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There was a slight whine from where Samantha was laying in the crater she'd made on impact. She didn't seem to be particularly responsive, but enough to at least give off that in response. She'd landed on her heavier side - the metal side of her body - and though it had shielded most of her actual body from harm, there were several small shards sticking out from a damaged back implant and, more urgently, the wiring and plating down her right arm seemed to have been damaged along with the arm underneath, if the small trails of blood and the odd angle it was at were anything to go by. The rest of her was still in rough shape, but it looked like the remaining aura shielded the fall somewhat - she'd be flat as a pancake otherwise, instead of broken ribs and an arm. Still, it wasn't exactly pretty - but still better than being caught in the centre of that gravity well.

One way or another, though, she was down for the count.

Samantha gave a brief shake of her head, feeling her body suddenly get a lot lighter. All the blood had... rushed to her head, or was it her toes, or, what was that thing called. All she remembered was having to dodge the well, or it would have broken her aura, and then her body. She had already felt what it did from just being near it...

Frowning, she tried to bring up her control of the sounds around her, using her echolocation to map her way around. Everything just seemed to fuzzy and out of focus, really. All she could really her was the woosh of air, and-

There was a thump and an off-sounding crack from the opposite end of the arena to Camelia.

[AURA: 0%]

There wasn't really much time for thought. There wasn't any way she could block the attacks Camelia was using, and she couldn't just dodge at the speed it was going - not normally. The meagre dregs of her semblance wouldn't be able to provide a large enough boost, either, even using all of what remained. So she reacted on instinct, instead.

The crystal in her hand glowed for a moment before she released the held charge beneath and in-front of her, a momentary feeling of power coursing through her hands before a kinetically amplified beam of sound shot out in that same direction, firing her upwards and away from the well. The whiplash certainly stung as she was shot back just enough to get out of the radius, and then some - coming to rest on the ceiling forcefield of all things, letting out a rush of breath as she pressed against it - but the beam slammed into the ground in front of where she'd been, swivelling forwards towards Camelia as Samantha had released the built-up energy to get herself away. The beam itself would only scrape her, most of the force used to shove herself away from the speeding deathtrap; but what would hit her was all the ice and rocks that had been built up in the well, along with a good chunk of the disturbed ground where the gravity well had made its path towards her, all shot out in a wave of sound, rubble and ice towards the other woman.

Damn, that had worked better that she'd hoped, even if the beam didn't hit with the full force and instead fired slower chunks. Now, why was she feeling all woozy, and where was the floor?

(Whiplash: -7% aura, fall: potential -20% aura, charge: -5% stamina, sound cannon: -15% aura w/ huge knockback, wave of rubble: variable 15% to 35% damage.)

[AURA: 16%]

'Yea, no.' Samantha thought, eyes widening as the storm of gravity started crawling towards her. Now the storm of shards weren't so thick, and she'd bought herself a little distance from the vortex, she moved one of the spare chains backward, then tugging herself away from the... thing. She then repeated the action with the other chains, moving a little like a spider away from it - if a spider had drunk a human-sized portion of vodka, maybe, but still moving away from it. More importantly, she was circling around it; trying to get out of the direct line of fire from the storm, and into direct line of fire to Camelia. She'd still have the shield to block anything, which was an issue, but at least she'd stand a chance that way.

[AURA: 22%]
[HELD CHARGE: 20% (Kinetic dust crystal)]

Samantha may have had her hearing muted during the charging phase of her semblance, but once that pillar started falling she didn't need to hear it - it was large enough she simply felt the damn thing flying downwards. Having a little distance from it, she yelped loudly nonetheless, the two chains she was shielding with joined by one sword of Prismatic Performance in her spare hand as she tried to get distance from the pillar and slowly circle around the gravity well from where she was. Even so, at the speed it was going, chunks of ice flew out everywhere, some narrowly missing her and other shards hitting against her shield or the less protected parts of her body - at the very least, little broken-off pieces still stung when they hit, let alone the few larger bits that got through.

Frustrated now at the well and all the issues it was causing, she took a second to re-focus, taking a deep breath and just throwing more of her dwindling energy into her semblance's charging of the dust crystal in her hands. She didn't have much aura or, honestly, stamina left at this point; the sudden intensity had started to wear out on her, and according to the monitors on her opponent as well. In this situation, one good hit would probably mean winning or losing, and despite her normal lazy attitude this fight had really got her blood pumping; she was enjoying it, and she wanted to win it.

(Chunks of ice: -5% aura, Charging: -10% stamina)

[AURA: 22%]
[HELD CHARGE: 20% (Kinetic dust crystal)]

Feeling a sudden burst of force pushing- no, pulling her towards the orb, Samantha cursed as the gravity well tried to yank her forwards, the backwards momentum of the shockwave from earlier being quickly overwhelmed. She'd managed to get a small distance from it with that last stunt, but damn if it didn't hurt just being near it. Snagging two chains far back s she could, the other two struggled against the purple ball's pull for a moment before following suite - but not before taking long enough for Samantha to get pelted with several pieces of ice, cursing to herself as she dragged herself more worse for wear away from the attack.

Further pieces of debris started flying around dangerously, so she criss-crossed two chains in front of her to try and protect herself from what she could. She would have rather kept some things a bit more hushed for later rounds, but her opponent really showed that they weren't playing around any more, and she shouldn't hold anything back either. She doubted her opponent could rush through... whatever that was, and she sure as hell wasn't getting anywhere near it again after the damage she took. Instead, she took the brief reprieve to activate her SCF, the faint hum of white dust within, and started loading charge into a palmed crystal of the same, removing it from its container.

(Gravity well: -20% aura, Debris: -5% aura, Charging: -10% stamina)

[AURA: 27%]
[STAMINA: 15%]
[HELD CHARGE: 10% (Kinetic dust crystal)]

And it was still glowing on her. Nope nope nope. Something about that thing felt way too ominous, especially the fact her opponent seemed to be focusing entirely on it.

Realising she needed a proper way to get back from the oncoming... thing, she frowned, then used up more of her precious little reserves of her semblance, filling it out into her longsword and focusing for a moment, dragging it against the floor before slicing forward and firing off a shockwave - launching her backwards, and an attack towards Camelia. It wasn't her strongest, but it would give her some distance and a distraction.

(Sound shockwave: -8% stamina, -8% aura)

[AURA: 52%]
[STAMINA: 25%]

Character Editing / Re: Samantha Quartz
« on: October 24, 2018, 10:07:07 PM »
...I might have completely forgot the sheet was still in editing.


- I'm not totally sure on where to cut down in personality; I can make a tl;dr section, but I feel like a fair amount of it is necessary there. I do understand where you're coming from, but I feel like it's better to get it all down in the character sheet so it's there for reference and then show it in the RPs.

- Removed the crystal shenanigans. The blades have a sharp edge of it so the weapon's name isn't completely irrelevant, but there's no special properties there.

- Removed levitating chamber; just made the main chamber reinforced so it isn't damaged as easily by the vibrations.

- Added history and personality details on why the ports weren't removed; added in that they *were* checked over and made sure they weren't going to kill her, but why she didn't remove them. Adds a little more depth to the character as well, I think.

- Added more details on how it works as a whole, and hopefully helps to work with the interfacing part.

Samantha took the few seconds of reprieve she got as the enemy was fired off into the air to recover from the heavy blow. Picking herself up to her feet, she shook her head to attempt to clear it from the light ringing - both the hit and the booming sound had left her a bit woozy for a moment - before levelling eyes on her opponent again. She still felt heavy under the effect of Camelia's semblance, and had to use her chains to support herself where she-

The fuck was that?

Tilting her head at the appearance of the ominous-looking orb being created, she considered for just a moment, before nodding. Nope.

"Nope." She stated, the chains all flying backwards and just attempting to drag herself as far away from whatever the hell that was as fast as possible. She'd rather brave the fire than that, honestly, but she still had some space on the battlefield to manoeuvre without resorting to that.

[AURA: 52%]
[STAMINA: 33%]

See, the whole issue with the fight so far was that it was fairly conservative. Samantha was many things - fairly lazy, for one. She preferred getting things done quickly if at all possible and go back to kind of dawdling about in a somewhat awkward fashion. So, in this case, a long and drawn out battle was beginning to work against her - she'd gotten in some pokes at the start, and now she was being weighed down quite literally by Camelia's semblance. So, she made a decision.

She had a fair amount of aura, and a helluva lot of built up charge. It would hurt like bugger, but...

Instead of making any major movement to get away or counter the attack, Samantha pulled herself forward towards her opponent with the chains, charging what she could into the sword to prepare for the next step. This lead to her hitting the floor in a fairly haphazard position as she placed her sword above her, Unity getting a fairly solid hit in on her as she let out a gasp from the hit to her side. Prismatic Performance blocked what Samantha could of the attack, but it was still a powerful gravity-enhanced blow. However, this also left the hilt of the weapon touching against her opponent directly. Focusing herself despite the pain at her side, she released the entirety of the built up sound into one singular point, creating a sudden loud booming noise and causing a powerful wave of force to blast outwards, aiming to send it directly into her opponent - she'd taken the hit to get into point-blank range for this, after all.

(Combined damage from Unity and fall: -25% aura (10% fall, 15% blocked hit), Semblance charge into Prismatic Performance: -9% stamina, Sound Cannon: -34% held charge, -40% aura, possible disorientation/damage on landing, large knockback)

[AURA: 52%]
[STAMINA: 33%]

Her opponent having had blocked all her previous blows, Samantha guessed that the swing she now threw at her opponent again - using the momentum of the previous knockback to swing the blade around without needing her semblance in the lower gravity - would be similarly blocked. And if that was the case...

Throwing the chains again at her opponent's back, she changed their path just as they were about to hit - looking to circle and yank upwards at her opponent's arms. Swinging the sword forwards as this happened, she got ready to finally release the charged-up burst in Prismatic Performance, but waiting to see if the slash actually hit first before letting it go.

(Normal swing: -10% aura, -3% aura/second in touch with blade, Chains: -2% aura each, grapple chance.)

[AURA: 77%]
[STAMINA: 42%]
[HELD CHARGE: 25% (Prismatic Performance)]

Two chains snaked their way towards Camelia as she approached, looking like they were going in to attempt an attack but instead swinging around at a slightly slower pace than before to try and hit her back. The gravity did make them harder to manipulate, but she could still swing them about with less control and some more force.

The woman grunted, before another small burst of semblance suddenly set the blade spinning around at high speeds. Steadying her grip with her other two chains, she took advantage of the increased gravity this time and attempted to do an arcing swing sideways and down at Camelia, using the previous momentum to practically chuck herself and the whirring blade at her opponent.

(Powerful swing: -5% stamina, -20% aura, -3% aura/second in touch with blade, Chains: -3% aura each.)

[AURA: 77%]
[STAMINA: 42%]
[HELD CHARGE: 25% (Prismatic Performance)]

Yelping as a sudden weight pressed down on her, Samantha staggered for a moment as Camelia rolled. She was glad she'd sent one chain to ground herself, using it to avoid completely falling on her ass- and levelling a glare at the other woman from beneath the mask. That semblance was annoyingly versatile. Giving off a grunt, she attempted to steady herself on the spare chain, swinging her arm backwards in a haphazard slash up from the ground where the sword had crashed into, trying to buy some time from her off-balanced state.

The higher gravity didn't help things. At least, she thought it was, considering her opponent's previous actions - but didn't have too much time to mull it over, instead using one of the chains to forcefully yank the weapon forwards, building up a little more speed and attempting to make her opponent fall back if she could. The two spare chains were rattling as they moved, but had to be brought back around from their attack still.

[AURA: 77%]
[STAMINA: 47%]
[HELD CHARGE: 25% (Prismatic Performance)]

Samantha grinned behind her mask as the sword impacted, blades grinding against the shield heavily as her opponent attempted to counteract the hit. The sudden burst of electricity led her to bring the chains down to bear against the shield, acting as miniature lightning rods - she'd long since done what she could to insulate the connectors, and despite the sting she'd feel it wouldn't be nearly as dangerous as if it hit directly - before following up by taking those electrified chains and attempting to stab them into Camelia, a small burst of her semblance behind the sword attempting to shove the weapon downwards again. Whichever way they moved, they should be able to get them into a trap.

The purple glow around them gave them pause, but they pressed on, making sure to divert one chain into the ground instead - sure, losing a bit of damage, but having a bit of a backup plan if they were shot like a bullet.

(Electricity: -8% aura, Downward slash: -10% aura, -3% stamina, Chain Blade: -3% aura per second in contact, Electrified Chains: -5% each, possible stun effect)

[AURA: 77%]
[STAMINA: 47%]
[HELD CHARGE: 25% (Prismatic Performance)]

Flinging herself forward, Samantha glanced at her opponent as they held their ground, waiting for them. The fact they weren't trying to back off meant they at least had some kind of idea on defense - and if the blasts from the shield as seen earlier were any indication, those tended to be quite powerful in a cone. Unless she could dodge out of the way - which was difficult when trying to get up close as she was - she'd need to weather the storm long as she could before knocking the attack off target. Even if there wasn't a sudden blast, there was certainly a need to surprise and overwhelm in the first attack now, considering how much waiting she'd been doing. This would be the best opportunity she'd have to get off a strong attack, with her opponent waiting there and ready to counter.

Placing the blades of Prismatic Performance together, the two chains not in use to swing her out of the swamp snaked towards Camelia, and then around, trying to provide some sort of entrapment that might give her a chance to catch them off guard if they backed off. Staccato and Encore made a mechanical noise as the two combined together, before a horrendous screeching noise echoed around the arena as Samantha brought the now-chainsword downwards, the charged sonic energy around it making a horrible racket.

(Jumping slash: -15% aura, Chain Blade: -3% aura per second in contact.)

[AURA: 85%]
[STAMINA: 50%]
[HELD CHARGE: 25% (Prismatic Performance)]

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