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Teams / Re: Looking for a beacon 1st year replacement
« Last post by Golden Koi on August 11, 2018, 07:30:27 PM »
Are they usually active, or do they rarely come online?

On a side note: I feel like Kin's gonna become the sex appeal of the team. People are gonna be like, "This is Team ((Whatever we're going with)). We have Nathan, that's Ismael, Kisha's over there, and in that corner is the one everyone's trying to fuck."

They don't even say his name, it's just 'the guy everyone wants to fuck.'
1v1 Matches / Re: Third Year 1v1 bracket- Round 1: Rufus Chocla vs. Jima Purpora
« Last post by Moth on August 11, 2018, 03:39:23 PM »
Jima grits her teeth as Rufus attempts to pull away, digging her feet into the ground and leaning backwards. She's not just going to let him yank her into the lava pit, but it's going to be a fruitless to just stand there and push and pull - she needs to make this something more than a glorified game of tug-of-war.

Grabbing the cord with her spare hand, she wraps the cord around it once before pulling back, keeping up the the tension in the cord while giving her a few feet of slack to maneuver Goliath. She swings it in a circle once, then braces the hilt of the weapon against her stomach as the head of the mace opens up, facing Rufus - and she fires it off once, then twice, using the blunt recoil of the shotgun to try to take another couple steps backwards.

Attack Log:
Shotgun Bodyshot (6% x 2)

Jima's Combat Stats:
Aura: 82%
Goliath: 0/5
Beacon Academy / Re: Tea and Cookies [Open]
« Last post by Moth on August 11, 2018, 03:20:35 PM »
Something smelled nice.

Chantou's navigating a bit on autopilot. The mantis faunus has obviously already retired for the afternoon, swapping her school uniform out for a pair of sweatpants and a off-the-shoulder croptop. Her hair's a bit off a mess, tied up in a sloppy messy bun, and based on the slump to the shoulders and the way she was yawning as she plodded down the corridor, it wouldn't be an off guess to say she'd been napping. But regardless, the urge for food had managed to rouse her from her slumber, and short of going to her jeep to raid her cooler or bothering to get dressed for the dining hall, raiding the kitchen was her next best bet. Thankfully, that's exactly where she'd manage to find her leader. "Yo, Leo, other chick. What's cookin'?"
Beacon Academy / Re: Tea and Cookies [Open]
« Last post by DEXES on August 11, 2018, 02:54:20 PM »
"Oh, it's a schoko aller grenze" she said with a smile until she noticed her mistake. The cake was so named only in her grandparents' shop, which is why she quickly corrected herself "It's a chocolate surprise-egg cake, wait, I should have a picture" Kisha quickly searched round in her hoodie pocket under the apron until she found her scroll. It was quickly turned on and she wiped across the screen to go through the pictures in the gallery. "Uhm... hm... Ah, there it is!" She turned the scroll over and held the screen to Leona.
We'll get a new teammate soon and so I thought I would bake one for him, but we don't have to stop making the cookies, I can make the cake later."
Kisha put her scroll away again and then went to the bowl with the batter "Let's make the cookies for your team first, if anything is left I can take them for mine. The batter looks good, did you already put salt in?"

Spoiler: That’s the picture, if you wanna see it • show
This cake tastes delicious by the way
Beacon Academy / Re: Tea and Cookies [Open]
« Last post by L-Money on August 11, 2018, 01:34:25 PM »
"Oh, those cookies? Yes, they are the ones for the next batch. I was planning on making enough for my team to have two each, but we can make some more for you and your team as well." Leona scrapped off the burnt cookies into the trash remorsefully before continuing. "I've made it up to the part about mixing the eggs and the vanilla sugar into the batter. Oh! and I love decorating the cookies. That's the whole reason I bake." Leona grabbed a spoon and bowl for Krisha, though she wasn't quite sure what to do with it yet. "If you don't mind me asking, what kind of cake were you going to make?"
Character Editing / Re: Kisha Miles
« Last post by Vision on August 11, 2018, 08:30:49 AM »
Spoiler: pre-edit • show
[quote author=DEXES link=topic=1190.msg14951#msg14951 date=1507998149]

Name: Kisha Miles

Age: 17

Species and Gender: Human, Female


Occupation: First year beacon student

Theme: Tangled by NyxTheShieldOFFICIAL


Spoiler: show
Art belongs to ChosenVowels

Kisha stands at 1,65cm and weighs 62kg, with an average slim build. Her brown shaded hair reaches to the base of her neck, mainly left messy. She has a pale, round face, with a small nose and slightly big brown eyes.

Whenever it isn't required to wear the school uniform, you can see her wearing a brown hoodie. The hood represent the face of a cartoon-guinea pig, containing ears, eyes and a mouth. The word 'schoko' is printed under said face and on a name tag over her left chest.
Her black belt is equipped with a belt holster for her dagger on the left, her symbol on the right.


Kisha was born in a small village named Stemswell, which is located in the eastern end of vale. She spend most of her life with her grandparents. Her parents were highly respected Huntsmen, who were always asked to do the most dangerous missions there are. That resultes in them not being at home a lot. She spent most of her day in the cocolate shop her grandparents owned, helping out wherever she could.

Even though Kisha didn't spend much time with her parents, she always looked up to them and made her goal early on, to become a huntress as well. She started practicing with a wooden sword when she was 9 and was given a bow a year after to train with. At the age of 13 she entered a combat school near her village. Soon after, a message arrived at the chocolate shop. Both of her parents died on the mission they were participate in, together with 3 other huntsmen. The exact cause for their death however, is still unknown. Even after her parents death, she kept on training and looked forward.
She took courses to learn how to make and modify weapons and with the age of 16 she made her weapon Cocoa. As beacon started to invite Students to learn at their academy again, she signt up immediately and passed the entrance exam with flying colours.


Kisha has a very kind, caring, and cheerful personality. She brings her hyperactiv nature alonge to wherever she is, often seen jumping around from place to place, changing the topic while talking, or running around when it's not appropriate. When Kisha talks, many of her words may sometimes come out randomly without her actually giving much thought to anything she comes up with. Kisha is very open with her companions and quickly grows fond of them. Despite the morally dodgy nature that she sometimes displayed, Kisha can act quite serious in battle. She also has a sense of humor and enjoys messing with people, keeping things lighthearted.

Aura and Semblance:

Kisha's Aura is Ember colored

Her semblance gives her the ability to creat portals.

She Forms a circle with both hands creating a portal on each side. She then can throw them like a frisbee wherever she wants to and the portal will stay there, even if this place is midst the air. The portals have an reach for about 30-40 meters. Kisha can only create two portals at once. If she tries to create a third one, the first one will disappear. Everything and everyone can go through the portals but everyone besides Kisha will get serious balance problems, through not being used to it. Kisha also can decide the size of the portals, and how long they stay open. They don't have a timelimit and leaving them open for a long time doesn't effect Kisha's endurance, as long she is conscious. The bigger the portals are, the more exhausted she get. It may happen that the portals close while something or someone is still in there. If this Person or thing is more that 50% through the portal, it will being blast out of it, due to pressure. If the person is less than 50% in the portal it will be thrown back.

(A vid to the portals uhm... pls ignore the other stuff..)

Combat Behavior:

Kisha never fought a lot with other people in her past, which makes her more effective in a 1 vs 1 fight. She prefers to fight defensive rather than offensive which leads to her using her weapon in it's bow form befor turning it to her sword. One exceptions would be, if she don't have any cover from where to shoot. In a open field she will mostly likely uses her weapon in the sword form first.

Even though she never fought in a group she will be cooperative and will listen to her leader. She can come up with strategies herself, but those are mostly not foolproof, and can even have some major lacks if she has to think about one while she's under stress. Her main strategie in situations like this is to creat some distance between her and her opponent with her portals.
Kisha is fast and maneuverable, which is important. She doesn't wear any armor and if she gets hit, the hit WILL leave a mark.


Name: Cocoa

Primary Form:

Cocoa, in his primary form, is a dagger with an blade length of 40 and a width of 3cm. It's made out of light materials and weighs about 2kg.

Secondary Form:

The dagger blade of Cocoa extends, changing it's lenght to 80cm, making it, including the handle, a 130cm long sword.

Tertiary Form:

Cocoa's third form is a longbow. Its arrows are modified with different kinds of dust. Her quiver is divided into four sections, each has his own type of dust, besides the fouth, which is mainly for normal arrows.
Each section can store maximal eight arrows.

Dusk Functions:

Ice arrows: When the Arrow hits the ground it can freeze an 0,5x0,5m area. If the arrow hits a Person, it will freeze the body part it hit, though the ice isn’t thick.

Fire arrows: The Arrow will cause a small fire on whatever it hits. The fire can be easily put out, but if its used the right way it can cause a lot of damage. The arrows can also be used as a torch.

Lightning arrows: As soon the arrow hits his target, the hit body part will cramp in a 10cm² area.


Kisha’s parents died when she was 16. Even though she never had so much contact with them, she knew exactly which weapons they used. So she made a duplicate of them.

Other: Kisha has three hydrogen- and three smoke grenades attached to her pelt. The hydrogen grenades are mostly used together with the fire arrows to cause an explosion.
This time Kei had no intention of letting his applied pressure go to waste.

Gathering strength in his legs he sprang into the air after Infrared, not aiming to land on the same pillar but instead striking at her as he passed in mid-air. To further amplify his attack he also thumbed his current lance's Dust chamber, causing the metal to crackle and pop as visible sparks began to fly. With the entirety of the lance's length now electrified he thrust at any part of Infrared's body that he could reach, before landing on the other side of the pillar.

Combat Log:
  ● Electrified thrust [6% + 6% Electric Dust]

Kei's Stats:
  ● Aura: [█████----] 66%
  ● Stamina: [█████████-] 95%
Beacon Academy / Re: Tea and Cookies [Open]
« Last post by DEXES on August 11, 2018, 02:59:16 AM »
Kisha decided not to question Leona's reasons any further, but at the same time she would have liked to object. To be baked only to be burned afterwards. The poor cookies, they had such a fulfilling life before them! She looked for the last time to the sad pile of burned cookies and then gratefully accepted the apron.
"I was going to make a cake, but I have time for that later, so those are the cookies we're going to make next?" she asked, tying the apron behind her. She could see the book and especially the recipe better now and read it quickly.

Vanilla sugar
Baking powder
... and a few other things

"hmm..." Kisha looked up for a moment, "How many portions do we make and do you want to garnish them afterwards?" Or do we just want to burn them? The last question was purposely left out. Well, even if they only palnned on burning them, she might as well use the burned cookies for something. Only the previous ones were already too far gone as that she could use these again.
Beacon Academy / Re: Tea and Cookies [Open]
« Last post by L-Money on August 11, 2018, 01:56:19 AM »
Leona politely smiled as the handshake became a tad long and awkward for her, but she did enjoy her enthusiasm.

"You are close. My name is Leona Koningsblauw." Leona noticed her looking at the cookbook. "It, um... is not my first time cooking deserts. You see, I was testing out different recipes to see which one would be less likely to burn. I see that this one is not it. Maybe the next few might be the ones. If not, I guess the oven just runs hot here too."

Leona snapped her fingers as if she just got an idea. "Would you like to help? I do enjoy company while I cook." Without warning she goes to the kitchen closet and grabs an extra apron expectantly.
Beacon Academy / Re: Tea and Cookies [Ope
« Last post by DEXES on August 11, 2018, 01:02:40 AM »
Again? Kisha thought as she watched the girl ran to the oven and saved the cookies from their fiery hell. Or rather what was left of the cookies, except for the black-baked sad-looking pastry.

Kisha still had the small grin on her face as she took the girls hand and shook it quickly up and down. "Hey there, I'm Kisha Miles, I've seen you in class a couple of times, weird that I've never talked to you before, is this your first time baking? Oh, I'm not saying it looks bad! When I baked for the first time- Okay, I've never burned anything, but that's just beginner's bad luck. Uh! Not that I was to saying that you look like a beginner! Everyone has just bad luck from time to time. Uhhhhm.... Your Name! I should have heard it before ... Uhm ... Uhh .. Lyonea?"

Only then did Kisha stop the handshaking and scratched embarrassed the back of her head. Unfortunately, forgetting the names of others was nothing new to her. She was lucky if she didn't accidentally forget the names of her teammates. When she looked away in embarrassment, she discovered an open cookie-cook-book and looked briefly over it. Standard recipe. But she decided not to say anything and waited for a response from the girl infront of her.
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