce between Atlas and Vacuo a lot as a kid and despite the cold… and everything else I loved it there. Everywhere else has their charms however of course but it’s just not the same. To me nothing can match the precision and grandeur of Atlas, what about you? And I’ll only be slightly annoyed if you differ.’ Saffron joked. Honestly Saffron had spent a fair amount of time talking to native Vale people about their homeland but she had never heard a fellow foreigner’s perspective on the matter. ’Speaking of travelling is there anywhere you would like to travel one day? One of the benefits of the job is seeing new places, even though you don’t always get a chance to enjoy all the attractions.’ Saffron asked before looking over to Azure smiling widely. ’What did the grass ever to do you?’

Beacon Academy / Re: opening act [Open]
« on: September 28, 2018, 08:09:23 AM »
Saffron nodded as Azure agreed with her in regards to self-deprecating humour, it wasn’t exactly a topic she wanted to dwell on so she was eager to move on. ’If the twelve string intimidated you I can’t imagine how you reacted with the piano’s up to 236 strings.’ Saffron teased before hastily adding. ’It’s not quite the same thing I’m aware but I hope you understand my point, a twelve only has ten strings tuned differently so it’s not as complex as it immediately appears just like how the sheer flexibility of a piano can be overwhelming initially, with enough practice you get used to it. I’ll confess there are a lot of skills that a twelve forces you to learn harder than a more traditional guitar, particularly around strumming, but relearning the finger styling was challenging. Twice the strings mean you need more pressure to get the same tension and without a good grasp of fretting you lose a lot of your foundations… I’m sorry you probably already known all of that... Just get a bit caught up sometimes.’ Saffron explained awkwardly, what was she thinking explaining musical elements to a professional.

Weapons, however, were something their knowledge should be on a much even level. ’Yea well someone on my team has a weapon so complex they need to carry around a computer to help them wield it. Who would have thought that boomerang/hatchet/shotguns and fire spewing axe guitars aren’t the most over the top weapons? But there has to be a story behind it right? Like you have to look good while hunting, I get that, but what made you choose a guitar as your weapon?’ Saffron asked looking back down at the instrument, even now it was hard to imagine what was hiding beneath the well made but ultimately mundane exterior. ’So you’re quite the musical polymath? Well how about if you have any questions about your subjects or a looking for a sparring partner and I’ll help you out and in turn, I’ll have a professional I can turn to about musical questions?’ Saffron offered before also offering her scroll number on some cardboard.

’Yea I could imagine it seems very out of place.’ Saffron began gesturing down at her uniform. ’I’m not on exchange, Alban owed Amarant a small favour and although he is a brilliant educator the Atlas Headmaster isn’t someone you want to be owing anything to, housing me for a couple of weeks while I do a little more hands-on hunter experience was just one of the chips he called in. It’s been fun… well as fun as fighting Grimm mostly alone ever gets and I think it’s important to remain in uniform outside of battle. Particularly considering what I am.’ Saffron finished extending her quills that lay dormant within her hair. Saffron never specificly hid her origins but her years in Atlas had an odd combination of punishing her for drawing attention to it and her own refusal to back down mostly canceled each other out. At it’s core Saffron is so used to be known as ‘the Faunus one’ that she wasn’t used to that not being peoples first thought when interacting with her. Getting a little presumptuous in your infamy Saffron thought to herself dryly.

Saffron raised an eyebrow at the scroll and was going to tease Azure more about being a superstar but there was something in the younger girl’s expression that told her it wouldn’t go down well. ’So why are you so worried about your subjects anyway? You passed the entrance exam, right? You’ve earned your place here. There is nothing anyone else can say or you can think that can take that achievement from you.’ Saffron responded rather curious why someone who seemed rather well together in all other aspects didn’t have much confidence here. Saffron was no stranger to doubts surrounding her abilities but hunter skills are a lot more easily measured than her musical talents but it hasn’t always been that way. Doubt is like a rot, it can infect the mind and make itself real, it isn’t a fate Saffron would wish on her worst enemy let alone someone like Azure. Saffron was rather blind to the fact she was attempting to broach the very same issue she had shut down in regards to her musical talent, too concerned with the ‘what’ to care very much for the ‘why.’

Beacon Academy / Re: opening act [Open]
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Saffron's smile faulted slightly as Azure tried to give her some encouragement. 'Sorry, just a bit of self-deprecating humour, nothing you need to worry about.' Saffron lied, lied poorly in fact. Immediately breaking eye contact and running her left hand through her hair. The last thing Saffron wanted to be was a source of pity and although that wasn't what Azure was trying to be the Atlas student internalised most assurances as coming from a place of contempt or at least disappointment. Saffron did brighten up considerably when the conversation turned to her 12 string but there remained some degree of hesitation. 'Twice the strings, twice the skill, twice the pleasure, twice the pain. My father always said that but it's not quite true of course, if you can play six you can play twelve but just as there are some adjustments you need to make not unlike swapping from acoustic to electric. But those adjustments can be hard to make when going from six to twelve, my first instrument was a twelve string so I didn't have that problem.' Saffron explained chuckling away as she mentioned her family's antics.

Nodding along as Azure continued to talk Saffron raised an eyebrow when the punk rocker implied she used her guitar in combat and handed it to her. 'You fight with her? That's ...impressive commitment, it's always interesting to see what other people turn into their weapons. I once thought my boomerangs would be one of the more unusual weapons but the more I travel the more pedestrian they seem. So how do you fight with it? Does it spit fire? Could serve double duty as pyrotechnics and Grimm deterrent.' Saffron asked struggling to hold in her laughter as she looked over the weapon. There was no malice in it but she wanted to make sure she wasn't perceived as rude however the image of Azure leaping into a pack of Beowulfs, strumming her guitar as it spat out flames was hard to ignore.

Finding a switch Saffron pressed it revealing some rather menacing looking axe blades which took the Atlas student by surprise. Looking up rather sheepishly at Azure Saffron gave a silent apology before handing the weapon back, axe blades resheathed. 'Or axe blades, axes are cool.....So you've tried your hand at electric and twelve string, have you tried another instrument? And don't worry I won't go running to the papers.' Saffron teased. She would never do that of course, Azure must be under a fair bit of scrutiny being an Atlas-based Faunus punk musician and Saffron wouldn't want to add to that. In fact, that could explain why she went to Beacon in the first place.

'Yea I was admiring the flowers when I was walking past. Kirkka Scarlet has clearly put in a lot of work here.' Saffron responded naming Beacon's groundskeeper. 'Well if you haven't had a class yet, what are you looking forward to? The first years can be a rowdy bunch but I guess that means you will fit right in given time.' Saffron continued looking closer Azure getting her guitar at 14 five years ago puts her at 19, a little old for the first year courses and then there was that mention of 'schools,' all together that did imply some troubled upbringing. Unfortunately, that was far too common on Remnant, particularly among the Faunus. 'If there is anything I can do to help, don't be afraid to ask. Atlas and Beacon do have their differences but it's mostly the same course matter so if you need advice there or just a simple sparing partner I would be happy to help.

Managing to slip past the middle bridge before Shiroe's attack Calen was nevertheless domed by one of Reginald's wild shots. Managing to duck under the remaining fire Calen was still put on the back foot by the volley. Understanding that he needs to quickly go on the offensive if they were going to have a chance here Calen recovered quickly and kept moving. Luckily just as Calen's own coughing gave away his position, Reginald's shots revealed his. Using his semblance Calen blitzed along the ice to where he heard the shots originate, delivering a savage slash with his glaive aimed at Reginald's legs as he glided past. Fighting on even terms even with Setsuna at his back would be a difficult proposition so Calen was instead trying to do his best to whittle down the opposition before it came to an open brawl.

After Calen's attack, his momentum carried him back into the fog, hopefully out of sight of any retaliatory range attacks. Calen had to get as much advantage as he could out of the fog otherwise his sickness would magnify his already significant weakness to range attacks. Continuing to circle Reginald Calen let out a series of loud whistles, if his position was already going to be revealed by his coughing he might as well control when it was revealed somewhat.

The whistle signified to Setsuna as well as his opponents where he was but it would also become a crutch, meaning that when the whistling stops they would hopefully be even more disorientated. The only flaw of this strategy was Shiroe, Calen still hadn't seen anything of the unknown in this fight and although calling it worrying for him would be inaccurate it annoyed Calen greatly. As someone who always wanted to be in control, the fog was becoming as much a curse as it was a blessing, denying him information just as it denied his opponents.

Combat Data

Aura: 85%, -5% from Reginald's shots
Semblance: 95%, -5% from vanishing fog strike
Status: Sick, -1% to damage

Attacks: 9% Vanishing fog strike at Reginald.

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Saffron did need to catch herself once the Azure started to tone down the song, she was expecting a bit more flourish at the end but the more conventional ending was fine too, brought the focus more on the song rather than the instruments. Hearing her impromptu duettist get to her feet Saffron quickly cast her eyes towards Azure as the punk rocker came around, giving the younger student a wide smile. There was a little twinge in the other girl’s reaction but Saffron quickly discarded it, could just be muscle strain for sitting down for so long. ’That is far too much a compliment I’m afraid, I am no musician. Half as much skill as a novice but twice the confidence of a professional, I’m glad you were willing to put up with me.’ Saffron responded, making light of her own shortcomings both as a joke and a defense mechanism. By any real definition, Saffron was a musician, quite a talented one at that, but years of rejection from the Atlas bands had made her severely underestimate her abilities.

’I was given this one...two...three, epp I’m getting old, years ago. I, in turn, lent it to a friend for a year, don’t think they used it much. So two years, on and off, but I’ve had my baby for much longer, an old 12 string and most of the movements carry over.’ Saffron explained slightly cocking her head. The longer the conversation went with Azure the more Saffron was sure she had seen the punk rocker before. She had, of course, Atlas Faunus musicians were an uncommon phenomenon so Saffron had gone pretty out of her way to see one of Azure’s performances. Unfortunately like most Saffron consumed music on a purely audio level and although she had some of Azure’s music on her player she still couldn’t immediately recognise the singer. Probably says something about the world’s relationship with musicians in general. Saffron thought to herself bitterly but decided to take the risk anyway, if she was wrong she could always just never return to save herself the embarrassment.

’You are that punk rocker, right? Azure Blair? A pleasure to meet you in person, I went to a few of your shows. They were very impressive…. Manners, right sorry, I’m Saffron, Saffron de Cortez.’ Saffron introduced herself getting to her feet and extending her hand. Not exactly the ‘coolest’ greeting but it didn’t look like Azure would deal with a salute any better and Saffron always found waving awkward, she never knew what to do with her other hand. ’Well what about you, how long have you been playing that bad girl?’ Saffron asked her eyes focusing dropping down to the other instrument. It was a far more impressive specimen than Saffron’s rather simplistic bass. Although, she takes as much effort as she can maintaining her instruments Saffron’s habit of lending them out to those who show interest does tend to leave them a little rough around the edges.

Despite being older, even if only a few months, and with all the physical advantages that come with that Saffron couldn’t help but be a little overwhelmed. Succumbing to a bad habit she had gotten into; taking out her travel mirror, pretending to touch up her makeup while actually simply giving herself a few moments to compose herself. It worked most of the time but it was still a crutch which wasn’t very respected in the militarised halls of Atlas. ’So I take it you decided to join Beacon, I don’t blame you the weather is nicer and … well yeah… but how are you finding it so far?’ Saffron asked not quite being able to even indirectly bring up her countrymen racism even if both Faunus very much understood the issue.

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The Vytal festival had sparked a fair bit of wanderlust in Saffron, not to the same extent as her father but the Atlas student had still been taking every opportunity to travel around the world of Remnant. Atlas dignitaries or industrials always often did prefer the supposed professionalism of Atlas students as such it was easy enough to find work despite her quills. This wasn’t one of those days, however, a favour for a favour passed through a few hands had let her stay at Beacon for a few days to rest up after a particularly difficult mission. She was desperately missing her team but if her most recent missions and the Vytal festival had taught her anything it was the importance of self-sufficiency, something she notably lacked.

Curse my supportive family. Saffron jokingly thought to herself as she walked around the school grounds. Beacon was very different compared to Atlas, a lot of older architecture compared to Atlas’s utilitarian campuses did grant the place a lot of charm but significantly less protection from the weather or organised layout. Luckily the first point wasn’t an issue as Saffron was if anything too hot under her Atlas uniform, it seemed appropriate to represent her school despite if not because of it’s negative reputation. The second point was more of an issue but luckily Saffron had nowhere she needed to be, she would have more than enough time to check out the academies library and teaching staff. She had heard good things about the professor Budonoki Sophos, a Faunus teacher was a rare thing particularly one as well respected and combat able as Sophos, his recent Vytal festival performance proving the latter.

Saffron was still in no rush, however, finding herself in the school’s main gardens. Atlas had flora of course, but it was strictly utilitarian, grown for food or to teach wilderness survival courses all kept in massive underground greenhouses. Nothing compared to the impressive floral displays the Beacon groundskeeper had put together. A warm vibe and the faint playing of guitar music completed the mood which Saffron was more than happy to let herself get caught up in. It was tempting to take a flower or two, they surely wouldn’t be missed but it seemed insensitive, denying others the sight of its simple splendor. ’What had mother said about love being leaving the rose.’ Saffron muttered to herself, her defenses very much laid bare.

Finally Saffron caught sight of the originator of the music, sitting on the opposite side of a large tree over on the grass. A little idea popped into her head as Saffron pulled out her scroll, tapping away to summon her loaned locker, and landing it hopefully far enough away to not be too disruptive. Saffron then took out a bass guitar and walked back over to tree Azure was leaning up against. Sitting down on the opposite side to the younger student Saffron started playing along, it was a reasonably well-known song so she slotted in quite quickly with Azure’s playing. Slapping the body of the bass to make up for the lack of drums Saffron happily followed along Azure as the song continued. It was presumptuous of Saffron to join in like she did without asking but it felt like a shame to interrupt the music, so why not add to it?

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Another mod will have a look first but yea once they approve it we will move it into approved characters but you can rp right after the second approval.

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You answered it perfectly, +1.

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