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Character Creation / Re: Aurelia Lumen
« on: June 19, 2018, 02:04:59 AM »
OK then +1

Character Creation / Re: Akane Tozawa
« on: June 19, 2018, 02:04:29 AM »
Very good job on this one it seems to have come together nicely although we do still expect weakness even with huntress or nigh-huntress level characters like this one. Other than that I do have a bit of an issue around the 'anatomy and kinesiology' thing as; as far as we know grimm don't really have anatomy as we would understand it and with human/faunus opponents aura kinda nullifies the fighting style until the fight is basically over. You can keep it in of course I just don't think it will be that impactful.

Character Creation / Re: Aurelia Lumen
« on: June 19, 2018, 01:58:03 AM »
SO there are just a few quick things I'd like changed or more accurately clarified before approving this character mostly around the semblance. How does Noble Steed act? Is it a normal horse? Is it completely under Aurelia's control or is it basically another creature?

Character Creation / Re: Alexander Noire
« on: June 19, 2018, 01:43:48 AM »
Still could improve the spacing in the first few sections but still good improvements +1

Character Creation / Re: Yu Nanhai
« on: June 19, 2018, 01:28:59 AM »
I still dislike the semblance but trust you to keep it under control. I would also recommend taking another look at the nets dust abilities; if fire dust is hot enough to melt steel wouldn't it melt the net? And 75lbs isn't that much so I would recommend making it 'incredibly heavy' or something similar.

Still not enough to stop your first approval. +1

Beacon Academy / Re: Stargazing [Open]
« on: June 18, 2018, 09:09:57 AM »
'Scandalous, Prism. How would my reputation recover knowing how deep worship of Venus went, being such a devoted worshiper myself it could only be all the way.' Calen responded in mock outrage once again needing to use his semblance to strike the target. 'Catherine Laurent, a grace that seemed almost supernatural and a laugh which could charm the dead from their cold embrace. Of course it was her brother I was more interested in but it turned out he was already married.' Calen explain shrugging slightly. 'You don't have to worry about your own reputation however Prism. Keep your carnal secrets, there are more interesting facets' Calen finished chuckling slightly both in regards to his own exaggerated pomp and Smokey's bravado.

'If the size of the gun decided fights then the world wouldn't need us, the 290 series Paladin's carry larger guns than we can heft, even someone with your.... low center of gravity. I would advise focusing on the things that make us different from the souless hunks of metal our northern neighbours deploy as a milita.' Calen responded coyly to Smokey's insistence. Although Calen did have a genuine dislike for over-reliance on technology including dust or guns a distinct part was agitating the other first year.

Taking a seat back by the launcher Calen spent a few moments thinking of an appropriate question before settling on his choice. 'What achievement are you most proud of?' Calen asked activated the firing mechanism and leaning back against the wall.

The Vale Region / Re: Phantom of the Festival(Closed)
« on: June 18, 2018, 07:58:49 AM »
'It's a pleasure to meet you Solar. My name is Saffron.' Saffron responded warmly, glad that the other faunus accepting her hand and followed the huntress in training closer to the center of the stage. Saffron wasn't quite able to keep in her laughter at Solar's dancing, although there was no malice it was still impolite and the Atlas student tried to right herself before it got too obnoxious. 'I suppose that is one way to tear up the dance floor Solar, but Vacuo huh hope you aren't Vale too cold.... Well I suppose desert nights are also cold but you get the idea, I have the opposite problem Vale is far warmer than Atlas.' Saffron continued slightly teasing then almost immediately falling over her own words.

'So have you been at the concert long? There are definitely some things you should check out before they wrap up, it's crazy how many different acts they have. Nothing like what we have back at home, organised and formal.... which aren't bad things of course but sometimes it's nice to see a change.' Saffron asked tapping away at a rather bulky device wrapped around her left wrist.

I'm interested with all of my school aged characters and also happen to judge fights I'm not apart of.

Character Creation / Re: Rook Ryder
« on: June 13, 2018, 09:42:13 AM »
well done. +1

Beacon Academy / Re: Stargazing [Open]
« on: June 13, 2018, 09:40:29 AM »
'I've been told that before although I prefer the term 'conservative with praise'.' Calen responding chuckling slightly to himself. The gaunt boy willingly backed down as Prism took the reigns talking to Smokey letting most of the conversation go uninterrupted until the mention of heels. 'Perhaps it's like wearing weights while running, if you can do everything in heels imagine how well you could do it in flats.' Calen interrupted more or less arguing for the sake of arguing. Although with the little interlude done it was Calen's turn to step up to the plate and the gaunt boy would get ready for a throw which would never come to pass. Laughing loudly Calen turned to Prism and remarked. 'Your Miss Antiqua's team mate right? Well there was this one time not to long ago, mission far down south securing some scientific equipment but our bullhead went down in a fight with a couple grimm. Long story short it took a lot longer than the three days we had planned which resulting in having to forage for food. An incident involving a completely innocent miss-identification of mushrooms left us rather out until we could sleep it off. In fairness to my team mates I won't go into details but I hope you are satisfied that certain child hood crutches were called for.' Looking back at the shooting range with the target long shattered on the opposite wall Calen shrugged before adding. 'Looks like you've take the lead Prism.'

'You shouldn't give away too much of your semblance Master Smokey, it gives us too much of an advantage if we would ever be asked to spar or compete in a tournament.' Calen explained half earnestly, the gaunt boy found finding out how and why others fought the way they did the third most exciting part of fighting. Which of course was half to point of this game between Prism and himself and of the topic of that game Calen waited patiently for his competitor to set up before the next question was fired. 'Well considering you caught me so distracted last time let's see if I can even the score board. First kiss?' Calen asked as he fired another target down range.

Character Creation / Re: Rook Ryder
« on: June 13, 2018, 04:40:25 AM »
Like Riven said in the introduction thread this is a pretty good start although there are a few things I'd like tidied up.
1). Becoming both an unmovable object and having nearly impenetrable armour is too much for a first year semblance. Also we want some sort of resource abstractions, so like how much can Rook use it before wearing himself.
2). Not dealing much damage is a good weakness but not being as strong as strong people or fast as fast people isn't so you need another one or two.

General critique although it won't stop me approving it is that a fair bit of the character doesn't seem to flow on well within itself. So Rook is both super empathetic but also compulsively corrects and challenges people but in this history it look like Rook is the one constantly challenged by his younger brother.

Character Editing / Re: Prism Skylark
« on: June 13, 2018, 12:23:52 AM »
Spoiler: pre edits • show

Name: Prism Skylark

Age: 17, born 1st of Hua, 62 AC

Species and Gender: Female Hummingbird Faunus

Symbol:  A triangle with a white beam of light shining through beaming out 3 colors: Red, yellow, and blue.

Occupation: 1st Year Beacon Student, Seamstress by commission

Themes: Let it All Out - Personal Theme
The Phoenix - Fallout Boy - Combat Theme 1
Whatever it Takes - Imagine Dragons - Combat Theme 2

Appearance: Prism Skylark is a young, lean-bodied woman that stands at the towering height of 4’11” and 124lbs. True to her name, Prism’s hair is a deep sky blue in a choppy windswept bob that ends at her chin, complimented by wide grey eyes and clear, pale skin. A straight noise and thin lips add to the look, and her face is angular, making her appear older and mature than she actually is. Despite her height, Prism stands tall with good posture - preferring to make up for the lack of height with constant heels with a 3-inch minimum, walking and running in them as well as anybody does in boots or sneakers. She has wide shoulders for her height and good muscle definition, especially in her arms and shoulders thanks to a lifetime of parkour and flying. 

The most peculiar attribute Prism possess is the pair of blue-green hummingbird wings she prefers to keep tucked close to her back. When extended, she has a wingspan of approximately 12 feet, and is able to beat them at the rate of approximately 10 beats per second. In the sunlight, they shimmer with minor iridescence along the tips of the wings.  Alongside her wings, Prism will grow small feathers along certain parts of her body (her neck, wrists and forearms, along her upper arms and waist) that possess the same iridescence as her wings do, but she prefers to pluck these to pass as human.

Day-to-day, Prism wears primarily backless clothing to accommodate for her wings, and has personally edited her school uniform to allow room for her wing. In combat, she focuses primarily on tight clothing with little to no armor in order to retain her agility. Her normal outfit consists of a sleeveless suit jacket in dark blue with an also-sleeveless dress shirt underneath, tucked into a looser pair of combat pants with a multitude of pockets to carry various trinkets. She wears an ammunition belt for the sake of easy reloading, though she does have spare prepared clips in her pockets. The one amenity she allows herself in battle is the high-heeled wedge boots she constantly wears with a 3 inch minimum. When in public, she tends to wear a large jean jacket over her regular outfit in order to cover up her wings and pass as human when convenient. She has several piercings in her ears and one in the right side of her nose, and most notably wears a pair of flight goggles on a day-to-day basis for when she needs to fly.

History: Prism Skylark grew up in a nameless village a ways outside the borders of Vale, where she lived with her father Blanc Skylark, her mother Rose and two sisters Aiden and Clarissa. Despite being triplets, Prism was the smallest of the three, inheriting her mother’s hummingbird wings instead of a hawk’s like her two sisters from her father’s side. Her father worked as a custom weaponsmith for hunters who commissioned him, and her mother as a specialty seamstress altering human clothing to work with faunus characteristics - together this earned them enough for a modest lifestyle deep in the woods of this little village.

Prism was homeschooled alongside her sisters by their mother, who taught them until age 12. Their mother taught all three to sew to help assist her with her work; while their father contributed to their education by teaching them self-defense and how to fight. Blanc knew the dangers of having his family live in such a remote location, and taught his daughters fight against both human and Grimm with any weapon they could get ahold of, placing an emphasis on using their wings for advantage in battle. He constantly pitted the three sisters against each other, and to avoid getting bowled over by her largest siblings, Prism learned to take advantage of her size through speed and agility. When not at home, the three siblings would explore the thick surrounding forests, taking advantage of their wings and father’s training scale trees and cliffs, further honing their agility and mobility. Being the smallest of the three, Prism would struggle to keep up with her faster sisters, and was often left in the dust as a result. Instead of pouting about it however, she would spend her time observing the forest around her, learning to move quietly and stealthily so she could continue her observations without scaring away the creatures she watched. Despite her wings, Prism was obviously the daughter who inherited a hawk’s eyes - and this was rewarded by her father after learning of her gift at the dinner table, in the form of custom slingshot. With this, Prism slowly taught herself to aim, and was the first of her siblings to ever bring home any of the creatures they chased.

The problem with being a faunus weaponssmith in a competative field is Blanc often dealt with harsh competition. Despite his remote location and faunus heritage Blanc often netted high-paying customers and famous hunters as commissioners due to the quality of his work; and as a result would receive threats telling him to quit his business or face physical violence from other weaponsmiths, who accused him of stealing their customers. The police were of no help as they viewed them as “empty threats”, so Blanc was left to deal on his own, and as the threats escalated so did the promise of violence. Blanc became stretched thin between worrying about the safety of his family and his stability of his business, and this stress eventually manifested in first emotional, then eventually physical abuse of his wife. With her family life falling apart, Prism began spending more time outside her house in the forest by herself, sometimes spending the night in one-person shelters. This quickly taught Prism a level of independence that her other siblings didn’t have - who preferred to stick it out in their bedroom, ready to side with their mother in the case of their father’s wrath. Despite learning to care for herself as a result, Prism hated herself for always running away when things got tough - always promising herself she’d go back someday, and stand with her sisters. However, this promise never came to be as eventually the constant negative air of the household attracted Grimm. She returned from a night in the woods early one morning to the sight of her house on fire, a Nevermore perched on the roof, blood and multicolored feathers on it’s beak - all the colors of her sisters and mother’s. She’d made it to the treeline, high in the branches above her own backyard just in time to watch her father get plucked out of the air, dropping the odd rifle he’d been trying to defend himself with. She’d dove for it, thinking she might’ve been able to save him, but when she’d looked up again all he did was mouth “run” before being swallowed.  The sight of her father’s death was enough to kick her semblance into gear, creating gale-force winds. However, this harshly backfired as the gusts caught her wings, and resulted in her being thrown far back into the forest - the only reason she survived the confrontation with the Nevermore.

The ruins of the village were happened upon by a passing patrol the next day. They’d only located one survivor, a 12 year-old faunus, huddled high in a tree nearly a mile from the wreckage clutching a fancy-looking rifle and a slingshot.

Prism was enrolled in Vale’s fostercare system, hopping from house to house. While initially grief-stricken and enraged, she found herself seeking purpose. She didn’t know what to do without her family. All she wanted was a chance at revenge, to assure that her family didn’t die without consequence, and made the decision she’d someday kill the Nevermore that killed her family - by becoming a huntress. Though she was of age to attend Signal, she found herself unable to - her father's bank account is inaccesible until any of their children came of age. Prism found herself all on her own at the mercy of the state, so it was up to her to make her dream of becoming a huntress come true. Luck eventually struck out on her when she moved in with an old seamstress by the name of Madame Bernard around age 13, using the skills her mother taught her to assist odd tasks and start saving up through commissions for clothing. Madame Bernard was far from motherly and would make Prism assist in her fancy clothing shop, but she was paid a fair wage and was given a place to sleep - so it was more than enough for Prism. Another part-time job further added to her monetary pool. She threw herself into her academics and extracurricular such as a martial-arts club and track team, faunus rights, and student council, earning high marks and gaining a shining social reputation. She furthermore began to expand her physical skill set at night, relearning the fighting techniques her father taught her combined with the sport she’d taken up, and begin to practice summoning and using her semblance alongside it. Using the rifle she’d carried with her since her father’s death, she furthermore began to teach herself how to shoot, with the aim being to make her as spot-on with a bullet as she was with her slingshot. Being an orphan with nothing but a gun to her name, ammunition was expensive, so she quickly learned to never waste a bullet and make every shot count. Eventually by her 17th birthday she’d saved up enough to apply and pay for Beacon’s Entry Exam, and passed with literal flying colors. Her shining academic reputation and high marks in on the exam further netted her several scholarships, setting her up so she could actually afford to go to the elite school with a lack of debt in case anything goes wrong. Coming into Beacon, Prism has three goals: to never miss a shot, to never stop moving to assure her goals, and to someday avenge her family.

Personality: When first encountering Prism Skylark, your immediate impression of her is frugal professionalism. Her good posture and confident carry give feel of discipline and authority, and she speaks in a tactical and delegated way, preferring not to waste precious time or resources - she’s too goal-oriented. While this behavior goes over wonderfully with teachers and figures of authority, it has the tendency to isolate her from peers her age, instead preferring to focus on her studying and combat skills. If you spend enough time around Prism however, and prove to be friendly enough, her actual personality will slowly open up. Prism is surprisingly friendly and charismatic is a joking way, carrying a quick wit that’s always happy to throw out a joke or bad pun. Prism is always happy to help a friend and will go out of her way to do so, and is endlessly patient in the right scenarios when someone is truly struggling due to reasons outside their control, having done the same in the process of teaching herself to shoot and fight. However, if it seems someone is manipulating her for her better nature then she’s not afraid to cut her losses. Interestingly, she's something of an adrenaline junkie and an athlete, fueling it through regular practice of complicated flight routines, and regularly enjoys going running and working out. If ever given the chance, she'd like to learn how to skateboard or longboard. Thanks to years of struggling to achieve her goals, Prism lives by the principle of do no harm, but take no bullshit: don’t purposefully create strife with others, but have no tolerance when it comes to people disrespecting her. After the loss of her family however, Prism's come to take all life as a precious gift - hating seeing people die, and will do most anything to prevent unnecessary causalities. If you're considered a good friend, she'll be loyal to a fault. Being partly hummingbird, Prism’s inherited several traits from her avian cousins, including a heavy preference for granola and fruit (similar to birdseed and nectar from flowers, in her opinions) and the tendency to endlessly prattle on about nothing, like the buzzing of a hummingbird’s wings. She also has a metabolism for nearly someone twice her size, due to being part-hummingbird.

The downside to Prism’s quick wit is the sharper tongue that accompanies it. When insulted or tricked, she doesn’t hesitate to return it tenfold in the form of verbal annihilation - especially regarding her faunus heritage. While she enjoys socializing with others and considers herself a people’s person, she does have the tendency to get wrapped up in her goals - distracted from enjoying the little moments in life with so much of her goals suspended in a balancing act of perfect grades and better flattery of higher-ups. This extends to the point Prism will accidentally isolate herself as she’s caught up in whatever she’s focused on, simply forgetting to interact with friends and teammates on a basic level. Alongside her accidental isolation, Prism suffers from night terrors and insomnia as a result of seeing her family killed. Furthermore, Prism does have something of a temper that she doesn't hesitate to unleash on people who've done her or her friends wrong; and isn't afraid of escalating to physical means if it's necessary despite her size. Being part of the fostercare system for so long with no sustainable income/home has also left it's mark on Prism. She has the tendency to hoard food even if unnecessary in case it becomes unavailable, will take up the smallest amount of space possible to avoid confrontation, and prefers to backup plans for her backup plans.

As a result of seeing her father die at such a young age, Prism suffers heavily from PTSD. She typically doesn't sleep more than 2-4 hours a night before being woken up by nightmares, and therefore survives primarily on caffeine or sugar until she literally collapses from exhaustion for an extended period of time. She has difficulty talking about the events themselves without flashbacks, and mostly refers to her past "Being put into the Vale Fostercare system", refusing to elaborate on her childhood. She also shows signs of hyperarousal - constantly being on the lookout for danger, startled by loud noises/surprises, and constantly needing to have her back to the wall alongside near an exit. Flashbacks to the events of her father's death aren't uncommon, and are triggered by a variety of things, including the sight of carnage, fire, and most primarily Nevermores. If she encounters a Nevermore, she will burn her entire aura and semblance as a panic-response, creating over 115 mph winds for up to 5 seconds, though for how long they last depends on the current state of her aura (with a drain rate of 20% per 1 second). Encountering one will often result in a loss of ability on the battlefield, as she'll be downed by the flashbacks and a panic attack.

Aura and Semblance:

Prism’s aura is unusually large and bright white, though when looked at from the right angles seems to give off faint echoes of red, yellow, and blue. Her semblance as an ability she’s nicknamed “Gust”, based off of her initial first-ever access of it. She's fully capable of enhancing her attacks with her aura to hit harder, whether it's with her fist or her blade - though this doesn't effect Hawk's Eye in it's primary form.

Prism’s semblance allows her to create gusts of wind of varying sizes, which she uses to either to keep the distance between her and her target, or buoy herself up into the air. Smaller gusts used for mobility or quick bursts of flight are her specialty, and she’s learned to ration her aura to allow for as much mobility as possible. She's particlularly skilled at using it to create updrafts and minor gusts of winds for long periods of time, which is what allows her to stay aloft for long periods of time. She's furthermore capable of creating large gusts of wind, though only momentarily. Sustaining heavy winds for extended periods of time is hard, and can make it difficult to stay aloft when carrying anything other than Hawk's Eye and her usual gear - in the case she needs to carry someone, Prism will need to maintain a strong updraft or risk being dragged down. When used with dust when Hawk’s Eye is in it’s secondary form, Prism can dust-themed winds corresponding to the type of dust used. However due to focusing almost entirely on precision-usage of her semblance (in boosting herself and knocking enemies off-balance), she lacks the necessary practice to be able to summon massive gusts of wind or create windstorms; she's only successfully recreated hurricane-grade winds like the one that blew her away from the Nevermore under extreme-stress conditions. Basically, entirely on accident.

Combat Behavior: Prism’s a cutthroat sniper with a near-perfect aim, her own motto being to never waste a bullet. When in combat, she prefers to find a high place and set up a nest, waiting and scanning the battlefield for the perfect moment to strike. She uses her wings, semblance, and natural small size to assist in her mobility and agility, allowing her to reach unsuspecting perches and often surprise the enemy.  She furthermore never stays in one place, knowing a stationary sniper is a dead one - using her semblance and parkour-like abilities to constantly keep opponents guessing. Due to using her own semblance so often she’s gotten excellent at budgeting it, allowing her to use it for extended periods of time. When forced into close combat, Prism can make efficient use of her rifle’s secondary form. The glaive’s staff keeps Prism from making direct contact with her opponents, and relies primarily on her wings and semblance to boost her agility to stay at least two steps ahead of the enemy. Interestingly, she prefers a high-risk high-reward approach to combat - knowing she's at a physical disadvantage the majority of the time, Prism does what's necessary to assure she comes out on top. She furthermore uses the resulting recoil from shooting her rifle to give her added mobility and force. The various elemental crescents that Prism creates from her glaive's secondary form can furthermore be bolstered by her winds, giving her the ability to create almost "waves" of fire, ice, etc.

The disadvantage to being a long-range sniper, even with close-combat training, is you get too used to having the time to think. Prism ironically struggles with thinking on the fly, used to having a few moments to assess the situation and come up with the best reaction - resulting in being vulnerable to surprise attacks. This furthermore makes thinking on her feet difficult when forced into a one-on-one, because as long as she’s kept on her toes she won’t be able to formulate an offensive response, too busy spending the valuable moments between strikes figuring out how to defend properly and attempting to predict her enemy's moves. Furthermore, being naturally small in stature gives Prism a disadvantage when it comes to battles of physicality and of defense. She can accurately be described as a glass cannon - powerful from a distance and can be in a fight, but a few good hits and she’s down for the count. Furthermore, if an opponent manages to trigger a flashback and/or a panic attack in the middle of fight, they've all but won as Prism will be down for the count.

Overall, her strengths include:
- Good observational skills and plan-making
- Able to predict enemies moves
- Smart use of semblance and aura (able to budget efficiently)
- Highly agile and mobile (parkour!), good at surprising enemies
- Has attacks that cover all varieties of ranges (sniper rifle for long-range, dust usage in glave form for mid-range, glave itself for close-range)

Weaknesses include:
- Often at a physical disadvantage due to (lack of) size/strength 
- Glass cannon, poor defenses
- Struggles with thinking on-the-spot when in battle, can easily be caught off-guard
- Small size can make getting hits in difficult
- Weak against mid-range and close-range attacks due to lack of familiarity with them


Name: Hawk’s Eye

Primary Form: Hawk’s Eye’s primary form is that of a semi-automatic sniper rifle with added scope that’s accurate up to 800 meters, the metal white with blue accents. The barrel has a length of 24 inches, with the added body bringing it up to 43 inches. Hawk’s Eye has a detachable scope and a bipod that allows it to stick to any surface for added balance, including uneven ones. The total weight of the rifle totals up to 16 lbs with the added scope and a sling, allowing for Prism to carry it in flight. The Hawk’s Eye has a 5-round internal magazine that Prism can quickly change, and would give the anticipated effect when shooting dust-loaded cartridges. Due to the high cost of ammunition and a strict budget, the majority of Prism's funds are spent on Hawk's Eye's regular ammunition - she only carries two cartridges (10 bullets) each of dust-tipped ammunition at a time, alongside only two cylinders of dust that allows for the elemental usage of her glaive. When her glaive has an elemental effect active, it can either be used to create up to 5 "crescents" or 5 separate attacks before the cylinder must be dispensed.

Secondary Form: When close-quarters combat is necessary for Prism, Hawk’s Eye primary form can transform into that of a glave by extending the barrel to become a handle up to 6 feet long, with the body of the rifle folding in to form a blade 18 inches long. The staff of the glave stiff functions as a long-distance rifle in this form, as the space for the magazine does remain in the glave’s blade. The blade of the glave can take on effects depending on the type of dust loaded into the cartridge in this form:

Fire: Lights blade on fire, can create sweeping crescent of flames that expands outwards when swung
Ice: Covers blade in ice, creates a freezing crescent when swung filled with small ice particles - useful to blind enemies. If stabbed into the ground, can create an ice-slicked surface expanding in a straight line from the point the blades strikes
Lighting: Electrocutes blade of the glave, electrocuting enemies when in contact.
Wind: Creates crescent-shaped gust of wind when glave is swung (not depleting aura)
Earth: Creates a sandstorm when swung, used to blind enemies/provide cover.
Gravity/Kinetic: Can be used to increase the force of the swing of the glave

Tertiary Form: When not in combat, Hawk’s Eye is able to fold up its internal components to form a shoebox-sized steel box that Prism can carry at her waist on her back.

Dust Functions: Hawk’s Eye’s sniper form has none, accept when loaded with dust-tipped bullets, which then would carry the predicted effect (fire-type dust creating a flaming bullet, ice-typed bullet freezing a body part on impact, etc). In it’s secondary form, a dust cartridge can be loaded into a slot at the base of the blade of the glave, allowing the blade to take on the dust’s intended effects. This manifests in the blade being covered by the corresponding dust effect (fire dust lighting on the blade on fire, ice dust causing it to freeze, etc) and when slashed through the air, send out crescent-shaped waves that correspond with the dust’s intended effect, giving Prism a small range of secondary attacks.

History: Hawk’s Eye was a sniper rifle created by Prism’s father for an unknown client shortly before his death, and was used by Blanc to attempt to defend himself from the Nevermore that attacked his house and family. Prism managed to rescue the rifle but failed to save her father; and it’s now one of the last remaining pieces she has of her family, making her value it dearly. 

Everywhere Else / Re: Preparing for the Coming Storm, Team Three
« on: June 12, 2018, 09:38:03 AM »
(Got permission to post for Edgy)

A loud crack sounded from the droid as it's bottom legs gave way and if it wasn't for Amanes's quick reaction the droid in question would have crashed to the floor and likely broken completely if not exploded. 'I need repairs, I can give you all my authority to walk through the doors if you carry me to the repair module through that room.' The droid begged pointing at the room Topaz walked through, it's arm dropping off soon after. Akel happy to have a way to help their dear friend and comrade Gray who was still locked behind the door in front of them immediately came up to the droid. 'I'll take you up on that before you lose too many of your pieces.' Akel remarked quickly holding out her arm. After a soft squeak from the injection burying itself in the not-vampire's neck the entire process took only moments and Akel was now able to open their way through the facility.

Obviously the door before them was the first option, rushing forward while murmuring softly. 'Come on guys Gray might need our help.' Gray indeed was in a spot of trouble although striking at the injectors did help elevate the pressure somewhat. Protected by aura the injectors weren't severed by Gray's blow but it did disrupt the flow of highly volatile chemicals around the weapon as well as stalling out her dust boosted finisher.  Grimacing in pain the raider continued to advance for the grapple only for Akel, and those following, to appear behind Gray. Grinning the mountainous woman remarked. 'Looks like you've got a way to get around, hope it doesn't bite you in the neck too badly.' Swinging one of her power fists back the raider detached one of her saw blades sending in straight into the glowing orb in the center of the room. A blinding flash filled the hall and it would take incredible determination to follow their assailant as she fled into the room on their left.

Any salvageable material that was in the room which Akel and Gray now occupied had been completely destroyed by the fight against the raider or the miniature sun exploding just before. Still like all of the rooms they have been to so far a metal bird impression was visible over the door, almost watching the hunters-in-training rush in despite it's scorched exterior.

Beacon Academy / Re: Stargazing [Open]
« on: June 12, 2018, 04:03:24 AM »
'You are never going to let me have any fun are you Prism. Although it's nice to see you are no longer holding back.' Calen remarked laughing as his offering was rejected. 'Best of luck with your training then young master and well done, you shouldn't accept drinks from strangers.' Calen finished patting the shorter but far stockier on his head before returning to the game. 'Don't worry I understand what it is like to have busy family, I'm sure he is just dealing with other things.' Calen remarked with a sly smirk. The likeliness that a weapon smith didn't have enough time to make his own daughters gear was almost nothing meaning that there was something else there.

'Similar personalities.' Calen quickly responded, feeling back in control the gaunt boy managed his best throw yet, hitting the bulls-eye for the first time. 'Your both quite openly professional with a soft gooey-friendly center. It's a compliment.... mostly.' Calen finished swapping places again with Prism and then waited for the noise of Smokey's volley to fade before taking his turn. 'So if your father didn't make your weapons did you while at Signal?' Calen asked making the slight assumption that Prism went to Signal which wasn't as likely as you expected but he was confident enough to take the risk.

The Vale Region / Re: Songs of Peril [Closed]
« on: June 12, 2018, 02:59:19 AM »
A little put out that no one took up the horse Calen did at least get some enjoyment of watching Camelia awkwardly hold on to them for the rest of their journey. A few times Calen almost wanted to put the poor girl out of her misery but then the gaunt boy would notice something else humourous about the whole situation. Near the end of the trek mercy did eventually win out and Calen mounted up for the last leg of their journey, trying his hand at more intermediate ridding skills like smoothly swapping from a trot to a canter to a full gallop, pacing seemed a bit too far for a small town horse but Calen's mind was already a wash with the benefits of a well trained horse.

As the three finally came to the town came up behind his two companions. 'If those craters back there where caused by that gun we should probably try our best to make good first impressions, meaning if one of us gets all slobbered over by a village elder it might be worth taking one for the team.' Calen whispered mostly joking. Seeing Justice inch forward Calen was about to add something more but thought better of it and simply dismounted and waited for a response.

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