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Samantha looked on with a keen eye for the effect of the shot - which looked like it had come up short, hitting the pillar. The sudden tilting and crash towards them gave a little grin to her face, but with it looking to have little to no effect, she cursed quietly. It gave Camelia a chance to-

And her opponent still hadn't moved at all. And it didn't look like the shot had done particularly much this time around, really. Well, if Camelia really wasn't going to take the initiative, she could just... kind of sit here, really. Her semblance could continuously charge up, especially in her blades, as she started doing - holstering Ashen Howl and simply storing up energy into Prismatic Performance's twin blades. If she was determined to play that defensively, then she'd just do her own thing.


(Charging: -10% stamina)

[AURA: 95%]
[STAMINA: 65%]

Samantha paused again, though channelled her semblance into her rifle once more, musing on the situation. Camelia really was fighting incredibly defensively and reactively in comparison to what she'd expected. She wouldn't complain too much, though; it did work for her. She was far enough away to avoid any immediate threat from the flames - the sodden bark of the trees helping to slow its progress - but at the same time, they were locked in a bit of a stalemate right now. That didn't mean she wasn't going to milk the situation for all it was worth, though.

Switching out the cartridge, she took her time to line up the shot this time, before firing out a highly charged kinetic dust round. Kinetic dust helped to direct the whole of her semblance's blast in one direction, being the direction of the bullet, and she'd waited a while to charge up this one. Not a big area like her others, but it was perfect for direct hits. Considering her opponent was stationary and deliberately ready to try and block attacks... well, she'd find out why her speciality was general destruction, at least.

(Highly charged kinetic shot: -20% aura (impact), -10% aura (semblance shockwave), -10% stamina (semblance charge))

[AURA: 95%]
[STAMINA: 75%]

Her opponent seemed to stumble for a second, but quickly got back to their senses, managing to make their way around quite proficiently - somewhat suspiciously so. Noting the action down, Samantha kept dragging herself away from the first year with her large shield. She was quickly thankful for it, as Camelia rapidly brought themselves to the ground and shot what she could only call a plume of fire, plants setting alight from the shimmering heat. Cursing briefly at being caught in the edge of it, with even that much being enough to sting, she dragged herself back further, using up what she could of the swamp's trees while they still remained and loaded in another cartridge.

This particular ammunition was probably her favourite with Ashen Howl, if only for the fireworks - emphasis on fire. The fire dust rounds sent out a burst of flame around their impact site, and their destructive force - while spread out over an area - was still great for demolitions, especially with the shockwave a charged shot let out. Her speciality. Taking what little time she had, she used the charge she'd built up over her backwards movement, and fired out three rounds; one charged, and two uncharged fire rounds towards her opponent.

(Damage from fire: -5% aura)
(Charged fire shot: -10% aura (flames, lowering from centre of impact), -3% aura (shockwave), -5% stamina (semblance charge); Uncharged fire shots: -5% aura (flames, lowering from centre of impact))

Checking from her position above how the ice affected her opponent, Samantha halted for a moment as she re-aimed the shot as Camelia moved forward before firing out another round. The gravity dust rounds had an interesting effect with her semblance; the resultant shockwave briefly made the target weightless, causing them to briefly hover in the air and be vulnerable to another attack - useful with her ice rounds, as they often got stuck straight after since they were unable to run off,

The resultant wave of ice erupting from the Sheila gave her brief pause, before quickly launching off two more rounds - uncharged ice and gravity rounds, each just causing a small burst of the resulting element on hit - and then once again wrapping her chains around a different tree branch, relying on the bullets to keep her opponent distracted in one way or another to try and stay at range for now. Hopefully, the gravity round would help find out a bit about her opponent's semblance, depending on how they reacted to it.

(Charged gravity shot - -5% stamina (semblance charge), -5% aura (impact); uncharged rounds - -3% aura each (impact))

[AURA: 100%]
[STAMINA: 90%]

Samantha took the time to set her rifle out, eyes narrowing from her position as a little spot of brown showed against the blue-white background. Her opponent had taken point and didn't seem particularly inclined to move from her position behind their shield - and if that was the case, she'd take the brief reprieve. Loading a cartridge of dust rounds into Ashen Howl, she pushed her semblance into the charging round, taking aim through the scope.

The fox faunus still wasn't admittedly the best shot - she could hit relatively close with snap shots at closer ranges, now, but it still wasn't anything to write home about. However, a sitting target, with time to set up? Even she wasn't that bad. Though the confidence her opponent displayed just using the shield as cover was a little off-putting, however; there was probably some gimmick to it in that case, though that was the same for a majority of hunter weapons.

Nonetheless, Samantha had chosen one of her disabling cartridges to test her opponent with, rather than anything relying solely on firepower; alternating ice and gravity rounds. While demolitions and smashing down walls in her path was her usual technique, there was no point wasting stamina if it wasn't going to have an effect, and she'd have better luck hitting the more focused shots if her opponent had hampered movement in some way. She took the first shot of the match, the sound itself subdued to a dull click by the charging effect of her semblance. The bullet would release a burst of frigid wind, a cluster of ice forming around the impact itself - and Samantha had aimed it just to the side of the shield, hoping to catch either that or her opponent's feet in the ice.

(Shot: -5% stamina (semblance charge), -2% aura (splash), -5% aura (freeze))

[AURA: 100%]
[STAMINA: 95%]

Despite keeping her vision on her opponent throughout the announcers' speech, Samantha's ear flicked under her drawn-up hood at the statement about her - come on, she'd at least put a tiny amount of effort into style for once, in that she... couldn't think of something that she did over the norm, really. Eye visibly twitching at her own failure to come up with anything, she slid into a more flexible stance, waiting for the battle to start as the field changed around her.

The sudden appearance of a swamp under her feet didn't cause any particularly fond emotions for the event so far, admittedly. At least the commentator revealed something useful, though; Camelia had a semblance involving gravity. 'Now, whether that means localised, projected, or self-cast...' She mused, but judging by the slow but steady marching forwards of her opponent, it would be best to keep at least some distance; and she could manage that, with both of the playing fields here left her theoretically more mobile thanks to her chains.

Quickly latching on to a tree behind her, she pulled herself off her feet and backwards onto a branch, drawing herself away from her opponent and trying to get at least out of sight before drawing Ashen Howl off her back. Whether the theory of having a ranged advantage would hold up if that semblance let her opponent leap about, she didn't know. 'Either way, it should give me some time to at least get in a few potshots and gain some information.' She'd be able to tell where her opponent was if they got close, even if they took cover; and she had the advantage of non-monochromatic terrain to hide in over this side.

Beacon Academy / It's Vytal To Practise [CLOSED]
« on: July 16, 2018, 11:17:26 PM »
Another crack rang out from the long rifle in Samantha's hands, followed by the target at the end of the course getting yet another bullet hole through the metal sheet. The faunus gave a quiet curse, sighing as she flicked the safety toggle on Ashen Howl, letting the rifle rest for the moment as she went to take a swig of coffee from her flask. Her training was... it was going alright, if a bit slowly. She hadn't done intensive practise in quite a while now, and yet somehow Juno had roped her into giving the Vytal Tournament solos a go. She'd managed to avoid them last year, but, well, not so much luck this time around.

To be fair, it did look like a good way to see where she was, get a bit more practise than usual in without having to find excuses for herself to force herself to do some, and most importantly, a reason to get her team leader off her back for a while. The fact the battles should be quite fun was left unsaid; she needed a cool head for any kind of tournament battles, rather than the... enthusiasm that occasionally overtook her in more fierce fights, so best to focus on getting into that mindset now rather than struggling with it during.

Well, at least she had some vague goal; try to get far enough to get matched with Juno so she could annoy the everloving shit out of him in a fight. Pull out all of the cheap shots. She wasn't going to delude herself in thinking she was actually going to win, because not only was it unlikely considering the calibre of some of the people in the tournament, but it was far too much effort to deal with - including the publicity after. She'd had more than enough time in the press spotlight, thank you very much.

Either way, she was currently trying to get a hold on her relatively new weapon. Sam had realised she was somewhat lacking in ranged options - while her use of dust and her semblance helped a little, that was more all mid-ranged. She preferred to have options for all ranges, rather than focus too heavily on one, and she enjoyed the whole creation process. Ashen Howl had certainly turned out well; a fairly powerful anti-material rifle in its own right, augmented by her semblance with a nifty little chamber to avoid the vibrating bullet wearing away at the gun, letting her make the rounds pulse outwards on hit. Now, the issue was, that relied on her hitting her targets for maximum effect. The most experience she had with guns was basic firearms training with a hunting rifle when she was younger. The animal kind, not Grimm kind.

There was a big difference between a hunting rifle and this.

It wasn't a problem hitting stationary targets, or really even average-speed moving targets while she was still; but the whole issue was being still wasn't a good way to stay alive in her profession. She had good eyes for longer ranges, and a fairly steady hand, but she doubted there'd be that many opportunities to set up the bipod and have a nice lie down while her opponent let them take potshots at them. No, she had to get at least somewhat used to snap-shots, especially to allow her to change ranges quickly and swap through her weapons. She could certainly just fire off a few explosive rounds to cover her, but it was a fairly inefficient use of her new tool, even she could tell that.

Unfortunately, Samantha wasn't having much luck yet. Certainly, the fire-dust rounds augmented by her semblance really tore things apart, but what use was that when aura existed - a grazing shot was time and energy spent on better things in most situations. Her stronger rounds against armoured - or rather aurared targets - were things like lightning or wind dust, things that augmented the direct hit of the attack rather than a spread effect. She'd made a little progress, in that she could actually hit the wide target nine times out of ten now... while stationary, at least, but nowhere near the accuracy she'd need for such shots.

She should've gotten more sleep for this. And coffee. And food. And just not let Juno drag her into this in the first place.

Everywhere Else / Re: The Things We Do For Love [VCVS]
« on: July 15, 2018, 09:04:23 PM »
"Verdant. Verdant, I can't hear- I can't hear shit." Sam stated, confused and still fairly in shock. Everything was... it was- she couldn't decide whether the silence she'd not known for years was blissful or terrifying, the chains behind her still raised up and wavering dangerously. She blinked a few times, as if trying to get the sleep out of her eyes, before looking up at him in confusion, tilting her head as she saw his lips moving. "I- I can't hear you, Verdant. The fuck's- what's going on?"

For a good few moments, she seemed to be working herself up more and more into confusion, with a faint undercurrent of fright, a rattling sound ringing out from the extra limbs as they poised before all going limp to the ground at once, a long breath being released by the fox faunus, one chain sliding across the floor before gently latching on to Verdant's arm. She closed her eyes for a moment, before opening them again, a blank expression on her face. "Still can't hear you." She stated, not sure if he'd actually said anything for obvious reasons but saying the words nonetheless. "Just lead the way."

Despite how peaceful the quiet was, it was just the same as feeling blind - sure, maybe it hurts a little less on the eyes, but that's because they're not working at all. Not exactly the most pleasant feeling, especially when she knew they were in a dangerous spot. Of course, that feeling had started rising up like sick in the back of her throat, so- well, she just gave in to her instinctual reaction. Just don't think about anything in particular, go numb. Only way to ensure she wasn't suddenly going to lash out around her in this state. Wasn't like she was any stranger to blanking out, anyway.

Gonna be a bitch to deal with the emotional backlash later, though.

The Vale Region / Re: The Lonely Road [Shard INC] [Closed]
« on: July 12, 2018, 06:46:48 PM »
The final alpha struggled against the pull, before the removal of the weapon from its body caused it to shudder and collapse onto the ground. There was a last few blasts of gunfire from the soldiers, before a cheer slowly went around the other members of the expedition as the Grimm ran from the campsite, the non-combat members poking their heads out and checking if it was safe before cautiously walking out.

"Right, right. Well, good work everyone. Gather round!" The mercenary captain shouted out, grumbling for a moment before pulling out a smaller version of the map they had in the truck. He didn't waste time, apparently - surprisingly calm and no-nonsense with the situation, even for a merc. "I'm thinking after that, we take a quick break - probably got a little breathing room after that - then try to get out of this area quick a' we can. After that ruckus, probably ain't a good idea to stick around. Sound 'bout right?" By the tone of his voice, it wasn't so much asking a question as asking for confirmation from Brook, before turning back to the rest of them. "And really - good work. For such a sudden attack, y'all moved quick into action. Keep forgetting you lot really are suited to this stuff even this early on. Thanks for the help. Any of you need a bit of supplies there? Painkillers?" As he talked, the others slowly made their way back around the camp, grabbing stuff to put in the convoy so they'd be able to move quickly when they had to go.

RPG Discussion / Re: Weekly Writing Prompts
« on: July 08, 2018, 07:32:15 PM »
Canon: Lynn Aubin

Little ripples spread out across the pool, the small splashing of water being the only noise in the otherwise empty room. Lynn’s legs felt numb, though at this point, that was more the norm than anything else – mechanical implants and a freezing semblance lead to anyone getting fairly cold a lot of the time, aura be damned. But the sensation did feel a little different than usual; created more of longing, of ever so slight fright – and more realistically, the result of her dipping her legs into an unheated swimming pool during winter.

Hey, she was a big girl, she could do what she wanted.

The wolf faunus gave a quiet sigh, the air forming a faint ghostly mist as it left her mouth. Much as she’d like to just leap in like she used to, she weighed about three times as much with her module. She enjoyed swimming, not so much sinking. Diving was never her strong spot.

Though, to be fair, having the ability to freeze the world around you made it a bit difficult already; after the third time she’d nearly caught herself in a crystal tomb when her semblance first quite literally flared up, she laid off the hobby for a while. The woman already had a packed schedule, and she could do without having to be fished out of water like a treasure chest. She considered herself a good catch, but that was a bit too literal for her liking.

Of course, the thought got her to take a glance down into the reflection of the pool. Seeing herself in atypically light clothing was a strange experience – 'light' still being a fairly modest swimsuit, her third-favourite scarf, and an unbuttoned jacket. Honestly, not the worst idea considering the temperature, but it did look a tad odd. Well, at least it matched her theme.

No, instead of hopping in, she sat on the rim of the corporate-provided swimming pool, her expression hard to read under the metallic visor as her legs made little circles in the water. One great upside about losing part of your head and getting it replaced? A legendary poker face. Thinking about it, if she ever got some time, she should definitely get some cash on the side that way. Wasn’t like she could do any of the modelling stuff some other hunters did for extra income, despite still keeping up her form. Giant claws on your back didn’t tend to fit the latest trends, but that was neither here nor there. Would give her a hobby that didn’t involve becoming a popsicle, too. Then again, that was part of the reason she did this. Reminded her of home - shit, frozen-over place as it was.

Grumbling to herself in frustration at the memories springing up, she leaned backwards, her arms propping her up as she let her mind go blank to just enjoy getting her feet wet for the first time in what felt like forever. It was more like a week, but the local Shard Inc director gave them all a little bit of leeway; they all had their own hobbies stuck down here at this point in the test program. Robin liked gaming until 3am, Hazel made to-scale drawings, Ivy enjoyed loading as many explosives as she could onto her module before using them all at once to see what happened – you know, the usual.

Honestly, a few magazines of, uh, various PG-ratings and the opportunity to occasionally dip her feet into cold water was comparatively inexpensive to how much some of them spent staying sane. Well, relatively sane, considering their occupation. She, at least, had the excuse of being a former huntress; not many were quite all there in the head once you got past a certain point. That being when you signed up to fight creatures literally from people’s nightmares.

So right at the start.

The sharp static of one of the speakers blaring to life brought Lynn out of her internal rambling, blinking before looking up at the source of the noise. Hearing she was needed, the woman let out another quiet grumble. She brought her legs out of the now frosted water, getting to her feet just that little bit unsteadily. She took one last glance back at the undisturbed surface of the pool – pausing for just a second longer than necessary - before moving away and towards the changing room.

'Progress never stops', after all, or whatever inspirational quote the director was parroting this week.

Character Editing / Re: Samantha Quartz
« on: July 07, 2018, 10:19:25 PM »
- Worldbuild was discussed about lab character territory; minor changes to smoothen reading and to try help make it seem less artificial.

- Freeform sound manipulation and blasts removed; vibration storage and sonar left as discussed.

Combat behaviour:
- Shifted emphasis from way of thought to actual battle strategy
- Listed how fighting style works with her internal / musical rhythm; added some clear strengths and weaknesses

Everywhere Else / Re: The Things We Do For Love [VCVS]
« on: June 22, 2018, 06:55:52 AM »
The fox-eared girl kept running from the explosion-to-be, cursing repeatedly to herself in increasingly colourful language normally reserved for when she was out of coffee. The sounds of the sniper made her eyes widen slightly, turning back towards the warehouse for a moment bef-

There was a brief pause, like everything was in slow motion for a moment, before an overwhelming thunder-crack filled everything. She shivered for a moment in animalistic anticipation before the entire warehouse went up, the shockwave booming so incredibly loudly, blocking out everything else she could feel. Completely out of character for her, she let out a high-pitched scream, the sound slamming into her semblance and sensitive hearing, everything in her vision turning into a pulsed blur and the hearing being utterly overwhelmed, collapsing to the ground and clutching at both sets of ears despite the usual hatred of anyone touching them, curling up and trembling slightly.

She distantly felt several pieces of shrapnel fly past, but before long she couldn't feel much of anything, the blast having completely overwhelmed her semblance and her senses - and just laid there, practically blind and deaf, holding a hand over her ears and squeezing her eyes shut, chains having quickly unwrapped themselves and almost tried to cocoon around her to shield her from the overwhelming outside world.

The pinging of her scroll went unanswered, though her position was still visible on it.

Everywhere Else / Re: The Things We Do For Love [VCVS]
« on: June 03, 2018, 06:14:48 PM »
Chains slowly choking out the two white fang members in front of her, the other two snuck out and held them still, a mixture of trying to keep them quiet to prevent the others hearing and to narrow her eyes at the goings-on of the video feeds from Juno and Rory. Tuning into the sound, she laid the two knocked-out faunus onto the ground, holding her breath at the exchange before jumping slightly herself at the sudden burst of movement from 'Caja'. Her hands balled into fists as the turncoat kept talking, and she reached to start going through her suitcase and the items within before seeing the grenade and the reaction from her two teammates.

'Fuck.' she eloquently said in her head, grabbing the suitcase back up and quickly wrapping the chains back around her limbs again. She cast one look over towards the two knocked-out fang members, took a second to grab their scrolls and power them off (didn't want them to get tracked, after all) and then made to flee from the bomb-to-be warehouse, leaving the two there.

Everywhere Else / Re: The Things We Do For Love [VCVS]
« on: May 04, 2018, 11:21:28 AM »
Sam gave a light mental tsking at Verdant's exit. He was the one who was meant to be good at this whole kind of sneaky stuff and he's the one who already got seen. Well, at least he was dragging away some manpower - it would make it a bit easier to sneak about that way for herself, though 'sneaking' wasn't quite the right term - more like hiding in plain sight, really. 'Gesa', though - a name for someone in a position of power there. If they're the ones handing out punishment, probably either an officer or the leader of whatever operation this would be called.

The progression of Juno's own situation at the corner of her eye left Sam slightly anxious; she really needed to start getting set up. If they weren't going to have to follow them back - with Caja herself already here, no long term following on the airship back or anything meant that the fight was probably going to take place here. In that case, whatever weapon the grunt was using 'getting a bead' on her teammate probably wasn't a good thing.

Fuck's sake, Verdant.

Using the noises to try and map the two White Fang members' positions, she made her way close as she dared without risking them taking any particular interest in her. Starting to channel her semblance into two of the chains wrapped around her legs, Sam muffled her footsteps and her suitcase as she made her way closer to the grunts, leaning against a wall out of sight from what position she could tell they were facing, and then made her move.

Two chains shot outward, their noise silenced by the buildup of her semblance, and tried to wrap around both of the grunts' mouths - or at least near enough for her semblance to quiet them both. Whatever weapons she could see as she turned around the corner would be next - The chains would hopefully be close enough to silence the weapons if any shots rang out, but she'd still rather not get shot. Hoping it worked, she made to slam the two members' heads into each other and knock them out.

Everywhere Else / Re: The Things We Do For Love [VCVS]
« on: March 14, 2018, 08:00:53 PM »
Sam gave a blink at the lack of airship - she would've thought it'd be somewhat difficult to hide a continental-capable travel vehicle - and then kept moving on. She trusted Verdant enough to get what he needed to do done; and the plan wasn't to ambush them here, anyways. Caja was the main objective, and while one person being disturbed was just happenchance, two people being disturbed one after could be called a coincidence.

Coincidences didn't happen in their line of work, on either side of the coin.

However, one thing she could do was eavesdrop. Moving towards where she would be able to hear the most absent chatter - some of those guards posted together must be getting a little antsy, after all - she tried to gather a bit of information on the situation, keeping one eye on the camera feed behind the bandage of her covered-up eye.

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