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Catalina clapped his hands at the thrilling conclusion to the match. In his mind is a few ideas at who he could counter that equipment, including the most obvious one: get far away. He really looked forward to how this next match would go as another test of him against close-ranged opponents. He remembers though, in terms of the tournament, every match can be the last and the same goes for everybody else. He really shouldn't be acting as if he has won the next match now.
The bat faunus hoped to deal the final strike with that last attack, her teeth gritted as she saw her opponent move out of the extending range of her stab. Still, Akel wasn't going to give up and saw the blade rise and used her free hand to deflect the strike, she had no more ammo in her weapon and she wasn't able to bring herself to a defensive stance. She tried to bring the handle of her weapon to block the strike but the blade struck her arm and sending her aura into the red.

Akel moved back to the side for the predicted use of her enemy's semblance to go past her. Sighing in her own loss but happy that she at least made it a close match.

[Aura 15%]
Beacon Academy / Re: opening act [Open]
« Last post by Azure Blair on October 03, 2018, 10:27:39 PM »
“I’m sure you know that there is a lot of effort which goes into making something look effortless.” Oh, Azure was well aware of how much effort had to go into an effortless appearance. The scars on her calloused fingertips, having formed from years and years of playing guitar until her fingers began to bleed, served as proof of that. She had lost count of how many times she had wasted away hours upon hours to get a small section of a song perfect, how many times she’d pulled an all nighter just to practice guitar; she could never be satisfied with anything less than perfection when it came to music. If she couldn’t do something perfectly, she’d practice nonstop until she could. And even then, she’d still want to practice more. Many called her a try hard, or an overachiever for how much time she spent practicing songs, but she didn’t care; she was the one who could play Cliffs of Dover, after all; they couldn’t, so who were they to make fun of her practice habits?

“Honestly, same here. If it wasn’t for music, then I doubt I would have gotten to where I am now. Literally. I don’t think I could have made it into Beacon without music. I can see why you’d want to keep it separate, though. If it’s what you’re known for it kinda loses that release, that escape, in a way. It’s no longer a way to separate from the rest of reality, is is reality.” That wasn’t to say she didn’t like music as much as she used to, she still loved, maybe even more than when she was younger. But now that music was her job, it was less of a thing she could resort to that felt outside of everything else, and more of a way to keep everything else together, a way to ground everything.

“You’re a team leader?” Azure questioned. Saffron had mentioned fighting Grimm alone, which had lead her to believe she wasn’t part of a team. “Is the rest of your team here at Beacon too? Or did they stay behind?”

Azure fiddled with Renegade, making sure it was perfectly tuned, brushing nonexistent dust off the surface of it. She leaned it up against the tree as she took the boomerang from Saffron, holding it up to examine it. It was heavier than she had expected. She lightly ran her thumb across the carvings, many of which she didn’t recognize. She wasn’t very knowledgeable in the myths and legends of Remnant. Or any history of Remnant, really, History had always been one of her worst subjects, she found the memorization of dates and events pointless and mind numbing, and therefore had never really been able to concentrate on any material she was supposed to learning. The only exception had been the Faunus Rights Revolution, for obvious reasons.

“So they’re boomerangs... hatchets... and shotguns?” She wondered out loud, slowly turning the weapon over in her hands, trying to figure out how so many styles could fit into such a small object. She didn’t dare attempt to activate the weapon, though, she figured she’d probably break it if she tried. The carvings, the slight build of weapon, made it seem almost... fragile, like it was something too valuable for her to be holding. She handed the boomerang back to Saffron, quickly picking up Renegade once more. The weight of the guitar felt much more natural in her hand than that of the boomerang.

“Yeah, maybe you’ll be able to teach me some more proper techniques,” Azure commented with a laugh. “My style can be defined as ‘literally nothing went according to plan but we’re rolling with it anyways’. Which, ya know, can have its perks, it’s pretty inconsistent and hard to plan for, I’d say, but it also isn’t always the most efficient method. So anything you can teach me that isn’t just ‘swing an axe and hope for the best’ would be appreciated.”

“Sometimes I think my entire career is just a political statement,” Azure said, glancing around the garden as she brushed several strands of hair from her face; the breezes that kept passing through were having a field day today with playing with her hair, she should probably just pull it back to keep from having to fix it continuously. “Being a rockstar is already enough of a statement when you live in a kingdom that thrives of off classical music-- at least, that’s been my experience anyways. And then to be a faunus and a rock artist... it all just becomes some big political thing. It’s like the more I defy the status quo, the more money I’ll make. That’s how my manager seems to see it anyways.” While, for the most part, she did hold control over what type of music she produced and how she presented herself to the world, there were times when Azure felt that Hunter just wanted to use her because she “new,” and “different,” and “rebellious.”

“That would be great, really. I’ll be forever indebted to you,” Azure joked as Saffron mentioned letting her borrow her notes. Maybe then she could at least catch up some to the rest of the class. At the mention of messaging, Azure realized she was still holding the cardboard strip that had Saffron’s number in it. The cardboard was now severely bent, curled like a ribbon as Azure had subconsciously been wrapping and unwrapping it around her finger while talking. She quickly took out her scroll and added Saffron as a contact, before looking up to examine the watch the girl wore.

“Hey, yeah, that’s actually really cool,” she said, “definitely more accessible than a scroll.” She didn’t find she needed to use her scroll in combat all that much, so accessibility had never been much of an issue for her, but maybe other people used it more. She thought back to the person who used a computer as their weapon, maybe they had something more portable like what Saffron had?

“Well, Atlas is definitely colder,” Azure noted as she continued to pull up grass. “Vale seems... a lot more relaxed that Atlas. Atlas is so... rigid, for lack of a better term. Like everyone is holding their breath, hoping no one will notice is they accidentally step out of line. And here is Vale, there aren’t any lines. And- wait, hold up,” she liked the sound of what she’d just said, so, like she did whenever she found a good line, she took out a pen and quickly scrawled everyone is holding their, hoping no one notices when they step out of line on the back of her hand in her slanted, messy handwriting. She capped the pen and stuck it back in her pocket. “And everyone is a lot more accepting too. I don’t get as many weird looks walking down the street.” She finished.

“Honestly, I’d like travel everywhere. I’m hoping my next album will land me a bigger international tour, then I could have an excuse to travel all over,” she joked. She resumed playing with the grass, always needing to be doing something with her hands. “What ‘bout you? Where would you go if you could go anywhere in the world?”

She smirked as she looked down at the grass she had been ripping up, there was a nice, small pile of pulled up grass sitting in front of her. She took three of the longest strands and began braiding them together. Her gaze passed idly over Saffron as she lounged in the grass, letting the sunlight spill across her lap and torso. She couldn’t believe that she was having such a casual, civilized conversation with someone who was not just an Atlas student, but an Atlas team leader and specialist in training. Usually she’d expect those types of people to be the physical embodiment of everything Atlas stood for, but here she was. Strange.

She began humming a little as she braided the grass strands; a tune to a random song that was stuck in her head. Her tail twitched slightly, curling up to rest on top of her body. The action cause it to drag through the pile of grass she had created, the green blades getting swept up in the thick, white fur.

“Dammit,” she muttered, pausing in her humming as she took a moment to comb the grass from her tail. While holding the grass, she was hit with a rather stupid and incredibly childish idea. But Azure had never been one to care for if an idea was stupid or not, she’d go ahead with it anyways.

She reached over and gently sprinkled her handful of grass over Saffron, smirking playfully as she did. She had no idea how the atlesian would reacted, but she hoped it wouldn’t be anything too bad. Hopefully she hadn’t just ruined whatever friendship had been forming between the two of them. As she awaited the girl’s reaction, she resumed braiding her grass strands, pretending as if it had never happened. She continued to hum, finishing up her braided grass, she wrapped it around her wrist and tied it like a bracelet.

A large cluster of student walked by suddenly, laughing cheerfully. Azure’s semblance was already tuning into people around her, so the sudden rush of happiness from the group hit her hard. A grin split her face as a laugh bubbled from her lips, she flopped backwards so she could lie on her back, looking nearly delirious. As soon as the group of students passed on, the feeling passed. She crashed back to her previous mood, wrinkling her forehead in slight embarrassment and disgust.

“God I am so sorry for whatever just happened, I really shouldn’t have picked such a public place to hang out right after traveling,” she said. Because she was still tired from traveling, she was feeling the effects of her semblance more than she usually would, which was why the small crowd had prompted such a reaction from her.
Vivian stood up as Topaz went down, the golden glow of aura disappearing from her empty hand. The random spray of shots wasn’t as precise as she would have hoped, but it definitely improved her situation. It had a lot more utility at a closer range… Which made it all the more surprising when her opponent began charging right at her. In that brief moment, she felt a very real urge to unload the rest of her magazine on the poor girl at point-blank, but making that choice could potentially leave her open to the incoming attack. Evading and trying to counter would, she hoped, let her keep a larger advantage.

As Topaz neared her, the faunus took one step back, making sure to focus on keeping her feet steady in the sand. Vivian then slid back, rotating around one leg to narrowly avoid the heavy swing. As she leaned away from Topaz, she suddenly let go of her own weapon, the firearm falling to the ground. After all, that hand needed to be free if she was going to make use of the ice dust loaded into it, still unused since her scuffle with Avery. It was a risky mix-up, but it wouldn’t be right for her to not take such a chance here of all places. With one quick step forward, she clenched her fist and drove the metal towards her opponent’s gut with tremendous force, exhausting every bit of ice dust in the prosthetic all at once. [10% damage, heavy freezing effect.]

[Aura - 69%]
Beacon Academy / Re: Company and Combat [Closed - Azure Blair]
« Last post by Azure Blair on October 02, 2018, 09:12:50 PM »
The bullet the boy fired grazed Azure’s left shoulder, she barely flinched at the pain. She could feel a thin trail of blood begin to drip down her arm, a quick glance told her the bullet had left a shallow cut. Her aura healed the injury quickly; it didn’t fix the hole in her black leather jacket, however. This ticked her off just a little bit. It was her favourite jacket, and she would rather it stay in one piece. Of course, it was mainly her fault for wearing it in combat-- she should have taken it off first-- but that didn’t stop her from being a little pissed about it.

“Dude, jacket,” she commented after she had followed through with her AoE attack and was standing a few yards from the boy. She quickly shrugged her jacket off, revealing the black and blue sports bra she wore beneath it as a top. Her lack of a proper shirt showed off her navel piercing, and the tattoo of a vine, decorated with flowers and thorns, that spread across the left side of her stomach. She tossed her jacket to the side of the ring, Renegade remaining in its place in the air due to the gravity Dust, before quickly grabbing her weapon as the boy fired once more. She flipped Renegade so it was vertical, the wide back of the guitar body deflecting the bullet.

Azure had never liked being on the defensive, had never liked being the one blocking hits. Even when it would be the least effective, Azure preferred to chose the offensive route. She felt like she was contributing more to the fight that way-- just standing around and blocking seemed pointless to her. Maybe it was because the last time she’d been mainly defensive she’d nearly killed half her class and gotten expelled from combat school. Maybe it was because she was just the type of person who had to be active and engaged all the time, who had to go go go every second of the day; the type of person who couldn’t stand to sit back away from the action when she knew she was capable of joining in. But no matter the reason, as soon as Azure had deflected the boy’s bullet she was back on the offensive.

She leapt forwards once more, flipping her guitar around so she was gripping it by the neck. She swung it as she approached her opponent, dropping low to swipe at his ankles with the blade. She would use the moment of her swing to carry herself forward, sliding on her knees to the boy’s other side, leaping to her feet behind him. From this, there were two possible outcomes.

If successful, she would immediately launch another attack, swinging her axe while aiming towards his neck, a move she only made because she knew the boy was more than capable of blocking it. Had it been a student at any other school besides the most prestigious combat school in all of Remnant, she would never have aimed a potentially fatal strike. But this was Beacon, the best of the best, so she knew the blow would not end with the loss of a head.

If her first attack, the one on the boy’s legs, went unsuccessfully, she would slam a wind Dust crystal into Renegade and use it to launch herself in the air in order to both free herself and to ready another attack.

[Aura:97%] [only partial dmg taken]
[Slash: 5%]
[Second Slash: 10%]
1v1 Matches / Re: First Year 1v1 bracket- Round 1: Samantha Quartz vs. Camelia Sol
« Last post by nathan67003 on October 02, 2018, 08:38:53 PM »
Having kept an eye out for all of her opponent's limbs, Camelia was able to dodge the chains coming at her back relatively easily. However, her enemy's main weapon proved much harder to fend off - even though she swung Orion into the attack to deflect it, she wound up knocked around a bit, the chain-wielder not only successfully closing in but also escaping her previously charging burst zone.

Not one to give up easily, she let go of her currently-charging burst and started another one at her target's new location. Everything wasn't so bad, though; she was still under 2 g and, added bonus, was now almost close enough to strike directly. Camelia approached further.

(Semblance burst charging, 2 seconds remaining)

[Aura: 83%]
[Stamina: 91%]
[Orion: 1/2 1/2 1/2]
Beacon Academy / Re: The INKKredible room fiesta [INKK]
« Last post by Golden Koi on October 02, 2018, 06:33:17 PM »
Kin gasped at the Muffin ((Screw referring to it as an ordinary muffin, that thing is a literal godsend. Kisha just won Kin over like that)) and hesitantly took the box, moving the quill so it was in the inkwell. He gave Kisha a bright smile, clearly thankful for the complex pastry she had gifted him.

When Ismael perked up, he turned and nodded in acknowledgement, "Hi, Ismael. Any animals or food you like?"

Yeah, it was already used, but maybe he would have an idea of what he'd be able to get everyone for Christmas. He mentally made a note to talk to Pyra later about premium pistachios.
Beacon Academy / Re: The INKKredible room fiesta [INKK]
« Last post by Th3King0fChaos on October 02, 2018, 05:46:44 PM »
Ismael let out a slight cough as he tried to hold in a chuckle hearing the line of work that Kin does, and trying not to laugh as he sees the visible dismay of his new companion being nearly strangled by Kisha, as shifts his body to pay attention to what everyone else was doing. A box? most likely sweets for the new guy, Ismael likes sweets, yet he feels weird when eating them, they will start to taste bitter to him after a while. Yet a piece here and there never hurt anyone.

Ismael sighed as he realized laying down and wathing them would hurt his neck, so he began shifting himself up and staring forward continuing to listen in silence, allowing Kisha to use all her words and energy. Yet once she finished handing over the box and answering Kin's questions the last answer struck Ismael as strange, "Pistachios?".

As Ismael's eye's shifted over to Kin as he said through his blank mask, just revealing his two discolored eyes, "That reminds me, my name is Ismael, how ya doing?"
Beacon Academy / Re: How to Train your Idiot [Closed]
« Last post by Dr. Gustave on October 02, 2018, 12:49:07 PM »
Twin streams of brown dust flowed from beneath Titanias's heavy robes and coalesced beneath her before forming into a rocky seat perfectly curved to the contours of her body. "I expect at least one hit, Juno." She began as she took her seat. "And, Malina, I don't think I have to say what I expect from you." She said as she eyed the girl closely. She had taken a relaxed pose, standing with the wooden staff in her right hand, one end pressed against the earth, and her tail wrapped around to left side so that the tip was already guarding her stomach and chest. Her left hand was already brushed against the clasp of her satchel, ready to unsnap it at any time and reach inside. The stoney expression hadn't cracked but she did notice that the girl stole a glance at Juno's sword. Titania didn't miss her grip tightening around the staff. "You may start whenever you want."
     A successful hit and a counter strike later, Vermilion found himself blocking Avery's strike with his free arm as he pulled his weapon back. The strike was nothing, sure it damaged his aura, but after training with Hannah and Vivian this felt like nothing more than a tickle. "You're going to need to hit way harder than that if you want to beat me." With a scoff and a twist, Vermilion shoved the blade to the side and engaged his weapon's transformation sequence.

     Steel slid against steel as Vermilion's spear compacted into its pile-driver form, and Verm readied for another strike. If one simple spear strike could hold his opponent back certainly a pile driver in the chest would utterly crush him. Snapping his fingers, Vermilion formed four spears behind Avery, their crimson points hovering in midair to threaten his back.

      Vermilion gave no pause, however, and pushed forwards, slamming his piledriver forwards towards Avery's chest with a piston powered spike, a deafening metallic slam indicating the weapon releasing its payload. In the corner of his vision he spotted Vivian release a hail of bullets, seemingly holding her own against the annoying one. That was good, he thought, but perhaps he should join in on the fun later. Maybe he'd get a kick out of picking on the skirmisher again.

Aura - [76%]

[Spear trap (Immobile.) - 2% if Avery backs into them, probably more if he jumps back.]
[Heavy Piledriver - 10%. Heavy attack, but has a reel in.]
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