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Ceramite barely even reacted to the kick and while the enemies weapon connected with the shoulder of the hand holding Ultio his other arm snapped out straight at Aurelia's face gripping and slamming it into the fortunately soft sand beneath them before flinging his arm forward to throw her across the ring.

Ceramite Battle Data

Aura level: 74%

Slam into sand: 2%

Throw: up to you if any.

As Revya flew towards Razzy he pivoted and slammed the barrel of his scythe into the ground and fired kicking himself upwards and spinning rapidly in the hopes of swinging his scythe blade a full 360 and catching Razzy with the blade on the way up.
However Razzy's semblance use had thrown Revya's aim off and instead of digging in his attack whizzed right on by harmlessly. It did however fire Revya into the air above his opponent and Revya prepared himself to come crashing down like a ton of bricks.

Revya Battle Data
aura level: 64%

Revya is presently in the air directly above Razzy.

Teams / Re: 1st years in need of a replacement teammate.
« on: October 19, 2018, 11:10:49 AM »
Hey. Now that the team is official, do we want to actually make a thread for them? Initiation, taking a ride in the jeep somewhere?

The moment Revya saw the weapon aimed at him his scythe was already positioned next to him and a trigger was pulled shattering the concrete at the end of the scythe as a blast
of concussive force from the scythe slammed into the ground and flung Revya sideways out of the path of the bullet, but no closer to his opponent. The moment he hit the ground near the
edge of the ring Revya braced the but of the scythe's grip against his chest bouncing it off and flinging it in a rapid arc around his head pivoting as he did so causing the blade to land at an
angle from which another trigger pull would throw him directly at Razzy.

Revya Battle Data
aura level: 64%
still no attacks, that'll change next post.

Ceramite moved forward as his opponent moved back hoping to stay on her. Once again making a great heavy swing this time at her side as she scrambled up.
Can't let her get her breath. I can't let myself lose here.

Ceramite Battle Data

Aura level: 82%

Heavy shot: 16%

General Discussion / Re: Help I'm confused
« on: September 17, 2018, 07:29:44 AM »
I hope said admin wasn’t Vox

Everywhere Else / Re: Hunt for the Howling Storm {CLOSED}
« on: September 11, 2018, 07:43:26 AM »
Rust hadn't seen the crown thrown and as a result when the flash of light temporarily blinded him he was caught of guard and joined Cordell in shouting. "What the fuck!"
Though unlike Cordell he recovered very quickly, nothing causing pain and his eyes regaining sight quickly, seeing Cordell's reaction he moved towards her to check if she was ok.
"Cordell! Are you alright!?"

Revya grunted as Razzy continued to move further away, Ranged combat wasn't working well given fireballs were pretty easy to dodge. Revya made the decision that his best bet
would be to close the distance as quickly as possible in order to prevent Razzy from continuing to fire on him. If he kept it up hard enough he may even be able to prevent Razzy from getting
his weapon back to melee form. To the end Revya moved his weapon to his back in a manner that may have even looked like he was sheathing it. His wings wrapped themselves around the blade
and he pulled the combined mass away in the form of a sickle. The grip of his sword then extended outwards forming a full scythe.

Revya Battle Data
No damage recieved or attacks made.

With his opponent fallen to the ground from his shotgun blast Ceramite wasted no time following her standing over her and bringing Ultio down on her chest with his full force once again.
Ceramite Battle Data

Aura Level: 82%

Full force smash :20%

Teams / Re: 2nd year Beacon team.
« on: September 04, 2018, 11:36:32 PM »
Took a bloody while but we have 4 now.

Seeing the gun aimed Revya moved his crystal wings in front of him to cover more space and placed his sword between them, making a shield that guarded most of his centre of mass allowing him to actually stop the bullets even from close range, unless Razzy saw the defence and aimed at his legs.

Revya Battle Data
No changes

feeling his feet connect with the shield Sandy pitched forward going over the edge of it and front-flipping behind his opponent landing on his feet and turning for a backhand to what would hopefully be the back of his opponents head.

Sandy Battle Data

Aura level:75%
Backhand: 5%

Seeing Aurelia charging him confused Ceramite slightly having not yet pieced together the explosion was a bunch of ammunition going off at once and the fact that Aurelia had been hammering him at long range meant he was perfectly willing to engage in close quarters. stepping up to meet her he raised Ultio to parry the shot a loud clang ringing out as the weapons clashed. As they did Ceramite's eyes had blue lines in them forming an L shape. pulling the trigger on Ultio the other barrel of the shotgun fired at the ground with a blue glow. the moment it left the barrel the shot turned and headed straight for the center of Aurelia's body.

Ceramite Battle Data

Aura level: 82%
point blank magic shotgun blast: 15%

Everywhere Else / Re: Hunt for the Howling Storm {CLOSED}
« on: August 13, 2018, 10:35:01 AM »
"Indeed it has and you seem like the perfect captain to serve under." Rust almost purred out with his trademark predatory grin as he went about helping out with the gathering of funds. He happily accepted the glass of rum taking a solid swig as he looked about at the others before settling his gaze on Infrared. "Just for the record. I'm well aware you're from Atlas. If you rat me out to them then I promise you. You'll wish for the death I gave the fang.'

Beacon Academy / Re: Cheap Beer on a Friday Afternoon [Open]
« on: August 13, 2018, 10:19:58 AM »
As Chantou revealed her faunas traits Rev begun to stare down at his bike. avoiding eye contact.

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