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Character Editing / Re: Billy Bone
« on: Today at 05:47:27 AM »
Spoiler: pre edits • show

Name: Billy Bone

Age: 3ed of Machlude, 63 AD

Species and Gender: Female Faunus, Silver Fox

Symbol:  Longhorn skull

Occupation: Huntress in training at Beacon. Training to be the fastest and most accurate gun in Remnant.

Appearance: Billy is dark skinned. She has black hair braided into many small tight braids that look like straight black from a distance with the occasional white and gold beads in her hair. She has brown narrow eyes. She stands at 6 feet tall and is 169lbs. Billy also has a silver fox tail. Billy wears a button up white shirt under a tan vest. She wears tight dark blue jeans and tan cowboy boots. She wears sky blue belt, and a sky blue, bandana/neckerchief that she ties around her neck that has a ceramic longhorn skull that hangs on it. She tops the outfit off with a tan wide-brimmed hat.

History: Billy grew up without any roots. With no stable home, she was always moving for her protection because her father was a ‘bounty hunter’ in Vacuo. No, he wasn’t a huntsman. He was more of an assassin and kidnapper for those who needed his services. It became a rule in their household to not ask questions about how his day was.

Because of his profession, he needed her and her mother how to protect themselves. He taught Billy how to shoot at a very young age. When she was old enough he told her of their family’s rare hereditary semblance of aura lassos and tired his best to unlock her aura and tried to get her semblance active before she was ready. Though it worked, it was such a physical strain on her after getting it working that she passed out. Needless to say that day that was supposed to be one of the most joyous in her life, was one of the worst.

Billy hated her father and his profession. She despised that he was grooming her to become a bounty hunter but she didn’t see another choice in life. It was either this or become a scavenger in her mind. Being a ‘bounty hunter’ brought in the big bucks and she could move out of the lawlessness of Vacuo to a quieter place where she can have a normal life. It wasn’t until the first job she had to take with her father that she saw that she had another choice.

It was supposed to be a simple job. Go to the edge of town, wait for the target to come in from the desert, kill anyone they are traveling with or get him on his own, and take him into the hideout. The problem was the target was traveling with an undercover huntsman. Her father went for the target and she went for the target’s bodyguard. Before Billy could get a shot off, the hunter pulled her feet off from under her and disarmed her. The hunter then fought Billy’s father. During the fight, both Billy and the target made a run for it. They were stopped by a pack of grim. Billy froze. There was a scream that came from the target and the Huntsman quickly jumped into action to fight off the grim.

Her father used this opportunity to run off back to Vacuo and left Billy to take the blame. But instead of getter her in trouble, the hunter talked her into helping them get into the underground ‘bounty hunters’ ring and stopping them. Seeing them put a stop to her dad’s old profession, she finally felt hopeful for the future. She wanted to give law to a lawless land of Vacuo. But due to her now being a target to the ‘bounty hunters’ since she basically snitched on them, the hunter had to travel with her out of Vacuo to Vale.

When they traveled they became fast friends. He convinced her to become a huntress as they talked as they went through the desert. He trained her on the road to Vale against grim then pulled some strings to get her into the next session of Beacon. Though Billy barely passed the written test, her accuracy with her rifle was an A+. She has much to go with using the hammer portion of her weapon.

Personality: Billy hates her father and needs to find him and wants to bring him to justice. She can first seem withdrawn and slow to open up since she couldn’t most of her life. But once she does, she is warm and caring. She craves stability and safety. When it comes to her past she is secretive about it and one would have to pry the information that her dad was a ‘bounty hunter’ from her. But she will tell people small things about her past, like that she’s from Vacuo and basic stuff.

She likes practicing her accuracy, and speed of her shooting, but doesn’t like practicing her semblance because it reminds her of her father. Billy has an affinity for stray animals and they tend to follow her home by the dozen. Once she even came home with a wild pony she found wandering the desert. She loves dark country music, or ‘gothic Americana’ she likes to call it. She knows and loves to make ice cream when she can. Billy enjoys a good root beer float on a hot day, and a walk down to the water to cool off.

Aura and Semblance: Her aura is sky blue #87CEEB . Her semblances is a projected aura lasso that latches onto one thing that she can see. Billy’s lasso can reach 20 feet. Her semblance can phase through and around objects, grim, and auras to create the hard light lasso that wraps around the target. The target could wiggle out of the lasso, break it with their own aura, or wait for it to break on its own. In theory, she could use it like any other rope, but she doesn’t have the training to keep her semblance up longer than a minute to use it as such.

Combat Behavior:Billy is a backline snipper with her lever action rifle. She takes her time to line up her shots to get the best damage done. When she is up close and personal, she uses her newly being refined skills of the quick draw against her opponent, then quickly switches to her hammer. Being that she wants to be the fastest, most accurate draw she has an itchy trigger finger when it comes to attacking. She doesn’t use her semblance unless she needs to catch someone fleeing or stop a grim from striking a teammate or civilian. Billy has a bad habit of standing in one place and shooting this could make her an easy target. She's not very creative with her semblance and her gun. For example, she didn't know you could use gunfire to slow down your fall until she saw someone else do it during her initiation at Beacon. Her semblance rope is very weak and only lasts thirty seconds tops. She also relies too heavily on the rifle portion of her weapon instead of the hammer bit.


Name: Longarm

Primary Form: Longarm is a lever action rifle with a thick heavy stalk

Secondary Form: She flips it so that she’s holding the barrel of the rifle. The stalk transforms into a hammerhead with a spike on the other side.

Dust Functions: Billy can shoot fire dust that causes explosion on impact. She can also shoot ice dust that freezes the target in the area where she shot it at.

History:.After being taught with a pistol, she learned from the hunter she traveled with how to shoot with a rifle and found it much easier to get more accurate shots done with it. She also likes how hammers can build and destroy.

'You aren't doing much to assure me you aren't only pretty faces if that is what the Sands have given you.' Ramalia remarked turning to face Azre while shrugging, Ezra being hesitant on showing her semblance was curious, it was unusual for hunting parties among Ramalia's people and did little so show trust but like Ramalia would say later, chance given. 'But like I said chance given, impress me. On the other hand the Sands have allowed me to see through the eyes of animals, the eyes of the hawk, nose of the wolf and ears of the snake are all mine. Other that I have the cannon and if they get past that I have these.' Ramalia continued holding up her gaultlets for her teammates to see. Heavy metal plating with several tubes of dust creating a brutal almost nightmareish weapon Ramalia then cycled through it's various fuctions; metal plated knuckles, buzz saw, knife like claws and detachable mines.

As the plane entered the sandstorm on it's way to the distress signal the ride got considerable bumpier, a request for assisstance from deeper into the cargo hold was quickly answered by Patchouli eager to get away from her team mates more 'expressive' personalities. Ramalia gunted in a way of farewell and checked her equipment once more seeing as they where about to drop into best case senario active combat, worse case senario the back end of a massacre. Turning back Ezra Ramalia got to her feet gun and guntlets at the ready, perpared as she would ever be for the coming conflict. 'The  ‘Ashkha rarely choose to fight Grimm, those left behind would be left behind. You are siad alrasas, huntmaster, how do we approach this prey?' Ramalia asked, there was a degree of deference in the former scavengers voice. Regardless of Ramalia's opinon of Ezra she had been chosen to lead and while until the mission was over it would take much for Ramalia to break rank.

The lights soon switched to green signally they where almost over the drop zone. The piolt announced over the communication systems. 'The storm is too hard to get a clear visual identification but the distress signal is still being broadcast so you will have to decide to drop now blind but quick or we can all land on the second pass.' The voice clearly wanted to former, not only would it get assistance to the people below them as soon as possible but the hunters in training could clear an area allowing the plane to land without having to worry about having it's engines mauled by Grimm. Ramalia looked to Ezra, willing to follow her leaders commands but she was also eager to get moving as soon as possible. After a little pause Ramalia asked rather woodenly. 'So...where are you two from anyway?'

Character Editing / Re: Suna Arevik
« on: June 21, 2018, 06:05:00 PM »
Spoiler: pre edits • show


Name: Suna Arevik ('sand like the sun')

Nicknames and Aliases[list]
Age: 18, Born 1 Arashi

Species and Gender: Kangaroo Rat Faunus, Male

Symbol: -

Occupation: First-Year Shade Student, Apprentice Scavenger

Appearance: Suna stands at 5'2" and weighs about 110lbs. Besides having a certain tone-ness to him, he looks fairly plain and indistinct--his hair and eyes are a dark-brown which might as well be black in low-light areas. His natural skin color is a creamy tan, but one could say it has become a bit burnt due to his extensive exposure to the Sun. On his head are small kangaroo rat ears. [ ]

The material of all of his clothing was specifically chosen for their ability to breathe, their durability, their texture, and their weight/lightness. He wears a beige, short-sleeved shirt with Vacuo's crest embroidered atop his heart and beige combat pants. Atop of that, he wears a reversible cloak with one side being black and the other white. He carries two pairs of footwear, one pair of combat boots and one pair of sandals, and he also has a patterned wool scarf wrapped around his neck in face he ever is in need of a face mask. [ ]

He also has two sets of boots and gloves: one leather and the other metal. Due to extreme temperatures, he wears leather in Vacuo and Atlas. Where the weather is less extreme but also due to a lack of sand, he wears metal.

History: Since he was a child, Suna was always adventurous, and perhaps not for the best. Whenever he accompanied his mother to the market or bazaar, he would always disappear from his mother's sight much to her dismay, but he wasn't lost (or at least that's what he believed), he was just discovering the world around him; a natural-born cartographer he was, though that would require him to actually make maps. And after attending a career fair of sorts while he was still in Primary school, he decided to become a Scavenger.

He discovered his semblance soon after setting the course for his future. With every trip he made with his mother, he was managing to stay out in the Sun for longer periods of time. Little by little, he found himself gathering a larger canopy of sand to provide him with much needed shade. From this moment on, he used his semblance constantly as if it were one of his own limbs.

Suna considered Oasis academy to be his first stepping stone. He never thought he would become a fighter, and yet here he was. For him, Oasis was way too tedious for him. At first things was fine, but that was because everything was new and exciting. Then it became a familiar, standard routine. The same old thing over and over again with little deviation and not as many opportunities to gain hands-on experience as he would've liked. His teachers would talk to him, hoping that they could turn around his attitude but to no avail. They asked his mother to try as well and she achieved the same results. Truthfully, there was nothing that could be said to move him. He just wanted to move on with his life so, besides combat training, he did the bare minimum required to get through to Shade and that was that.

In the downtime between graduating from Oasis and attending Shade, Suna spent a lot of time trying to meet with sanctioned scavengers, hoping to get a better idea of what he should be setting out to do at Shade. It was during this time that a scavenger by the name of Ebony Neige took a liking to Suna and took him under his wing.

Personality: Suna is unhindered in moving forward towards his goals. He is optimistic, determined, stubborn, and adventurous, always looking for that special something to act as a carrot dangling in front of his nose. He isn't afraid to leave things behind or do strange things if he knows or thinks it'll progress him in his journeys.

He is of average knowledge, but he has a incredible memory which he typically uses to draw maps of the locations that he visits. He is perceptive of the environment and his surroundings but, unfortunately, not very much when it comes to people. He is not exactly personable as he tends to act rather strangely, but some may find that aspect of him charming.

Aura and Semblance:
Sand (#C2B280)

Suna is able to manipulate a large amount of tiny particles which is usually sand but can be other things like powders, dust, Dust, salt, sugar, etc. He can generally use it for about 5 continuous minutes in combat, and the most he can control allows him to create a sandstorm around him with a radius of 10 feet; he can do this for 1 minutes assuming he's in good condition. His control of sand isn't strong enough to hold heavy objects up in the air such as himself unless the sand is solidly connected to the ground. He can use it to keep things in place, and along with this, he can strengthen the sand under his feet as he walks to make it feel like he is walking on solid ground; this is something that is second nature to him because for him, the energy wasted walking through something as loose as sand is greater than the amount of energy required to make each of his steps solid.

In combat, he uses his semblance in such a way that it could be described as "death by a thousand cuts"; he figures it is much worse than that. He usually uses his semblance as a sand blaster, grinding Grimm down until they are nothing more than particles themselves. He can also summon a sandstorm to blind and grind down his opponents.

For areas without sand, he can slowly break down rocks and other minerals for sand "on-the-fly". It is not a process that can be done during combat however.. Soil is much easier to break down though it isn't useful at all for inflicting damage; it serves more of a supportive role. When not in environments where sand is not present, he then faces the problem of having to manipulate the sand to follow him which adds another layers of exertions for him to handle. All in all, fighting in non-sandy areas is possible, but it is pretty annoying to do and definitely not preferred.

Combat Behavior: When possible, Suna relies entirely on his sand to use as his weapon so he definitely prefers fighting in desert environments where he can effortlessly and carelessly attack from any and all angles possible. Of course, that isn't always possible so he carries a flanged mace with him, not only for when he doesn't have enough sand to use but also when he is fighting opponents that are resistant to his sand such as ones with high armor. When unable to rely on his sand, he tends to be much more cautious as it makes him feel vulnerable. If his opponent doesn't let him keep his distance, he is more than willing to switch gears and go on the offensive.

Not necessarily a tempo-dependent fighter, Suna tries his best to control and maintain a certain battle flow. For example, if a charge towards the enemy is required, he will try his best to eliminate or block any enemies that would significantly interfere with that task. He would make sure to become incredibly defensive with his semblance during his charge to ensure that he reaches his destination. When without his sand, he is forced to be more tactical, maneuvering around and manipulating the battlefield until it reaches a favorable state. If he can't do they, he will try to force open opportunities through aggressiveness.

In the case that Suna finds himself without sand and in a fight where he is disadvantaged with a mace, he does train at hand-to-hand as well as staff combat. He certainly isn't the best at either, but he is proficient enough with both that his chances of losing a fight doesn't drop by switching to either when the situation calls for it.

His adventuring and constant semblance usage has netted Suna large pool of stamina and high constitution, but because he relies so heavily on his sand to fight, his raw strength and pain-tolerance are not too great.


Name: Rex

Primary Form: A 2'6" steel flanged-mace with a shaft made of durable wood and reinforced with steel. It looks fairly nice and clean. The head of the mace is able to detach and be detonated.

Dust Functions: None.

History: A mace designed in Oasis Academy as a means to break through the defenses of armored Grimm.


Name: Viper

Primary Form: A 5'2" stainless steel staff. On one end, a spear head appears with the flick of a switch. The spear head can split into quadrants, forcing open any penetrations caused. The center of the shaft can hollow out to form a tube allowing Suna to more easily channel his sand for an attack.

Storage Form: The staff compresses into a 1' long baton.

Dust Functions: None.

History: A spear designed to increase the effectiveness of Suna's sand attacks as well as keep melee opponents at bay.

Unfortunately Team RASB has lost one of it's members and as such we are looking for a replacement. Feel free to reply or DM for more information.

Even if you aren't ever going to see this I do feel obliged to send you off. Take care and best of luck.

Character Creation / Re: Akane Tozawa
« on: June 20, 2018, 01:55:26 AM »
Issues with word choice aside it seems perfectly acceptable.


Character Creation / Re: Akane Tozawa
« on: June 20, 2018, 01:05:37 AM »
So I do want the flawed approach weakness where Akane can be knock out of her semblance or replaced with another.

I would also recommend watching the Pankration finals on youtube, it isn't a fighting style it's a sport. Likely what you mean is that Akane fights with very little runs so it is probably best just to say that.

Character Creation / Re: Aurelia Lumen
« on: June 19, 2018, 02:04:59 AM »
OK then +1

Character Creation / Re: Akane Tozawa
« on: June 19, 2018, 02:04:29 AM »
Very good job on this one it seems to have come together nicely although we do still expect weakness even with huntress or nigh-huntress level characters like this one. Other than that I do have a bit of an issue around the 'anatomy and kinesiology' thing as; as far as we know grimm don't really have anatomy as we would understand it and with human/faunus opponents aura kinda nullifies the fighting style until the fight is basically over. You can keep it in of course I just don't think it will be that impactful.

Character Creation / Re: Aurelia Lumen
« on: June 19, 2018, 01:58:03 AM »
SO there are just a few quick things I'd like changed or more accurately clarified before approving this character mostly around the semblance. How does Noble Steed act? Is it a normal horse? Is it completely under Aurelia's control or is it basically another creature?

Character Creation / Re: Alexander Noire
« on: June 19, 2018, 01:43:48 AM »
Still could improve the spacing in the first few sections but still good improvements +1

Character Creation / Re: Yu Nanhai
« on: June 19, 2018, 01:28:59 AM »
I still dislike the semblance but trust you to keep it under control. I would also recommend taking another look at the nets dust abilities; if fire dust is hot enough to melt steel wouldn't it melt the net? And 75lbs isn't that much so I would recommend making it 'incredibly heavy' or something similar.

Still not enough to stop your first approval. +1

Beacon Academy / Re: Stargazing [Open]
« on: June 18, 2018, 09:09:57 AM »
'Scandalous, Prism. How would my reputation recover knowing how deep worship of Venus went, being such a devoted worshiper myself it could only be all the way.' Calen responded in mock outrage once again needing to use his semblance to strike the target. 'Catherine Laurent, a grace that seemed almost supernatural and a laugh which could charm the dead from their cold embrace. Of course it was her brother I was more interested in but it turned out he was already married.' Calen explain shrugging slightly. 'You don't have to worry about your own reputation however Prism. Keep your carnal secrets, there are more interesting facets' Calen finished chuckling slightly both in regards to his own exaggerated pomp and Smokey's bravado.

'If the size of the gun decided fights then the world wouldn't need us, the 290 series Paladin's carry larger guns than we can heft, even someone with your.... low center of gravity. I would advise focusing on the things that make us different from the souless hunks of metal our northern neighbours deploy as a milita.' Calen responded coyly to Smokey's insistence. Although Calen did have a genuine dislike for over-reliance on technology including dust or guns a distinct part was agitating the other first year.

Taking a seat back by the launcher Calen spent a few moments thinking of an appropriate question before settling on his choice. 'What achievement are you most proud of?' Calen asked activated the firing mechanism and leaning back against the wall.

The Vale Region / Re: Phantom of the Festival(Closed)
« on: June 18, 2018, 07:58:49 AM »
'It's a pleasure to meet you Solar. My name is Saffron.' Saffron responded warmly, glad that the other faunus accepting her hand and followed the huntress in training closer to the center of the stage. Saffron wasn't quite able to keep in her laughter at Solar's dancing, although there was no malice it was still impolite and the Atlas student tried to right herself before it got too obnoxious. 'I suppose that is one way to tear up the dance floor Solar, but Vacuo huh hope you aren't Vale too cold.... Well I suppose desert nights are also cold but you get the idea, I have the opposite problem Vale is far warmer than Atlas.' Saffron continued slightly teasing then almost immediately falling over her own words.

'So have you been at the concert long? There are definitely some things you should check out before they wrap up, it's crazy how many different acts they have. Nothing like what we have back at home, organised and formal.... which aren't bad things of course but sometimes it's nice to see a change.' Saffron asked tapping away at a rather bulky device wrapped around her left wrist.

I'm interested with all of my school aged characters and also happen to judge fights I'm not apart of.

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