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Plot Zone / The Seven Stances of the Sword
« on: Today at 09:52:55 AM »
Within the hallowed halls of Beacon Academy, many a class is held that allows Hunters-in-training to hone their skills, improve their techniques or simply gain experience by fighting one another in a controlled environment. Some are more sought after than most, but the status quo has not changed for a long while - always the same classes held by the same group of teachers.

Until recently.

The official story is the same as shown on all the class boards, open to all years - that a new class has opened, only applicable to Hunters learning the art of the sword, and only two students at that. The only factor that would raise an eye is the location; not held in Beacon, but rather in the far east mountain ranges of Vale, on the coasts facing Mistral's borders. The class is labeled as a school excursion, and is expected to take more than a few days, certainly less than a week. The stories that spread among the students are anything but ordinary, however - that the teacher is none other than Olberic Emeriss, previous Vytal Festival champion and world-class swordsman who, after years of service as a well-known Huntsman, abruptly faded from the public spotlight. Many a aspiring Hunter has sought him out, to learn from one of the best, but to no avail; yet, according to Beacon's class boards, there the name was, clear for all to see.

This experience would be once in a lifetime - invaluable time spent apprenticing under a master of his craft, and even possibly learning the fundamentals of one of his seven legendary swordsmanship techniques that secured him the victory in his Vytal Festival championship and brought fame and fortune to the Hunter. But, as the class description pointedly states, the goal is not so easily obtained. To even begin their class, the two participants must ascend the reportedly Grimm-infested mountain where, near the top, the legendary swordsman awaits his potential pupils.

Class is about to begin...

  • _________
  • _________

With the plot side out of the way, let's get into details...

This plot is designed to give students character development in terms of combat (because that's almost all we do here anyway), so it doesn't matter which academy or year your student comes from, so long as they wield a sword. Elsewise, what you should expect in terms of development is a general improvement in the fundamentals of combat with a sword, as well as your character learning some advanced techniques using Aura as the basis.

Potentially, if the student is skilled / willing to put in effort and it shows, they may get to learn the basics of what would be considered a move only a Huntsman could learn - a personal move, in other words. However, considering that it is far beyond the levels of what a student studying at the academies would be able to pull off, the student would not be able to use the move immediately. A first year might be able to use a far inferior version in two years practice, while a fourth year with more experience in Aura control might be able to do the same with only one.

The thread is intended to span across a few days, including the mountain ascension and the training at the mountain's peak, so this hopefully should be a action-filled, entertaining plot that ends up benefitting the participants.

Keeping it limited to two people that I'll pick depending on how they'll suit the thread both to keep the plot going, but if there's interest, I might open another similar thread for two more.

AMA Section / Re: Let's try this again...(AMCA)
« on: June 15, 2019, 06:34:13 AM »
I'm currently working on a fairly long plot that's based around character development - specifically combat skills - which I think doesn't come up often enough. Apart from initiation threads, there haven't been many threads focused on helping characters improve their combat potential, so I'm hoping this will somewhat plug the gap.

Otherwise, probably get my students into longer-lasting teams / use my non-students more often, I suppose.

The Vale Region / Re: Dangerous Dealing 'twixt Dusk and Dawn [closed]
« on: June 10, 2019, 07:42:02 AM »
Wrinkling his nose at the smell but making no attempt to move away from the 2nd year, Graham waves off his partner's stress nonchalantly. "Long as you don't break down when it matters most, it ain't my call to judge people. Take your time, we're not going anywhere till you feel more comfortable about this." Thumbing his scroll, Graham slipped his headphones on and started listening to some of his preferred music, though not so loud so as to drown out any input from Gram. He didn't want to seem cold, but at the same time it wasn't like he could really help with Gram's problems right now.

The Vale Region / Re: Dangerous Dealing 'twixt Dusk and Dawn [closed]
« on: June 09, 2019, 06:07:34 PM »
Graham tsked in frustration at the rain that oh so conveniently decided to start as soon as things started to kick off. "This coat isn't easy to dry, you know," he grumbled, breaking off from Gram's side and crossing over to where a street hawker was peddling an assortment of goods - including cheap umbrellas. Tossing a few Lien over from a large fancy wallet, Graham randomly snatched a floral-patterned yellow umbrella, and, pulling it open, returned to where Gram was enjoying his surroundings - somehow. Respectfully, he held the umbrella over Gram's head as well, shielding them both from the light dusting of rain. "You're the senior, so I'll defer to you on orders."

The Vale Region / Re: Dangerous Dealing 'twixt Dusk and Dawn [closed]
« on: June 08, 2019, 05:11:06 PM »
"Be my guest." Graham was more interested in Gram's weapons, particularly the hardlight barrier. Sword and board wasn't his style - he needed both hands for some of his stronger techniques - but with hardlight, that problem was solved simply by it not weighing much. Simple generator just off his right arm, deploys a similar barrier. Food for thought while on the shuttle. His dad would probably faint at the heresy of using a shield, but times were changing. If only the old fool would open his eyes to the truth.

"I assume Calen saw nothing or he would have said so by now." Setsuna reasoned, his mind still waking up. Taking his own look outside nothing popped out at him that screamed "danger" or anything of the sort. "Honestly, I'd much rather not fight any Grimm right now, so as long as there's no immediate threat, we can largely ignore the silence and focus on getting the comms tower online." he said, relaxing his posture. However, one look at the rest of the team and he knew there was another, more pressing issue to deal with. "Anna, could you work with Calen, please, and see whether or not you can fix the tower, since you have Dust in those knives of yours. Me and Teddy will scout our surroundings, try and figure out what's up with the silence. Any objections?" he asked, hoping there would be none from Calen. Plus, if he could get Teddy away from Calen, maybe he could help relieve some of the obvious stress.

The Vale Region / Re: Dangerous Dealing 'twixt Dusk and Dawn [closed]
« on: June 08, 2019, 10:49:13 AM »
"Huh, neat." Taking the small gas mask from Gram and turning it over in his palm, Graham put it on and took a couple breaths. Seemed to work fine, but having a round object just in front of his mouth and nose probably didn't look too good on him, so he activated his face mask and tried again. Thanks to the small size, it fit snugly between his face and the metal covers. Finding everything satisfactory, his mask retracted and he took off the gas filter, shoving it in his left pocket. "Thanks for the heads-up. Say, on that topic, anything else I should know? Weapon, fighting style, et cetera?" he asked. Drawing his sword from his sheath and tilting it so the blade caught the light, Graham continued; "This here's Reformation, your classic katana-like sword with a mechanical enhancement of mine own design. You've already seen my butterfly knife, and my Semblance don't affect none but myself and one opponent, so no worries there."

The Vale Region / Re: Dangerous Dealing 'twixt Dusk and Dawn [closed]
« on: June 08, 2019, 03:23:31 AM »
Grinning at the left hand proffered and the knowledge that he was working with a fellow leftie, Graham couldn't help but notice that his partner seemed slightly...uncomfortable around him. Perhaps a simple case of the nerves? Bit uncommon for a second year, they should have had plenty of experience working with others. In any case, he took care not to show his concern lest he make Gram even more nervous, and instead stared at the picture displayed on Gram's scroll.

"Faunus smugglers, huh. Think they're the White Fang?" Graham asked nonchalantly. "Well, they're not wearing the trademark masks, and if it was, they probably would have left this mission to the higher-ups, yeah." Pulling his right hand out of his pocket to reveal a butterfly knife, he performed a zen rollover before snapping the handles together and allowing the full length of the tanto to extend, before folding it back into its original state. "...Sorry if that startled you, it's just a hobby of mine." Graham explained, tucking it back into his pocket. "Anyways, ready to go?"

The Vale Region / Re: Dangerous Dealing 'twixt Dusk and Dawn [closed]
« on: June 07, 2019, 04:53:16 PM »
"Aye, I'm right here." A chestnut-brown haired student strode up to Gram, a shiny red set of headphones around his neck and a long sheathed sword on his right hip. With his right hand shoved in his right shorts pocket, the student extended his left hand in greeting. "Name's Graham. I assume you're the partner for this mission?" he asked. Unlike Gram, who seemed to constantly fidget, Graham was completely at ease and his demeanour clearly showed it, with a cheeky grin on his face and a confident posture. "So, ya know what we're doing this time round? I'm being thrown in the deep end this time round."

Setsuna tries to make time to meet up with all his fans IRL, but since he does his best to make each interaction enjoyable he ends up being a bit swamped as he doesn't just want to do a short meet-and-greet.

Tina spends all her time online in conversation. Actively avoids IRL fangroups.

Kei knows he has a fanbase, but ignores both IRL and online groups. This, unfortunately, only provides them with a incentive to get his attention / get a one-on-one meeting.

Graham would interact with his fans by arranging times to meet and show off his flashy moves.

Jocelyn wouldn't say much online, but would try and help any potential medics that reach out to or were inspired by her.

Both Yu and Rachel are entirely ignorant of the fact that they even have fans. One because he doesn't know what a "fan" is, the other because they avoid humans they don't know.

Beacon Academy / Re: Meet and Beat [Team CASA][Closed]
« on: May 11, 2019, 08:17:31 AM »
As Azure's music spreads across the arena, Jocelyn finds herself not concentrating on the fight in front of her - if one can call this a fight; Azure's perched on the rafters like a songbird performing for an audience - and instead casting her mind back to her childhood, back in their home of Patch where her old friends used to play. A flash of pain, a scuffle, a horrendous howl, her brother, blood, blood blood everywhere - Make it stop, her mind whispered, I don't want... She squeezed her eyes shut to block out the mental imagery, shaking her head as she loses her posture and a small trickle of tears begin to drip down her cheek.

Just as quickly as the images come on, they fade equally as fast as Prism takes the first move, taking flight and raining bullets on Azure's position with a gust of wind so strong it blows Jocelyn's tears off her cheek. From the look on her face, it didn't look like anything had happened to Prism, which left Jocelyn in a state of slightly distraught confusion as she tries to comprehend what exactly happened just now. Just to make sure, she manually chambers a Ice Dust round and, channeling her Semblance, sends the bullet at Coco with the intent of dispelling any similar effect on him.

Jocelyn's Combat Log:
  ● Aura: [█████████-] 97% (3% to Coco | Ice Dust effect)
  ● 6/7 bullets in mag

Beacon Academy / Re: Meet and Beat [Team CASA][Closed]
« on: May 04, 2019, 07:15:59 AM »
At Prism's order, Jocelyn's sniper rifle extends into its active form at the same time that Steam Flower's mechanical wings snap into place and Hyacinth's safety trigger is turned to 'Open'. The remaining winds created by Prism's Semblance tugs impatiently at her own wings, as if urging her to take to the skies, but Jocelyn remains grounded for the time being by kneeling on the floor and resting Hyacinth on her other knee.

Seeing her leader's absolute concentration, she ups her focus as well, eyes trained on the scope in front of her, aiming directly at Azure's head. Without Azure knowing her Semblance's capabilities, there wasn't much risk of being immediately targeted as the medic, so she was free to execute cover fire. "In position." Jocelyn says curtly, without taking her eye off Azure - the other is closed in preparation.

At the slightest movement, she'll fire.

Jocelyn's Combat Log:
  ● Aura: [██████████] 100%
  ● 7/7 bullets in mag

Setsuna: White, aims to end the game quickly via use of Rooks, Bishops and Knights, fairly high-mobility pieces.

Tina: Black, prefers to react to opponent's moves instead of making them herself.

Tieren: Black, plays extremely aggressive and prioritises capturing opposing pieces. (He's not very good at chess)

Kei: White, takes a strategist approach and plays neutrally. Neither offensive nor defensive.

Lunae: White, uses her Queen liberally and offensively, supported by Rooks and Bishops.

Graham: Black, aggressive but not overly so. Either makes his moves slowly or extremely quickly.

Jocelyn: White, prefers to keep her pieces safe. Doesn't take the initiative or opt to capture pieces, only doing so whilst defending her pieces.

Yu: Black, sacrifices everything to protect his King. Plays overly defensive.

Rachel: Black, uses her Knights often. Sets up traps by sacrificing pawns.

Ferus: Black, surprisingly defensive. Plays around his opponent's moves.

Emile: White, leans slightly toward defence rather than offence. Isn't afraid to expose his King.

In order: Kei > Ferus > Rachel > Emile > Tina > Setsuna > Graham > Lunae > Jocelyn > Yu > Tieren

"Dust almighty-" Setsuna let go of his saber and threw himself to one side, with the end result of the kick half-connecting on his thigh. With no time to really control where he was going to land, the boy landed roughly in the snow and rolled a little before getting back up, pulling a dagger bit from his shield to replace his sword, now buried in the snow next to Shiroe. "That wasn't very nice of you." Setsuna remarked, holding the dagger in front of his chest as he gave Shiroe enough time to stand back up - daggers were even worse against a prone opponent, though he should have taken a different approach in the first place.

Regardless of whether Shiroe decided to take the opportunity to stand, Setsuna swept forward again, aided by his Semblance's speed to once more dive on his opponent. With his right hand he aimed two fast, darting cuts at his opponent's waist while his left reached for his sword before bringing it down diagonally across Shiroe's chest.

Setsuna's Stats:
  ● Aura: [█████████-] 85% [7% from rune-boosted kick]
  ● Weapons: Discord, Harmony

Combat Data:
  ● Attacks: Twin quick cuts (4% x 2), diagonal overhead slash (6%)
  ● Semblance: ACTIVE - 50/60 seconds

"Yeah, no, apart from you going on extremely high alert." Setsuna said, securing his backpack and his shield. "If you'd like to enlighten the team it would be much appreciated, otherwise none of us have any idea why we're just staying in the building." Even his soft voice managed to semi-echo in the room, making the leader finally notice the extraordinary silence. "Never mind. Anna, any idea what's coming?" Taking Teddy's advice, the sword in his hand was gripped tighter as Setsuna took a position next to the door.

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