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Beacon Academy / Re: opening act [Open]
« Last post by ReaperJoe on Today at 04:13:40 AM »
Listening in to their conversation, Aurelia took note of Azure’s weapon.  A weapon that requires dust to work is problematic, to say the least.  Dust is a limited resource that should be carefully rationed throughout any given mission.  Use too much too early, and the later legs of the mission will become exponentially more difficult.  Refuse to use it, then there’s no point to carrying it at all.  For now, though, Aurelia keeps her thoughts to herself, instead merely listening to the conversation at hand.

Doing so reveals that Azure is some sort of stage performer, a “rock star” if the guitar-weapon, lackadaisical attitude, and overall persona are any indication.  Upon closer inspection, the girl does seem vaguely familiar.  Perhaps she saw a poster in Atlas advertising her tour, or maybe around Vale and Beacon?  It never really interested her at the time, being far too busy with classwork or the tournament.  Quite frankly, given that she’s seeing the woman in the flesh (quite a bit of flesh, at that), she’s still not interested.  A few cursory glances and snippets of conversation tells more than Aurelia needs to know:  Azure is one of those “original” characters, ones that prefer style over substance.  She’s unapologetically reckless, judging by her weapon and this story of swinging a guitar into someone’s face.  And let’s not forget that she strips down to a sports bra in broad daylight with little regard to her surroundings.

There’s at least a bit of consolation, though.  Azure’s at least dimly aware that her presence and actions have consequences.  It may be a reluctant acceptance, but the fact she recognizes herself as a “political statement” at all is a sign that she can grow.  ”Anything worth discussing will be politicized. You should consider it an honor if people think highly enough to try and put you down,” Aurelia says, quoting her adoptive father.  At the very least, Saffron and Azure’s conversation is clearly innocent in nature, judging from the content.

Saffron’s embarrassed reaction confirms her observation.  At least someone can understand the concept of public decency.  Still keeping her stern countenance, Aurelia responds to the echidna faunus’s explanation, ”I see.  In that case, I wish you well in your endeavor. Real world experience is hard to come by, even as a combat academy student.  Perhaps we’ll be working together on a mission while you’re here?”  A goal driven by realistic understanding is one Aurelia can fully support, and she would relish the opportunity to work with a fellow Atlesian Faunus. 

The other faunus, though, does not receive such a kind response to her flirtations. The horse faunus’s expression is still as stone-faced as ever, but her voice carries all the disdain of Atlesian high society.  ”Was that a proposition?  Forgive me.  As much as I would relish the opportunity to jump a half-naked floozy in broad daylight, I’ll have to take a raincheck,” she says icily.  Flirting with Aurelia when she already doubts your motives is definitely the wrong move. 

Unfortunately, that outburst would probably keep Azure from identifying herself as a first year, but there are enough context clues (including Saffron’s explanation) to infer the situation.  ”I see, a new student.  That explains both the weapon and the lack of uniform,” and the blind arrogance, Aurelia left unsaid.  ”I suppose the first thing to do is make sure you’re all settled in. Do you know where you’re staying?  Do you have your room key?  Have you been fitted for your uniform?  Do you have your uniform?  Do you have your schedule?  Do you know where your classes are?  And have you secured a weapons locker?” Aurelia fires off rapid-fire questions, running through a mental checklist of things first years are likely to overlook or possibly disregard.  She may not necessarily like Azure at this point, but her responsibilities as an upperclassman demand she assist the new arrival.  After all, they may end up having to work together at some point.

Aurelia continues, ”As far as classes are concerned, you should be fine if you passed the entrance exam. As long as you maintain a diligent work ethic and attendance record, you should learn all you need to know.  The faculty here is excellent, as expected of a premiere combat academy, and they’ll be more than willing to assist you should you require it.”   
The Vale Region / Re: Taking A Bull By The Horns [PLOT] [CLOSED] [FOREVER FALL]
« Last post by FunkyMonkey on October 15, 2018, 10:43:32 PM »
Airi followed the other students throughout the train cars.  However, she didn't say anything.  Kei did raise a good point as to why there were empty crates, but Airi still did not comment on it, because she figured that the nutty Professor Nox was going to collect something at one point in their trip.  When the students came to the car sealed behind the more advanced security, Airi's interest was indeed piqued.  Surely there was something much more valuable than mere dust in this car.  She wondered about all the various things that could be behind the doors - prototype robots, advanced weapons, strange technologies, or maybe even a captive Grimm.  Ok maybe not the last thing, but she was still interested.  When Kei interrupted Airi's thoughts to ask for some powder, Airi simply shrugged.  Who carried around powder on missions?
Approved Characters / Re: Zaffre Latya
« Last post by Xarias Fury on October 15, 2018, 09:38:12 PM »
Simple and Sweet. I like it.

Approved Characters / Re: Zaffre Latya
« Last post by Kingnoname1 on October 15, 2018, 09:10:55 PM »
No real complaints, +1
Beacon Academy / Re: Company and Combat [Closed - Azure Blair]
« Last post by Azure Blair on October 15, 2018, 09:02:00 PM »
At Cat’s burst of fire, Azure quickly spun Renegade in her hand as she leapt up, holding the weapon like a guitar as she played a chord, releasing a blast of wind dust. She used the blast of air to propel herself over the wave of fire, landing on the other side of Cat. Moving effortlessly, as if it were second nature, she deactivated Rock-- her right bracelet-- in order to wield Renegade like an axe. She would then go through with the previously mentioned attack of aiming a heavy strike at Cat’s head while simultaneously blasting fire and lightning at him at close proximity.

She would then leap back to gain some breathing room, and, hopefully, giving herself a moment to replace the fire dust in her guitar, as it had been running low from such frequent use.

[Aura: 67%]
[Slash: 7%]
[Fire: 10%]
[Lightning: 10%]
1v1 Matches / Re: First Year 1v1 bracket- Round 1: Samantha Quartz vs. Camelia Sol
« Last post by nathan67003 on October 15, 2018, 08:56:29 PM »
As her semblance activated and Unity came crashing down onto her opponent, Camelia was content with her strike - a fleeting emotion if there ever was one, as it disappeared the moment she noticed the chainblade's hilt touching her, right beneath Orion. It was too late to react.

A moment later, an incredibly powerful detonation occurred, sending Camelia flying into a nearby pillar and nearly - nearly - making her lose focus of her semblance, causing the field to flicker for an instant. Thankfully, she'd learned to manipulate momentum to her advantage while in freefall and was able to orient Orion towards the prograde direction, crashing right through an ice pillar before receiving herself with a rapid roll.

That HURT. A lot. But hey, good news! Wait, no, bad news. The enemy had gotten serious. Now, Cammie wasn't one to just take it - she'd give it her all too. Crouching behind her shield, she started charging a gravity well - right at the chain-squid's location, a sphere about a foot in diameter turning a dark purple around her waist.

On the plus hand, she was barely still in range to use her semblance.

(-40% Aura received, extra damage from impacts mitigated; charging a gravity well)

[Aura: 39%]
[Stamina: 83.5%]
[Orion: 1/2 1/2 1/2]
The Vale Region / Re: Through rivalry and friendship... and a bunch of Grimm [closed]
« Last post by Siuwa on October 15, 2018, 09:32:58 AM »
"The Cranes are holding it off! Try run and gun, just get away from here to the bullhead ASAP." said Siu as she helps by shooting at the Nevermore trying to catch Kiro.

Just what could be out there? Siu knows if she thinks too hard about it she'll get them there even faster, so she banished that thought and focuses on taking down the enemies at hand, which includes both Nevermores. But she had a feeling she might need to use that. It won't be pleasant, not the aftermath at least, but it might be what it takes to protect them.

Aura: 85%
Point Defense: 20/450
Action: Shooting at the closer Nevermore, letting the Cranes take the
Beacon Academy / Re: opening act [Open]
« Last post by Azure Blair on October 14, 2018, 09:34:19 PM »
Azure glanced down at her tattoo. “No, it doesn’t mean anything. I just got it ‘cause I thought it was pretty.” That technically wasn’t entirely true. She had gotten it because she wasn’t thinking straight; because she didn’t know how to control her impulses. Because she had been manic. She had gone into the shop and picked out the biggest tattoo she could find, not really realizing or caring about how expensive it would turn out to be. That was always her biggest problem when manic, spending money. And also the fact that she now had a permanent tattoo that, while she didn’t hate, she still would have preferred something different had she been thinking straight.

She laughed a little. She considered herself more than a little insane at times, but she didn’t voice this. Instead, she simply shrugged and said, “yeah, everyone’s pretty crazy.” She was well aware of the social support Atlas offered, not that it had done much help when she’d been bouncing from foster home to foster home, but it had put her back on the right track after she had derailed. She knew some people weren’t as lucky to get the help they needed as she had been; she took a moment to be grateful for the orange pill bottle sitting on her dresser.

“Nah, I need to rely on Dust when I fight ‘cause I don’t have my own back,” Azure joked. A strip of sun fell across her eyes, she squinted in the light. “But yeah, I need to practice fighting with just my axe. Except for that without Dust, Renegade literally won’t work. Well, I suppose I could use it as a club, it’s heavy enough and sturdy enough.” She cracked a smile at her own joke. “I don’t use Renegade too much during shows, but when I do she is pretty useful. She helps me use my semblance more, which can be necessary at times.” Sometimes, if she was just feeling too exhausted or upset to perform, and knew her performance would be lacking her regular enthusiasm, she would use her semblance to both keep herself more energized, and keep the audience happy. “And it works well with dancing... up until you forget to switch which bracelet is activated, and and up smacking your drummer in the face with a guitar...” She brushed off the memory of the incident with a roll of her eyes. That had definitely not been her proudest moment.

Azure mulled over Saffron’s reasoning for staying in Atlas. Both of them were political statements in their own way, so it was perfectly understandable that Saffron should stay in the  utilitarian kingdom, considering her political statement was based in the Atlesian military. For Azure, she just needed to be as successful as possible, to prove that people like her could be successful, and she couldn’t do that in Atlas. “Yeah, I can imagine it would be hard to be an faunus Atlas specialist if you aren’t actually in Atlas.” She shrugged. “I can’t do what I need to do in that kingdom, though, I think I’ll be better off here.” She didn’t explain further, leaving her words up for interpretation.

At the new girl’s accusatory words, Azure laughed. She wasn’t embarrassed the way Saffron seemed to be, she was used to things like this-- assumptions, rumors, especially regarding the current topic. She had been subject to enough to just laugh them off. “No, hon,” she said, “we’re not doing anything like that-- not that I’d object if we were--” she smirked, “but no, you seem to have misunderstood the situation. I was just... reacting to the effects of travel. But I mean, if that’s what you were looking for...” She added a wink with her last line. What could she say? She was already in a good mood, and she was talking to two cute girls-- the newer of which she was pretty sure had an actual halo, but then again that might have just been the angle on the sun on her perfectly kept blonde hair. How could she not flirt a bit? It would practically go against her nature to not flirt.

“I’m a student here, just like you, but you probably haven’t seen me ‘round before, I just got here last night,” she told Aurelia. “You’re a third year, you said? That’s good, it’ll be useful to know some upperclassmen.” She hadn’t particularly planned on having any type of mentors here at Beacon, she’d been assuming she would just make it through the best she could by herself, so she wasn’t sure how to react when given the opportunity to learn from an older student. She ended up agreeing with the offer. “And yeah, sure, I wouldn’t mind some extra help.” She smirked, “more is always merrier, except in certain cases, like when fighting Grimm.” Several other examples of when “more” might not necessarily mean “merrier” flashed through her mind, but she managed to refrain from voicing them. To do so would give an impression stranger than the one she had already given, and she didn’t want to come off as too weird just yet; she might run the risk of losing her first potential friends.

Well... “friends” might not be the right word for Aurelia, Azure determined, eyeing the blonde girl. Aurelia seemed too uptight, too different from Azure; friendship probably wouldn’t be the easiest. Azure wasn’t even sure she wanted a friendship from Aurelia. Sure, she’d be a useful acquaintance, but Azure didn’t know if she’d be able to put up with so much formality without snapping from time to time.

“Hey, how hard are the classes here?” Azure asked suddenly, looking up at Aurelia. She squinted as she did so, the sunlight making it hard to see. She was hoping she could prepare herself before diving into the course load. While she wasn’t one to plan during combat, she did like prepping for academics. Azure was well aware of her struggle with classroom style teaching, and knew extra effort would be needed if she wanted to learn and pass her classes. “‘Cause I don’t do to well learning from people just talking at me. It just...” she shrugged, “doesn’t stick in my head very well. It’s somewhat better if I can take notes, but if I can’t then it’s just a nightmare.” She had resumed picking grass as she spoke, and was now braiding a new grass bracelet.
Approved Characters / Zaffre Latya
« Last post by smashingBrawler on October 14, 2018, 11:04:40 AM »

Name: Zaffre Latya

Age: 17, born the 25th of Saraal

Species and Gender: Human Female

Symbol: A circle with four curving lines coming from the top of it, each of them ending in a smaller circle.

Occupation: 1st Year Beacon Student

Appearance: Zaffre is a young woman of above average height at 5’8”. She weighs roughly 155lbs, has a moderately curvaceous figure, and a decently toned physique. She usually keeps her blonde hair in a bob, which frames her slightly up-turned nose, small mouth, and deep blue eyes.

Zaffre is a firm believer in combat skirts – but also in being warm in the winter. She normally wears a light blue and silver sleeveless top with a combat skirt in the summer months alongside light similarly colored boots. In the colder months, she opts for a more robust outfit including a heavy dark blue coat, heavy tan pants, dark boots, and a golden yellow undershirt.
In both seasons, Zaffre will usually keep simple stud earrings in, and minimal if any makeup when expecting combat.  When Zaffre is in down time, however, she loves bright sundresses, simple heels, and accessories of all sorts – but this is relegated to the rare occasions where she gives herself a break.

There is one constant in all her outfits, however – she always wears a necklace that was given to her by her father as a reminder of why she trains as hard as she does.

History: Zaffre grew up in Vale city, provided for in large part by her father, a huntsman – although the small shop her mother ran provided a more consistent and stable income for the household. Zaffre’s father instilled in her a strong sense of duty – he was adamant that it was the responsibility of anyone who could fight to protect people. He was the reason she enrolled at Signal – the reason she wanted to be a huntress. He was her world.

In the middle of Zaffre’s second year at Signal, however, her father left the city for the last time. One month later he returned – but he’d lost both his legs and half his team to the Grimm. Zaffre was devastated when she found out – she’d always viewed her father and his team as near-invincible heroes. Her world was broken, and nothing made sense.

She barely managed to stay afloat in her studies that year – she managed to scrape by, but barely. Summer came, and she finally went home. Her father greeted her in a wheelchair but made no mention of his injuries – he refused to let her redirect the conversation to them either. He scolded her about her grades, reminded her of the responsibilities of a huntress. He showed her a necklace during the conversation – it had been given to her by one of the people he’d saved in the fight where he got injured. He made it clear exactly why people like him – and like Zaffre – had to fight. Because while he lost part of his team and part of his body, they’d still succeeded on their mission, they’d saved people. He made that Zaffre understood the risks of being a huntress, but more importantly he reminded her of why what he did – what she would do – were so important. Zaffre’s world was burned to the ground, but a new, more serious and focused world was growing back in its place.

 She had a lot of catching up to do with how much she’d fallen behind during her crisis, so during the summer she re-studied all the material from her second year. Her father guided her where he could, taught her everything he could to give her an edge moving forward. It worked. In her third year at Signal, she excelled like she never had before. She had a clear, reachable goal now – and a strong understanding of what she felt to be her obligation to the people. Se finally properly understood that lives were at stake – and not only her life, but the lives of any who she would protect. She pulled herself up from the bottom of her class to reach close to the top. Hard work, determination, and drive had been enough to let her excel at the academic side of things, scoring high on many tests and exams, enough to put her second year completely behind her. Her semblance didn’t do her any favours in the combat department unless she was working with others, and her heavy and slow to reload weapon, Dux Vindex, didn’t do her any favours in the combat department. Still, her skills were increasing faster than they ever had before.

She went home for the summer and had planned to start creating a new weapon to mitigate her issues, but her father was one step ahead of her. He’d not been idle while she was away and had made her a new weapon – Legacy’s Embrace. This new weapon was made from the shattered remains of his old weapon. He’d planned to give that weapon to her one day, passing it on – but clearly circumstances had changed. Zaffre fell in love with the new weapon and spent the summer training to get used to it. Her fourth year came, and finally she was able to bring up her combat scores to match her new standard. When the year was up, she new she finally had the scores she needed. She applied to Beacon – and she got in.

Personality: Zaffre is driven by her sense of responsibility – when she’s at school or in the field, she gets serious and focused. While part of this may be due to her needing steady focus when people are using her mind as a communication platform, another part is that strong sense of duty instilled in her by her father. Despite what some might expect from somebody with her semblance, Zaffre doesn’t consider herself the best communicator – preferring instead to listen. At the same time, her ability to keep a calm head among arguments and chaos that aren’t happening inside her head, making her an excellent mediator.

In the rare periods of downtime where she can get away with it, Zaffre becomes a lot more relaxed – she’ll trade her combat gear for light, fun outfits and her serious attitude will melt into a warm and friendly one. She keeps up her focused disposition normally because she feels she does a disservice to those she intends to protect – because she’s learned from her father the degree to which lives are at stake. That focus on the importance of her studies and her work makes her a magnet for stress, and while those warm and friendly moments where she doesn’t feel like there’s something better she could be doing with her time handle stress a bit, it’s not enough. As such, she is prone to crash every so often, getting more aggressive or moody until either she or someone else forces her to take some time for herself.

Ultimately, Zaffre is a sweet and kind girl whose sense of responsibility rules her outlook and attitude, to both beneficial and seriously detrimental effect.

Aura and Semblance: Zaffre has a solid aura which manifests in a deep blue. Her aura is of average strength, which doesn’t help her too much in most fights, especially when combined with her highly support-oriented semblance.

Somewhere in her time at Signal Academy Zaffre’s semblance gained the name “Telepathic Relay”. When active, Zaffre acts as a relay for the thoughts of others. She can only relay thoughts that others wish to have relayed, and those in the relay must willingly allow thoughts to be broadcast to them. Someone in a relay can also disconnect from the relay at will. Zaffre can stably maintain a connection with one other person and connecting to more than one person will take exponentially more energy. The relay has a maximum range of 100ft if Zaffre is only connected to one person, but the range is cut by half for every additional person to a minimum range of 25ft. Zaffre must have line of sight to somebody to start a relay with them. If Zaffre gets overwhelmed either by actions happening around her or by too many people trying to talk through the relay at once, the relay will shut down.

Zaffre’s semblance is only useful in groups, which relegates her to a more coordination or support-oriented role.

Combat Behavior: Zaffre is a methodical and focused fighter – she prefers to take her time, and while she prefers to stay back in combat with a group, her semblance usually requires she take a more central position. Her mixed-range weaponry allows her to handle some more range-focused opponents in melee, or to keep her distance from slower foes.

Some of her biggest issues arise when melee-focused opponents get close: she can easily be overwhelmed by anybody who can get close due to a lack of defense and relatively slow-moving weaponry. Assassins, skirmishers, and brawlers all tend to have very clear advantages against Zaffre thanks to their abilities to close distances and dish out serious damage. She also stands very little chance against a sniper who has a range advantage on her, as she has few ways to bridge gaps without substantial cover. Simply put, her biggest weaknesses are her low defense and inability to handle opponents who get in close – this is primarily due to her choice of weapons – while Dux Vindex may hit hard, it has serious recovery time in both its forms, and Legacy’s Embrace becomes useless if an opponent gets close enough.

In group combat, Zaffre focuses on a more supportive and strategic role. Her semblance makes her an excellent support for secret strategizing or keeping track of teammates on stealth missions. She also has a decent mind for strategy, and while she usually keeps quiet, she won’t hesitate to suggest an idea if she thinks it’ll work.


Name: Dux Vindex

Primary Form: Dux Vindex’s primary form is that of a bulky sledgehammer that is about 3ft long, with a silvery metal head and a deep blue metal handle.

Secondary Form: Dux Vindex can fold and extend into the shape of a deep blue single-barrelled shotgun with a large metallic barrel, capable of firing large slugs. In this form, it must be manually reloaded with new slugs – although it can enter its primary form with a slug loaded.

Dust Functions: Dux Vindex requires repulsion or fire based dust cartridges to fire slugs in its secondary form. It can also use these types of dust to increase its knockback force or to burn foes when in its sledgehammer form.

History: Dux Vindex was the weapon that Zaffre made during her time at Signal. During that time, it went through many alterations and revisions – especially during her third and fourth years. In her fourth year, she focused on making it capable of dealing with well-armored foes as the weapon given to her by her father didn’t have a good way of hurting bulkier grimm.

Name: Legacy’s Embrace

Primary Form: Legacy’s Embrace’s primary form is that of a black double-barreled rifle with silver accents and a silver stock. It can fire two shots before needing its barrels cleared.

Secondary Form: When adjusted and fully extended, Legacy’s Embrace’s secondary form is that of a 6ft long halberd with a silvery metal head and a black pole. The curved axe section is about 1ft long along its edge. It still has a slot for cartridges and a trigger in this form, as shots can still be fired from the bottom of the pole.

Dust Functions: Legacy is designed to make use of some types of dust cartridges for its ammunition, and was originally designed for use of lightning, ice, repulsion, and propulsion effects. When used with repulsion-cartridges, its shots have increased impact, knocking opponents back further. Its ice shots create chunks of ice on impact around whatever they hit, potentially slowing or disrupting a foe. Its lightning shots will electrocute targets and may damage some electronics. Finally, when making use of propulsion dust it will propel the wielder in the opposite direction of their target – this effect can be used to increase thrusting force when it is in it’s Halberd form as well.

History: Legacy’s Embrace was not originally Zaffre’s weapon, but her father’s. He passed it on to her after her third year at Signal, and she spent a lot of her fourth year learning to use it. Unlike Dux Vindex, Zaffre has been hesitant to make modifications outside of repairs, doubtful of her ability to improve upon her father’s design.
Everywhere Else / Re: Foreign Delicacies [Closed]
« Last post by Moth on October 14, 2018, 02:27:25 AM »
Chantou stares on ahead as Diana and Yu make polite yet awkward smalltalk, feigning disinterest at their conversation. It was honestly kind of amusing, watching the poor girl attempt to navigate chatting politely with two strangers, while Yu dealt with outright social awkwardness. Guess this is what happens when you stick a bunch of strangers together at a dinner table. Her mask of solemnity stays perfect until Diana begins to talk about her past in Atlas, with her confession about the inherent nature of Atlas’ treatment of faunus. It’s enough to make the mantis faunus raise an entire eyebrow, turning her head to stare down Diana from behind her sunglasses with a slight tilt to her head, a curious expression on her face - and the corner of her mouth quirks up as the human awkwardly finishes, before the slight smirk vanishes as soon as it appears.

Sometimes you can find decent people in even the harshest environments.

With a bit more ease to her slouch in the chair, Chantou raises one hand and barks out a couple words in a harsh Mistralian language to signal the waiter Diana tried to previously flag - making the young man start and walk over to the table. Chantou points to something on the menu and exchanges a couple more sentences with the waiter in a foreign language, before setter her menu down on the table - apparently already completing her order. Time to get something to eat, and hopefully rescue Yu for a bit before Diana accidentally pressures him into taking his mask off. “Sweet of ya’ to offer Diana, but I’ll pass. You two go ahead n’ order anythin ya’ want, within reason of course - it’s on me, spirit of the Vytal Festival n’ all.”
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