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 Wind blew up behind the pesky gnat and Vermilion's eyes widened. It wasn't the first time someone thought they were hot stuff but he enjoyed the challenge he presented, it was flattering in a weird way. His opponent, just another pebble to be kicked aside, seemed to think otherwise. Unfortunately he wasn't in the mood to bring her hopes up any more than that and dispelled the spears beneath him, leaving the few others hanging behind him as he dropped backwards.

     Topaz' attack fully depended on Verm not moving from his perch, high above the ground and looking down on his enemies. Vermilion was stubborn, the type of person who wouldn't budge if he wished but even if it was true, he was far from stupid.

     Cackling as he dispelled his spears, Vermilion dropped as Topaz zoomed over him, not even bothering to follow up the attack with the spears in his place, but got a glancing hit as he dropped, dropping him into the sand. Red hung in the air, sparsely spaced so they probably wouldn't all hit, but also a threat in themselves to charging idiots.

     Particles of dirt filled the air for but a moment and Vermilion spun his rifle to clear the debris, transforming it to its spear form while taking a moment to brush off some dirt on his shoulder. Instead of summoning more spears he hung back and rested his spear on his shoulder, taking a rest from using his semblance and the fight while wondering if he should help Vivian instead of bothering with Topaz.

     "Viv! Need a little help over there? Just say so and I'll stop playing around" He jeered, wondering if the rabbit would hear him with her current clash.


[Hanging spears x6- 3% each(Because Topaz is running right into them trying to attack Verm). Spread out so they wouldn't all hit anyways.]


[Confident. Slight Semblance fatigue]

     As she expected, Akel broke out of the wires the second her strikes hit. It was a good attack but unlike other participants, Ayaka lacked anything with raw stopping power. It was unfair, she thought, that aura was indiscriminate in that regard, making her sword strike deal as much damage if not less, than a staff of the same weight.

     Ayaka brought her sword up as Akel charged and attacked, and used the weapons' length as a long parry to redirect the blade to the side despite the following feint into a  thrust. If her opponent knew anything at all, it would be way more effective to strike diagonally, the difference in skill was apparent to her, or so she thought.

     Despite her aura being lower, Akel still had her stamina. Ayaka, being winded by her earlier attack, moved too slow to block the low sweep and landed square on her behind, her lengthy sword becoming unwieldy too slash from her position as Akel winded up for a strong attack.

     She remembered, however, that even though she wouldn't be able to use it to slash away, it was still as long as a spear. Ayaka braced herself for the strike, moving ever so slightly to the side, gripping her sword on the blade as well as its handle. She thrust upwards as the point of the scythe met her shoulder, and aimed to use Akel's momentum to get a good stab in exchange for her incoming hit.

     The scythe slammed into her shoulder, hitting the armored plate, but still taking its full toll on her aura. Pain flared from the blunt force trauma alone and Ayaka cried as she tumbled away, using a burst of aura at her feet to gain distance. On her knees she smiled, a bit proud of her opponent's reactions and wondered if she'd get a good fight from this after all.

     Letting out a breath, she sheathed her blade and sat in seiza, using her brief respite to recuperate while letting out an air of defenselessness. Swallow's bane and its sheath was still in her hand however, and Masamune on her waist, she'd be ready to draw if need be and hopefully regain her composure.

[Stab - 7%]

[Aura - 64%]

     Ayaka continued circling Akel, walking all the way to the end of her wires, and kept her blade charged. Several seconds passed and she could already feel the power building up in her blade, her body itched to let it loose. Akel just stood there, hand on sword as always and didn't move an inch. She was wary, as one should be, but she made the wrong move. Ayaka was counting on her to stay in place.

     In one swift motion Ayaka pulled the wires taut, tightening her web around Akel while the razor sharp threads snapped into place. Wires glowed white as aural fibers shot out from the ones nearest Akel, threatening to barrage her with a flurry of minor cuts while in the same motion Ayaka began drawing her blade.

     Ayaka pulled again, unlatching the wires while reeling in her spool, the action forced the wires to converge in an attempt to wrap around Akel. Steel became white and the net was cast, Ayaka used her semblance again and several more aura wires followed the direction of the ones moving in, doubling the chances of trapping the swallow, or rather white bat, in her cage.

     In one swift motion, nigh simultaneous to the wires closing in, Ayaka unsheathed her blade and slashed diagonally upwards. Energy shot out as a white arc, more than 2 meters in length and traveled rapidly towards her opponent. Continuing her motion from earlier she slashed again, opposite of the one earlier but the energy disappeared from her blade. Judgement cut activated and it manifested right behind Akel.

     Ayaka divided the energy into three attacks. Front, Back, and for the last one, top. She slashed downwards in an arc, cutting the ground as the last slash disappeared, manifesting above Akel. Letting out a breath as she finished her attack, Ayaka deftly brought her blade back, everything happening in less than a split second, and slowly slid Swallow's Bane into its sheath.

     The attack took a small toll on the swordswoman as she felt her stamina drain. It usually didn't take much to use her semblance normally but the attack she just performed used a lot in a short amount of time. She didn't show it outwardly however, remaining calm with posture rigid and straight, but she knew that unless she took a short reprieve her attacks wouldn't hit as hard afterwards and her movements more sluggish. She stood firm, hand on blade as she thought out her next move. Ayaka was prepared to finish the fight, however, and she wouldn't take stamina as an excuse for loss.

[Annoying wire snap - 5%(total)]
[Wrap wont do significant damage but acts as a bind]
[Charged Slashes - 10% per slash, 3 slashes] (fast as normal slashes but hit harder because of charging time)

[Winded. Calm]

     If there were more trees, Ayaka certainly would have made a better trap. Unfortunately given their small arena that wasn't the case. She gazed upon Akel as her wires dug in, one of them around the scythe user's hand, and picked out that wire from the many on her spool. The two that were deflected were reeled in, zipping quickly back into their spool, while Ayaka started charging her blade with energy.

     Instead of attacking, she waited. Patient and calculating. Ayaka sheathed Swallow's Bane to hide the charge, but took a stance to show she was ready to fight. Every second that passed would increase her attack's power. Every moment, draining her energy for the next few strikes. The adrenaline rush was beginning to subside, and the earlier exchange was finally catching up to her. A bit winded, but nothing too drastic, she fought hordes of grimm along with her teammates that made her more tired. Her posture was still firm, her body still ready, all that changed was the loss of fire in her eyes.
     She calmed herself, the bird was already in the trap. All that was left was springing it. This swallow was particularly large, a bit on the annoying side, and almost if not just as stubborn as she was. Blade in sheath at her side, and spool at the ready, she walked as she charged her blade, staring down Akel like huntstress would a grimm. The spool let out more lengths of wire as she walked, not too taut but enough to not let the others slack. They flowed like silvery sheens of light in the air and followed the swordswoman like metallic petals raining down in fall.

     Her body was calm, her blade was ready. All that was left was waiting for her opponent to move. How many seconds would it be before that happened? One...two? Three? She counted and felt her blade charge, eyes never leaving Akel. The longer she waited, the faster she could end the fight.

[Aura -81%]
[Calmed and Poised. Slightly winded]

     Vermilion scoffed at Topaz's reply, watching with interest as the girl charged. His height gave him more than enough time to react, and with weapons already pointed downwards it was only a matter of shooting down from the high ground. Aura spears readied, and his own spear in hand, he attacked the blindly charging girl with a barrage of pointy tipped terror spread out to hit her whole body. Red flashed in the air as the spears shot downwards towards the girl to interrupt her charge, about half a dozen spears, and many more forming behind them.

     "Fool, didn't they teach you not to pick fights you can't win? I have the high ground!" he jeered, mockingly taunting the girl."If you run back now I'll let you jump off the arena but I would miss hitting you a bit more." The leering eyes of the crowd didn't bother him. He didn't care about the booing. What he did care about was crushing the insect that didn't know its place.

     Laughing at the pitiful attempt, Vermilion raised a hand and more spears formed by him, looking pitifully upon Topaz. He didn't raise his own weapon, instead letting the his semblance do the job. Half a dozen more spears, now twelve in total, hung next to him like eerie tools of torture, their red tinted glow untainted by daylight.

[Spear barrage: 4% per spear (6 total spread out)]

[Aura - 95%]
[Fresh and Confident]

     Aurum resisted the urge to throw his wet socks at the newcomer, wondering if she actually was a pirate. She had the get-up, that was evident, and the talking. "But where the heck is your eyepatch? The Parrot? Also...where in Remnant is your ship, Cappy!?" Aurum spat out, his thoughts turning into words half way. He shrugged prematurely at the incoming groans and closed one eye, hooking his elbow in classic pirate fashion. "Uh...I mean. Yarr! Where be your fine ship, if ye really arrre a pirate? Or are ye a faker?!" Rolling r's are a must! Especially if they sounded like Arrrrrr. Arrrrr, Yarrrr, Garrrrr. What else sounded piratey?

    Hopping towards the escape pod as Avery gestured at them, Aurum gave his brother a well deserved, and extremely soggy, pat on the shoulder. Thanking him while gawking at Topaz' grimm count. "Are you sure there are that many? That's a lot of evil licorice to fight. I say we run. No shame in running! Heck, why else would they call it the fight or FLIGHT syndrome if it wasn't as important. Live to fight another day, I say!. Aurum said, pulling off a boot before getting into the pod, an unbelievable amount of water pouring out. He switched back to pirate speak a second later, winking at Cordell, "And let's bring the fine lass, as well. We be needing a guide once we get leave, yar? Does yar mean yes? Oh whatever."

     Ayaka wasn't going to stop just yet, though her blade was caught she had more than enough time to see the guns rotating towards her. Akel seemed to have forgotten one important thing, however. If her blade was binding Ayaka's, Ayaka could also move her blade.

     "Resorting to firearms so soon?" Ayaka patronized, easing her blade to the side as she let hers slide away, redirecting the opponent's as she moved. With a small burst at her feet, she also moved to the side as quickly as she could, away from the gun barrel.

      Unfortunately she was still within gunshot, and two bullets clipped her body as she moved away. One fully and another just glancing. She winced at the pain but continued her advance. The small but quick motion gave her more than enough room to stay within range, however, unlatching the bottom end of her blade as she revealed a wire spool in both ends. She fired on downwards, and another towards Akel, anchoring the wires to her side, while using the other ends to trap her opponent.

     Several wires shot out towards Akel, while others hit several pieces of cover behind her. Since she was stubborn as an swallow, annoying and finicky to her relentless assault, Ayaka decided to humble her. In one swift motion, wires flew around and towards Akel with utmost speed, metallic sheen glaring to the eyes. Seven wires. That's how many were shot. They embedded in the ground, and into some trees nearby, forming an irregular web of razor sharp death. Two were flung around Akel, coming after the others on the sides, leaving little room to maneuver be it side, back, or top.

     Ayaka left more than enough room for herself though, she had control of the field now and she was determined to win. One strong pull and the wires went taut, snapping into place, and the ones flowing over Akel, moved in to constrict. She moved as she pulled, watching her footing as she moved to the side, and adjusted her distance. Ayaka faced Akel, eyes stoic and leering, one hand on her blade and another caressing the wires from the spool.

[Wires - Dart to pale mug(or body and sword) - 3% x 2 darts]
[Constriction - 2%]

[Aura -81%]

     Blast it. Ayaka swore as judgement cut just barely nicked her opponent, one step further and it would have done serious damage. Her opponent was fast, fast enough to counter her lunge and respond with an attack of her own. Ayaka barely got her blade angled properly to deflect the first strike and rapidly drew her secondary blade to intercept the next.

     Unfortunately the larger weapon crashed down strong enough to hit the weapon down, the much heavier strike powering through her static block. Using her shoulder to take the brunt of the damage she endured the hit and stepped away, quickly sheathing her secondary and bringing both hands back to her Nodachi. Ayaka slashed outwards as she regained her footing, trying to use her weapon's length to ward off her opponent and again as she got back into optimal distance.

     Ignoring the pain that flared in her shoulder, Ayaka smiled for the first time since the fight began and forgot all about the audience's gaze. Cheers sounded muddled, the benches looked blurred, but the arena and her opponent were clear as day as adrenaline pumped through her veins.

     Taking a step back she rapidly released a flurry of strikes, each followed through by an outward aura slash, effectively doubling the strikes. As each strike finished, a band of energy followed through a second later. Each attack was quick, but coupled with the semblance it felt like each strike hit twice in the same area. One steel, another aura. Being able to block every strike flawlessly would be impossible unless they themselves surpassed her skill many times over. This was the strategy she was going for, no rest and no quarter.

     Ayaka stayed outside of her opponent's reach, just a centimeters difference, but she vowed to not let her get a strike in unless it mattered. One slash. Two slashes. Three slashes. Unlike the spherical web these just shot out of her blade. White hot bands of energy that would continue running unless blocked. Ayaka pushed forward, not giving ground and not allowing rest, an unrelenting barrage of slashes to tire out her opponent. head, body, and torso. High strikes and medium strikes. To take a head or to sever a limb.

[Recovery slash - 5%]
[Slashes - 7% each. 3 sword slashes, 3 follow up aura slashes]

[Aura - 90%]
[Adrenaline rush]

Character Editing / Re: Samantha Quartz
« on: July 24, 2018, 10:40:30 PM »
Sorry about the massive delay. Lots of stuff going on and I had this prepped a while sgo but never got to coming back to it.

Okay History seems to be much better noe. a bit of a few kinks here and there but I'll leave that to other mods to say if they want.

Personality is a bit extensive but a lot of it is just overexpansion of just a few traits. Laziness being emphasized quite a lot among them. If possible condense and summarize, it's good to explain stuff but there's also times when less is more. Being wordy can end up being more confusing than helpful at times.

Combat behavior is good but I trust you keep and rp to what you wrote instead of taking advantage of a situation. Characters actions should reflect on their profile after all.


Regarding the crystaline part.

I think metal would work way better than crystals with vibrations. Crystalline stuff is more often than not, brittle. Which is why people don't use them for anything shock absorbant, instruments etc etc. Technically its not a real problem but a lot of crystal vibration mumbo jumbo is pseudo science and not really feasible. If it were wed use crystals for so much stuff regarding instruments or other shock absorption and the like.

Second weapon would be fine except for the levitating part. Seems like unneeded fluff and would make the rifle way bigger just to account for moving and jostling. Also rifles work by actuslly directing the bullet so levitsting it would make it less accurate, not to mention increase the chances of jamming. Aura could explain how the weapon can handle the stress from the semblance, so get rid of the gravity levitation bit.

Now on to the ports.

One of the issues with history came by with why her parents wouldnt have the ports removed. If a bunch of back alley scientists can do it certainly wealthy influential huntsman can find experts that could do better.

My main gripe with it is that they can interface with devices. How exactly does that work? She has a built in computer kn her spine as well? A chip in her brain that allows her to to understand programming languages? I may have to discuss this one issue  a bit more

     Vermillion flinched at the arrow blow, still half buried in his own bravado, and brought out his own rifle to fire back in turn. She seemed a little too far for his spears to land accurately and he wanted to relish the barrage. Wasting spears on someone who'd just keep running away wasn't nearly as fun as cornering them and then crushing them under his foot. Besides, the girl wasn't bright enough to pick a less unstable form of cover.

     "Don't worry, honey, I won't bite!" Vermilion guffawed, spinning his rifle before readying the weapon. He aimed at the large dust crystal instead of the girl, sights darting between the two and then fired. He aimed to cause an explosion of wind to cover his approach and possibly also hurt the girl. He had his own ranged weapon, could also probably could also out-shoot that puny bow, but chasing around his target behind rocks and dunes would be annoying. Besides, it was much more fun to penetrate up close than at a distance.

      Sprinting soon after, he shot behind him to get a boost the second the shot went off and transformed his weapon into its spear form. As he ran, Vermilion planted his spear into the ground and released the piston system, vaulting him into the air before landing on two spear shafts that appeared under his feet a moment later.  "Now that I'm up here I could properly look down on you insects. Now will you fight, or will you perish like a dog?" he challenged. Several spears formed not a second later around him, aiming down below as if ready to stab fish in a barrel.


[Fresh and Confident]

     Aurum laughed as he entered the arena, running his hands through his spiky blonde hair while grinning impishly at the crowd. He waved at his fellow Atlesians, garnering some glares from some of his prank victims and some cheers from those who thought he was his brother. With an over-exaggerated bow he greeted the rest of the attendees and flashed a fist of preemptive triumph albeit not knowing whether he'd win himself.

     Silver Tanhelm was worn in its armored configuration, polished and readied by his teammates who decided that he should at least look presentable during his fight. Aurum's thoughts went back to his teammates, each of whom had fights of their own in their brackets, and excitement rose as he thought about fighting them on the big stage. "Think about how funny it'd be to fight Avery with swapped weapons." he muttered absentmindedly as he walked across the arena. "Ey, where's my opponent? Announcer dudes, where they at?"

     Aurum waved at the announcer's booth with his weapon extending slowly from his arms into long blades. Seeing how shiny his weapon was he tried reflecting some light off of it to the announcer's eyes. "Hey!"

     The strike may have been strong but it was also clear as day. Using her semblance to push against the side with her feet, Ayaka angled herself away from the strike while closing in. Ayaka intercepted the strike with one of her own, sliding a parry instead of static blocking effectively redirecting the strike and avoiding the shots that followed.

     Akel pushed herself back, however, gaining distance to which Ayaka responded with another dash. She slashed the air rapidly so that aura slashes would appear behind her opponent a second later whilst she closed in, blade glowing faintly but visibly.

     "Stop running and fight me properly!" Ayaka cried, lunging forwards with her extensive blade after releasing the slashes that appeared behind Akel like a web of light.

[Judgement Cut - 5%, 3 slashes from behind.]
[Lunge - 8%]

[Aura - 100%]

     "Don't worry, Atlesians, I intend to win! Let's see how fun it'll be pummeling you into the ground!" Vermilion proclaimed in response to the greeting. The announcer pissed him off, that much was evident. Thinking that he'd be beat up was ridiculous and thinking he'd lose to a bunch of ice eating stuck-up idiots was even more absurd! He'll show them, he and Vivian. His long eared friend was nearby but he was too engrossed in his bravado that he didn't bother introducing her. The announcers did their part, capturing the crowd and now Vermilion was ready to dish out some pain.

     Sand was everywhere again, for some reason sand took a liking to Vermilion. His past few missions involved sand, and even the training center had it. He hated it. It was coarse, rough, and got into everything. Thanking the fact that aura protected the fine machinations of his weapon Vermilion smugly grinned, wondering if Avery and Mylies could see his triumphant smile.

     Extending his weapon to its long rifle form, Vermilion rested the weapon on his shoulder. The massive calibered firearm was a comforting weight. He extended one hand, as if in half greeting but it was clear he only meant one thing.


     Ayaka offered a short bow to the hiding Akel and readied her sword. The girl was hiding behind a tree, probably scouting what little space they had, but everything was still within range of Ayaka's semblance. She didn't have much to go with, given the small river and scattered dust, but if she brought the fight to her she'd surely have the advantage.

     From what Ayaka she remembered, Akel had some sort of hearing semblance. They were both in their first year but she didn't really know the specifics other than the headset helped her somehow. If she were sensitive it would be easy to just aim for those itself, but that wouldn't be a fight at all and an insult to Ayaka's skill. She wanted a fair fight, one that would prove her skill rather than her wit, so cheap tricks were nothing but a last resort.

     Composing herself Ayaka locked onto her target and aimed her sheathe at her, signifying the start of her attack, and grinned ever so slight before getting back into a readied position. "Here I come!" Ayaka cried, right before sprinting towards Akel's side of the arena. Right as she ran she unsheathed her Nodachi and swung outwards with her semblance, sending a powerful cutting blow towards the tree and she followed the strike as it closed in, minding her footing as she ran. The cut flew forwards as a bright white arc, longer than her 2m blade due to its arc and pulsing with energy. It outsped the running swordswoman  and aimed to cut right through the tree should it hit.

[Semblance aided slash - 10% (Ranged)]

[Aura - 100%]

     Hours of training and meditation only slightly prepared Ayaka for what she saw before her. The landscape before her was barren of life, crumbling rocks and glowing red crystals jutted out of her half of the field, a stark contrast to the serene half of the opponent. She was dressed asymmetrically, as always, but instead of her usual casual attire she adorned several scattered armor pieces on her person. Wide left spauldron, right vambrace and fauld, and a classic cuirass above her heart while her hair was tied in a ponytail favoring the side, and pants ripped high on her left.  One sword hung low on her waist, almost half the length of the almost twice as long one on her back, while a adorning ribbon tied both.

     As she walked into the arena, Ayaka studied her grounds with a scrutinizing eye. Unstable fire crystals and dirt. Crumbling boulders would serve for cover but the explosive dust might make short work of them. One wrong step could mean a disastrous end for any of them.

     Grabbing her Nodachi and its sheath from her back, Ayaka walked into the arena poised and ready, an air of confidence and seriousness a cowl on her form. She stood steady, firm. Ready to react at a moments notice, but wasn't so crude as to not greet her opponent. With caution, Ayaka walked passed some fire dust crystals and carefully positioned herself near a boulder should one go off, and also for easy cover should she go under fire. There she waited for her opponent, wondering if she'd be a worthy opponent or a simple walk in the park.


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