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Character Creation / Re: Leona Koningsblauw
« Last post by Kingnoname1 on Today at 05:45:51 AM »
First off welcome, see you have found everything easy enough so I'll just get straight into the review.

Firstly a minor point about the weight, 188lbs is pretty heavy for 5'3 girl. If that's what you are going for great but just as a heads up if you want to keep it you might want to specify what exactly that weight it.

Most everything else seems fine although I would personally like some more detail in the ... well personality but it's enough for your first character.

Two things on the combat behaviour, firstly as Aura coats your weapons them being fragile isn't really a weakness because that only applies after Leona's aura would have broken so I would like another weakness. Secondly if her semblance can only lift 60kgish it would be rare for her to be able to lift anyone. Is she pulling weapons out of peoples hands? Or is it simply the upward force throwing them off balance.
Character Creation / Re: Kozmo Royale
« Last post by Kingnoname1 on Today at 05:34:34 AM »
huh I must have misread them then, oh well.

Everywhere Else / Re: Bone of the First
« Last post by Ordelis on Today at 04:00:14 AM »

"It really does. How about explaining yourself?"

"Someone hit me on my horn and just ran off!" Solar exlaimed, tilting her head so her "guests" could see the crack on her horn that was dripping with blood that would make her wince every so often. "I followed them in here but all I found was him and this, it's what they used on me!" she said indicating the man who was still screaming behind a wall of sand and the square hammer that had a speck of her blood on one side. "Hey It wasn't me! I didn't do this!" she pleaded, the last part she yelled at the sand that blocked her from the faunus on the other side still convinced it was her.
Kei came off as deliberately cold compared to her other two teamates who were either awkward or didn't know what to say. Compared to her who just didn't have the confidence to say anything. So listening to Kei slowly opening up to her gave her the tiny courage to do the samd.
But she was cut off by the distant howls of the Grimm. With a slump of her shoulders and a defeated sigh she looked at her scroll to see the message from Savas to return to the airship. Wordlessly sharing a look between Kei, she nodded and sprinted back the way they came. Being only Grimm, she had no interest in her enemy, what she was really dreading was not making herself look bad in front of her new team mates. She toyed with the idea of using the ome bottle of water that sat in her bag to show them what she was capable of, but that was for emergencies and would be innappropriate for the situation.

If there was one thing Ribeiro prided herself in it was her natural speed, the town wasn't big and she was fast. Seeing the airship from a distance she could already see the rest of her team already engaged with a Beringel. Still running she draws her weapon in pistol mode, racks the slide loading the weapon and open fired on it. While she knew there were more Grimm in the area, the Beringel was the only within sight for now. Though she was no good at fighting hordes anyway.
As Acero neared the airship, he heard Savas call out that the Grimm were circling the town and were about to enter. Stopping for a moment to look over his shoulder...only to see a large Beringel about to smash him into the ground. With barely any time to dodge, the cyborg jumped back and put his arms up to help protect against any shrapnel caused by the beast's landing. Not wanting to stay and fight with the giant Grimm while Beowolves were on their way and ready to pounce, Acero ran back towards Savas and drew his Solar Centurion, splitting it in two.

"Hey, uh, I can't really fight the big guy while worrying about the wolves. How about you take care of that thing while I keep the smaller ones from flanking you?" Acero said to Savas while looking at all the Grimm that were starting to surround them. "Also, uh, you may want to tell the pilot to take off, don't wanna risk losing our ride out of here, huh?"

Battle Stats:
  • Aura Status: 96%
  • Dashes on cool-down: None
  • Weapon Mode: Dual-Swords
Beacon Academy / Re: Mixed feelings of rage and peace [BSEK]
« Last post by Th3King0fChaos on January 22, 2018, 10:18:31 PM »
Ismael's face turned to stone as he looked over to Nathan, "If we're going this'll be more than just an adventure. What do you say, full gear or half?". Ismael walked over to a large standing cabinet near him as he opened it to show his weapons: his bastard sword at the far end, with next his Katana then some stacked boxes. After There was his rifle then some shelves which holds his boots and gauntlet, with one being a locked safe.

He sighed as he then looked back to Nathan, "So, How many do you think we'll see? I have my money on 3 Ursas and 2 packs of Beowolves". He then pulls out a box from the cabinet, with then his boots and gauntlet as he said, "Well, if you need some dust I can help, I can't say I have an inexhaustible amount, yet I can definitely supply some". He then opens it to show the box has layers of padding to hold about 10 vials of dust in each layer with the box having 4 layers. Ismael begins to take out his rifle and loading it with ammo, his eyes widened as he realized he forgot something, he then pulled out another box which has 100's of rounds of differing sizes as he then begins to load a few mags and placing them to the side.
Beacon Academy / Re: Stark Terror Among the Ashes [CLOSED] [Team SARK - Initiation]
« Last post by jjb2158 on January 22, 2018, 10:01:32 PM »
Another howl, this time even closer, rang through the forest. However, it seemed that the howls were coming from different angles and not simply the northern side of the town now. It didn't help the fact that noise carried in this area, distorting any chance of pinpointing the direct location. Cursing under his breath, Savas took one last glimpse of the forest to see if any Grimm were lurking nearby. Spotting nothing, he decided it be best to return to his other teammates and tackle what seemed like an oncoming attack together.

Turning around, Savas jogged at a steady pace back to the airship, his large legs covering twice the amount of ground than a normal person. Within less than a minute, he was in sight of the airship and spotted Acero running towards the center of the town as well. Waving towards his teammate, Savas slowed down to a walk, mostly to conserve his stamina. "Ngggrh...they seem to be circling the town" he growled loudly so that Acero could hear him. Stationing himself in front of the airship, he stabbed Sandalphon into the ground so that he could pull out his scroll. Pulling up both Kei and Ribeiro contact numbers, he texted them a simple message: Grimm approaching. Rally at Airship.

Putting his scroll away, he pulled Sandalphon back out just as another howl was heard in the background, this time sounding as if it was right on the outskirts of the town. "Here we go" he said simply to no one in particular and let out a loud warcry as if to challenge any that would approach.

Entering the town through the gaping hole to the East, the large Grimm quietly jumped up onto one of the rooftops while part of the pack of Beowolves came charging in behind it before spreading out to circle its prey. Jumping from one roof to another, it paused when it spotted its prey who was nearly as big as it was. It was then that it spotted what looked like a smaller, easier prey to devour. Watching quietly for the right moment to attack, the beast waited in hidden on the rooftop as the Beowolves let out a howl as they came within view of the four people below. Taking the chance that the Beowolves would keep the others busy, the giant Beringel let out a roar as it jumped down, fists raised as it hoped to crush Acero beneath its ferocious attack.

OOC: Not sure where you want to have Acero, but I just assumed he would be at least a couple paces away from Savas. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong and you want to do something else instead and I'll correct this post.
The Vale Region / Re: Frostbite [Closed]
« Last post by Kaliot on January 22, 2018, 06:27:42 PM »
In truth, Nicolas has been bluffing, at least partly. He was developing a fighting style to work around his weakness. He could never convince anyone to spar with him, though, not even Praetor Rubra so a fight with Savas would certainly be out of the question. But the grin on his face never faded.

Nicolas shot out of his chair, Aurelia, surprised by the move, shot up herself afraid that he would hurt himself, but she soon realized that he was fine. She sighed. Nicolas tapped his cane against the floor. "Typical rules apply," he said as he started to move about and rummage through some boxes. "And of course: no holding back." Out of a box emerged a few what-appeared-to-be silver bracelets. He tossed one to Savas and then one to Aurelia for good measure. They were aura trackers, designed to send aura information to a display. Unfortunately they were still catching up on some Valish technologies and gadgetless, accessoryless aura tracking was one of those areas.

He put his on before continuing toward the fire. He grabbed a nearby spade and carefully placed ashed atop the flame, and when they seemed to be dying down, he grabbed a bucket full of a sand-ash mixture and dumped that into the fireplace. The home grew fairly dark, the only light coming in through past the window blinds.

"Let's get going." He took hold of his cane once more and opened the door.
The Vale Region / Re: Mysterious Migrations of Mountain Glenn
« Last post by jjb2158 on January 22, 2018, 06:25:34 PM »
Watching through one of the airship's windows, Suntalia lightly hummed to herself happily as she did every morning. However, despite the happy demeanor she had on, deep within her, a slight chill was creeping as she had heard the rumors and knew extensively that Mountain Glenn was one of the few places that any sane person would want to avoid. Add on top of that the idea of strange Grimm appearing in the abandoned terrain and it did little to soothe her nerves. Mustn't show any fear though...for the sake of my little juniors here she thought, continuing her humming.

Turning her eyes to Professor Ferus, Suntalia smiled broadly as he began to make his way around to make sure everyone was awake. Leaving it to her to not show concern for whether the others were asleep or not, she jumped up from her seat. "WAKEY WAKEY! EGGS AND BACEY!" she cried out happily for all to hear. Smiling happily, she turned her attention to her gear to make sure everything was in order. With her chain shirt in place and her clothing infused with dust for added protection, she pulled out Firestorm and extended it to its full length to make sure everything was in order. Satisfied with it, she transformed it back and harnessed it before pulling out Dynami and Areti to inspect them next. Checking the barrel as well as the sight to make sure everything was aligned, she pulled out the magazine and inspected the rounds. She had been meticulous the day prior to create a few extra magazines so that she would have extra should their stay there be prolonged.

Satisfied with her weapons, Suntalia looked into her pack to see that she had everything needed. First aid kit, ten extra magazines for both Dynami and Areti, extra dust crystals for Firestorm, small snacks for the road... Humming quietly to herself as she continued to check off each item from her list of things. Having finished her checklist, she turned her attention back to the window and then to her comrades on this mission. Being the social animal that she was, she already had become acquainted with both Nathan and Gwylan. However, she was not quite acquainted with the other third year with them. "Best time to get to know him is now" she whispered happily to herself as she skipped over to where Mogan was. "Hi! I'm Suntalia! You can call me Talia for short. It's what my friends call me and you're officially now one of my friends!" she exclaimed happily. "What's your name? How old are you? What made you come to Beacon? Why'd you choose to come on this mission? Do you have a favorite food? What about your favorite color? How are you liking Beacon so far? Are you a good fighter?" she asked excitedly. As a myriad of questions continued to loom in her mind, she quickly switched gears and turned her attention to Nathan. "Are you awake Nathan?" she all but yelled at the first year. "Best answer quickly or I'll give you a 'shocking' awakening" she remarked, giggling slightly before turning her attention back to Mogan. "So?" she asked, tilting her head slightly as she gave him an innocent smile.
Everywhere Else / Re: Bone of the First
« Last post by Kaliot on January 22, 2018, 06:08:36 PM »
When it came to knowing the layout of the city, Suna was one of the best; it wasn't something he advertised. However, there were unexplored parts of the city, in his mind displayed as simply dark-red, that until recently were too dangerous to venture into. Now that he was in the stages of becoming a full-fledged Huntsman and Scavenger, he felt much more comfortable chipping into those previously untouched zones.

It was in one of those said zones that Suna found himself presently. He was in his mission attire and had his weapon hanging off the side of his hip, concealed, prepared for the possibility of an altercation. Sand was raised above Suna's head like a parasol giving him additional coverage from the relentless Vacuan sun, and in his hands was his scroll, his fingers tapping away as he made observations about the area. The area didn't seem as bad as people and crime records made it out to be, but Suna could've been having a lucky day or overall crime could've been taking a break. For all he knew, it could've even been both. While he was thankful about the peace, this anomaly would certainly require him to return in the future.

That wasn't the only reason Suna was around. "Kill two birds with one stone" is a motto he likes to stick by if he can help it; it makes his schedule more optimal provided that the two tasks aren't at odds with each other. In this case, Suna was also searching for someone, hoping they would have key information he could use to plot out his next scavenging mission.

Suddenly, a faint cry for help came before him and up ahead he saw a blond boy rush into a building. Suna picked up his pace, the sand above his head falling cleanly around his body as his made his way toward the house. Like the boy before him, Suna too paused. The building seemed to match the description of the one described by his other sources. He rushed in as well and made sure to drag plenty of sand in with him.

Suna entered the room, took stock of the situation, and immediately erected a sand wall separating the injured man and the apparent assailant. He had some sand reserved to blind the ram Faunus should she try to attack him and the now-vomiting boy as well. Suna couldn't blame the blond for throwing up, and Suna could feel something stirring in him as well, but a mixture of his curiousness and the darker side of the internet has led him to be fairly desensitized to this sort of stuff.

He reached into one of his pockets and pulled out a small, folded photograph. He unfolded it and held it up so that it was side-by-side with the victim, and after a few seconds he refolded it and replaced it in is pocket. He turned toward the ram.

"It really does. How about explaining yourself?"
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