Author Topic: Vytal tourney: Catalina Glenn 'was soundly defeated' by Nathan Eau  (Read 1072 times)


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Catalina Glenn 'was soundly defeated' by Nathan Eau,
Says the slightly injured combatant
The second round of Vytal Festival Tournament between the aforementioned players commenced in the Amity Colosseum and the battle ended in an seemingly premature way.
(Cue a video) According to the Official video and material related to the battle, Catalina was skimming to the critical aura level of 15%, at which the referees are eligible to call the match and declare the winner.
At this particular moment Nathan Eau scored a hit with his staff Ergia which his opponent catched with his right palm, and he was 'in visible display of pain that should have been protected by the aura of the combatant', contrary to the player's rising level of aura.
The immediate response to the attack from Catalina is by throwing his hammer in Nathan's direction as seen and missed, then with jabs which was blocked by Ergia and Catalina jumped in to continue the attack but the buzzer signaling the end of match rang, and both combatants stopped attacking.
As shown Catalina was immediately showing 'signs of exhaust' and winced at touching his right arm, and started walking towards his weapon.
Then Nathan transformed his weapon into storage form and put it away along with asking if his opponent was fine.
He responded with (beat) The aura level's up, hopefully. Just still gonna check it out. BY WALKING AWAY FROM THE BATTLE, I ACCEPT THE OUTCOME OF THE VICTORY OVER CATALINA GLENN BY NATHAN EAU. Then a request is made from him the for potential arm injury.
(Cue a different video where Catalina is speaking to the reporters, while sitting on a wheelchair)
He was…is a great fighter and I'm outmatched for most of the battle before me using tricks up my sleeve. And it didn't work out to great apparently by me making all sorts of mistakes.
(Back to a reporter) Nathan Eau and others has yet to respond to us.
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