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Well that was unexpected Calen thought to himself as Aoife made her way towards them. The gaunt boy quickly recognised the mischievous glint in her eyes, having seen the same expression in his own eyes often enough, and therefore assumed she was the teammate that Gram was initially waiting for. This was proven right quickly given that the newcomer knew Gram's name, considering Gram wasn't a regular in the bar it would make the most sense. Now she was closer Calen was easier able to get a good look at Aoife, taking note of her blond hair and more noticeably the tail and sharp teeth. 'Come on dear don't be too mean, you could give the boy a heart attack.' Calen laughed, it was a harsh and cruel sound, but he pulled out a handkerchief from his pocket and handed it to Gram before gesturing on his own face where Aoife had left her mark. 'Well today is as good a day to start as ever, what kind of art are you interested in?' Calen continued in characteristic patience, delayed gratification is the sign of a mature mind.

Turning back to Lucas Calen slowly looked up and down the older student before coming to a conclusion. Honestly, there was little information that the gaunt boy could get out of Lucas's appearance but still given how he didn't seem that worried about explaining his weapon to two, now three, hunters-in-training which unfortunately for Calen removed bandit from the running. So having an advanced weapon and not being significantly older than Calen and Gram meant that the former was rather confident in saying Lucas was related to the academies. But which one and how? The lantern was very Mistrali but so was Calen's sword and he went to Beacon but that and any detectable accent was all Calen had to go on and he was willing to take a risk here. 'You are from Haven, a recent graduate. How close am I?' Calen guessed hoping that overestimating Lucas's age would win him some good faith in the possible inaccuracy of his answer.

Beacon Academy / Re: ABoat time [Open]
« on: June 24, 2019, 10:37:52 AM »
'I happen to know that team CASA always leaves their window open, I'm sure they won't mind all being woken up if its for a good cause.' Calen responded finding it quite interesting that lock doors could be any kind of obstacle for someone with a semblance like Kisha's. Maybe the semblance required line of sight or maybe she couldn't actually teleport through things. Regardless of the specifics of Kisha's semblance Calen was feeling rather envious of the idea of having a movement semblance that meant that you didn't have to actually move and therefore deal with the wind to use. As the moment he heard the Kisha was planning on heading in Calen used his semblance to quickly shoot himself as close as he could get to the shore in an effort to warm himself up as much as possible. It didn't work as well as he was hoping as the before mentioned wind bit hard but it also left Calen stranded without any of his clothes which weren't soaked from his swing as well as all his fishing gear.

I'll come back for it later I guess, it's not like the boat will be lost at sea with the anchor nor will anyone steal my fishing gear.' Calen thought to himself as he shivered on the beach. 'Yea it's funny what families do, everyone is so sure of their way of doing everything that everything different looks so strange. Anyway, it's a date then for the cook-off, we will find a time which works for both of us and move forward from there.' Calen called out jokingly as his teeth chattered from the cold. Honestly, there was little more that Calen wanted at that moment than a hot spicy meal but that would likely have to wait for a bit.

The Vale Region / Re: Hunt across the Savannah
« on: June 24, 2019, 09:34:23 AM »
With a roar, the Beringal Aurelia was fighting finally succumbed to its injuries as the monsters head was crushed under the knight's furious attacks. The other two Beringal quickened their pace through the forest, using their massive arms to avoid most obstacles by swinging tree to tree the Beringal were able to keep ahead of Cerulean or even Aurelia and Noble Steed as they joined the chase. Luckily the Grimm were hardly quiet and their snarls and growls could be heard even when they themselves couldn't be seen which were occasionally accompanied by more volleys of debris. The growls and even the chase itself wouldn't last for long for as the Beringal's found the caravan a duo of blasts rocketed out and then a high pitched whine and then nothing as the Grimm were dissolved by cannon fire.

As the Huntsman and Huntress-in-training move to investigate the blasts and the caravan, in general, they find it in much better condition than the last caravan they had passed. No obvious fatal casualties and teams of people working to restore functionality to their vehicles. The largest team by far was working on the singular large cannon. A great golden weapon with various animals carved all around still gleaming in the fading sunlight despite the mud and grime which almost complete encased it. This was obviously the weapon which had been laying waste to Grimm including its latest two victims Beringals who were fleeing the Huntsman as much as they had been attracted to the fear of the Caravan. Although given the destructive powers at their disposal perhaps the fear wasn't that justified.

Even looking at the people it was rather clear the people were dealing with the attack better than the last caravan, no wailing or accusatory stares and the Hunters approached and instead they were more or less welcomed with open arms. 'Hail, you must have been what drew those blighters away long enough for us to get the cannon back and running again. She may look pretty but she can take a beating apparently but... maybe not that much of one.' A loud female voice boomed out of the crowds working on repairs who quickly parted to allow the woman space to move towards Aurelia and Cerulean. They did need a fair bit of space, she was a very large woman with messy black hair, dark skin and eyes hidden behind a heavy visor who was carrying as much fat as muscle and plenty of both but the scorch marks on her heavy clothing and grime stains throughout her hair and skin made it clear she was as hard at work as the others before the Hunters arrived. 'I am Elder Rose and despite our circumstances, we are still obliged by our ancient customs to offer travellers welcome, travel with us for a bit. The blighters have stirred up a real tempest and it's no time even to be travelling in pairs.' Elder Rose called out again not quietening her voice as she continued to walk closer to Aurelia and Cerulean, that maybe just be how she talks.

The Vale Region / Re: At the mountains Summit
« on: June 19, 2019, 09:41:40 AM »
The lieutenant glared daggers at Toast after the latter's outburst, luckily most of the people inside the inn had either left or were too busy with their work to notice. Although those with a refined aural sense might be able to detect a distinct shift as if something that they had gotten used to was missing. 'Meals are provided by the inn yes.' Lieutenant Daily began, starting with the easiest question first and speaking slowly in an effort to minimise the chance of Toast having another outburst. Shuffling through his pack Corporal Davidson drew out a folder full of pages which he handed to his lieutenant. Daily gave a quick look through the documents before passing the folder over. 'I would warn you the pictures are rather graphic. All three weren't exactly the type to hold down long term employment, they would take off jobs here and there and often leave Falconhaven for months at a time so no there was no missing person report for any of the cases. The official story is that all three have had unrelated accidents with heavy machinery, it's the only reasonable explanation for the damage to the bodies outside of a large Grimm and if there was a large Grimm around we would know about it.' Lieutenant Daily continued.

She wasn't kidding when she said that the folder contained graphic images. The victim's bodies looked like they had gone through a wood chipper, with barely a bone unbroken or an organ unruptured. Along with the pictures, there was an autopsy report which consisted mostly of excuses of why the time of death couldn't be accurate: The cave systems don't have the same amount of insects as wider Remnant hadn't found the bodies yet, with no remaining core of the body it was impossible to get an accurate temperature to measure cooling, and because most of the blood was outside the body than inside measuring blood pooling was also meaningless. The only thing they really had was how dried the blood was around the body and particular stress was put on how inaccurate a system that was. There was also pictures of blood splattered heavy machinery equipment, devices designed to hold, heat and twist metal into a more useable shape. Officially they had been classed as the cause of death. There was a small mention of a white power found in all three scenes which were later determined to be flour. On top of that, there was a short summary of the victim's lives, all three had been part of The Prestigious Hippodrome at one point but after the circus fell apart so did their lives, unable to hold down stable work they survived mostly on their strong backs which were failing by now and the charity and goodwill of their fellow ex-carnies. There were also a few short statements made by those around 'accidents' but most where something similar to: 'lots of people come through here,' 'they don't teach them like they used to,' 'I mean sure its sad and all but when can I get my equipment back?' and so on.

Noticing that Lieutenant Daily wasn't going to continue and answer the rest of Toast's questions Sargeant Mathews again spoke up. 'I'm sure you have noticed by now that there isn't any real interest in solving these crimes, it is making a big mess just before an electoral cycle so Curze is doing everything he can to sweep this whole thing under the rug. He wants you to rubber stamp his statements so his campaign isn't so distracted by the unfortunate inconvenience of a series of murders being committed within their mitts. While it's very true that the victims often took odd jobs and the like but working with heavy machinery isn't an 'odd job' and even if it was ... I mean you've seen the photos there is no way a person could do that to themselves.' The Sargeant continued regardless of the increasingly infuriated expressing his fellow police officers were wearing. 'Now he hasn't been stopped I'm sure you have been given a fair deal to chew on and we have our own duties to attend to, so unless you have any more questions we really must be getting off. Night patrols are our busiest times of the day.' Lieutenant Daily finished with an exaggerated sign. She wasn't lying but she clearly wanted the whole situation just to blow over or at least it to stop until their local elections finished.

Ayaka wins.

Calen has a compact but still significant box of spices which he uses for cooking.

Saffron will always carry an instrument if she can carry her 12 string she will take that anywhere with her but she also has pocket instruments like Kalimba.

Ramalia obviously has her animals so she carries a lot of extra food to feed them.

AMA Section / Re: AMA/AMCA
« on: June 17, 2019, 07:58:31 PM »
I think it would be easy to list the plots that I've wanted to do and have even started them let alone finished them so I will probably have to answer your question in broad strokes.

1). I've got two characters I'm half-heartedly working on, my spider Faunus Mistral student and one of Calen's sisters who I want to reintroduce at some point.

2). For a while, I was interested in doing a world build surrounding a recurring company in a lot of the threads I run but the more of those threads I run the less important I find that. Which is strange because I do still want to do a world build on Calen's fighting style which would be completely meaningless but the philosophy of fighting styles both on a mental and physical level really interest me.

3). As for plots I'm interested in once my characters have established relationships with other characters what would happen with those relationships if certain aspects change. For example what would happen with Calen's relationships at Beacon if the Shrike history became common knowledge and even if there was a sucpision that he was still in touch with some of his siblings still in hiding.

'Sounds good enough to me Master Setsuna, have fun on your nature walk.' Calen responded trying to be flippant but it came across a lot more straight than the gaunt boy intended. Unlike the rest of ASTC Calen had been lost for years in the forests of Mistral so the environment wasn't worrying for him but rather how it had changed their dynamic. Teddy was often quiet and Anna was withdrawn but everyone wasn't so depressed or on edge, and what was most worrying for Calen that he had grown so used to their normal team dynamic that it being gone made him feel measurably less. Obviously, Calen didn't like the sensation but with everyone as exhausted as they are the gaunt boy couldn't see any way force a conflict to take his mind off it outside of actually doing to work put in front of him. 'It's fine I didn't put that much effort into cooking anyway.' Calen muttered to himself as he walked slowly back towards the radio tower.

'Right so you have a look at the tower as see what you think might be the problem, there is definitely some damage to the wires so I'll start stripping down this junk and see if I can try to reuse any of the copper.' Calen explained as he took out one of his knives and, moving with practised grace, starting stripping any electrical wiring he found of their rubber casing. It wasn't much different from skinning a kill, all long smooth movements which allowed Calen to lose himself for a bit in the work. It was rather clear the normally hyper-social Huntsman-in-training wasn't really interested in talking much more. As for the tower itself it had held up reasonably well given the years that it had been left to decay. Most of the actual delicate electronics were still protected by rusted metal but the tower still wasn't functional. The wiring had worn out in places and the power source had been ripped away by either something big or something with heavy machinery.

As Teddy and Setsuna began their scouting mission around the decrypted village, having to walk around piles of rubble as well as the rather random placement of buildings made it difficult to quickly assess the situation. There was always another corner or another obstacle which could be hiding some threat. If the pair continued all the way outside the town there would be a small trail leading away(or towards) a nearby river which could be heard as the water rushed against the rocks providing some sort of relief against the oppressive silence. Other than that the trees stood, buildings crumbled, hills sat and valleys sagged; there wasn't anything obviously wrong other than it being particularly silent.

'The final performance is a big deal financially because it has had all the buildup around it sure but luckily there are no superstitions around it. There is enough to juggle around avoiding peacock feathers,  the colour blue, only accepting gifts after the performance and sleeping with the script under your pillow that changing long-established plans would drive me nuts. So my fellow performers don't care and by this stage, the suits have gotten all the money they would get out of the performance so although they don't like it but they also don't really care that much. My understudy is also pretty good as much as it hurts me to admit.' Calen responded not answering the second part of Lucas's the question. The reality is that Calen and his team had a mission they had been assigned and try as he might Calen couldn't weasel his way out of the assignment. Revealing that would obviously out him as being a Huntsman-in-training which he was initially planning on hiding but it also didn't seem like he was getting much benefit out of doing so. This didn't look like a bandit bar, although Calen conceded that could make it a very good bandit bar, it wouldn't make much sense for Calen for a bandit to recommend a non-bandit bar which significantly lessened the chances that Lucas was a bandit much to Calen's disappointment. Also because Gram seemed considerably off balance already the extra hidden punch would be pretty wasted, if anything sharing a place at Beacon might help Gram open up so Calen could stab him in the back later.

'Oh and like Master Gram, I'm a Beacon student, team ASTC, and we have a mission somewhere between Vale and Vacuo. Some company feels like their might still be important information left behind which is worth salvaging. We have a little bit of experience with the company and it's not expected to be that dangerous but we will be gone for a while.' Calen explained deciding to be a little upfront might help him sneak other things by unnoticed. 'Although I must say Master Lantern I don't think I have a monopoly on strange accessories, what's with your namesake? That large lantern on your belt, I prefer a flashlight but it does make you stand out, not that I obviously have anything against that obviously.' Calen asked continuing to play along with the moniker that Lucas has chosen.

'I'm sure they had a good reason and we don't have to be strangers for long.' Calen began feigning benevolence. 'Although you might not believe it I used to have difficulty interacting in social situations as well, I always find it easiest to talk about something you are comfortable with. So how about you try that, what is something you like talking about, something you could talk about for hours. Please don't of course but I couldn't exactly criticise you for being verbose. Calen finished giving as sympathetic a smile as his gaunt face was capable of.

The Vale Region / Re: At the mountains Summit
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The police officers gladly took everyone but Revya's hand. 'It might be best to discuss specifics with some degree of privacy. Even if these killings aren't... officially considered murders it is still bad form for the police to talk about ongoing investigations in public. You four are being given rooms in a local inn for the duration of your stay so we might as well kill two birds with one stone  and get you four set up there.' Lieutenant Daily responded the glances between her and her subordinates showed that the three weren't all in agreement if the killings should be considered murders or not. With that, the police officers quickly lead the four hunters-in-training away to the Bluebird Inn, a medium sized inn with it's name and namesake was carved over the door and was served by an array of colourful and not-so-colourful characters. As they came to the inn itself they saw an old man emptying a bag of rubbish into the larger bins to the side of the building. Three of his limbs had been replaced with mechanical implants, not the sleek atlas tech the students might be familiar with these arms looked more at home on an industrial lifter than a person. Regardless the old man seemed friendly enough waving his one human hand at the officers and they are responded in kind.

Inside the inn, there was a big man behind the counter, assumably the bartender, and four girls, assumably servers, were going around from table to table collecting or providing food as well as cleaning up vacant tables. Most of the girls were rather attractive young girls, probably teenagers earning a little extra money between school. The last was a little older and although she hid it rather well by positioning her face and taking the long way around the tables had some serious scars on her face. The scarred serving girl ducked out of the main room as the police and Hunters-in-training entered the room and another serving girl gestured for them to take up a large table in the corner of the room. It wasn't the most private setting in the world but as long as no one spoke too loudly and no one was listening too closely there shouldn't be any problems with being overheard.

'Well as I'm sure you all have gathered this is the Bluebird Inn and it's where you will be staying for the three days Cauze has given you the 'investigate' these killings.' Lieutenant Daily began, the verbal quotation marks made it clear that regardless of the parties intentions she did not trust that they would be able to carry out an acceptable investigation in the time frame given. 
'As for the specifics of the victims there names are Xanadu and Gamboge Symbol and Celestine Black. All three died in various mining facilities, the siblings died together in a processing plant on the other side of town and Black died in a storage facility. Times of death is hard to establish due to the state of the bodies and our enclosed environment but rough estimations but Black as three weeks ago and the siblings a week although it took a while to find them so as I said that might be inaccurate. As for my personal opinion... Lieutenant Daily explained looking at Toast before quickly flicking her eyes to Camelia and opened her mouth to respond only to be interrupted by Sargeant Mathews. ' There are too many suspicious factors to completely dismiss these deaths as accidents regardless of how helpful that would be for the higher-ups.' Sargeant Mathews interrupts, Lieutenant Daily glares and her subordinate and he holds her gaze but she says nothing to contradict his statements.

'Oh this old thing.' Calen laughed as he picked a leaf from his get up. 'Stage outfit, I'm going to be missing out the last show so my understudy is taking the final show which makes our second last show my last show. And as tradition dictates, you celebrate your last show of a run which simply means I will celebrate with others rather than my fellow dancers.' Calen responded as he studied the older man out of the corner of his eye. The pale green coat with yellow trim was hardly the most exotic getup Calen had seen even in the bar itself but there was clearly something more to this 'Master Lantern' that and Calen was eager to find out what. The lantern was obvious, a little too obvious maybe? Whether it was his semblance or a piece of tech it did signify a degree of training that Calen wasn't expecting initially. He didn't respond when Gram mentioned he was a student so it wasn't likely to Calen he was a student himself or a recent graduate which still left a few options. Maybe he was a bandit or mercenary looking to cool down after a job, Calen's mind raced with the possible romance in his mind drawing scenes of the police or even a Huntsman/Huntress breaking in and a fight breaking out.

What Calen was actually apparently looking at however was Gram, his gaze glancing down at his ungrasped and then Calen cocked his head slightly to the left and withdrew his hand. Calen did believe Gram that he was a student, he had that kind of look you would expect from someone looking to visually distinguish themselves, but because he didn't immediately recognise Gram it was unlikely he was a first year and he didn't look that much older so probably not a fourth year. 
It made Gram a puzzle, not as possibly exciting as Lucas but exciting nevertheless but and there was little Calen liked more than solving puzzles to put those he was talking to off balance. To this end, Calen decided early on not to mention that he to was a student a Beacon. Not only because Calen wanted to leave the opportunity for some mischief and it would be less fun if he had to deal with some consequences from tonight but also it meant that Calen might be able to put Gram off balance by mentioning things about Beacon that no non-student or graduate would know.

'Oh an in-training-huntsman isn't that interesting, you don't see as many of you lot as you might except with Beacon itself only being across the way.' Calen mentioned as he sat down between Lucas and Gram, closer to Lucas. 'So what about you guys, what brings you out on this wonderful night?.' Calen finishes cheerfully meeting the eyes of both Gram and Lucas.

Calen grinned wider and wider as he noticed more and more eyes on him. Being a total diva nothing made Calen happier than being the centre of attention and the topic of conversation. Finishing his drink Calen made his way to the bar for a refill and to check on the pair of men he first saw when he settled down in the bar. They seemed to be getting along well enough but like anything, Calen knew that more him, like with everything, could only make the interaction go smoother at least in comparison. After accepting his refill from the bartender with a smile, nod and raising of his glassed Calen took another sip before turning to Lucas and Gram.

'Oh I'm sure it's nothing so drastic, Master Lantern. And even if it was there is no reason the night can't be salvaged. I'm Calen by the way, Calen Shrike, what are your names?' Calen interrupted offering his hand to Lucas and Gram in turn to shake. Calen did honestly hope it wasn't anything serious, Calen could obviously enjoy anyone's misery but it did mean a lot less when wasn't the one causing it.

Introductions, birthdays, and departures. / Re: Gotta go
« on: May 29, 2019, 07:41:47 PM »
Take care and best of luck in the future.

Beacon Academy / Re: ABoat time [Open]
« on: May 24, 2019, 07:56:13 AM »
'We'll see.' Calen responded as he slowly swam his way over to Kisha in a slow but deliberate breaststroke, never submerging his head. What Kisha said was partially correct, Calen did slightly warm up as he started to move but it wasn't enough to be called anything close to warm. Still, Calen had always found something strangely pleasant about being cold; it was calming, it sharpened his senses and kept him focused on the present. 'Perhaps we should have a bit of a cook-off, see who can make the spiciest curry which people are actually willing to eat.' Calen remarked wistfully as he thought to the hot meal to come. Spicy food had always been one of those things that Calen was initially ambivalent to but has become rather experienced in since coming to Beacon as a way to ensure other people don't eat his food.

'My father would always use teas whenever we got sick. Chamomile tea for fevers, Echinacea tea for colds, Peppermint tea for stomach aches and so on. At the time I thought it was normal but since coming to Beacon I have thrown myself completely into modern medicine, even get that common cold vaccine which seems to help as long as I don't jump into cold water.' Calen joked as he reached Kisha and started swimming in wide arcs around his classmate. As much as he was whining the water wasn't actually that cold and Calen was almost enjoying the swim. 'So do you cook spicy food often? Have to confess most of my team aren't that into significant spice so I don't get many opportunities to try it out.' Calen asks watching the shoreline as the last of the light starts to fade away. 

So as has been pretty well established Calen is a bit of a dick but he is also very good at pretending he isn't. As such the flamboyant swordsman already with a few hunts under his belt would have probably gathered a reasonable following. Calen probably takes huge advantage of the parasocial relationships that form from celebrity and fan encouraging certain life decisions which although could definitely be the right way forward are still quite risky and all while keeping up the facade of someone who just wants to help. Just like most of his negative tendances Calen doesn't consider these actions evil, although they definitely are, he simply thinks he is teaching people a valuable lesson on trusting authority figures who don't have any real qualifications obviously ignoring that such a lesson could be taught without causing them pain.

Saffron has a lot of issues when interacting with her fans. As a Faunus in Atlas, she does actually have quite a large group of devoted Faunus fans who are amazed to see one of their own climb to the ranks she has as well as a few humans but who cares about them. The only issue is that because of a few extremely negative experiences concerning people pretending to be fans to humiliate her Saffron has been very slow to entertain the idea of doing any live meetups again. Even online Saffron knows that at least a couple of the messages she gets are from people trying to make a fool out of her but she has become savvier and by interacted though trusted gatekeepers she keeps the humiliations to a minimum while still providing advice online.

Ramalia hasn't really done anything to get fans. (I haven't been bothered to put her into anything.)

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