Author Topic: Preparing for the Coming Storm, Team One  (Read 678 times)


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Re: Preparing for the Coming Storm, Team One
« Reply #15 on: July 03, 2018, 07:01:35 AM »
Amarant was mostly willing to play the waiting game both of his opponents had initiated at least for a little while. Confident the sound would clue him in if his opponents Amarant retreated to the opposite corner of their cube and went about doing some emergency repairs on his wings. Solaris's eagle managed to rip into one of the pistons, fly straight through the machine with a large chuck of electronics still gripped within it's talons. A strange groan emitted as the piston withdrew much slower than it's contemporaries who continued smashing away causing overwhelming noise. The piston did eventually fully disappear however but the relief was short lived as within a few moments it was back out smashing away like it had never been damaged and any evidence of the S-models attack gone. Although the steam was less and less of an issue the longer time went on.

All three wings now at least partially functional Amarant still kept them limp to give the illusion they where still out of commission and returned to the fray. Although the fog was definitely dissipating the headmaster still had to rely partially on his aura to find his way to his opponents chancing on Lyssa first and although Amarant had several skills moving silently wasn't one of them giving the huntress-in-training decent warning he was coming.

Knowing this Amarant continued his assault quickly, the ice dust spraying off every swing providing an interesting counterpoint to it's overwhelming speed. Now without his wings it was far easier to weather but that only made Amarant more careful where he aimed his strikes trying to punish the huntress-in-training for not having a melee weapon out. Unfortunately for Amarant the pounding of the piston's got in his way as much as they did his opponents causing him to constantly break off of assault as to not be squashed by their relentless pounding.
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