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The Vale Region / Re: At the mountains Summit
« Last post by nathan67003 on April 24, 2019, 07:06:56 PM »
Cammie arrived just in time to see her companions, err, packing up in a way. She patiently waited for the fledgling conflict to completely de-escalate, then followed her companions back the way they came.

As soon as she couldn't hear the drill rig anymore, Camelia spoke up in a hushed tone. "No can do, Dawn. I went to the elevator and was able to contact our employer, told him about the offshoot. He basically told me off and that that's not why we were here, that they'd send guys in due time. So unless you want to deal with him, stick to, and I quote, 'assisting him in providing a third-party analysis to these horrible accidents, nothing more.'" She wasn't exactly angry when she spoke about it, but a keen ear would've spotted the displeasure.
1v1 Matches / Re: First Year 1v1 bracket- Semifinal: Camelia Sol vs Juno Vert
« Last post by nathan67003 on April 24, 2019, 06:12:08 PM »
After a moment passed, Camelia glanced something move through the barrier of trees. She wasn't quite sure what it'd been - a metallic glint, followed by a large, dark speck before it vanished from view. Whatever the metal was, though, was also definitely in the hands of the opponent.

Well, he was doing something so as far as she was concerned, her strategy was still viable. She could still wait. ...For now.
Everywhere Else / Re: The Medusa Precedent [CLOSED]
« Last post by nathan67003 on April 24, 2019, 02:08:51 PM »
Maena had received the message. Yes, it warned the recipient that death was a very real possibility. However, Maena had yet to face and was also completely free for the time being. This was a better opportunity to increase her skills as a Huntress than anything else she'd seen posted anywhere, so she was taking it up.

Soon enough, she was at the safe house's coordinates, all her supplies brought with her, plus a few extras - a hat, a waterproof cloak, another cloak that's meant to protect from the sun rather than the rain. She wasn't the first to arrive, though, so quickly walked next to the others already present. She entirely failed to notice the abnormal number of animals in her vicinity.
AMA Section / AMA/AMCA
« Last post by Kingnoname1 on April 24, 2019, 01:10:00 AM »
Yea I've been putting off doing one of these for ages but after a while, I thought there isn't any real issue if no one responds I'll just take it all out on you guys in character approvals. As it says in the title any questions for me or my characters are fair game but I don't promise to answer any of the more personal ones truthfully.
Beacon Academy / Re: Stargazing [Open]
« Last post by Kingnoname1 on April 24, 2019, 12:01:02 AM »
Calen tutted as Prism continued to technically incorrectly accuse him of spiking the coffee. 'I made the drink and choose to put alcohol in it, that's not spiking that's called having fun, it's unfortunate you are so new to the concept M.. Prism. We should rectify that sometime maybe with a less political topic of conversation.' Calen remarked with a sly smile, personally, there was little more that Calen would like to do than talk about something clearly getting under someone else's skin outside of perhaps fighting but it was clear the topic had lost its appeal to most here. It simply wouldn't do for Calen's ego to be refused and as such, even in his drunk state, Calen was in touch with the undercurrent of the conversation and knew when he had pushed a little too far. Calen did also smile widely as Prism said 'you guys were the original monsters,' in his opinion she was very right.

'Remind me never to get in a fight with you Master Smokey I feel I wouldn't do well with you as an enemy.' Calen laughed and patted Smokey on the pack in response to his perhaps a little overly dramatic sentiment. Not that Calen minded at all, however, prone to flights of overly dramatic sentiment himself it did a lot to form a connection where there might have never been one. 'I think the point everyone is making Master Cat is that all of this worrying about feelings and whatnot come after, a fighter lives in the present not just for their own safety as to avoid distractions but also because in that moment the present is all that matters. And it appears we are in agreement there' Calen intersected hoping at the compromise seemed adequate for all parties involved.

'I never said they were used in war I simply said they were used, if it is wrong to do something in times of war then surely it is also wrong to do it in times of peace... or civil unrest because obviously there has to be a reason to use the chemical weapons in the first place. My point was that there are circumstances in which we allow the deployment of chemical weapons and most of us don't question it despite all knowing it is a war crime. Perception of right and wrong have as much to do with how well someone can keep themselves ignorant of the subject matter and said consequences as they have with genuine morality.' Calen answers Cat in a much more straight forward manner than he normally does.

Calen laughed a bit at Prisms accusation that he was simply arguing for the sake of arguing, she was right of course but sometimes being right meant very little if everyone else was wrong. 'You aren't entirely correct Prism but there is definitely a grain of truth there. I am simply involving myself in the conversation to be polite rather than any genuine interest on the matter. But it does seem to be a topic that is drawing out a fair amount of aggression, that isn't always a bad thing of course but it isn't the best at four am and me being the only one drunk, perhaps a topic change is in order?' Calen asked happy to let the conversation slip back into less dramatic topics in the suspicions on him also lessen,
Calen let out a bored sigh as Anna called for him to return. He couldn't sense there being anything wrong outside a general sense of unease which the gaunt boy simply chalked up to being in an abandoned village. Still even Calen couldn't think of a good reason to refuse Anna's command and it was always good to be on other people's good side until it was more fun annoying them so he threw himself across the divide with a few applications of his semblance and landed next to Anna. 'Yes, Miss Fall?  I am afraid twelve instants have already past but I am here now so now can you tell us what this fuss is about?' Calen asked voluntarily yawning for added effect on top of his bored tone of voice.

'Regardless there is food and coffee out there which is getting cold and it's the last food I have on my person so if no one else wants it, I'll have it so it doesn't go to waste.' Calen continued in an exaggerated strop as he went off to walk over to the campfire. Although Calen didn't believe there was any danger there was no reason to waste resources unnecessarily if something else did eventually come up. For this reason, as he walked passed Calen picked up his sword from next to his bedroll and buckled it to his waist.

'Anyway I have half an idea on how to get the comms tower working again.' Calen began strangely finding himself the person reminding everyone of their objective. 'The tower itself is in pretty good condition just some of the wiring has worn out, which we have found plenty of stuff to replace it with, and we might need to replace the power source. Now I will never say I don't pay attention in dust classes but I definitely pay less attention so if someone else could help with recreating the battery as well as some way to test it, so we don't do any more damage to the tower.' Calen finished obviously as excited as everyone else to get back to Beacon.
AMA Section / Re: What side of the chess board do your characters prefer?
« Last post by Kingnoname1 on April 23, 2019, 09:12:14 PM »
I find it interesting that people seem to be answering the question as if their characters approach different problems the same or at least similar ways. Although there are definitely similarities between playing a chess game and fighting a physical battle.

For example, Calen is, in reality, a very reactive fighter but that is a self-imposed restriction as a result of his ideology on the matter. In front of the chess board, however, he has no such restriction and would likely prefer white if simply because of the statistical advantage it provides. Probably favouring the various gambits at his disposal, like the Danish or Queen or what have you.

Saffron, on the other hand, isn't a very good chess player, she understands the rules of course but doesn't really have the skills or the knowledge to predict moves. She would also prefer white for mostly the same reason as Calen although rather than to further dominate their opponent's Saffron hopes only to put up a respectable defence and therefore plays quite defensively.

Amarant's semblance makes chess and other such games non-contests so he prefers not to use it. Even so, it's the kind of game he is perfectly suited to and therefore prefers to play black for the added challenge.

Ramalia is interested in stuff around chess rather than the game itself and as such doesn't have a preference for one side over another.
AMA Section / Re: What side of the chess board do your characters prefer?
« Last post by ArosFarron on April 23, 2019, 08:48:08 AM »
Merletta: Black. She plays reactivatly to everyone else.
Blair: she doesn't not even know what Chess is
Alex: Always plays Black, he reads his opponent and plays off them
Beacon Academy / Re: The INKKredible room fiesta [INKK]
« Last post by DEXES on April 23, 2019, 08:43:15 AM »
"Really?" Kisha asked with a wide grin, "I've considered you more of a dare-boy. Well then, let me think. What's the most embarrassing thing that's happened to you since you arrived at Beacon?"
The Vale Region / Re: At the mountains Summit
« Last post by DEXES on April 23, 2019, 08:40:11 AM »
Dawn slowly lowered her arm at the last statement of the miner's leader. She didn't like the idea of ​​turning back now, but if they want it that way, they should get it that way. As she lowered her arm, her other hand moved to her tight-bag, opened it and pulled out her scroll. They still haven't seemed to notice her yet, so she snapped a couple of photos as she slowly moved backwards to fade more and more into the darkness and away from the scene. Good that she always dims the light of her scroll and mutes it before she goes on a mission. As fast as she got the scroll out and took the pictures, she stowed it away again. Since she just pressed the snap button and didn't really care about the focus and quality of the images, there were some useless or too dark ones, but they might still help. But to know that for sure she'd have to take a look at the pictures later.

When Dawn turned to the rest of the group, her eyes fell on Camelia. So she came back after all. Dawn gave her a short shrug as she walked past her and caught up with the rest of the group. "Let's wait until we're up before we discuss anything."
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