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Bloodshed at Vytal!
« on: October 19, 2016, 09:26:10 PM »
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"Earlier today, Gray Saggio and Nathan Eau, both students of Beacon Academy, faced off during their match in the Vytal Tournament, and tragedy struck. While details are still emerging as to just what went on during the match, by the end Gray Saggio was carried off the field unconscious with two bullet wounds, one in the shoulder and the other in the stomach. Authorities are speculating as to whether or not the injuries were deliberate, as an odd sequence of events occurred just before the wounds were inflicted. Our own Hunter Correspondents seem to think that Gray Saggio’s semblance was involved in some way, but the recording of the fight is still under review. We have managed to gather a short clip here from a scroll held by someone in the audience, as all official material has yet to be released. Be warned, our more sensitive viewers may want to look away or leave the room.”

The video begins to play, and appears to be poorly shot and filmed vertically. At odd moments, the people directly in front of the camera get in the way. Gray Saggio glows visibly for a moment as two shots ring out, barely heard above the crowd, and he falls. His screams are drowned out by the panic of the audience as Nathan Eau begins moving towards him. The video is too poor and the distance too great to make out much detail, but it is clear that Gray Saggio is badly injured. The camera begins to move off the arena floor until wild cheering suddenly erupts, so loud the scroll’s microphone turns it to static, and a blonde man can be seen standing between Nathan Eau and Gray Saggio, as Nathan Eau flies backward from an unrecorded blow.

“Shocking. The other student in the video is one Jack Pettibone, who when asked about his interference immediately after the fight was ended, told our reporter that it had been absolutely necessary and that he was acting to protect his fellow student from a clear and present danger. We go now live to North Vale Hospital, where Gray Saggio is being taken care of and a small but growing crowd of well-wishers is gathering outside.”

The video feed switches to outside the public entrance to the hospital, with a group of about a hundred or so people, some with signs declaring #TeamSaggio or #StandWithGray, or even, in one or two cases, #DownWithButcherBoy and #DisqualifyEau. Many of them are holding candles and are singing or praying quietly as more people come to join. At the forefront of the crowd stands the blonde from the scroll recording, also holding a small candle, and with him is a beautiful ram faunus easily recognizable as Orabel Arachne of Golden Ram Productions. He holds her around the waist with his other hand, and is approached by the reporter on the scene. “Mr. Pettibone, what was that like, early today, when you felt the need to rush blindly into the middle of a tournament match to rescue Gray Saggio?” she asked, holding the microphone out to him.

“Well, I have to say I was going on pure instinct. Saggio and I have our differences…” he explained, squeezing Orabel, “and there’s definitely some bad blood there, but what Butcher Boy did is inexcusable. I couldn’t stand by and just let that happen, y’know? You can’t just shoot people down in a sporting event.” He looks crestfallen and regretful, as if the whole situation were weighing down on him, before flicking his sparkling blue eyes back up at the camera. “I mean, even if we squabble, we’re all still Beacon Students, we’re all still supposed to be here for each other, because we’re here to learn how to be heroes. That’s why I’m here now, out of solidarity.”
His expression turns grim, almost noble, as he continues. “And I’ll tell you one thing, Nathan Eau, if you’re watching this, there’s something you better know. You might have taken down Saggio, and you might skate by on this stunt somehow, which would be criminal. But I swear on everything that’s good and just that I’ll make my way to you in the tournament. And when I do, watch out, because I’m taking you down! I got into this thing for my love Orabel here, but now I’m in it for Saggio too, because you took away his shot at winning. When I win, and you can bet on it that I will, I’m gonna win this for my fellow student Gray Saggio!” he finishes, his voice strong and clear and full of life. The crowd around him explodes into cheering and applause, and the video feed ends.

“Powerful words from a young man who’s proving to be quite the fan favorite. Arturo Chanson, the famed martial artist and one of the Announcers from the opening match between Marlon Murk and Jack Pettibone, seemed to echo those words, and when asked, stated that the events of the day were barely believable and that this year’s Vytal Tournament felt like it was coming apart at the seams. He seemed to have a low opinion of many of the contestants and lamented over the lack of sportsmanship and good will between them, before offering his best wishes to Gray Saggio for a swift recovery and ending the interview. He asked that video not be taken of our interaction and not to be directly quoted.

The hashtags #StandWithGray and #TeamSaggio have gone viral, with several million shares and likes each, and while lagging behind their more positive counterparts, #DisqualifyEau and #DownWithButcherBoy are still in the millions.
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