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As Camelia was about to start itching for action, a blue flicker appeared on the edge of the forest, lodged itself in a tree a few meters deep and vanished.

Okay, whatever the FUCK that'd been, at least she was safe. What would she do now, however? She could use Orion to attack a certain range, but unless she just made a wall of ice with trees stuck through it, it'd be a somewhat moot point. Sure, her semblance had a longer range, but she couldn't see the guy any better.

First and foremost, she was a close quarters combatant. Her shield and swords were a good indication, as she could turtle most ranged attacks until their opponent was in striking distance - or until she lost patience and decided to get closer herself. So far, so good - they seemed to be getting closer. Camelia adjusted her footing and refocused on her environment, not intending to be caught by surprise at any point.


Beacon Academy / Re: Sensory Shenanigans [Closed]
« on: May 18, 2019, 01:22:53 PM »
After a short lack of reactions she could hear, Anna heard the girl turn and walk back to the center of the room, at which point she asked Anna to shut the door - which, after a brief 'oh, right, duh' reaction, she promptly did. Once done, Anna turned back to the lass' last known position and turned on her semblance at full power.

It started by a hand clap, rather loud. The girl quickly held onto something - most people wouldn't be able to see it, but Anna did. Within the bounds outlined by the girl's hands was a jumble of resonating sound, strengthening itself as every moment passed. And even as it did, the sounds around it gradually faded into nothingness, the pressure waves themselves dissolving before travelling but a few centimetres away. As the noise echoed in its ethereal cage, the girl's Aura started showing, a pale, barely-perceptible grey that surrounded her completely. ...Well, actually, not quite, from what Anna could see. Why was that?

Her train of thought was cut short as the once-upon-a-time clap was let loose, bursting forth into targets which were sent flying from the sheer impact.

Anna stood, wide-eyed and hair ruffled from the shockwave's reflections against the walls.

What is it with you people and these in-depth questions I've never had the inkling to try and figure out

Nathan had that and entirely ignored it. One, there's just too much of it to process. Two, most of it was about killing him. Three, he now follows Ergia on Witter.

Cammie isn't very much a computer person so she doesn't see all the fake porn of her that's going around. Thankfully, most people keep it to saying "hi" and keep the lecherous gazes out of her line of sight.

Anna doesn't computer at all and similarly doesn't go out much.

Brock welcomes all of the IRL interaction and barely does anything on social networks.

Helena starts out with a phase where she tries to reply to everything before it clicks that studying is more important. She's very kind to people who come to her, though.

Maena flicks through social networks once in a while out of curiosity and keeps IRL encounters short and curt, but extremely polite.

Nathan looked on as the employee prepared himself, not missing the slight banter that occurred between him and the employee next to them. As for what was required... "Well, I was a Vital Festival finalist, so I imagine pretty much anyone with a scroll can look up my stats or stuff, so I don't mind. My semblance basically allows me to generate and release kinetic energy into things I touch. It's not exactly what it is, but it's a more simple and accurate description than the real deal."

As he spoke, he gingerly unhooked Ergia from his back - for he had brought it with him - and deposited it on the counter separating him from his interlocutor. Perhaps a bit too excitedly, as he noticed in hindsight, as it made more of a slam than he thought it would. "And this is Ergia. Staff, assault rifle and jump pack all-in-one, extremely efficient use of Dust, uses custom tungsten rounds."

Nathan momentarily wondered if he could be physically seen holding back from gushing about all of this stuff that he was quite frankly endlessly passionate about.

Probably not.

Beacon Academy / Re: Sensory Shenanigans [Closed]
« on: May 08, 2019, 07:56:06 AM »
The girl's reply at least succeeded in easing some of the tension in Anna, if anything. The fact that she seemed to share some of the shyness was pretty much a bonus, too.

But then she suggested showing the semblance, and Anna's face immediately turned to face her interlocutor's. Her hair, however, didn't move, meaning she now had a nose rising from a sea of bronze and copper. She was still quick to nod her assent, though the movement was smaller than one would expect from someone nodding excitedly - or at all for that matter.

Beacon Academy / Re: Sensory Shenanigans [Closed]
« on: May 04, 2019, 05:19:02 PM »
Anna's blank, deer-in-headligths 'stare' was interrupted by the sound of the girl's weapons gently sliding home. The voice that soon followed helped to dispel some of Anna's shyness, allowing her to answer a sheepish "I-I heard a weird sound..."

Oh, great. Just great. Could you possibly be more vague?

As the girl slowly stepped closer, every sound denoting the decreasing distance made Anna's entire body stiffen.

Approved Characters / Re: Nathan Eau
« on: May 04, 2019, 05:05:56 PM »
Minor expansion and rewording to personality and rewrote the aesthetics side of Aura, alongside fixing some spoilers (they can't nest at all now, who knew).

As Nathan patiently waited, arms crossed (it doesn't mean anything) and face utterly neutral, he spent the time perusing the information he'd just gulped down. Quickly enough, though, he was called by the backup employee and decisively strode 2 steps or so over.

Sporting one of his rare, noticeable smiles and eyes like a kid that's been building LEGO for 15 hours straight without decimating his hands, he softly deposited his crossed arms onto the counter (just besides the edge on his side) and asked in a soft, singing tone "I'm here for the custom Huntsman prosthetic brainstorming." Unsurprisingly, he was at least 3 times more direct an concise as usual, albeit still completely polite.

The Vale Region / Re: At the mountains Summit
« on: April 24, 2019, 07:06:56 PM »
Cammie arrived just in time to see her companions, err, packing up in a way. She patiently waited for the fledgling conflict to completely de-escalate, then followed her companions back the way they came.

As soon as she couldn't hear the drill rig anymore, Camelia spoke up in a hushed tone. "No can do, Dawn. I went to the elevator and was able to contact our employer, told him about the offshoot. He basically told me off and that that's not why we were here, that they'd send guys in due time. So unless you want to deal with him, stick to, and I quote, 'assisting him in providing a third-party analysis to these horrible accidents, nothing more.'" She wasn't exactly angry when she spoke about it, but a keen ear would've spotted the displeasure.

After a moment passed, Camelia glanced something move through the barrier of trees. She wasn't quite sure what it'd been - a metallic glint, followed by a large, dark speck before it vanished from view. Whatever the metal was, though, was also definitely in the hands of the opponent.

Well, he was doing something so as far as she was concerned, her strategy was still viable. She could still wait. ...For now.

Everywhere Else / Re: The Medusa Precedent [CLOSED]
« on: April 24, 2019, 02:08:51 PM »
Maena had received the message. Yes, it warned the recipient that death was a very real possibility. However, Maena had yet to face and was also completely free for the time being. This was a better opportunity to increase her skills as a Huntress than anything else she'd seen posted anywhere, so she was taking it up.

Soon enough, she was at the safe house's coordinates, all her supplies brought with her, plus a few extras - a hat, a waterproof cloak, another cloak that's meant to protect from the sun rather than the rain. She wasn't the first to arrive, though, so quickly walked next to the others already present. She entirely failed to notice the abnormal number of animals in her vicinity.

Why do you people keep asking these questions I don't have an answer to

Beacon Academy / Re: Sensory Shenanigans [Closed]
« on: April 20, 2019, 08:11:17 PM »
The girl(?) started practicing again, swords coming and going. The chains followed suit after a small while, less jabbing like before and more swinging, much like Anna herself did when she attempted to wrap her own chains around an opponent.

...Again, there it was! Some sort of low, barely heard  hum was coming from the swords! It felt odd somehow, like the noise didn't actually belong to the metal constructs. But suddenly, one of the chains veered off course and wrapped around its owner's right hand, seemingly against her(?) will as the practice seemed to come to an early end.

As the swings abided, the low hum was replaced by a soft, high-pitched series of much more audible harmonics that again seemed to defy the material they emanated from. What wa-

Anna's train of thought brutally crashed to a halt as the person made a turnabout, ripping an almost silent "Eep!" out of Anna's mouth. Her semblance stopped and she withdrew slightly, head pointing down to hide her face behind her locks of hair. Oh gods, oh gods, she'd seen her. What would she do now? What should she do now?

Gingerly, Anna pressed herself against the door to make it open a tiny bit more then puled her semblance. The girl - for her face was definitely feminine - stood there staring, a curious look on her face. In the meantime, Anna stood there for several seconds, mind and body frozen.

Beacon Academy / Re: Sensory Shenanigans [Closed]
« on: April 16, 2019, 09:22:03 PM »
Anna was roaming the corridors of Beacon, looking for a good place to train. That's right. For once, she wasn't going to hole herself up in the library for the entire day. She was going to practice.

Not that she really needed it, what with her semblance and all, but there were some things she wanted to work out too. Throwing knives, generally refining her skill at manipulating her chains and, first and foremost, trying out the idea she'd had after the switcheroo. Mauve's weapons had been brutally efficient for her. This is why she was quietly walking forward with two 2-foot long steel plates in her arms, although her chains jingled a bit around her armored forearms every now and then.

As she was stepping past an ever-so-slightly ajar door, the clangs emanating from within stopped before turning into some loud, nightmarish screeching the likes of which she had never heard before. Not exactly knowing if something was wrong or not, she rested her head on the door and used her semblance's second stage. Even like this, her field of vision to the inside was rather small, but she was clearly able to see a small, possibly? feminine figure using chains coming out of her back to assault a helpless wooden dummy.

Now yes, chains coming out of someone's back were a mildly odd sight to witness, but the weirder thing to Anna was the chains themselves. They weren't just rattling, it was like the chains were emitting another, entirely different sound that she just could not quite put her finger on. The odd sound faded, though, leaving her to 'look' in wonder as to what exactly that had been.

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