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1st Year 1v1: Catalina Glenn

4th Year 1v1: Infrared Ray

Huntsman's Bracket: Siu Ceong

Everywhere Else / Re: Hunt for the Howling Storm {CLOSED}
« on: June 20, 2018, 08:45:01 AM »
Infrared was relieved that the volley finally stops and puts down her arm before Solar even started throwing. Her legs are getting better from 'being nailed' to 'washing wound with plain water' but her hand, it hurts. Moving it hurts. Just leaving it alone hurts. Touching it hurts. Exposing it to the air hurts. Scraping it hurts. Flexing it hurts. It is actually pretty close to getting a rather serious burn.

But as she sat up she felt some... moist. She only felt it on her seat, but she had better make sure what it is, she doesn't know the strain of overusing her semblance.
Infrared turned around and back to see Solar splashing water from her drinking. That made Infrared wished she had brought a bottle or something too. But anyway that should be the end of our part. Now it's just Rust and the big guy.

RPG Discussion / Re: 41st Vytal Tourney Q&A/Poll/Rules
« on: June 20, 2018, 08:06:14 AM »
What about consumables? Can they bring only a specified amount of Dust and ammo to each fight?

Edit: Another question, what about authority restricted semblance(e.g. Siu Ceong's Dragon by Vale Airspace, Sean Acacia's high-intensity Aura Bomb by Shade Academy)?

Seeing Nami take his pill was a surprise. He doesn't know why and has no good guesses, but he did make for the water bottle, struggling to get up and limping to his it the seats, took it out and offered to the mentally assumed Faunus.

"What are those for?" Cat asked as he sat near his own backpack.

Catalina looks relieved at the sight of the blades' contact, but then he didn't expect a final retaliation and took the full force of it. He is more than sure that both of them were in the red, but that's only a needle of thought among a haystack of pain and nausea as he collapses onto the ground.

After what feels like an eternity Cat recovered enough, and he first asks, "I suppose we should call this a draw?"

Cat totally didn't expect that Nami can turn himself back so he duck under and past him, turn back and despite the added distance still got hit by one of them and managing to block the other. Cat noted how his exhaustion is already getting to him and he got slower, so he opted to decide the fight with his semblance.

Launching four blades at once all with aiming maneuver is a huge drain and will all but guarantee that Cat will be left defenseless at the end of this one pulse of attack. Under his figuratively cracking skull Cat launched his decisive assault, with four of them moving in from each lateral direction including one that loops over from above to behind, swing frantically until he wins or collapses.

Swing: 5%x8
Aura: 24%
Stamina: 33%

Cat was really afraid of that bite. He released his hammer but still got his arm bitten, but he managed to retrieve his hammer with his semblance, which went clockwise and came aroumd delivering a faster swing this time near the temple equivalent of Nami. In the front Cat poked at his eyes with two more spikes, figuring that Aura woiuld protect Nami from any real damage, and himself kept his distance to avoid such threatening move from happening again.

Swing: 15%
Spikes: 3%x2
Aura: 34%
Stamina: 69%

Catalina felt like he had been karate chopped in the head when the blade was blocked, but it didn't break just yet and Cat reacted by retracting and swinging at Nami elsewhere. It get intercepted every time but he is satisfied that he got one direct sniper hit out of it.
But then he transformed into almost a Beowolf lookalike with what can only be his semblance, and he couldn't evade it in time and got hit right in the torso, only evading the bite with a semblance pushing himself on the ground away. At this close snipers can't reliably hit so he had to use the hammer again. Taking an overhead swing on the head of the Beo... Nami, Cat prepared to use his semblance to a greater extent.

Swing: 10%
Aura: 54%
Stamina: 78%

He really is fast. Cat, while annoyed from not being able to hit consistently, is partially delighted to see Nami charging again. Since evasive maneuvers are hard to intercept, he decided not to intercept... directly. Catalina activated his semblance again, this time as the shape of a sharp blade. It extended past Nami and then started sweeping left and right to get him. With that, he can maybe buy himself some time and maybe get off one shot to further tire him out, if not doing damage. This is his semblance at the basic stage, so any stress is small and he could maintain this level of usage for quite some time.

Sweep: 5% per hit
Shot: 15%x0-1
Aura: 84%
Stamina: 86.5%

Hur that's quick! This is a wide spray and he managed to outrun my aim!
Whit such quick evasion Catalina reckons he need to get closer to be able to spray on him. But that is rendered irrelevant when he was shot through the flames instead, hitting him squarely in the face. The first two did anyway, Cat rushed to transform the sledgehammer back to it's sniper form while deflecting the rest. He quickly strolled backwards to a small distance away and started firing again, with more effort at aiming than dodging as he assumes the more suppressive fire would keep that at bay. You might also have a gun like I do, but my bullets are faster, hit harder, and are more accurate, putting me at a significant firepower advantage!
Cat predicts that Nami might change his tactics again soon, so he prepares to use one of his other created set pieces to combat in case the range closes again.

Shots: 15%x4
Aura: 84%, 3/7 hits taken
Stamina: 90%

Catalina had to be quick to react by the time he is being pressed against the ground. He knows going directly hand to hand with a hand to hand specializer would be disastrous for him. So time to break out his semblance.

A Catalina blue-colored spike made of Aura extended from below Cat and started taking jabs at the underside of several spots of the target body, notably the armpit and the wrist on Nami's left arm. This can hopefully help him disengage and roll to diagonally behind the opponent, allowing Catalina to promptly unleash the flamethrower function with the top of the head of his hammer.

Spike: 3% per jab times however many it takes for the slam to complete or break.
Flamethrower: 5% per second connecting.
Aura: 90%
Stamina: 93%-1.5%/second

Cat stopped internally monologuing and shifted his focus from his (far) future opponent to the imminent contact as they get into range. He tried to sidestep Nami but in the other direction and ends up still facing each other. This is where he should use his range advantage.
Elbowing the claws with his left arm and changing the received hit from a slash to a stab, Cat switched his grip into one that faces the opponent with his barrel/handle and pokes it into the throat, keeping range while trying to choke Nami with such a strike. As the hammer slide down his grip, he would then swing it back trying to hit the probably dodging head in the other direction.

Stab: 3%, Swing: 8%
Aura: 90%
Stamina: 96%

Straight for the kill huh? The meleeier the merrier.

Cat tensed up at Nami jumping forward and started rushing, but since close combat is what he needed to practice it was certainly welcome. Cat aimed again, now taking his time and aim down the scope, hoping his marksmanship expertise would let him land hits properly, at Nami's shoulder this time. Luckily an open area not only meant a straight rush but also a clear shot, so he expected to get some success with the two shots he was able to make.
As the threat of the claws grew closer to Cat he switched his weapon into the hammer form and prepared to attack tor dodge. This will be his first time putting his formulated close quarter plans to test.

Sniper shot: 15%x2
Aura: 100%
Stamina: 98%

Nami... I never paid any real attention to that name. I supposed having that many people all in one class will do that to you. All that I see is the claws so a very close range fighter probably?
"Nice to meet you. Go!" Catalina said, raised his sniper and fired off one tentative shot to probe the reaction of the fight at hand.

Sniper shot: 15%
Aura: 100%
Stamina: 100%
Edit: Numbers added.

"Oh, yeah, sorry, that was too loud for you isn't it." Catalina pauses and turns down the volume to the lowest she can comfortably hear, but then just puts it away and stands up instead. The last time he had one outside of class was called off because his opponent, no less than the semi-finalist Juno, had matters to attend to and called the match off, so he is eager to fight.

"So, we're both here to practice, and here's just the two of us." Cat presents Take That! and walks down the stadium to the arena, walking to one side of the arena as per usual, holding his gun but not pointing it at anything. "My name is Catalina Glenn. And... spar?"

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