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WiP Characters / Dustsmith, Mistral based Villian
« on: August 14, 2018, 09:52:41 AM »

Name: Unknown. Title: The Dustsmith

Age: Unknown

Species and Gender: Unknown

Symbol:  A large hammer striking an even larger crystal formation of dust, crudely drawn like like it was etched into stone by a hammer and chisel.

Occupation: ‘Dustsmith’ or Craftsman extoridinare, Mercenary.

Appearance: A mountainous form, getting close to nine feet tall encased in a golden set of armour of the finest make blocks any attempt to view the Dustsmith’s true form. Mostly animated by their semblance the Dustsmith’s armoured form shines a brilliant gold caped with rich reds and purples exude unmatched royalty and power. That is, of course, the point but what is designed into the armour is even more striking than the colour palette, animal motifs, hundreds of them. Some large, the front half of a wolf and lion make up the shoulder plates as well as an open dragon maw dominate the chest plate. However, for every massive design, there are dozens only noticeable under close inspection. Including flocks of tiny birds under the Dustsmith’s cloak and but thin snakes which flow down the arms.

Never seen outside their armour details about body position or what not are completely unknown but the Dustsmith regularly stands so still that others think them a statue, a mistake the Dustsmith encourages crafting golems which look identical to him. The only physical characteristic the Dustsmith shares public is their voice, a strangely androgynous and soft timbre which when combined with the Dustsmith’s tendency of referring to themselves in the third person means even making conclusions about their gender almost impossible. Despite the heavy armour the Dustsmith coats themselves in it never seems to hamper their maneuverability resulting in far more limber movements than one would expect from a fully armoured knight. This continues all the way to manual dexterity, meaning that the Dustsmith is capable of intricate movements like origami with armoured gauntlets.

History: The stories surrounding the Dustsmith are some of the oldest in Mistral if not all of Remnant. For as long as humans and faunus wandered Anima a figure calling themselves the Dustsmith followed, offering their crafts against the encroaching Grimm or other tribes. As the name suggests, Dustsmith, this often took the form of dust powered machinery. Incredibly primitive by today's standard but at the time they were the bleeding edge of weapons technology providing massive advantages those with the Dustsmith’s favour. And the Dustsmith was clear on how to gain their favour, trade. Offers for the Dustsmith’s latest creations kept increasing resulting in them become one of the richest individuals on the continent. With that money, the Dustsmith trained apprentices as well as bought dust and metals in even higher quantities than before. But money like any form of success draws jealousy and as the Dustsmith never seemed to care what their weapons were used for many, quite rightfully, started to see them as a disruptive force. And so one night the original Dustsmith was killed in their sleep along with most of their apprentices and all their projects were destroyed.

Although the powerful grieved the loss of such powerful weapons the common man rejoiced hoping that the Dustsmith’s death would result in a new era of peace. And they were right in a way only helped by the Dustsmith returning. Clad in heavy robes and a mask of incredible likeness to the original Dustsmith this new craftsman took up their master’s work, name and ruined workshop. This new Dustsmith had learned a lesson from their fallen master, responsibility of a sort and they began caring more about what their weapons were used for. And so the new Dustsmith vanished as quickly as they appeared only appearing occasionally at major markets or the courts of local warlords to offer their wares only to those would unify the land rather than divide it. Staying on the move meant protection from their fellow humans even if it exposed them more to the Grimm it also made it harder to train apprentices. As such it came to pass that only one could be comfortably fed and taught in such conditions.

Such the title passed down from master to apprentice, from Dustsmith to Dustsmith unbroken until the modern day. Many Mistrali believe the core code resulting in Atlas’s battle droid technology came from the Dustsmith as well as transforming weapons and dozens of dust variations over the centuries. Those centuries have done a lot to whitewash the Dustsmith’s actions, Mistral, particularly leading up to the grayed war hero-worshipped the Dustsmith. Seeing them as the perfect pure craftsman, making beautiful and terrible works simply for the act of creation. An aspiration that the art-focused nation rallied behind and remains a majority position to this day.

Keeping secrets are much harder in modern times than before the formation of kingdoms and all major factions have a vested interest in keeping an eye on such enigmatic figures like the Dustsmiths. Around ten years ago the Dustsmith took the physical form in keeps today, leading to analysts to assume that this is when the apprentice took over from their master. A reasonable assumption considering at the same time the Dustsmith’s dealing took a more abstract outlook. The preceding Dustsmith had been as predictable as their kind got, limiting their sales to huntsmen and huntresses as well as the occasional Atlas Specialist or military officer. There was even talk about making the Dustsmith an official position within Mistral, returning to a state not unlike the original although hopefully less disruptive. Specifics of what caused negotiations to break down are unclear but it seems the current Dustsmith is nothing like their master.

Although many huntsman and huntresses are still sold weapons by the Dustsmith so are mercenaries and more worryingly bandits and even the White Fang are ending up having far too many of such weapons to it only be looting. The figures legendary status means Mistral was incapable to massively shifting their public position on the Dustsmith without a loss of face although the other kingdoms aren’t so trapped and independent hunters are constantly looking for clues. To buy or to kill depending on the individual. Although it is definitely a change compared to the previous Dustsmith there has been disruptive Dustsmith’s before but what has made this new figure so difficult to deal with is the deals they are making. No longer satisfied with lien or raw materials the Dustsmith has begun demanding rarer and rarer materials, often involving illegal actions. Adding further uneasy whenever a new Dustsmith weapon appears in the hands of an apparent upstanding member of society it hasn’t seemed to reduced demand much. Perfectly legal weaponsmiths capable of creating technological marvels are rare and expensive but those aren’t impossible obstacles for huntsman and huntresses to overcome but there is always something more with Dustsmith weapons. Centuries of crafting weapons for defenders of humanity, and the occasional criminal, is passed down to every Dustsmith granting them supreme insight to what fighters need almost impossible to garner otherwise. That and their semblance.

Although the new Dustsmith did eventually decline Mistrals offer of a partnership they have been seen in other groups since. Criminal syndicates mostly but even seeing the Dustsmith out in the world has become more common. Dustsmiths of yore spent significant time traveling discretely, forming relationships with smugglers and buyers out of the public eye. Fame was a dangerous thing when what made you famous was the weapons you forged but that doesn't seem to be something the new Dustsmith worries about. Perhaps their size makes it difficult to travel as others once did but more likely it is because this new Dustsmith believes in the myth.
Personality: Although it would be incorrect to conflate the hero-worship of huntsman and huntresses to that of the Dustsmith it is of a similar fervour although for very different reasons. The Dustsmith is seen to be Mistral, they were there at the beginning and are credited with so many inventions it is hard to imagine modern life without them. Now imagine training your entire life to be that person. To be specially selected and trained in secret by a literal myth and carry your life out as normal. A God complex is putting the condition lightly.

The Dustsmith believes creation is what makes us truly alive, it separates us from animals and even more from forces of destruction like Grimm. As such the value of someone is their ability to create, regardless of how terrible that creation is. And the Dustsmith has a wide definition of creation, their own are widely agreed upon but the Dustsmith takes creation beyond physical objects, another person would call it more simply change. Just as the Dustsmith still marvels at how his works change from rough raw materials into some of the finest weapons and armour on the planet they equally watch in enraptured delight at how revolutionaries change people from downtrodden vagrants to warriors. How criminals turn law-abiding citizens into themselves or strong people into broken husks.

As an individual, the Dustsmith is surprisingly warm and open-hearted despite his rapidly deteriorating reputation. Often bringing swarms of origami creatures to life to entertain children or doing repairs in outflung towns. This not only makes it even harder for Mistral to crackdown on the Dustsmith's increasingly criminal dealings it also gives him dozens of places to lie low all over Anima. Kindness and good fortune change people just as much as strife and pain and it all feeds back into the Dustsmith's god complex.

Aura and Semblance: Animation. Works wrought by the Dustsmith can be invested with the Dustsmith's own aura, reducing it's maximum until said aura is released, and become 'alive'. How long it can stay alive depends on the amount of aura invested and can be replenished is exhausted. Said animation can lay dormant in works until set triggers are activated or purposeful activation by the Dustsmith themselves. This aura invested is noticeable by those with even basic aura training and cannot be exploited when the work is coated in another's aura.

Combat Behavior:  Sample Text


Name: Sample Text

Primary Form: Sample Text

Secondary Form: Sample Text

Tertiary Form: Sample Text

Dust Functions: Sample Text

History: Sample Text

Character Creation / Re: Cole Ashton
« on: August 14, 2018, 01:45:23 AM »
I would recommend listing them in the profile. it's part of the combat behaviour section.

Beacon Academy / Re: Stargazing [Open]
« on: August 13, 2018, 09:17:47 AM »
'One person's terrorist is another's freedom fighter. Your forefathers didn't build a mutual ground of recognition, they fought a war against slavery. There was a boy in the town I grew up in, when he was in his early teens he killed a Faunus. Snapped his neck. In a moment, a husband and father were gone. And what was the boy's punishment from the local authorities? Nothing, nothing until the White Fang arrived at took everything from that boy. How is that not justice? How is that not equality?' Calen responded with the ghost of a smile on his lips. Talking about his past in the third person always gave the gaunt boy a rush but here and now? Talking about this and taking into account what Prism was? It took all of Calen's willpower to not giggle.

'That's two questions.' Calen began his left hand moving up his back to retrieve a second dagger. 'Sarcoline's studio and I love how it makes you move.' Calen sent two daggers at the target spinning away at each answer. The first one was on target but the second only barely clipped the target before continuing down range. 'I suppose that makes it two love to you Prism.' Calen remarks letting a full smile out to make it easier to hold on in the future. Two applications of his semblance sent Calen dashing to his knife and back in mere moments but the exertion was catching up to him. Several semblances uses, lack of sleep and food, as well as the alcohol, was having a serious impact on Calen's continuing ability to perform. But then again Calen had never let something as silly as not being able to do something stop him from attempting to. 'But it is good exercise and there are plenty of cute girls so I could introduce some if you like although I should warn you, dancers tend to be a bit of a handful. Calen joked, clearly short of breath.

Thankful for a couple seconds of rest before asking his question Calen stretched out the time as much as he could. 'Having to choose one or the other do you think you are too controlling or too trustful?' Calen asked again triggering the firing mechanism and sending the target flying down the range.

Half exhausted and elated to be out of the water Calen didn't notice Smokey shifting his grip until it was too late and found himself being swung directly at Billy like a baseball bat. Luckily Smokey wasn't the only one who can halt momentum and Calen used one of his few remaining semblance applications to halt Smokey's swing or at least himself, slowing the swing down enough to evade the hammer swing Calen never the less made himself an easy target for Billy's ice round. The chill from ice cut deep into Calen's already half frozen body and almost leached all the warmth from his body. Almost. Twisting his legs hard Calen sort to at last free himself from Smokey's grip and strike hard against Billy, confident that as Setsuna rose up out of the water he could finish off Smokey.

Three weakened swipes with his glaive were all Calen could offer before the shivering got so bad he could barely hold his weapon. His body not so slowly failing him Calen was only left with his mouth and cruel tongue. 'No response? Not surprised I suppose, abandoning sportsmanship is one thing but I'm surprised Smokey, you of all people would abandon others so easily?' Calen gloated somehow managing to put some degree of an edge to his words despite his entire body shaking, excluding the frozen bits. The flaring up of Calen's aura had faded to a dull ember of it's former glory and Calen knew he was good as out of the fight, but that didn't stop him from trying to return the pain he endured as many times over as he could manage.

Aura: 17%(-7% for ice round+2% from Ice leached strength)
Semblance: 35%(One use to halt Smokey's swing and dodge Billy's hammer blow.)
Status: Ice leached strength: +2% damage taken and -2% damage done(I'll calculate it)

3x4% glaive swipes at Billy.

Ducking her head down to avoid Justice's overhead strike Saffron was definitely impressed by her opponent remaining aware of her multiple avenues of attack but never the less an opening appeared for Saffron to exploit. Shifting one of her hatchets back into it's boomerang she then put the stored energy Saffron had gathered from her semblance into a truly immense amount of force behind the throw, particularly odd considering her throwing style didn't change at all. Unfortunately for the Faunus huntress in training Saffron didn't have much time to enjoy the sight of the attack in flight as Justice moved to her right side, clearly setting up an attacking. Rolling on her left to retrieve one of her discarded boomerangs and trying to match Justice's movement Saffron never the less quickly got outmaneuvered by her far faster opponent.

Still, what Saffron lacked in maneuverability she made up for durability and with her semblance taking much of the hits that slipped passed her guard that was only magnified. Saffron's quills puffed up as Justice's kick connected, being on the receiving end of more than her fair share of head knocks Saffron knew she could toughen out the consequences if Justice wasn't going to get too much of an advantage. Moving in to attack again Saffron feinted with another hatchet strike on her left side before unloading two wind dust shells into Justice at close range with her right hatchet.

Aura: 91%(Kick doing 9%/3 from semblance)
Semblance: 76%, 6% stored, 6% expended
General disposition: Groggy but determined

Supercharged Boomerang 5+6%
2x4% Wind dust shells

Hatchet 1: Wielded in Saffron's left hand. In Boomerang Form.
Hatchet 2: On the ground to Saffron's right. In Boomerang Form.
Hatchet 3: Wielded in Saffron's right hand. In Hatchet Form.
Hatchet 4: Thrown at Justice. In Hatchet Form.

Approved Characters / Re: Jima Purpora
« on: August 08, 2018, 10:18:38 PM »
Spoiler: micro-edits • show

Name: Jima Purpora

Age: 20, Born 1st of Amare

Species and Gender: Human Female

Symbol: Goliath Grimm, curled into a circle

Occupation: 3rd Year Beacon Student

Appearance: Jima is a fairly tall woman at 5’10”, weighing approximately 160 lbs. Sporting a curvy figure with a DD chest and wide hips, she’s conventionally attractive, further improved by good muscle tone and long legs. Her black hair is done back in dreadlocks that come down to her waist with lavender tips, and the occasional silver band. She wears a large pair of perfectly round glasses, though they’re mostly for show - she simply enjoys the aesthetic. She has a small overbite, and coupled with wide lips and a straight nose, she’s rather adorable. 

Jima's combat clothing is practical, if a little eccentric. With a preference for dark colors, Jima's combat outfit consists of a shortwaisted leather jacket with shoulder spikes over a purple corset, under which is a black undershirt. The leather jacket has been outfitted to include bracers on the sleeves, while the corset and undershirt have been especially outfitted with a woven bulletproof mesh to combine practicality and style. To top off the look, she'll wear a pair of black jean shorts and a chunky belt with a silver buckle, lace leggings, all wrapped together with a worn pair of combat boots. Being a fan of jewelry, Jima has several silver ear piercings to accompany rings in her hair, and wars several large rings that serve as excellent impromptu brass knuckles if the occasion calls for it.

The most notable attribute of Jina’s appearance are the tattoos she has, only a few of which can be seen over her everyday clothing. All the tattoos are matching, done in white ink with red highlights, which stand out beautifully against her dark skin. On her back is a Nevermore in white, the grimm’s wings extending down the back of her upper arms, and the heak and beak visible on the back of her neck when her hair is up. A King Taijitu spirals down the length of her right leg, one head disappearing underneath her skirt while the other lays coiled at her ankle. A front-facing Goliath, her first and favorite tattoo, is located directly underneath her sternum - and she’s still planning on where to put a Death Stalker. If asked for the motivation behind the tattoos, she’ll simply state “Because they’re bitchin’!” Being very proud of these tattoos, she'll shamelessly take any opportunity to show them off.

History: Jima was initially a quiet girl, raised by overprotective parents in a middle class family, safely located in central Vale. Her bookish nature as a child didn’t afford her many friends, and her parents would never let her visit anybody else anyways - so she compensated through reading. Her reading preferences led her quickly to historical texts, the ones that detailed the wars between kingdoms and the way hunters and huntresses would fight for the safety of their people - all against these fascinating creatures known as Grimm, a mysterious species that the human race knew little about. Her parents adored her reading habits, and would help provide as many texts as she liked - so despite being a loner throughout childhood, she was perfectly happy in her written world.

This all changed dramatically at age 11, when her class took a field trip took a trip to a historical landmark not far outside the kingdom of Vale. She’d practically begged her parents to let her attend, as it was the sight of an infamous battle between Kingdoms - the educational nature of the trip, alongside the fact they’d be personally escorted several student teams from Beacon eventually convinced them to relent. However, the somber nature of the visit as their teacher recounted the the story of what happened on the historical sight quickly took their toll on the impressionable young children, and soon the whole field trip was permeated by sad melancholy - which was enough to start attracting the attention of Grimm in the nearby forest.

They Grimm came on faster than the students could anticipate, and soon the field trip was thrown into chaos. Children were running for their lives as the fledgling hunters attempted to defend the class, teachers couldn’t gain control as panicked children fled everywhere - and amongst the chaos, Jima sat enraptured, watching a mock-makeup of the historical battles she’d read about all her life happen right in front of her. The final straw came when an Alpha Beowolf chose the frozen young woman as a target and dived at her with outstretched claws. Jima would’ve been eaten then and there if it weren’t for a student tackling her out of the way of the dive - but the push caused Jima to be knocked unconscious as she hit her head on the ground.

When she woke up again, everything was groggy and displaced. She could see her body from across the hospital room, and was hearing her mother’s sobbing from over her shoulder. She could smell the flowers next to her bedside as if her nose was buried in them, she could taste the bitter black coffee in the cup her father was holding - and when she tried to speak to them to let them know she was awake, her voice came from the foot of her bed despite her mouth still moving. The knock to her head had literally shook all of her senses loose, leaving them scattered in the vicinity around her body - accidentally kickstarting her semblance for the first time, and leaving her a stranger in her own body. Furthermore, she couldn’t find a way to return her senses to her body beyond the sense of touch, essentially leaving her stranded.

Despite this seemingly horrific predicament, Jima took in stride - something had changed in her, after seeing a Grimm attack first-hand. Her fanatic obsession with history had shifted, landing on the soulless creatures that had been humanity's scourge as long as anybody could remember. Seeing them in person had utterly captivated her, and while she still understood the necessity of killing the creatures, she now had a new goal in mind - to know everything about them instead.

She quickly adapted to her altered state of mind, learning to think of her now freely-moving senses as limbs, instead of just parts of her body. She could will her voice, sense of taste, eyesight and hearing - alongside her sense of touch - giving her an entirely new perspective of life. Her new obsessive attitude regarding Grimm somewhat scared her parents as she devoured every academic text about them she could get her hands on, and they eventually yielded to her begging request to enroll in Signal Academy, figuring the harsh training and lifestyle would scare some sense back into the formerly bookish girl - but instead it only invigorated her further. She reveled in the physical aspect and excelled in the academic, managing to graduate near the top of her class before applying to Beacon - and passed the entrance exam with ease, albeit with some difficulty in the physical aspect.

During her first years at Beacon, her passion for the soulless creatures only grew, and as she matured she decided to do something to honor the creatures that had given her a new passion in life - getting her first tattoo, a Goliath, on her sternum. Each further year at Beacon warranted another tattoo, with the Nevermore appearing on her back during her second year, and the King Taijitu being freshly inked onto her leg as she returned to the school for her third year. Her offsetting obsession with the creatures of Grimm made her difficult to get along with despite her friendly and upbeat attitude, coupled by a somewhat-obvious lack of social skills as a result of overprotective parents for so many years. She never stayed friends with her team members for long, and would constantly transfer - never serving as a leader, instead being assigned a new one every year, with her third year at Beacon yielding her third, and hopefully final, team.

During her time at Beacon, Jima's fascination with the creatures of Grimm alongside her obvious talents displayed in weapons creation led her to her eventually acquiring a research grant, funded by several privately-held science companies interested in furthering the study of Grimm as a field. This led to the creation of the Grab n’ Go 1.0, an experimental device she carries with her in the field that can easily be used to temporarily detain small and medium-sized Grimm by tying them up without major bodily harm, allowing for closer study. With her shift away from using Goliath as a weapon however, the Grab n' Go has lost it's propulsion system, and has been retired early as Jima moves on to find new, more convenient ways to capture Grimm in the field.

In an effort to upgrade her firepower, Jima has retired Goliath as her primary weapon, and used spare funds from her research grant to engineer, build, and eventually create Requiem Alpha/Beta. The weapon she now wields was engineered and assembled entirely by her, only outsourcing to acquire necessary speciality pieces that were beyond her skill level to create - she was even the one who designed Requim's specially-built motor, a piece she honestly considers to be some of her best work. Not only does her new weapon allow her to get more up-close and personal with the creatures she loves, but gives her a much-needed boost in mobility alongside shifting her fighting style to primarily that of a tank. The compact capture disks, or CCD's for short, were created in tandem with Requiem in order to satisfy the requirements of her research grant, proving to be both more economically feasible, and easier to (maybe, eventually) be produced en-masse.

Personality: The first thing you'll notice about Jima is her prime enthusiasm for literally everything in life. From her obsession with Grimm to her approach to designing and creating weapons, she's on the go all the time - it's hard to turn off her energy, finding herself ready to jump in to any situation at any moment. This unending enthusiasm fuels her inner adrenaline junkie, finding fun in the most dangerous of situations. It doesn't help that she's usually intelligent enough to think her way out of most situations as well, possessing a thirst for knowledge that's only rivaled by her passion for creation. This is emphasized by the woman's semblance, constantly allowing her to find new angles to problems and catch every little detail of the world around her. Overall, it's nearly impossible for something to escape her notice.

Beyond the head-on approach to everything in life, Jima can be a pretty cool person, with a dark and weird sense of humor that's only enhanced by her enjoyment of creeping people out, mostly through the use of her semblance. She's fairly sweet in her interactions with others, encouraging them to approach life with the same boundless enthusiasm as she does. She can be bit of a chatterbox and will prattle on endless, especially about her mechanical ideas or the latest theories surrounding Grimm. And finally, she can be a bit of a random flirt - upfront and bold about her intentions, she's never one to shy away from saying what she's thinking.

Jima rarely gets mad, only usually getting frustrated when someone is being purposefully obtuse. She’s been going alone in her passion her entire life, and has learned to let the awkward glances and words slip away. She only really gets upset if someone is insulting her passion directly to her face, repeatedly, and telling her it’s a waste of time - then she’ll get concerningly quiet, withdrawing into herself and ignoring the outside world before she manages to shove the emotions away and continue on with a faux-cheery mood. She’s not very good at dealing with mad or sad people, having enough trouble managing her own negative emotions, and defeat/guilt is an entire other ballpark.

Aura and Semblance: Jima has a slightly larger-than-average aura, proving to be a deep royal purple that goes along with her eye color. She’s especially good at detecting the presence of Grimm, with a range larger than most students her age, alongside the ability to detect the specific type of Grimm. She's furthermore capable of enhancing her attacks with aura, and can limit oncoming damage - but only with extreme concentration.

Her semblance has both active and passive functions, and she’s nicknamed it “Information Overload”. After a bump on the head as a child, Jima’s senses were essentially knocked loose from her head, and she’s now able to move them almost as individual “limbs” - this extends to sight, hearing, sense of taste/ability to speak, and touch. It’s passive as this is something she can never really turn off, as she’s yet to return her senses to her own body beyond her sense of touch, but she can thankfully actively control where they travel within a certain radius. She still 180° of vision, and 360° hearing, but they now can be moved autonomously with alongside her other senses. Touch is the one ability she’s learned to essentially transfer between her body and traveling around her however, though to keep a degree of familiarity with her surroundings, she prefers to keep her sense of touch within her body. She still 180° of vision, and 360° hearing, but they now can be moved autonomously with no effort. The placement of her senses in the space around her is intangible and cannot be sensed, though they are blocked by tangible objects such as walls. Her senses furthermore have a limit - up to 40 meters from her body, it starts to become difficult to hear/speak/see, and while she can push her senses up to 50 meters it becomes progressively blurrier/harder to hear/speaks in a whisper, etc.

Her semblance has a major downside however - wherever she’s cast her senses, her body is left without that sense. If she’s looking elsewhere her body is effectively blind, if her hearing is across the roof she’s deaf to the conversation next to her, and if she’s having a conversation with someone in the next room, she wouldn’t be able to answer the people in front of her without being mute. She therefore prefers to keep the majority of her senses close to her body at all times so she’s not left helpless - and if she needs to cast more than two major ones, will find a safe place to do it from.

Combat Behavior: Jima’s a fast-moving upfront brawler with a brutal attack style, approaching opponents the same way she approaches everything: head-on. Her recent upgrade to the broadsword Requiem over her former mace Goliath emphasizes this more than ever, dropping any ranged options she had with the pretense of literally rocketing into battle. Every strike is a heavy strike, every necessary dodge and parry weaved in alongside another way to deal damage - of all things, Jima's tactically relentless, and will only give ground if it's deemed absolutely necessary.

Jima’s semblance gives her a bird's-eye view of the battlefield at all times, along with a severe physical advantage - it’s impossible to physically blind or deafen her, as her senses are separate from her body. While she’s still feel the pain of the attack, as long as that particular sense is physically elsewhere and her aura is still operative, she’ll be able to push through it and continue to battle. While separating her sense of touch from her physical body would in theory allow her to continue to fight without pain, it automatically snaps back into her body whenever she receives a brutal attack or her aura is depleted completely, allowing her to remain cognitively aware of her surroundings at most times. While Jima will jump at any opportunity to use the Grab n’ Go on a Grimm, she hesitates when using it on humans except in dire situations - personally understanding it’s painful effectiveness.

Jima still posses most of the weaknesses that melee-based tanks usually do. She lacks the ranged functions provided by a gun that most characters are capable of, making her especially vulnerable to long and even medium range opponents. Though she's capable of closing the gap between her and her opponents through the usage of Requiem Alpha, the she'll still easily be outclassified by specialists - Requiem Alpha is built for speed and power but not maneuverability, and if she's not careful she'll either easily overshoot her opponents or end up causing herself to wipe out. Furthermore, Requiem is an absolutely massive weapon, it's total height nearly half a foot taller than Jima and with no shortsword form. Despite Jima's familiarity with greatswords, the weapon's total weight and length make agility and recovery a severe problem - if she misses her attack, it'll almost always take her longer to recover or to block an opponent's retaliating attack - Jima generally needs to fight around her weapon, instead of with it. Finally, if she’s caught unaware with the majority of her primary senses elsewhere, you can literally sneak up to her by just walking up, as she’s practically helpless in that form, and won’t notice the presence of others until her senses return to within range of her body, or she’s physically touched.


Name: Requiem Alpha/Beta

Primary Form: Requiem Beta is a straight-back single-edged broadsword with a blade length of 60 inches, with it's hilt bringing it to a total length of 78 inches, or six and a half feet long. Requiem Alpha has an especially thick spine of nearly six inches, composed of a solid black metal. The cutting edge of the blade is a shiny silver steal, and takes on the coloration of any types of dust loaded into it. Requiem Beta's most noticeable feature is the motor-like contraption built into the handle, a tangled nest of piping with rear-facing exhaustion vents located at the base of the motor, facing the blade. A pommel is formed by a series of four metal pipes in pairs of two, twisting up and away from the sword itself which acting as exhaustion ports for additional dust features in Requiem Alpha form. By pulling a metal drawstring on Requiem' Beta's motor, Jima causes the blade of the sword to split open and a serrated chain is moved into place, effectively turning the cutting edge of the sword into a chainsaw.

Secondary Form: Requiem Alpha is Requiem's second form, essentially turning the oversized broadsword into a hoverboard. By flicking a switch on the side of Requirm's motor/pommel, Jima can activate the kinetic dust crystal-core of the motor, causing the blade to glow a bright white and hover 2-3 feet off the ground. Two footholds then unfold from along the thick spine of the blade, allowing for Jima (or any other user) to stand on top of the weapon. Propulsion is achieved through a pair of wind dust crystals that vent through the ground-facing exhaustion vents and is controlled through a foot petal on the foothold nearest the hilt. In order to actually stay aboard Requiem, Jima has a clunky pair of combat boots she's specifically modified to essentially allow her to magnetically attach to the footholds of Requiem Alpha in order not to fall off during sharper turns, considering the weapon is tilt-controlled.

Requiem Alpha is capable of actual flight instead of just hovering, but must be loaded with specially-made cartridges of wind and kinetic dust in order to achieve flight, and only last approximately a minute at a time when transporting just Jima. Given that these cartridges are expensive, Jima rarely uses them unless combat necessitates it (such as when facing airborne enemies).

Tertiary Form: The pointed tip of Requiem will collapse and essentially fold in half inside ittself, bringing the blunt blade down to a 2.5 feet, and the total weapon to 4 feet - the hilt is non-collapsible. Jima can then carry the weapon in a large holster attached to her hip.

Dust Functions: Requiem's dust functions depend on which form it's in. As Requiem Beta, the sword is capable of achieving most standard dust effects by loading large cartridges into the motor:

Fire: The steel portion of the blade glows a dull red, causing firey explosions and capable of burning enemies (to the point where wounds would usually be cauterized) when in contact. Lasts 3 minutes at max, or after 10 strikes.
Ice: Gives the metallic part of the blade a thin sheen of frost. Best used to create spiked ice walls when striking the ground to hit opponents from a distance, but capable of freezing enemy limbs on contact. Lasts 3 minutes at max, though will discharge the entire dust cartridge upon wall creation.
Lighting: Electrocutes blade of the sword. Capable of being used for up to three discharges.
Earth: Can be used to create brittle spikes of rock that pop up when striking the ground.
Gravity: Increases the force of the blade when swung, effectively doing 1.5x more damage, but makes recovery from swings incredibly difficult due to the momentum carrying Jima through the strike. If it hits the ground in this mode, it will get stuck to the earth until the dust cartridge ids deactivated.

Requiem Alpha is capable of all of the dust effects of Requiem Beta while hovering, and has addition dust effects in this mode. Jima can load a specially mixed kinetic-and-wind cartridge into the motor near the hilt, giving her enough additional propulsion as the dust is vented through the exhaustion vents to achieve up to a minute of flight. Furthermore, Jima secondary specific mixture of fire-and-kinetic dust that's able to achieve the same flight effect as the kinetic/wind dust mixture, only venting an incredibly large amount of flames in order to decimate everything behind the board. Given the especially expensive nature of these dust mixtures, Jima typically only carries four of the kinetic/wind mixtures, and two of the kinetic/fire mixtures - giving her up to a total of 5 minutes of flight.


Name: Goliath

Primary Form: A 26-inch black all-metal mace with a thick handle and spiked head, Goliath is a deadly weapon that serves multiple functions. The head of the weapon is composed of 4 metal bands that curve to form a diamond shape, outlined with multiple metallic spikes. The spikes are retractable, allowing for safe carry outside of combat. The neck of the mace is thick, housing both the chain that allows for the head to detach to become flail and the weapon’s shotgun mechanism. The lower half of the weapon has a similar diamond-shaped though much smaller, and has a rubber grip to allow for better hold alongside a long wrist strap. The diamond at the end of the mace can open by twisting the metallic grip, revealing a spiked claw - and can then be fired from the end of the weapon, serving as a grappling hook that can extend up to 100 meters and is attached to the end of the weapon by carbon-nanofiber cabling that’s usually stored in the hilt of the weapon.

Secondary Form: Goliath has two secondary forms: that of a flail, and a shotgun. When the flail is activated, the head of the mace detaches from the body and is connected by a silver chain that’s 36 inches along. The shotgun form of Goliath requires the head to be attached to the body. The diamond-shaped head can be opened up and the barrel of the gun extends, allowing Jima to fire the weapon via a pump built into the grip. The magazine of the shotgun only holds 5 shots at the time, and can be reloaded through the barrel of the gun in the neck of the weapon.

Tertiary Form: When not in combat, the mace’s spikes are able to retract to make it safer and easier to carry.

Dust Functions: Various types of dust can be loaded into the head of the mace in either regular or flail mode, allowing for the head to be electrified, lit on fire, frozen, etc. The barrel of the weapon can furthermore be loaded with bullets tipped with the intended type of ice.

History: Forged and constantly upgraded during her time at Beacon, Goliath started as a mace with flail capabilities. Jima upgraded the mace to have to have the internal shotgun and the grappling hook after her lack of mobility on the battle made itself apparent, as did her disadvantage to students with guns.

Grimm Immobalization Equipment

Name: Compact Capture Disc (CCD)

Primary Form: A small circular metallic disk with a diameter of about six inches and a height of about two. Seeking an alternate and more feasibly portable way of capturing Grimm in the field, Jima created the CCD with the idea of flexibility and convenience in mind. CCD disks are activated by pressing a touch-based button on the underside of the disk, and then can be slid to the desired location or adhered to another surface through the use of minor gravity dust crystals embedded in the disk. The disks can then be remotely detonated (via a small remote embedded into a touchscreen watch) up to 50 meters away. This causes nearly a high-tension metallic wires, topped with barbed hooks, to explode outwards in a 15-foot AOE in order to entangle whatever living this is nearby. The disks are capable of capturing and holding anything up to the size of an Ursa. Jima has created three prototypes and field-tested them to a somewhat successful degree, proving them capable of at least capturing an Ursa.

Tertiary Form: Small metallic disks that Jima carries in the pocket of her leather jacket.

Dust Functions: If preloaded with a small lightning dust crystal, the disks are capable of administering a one-use electrical shock to their target, useful for temporarily stunning Grimm or humans alike.

Name: Grab n’ Go 1.1 (Retired)

Primary Form: The Grab n’ Go usually appears as a black metallic pyramid with a 12 inch-by-12 inch base attached to a harness on Jima’s back. When loaded onto the tip of Goliath in shotgun mode and fired without bullets in the magazine, the pyramid can shoot forwards from the tip of the mace at a high velocity. When fired, Jima is then capable of using a secondary remote attached to the buckles of her harness to cause every corner of the pyramid to separate from the main body, attached by the same carbon nanofiber cable in her grappling hook. These corners then transform into serrated hooks. When the primary body of the Grab n’ Go makes contact with a target, it automatically attaches itself through a series of metallic spines that shoot out, and the four serrated hooks can either fire into nearby solid surfaces and pull taunt, essentially trapping the target against it. The Grab n’ Go can also act as a bola when fired with a spin from Goliath’s barrel, wrapping around the target.

Tertiary Form: A small black pyramid that Jima wears attached to a harness on her back.

Dust Functions: None at the moment, though Jima’s drafting the plans.

History: Planned by Jima in her second year in Beacon and perfected by her third, the Grab n’ Go is Jima’s beginning to finding safer and more effective ways of immobilizing Grimm in the field for safe study. The current Grab n’ Go is only capable of immobilizing Grimm up to the size of a small Ursa (and even that’s a stretch). The 1.0 version that automatically deployed on first contact instead of on command was quickly retired before it left the workshop - an accidental misfire proved its effective use on human subjects though, which Jima still has the scars to prove.

Approved Characters / Re: Jima Purpora
« on: August 08, 2018, 10:15:07 PM »
I do dislike 'outclassed by specialists' as a weakness but I guess there enough other stuff there. Edits approved.

Approved Characters / Re: Jima Purpora
« on: August 08, 2018, 08:12:49 PM »
Easy stuff out of the way first I have slight wording issue, her semblance gives her 180* vision not a 'perfect view of the battlefield at all times' which may get confusing. Although looking back that was in the original so it doesn't matter too much.

So obviously the major issue is around the hoverboard. Sustained flight with the limiting factor being the cost isn't a particularly effective limiting factor. Perhaps if it is instead it could only carry enough dust to fly a short period of time that would be more limiting. Ignore this I am a dumb dumb.

Also, the hoverboard has meant Jima has lost one of her major weaknesses and now has a very effective way of mitigating another with her remaining weakness being a consequence of in the moment actions. As such I would like another weakness

Teams / Re: Looking for a beacon 1st year replacement
« on: August 08, 2018, 07:38:15 PM »
It's probably a bad habit to get into throwing someone elses character in but take a look at Kin. They are looking for a team as well.

Character Creation / Re: Draíochta Anam
« on: August 08, 2018, 05:24:25 PM »
Good job +1

WiP Characters / Re: Cole Ashton
« on: August 08, 2018, 04:25:44 AM »
Adding on to what Monster and Moth have said is the biggest thing this profile needs is detail. Your character sheet is you selling your character to join in threads and having a barebones profile will make it harder to judge if Cole is appropriate for that adventure. This is most pressing with the appearance, personality and combat behaviour. Specifically with combat behaviour we expect between two to three impactful weaknesses to round out the character. If you are struggling thinking of what to put in trying having a look at the other approved characters or simply ask around.

RPG Discussion / Re: Meaningful Strengths: "I Can" vs "You Can't"
« on: August 08, 2018, 02:14:10 AM »
Both situations seem remarkably similar only situation 2 involves out of character bickering. The issue is in most situations 'Cans' imply 'Can'ts,' which may be a bit confusing so I'll try to use Calen and Smokey as an example, this isn't shade I'm just trying to point out the binary we operate in makes it difficult to value can>can't.

Action1: Calen activates his semblance to try to smash Smokey into the ice below them both
Action2: Smokey uses his semblance to negate the impact, physical force not damage, of the attack.

So you see how Smokey activating his semblance, something he can do means that Calen can't interact meaningfully retroactively.

Now the issue of too powerful abilities constraining play is something else which we also need to tackle.

Character Creation / Re: Draíochta Anam
« on: August 07, 2018, 06:52:28 AM »
Well, here the teachers are better.

Character Creation / Re: Draíochta Anam
« on: August 07, 2018, 06:17:15 AM »
Wonderful, so the only remaining issue I have is that the character has no training to be a teacher but gets the role as a substitute teacher anyway. The schools teach the defenders of humanity it would make sense for them to require some degree of education on the matter of educating.

Character Creation / Re: Draíochta Anam
« on: August 07, 2018, 05:22:36 AM »
Again the show's inability to establish a character's skill doesn't override the explicit mention of training, RWBY is not alone in this. We follow superhero level characters, of course, Grimm are going to be less of a threat to them than others and even then they have been shown to be a significant threat. In setting, we know Mt Glenn falls to Grimm and however many villages fall to nuckelavee as well as all the Mistral hunters dying to Grimm. Even only going off named characters, Yang gets her aura broken in her season five short as well as Ren/Nora against the nuckelavee. These creatures are a threat to main characters they are a threat to your untrained ten-year-old OC. If you want a medium where you can play out your over the top power fantasies this is not the site for it. Remnant is a world in which humanity isn't the dominant force and regardless of the show's failures that is how it is here.

It's a bad analogy, electricity changes water's chemical structure to the point it isn't water anymore. Dust crystals require no such change on a chemical level, therefore, the comparison doesn't work.

A pin is controlling whoever you are pinning movements if it's not complete it is even harder to maintain as the creature can use the rest of its body as leverage. If you latch onto the side of a demon boar it's going to gore you and trample you as you reel from the pain before you even have a chance to move to stab the thing. Again using the achievements of well-trained characters isn't going to help your argument and where is the Boarbatusk established in being weak?

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