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Good news! Her enemy was still under the effect of her semblance. Bad news; she had good instincts. Maybe Camelia was a bit too used to her semblance's preliminary signs? She even heard the girl say 'nope' before using all of her chains to slowly drag herself away.

Dammit. Her semblance was already really close to its maximum range and with how much she had to concentrate for a gravity well, she could only inch closer. It wasn't much, but it might just give her those few precious instants she needed. Once she had it going, it'd be her win.

(Gravity well: 3 seconds left before ignition)

[Aura: 39%]
[Stamina: 82%]
[Orion: 1/2 1/2 1/2]

As her semblance activated and Unity came crashing down onto her opponent, Camelia was content with her strike - a fleeting emotion if there ever was one, as it disappeared the moment she noticed the chainblade's hilt touching her, right beneath Orion. It was too late to react.

A moment later, an incredibly powerful detonation occurred, sending Camelia flying into a nearby pillar and nearly - nearly - making her lose focus of her semblance, causing the field to flicker for an instant. Thankfully, she'd learned to manipulate momentum to her advantage while in freefall and was able to orient Orion towards the prograde direction, crashing right through an ice pillar before receiving herself with a rapid roll.

That HURT. A lot. But hey, good news! Wait, no, bad news. The enemy had gotten serious. Now, Cammie wasn't one to just take it - she'd give it her all too. Crouching behind her shield, she started charging a gravity well - right at the chain-squid's location, a sphere about a foot in diameter turning a dark purple around her waist.

On the plus hand, she was barely still in range to use her semblance.

(-40% Aura received, extra damage from impacts mitigated; charging a gravity well)

[Aura: 39%]
[Stamina: 83.5%]
[Orion: 1/2 1/2 1/2]

Camelia was now right besides the gravity zone encompassing her opponent. The burst was still charging. She prepared a strike, aiming to-

- Aaaaaah, fuck. This was unpleasant. The chains had come around her back again but this time, she'd tried to yank her arms up. Thankfully, she'd only partially succeeded, leaving Camelia in an odd position where her elbows were lifted. The arm carrying Orion hadn't risen too much due to the shield's sheer weight, but it still made her uncomfortably exposed.

Using all her strength, she brought it back down as fast as she could while bringing the half of Unity she was currently wielding onto her enemy, the haphazard (due to previous meddling by a certain individual's supplementary limbs) downwards swing coincided with the sudden resurgence of color surrounding her target.

(Sam's immediate surroundings are now under an additional 6.6 g for 0.5 seconds, for a total of 8.6 g; ~6% inherent damage +6 or so % if she has a bad fall/12% if she falls and hits her head on the ground, 8% sword strike with +15% gravity assist)

[Aura: 79%]
[Stamina: 85.5%]
[Orion: 1/2 1/2 1/2]

Having kept an eye out for all of her opponent's limbs, Camelia was able to dodge the chains coming at her back relatively easily. However, her enemy's main weapon proved much harder to fend off - even though she swung Orion into the attack to deflect it, she wound up knocked around a bit, the chain-wielder not only successfully closing in but also escaping her previously charging burst zone.

Not one to give up easily, she let go of her currently-charging burst and started another one at her target's new location. Everything wasn't so bad, though; she was still under 2 g and, added bonus, was now almost close enough to strike directly. Camelia approached further.

(Semblance burst charging, 2 seconds remaining)

[Aura: 83%]
[Stamina: 91%]
[Orion: 1/2 1/2 1/2]

Beacon Academy / Re: A Lunch Side Chat [DGTL]
« on: October 01, 2018, 09:18:35 PM »
Brock leisurely stepped into the dining hall, his hulking carcass' footsteps resounding through the dense clamor of hundreds of starving teenagers. He, himself, needed to replenish his fuel reserves after going ham on his opponents.

Without wasting much time, he gathered the minimum - a bowl of cereal (with 1% milk, as usual) huge enough to be a large salad bowl, an entire pitcher of orange juice, exactly half a dozen jumbo chocolate muffins, a bunch of freshly buttered, warm ciabatta toasts and finally, a pile of mashed potatoes and carrots. His stomach complaining about the possible lack of food, he set off towards the tables, zoning in on his team once he spotted two of the girls. Janna was still easier to spot, sadly.

Almost lurching to a stop, he set himself down besides Janna, making sure to give himself enough room to not impede her with his monolithic stature. The bench, as sturdy as it was, dipped noticeably beneath his mass, Janna experiencing a slight altitude increase as a result. He then proceeded to comment on his own performance, having briefly garnered some info before sitting down. "I should'a been more astute, too. Was too busy laying waste to the ones in front o' me, though.", he said before taking a spoonful of milky cereal.

With a soup spoon.

Beacon Academy / Re: The INKKredible room fiesta [INKK]
« on: September 25, 2018, 09:18:39 AM »
Nathan more or less sighed at Kisha's behaviour, a mild hint of a smile spreading across his face. How very Kisha of her. "Now, now, Kisha. Let the man acclimatize to his new environment a little, breathe in the air a bit."

After patiently waiting for Kisha to comply, his (somewhat invisible) smile still on his face, he turned to his newest... acquisition? Nah, that sounded wrong. "Feel free to take your stuff to the barren bed, Kin. Apart from... your answers to Kisha's questions, have anything else to present yourself by? We could take turns, even. Get to know each other better."

As her opponent adjusted to her newfound predicament, Camelia looked at her options, keeping her shield at the ready. Since the enemy was still standing still, or at least not moving from her position, she started charging a pulse, the already purple air changing to a darker shade.

Apart from that... There were still some Dust left in Orion, so she could resort to it if needed, but for now, she decided to slowly decrease the gap, staying mindful of all the chains and keeping ready to deflect/parry/defend from any incoming attack. After all, she'd run out of Dust eventually and if she was to get in some hits, she needed to be closer.

(Semblance burst charging, 2 seconds needed)

[Aura: 83%]
[Stamina: 91.5%]
[Orion: 1/2 1/2 1/2]

Unexpectedly, the electricity blast didn't have much more of an effect than usual - whatever was controlling those chains, it either had nothing to do with electronics or was utterly shielded. Aaand Camelia now had to deal with more incoming attacks, the chains that'd been holding the enemy up now speeding towards herself. But hey, not everything was bad news! Her target was still in her semblance's charging zone!

For now, though, Camelia pressed forward a bit while angling her shield to the side and back. As Orion returned to its convex shape, the opponent's blades slid right off while the shield's owner took the opportunity to roll to the front right, avoiding most attacks - a chain still found its mark. While this kerfuffle was ongoing, Camelia's semblance activated, turning the chain-wielder's surrounding gravity into twice the norm.

Ending her roll, she kept her shield close as she looked for the results of her semblance's effects.

(Samantha now under 2 gs' worth of gravity, however much damage if she doesn't nail the landing)

[Aura: 83%]
[Stamina: 92%]
[Orion: 1/2 1/2 1/2]

Teams / Re: Team List
« on: September 12, 2018, 04:10:51 PM »
Beacon 1st year

DGTL | Digital
Backlight Blue

Hopefully the links won't break with the next board fix.

Okay, so her opponent showed absolutely no signs of slowing down. Good. For now, she let her close in, not failing to notice the metallic glints almost hidden by the foremost pillars.

As the chain-led girl neared, her swords combined and promptly emitted a horrendous, skin-crawling screech that sounded lik metal plates scraping against quartz pebbles. Truly a bad sound if there ever was one. The swords, or sword, rather, was brought down upon Camelia, who went down on one knee to receive the blow properly, initiating Orion's firing mechanism right as the attack hit it, unleashing a crackling wave of electricity as one of the Lihgtning Dust charges was consumed. To add to it, in prevision of the girl having been stunned, she deployed her semblance in front of herself, encapsuling the chain wielder and a good portion of its surroundings in a faint purple glow.

(Caught directly in the electric blast: 15%, possible stun effect; 0.5s pre-use charge on semblance in progress)
[Aura: 88%]
[Stamina: 92.5%]
[Orion: 1/2 1/2 1/2]

Beacon Academy / Re: The INKKredible room fiesta [INKK]
« on: September 12, 2018, 01:04:02 PM »
Nathan was sat at his computer - as usual, when inside the dorm room. Firstly, it was the most comfortable chair in here; secondly, he was pretty sure he'd doze off on the bed; finally, reading books about Dust integration in complex mechanisms was better done while sitting that laying down, due to volume I's sheer mass. So he read books on the CCTS instead. Ones with images, because he's funny like that.

Looking at the time, he closed the browser and opened one of the many, many folders littering his desktop, digging a abit before reaching the file on his new to-soon-be teammate. Mid-range guy, motsly, versatile if need be, resourceful, nice in general. A good addition, really. Would probably take up the back alongside Kisha. After briefly skimming through it one last time, he closed it and laid back in his chair. This would be, if he'd kept count right, his sixth team. The sixth one in a single year. This didn't faze him much: although the odds of such things happening were indeed somewhat low, they certainly weren't nil. In fact, it was extremely rare for a team to go unchanged for an entire year, let alone the entire curriculum. Why it happened, nobody knew exactly, but the majority of students somehow found themselves leaving.

He was pretty much as relaxed as he could be right now. Not that his face would tell that to anyone apart from Mauve, maybe Izzy. Its neutral state wasn't that neutral, apparently. But oh well, what'll you do, eh?

Before he started thinking about ways to upgrade Ergia or his Aura, Kisha spoke up, wondering aloud how Kin would be, to which Izzy replied quite quickly - followed up by asking Nathan the same question and affirming New Guy would be shorter than Kisha with very mild confidence. "You forget Fortuna really pushed the high and noble thing, though." This was all he had the time to say before the dorm's door opened.

...Okay, this was... Well, whatever. The guy was here, no point concerning yourself with appearances at this point in the game. "Yeah, this is INKK's dorm. Welcome to your new and humble abode, Kin my dude." Hopefully that'd prevent the other two members from thinking it was, in fact, somebody who'd received the wrong instructions or something.

Teams / Re: Team List
« on: September 12, 2018, 05:49:00 AM »
Beacon 1st year

RBLS | Rebels
Red Rebellion

Hopefully the links won't break with the next board fix.

Taking a gander from behind her cover, Camelia observed the pillar travel in a steady arc, overshooting the enemy who'd managed to drop right to the ground in time and utterly obliterating a few trees in the process. Still, it wasn't a total loss; some of the ice splintered off on impact and caught the sniper girl. Which, as she was half-expecting, started rocketing towards her.

What she didn't expect, though, was that she was using four chains as limbs with which to launch herself between the trees. This... wasn't exactly good.

Getting out of cover, Camelia stood up, took a solid stance and brought her right hand to half of Unity, getting it out of its sheath while Orion reconfigured into a parabola. Only thing left to do now was to wait for her opponent to come into range. She didn't really have much choice in the matter; with four chains AND arms and legs, there was a strong risk of being overwhelmed in CQC even if she switched Unity's form.

[Aura: 88%]
[Stamina: 92.5%]
[Orion: 1/2 1/2]

Teams / Re: Looking for a beacon 1st year replacement
« on: September 05, 2018, 01:38:55 PM »
I don't have any ideas rn so go ahead
Also busy with Uni a bit

Plot Zone / Re: Hunter Of Lenshin
« on: September 05, 2018, 01:34:37 PM »
Oh, if it's not anything extraordinary you're right, there's eff all problems

I'mma submit, uuuuhhhh, Brock for this one, then
Haven't had him on much missions

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