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Re: Nathan Eau
« Reply #45 on: May 16, 2018, 06:02:35 PM »
pre edits: ShowHide

Name: Nathan Nad Eau (a.k.a. Nathan Eau)

Age: 17, born 6th of Zinnober 63 AC

Species and Gender: Male human

Symbol: [spoiler]

Occupation: Beacon Academy student, first year

Appearance: At 176.5 cm/5'9" (he doesn't mind rounding up or down) and 72.5 kg/160 lbs, Nathan is more lean than fit, and while not actually chiseled, he still has some definition to his muscles. His lower body has more bulk than his upper body, but this is partially offset by his large ribcage and broad shoulders. He thinks of himself as "ridiculously average-looking" or "ever-so-slightly on the attractive side", depending on how far you push that particular investigation (although seriously, why in Remnant would you?). He has more defined neck muscles than the average person. His voice usually hangs about the low to mid-low range. If he's warm and his arms are below his chest, veins are VERY visible all over the hands and forearms. He has a thick (about 3 mm wide, 2 mm high, 3 cm long) scar on his right elbow. He has fine (almost feminine but not quite), agile hands. He is left-handed. He has tanned (perhaps a bit paler than Neptune) skin. He has short (about 4 cm),VERY dark brown (looks basically black) hair. His eyes are dark gold/light and rich brown (depending on how far away you're standing). He usually crosses his arms when standing, but it doesn't mean anything. His face tends to remain relatively emotionless, albeit it's not for lack of trying to be expressive. He walks very fast (pretty much overtakes anyone who isn't jogging) thanks to long strides from good rotation of the pelvis and years of practice.

He has only dark grey running shoes. Normal clothes: His favorite garments are a black, somewhat slim-fit T-shirt going down the arms to just above the elbow with dark lime green lines on the sides and dark blue jeans, although it isn't uncommon for him to simply don "a shirt" and "some jeans". If it's cold/raining, he wears a dark grey coat with a hood. School clothing: standard Beacon uniform apart from a slightly loose tie and the aforementioned running shoes. Formal clothing: a white, ever-so-slightly ivory lounge suit with notched lapel, the overall colour being quite reminescent of a white rose's petals. Usually worn with a vibrant green, vibrant cyan or vibrant purple tie. Pajama: white T-shirt and red and black plaid pajama pants. Combat-ready: dons a dark grey harness worn over his coat/shirt with 1 pouch (horizontal on left-hand side of belt that's about 15.5*10 cm). The harness has fixation points in the middle of the back for his weapon and more fixation points on the sides of the back to snap on extra luggage space. After some recent events, he also keeps three slugs in his jeans' left front pocket.

Goddamn hex codes: ShowHide
Shoes: #969696
Green lines on shirt: #00D219
Tie colours: about #14EA00, about #00F6F0, about #BD00FF

History: Nathan was born and raised in Vale. He spent ages 5-12 going to a school about 1.5 km away from his home. He also spent those years being bullied, rejected or ignored by all other kids. When he was 12, his parents divorced and he stayed with his mother. During the last semester of school that year, he scored very high on an Aura ability test part of the normal orientation process. Having been taught the hard way how not everyone can defend themselves, he decided to put his newfound skills to use by becoming a Huntsman. Not even 3 months later, his mother met an Atlasian scientist who was working in Vale at the time. He subsequently enrolled in a local Combat School, about 4 km from residence. Starting from the first semester, he was taught a lot by his stepfather about Dust, technology and science in general through common interests and regular discussions. Although he didn't get bullied or rejected at school anymore, he didn't really make anything more than acquaintances and circumstantial friendships.

During his time at combat school, he had a few classes of hand-to-hand combat like everyone, but never practiced it outside of said classes, of which there were about 3 or 4 (talking about how many times a lesson was given, not how many classes and, somewhat by extension, teachers). When it came to fighting with weapons, he vastly preferred the versatility of staves to swords, maces and gauntlets. Practicing regularly, he gradually taught himself to mix and match combat styles rather than staying with a single one every battle. Not only did he think it would make him more adaptable, he also thought it would make him harder to contend with. His style, through the years, eventually reached a stable state, where he defends whilst taking advantage of every opening he can, in any way he can. During that entire time, however, he somewhat neglected to practice long-range firearm handling.

When he was about 14, he started experimenting with Dust under strict safety protocols in a small part of his basement (he was shown how by his stepfather). Upon learning the nature of his semblance, he started to create schematics and data for his to-be weapon and the required Dust components. His desire to defend victims and pursue aggressors having only grown stronger during his years at combat school, he was eager to advance his training even further and enter Beacon. He scored pretty good at all parts of the entrance exam. His parents moved to Atlas as he moved to the Academy.

Personality: Relaxed and calm, he likes to make the odd joke and is generally easy-going. He has vast trouble understanding non-aggressive body language and prefers to be as honest as possible without unduly hurting anyone. Although not lacking in self-confidence, he's rather shy and will not go towards others unless they first come to him or he has to go to them. He rarely gets angry or even worked up, as he is incredibly patient. He is a fast learner and a great listener. He has an immense imagination and fabulous memory (for the things he cares about). Messing with the ones he loves with the serious intention of hurting them is not recommended, as he may go into (I don't know how to describe this in a word or two: it's basically as if his emotions turned into a cold, soul-wrenching abyss where the only thing that exists is the will to get what's wrong to stop, all the while keeping a very calm face). He has very good senses (for a human) and tends to dislike loud noises and bright lights, carrying a pair of high-tech, flexible sunglasses in his jeans' pocket (so they don't continually break when he fights). He has a lot of difficulty in putting his full trust into someone else.

He usually enjoys just playing games on his computer, but sometimes reads a bit.

Aura and Semblance: His Aura is of a bright white colour and turns jet black when "angry" (see emotion described above), seemingly absorbing light within line of sight instead of emitting it. His semblance is Energy: that is, he can control his own kinetic energy. To be more clear, he can turn his Aura into kinetic energy, but not at a distance. The energy being inherently associated with momentum, he only uses it for powerful blows, lest he fling himself out of control to go faster.

When 'angry', pale black tendrils (these are entirely unsubstantial, aka Aura) that start appearing around him and become darker, larger, more numerous and more opaque the worse he gets. The air will seem to grow stale. His irises will take on the slightest tinge of red while his pupils contract to a point.

It is worth noting that he has never told anyone what his semblance is and that he tries to use it as little as possible.

Examples for scale: ShowHide
Here are some examples of the uses for scale.
Hits: - Like a speeding truck for 60% of his Aura.
        - Like a speeding car for 40%.
        - Unusually powerful blows for 5% (enough to severely stun most Grimm).

Numbers: These are based on the examples above, if applied to someone with an arbitrarily average build, Aura, etc. NOTE: As long as this very sentence is present, apply a 2x modifier to the cost.
       - 1% --> 4% Aura damage
       - 5% --> 20% Aura damage
       - 8% --> 33% Aura damage (current cap, he's yet to make more powerful blows)
[spoiler=Ignore these for now, for future approved developments only]       - 10% --> 42% Aura damage
       - 15% --> 65% Aura damage
       - 20% --> 90% Aura damage

Anything beyond that will merely do more damage, beyond the now-shattered Aura, with the semi-exponential function still applying. The amount of seconds he must wait before his Aura is usable again is equal to twice the percentage of Aura consumed.

Adapted 'costs' for the new 'strain' mechanic - the cost multiplier is already present.

       - 4% Aura damage: Minor fatigue, basically a slight buzzing in the ears for a couple seconds. Can use this a maximum of 49 times, the 50th knocking him out from exhaustion.
       - 20% Aura damage: Feels as though the blood was drained from his head for a second or two; shaky for a few more seconds afterwards, then fatigued. (He can dish out 9 hits like this, the 10th one causing him to collapse from exhaustion)
       - 33% Aura damage (current cap, he's yet to manage more powerful blows): Feels as though the blood drained from his head for about 5 seconds. Shaky for approximately 20 seconds afterwards, then fatigue sets in. (He can dish out 4 hits like this, the 5th one causing him to collapse from exhaustion)[/spoiler]

In addition, his semblance can be used to propel objects towards targets. The accuracy of this 'throw' of sorts is proportional to the amount of energy used and inversely proportional to the object's size. As a landmark, using around 16% on one of the slugs he uses within his weapon gets him an initial accuracy slightly worse than an assault rifle, making it a good choice at the lower mid-range and closer.

Here, 'initial accuracy' refers to the accuracy of the object's motion towards the intended target. Factors that come into play after the propulsion, such as gravity, wind, object aerodynamics and such are not included (unless he explicitly takes them into account, if possible).

Combat Behavior: He tends to favor swift, precise and efficient movements when defending and powerful blows when attacking. He mixes hand-to-hand with weapon combat freely. He will favor confrontation if an enemy is actively chasing him but will otherwise prefer stealth. He will try to dodge and block all he can. When first encountering an enemy, he will never attack first - unless he can get a surprise snipe in.

He will prefer to concentrate on one threat at a time and take care of it as fast and as safely as possible, which opens him up to surprise attacks from unsuspected additional threats. When he suspects more than he can see, he will tend to maintain a more defensive posture.

If outnumbered, he will be capable of resisting without using his semblance a small amount of time but will prefer to get some distance between him and the enemy to come back in at a new angle.

Although his weapon would have you think otherwise, Nathan is relatively unskilled at long range sniping, mostly just winging it. He's good - for someone with little to no practice. His largest weakness, however, is very close melee or hand-to-hand combat. He never practiced those, preferring to hone his staff skills as it allows him a greater reach.


Name: Ergia

Primary Form: Ergia's primary form is relatively tame - a matte, black cylinder about a foot long, slightly too large to grasp comfortably with the average hand. Two thin green lines circle it, separating the cylinder into thirds. Nathan's symbol is visible on the back of the uppermost third. When hooked onto its place on the harness, it can serve as a jumppack, providing relatively limited vertical mobility. Used for going up or breaking a fall - when angled correctly. Maximum autonomy of 3 minutes without 'reloading'.

Not now - for approved future development only.: ShowHide
When unhooked, it can serve as a flamethrower, producing an intense, bunsen burner-like flame about 6 meters long, although the heat is still pretty intense for about 3 meters after that.

Secondary Form: Both staff mechanisms extend to their maximum lengths of 75 cm, making the weapon a 180 cm matte black staff with dark lime green lines and a thicker, 30 cm cylinder in the middle. Transformation can take as little as 2 seconds. In this form, parts of the staff portion can either be electrified or the air around them, heated to a point where it can easily cut through organic materials, but will only slowly heat up dense non-organic stuff like concrete, steel, etc.

Tertiary Form: The top/forward staff mechanism extends by 30 centimeters and a handle and variable strength scope flip out of the top section. Fires 5x20 mm tungsten slugs at a rate of 12 per second and speed of Mach 2 (3% damage  per shot against someone with arbitrarily average Aura). Each magazine of these 'light' rounds has about 300 of them. He keeps one mag on his harness and one in Ergia. Transformation takes about 1 second from storage form and 2 seconds from staff form.

Dust Functions: The way Ergia uses Dust can be considered somewhat different from the norm. Although the jumppack uses a mix of Kinetic and Gravity Dust to provide thrust, about a quarter of a litre per 3 minute charge, the rest only uses Dust indirectly. Six power crystals are located at the centre of the main cylinder, providing the entire weapon with vast amounts of power, needed for everything from the jumppack to the staff modifiers. The power crystals must be recharged with power when empty and, even through intense usage, will drain rather slowly, a single one lasting a good 10 minutes or so.

History: Ergia was made, from plans to fully functional, in the last three years prior to his entry at Beacon. The components took about 6 months to get right and the shell and final assembly, 6 more months. It was made to make the most use of his semblance and to be as versatile as possible. It was named Ergia due to having vast amounts of energy at its heart.

Specifics and Schematics: ShowHide
The primary form is a 30 cm long, 6.8 cm diameter matte black cylinder with 2 dark lime green lines on the wall 10 cm from the bases. The bottom opens up when engaging the jetpack. The central section is dedicated to housing the power cores and control mechanisms, the upper section is devoted to the first staff mechanism while the bottom part is reserved to the jetpack and second staff mechanisms. The staff portions have an external diameter of 3 cm. The jumppack is a tiny thing that occupies a third of the main cylinder, consuming Dust to provide thrust. The second form's extra functions are achieved by using small Dust crystals integrated within Ergia in conjunction with the main power. Most of the circuitry has Dust in it to make it as compact as possible. The power cores mentioned earlier are custom-made Dust crystals created to store enormous amounts of energy each. They glow a soft, pleasant cerulean when full and are a dark, dull blue when empty. They are 9 cm long and 2 cm wide at their widest. There are 6 of them at all times in the center section of the cylinder. Nathan stores an extra 6 in his belt-level pouch. The jumppack mechanism uses a special blend of Dust that greatly increases the thrust produced and comsumption efficiency when used in conjunction with the energy from the power cores.

[spoiler=Power crystal schematic]
Only for approved future developments: ShowHide
Basically, the LR Crystal as last approved.


Pre-Beacon theme: Mad World - Gary Jules & Micheal Andrews[/spoiler]
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Re: Nathan Eau
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Added a(nother) theme.
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Re: Nathan Eau
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edits approved.
No criticism is too harsh so hit me with your best shot.

Calen Shrike - ASTC - First Year Beacon.

Saffron de Cortez - SALT - Third Year Atlas.

Amarant Lovis - (formerly of)ACCE - Headmaster of Atlas Academy

Ramalia - RASB - First Year Shade