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The Vale Region / Coffee Away From Home [Limited 1/3]
« on: November 28, 2017, 04:03:13 PM »
Arian found himself in Vale. Again. This time, it's for a team related mission instead of the Vytal Festival, but still, he prefered not being in Vale any longer and returning home. With a sigh, he brings the mug to his lips, sipping away as he watches live move on outside the window. Arian looks back to the menu, remembering the cafe's name for future reference as he does enjoy their services.

Placing the mug back down onto the table, Arian went back to looking out the window, particularly the establishment that currently catches his eye: Duels 'N Stuff. It does look particularly strange, given the Atlesian-style architecture, but from what Arian heard, it's a great place for hunters-in-training to spar when they're away from home.

Sighing once more - he's been doing that a lot lately, he should look into it - Arian went back to drinking his coffee, and thinking about whether or not he should get a refill.

The Vale Region / Tea Time Shenanigans [Limit 2/4]
« on: January 06, 2017, 12:40:34 AM »
Arian, for some unknown reason, was still in Vale. His team had already returned to Mistral, and he should've as well. Taking a sip of tea, he realized that Valian tea was what Arian stayed in Vale for. He'd probably return to Mistral the next day, but in the mean time, Arian is going to abuse the time he has to enjoy Vale's oddities.

The shop (he had forgotten it's name) he was in wasn't busy to be exact, but it wasn't empty either. His table was a four seater, and Arian took up one of the seats. It wasn't too reputable as far as he remembered, but Arian thinks the tea is interesting. He should get coffee next time. Musing in his thoughts, Arian took another sip of tea as he waits the day to pass and return home...

The Vale Region / Under the Table Internships [CLOSED/INVITE]
« on: January 06, 2017, 12:13:39 AM »
Continued from:,3293.0.html

Whistling a little tune as made his way to his desk, Eklipsei reminisced about the good old days. In fact, he was pretty sure this was one of those old White Fang bases he had liberated. It was tedious, but Eklipsei remembered the experiences of his journey. Thrown through windows, shot multiple times, even took a grenade to the face at one point. This allowed to ignore their thoughts with an excuse.

Swiping everything off the desk, it was nice and pristine until Eklipsei dropped the boxes onto it. Quickly organizing it so that he can quickly brief the three, Eklipsei makes hand motions to have the three come closer and listen to what he is to say. Digging deep into the box, he began his explanation.

"What you interns are going to do is catch a criminal!" With a frown, he digs deeper into the box, "You'll be provided information to begin your own investigation on the criminal, while I will gather more information for your usage."

Eklipsei found what he was looking for, and pulled it out of the box. It was a folder, and drops it onto the desk in view of the three interns. Opened up reveals an image of Beacon Student Fenix Cerulean! Elaborating as to why he has said image, "Fenix is one of my contacts persay, and you can gather more information from him." With a shrug, "I currently have no idea where he might be right now, but I'm definitely sure he's at a bar of some sort to gather more information. He'd probably be at The Clam."

Dropping into a chair behind the desk then leaning back in a relaxed stance, Eklipsei hopefully asks what would be his last line, "Any questions?"

Approved Characters / Fenix Cerulean
« on: October 18, 2016, 07:50:50 PM »

Name: Fenix Cerulean, also once known as Fabius Felicis Cilo of the Plebeian House of Felix.

Age: 17. Born Frost 18, 63 AC.

Species and Gender: Human Male

Symbol: N/A

Occupation: First year Beacon student and Part-Time Blacksmith

Appearance: Fenix has an average sized body, not too thin but not too fat, and he essentially has the standard body composition a seasoned hunter would have. In fact, it gives him a rather fit look a seasoned fighter would have, being an average body size to go with his well toned and well developed muscles, not too showy though. He happens to be rather tall, inheriting some of those tall genetics his family had, being at the height of 5’9”. Fenix also weighs about a good 250 lbs, with a good chunk of that being muscle instead of normal fat. Alongside all of that, Fenix has a rather pale skin from all that time in Vale ever since his birth, as well as inheritance from family. Much like other Pilorum, he has black scleras, but Fenix has blue irises to contrast with that. Other than that, his body is essentially flawless in the sense of features and scars.

Fenix often wears a black suit and tie that is loose enough to hide his muscles, but tight enough to have a hold on his body. It’s very clean and pristine, but there are some features of the suit that have ‘tells’ of how worn it is. Stains of food and dirt suggest that Fenix have, and can fight in these clothes, but he doesn’t really recommend it. It’s very formal, so it’s lucky that Fenix can simply wear this around all the time without having to replace it. Alongside the suit and tie is glasses (not prescription, only accessory) with darkened lenses to hide the black sclera Fenix had inherited from his Pilorum side of the family. Fenix also happens to have a little holster on the side that holds some neat gadgets he carries out as a “just incase” (hint hint, it’s a normal brass knuckle, as if he needed it.).

If forced to go purely casual, which is unlikely considering Fenix likes to deny his pilorum heritage by ignoring it, he’d wear a plain white short sleeved shirt, and over it is a white sweater that covers his muscles and it would be very hard to tell his muscular composition just from a glance. To go with that, Fenix wears some jeans that is, once again, loose enough to cover his muscles but tight enough to have a hold on his body. Fenix also happens to wear plain black, fingerless gloves to cover his hands as to not get them so bloodied in combat, which looks quite nice when he shoves your face into the dirt.

Fenix’s actual combat outfit is gray steel plate armor, covering his entire body and providing full flexibility for his usage. It’s very detailed, as the metal plates are pointed downwards when attached together. On his left shoulder is a shoulder plate with the design of a wolf on it, and his right shoulder is covered by a ragged, ripped blue cloak that goes all the way down to his feet. The cloak isn’t long enough to hinder his movement, but it’s pretty long. The cloak’s hood is put up as to hide his face in combat, and over it is a steel helmet that resembles a bird. Out of the helmet is a rather long plume that goes down to his torso at the back of his head. Under all the armor is chainmail for extra defense.

Spoiler: Reference Image • show

History: Born of the Plebeian House of Felix, Fenix never knew his father, but he has a retired huntress for a mother that originated from Vale. All he knew of his father was what little his mother told him, and even then, with his mother’s hero worship of what he now considered demons, he wasn’t sure at all onto what was true about his father’s history. True facts that Fenix was able to discern from his mother’s story, was that his father was definitely a pilorum, and was part of Pilum’s Military. His father had been drafted, but she it wouldn’t have mattered anyways, as his father would’ve volunteered for the glory of Pilum. After some undisclosed time, his father found himself in the 7th(?) Legion as a Squad-Commander, proudly bearing his rank to the public.

Fenix had no idea what unspeakable horrors his father had done, but what he did know that his mother apparently met his father one day during a mission out in the wilderness… Fenix’s mother told him that his father “saved” her life, and that he was a hero for saving the people that were there. Unfortunately, his younger self bought into what his mother said in a fit of childish naivety. For the longest time, Fenix believed that his father, and Pilorums, were kind and that the rumors were simply the bad guys slandering their good name. It took so long for Fenix to utterly realize how wrong that way of thinking was, and that will be discussed later on. All in all, at this point in his life, Fenix was proud of his Pilorum heritage.

In pursuit of the glory his father attained in his life, Fenix trained during all those years before Signal, with his mother cheering and encouraging him onwards to Signal Academy. Fenix even created some weapons as a part-time job with the assistance of a neighbouring blacksmith, seeing it as an opportunity to further his heroic opportunities. In fact, all that blacksmithing he had done only served to further define his body. All that that strength working only served to prepare Fenix for his time in Signal Academy, especially to start swinging the giant greatsword, which is basically his size, he created later on.

Upon finally applying to Signal Academy and being accepted, to the joy of his mother, Fenix was finally ready to show the world his strength. Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on how you see it), Fenix underwent a bunch of changes during Signal Academy. Weapon, semblance, and studies were a few of them, but a major change was his worldview. Fenix had been proudly baring his Pilorum heritage, but day after day, his world is bombarded by facts and truth about Pilorums. He fought back, and verbally abused people in anger, but one day, he just snapped. Fenix just stopped, and started to deny his Pilorum heritage. It’s unknown what caused or what happened, but Fenix was a better person for the last three years.

When Fenix went back to his mother, he just stopped listening to her. Day by day, he started to notice little tells: glazed eyes, nervous twitches, smiles, and her times of reminiscing. Slowly, Fenix grew more and more afraid of what happened to his mother, but he knew he could do nothing to help. Instead, he just continued loving his mother, but not heeding her words as a way of compromise between two lifestyles. After some time, Fenix graduated, and when he was just about to leave, his mother, distractedly staring into space told Fenix his true name:

Fabius Felicis Cilo of the Plebeian House of Felix.

Without a pause, Fenix went to Beacon without looking back, as a way to accommodate his new and informed self. Upon arriving at Beacon, everything was unclear and hazy, but to Fenix, there was only one true fact. The Denial of his Pilorum Heritage.

Personality: Fenix is what’s essentially a kind and gentle giant. That was his way of atoning for his mistakes in the previous years. That, and to invalidate most people's’ thoughts about Pilorum in general. He is calm and patient, willing to bear pain just so he does not inflict it (yet). Fenix also has an above average intelligence, as once again, to atone for his previous way of thinking. He also happens to hide and deny his Pilorum bloodline as if he was ashamed of it. Push too far with the previous fact or anything else in general, Fenix would not hesitate to break you in anger. Otherwise, Fenix is pretty cool.

However, Fenix subconsciously still believes in Pilorum are the ones that are right, that morals and ethics would not matter because they are . Fenix would never admit it, or even know about it, but it’s there. It’ll take a lot to bring it out, but with enough severity and determination, it’ll come out. That’s what happens when you are living your entire life believing in something only to find out it’s wrong, but never fully accept it.

Aura and Semblance: Fenix has a decent aura pool, nothing much to say about it. It grows a bright red. He’s not like other people that knew quite a bit out of aura, so he doesn’t have all the nifty extra functions that aura can provide.


Upon activation, or some gentle prodding, Fenix will go into a berserker state, almost to the point of insanity. He forgoes thought, and can barely form coherent sentences. Fenix gains a good amount of strength, speed and endurance, greatly influencing his berserker-like qualities. At the end of it, he’d be pretty fatigued, even during the berserker state itself, but in the end it’s a great power boost as a last resort. Lightning-esque aura swirls around Fenix, giving a BIG hint to whether or not Fenix is in a berserker-like state. He basically becomes a tank, but run out of fuel, he’s basically a goner.

Combat Behavior: Fenix is basically a tank that can dish out tons of damage, but he’s rather slow doing so, even if he is two-handing his greatsword. However, since it’s massive, he can most definitely use it to block without moving much, but it does take a lot to actually use it. His sword does much of the attacking for him as all he needs to do is swing in a direction, but it’s REALLY HARD to change mid direction of the swing. Fenix doesn’t flinch easy, so it’s really hard to make him hesitate for even a second, except when a certain Pilorum around. Or Pilorum in general. Fenix can’t one hand the sword very easy, so it’s hard for him to multitask with no free hands.

Now when Fenix is in his berserker state, he’s much more faster and stronger than before, except he can’t exactly thinking clearly. Fenix just goes in and swing his giant sword around in hopes of doing great amount of damage, even not pausing for pain. However, that means it would be rather hard to fall back and that the total pain added up from fighting will lead to what could essentially be hell for Fenix when deactivating his semblance.


Name: The Great Wolf

Primary Form: The Great Wolf is a giant sleek sword at a size of five feet and eight inches long. Its decorated hilt (handguard and handle included) takes up those extra nine inches so that Fenix has an easier time swinging it around almost like it’s nothing. The blade width of the sword itself happens to be a good 7 inches to have that nice even split for Fenix to use. The metal itself is a dark black, and it’s very durable for Fenix to use as what essentially amounts to a shield. A design themed around wolves are present on the blade, with it being colored a nice white to contrast well with the metal. Although the blade seems to be irregularly shaped, it’s still sharp enough to cut things, and with enough strength, Fenix can cut through a lot.

Spoiler: Image currently busted, fix later • show

History: His first weapon he created for Signal Academy and never changed since then, since he basically considered The Great Wolf as a memory of how Fenix used to be and how he changed since then, and for the better too.


It’s literally a brass knuckle. Nothing special about it. Just put this here as a disclaimer as to show that Fenix does indeed wield a brass knuckle if need be.

AMA Section / Something Something AMA
« on: October 12, 2016, 12:36:48 AM »
Hit me with them questions, or not. Either way. This will be here.

The Vale Region / Walking the Beat [Bad End] [Closed]
« on: October 11, 2016, 05:32:50 PM »
Frost 4th, 80 AC

On a rather cold and drifty day in Vale, like the weather usually is, the docks at Beacon Academy were bustling with people as they wait for their next ride out of Beacon. Multiple people of different kingdoms would wait as the Bullheads shuffle in and out as expected of the Vytal Festival. It was normal for Bullheads to come and go at certain times since people were always traveling around Vale in a sense of tourism. However, when a Bullhead pulls in at an unexpected time, it would surely draw curious glances towards it considering the brief pause of nothing happening. It would invite even more gazes to it as a recognizable figure comes out of the docked Bullhead and waits in front of it:

Eklipsei Gray, a Head of the White Fang Investigation Team.

What reason would such an authoritative figure to be at Beacon Academy? Well, four very lucky individuals of different years and kingdoms are going to be taken under his wing as a team for the day, and they’ll take a nice simple mission as a way to pass on Eklipsei's simple lessons to be taught to the future protectors of humanity.

Flicking his fingers left and right, Eklipsei held his scroll in his fidgeting hands. He had checked his scroll to pass the time as he waits in front of his designated bullhead for the mission, but now that Eklipsri was awaiting for the individuals he had chosen for his request, he might as well also shoot off a few messages to his peers and superiors. Especially to a certain retired huntress that is sneaking around Beacon Academy when she shouldn't be...

Plot Zone / Walking the Beat [Sign Ups][Event]
« on: October 06, 2016, 05:14:44 PM »
Warning: Your characters CAN possibly die, but that is only if you fuck up badly. The GM DOES not intend to screw you over, but if you fuck up multiple times, you can only blame yourself.

On one of the many busy days that came from the Vytal Festival being in Vale, an inconspicuous mission was floating around the board, eagerly awaiting for someone to take up on this proposition...

Quote from: Request from Vale Police Department
Greetings Hunters-in-Training,

In light of recent news, it has come to my attention that “Lord of Nevermore” must be taken in. Fortunately, there was a tip from a protected witness that the criminal would be showing up at a location in a certain timeframe. Considering it is good to be prepared and that you students are still learning, it had been decided that I will be taking a team of 4 students and I will “show the ropes” essentially. It would be a fun teaching experience, and we’ll get things done.

Good luck, Eklipsei Gray.

P.S. You’ll get paid.

+1 Attachment:
    Application Sheet

(OOC: This is not first come first serve)

-Eklipsei Gray

-Dorothy Burgundy
-Xanh Lo Kurstein
-Fionn Macgorm
-Bianca Li

Remnant News Network / Zester: Lord of Nevermore?
« on: October 06, 2016, 01:28:43 AM »
Zester Post:

   There is a masked criminal running freely around the streets of Vale, calling themselves “Lord of Nevermore.” It is unknown for the reason on why they have chosen that name, nor the motive, but there is information that is currently disclosed to public is that “Lord of Nevermore” had been terrorizing the streets of Vale in multiple instances. They have been linked to multiple crimes for over a year now some in other kingdoms, invoking Head of White Fang Investigation, Eklipsei Gray, to begin investigation on the criminal. Please send any relevant information to Vale’s Police Department. Watch out people, don’t want you all hurt!

Likes: 10,250 | Reblogs: 12,154

- xXEnessXx

The Vale Region / A Dis-ARMing Situation [Closed]
« on: October 01, 2016, 10:14:14 PM »
Iron was furious. It's not obvious on the outside with his cold exterior, but on the inside, there's a fucking firestorm. Originally, he had planned to go into Vale and grab some much needed material for his projects, but after some fools bumped into him, Iron's robotic arm had been malfunctioning. Now, he had to get materials for the arm as well as his other projects.

That's why people would get out of his way when they see his expression of cold fury, as Iron briskly walked around Vale to the stores that held his supplies. Iron's most definitely armed, and that also probably attributed to his aloof-aura that spread to others. His robotic arm also seems to be occasionally sparking.

Iron was about to snap, and the results are not going to be pretty.

Approved Characters / Noir
« on: October 01, 2016, 09:34:17 PM »

Name: Noir

Age: 21.

Species and Gender: Human Male

Symbol: N/A

Occupation: Fourth Year Beacon Student.

Appearance: Noir is 5’11” and weighs in about 182 lbs. In contrast to his weight, a lot of it is mostly muscle, giving him the rather lean and fit composition which goes well with his outfit. Noir has a well-rounded, clean shaven face alongside a rather pale complexion. Noir has brown shoulder length hair, and high-torso length pony tail on the back. He has dark vacant blue eyes, signalling his blindness. He has multiple scars on his arms and legs from his training that had healed over time, but there were no scars on his face. His stance and movements are cautious, with a hand constantly out to insure he doesn’t bump into things or fall on his face.

Noir wears a plain black untucked sweater and dark blue jeans with it. Over the sweater is a dark green knee-length bullet proof trench coat, hiding a white neckwarmer scarf which is used to cover his mouth in any situation where it is required. In the sweater is some armored plating to defend himself from any attacks. Noir wears a dark black cap with dark blue boots. This is the only outfit Noir relatively wears, both in combat and all other situations. He has a white undershirt to go with the whole outfit.
Spoiler: Reference Image • show

His beacon outfit stays relatively the same as his normal outfit with no big changes to it besides a scarf that goes down to his knees. Occasionally, both of his outfits might be slightly off as Noir had to clean them and put them back on at some point. It looks like he has multiple duplicates.

History: Noir was blind since he was born.

All he knew was that he was born in Vale and that his parents were dead. That’s what ‘Morning Star’ told him anyways. He was adopted into ‘Morning Star’ - a mercenary group of what are essentially dropout hunters - at the age of seven, often treated carefully due to his blindness, but they would always consider him their youngest sibling of the family. However, due to the dangerous nature of their missions, they had to do something about Noir’s current arrangement. The group didn’t want to leave Noir anywhere as they don’t trust some orphanages to properly take care of him due to overflow of orphans, but staying with them would bring Noir into life or death situations. As a way to solve this issue for now, they unlocked his aura to shield any possible attacks, and taught him how to sneak and hide from other people whenever they got into… trouble.

As a member of said mercenary group, Noir had to get by somehow and be useful so that the group can get by with less work. Instead of doing nothing, he often did a lot of chores that a normal child would do. Some required visual assistance, others didn’t. However, the one thing that impacted him most was cooking. It was a hobby that allowed Noir to fully express himself. At first, Noir needed lots of assistance, but later on, he was able to rely on his other senses with ease when cooking.

Over the course of a year with the group, it was decided that Noir needed an education. Noir had struggled while learning anything due to his blindness, but due to the patience of the teachers of the mercenary group, he got by decently in his academics. One day, Noir unlocked his semblance after some aura training for his sensing, and to the alert of the teacher at the time, he found that it gave him sight around him. The teacher immediately informed the group and agreed that Noir can, and should be taught how to fight to defend himself. Over the course of two years, he learned how to fight from his many sparring teachers. They weren’t easy on him, but they weren’t hard on him either as he was essentially still a child. He would struggle occasionally since he was young but he got by decently. The mercenary group planned for Noir to be sent to Signal Academy with enough money once he was of age as there was only so much they could teach to him

Over time, Noir learned many things in both academics and combat to basically qualify as a huntsman-in-training. The group finally had enough money to drop off Noir at Signal Academy and pay off all his tuition. With that said, Noir was finally in Signal Academy and ready to learn what it means to be a hunter. After that, the group seemed to have dropped off the face of the earth, seemingly killed or caught after a long time of questionable morals. However, Noir would never know the fates of ‘Morning Star’ and deems it best that he should never know. He paid his respects, and they were forgotten.

He struggled in Signal for most of the time, mentally and socially, mostly due to his blindness. Noir had trouble learning the material due to not actually seeing it, and he could barely talk to other people without being embarrassed about his blindness. Once again though, his close friends and teachers gave patience to teach Noir, but his shame and embarrassment still stayed with him as they were no familiar faces to be seen. Upon graduation, he immediately applied to Beacon Academy and was barely accepted. After some of the troublesome time he had in the beginning, Noir sort of breezed by the first three years, and now he’s ready to tackle on the fourth year.

Personality: Noir is very soft spoken, often the most quiet of anyone in a conversation. He avoids interacting with people unless forced to as well as making excuses to get himself out of conversations. Whenever he does seem to speak however, it seems to be ridden with doubt due to his blindness and struggles in academics. In fact, Noir is pretty embarrassed and shamed by his blindness, and especially by his previous personality. The only time Noir seems to speak carefree is with his friends and team. However, there are still traces to his original and true personality that were overridden.

Noir was originally bitter and angry all the time. He was jealous of other people’s ability to see the world, to see beauty, yet he could not. It just got worse and worse to the point where Noir is simply jealous all the time for simple things that do not matter. It was only through some luck and “family” that allowed him to leave behind this bitterness. However, some traces of a jealousy habit stayed behind with it’s strong grasp onto him.

He wanted to see the world for what it really was, not for what he told it was.

Aura and Semblance:
His aura is blue and he has a large aura pool to go with it. Noir also has a fine control over it, which gives slightly better control over his semblance. His aura training allowed him to sense other auras and grimm at a farther distance than average as if to compensate for the lack of one of his senses.

Bird’s Eye - ”Even in darkness, you will be seen…"

Noir can create a bubble that can move with him, with a radius of about 50 feet around him. Inside this bubble, Noir can see almost everything in that bubble, but solids usually stops him, such as walls, clothing, and other general solid objects. Everything in that bubble is all black and white to Noir’s vision. Darkness and Light does not apply in this bubble, so there is always equal shading, creating an improvised nightvision. Beyond the bubble, there is only black to be seen as it is the limit. Other than that, the only other notable information is that Noir often strains himself by how long it is held, and that his eyes glow a bright blue when using the semblance.

Combat Behavior: Noir excels in bladed combat as well as a good eye for ranged attacks, occasionally. His semblance allows him to see through smoke, which allows him to use smoke grenades willingly. He’s not afraid to use any dirty tricks, willing to win by ‘any means necessary.’ Noir dual wields a falchion and a pistol to keep any enemies off him.

If Noir is forced to overuse his semblance, he is essentially blind. He also cautiously avoid using his aura, even in situations where it’s needed because when he goes blind, he’ll need it.  Noir also can’t see anything beyond the bubble, which gives him a severe disadvantage in blocking. He uses his semblance sparingly as well, which means you can force him to strain himself. Disarming him makes him useless as he’s not the best at hand to hand combat.


Name: Blindness

Primary Form: It is a normal falchion with the handle being decorated black with gray swirls. The entire sword itself is forty-two inches long, with the handle being six inches. The rest of the sword is all bladed.
Spoiler: show

History: Not much history behind it besides as a useful weapon to keep enemies off him in melee range.


Name: Perspective

Primary Form: It’s an M9 pistol with a slight alteration to the handle, trigger, barrel. It uses dust cartridges instead of normal bullets.

Secondary Form: A button on the barrel can bend it backwards into a straight line. In this form, the trigger stays where it is. Whenever the trigger is pulled, the gun will do it’s alternate affect based on the dust cartridge currently inside the gun.

Dust Functions:
Primary Form:
Fire Dust - A slight burn wherever it hits.
Lightning Dust - A slight shock.

Secondary Form:
Fire Dust - Turns into a lighter.
Lightning Dust - Turns into a taser.

History: Much like Blindness, there is no history behind it besides being an all around useful weapon against enemies.

Approved Characters / Arian Reaper
« on: September 24, 2016, 11:33:27 AM »
Name: Arian Reaper
Age: 22, Zinnober 21, 58 AC
Species and Gender: Male Human
Symbol: N / A
Occupation: Fourth Year Haven Student
Appearance: Arian is 5'8" and weighs at 154 lbs. His hair is a very dark black, and it’s all straightened out and neat, but it's long enough to reach neck length and cover his piercing silver eyes. Arian has a rather palish tan complexion alongside a rather fit body composition, showing the fruits of his training. His face is well-rounded and scar free. Arian has green tear-trails under his eyes that goes straight down, which he gained from his aura training, even if it had not been activated. He often stands like he doesn't give a shit about the world, and he walks carefree.
Arian only has one outfit he wears outside of his Haven Uniform. This outfit contains a blank white mask and where there would be eyeholes is colored completely black. On the other hand, there's no evidence of a mouth or nose bump. He then wears a white floor length trench coat that is buttoned, then parts at the lower region which allows the lower part to flow when running. Arian wears a white short sleeve shirt alongside pure white jeans. This can be his formal, his casual, or even his sleeping clothes, it doesn't matter to him, he's going to be wearing this no matter what since it’s pretty much the only thing he has.
Arian's Haven Uniform is extremely clean and precise. However, he keeps on his white mask alongside the uniform. Arian has a digital watch on his left wrist that is purposely set to the wrong time.
History: Arian had forgotten his original name.
It’s sad really. Waking up in the broken remnants of a home, being an impossible survivor of The Longest Winter. Waking up with massive gaps in his memory that left him the bare minimum to survive, and an altered mind from what is presumed to be a head injury. He would be a blank stare at the dead bodies laid around him, as he looks at how they were squished, torn, or ravaged. A normal person would be disgusted, or even scared. Maybe even feel a bit of sadness for those that lost their lives. Arian wasn’t like that. That day when it happened, he lost more than just memories, some of the things he lost more obvious than others.

Arian spent a few days lingering around in the remnants of the residential area, often hiding from Grimm and searching for basic supplies. Having barely recovered from his mental situation, he luckily had no negative energy for the Grimm to sense. The last day he spent in those abandoned homes, Arian was found by a group of Huntsmen attempting to recover the areas they had lost in the event. The group couldn’t split, lest they get outnumbered by Grimm, so they had to take Arian with them. During that expedition, Arian would always be watching the huntsmen fight, whether they would live or die, and through his broken mind he came to a revelation: It’s kill or be killed. If he backed away, if he cowered, he would never truly live and die within the darkness.

After the expedition was over and they returned to Haven Academy, Arian was a little… obsessed. He wanted to get stronger and nothing else, and even when it was revealed his friends and family were dead from the tragedy, he did not shed a tear for them. Arian did not and could not care, for if he stopped now, if he did not become stronger, his live would be meaningless. He believed that it was fate that gave him that chance to live, and Arian was not going to waste it being weak.

After Mistral quickly retain some sort of order, Arian dove into training at age 13 by picking and joining fights whenever he can, as well as some personal training. He would always lose in the fights, barely surviving each time, but his skill and power grew. Each time Arian was struck, he buckled less and less, and every time Arian struck back, he was faster and stronger. In fact, it was when Arian picked up a kendo stick and incorporate it the best he could into his fighting style that he became better.

In fact, at age 15, Arian caught the eye of a wandering mercenary. Arian’s plight for strength caught the mercenary’s sympathy. The mercenary took him in and taught Arian all he knew, including any necessary knowledge, before passing on an old mechashift design that the man himself made. Together, they created Arian’s only weapon, and he trained the best he could in its usage. After all of that training, the duo would go out on jobs, often being easy enough where Arian’s life isn’t constantly threatened.

The accumulation of wealth from all those jobs were enough to send Arian off to Haven Academy, where he would begin his next step in the journey for strength. Passing the enrollment test, Arian was swiftly brought into that year of huntsmen. Upon initiation and the creation of Team CNBR, Arian quickly created distance between them in exchange for further training in his skill. It was only until the end of the third year when he had started to try and connect to the rest of his team.
Personality: Arian does not do emotions very well. He is blunt, speaks in a monotone, and a general loner. Arian also seems to be a bit intelligent, but he doesn’t blatantly show it considering he basically interacts with no one. That attributes to the fact Arian has no idea how to socialize. Having spent all his years training and not socializing with others had left him guessing on what to say. More often than not, he’ll look to others (such as his teammates) to help fill in the social gap of his life. On the other hand, Arian is completely different in battle. He is more bloodthirsty, and always seeking for a stronger opponent. Arian looks for fights and most definitely engage in them, just for the thrill of battle. However, just because Arian has pent-up bloodlust does not mean he loses his cool-calm demeanor.

Arian is somewhat bottling his emotions inside, even if he does not know it. Since he cannot release them, the green trails on his face symbolizes the things he had lost, emotionally and physically. The mask is just a further amplification of that fact, for he cannot shed tears for himself or others.

Still doesn’t stop him from cutting people open.
Aura & Semblance: Arian has largely sized aura reserve, and he has an easy time of controlling and precisely fine-tuning it, so it's not really a struggle for him to use his aura. His aura is bright green. Surprisingly enough, Arian does not seem to have a semblance no matter how hard he tries, so he focused on training his aura to the best of his abilities. His skill with aura can be compared to that of a professional huntsman trained in aura.
Combat Behavior: Arian is an exceptional swordsman, and his physical capabilities are no laughing matter. He also happens to be an excellent sharpshooter using his sniper. Arian is an excellent aura user, with all the benefits that would come from aura training. He’s an aggressive swordfighter, always looking to force and abuse an opening.

Arian does not have a semblance, putting him at a disadvantage against other semblances. He also happens to have no mid-range weaponry, so guns would be great to keep him at bay. Arian tends to get caught up in his bloodlust, so he can be easily isolated from his team. Arian relies on his aura to tank hits for him, though he can still take quite a few. If you could keep up with Arian, you can quickly turn around Arian’s aggressiveness back onto him.
Name: Ashes
Primary Form: Ashes in its sheathed form is a rectangular block around three and a half feet in length and two to three inches in width. Depth is about one inch. Sticking out of the wide end of the rectangular block is what seems to be a hilt of a longsword. On the other hand, there seems to be a briefcase handle, with large holes on the sides, on the middle of the long end. Ashes can be strapped to his back or held normally via handle.
Secondary Form: Ashes can turn into a sniper rifle using a button on the briefcase handle. When the button is pressed, the barrel around one inch in diameter extends out of the block to two feet. Parts of the sheathe starts to retract and allowing the magazine chamber to open up and the trigger to appear. The stock uses the hilt of the longsword, but if it’s not there, there is an adjustable stock that would extend out of the sheathe when activated. The scope pops right out under the briefcase handle. The magazine can only hold 5 bullets before swapping out for a new magazine. With a press of a button, it quickly returns back to normal as well.

It’s a crude and blocky version of any sleek sniper rifle.

Tertiary Form: The other part of Ashes can be drawn from the sheath as a longsword that’s three and a half feet long and two inches wide, with hilt taking up about six inches in length. The longsword and sheathe are built in a way where the sword can be put into the sheath without interfering in any of the gun functions.

History: The history and concept of it has long been gone, but its more recent history has been passed down to Arian, as it is the only weapon he uses now, especially against others.

Approved Characters / Sovereign LeBlanc
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Name: Sovereign LeBlanc

Age: 20. 4th of Niege, 55 A.C.

Species and Gender: Human Male

Symbol: N/A

Occupation: Third Year Atlas Student Vigilante, Part Time Magician, and Full Time Con Artist.

Appearance: Sovereign looks very much like his brothers as they were practically identical. However, an experienced observer would be able to pick out a few quirks that can be picked out from the rest of his siblings. Sovereign stands at the height of 5’10 which goes well with his lean athletic build. Much like his brothers, Sovereign shares their sharp eyes and neutral mouth expressions, which could often turn into a condescending smirk at times. Sovereign is a bit paler than most of his brothers, with his hair color being a strong golden blonde color. His hair is fashioned in a rather spikey style like his brothers that is almost impossible to pull off without dedication. Unlike his brothers, he has electric blue eyes, and they are a bit more dull than the rest of his siblings, but it’s barely noticeable. Most facial structures were shared, but other than that, those are the most obvious quirks.

Sovereign's casual attire is quite similar to his brothers: a cool looking, dark-grey hooded windbreaker of average length over a white polo/white undershirt combo, simple dark-khaki jeans, and black urban sneakers with white bases. On his right wrist is a cheap, upper-class watch. He does have both of his ears pierced, and unlike some of his brothers, wears metal spuds in both. Mostly, it was basically copied or stolen from Avery, have fun with that.

Sovereign, being the genius he is, incorporates his casual outfit into his vigilante outfit. Meaning, Sovereign just took his casual outfit and woven in a black hood into DPM. He then proceed to add a loose black scarf that can cover his mouth, as well as a one way, all black visor. To demonstrate how simple it is to transfer from his vigilante mode into incognito mode. Sovereign simply puts his hood down, tightens the scarf closer around his neck, and hides his visor within the scarf. Truly, Sovereign is the master of disguise /s

History: Sovereign has always loved his siblings, he really did. It didn’t help that they were always off to cause mischief one way or another, which is something he practically bathed in when he was younger. Born in a declining upper class family within Atlas, it was hard to get mischief done throughout the strict regiment of the entire city, but they did it. Sovereign would’ve quit being a part of all the mischief, but he couldn’t. The reason being that he didn’t care for his reputation nor the needs of their family. All he cared about was his siblings, and he’d go with them wherever they went. After all, his brothers meant all of the world to him, and he would gladly suffer for them as they would do for him. Hence, Sovereign being one of the main culprits of their heinous crimes of mischief. However, just because he loved his brothers all so much, doesn’t mean he doesn’t have a hobby to have some getaway time from them. That hobby was messing with his siblings, especially Avery, since impersonations and pranks were his favorite things to do to his younger brother. The other hobby was magic tricks. At first, he took up magic tricks as to con some people out of money for his siblings, but then he truly started to enjoy said tricks and delved further into the art. Sovereign, from then on, wanted to be a magician *cough* Con Artist *cough*, but when his brothers were dragged along to combat school, he HAD to follow them since he simply can’t leave them behind after all those years staying with them.

So, like before, Sovereign continued their siblings reign of mischief and conned a few students via lots of sleight of hands for the hell of it. However, unlike before, Sovereign had to pick up some of their slack academically so his younger siblings don’t have to do everything, as well as watching their back, insuring they got out of any mischief and cons scotfree. Sovereign also always made sure that the brothers don’t have any money issues by conning a few students here and there. Of course, the staff wised up like they should, often catching the triplets in the middle of their heinous crimes of mischief and many of Sovereign’s cons. In fact, the first time the staff caught Sovereign was practically famous. Sovereign had been cheating out a gambling ring, basically robbing them blind of their money. When it had been revealed that he had been using sleight of hands… Well, it wasn’t exactly pretty as Sovereign had to undergo a lengthy apology and repayment. After they graduated after many years of “hard work” and mischief, they were brought along to Atlas, with a warning in hand from the previous school’s staff about their history of mischief.

Much like their previous school, Atlas academy was a blast for the LeBlanc siblings. They continued their reign of terror, generating a reputation of mischief and confusion. Since some of the siblings are downers, *cough* Avery *cough*, they (mostly Sovereign) still had to continue and bring along all the LeBlanc siblings into mischief and trouble. It got worse when Sovereign got really good at acting via lessons, so now he can flawlessly pull off an imitation of all his brothers. Heaven itself prays for Atlas Academy, as they are not ready for wave 2 of mischief.

Sovereign, being the excitable and silly person he is, dropped out early during year 3 of his Huntsman academy. While it would've been preferable that he had gotten an official hunter's license to do what he pleases, being vigilante seemed much more appealing to Sovereign. In his mind, there are two clear reasons why a vigilante is superior to whatever he was going to do as a hunter: One, he starts cleaning up crime right now and not have to worry about a lack of Huntsman. Two, being able to call himself a vigilante is extremely cool in Sovereign's eyes so it is 100% worth it.

While he had not made a name for himself yet, his status of being a vigilante is being spread through out the public and the underworld. At least, that's what Sovereign thinks.

Personality: As the second oldest of the Le Blanc triplets, Sovereign prides himself as the “intelligent” kid of the bunch, though he’s sure Avery is better. More often than not, he’d find himself bailing out his brothers for homework and other school-related activities. Sovereign also happens to be the second silliest brother, only behind his older sibling, Aurum. For all his intelligence, he seems to be only using it for pranks and cons that Sovereign finds himself doing. Keep your eye off him for one second, and you could yourself caught in a diabolical prank that he had devised 5 minutes ago. Sovereign also happened to pick up some of his brothers’ traits, so have fun with that.

Under all that silliness, Sovereign is actually a really nice guy, albeit really shy. He truly believes that there is good in all things, and wishes to bring it out within people. Sovereign will fight for that right, for a second chance and for the goodness of themselves. Good luck with trying to get Sovereign to admit this, he’s very easily embarrassed by this sappy dream.

Aura and Semblance:
Sovereign’s aura is quite large, and glows an electrifying blue. When Sovereign ever uses his aura or semblance, the electricity in his eyes glow ever brighter.

Creation of All Things - There is beauty within life...

Sovereign is a lover of good in all things, so it makes sense that his very soul pronounces that. He can manipulate the elements around him, dragging it out of its place for his usage. Of course, if he took a huge chunk of stone out of a building, that wouldn’t be very good, which is why he was lucky enough to be able to use a SCF to create the elements out of nothing.

With all that excess tidbit out of the way, we’ll get down to the basis of his semblance. To manipulate the elements around him, it would cost 3% for every immediate action (such as manipulating stone and throwing  to hit an enemy in the face in that instant), but if it was a prolonged action (such as dragging a large boulder around) then it will cost 2% every minute.

The basis acts the same way for when Sovereign is creating an element that was originally not there, except it requires dust, and the cost often depends on the action he is trying to pull, so he keeps lots of dust on hand.

Combat Behavior: Sovereign is a brawler, through and through. His speed and strength makes up most of his power behind his punches. Sovereign also happens to incorporate dirty tricks whether it be “magic” of other shenanigans into his fights, so his semblance most definitely helps with that style of fighting. He keeps control of his fights, and the brawler / mage behaviors help with that. His gauntlets are quite durable and packs a punch when used with dust.

For all his strength and speed, someone who has experience in a martial art or melee style would most definitely take down Sovereign easily since he has no “solid technique.” If you also constantly stay unpredictable, you might be able to throw off Sovereign. The dust usage by Sovereign isn’t very… stable sometimes, so knock a few wires loose and you’ll have yourself an advantage.


Name: Dust Particle Manipulator, or DPM for short.

Primary Form: Sovereign wields bright white metal gauntlets that have energy vents on the side of his wrists for when he uses the dust within his dust backpack, the gauntlets itself seems to have tubes weaved into his windbreaker which would then be fed by the dust backpack. On the top of his wrists seems to be a display that allows him to choose what type of dust are going to be used, with the software and mechanics behind it being very simple so that it can be easily swapped out mid battle.

Secondary Form: DPM is actually a windbreaker that has a sort of backpack looking thing sewed into the back of it. It looks scarily similar to the windbreaker the siblings would usually wear. Inside the backpack would be piles of powdered dust that are sorted by element that would feed itself into the gauntlet for his usage. The tubes itself and the backpack are very fashionably placed and hidden so that it does not restrict Sovereign’s movement but is still effective.

Dust Functions: DPM is used as a SCF for his semblance, as well packing power behind his punches, since the energy is within the gauntlet and the heat is just released by the vent. Sovereign uses all types of dust, but the effects of each type are what you would expect.

History: Acting as his team’s Dust Mage, he created DPM himself with some assistance. Originally just a normal brawler, he picked up some Dust Training in order to fully compliment his semblance and fighting style.

Approved Characters / Iron Silvarious
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Name: Iron Silvarious
Age: 17. Born Hitahita 5, 62
Species and Gender: Human Male
Symbol: N/A because he sees absolutely no point to it.
Occupation: First year Beacon student
Appearance: Iron is 6 feet tall, weighing in at about 199 pounds. He’s fit and quite skinny with his pale complexion. He has dark red eyes as well as long black hair that is often swept back (imagine original DMC Vergil hair). His arms have quite a bit of scars, which is from all the experimenting he had done with the robotic arm. It also seems like he has a small faded scar that goes right over the bridge of the nose which seems like it also came from experiments with the robotic arm. He always seems to have a small frown on his face with his posture constantly looking down on some little project he’s working on.
Iron’s casual outfit mostly consists of a white lab coat that’s unbuttoned with a black turtleneck sweater under it. Alongside those additions, he wears black jeans completing his rather “scientist” looks. He also seems to wear glasses with a green tint to the lens with a digital watch on his right hand. Iron also wears a pristine gray scarf that goes down to his knees.
His combat outfit contains gray armoring as a chest plate with a black armored glove on the right. His leggings is also armored gray giving him that robotic look. Iron wears a red cloak that goes over his right side, and he wears a dark gray mask with bright orange eyes. His left shoulder is heavily armored due to the fact that his robotic arm is there.
Spoiler: Reference Image • show

History: Iron really hates both faunus and humanity at times. The amount of stupidity they have and bear in their actions, in the past, and even the present is unbearable to him. Of course, he can sometimes forgive them for what they are doing but that doesn’t stop him from sighing in frustration every now and then. Even then, his origin was what made him who he is today...
He was born in Vale, into a wealthy family that was rather vocal about their position on Faunus, which is a rather racist opinion. With this, Iron was born with racism in his family as it was a constant part of his life with Faunus ‘servants’ throughout his home. He was there when the servants got punished, and he was there when his family laughed about the Faunus suffering. However, all he was during that time period was curious: he wanted to understand why they were so antagonistic to each other. So, he went through a small rebellious stage where he wanted to see Faunus and Humans actually act civil to each other without large issues. Eventually, even with the childish curiosity he had, he decided to give up on that dream. Iron couldn’t understand as to why they won’t simply talk it out, as it couldn’t have been that hard. For not being able to understand, his childish self couldn’t help but resent both sides for being so stupid, for they must be if they simply hated each other with so little reason. At that point in time, Iron started to grow into his logical and reasoning personality. Since he had no other issue to direct his curiosity to, and feeling quite angry, he was practically bored out of his mind. He decided to take up something else to draw his mind away from his anger and boredom: programming.
At first, it was a small hobby just to cope with the stupidity, but over the years, he slowly grew obsessed with it because it was like life growing in his hands and obeying every single order that was given. Finally, he realized what he wanted to do: pursue every nook and cranny of knowledge in the world, and when he was 12 years old, he was taught everything he could with the assistance of teachers he constantly found over the years, whether they were paid or freely given. In fact, he was so obsessed with the pursuit of knowledge to the point where his family restricted him from doing any more as they wanted him to attend to the more “business” side of their life as he was practically the heir. However, after some thinking, his family had given him a choice: go to Signal Academy and become a hunter to make their family look better and he’ll have freedom to do what he wishes again, or he could start on the business studies. Being the person he is, he was too obsessed with programming and the pursuit of knowledge and decided to tough it out with the brutes in Signal Academy.
Surprisingly, Iron liked Signal Academy, especially the art of fighting. He learned many things to add to his intellect, as well as the act of fighting, whether it is Grimm or human, and that just opened a new branch of knowledge Iron wished to oursue. Of course, he stood out as an outcast mostly due to the fact he prefers to be alone so he can mess around with whatever he was programming or learning at the time. However, it was in Signal where he achieved his greatest accomplishment: he created a robotic arm that would be mounted on his left shoulder. The arm was created with lots of work that took up most of his free time, but it was worth it for his own usage. However it does seem do things on its own at times. It would then serve him as a third arm for miscellaneous use as well as combat use. It was also in Signal Academy where his hatred for both humanity and Faunus started to grow, especially with the hostile events of both human and faunus. It was no longer childish spite, but raw hatred for the fact that they are being stupid about how they are going about bringing peace, as a show of force is no way to bring it about. After all, it requires a clever mind and a gentle hand...
Unsurprisingly, he graduated from Signal Academy as one of the more intellectual students, and eventually had to apply to Beacon Academy in order to please his family so that he isn’t forced to comply with the business side of the family and accept his birthright of as heir. Of course, it helped that being a Hunter would allow him to self-exile without being found and pursue all branches of knowledge. Eventually his application was approved and he now finds himself ready for his first year at Beacon Academy. However, he still has so much to learn...
Personality: Iron is very intellectual but keeps to himself most of the time since he finds conversation a waste of time until deemed worth it. In the time he finds himself a conversation, he often stays silent with some offhand comments, but if he is brought in, he’ll speak (unless he really doesn’t want to speak about the topic). He also seems to carry some hatred towards both humanity and faunus, but given that you show that you aren’t making the same mistake that their kind is making then you are good in his books, somewhat. Iron also doesn’t judge someone on first impressions until he deems it a lost cause. He also seems to be quite manipulative, so if you’re on his good side, you won’t find yourself walking into a trap. Iron also happens to be blunt and straight to the point, so don’t expect technical jargon or beating around the bush (maybe).
Aura and Semblance: Iron’s aura is colored silver, and the aura pool and its usage is one of the things Iron excels at. He has already unlocked his semblance:
Great Spark - Calibrating and firing.
Iron creates a lightning “bolt” using up 5% of his aura each time it is created. This lightning bolt, in reality is actually an aura rod that is two feet long as well as being an inch wide that crackles with lightning around it. Once Great Spark makes contact with anything, it’ll barely pierce what it hits, lodging itself into wherever it found itself. Once it’s stuck, it’ll crackle and shock whatever it touches for a few seconds, until it explodes with lightning. However, if the lightning bolt is in a foot radius of Iron, then it cannot do anything except look cool and shock people throwing it until thrown. The maximum range is a 50 yard radius.
Combat Behavior: Iron has a third robotic arm that allows him to use it as an extra weapon / tool. He also has melee range to long range fairly locked down in combat. Iron is pretty good at making strategies against his opponent. He is able to disable as well as lethally harm opponents if he swings hard enough. Iron is not hesitant to use cheap tactics to take down his opponent.
His robotic arm makes him stick out like a sore thumb, as well as malfunction that take time to be fixed after using his semblance. He can’t make team strategies, he’s absolutely terrible at it for some reason. Iron can’t exactly dodge because his robotic arm sort of limits which way he can dodge. Since the robotic arm is hooked on to his left shoulder, slamming down the arm will also bring down Iron.
Name: L1T3-|34T0N (Light Baton)
Primary Form: It’s a retractable baton. In its retracted form, it’s a foot long and a inch wide which details look like the pathways on a computer chip. It’s durable enough to still be used in this form as a weapon for some weird reason, but it is mostly used to be contained and hidden.
Secondary Form: With a flick of the wrist, he can extend the baton to two feet and eight inches long. At this point, it is still just as durable and usable as a weapon just like its first form.
Dust Functions: The baton is wired to lightning dust. When the baton is flicked and extended, the lightning dust will be used to run lightning through the baton.
History: Iron wanted something that was easily concealable, yet could be as long as a staff, so his go-to was a baton.
Name: T4Z3R (Taser)
Primary Form: It’s a plain black metal glove on Iron’s left hand that goes all the way to his forearm. The glove has insulation on the inside to insure Iron doesn’t shock himself in some way shape or form. It’s a bit hard to get off as well as it seemingly is on his left hand all the time.
Dust Functions: With a flick of the wrist, T4Z3R can power on to use lightning dust. In hand to hand combat, he can abuse the glove all he wants against his opponent.
History: Iron wanted a backup plan, which created T4Z3R
Name: 4RM-0RY (Arm-ory)
Primary Form: It’s a robotic arm on his left shoulder (as shown in the reference image) that goes up to a foot when fully extended. It bends at the 6 inches mark so that it MIGHT not get hit by anything. If it wishes to retract, it’ll stick ramrod straight, and retract into a space where it’ll only leave the hand out on his left shoulder. It’s durable enough to withstand most strikes, and even then it’s usually easily repairable.
Secondary Form: On Iron’s back is a backpack for a neat little ‘toys’ which can be used for amusement. Death works too. This backpack can only contain 3 ‘toys’ compared to the 10 ‘toys’ he usually keeps with him. This means that the toys are rather strange and can be quite useless if it isn’t the right situation, which is half the time with these ‘toys’
The 4RM-0RY contains these 10 ‘toys’:
-A M9 Pistol (Surprise).
-A neat little arm shield to deflect off what little strikes it can.
-Flashlight that can also be used as a taser.
-A neat little umbrella to block off the rain. And attack people too I suppose.
-Handkerchief that works as a distraction and wipe off any sweat!
-A Ruler, sharp enough to cut AND provide sharp lines.
-His scroll.
-A Camera, with a blinding flash. Literally!
-A ‘grenade’ that only makes a really loud alarm sound.
-Sharp scissors. Because you need to cut things.
History: The arm was all intended. The backpack however was kind of for his amusement until Iron realized that it could hold pretty handy things.

The Vale Region / Hunting the Beast [Closed]
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Continued from:,3212.0.html

With a cruel smile that came with her dark thoughts, Artist follows behind Cornix as they move through the wilderness. She was no stranger to the outside world, nor was she a stranger to Grimm. Observing the beauty that lies around her, she reminisce of the good times she once had… Shaking away her thoughts as it was no time to become torn with grief, Artist quickly caught up to Cornix who started to call out towards the other 'expedition' members as they seem to have lost track of their target.

Uh oh.

She saw it coming, but unfortunately she was not fast enough to actually do anything about it. Her warning stuck on her tongue, she watched Cornix struck away by the Taijitu. With a scowl, Artist turned back to make sure Cornix was okay before facing the Grimm again with a ready blade. Unfortunately, the time she took to check allowed the Taijitu to strike, and Artist can only bring her metallic wings around herself. The Taijitu slams against the wings as Artist slides back from the force. With a grim and slightly pained smile, she quickly took that opportunity to unshield herself, take her blade, and strike at the Grimm. Artist only wanted it to be easier for the Grimm to be subdued, though her aggression says otherwise.

"A little help maybe?" You can absolutely hear the snarky tone.

Approved Characters / Eklipsei Gray
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Name: Eklipsei Gray

Nickname: “Lunar.” He was called his as an easier way of remembering and saying his name since everyone seems to be a bit lazy.

Age: 24

Species and Gender: Human Male

Symbol: A symbol for the Vale Police Force is generally the symbol he carries around.

Occupation: One of the Heads of the White Fang Investigation Team. Also one of the trump cards the Vale Police Force has for all extreme situations. Doesn’t stop him from doingn some grunt work.

Appearance: More often than not, you’d never see anything that is related to his head, but he is a decent height of 5’10” and weighs in at about 170 lbs. Should you ever get the chance to see him helmet-less, which is very rare to the point it's impossible, he would look extremely plain and normal with no facial features to note, much like any other civilian. Even any facial hair or scars on his face looks very plain and unworthy to note about. Eklipsei looks so plain that he could probably blend into the background and have an easily forgettable face without any of his unique features such as his weapons and armor. He is very physically fit as well as having a pale complexion like most people in Vale do after living for so long in Vale and in a suit of armor almost every waking day of his life. Eklipsei always seems to be leaning or slouching forward when moving or even standing still as if his complaints of back pains hold any merit - which they don't.

Spoiler: Combat Outfit • show

This is what Eklipsei usually wears to work as he often deals with down and dirty investigations to breach and clear as well as dealing with some of the more extreme events should he be needed in that time. It’s all white without any extra color accents on it, and the helmet can be sealed so it’s not taken off or lost in the middle of a fire fight. He wears a kevlar vest with his symbol sewn on to signify his role in Vale as the thick armor plating throughout the suit is there protect himself from bullet shots or melee attacks. The suit is made for heavy contact with human beings, not Grimm, so Grimm attacks could easily shred through his suit of armor. It is also carries ammo packs for his custom weapon in the police force.

History: Eklipsei was an orphan since the beginning, with his original parents being unknown. He was adopted by a family of three that eventually died to unknown reasons after some time during Beacon, but during those times he had with them, he was the happiest, regardless of his family’s death later on in life. He originally wished pursued a normal life as a citizen and normal education, but Eklipsei was swapped over to the hunter life after some convincing of his fighter friends as well as family convincing him. Regardless, he did excellent in civilian academies for what little time he had for his 'normal' education, but there was most definitely a struggle in Signal Academy after the transfer since he never knew how to fight to begin with. However, with some time, Eklipsei had quickly adjusted to Signal and it's training regime as he worked extremely hard on his physical activities and personal training to keep up with even the most average of students in Signal.

With some work, he was able to graduate from Signal Academy with some ease as an 'average' student and immediately went straight to Beacon Academy with an application in hand in hopes of attaining an even higher hunter education against the Grimm. That application was soon accepted and he found himself in Beacon Academy with students that were much better than he was, and that fact was shown in his initiation. In fact, he had never even unlocked his semblance unlike the other students at his age during that time and it would had never unlocked from his time in Beacon and on. However, he got by easily as one of the more average students in his time at Beacon, even though there were a few opportunities to go above and beyond.

One day, tragedy struck on his second year at Beacon, with his teammates lives being taken because they were taken unprepared after heading out. His teammates were out drunk as a way to hang out, but Eklipsei abstained since he had to study for the few tests he had to take. Not wanting to make them feel bad for leaving them behind, he insisted that they left, and after some convincing, they left. Some time later, he was told the news of how his teammates have fallen to a group of thugs after his friends were quite intoxicated. Immediately, Eklipsei sees the truth of the world and its harsh realities, that the world isn't fair and it'll strike at you unprepared. After all, he had wanted to protect the innocent by fighting Grimm, but what would that do when there was enemies on the inside? Eklipsei wanted to make a difference, and Beacon Academy would've taken too long to accomplish his difference. It was at this time that he dropped out of Beacon Academy to sign up for Vale’s Police Force so that he can protect the inside knowing that future hunters and huntresses can protect them from the outside.

It was in Vale’s Police Force where he started making a difference, in an attempt to keep Vale safer for the time being. Quickly rising in the ranks and power, it felt like he was making a difference, so he kept up in his training but focusing his training more on human takedowns than actual Grimm studies or combat. After all, he was taking down human beings, not soulless monsters like the Grimm. With that in mind, Eklipsei used his old weapon that was built in Signal to be recreated into a custom weapon for his police duties since he won't need it for any other reason, but also alongside some new signature weapons to insure that he wouldn't be left with nothing when he lost his weapons.

However, recognizing the threat of the White Fang, Eklipsei puts lot of work into training in order to take them down. Continually growing his detective skills, he started to bust some White Fang safehouses and bring some justice. On the other hand, they were often abandoned with no information left behind except for the evidence that they had been there. After years of doing this over and over again, he was finally promoted as one of the heads. Even though there is a lot of paperwork, the paperwork doesn’t stop him from doing field work, especially in extreme situations.

Personality: Eklipsei is silent, mostly to keep up with the whole 'silent guy' stereotype that comes with the edgy events that comes to him as of late. However, he can be quite silly and would make a few jokes every now and then, albeit a very quiet sounding voice when doing so. It was his way of coping with the events that come to him after all, with his 'do whatever I can' mentality after all his time spent to trying and making a difference. On the other hand, Eklipsei could be very sarcastic and rude, but it’s not too often. It's very rare, but he would also occasionally delve into a state of melancholy and darkness as if to mourn for his fallen comrades, both hunter and police force that had fallen due to unknown reasons. All in all, he's a pretty normal guy besides the whole 'stay silent and mourn or be extremely snarky' since that seems to be a pattern with Eklipsei.

Aura and Semblance: He has a decent aura pool, but he never unlocked his semblance, seemingly as if he would never unlock it in the future. His aura is a vague-ish gray.

Combat Behavior: Eklipsei is a good shot with a gun, as well as being good in CQC. His strength and speed is not to be scoffed at as that was the thing Eklipsei is best at in the Academies. His suit of armor can take a beating from all sorts of attacks and even nullified by Eklipsei if he knows what to do. Should he not have his CQC knife, he can go hand to hand of use one of the weapons on him to beat down his opponents. On the other hand, he does not work well with people, since he has his own plan in mind. Grimm attacks or extremely strong attacks can tear through his suit of armor, effectively ending his life. Eklipsei is more of a brawler in CQC that incorporates a knife, so if a trained combatant in hand to hand fights him, he'll most likely lose. Eklipsei requires focus to get a truly accurate shot, so if you throw off his focus, you'll most likely only get hip-fire accuracy. Eklipsei has a slightly hard time dodging attacks due to the suit of armor.


Name: SMG-4092 : Dragon Fire

Primary Form: 
Spoiler: Reference • show

The entire weapon is 2 feet long and 2 inches wide, with the magazine being nearly three-fourths of the entire weapon. It has a silencer attached for the more silent missions. Dragon Fire is made to be durable alongside durable materials in order to be used as a CQC weapon as well. The entire weapon is straight dark black to hide within the darkness and there are no other colors alongside it. Each magazine of Dragon Fire carries about 50 fire dust rounds that is carried by Eklipsei with 3 other magazines of the same amount.

Dust Functions:
Dragon Fire fires at a fast rate, with the fire dust creating an illusion of a dragon's breath creating that 'burning impact' of the dust when hitting something.

History: It was created from the salvage of his original weapon, and created for more convenient weapons for his usage.


Name: M-952 - Flash Break

Primary Form:
Spoiler: Reference • show

It looks like a normal pistol with its barrel and handle, with it being straight black. The entire gun is a foot long, with the barrel being 10 inches of it. It's also one wide. Much like Dragon Fire, Flash Break is durable with its materials in order to be used in CQC as well, with the sharp point being sharp enough to cut. Unlike Dragon Fire, there is no silencer on it. Each magazine carries 9 rounds of Lightning Dust, and he carries three extras for ammunition.

Dust Functions:
The lightning dust, alongside it's powerful kick and impact goes well alongside the lightning, as if lightning bolts were being fired out as a 'shocking' attack.

History: Much like Dragon Fire, it was created from the salvage of his original weapon, remade into convenience.


Name: Knife-42 : Cut

Primary Form: Cut is a black combat knife that's up to 8 inches long and an inch wide, with the blade being made of carbon steel. There's no decorations to it besides it being a simple knife that works like intended.

History: Like it's other two counter part weapons, it's made of the salvage of the original weapon.

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