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I'd love to participate!

Spoiler: show

Honestly, I don't think that this fight will be that slow paced. Considering it will probably be a mid-close ranged fight. And besides Mogan semblance doesn't have to reach 10 seconds to work. The consequences of an impact start ramping up immediately, so for example, after 2.5 seconds they will be 1.5 stronger than the originals. Anyway, if we discover that the five seconds rule isn't practical or can't be applied for timing reason we can just change it.   

The moment Jima pointed the lower tip of her mace towards him, Mogan realized that he was going to soon discover one of the hidden features of the weapon. With a loud click, something shot out of Jima's mace, angrily buzzing towards him and approaching in very fast.
When in doubt: deflect it.
Mogan was fairly confident in the defensive capabilities of both his armored arms, but Take was definitely the one that was more oriented towards defense, so his instinctual answer to Jima's first move was to try to use Take to intercept the incoming projectile by retracting his left hand and bringing forth his right one.   
Only that he didn't manage to deflect anything. Jima's grappling hook, as per design, simply wrapped itself around his right forearm that had helpfully put itself in the way.

"Ah, a grappling hook. Makes sense."

He had just the time to form this thought before his opponent used the rope connecting them to abruptly pull him towards her. Unfortunately for Jima, Mogan hadn't learned to fight the day before, and instead of falling on his face and be dragged on the floor like a fish, he used the force kindly offered by his teammate to roll forward. This move brought him in a crouching position just before Jima. Being yanked had hurt a bit, but he was ready when her spiked mace fell towards his head.  Honestly, Mogan wasn't sure of what Jima's wanted to obtain with this move. Sure, she had undoubtedly put him in a less than advantageous position, but also placed him in a perfect spot to turn the table on her.
And so Mogan did the only logical thing anyone in his position, said position being that of someone whose head was being threatened by a big spiked hunk of metal, could do: prevent the aforementioned piece of metal from making contact. That objective he achieved by grabbing the neck of the mace with both hands.
He buckled under the force of the impact, falling on his right knee, but in return, his right hand, right under the head of the mace, clicked audibly when he augmented his grip with the mechanical features of his weapon.
At this point, Mogan could have tried to disarm Jima, but he knew he couldn't exert much force from his current position. What he could do was bring her to his level: her mace would lose much of his power if she couldn't swing it properly, after all.
And so his left hand also clicked, and from it shot out his own grappling hook, aimed squarely at the middle of the sternum.
His aim, besides taking a chunk of her aura, was to use this distraction to stand up and in so doing find himself right in front of Jima, with both hands gripping her weapon to prevent her from swinging it. He didn't think she would abandon her weapon... but then again she didn't really need to. After all, even if all went according to his plan, she would find herself in the perfect position to deliver the most devastation blow know to mankind. Mogan could only hope that Jima would not stoop so low as to hit below the belt.

Attack log:
Grappling hook impact: I don't know. I guess we can compare it to a gunshot, given the short distance, but what damage it does depends on where Jima gets hit (if she even gets hit). A direct hit to the head I think should take at least 15 to 20% (20% being the worst case scenario: the eye or the throat), but other than that I think 10% max should be okay for a direct hit to the chest (the one described), stomach, shoulders or arms. A scratch between 2 and 5%, depending on the softness of the interested area.   

Mogan combat log:
Aura: 96%
Grappling hook yank -2
Absorbing the impact from the mace -2

Plot Zone / Re: Friendly Fights
« on: June 16, 2018, 04:09:33 AM »
There we go Moth!  ;D

I'm always willing to fight, but as I said before I don't have the time to keep up with more than two threads (three if we count another I'm already part of). But once I finish with Moth or Inexaustive you're next on the list! Pick  whoever you want to fight, I don't have preferences.

OOC: Given that Mogan's semblance is time-based, I'd thank you if you could specify the timing of Jima's actions so we don't get confused and make mistakes.

"So, Jima, are you sure you want me to use my semblance?"

Mogan asked her teammate while entering one of Beacon's training halls, already wearing his combat gear. 

"You saw the damage it can do... "

This was the first sparring match he would have with one of his new teammates, and to be honest he was a bit worried. Not only because of his semblance (after all the chances of causing permanent damage, if he was careful, were reasonably low), but because during a fight he tended to show his competitive spirit and could come across as quite arrogant and smug. 

"But I can understand your reasoning. I too, as a general rule, try to fight without using my semblance and so have to adapt to opponents who are free to use their semblances. Take Suntalia, for example! Ahh... must be nice to have an easy and powerful semblance like hers."

Mogan reached the center of the stage and shrugged to loose up his shoulders.

"One last piece of advice, before we start: I'm a liar, so don't trust me."

He then fell into a fighting stance. He positioned sideways, slightly hunched like a coiled spring, offering a smaller target. With his left leg forward and his right arm close to his chest ready to deliver a full force punch, with the aid of Take, of course. His left arm, which was instead covered by Give (the one with the concealed blade and the whip), was before him. His left hand was open, with the palm facing upwards.

Spoiler: show

With a confident smirk, he gestured with his left hand, inviting her to get close and daring her to attack.

Spoiler: show

Plot Zone / Re: Friendly Fights
« on: June 15, 2018, 07:04:30 PM »
Here we go Inexhaustive! I have no idea of the type of terrain, so feel free to add anything you want. It is my first PvP, so I'm not quite sure about how to handle the detail. Should I add a list of Shoko's equipment or we don't need to count bullets?

I had initially found strange and irritating to have to reach Mistral by going all the way to Vale and then from then to the continent of Anima instead or just getting there directly via ship from Vacuo. Reflectin on it though I realized that my client probably didn't want to take any chances and sought to minimize the possibilities of someone noticing my arrival by making me take a detour. As I said: irritating. But a job is a job, and besides, it was all paid. One thing that wasn't paid, and that I felt I quite needed after the long and uneventful travel from Vacuo to Vale, was a good fight. 
So, as is my custom, I reached out for Beacon students and/or Huntsman for a sparring partner. Just to shake off some rust, blow off some steam, and pass some time before resuming my travel towards Mistral.
Unfortunately, the only one to reply in a timely fashion had been a first-year student. Hardly a challenge, considering my experience and ability, but beggars can't be choosers and so here I am, strolling inside an old abandoned factory building and looking around with mild interest. 
What has that to do with anything, you might ask? In short, the answer is that my sparring partner for the day has a sparring ground of her own! That had been a lucky occurrence, that had saved me the trouble of renting a place for the occasion, and reduced the amount of traces I could leave behind. 

"I feel I should thank you again for offering this place as a stage for our little pastime... Amane, was it?"

I said addressing the girl that had accepted my request for a training partner. Of course, I hadn't used my real name and instead presented myself as Amelia Honeydew (I like honeydews, don't judge): a travelling huntress looking for some stress relief.   
I was wearing a pair of tight black but elastic pants, my combat boots, and a black leather jacket. Under it a black tank top and two pairs of holsters for as many guns.

"It's not often I happen to meet first-year students that have their own training ground. You must be quite rich, yes? But I digress... Since this is your place I feel compelled to ask if you have any rules you want me to observe or have any warning regarding the place. Should I pay attention to not shot towards the ceiling, lest it crumbles and falls on our heads or anything similar? Do you want a plain and unobstructed stage or do you want to set some obstacles and covers to spice things up a little?"

Plot Zone / Re: Friendly Fights
« on: June 15, 2018, 06:14:51 PM »
I had already taken all that into account, but okay.
And Vale it is.

Plot Zone / Re: Friendly Fights
« on: June 15, 2018, 05:51:48 PM »
On one hand, in this context it makes more sense, considering that Jima could also benefit from Mogan semblance since it goes both ways. On the other, precisely because Mogan semblance can be exploited even by his opponent, that kind of defeat your purpose, no?
Anyway, if you insist let's do it with semblances then. In just for training in any case and can be used for future references to justify good teamwork.

Plot Zone / Re: Friendly Fights
« on: June 15, 2018, 05:40:02 PM »
Mhm... the problem is that if Amane stays for more than a couple of seconds within ten meters from Shoko she could probably manage to sabotage Amane's primary weapon with her semblance, or simply use it to deflect your bullets. So I don't think I'll use it after all since it counters your character so heavily.
The factory building is perfect. Is it in Vale, Vacuo or Mistral?

Plot Zone / Re: Friendly Fights
« on: June 15, 2018, 05:06:59 PM »
Wonderful! Didn't expect replies so soon.  ;D
Do you have any preferences or conditions?
Neither Jima nor Amane have combat oriented semblances, unlike my characters. So if you prefer we can fight without semblances in order to have a fair match.
As for the setup, I guess a normal practice fight should be okay? Jima and Mogan are teammates, so nothing unusual there, and Shoko-La has the habit of hiring hunters or students to keep up her training and improving.

Plot Zone / Friendly Fights
« on: June 15, 2018, 02:30:43 PM »
Hello people! Since I have yet to have a chance to use one of my character in actual PvP, or any combat really, I was wondering if someone is interested in doing some friendly matches so I can properly test if they work as well as I think.
As for the details of said matches I'm open to any proposition: from fights to the death (done as non-canon), to training sessions with or without semblances, or 1vs2 or 2vs2 in which I and/or my adversary use one or two characters.
For time reasons I would prefer not to open more than two threads simultaneously.
So if you're up for it, please let me know!

Everywhere Else / Re: The Tangled Web We Weave [SerAnad] (CLOSED)
« on: June 12, 2018, 04:06:56 PM »
From Mistral? Really? She found quite hard to believe that there was an authentic need to hire a hitman from another continent, especially if the call came from Mistral. After all, that place was home to the biggest black market of the world and to a criminal society to match it. So why reach all the way to Vacuo?
There had to be a reason...
Maybe the target that this "third party" wanted dead was an influential figure, and in order not to draw the wrong kind of attention to themselves or to be traced, they wanted an unknown hitman to do the job?
Or maybe they wanted a clean kill that could be disguised as an accident, and she had developed the reputation of being able of pulling it off? 
Or, and this was the worst possibility she could think of on the fly, the job was so dangerous that no one in the vast Mistral underground was willing to take it?

"Or... It could be all three."

The treacherous voice of her thoughts whispered in her ear.

"I see... Let me check real quick."

She answered, while absent-mindedly bringing her index fingernail on the surface of one of the lockers and beginning to quickly scratch it, producing a noise that could be mistaken for someone writing with a pen. After a moment she replied to the voice from Mistral.
"You are in luck, seeing that my employer has had a quite busy and tiring schedule up until a couple of weeks ago, but doesn't have any pre-arranged agreements for at least another month. Of course, if the aforementioned dispute cannot be resolved in this length of time, I regret to inform you that my employer might have to decline your offer. But apart from this, there shouldn't be any other reason not to at least listen to the details of the job. My employer still reserves the right to refuse your request if found unappealing or conflicting with its work ethic or interests. That said, considering the often delicate nature of some disputes, despite the inconvenience of the travel my employer should be willing to discuss the details directly should you require such a degree of privacy."

Meanwhile, Shoko's mind was assessing whether it was worth to consider accepting this potential job.
To expand her fame in Mistral and Vale was, in any case, part of her projects. But it never was a good idea to charge head-first into a new shady pond without the right backup or knowledge. Usually, it was required to start slow and let the other sharks get used to your presence and then establish your position in the food chain. On the other hand, completing a high profile assignment in a new pond could establish your position quickly but not as quietly.


Everywhere Else / Re: The Tangled Web We Weave [SerAnad] (CLOSED)
« on: June 11, 2018, 09:24:20 AM »
A drop of sweat trickled down her brow, her breath came out just a bit ragged and her side ached because of the blow his opponent had managed to score with one of his double-headed axes. Each ax was quite wide, and the short handle allowed fast swings and fast blocks at the price of range and power. That compromise was nonetheless serving her opponent well, given that he was proving able to deflect almost every bullet she had sent his way.
The two were circling each other, focused and ready to act or react, but neither willing to go on the offensive again just yet.   
Shoko-La considered her options during the brief moment of respite. Slipping inside his guard wasn't all that advantageous, as the last exchange had proven, given the maneuverability of his weapons even in close combat, and besides, he seemed to have chosen to let her waste dust, empty her reserves, and only then going on the offensive. 
A valid strategy, no doubt, and one that a hasty or nervous opponent might have fallen for, but Shoko-La prided herself of being sufficiently experienced to know how to deal with opponents with a strong defense. There were several ways, in truth. She could have tried to disarm him (even one less ax would have made him incapable of dealing with her four guns), or impede his movements with some ice dust and then attack from behind, she could have shot at his face in order to force him to cover it with one ax and remain blind to the direction in which she would then aim the other guns and so on...
She was, however, getting tired of the smirk on the face of this arrogant fourth year Shade Academy student that she had hired for a sparring match and was determined to wipe it off with a resounding victory: which meant no tricks or extravagant dust usage. She had to beat him at his own game.
To her knowledge, he still hadn't unlocked his semblance, which meant that he had focused his efforts in the regular training, without becoming one of those fighters that relied heavily on their semblance to be effective. He didn't have a glaring weakness, but that didn't mean he didn't have some nonetheless. The one she was going to exploit was his tendency to defend as well as he possibly could against any attack. From what she had gathered during the fight he didn't like to take damage or trade blows and instead relied on counterattacks. Which meant that whenever or wherever she attacked, he would try to defend in the optimal way to minimize the damage. In this particular case, his only way of blocking her bullets were the axes, so she relied on being able to guide the axes where she needed them to be. Her aura was in the yellow by now, while his was still in the green (albeit at the limit), but that didn't matter: she wanted to bring him down in one fell swoop.
Suddenly she dashed towards him, only to abruptly stop just before entering his reach and jumping up, all 4 of her guns aimed at both his kneecaps. As she had predicted, he lowered both axes to cover his legs.
"I won."
A wide, savage smile split her face when she fired simultaneously with all four guns. The two guns fixed to the back of her shoes still aimed at his opponent's knees, of the two in her hands however she changed the angulation at the last moment so that they were aimed below and behind her instead of below and in front where her target was.
So while the lower guns shot regular bullets, the ones in her hands used dust that propelled her forward with a sudden burst of speed.
She crashed on his opponent  (whose arms were lowered in order to defend his knees) and straddled him, binding his arms to his body with her legs, and headbutted him on the nose just to vent her earlier frustration. Of course, he started falling backward, with Shoko firmly wrapped around him with her legs, and both guns in her hands aimed at his chest (aiming at the head would have been too brutal and dangerous for a simple friendly match). She pulled the triggers one, two, three, four, five, six times before his target's back crashed on the floor. An auditory alarm ringed to let them know that the aura of one of the fighters had entered the danger zone. Of course, it wasn't hers.
In hindsight, she shouldn't have been so aggressive. The fight hadn't lasted that long and she had paid the student for two whole hours of training... But now, without aura, he couldn't continue.

"A pity he doesn't tickle my appetites, I could have used an hour of extra training of a different nature. But alas he strikes me as kind of a jerk... So too bad for you."

Shoko thought while letting go of her opponent and raising to her feet. She offered him a hand and thanked him for the fight, promising a rematch.   
The student left soon after, but she remained in the gym she had rented for the evening: there was no reason for wasting that investment too.
First of all, though, she had to wash her face (the sweat and the headbutt had left her forehead sore and dirty) and change her clothes.
She was on her way to the changing room when she heard the ringtone of one of her scrolls... the business one.   
She took the device and eyed the display with a perplexed look and a sigh.

"Unknown number? And here I thought I had asked my contacts not to give my number to anyone but to act as intermediaries... "
She cleared her voice and brought the scroll to her hear (the communication would be audio only, after all: she couldn't afford to show her face so carelessly).

"Good evening!"

She exclaimed with a bright and courteous voice which was definitely quite different from her spontaneous one.

"You are currently speaking to the secretary employed by the person you're trying to reach. Please state your business and the reason for the call. Rest assured this is, at least to my knowledge, a secure channel."    

Plot Zone / Re: It's not easy being evil... (group planning/setup)
« on: May 19, 2018, 06:41:40 PM »
Unfortunately, this project seems to have died out on a large scale at least for now. But it seems a pity to have all these evil characters around with nothing to do, so instead of starting big how about something on a smaller scale? Just some encounters, business dealings, underworld fights, there is ample choice. And we go from there.


Mogan whistled, both impressed and slightly annoyed when Suntalia demonstrated the power of her semblance. And in his opinion, this whistle was much more deserved than the one he had just received
Ah, it must be nice to have such a simple and handy semblance! No worries, no danger, no planning required, no downsides. And it wasn't a semblance that revealed too much about one's character. What does the ability to shoot lighting say about Suntalia? That she is so full of energy that she has an excess that can be weaponized? Still... of how much energy are we talking about here?

"That is some serious firepower you have there, Suntalia... May I ask how many times in a row can you shoot lightning like that one? And is that your maximum output or you can concentrate even more energy into a single attack? Because it seems to me that if we can plan several team strategies around your semblance, we could maybe be able to one-shot every single big Grimm we come across without any effort."

Upon seeing Jima's morningstar and capture device, Mogan was pretty much convinced that between his whip and Jima's tools they would have sufficient means to restrain even some very big Grimms. A deathstalker, a giant nevermore, a queen lancer, just to name a few, would become pretty much helpless when faced with something able to impair their movements.
Lilly's "dance partner" was a perfect decoy, and her fighting style was incredibly elegant... Maybe against a human opponent, she could encounter some problems given the fact that both her dance and her partner became quite easy to read once you caught her rhythm. Then again she could always change music.

"Oh, I can already imagine this team facing some huge beast... Jima and I would restrain it, then I would shoot a cannon shot to break the white armor of the Grimm, while Lilly jumps above it. And while she is still twisting in midair with her dance partner and with her spears ready to stab the target, Suntalia shoots her lightning at Lilly's weapons, charging them right before the impact. And such if the force of the electric discharge inside it that the ancient Grimm explodes in so many chunks of darkness that they sublimate before touching the ground! Glorious! Or, you know, we can just point Suntalia's finger in the general direction of the enemy and let her semblance do the work. No need to sweat or make plans when you have thundercloud at hand."

Spoiler: show

Ps. Welcome back Kayla!

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