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Beacon Academy / Re: A Lunch Side Chat [DGTL]
« Last post by smashingBrawler on October 19, 2018, 12:45:35 AM »
Zaffre finally entered the dining hall – she’d taken some time after everything had ended to check over several notes - plotting out room for improvement, new ideas, and where things went wrong. She’d also taken notes on some of the other bouts after theirs had finished, just in case.

Zaffre was too focused on the results to realize how hungry she was. She spotted her team – Brock’s mountain of food was a dead giveaway – and made her way to sit down with them. She pulled out a notebook from her pocket and leafed through it. ”Sorry about what happened back there, Diana. I should have been keeping better track of where their team was, shouldn’t have let her get so close unimpeded. Next time we can do better.”

Zaffre offers the notebook to Diana. It shows a few well-annotated formations and movements, along with cost-benefit analysis of each set-up. ”I’ve got a few ideas on what we might be able to do better in the future, a few strategies that might serve us better against foes who can get in close like that. I’ll admit I can’t do much if one gets close to me, but if I’d been closer I could’ve covered you properly, and the reverse could also be true – let me know what you think!” She explained, shifting from her serious demeanor to a sunnier one as she ended her sentence – and as the piles of food in front of her forced her to confront her mounting hunger.

”I’ll be… right back.” She says, quickly getting up and throwing a sandwich made up of lettuce, tomato, and what Zaffre was pretty sure was sliced turkey together before returning..
2v2 Matches / Re: Third Year 2v2 bracket- Finals: Avery & Taylor vs. Vermilion & Vivian
« Last post by Kaliot on October 18, 2018, 11:12:40 AM »
Avery didn't expect Vermilion to catch his fall with his weapon, though if was still comparing him to his sparring partner, maybe he should have. Though his mind caught Vermilion's counterattack in time, his body was lagging having put all of Avery's weight into his attack.

Avery took the attack to his chest. The impact of the blow was dampened by his semblance though at the cost of additional fatigue. He stumbled back a couple steps, but having caught wind of the attack beforehand, was able to recover from it quickly. Avery raised back his weapon, and as he sent it jabbing forward[1], he also re-extended the spear to its original length. At the same time, he deactivated his semblance in hopes that the sudden liberation of his hand would cause Vermilion to hesitate, even if just for a moment.

[1] – 8%

Aura: 67%    61% ( 6%)
Fatigue: 39%    51% ( 12%)

Beacon Academy / Re: Starting a rebellion [RBLS]
« Last post by GingerAvalanche on October 18, 2018, 10:48:42 AM »
Lilla shrugged. “Never heard of them,” she replied, which wasn’t quite true but she wouldn’t admit that to him. ”And I’ve definitely never heard of a Reginald Royale. What’ve you done that makes you think I should’ve heard of you? Or are you just taking credit for what others have done?”

She tucked her red lock of hair behind her ear again, but it fell loose again. She pouted at it. She turned around to Shiroe and pulled out her scroll. ”Erm, sorry about that. I’m Lilla. I’ll just... stay out of everyone’s way.” She stares at a spot on the wall, decidedly not looking Reggie’s direction as she finishes, ”As long as nobody is pretending they’re better than someone else. I, uh... I don’t like when people do that.”


OOC: There’s at least one tense change that I can’t fix because I’m on my phone and the text input box doesn’t scroll or wordwrap. Sorry about that.
Beacon Academy / Re: Company and Combat [Closed - Azure Blair]
« Last post by Siuwa on October 18, 2018, 09:21:43 AM »
Cat took the initiative and brought up his hammer for a large swing. But that revealed to be a feint as Azure struck him across his torso with Renegade and proceeding to unleash two close-proximity waves in his face. He got hit with the full power of the first wave but thanks to that managed to dodge the second, lightning wave in limbo and not get shocked.

After that comes Cat's counterattack while she is trying to replace her dust. Firstly is a large swing, the wind up already done on the way running towards Azure. No matter if it was a hit or miss, Cat would swing it all the way back and reverse his grip on the hammer, using the sharpening barrel as a spear to poke Azure at her chest twice, then once more at her stomach.

Combat stats:
Aura: 64%
Ammo for Take That!: 17/20 shots of piercing rounds loaded/1 magazine of piercing rounds/1 magazine of explosive rounds/5 shocking rounds/5 heating rounds/5 freezing round
Dust: 85% Fire/100% Earth/100% Lightning/100% Ice
Semblance: 100%

Swing: 12%
Pokes: 3%x3
Beacon Academy / Re: opening act [Open]
« Last post by ReaperJoe on October 18, 2018, 05:09:52 AM »
The chat between Azure and Saffron continues, and Aurelia finds some of the subject matter to be most uninteresting.  To be frank, she cares little for the subject of body art, piercings, and the like.  If others wish to adorn their bodies with such trivialities, it’s fine by her as long as it doesn’t get in the way of her work.

The weapon, on the other hand, does pique Aurelia’s interest, though not in a necessarily positive way.  Where does she begin?  ”Dust is a finite resource, and field missions could take days or even weeks to complete.  Eventually, your weapon will run out of dust, and a non-functioning weapon is, at best, a glorified club and, at worst, dead weight.  I highly recommend you address that at the first available opportunity.  There is a forge here with all the materials you will need,” she critiques.  Aurelia’s certain Azure won’t want to hear it from her, even more so if the wolf faunus had crafted it by hand.  But a potentially crippling flaw should be resolved as quickly as possible. 

Though, as controversial as telling someone to change the weapon they worked so hard to create is, apparently Aurelia had unintentionally stumbled into a debacle of a different sort.  It seems her dismissal of baseless detractors has met with a surprising amount of resistance.  Azure’s entire demeanor had changed, in fact, to the point she looked like she wanted to fight.  Perhaps Aurelia should clarify.  ”There seems to be a grave misunderstanding.  I do not condone threats of violence or acts of ridicule.  Public figures have always come under scrutiny, no matter their line of work.  Whether it’s right or wrong is irrelevant, it simply is.  And it only gets worse if you try to hide from it.  That creates room for rumors to circulate, which will inevitably further damage your reputation,” she explains.  Aurelia’s no stranger to petty politics.  She’s the adopted daughter of a wealthy Atlesian, which means she had to withstand the scrutiny of the Atlesian elite starting from the age of ten.  Those people actually had more than enough power and influence to take her down, if they were so inclined, but she couldn’t afford to stay closeted in the shadows.

”That being said, if mere music managed to shatter someone’s world view so thoroughly they were driven to send you death threats, that is an accomplishment, even if you never necessarily wanted it,” Aurelia says to Azure.  Yes, that was indeed a compliment, or at least as close to one as Aurelia can get.  It may not be worth much at this point, but it’s something.

Unfortunately, any points Azure might have scored with Aurelia on that topic quickly vanish as the first-year’s sarcasm bleeds through in the form of continued flirtations.  Aurelia has half a mind to stomp on the tail as it brushes her ankles, but she refrains from doing so for the moment.  Her disdain only increases as Azure goes on an entirely unnecessary and sarcastic rant in response to her questions.  And while that in and of itself was obnoxious, the fact Azure continues to show zero respect toward Aurelia is unacceptable.  So, when Saffron suggests some “hands-on” training, a small smirk appears on the knight’s face.  If nothing else, Azure will learn manners.

”’Informality’?  Informal’s certainly one word to describe you.  I’d have chosen ‘arrogant’, ‘childish’, ‘impulsive’, ‘reckless’, ‘disrespectful’…the list goes on, really.  But, no, ‘informal’ works,” Aurelia retorts to Azure’s smart remark almost immediately.  ”Also, ‘princess’?  If you’re going to resort to name-calling, the least you could do is try to make it insulting.  If your lyrics are as creative as your insults, I can imagine why you would look into another career.”     

As Saffron attempts to change the subject, Aurelia is somewhat surprised to learn Azure is also Atlesian.  She embodies none of the traditional aspects that one would expect, but fact can sometimes be stranger than fiction.  ”I am also of Atlas.  I am the adopted daughter of the Lumen family, you may know of them if you’re locals,” Aurelia says.  The Lumens are wealthy, sure, but not to the extent of the Royales or the Schnees.  Still, they do hold some degree of prominence, it wouldn’t be too surprising for someone who grew up in Atlas to know of them.  Their name certainly came up when Aurelia was adopted, that’s for sure.  Faunus don’t get adopted into aristocratic Atlesian families every day, after all.   

Beacon Academy / Re: opening act [Open]
« Last post by Azure Blair on October 17, 2018, 07:03:33 PM »
“Yep. It was... not my proudest moment, I must say.” Maybe some other time she would go more in depth with how she got her vine tattoo, but at the moment she didn’t know Saffron and Aurelia enough to disclose that information. She figured it would be best to wait until some later time, as the story behind the piece of body art was far from something to be shared during a first meeting. Azure figured she would probably never explain the reasoning behind her tattoo to the golden haired horse faunus, though; she could already tell Aurelia looked down on her, and could only imagine how much great that disdain would grow if she heard about Azure’s... less stable side.

Azure shrugged. “I guess, I’ve never really tried to use the blades without the core. I mean, the Dust core is where it generates its power, so I’m not even sure it would turn on without it.” Now that she was saying it outloud, she was realizing how big of a design flaw her Dust core was. She hadn’t been thinking about that when she had made it, she had been too excited by the idea of merging her two favourite things to create her most prized possession. When she had gotten the idea to combine her two biggest coping mechanisms, it had felt like she was finally tying her life together, like before it had been in scattered pieces and now it was wrapped up all nice and pretty and tied with big bow. Of course, not soon after it had all fallen apart again, but that wasn’t the point...

“Oh man, yeah, he definitely got me back for it,” Azure laughed. “I was cleaning glitter out of my hair for a week! And I had to vacuum my bed twice to clean it up!” Sparrow’s retaliation for being hit in the face with a guitar had been several well timed glitter bombs. Which had, of course, resulted in a full on glitter war between the two of them, with the other band members, and back up singers, taking sides. The war had lasted for several weeks, and probably would have continued had it not been for the abrupt ending of her second tour.

“It’s kind of a mix. I’m technically a solo artist, so I don’t have a band, but I do have people I prefer to work with when it comes to picking people for tours and studio work. Like Sparrow, the guy I hit in the face, is my favourite drummer to work with. I met him during my first tour and we became really good friends. He worked on Eclipse with me, too, since I liked him better than the drummer for my debut,” Azure explained. Crim, the drummer for her first album had been much more of a novice than Sparrow. Crim had been going to accompany Azure on her first tour until a car accident left him with a broken arm. Sparrow had been the replacement, and Azure had found she got along a lot better with him and with Crim.

At Aurelia’s comment, Azure froze, her expression hardening. Her navy eyes flashed. A growl akin to that of a wolf rumbled in the back of her throat. “I wouldn’t really call repeated bomb threats an honor,” she said bluntly, hoping to shut Aurelia down with her lack of sugar-coating. Her voice was low in pitch as she spoke, her words sharp. Her tail had bristled, everything about her posture screaming that she was all too ready to fight the beautiful blonde.

As the topic changed, Azure remained on edge, only to quickly throw on her laid back persona once more at Aurelia’s icy tone. She wouldn’t give the horse girl the satisfaction of her seeing her upset by such a comment. Instead, she grinned coolly. “Would it help if I was fully naked?” She swished her wolf tail playfully, it brushed against Aurelia’s ankles. However, it wasn’t enough to hide Azure’s growing dislike of the goddess-looking girl.

The sarcasm that dripped from Azure’s voice was practically tangible as she answered Aurelia’s slew of questions. “No, I don’t know where I’m staying, I just found a random room and claimed it. No, I don’t have my room key, I climbed through the window. Of course I have my uniform, while else would I be wearing normal clothes? I mean it’s not like they give you your schedule upon arrival or anything, that would be crazy, am I right? Given that I’ve only been conscious at this school for like four hours, I’ve obviously had so much time to figure out where all my classes are. Yeah I got a locker and then just chose to carry a guitar around all day. Capeesh?” She rolled her eyes as she spoke, toying with the strings of Renegade.

“Ya know, Saf, I don’t think training together would end too well.” She eyed Aurelia. “I don’t think miss princess here would be able to handle my informality, I fear she might mentally implode if she had to work with me.” A hotty smirk grew across her face as she spoke, as if challenging Aurelia to counter her.

At the change of topic, Azure sat up and re-situated herself so she was against the trunk of the tree. She continued pulling up grass. “Born and raised in Atlas,” she said, “fun times...” She glanced back over at Aurelia. Even if she was wearing a beacon uniform, Azure still reckoned she could safely guess she was from Atlas a well. Or maybe Aurelia had mentioned being from Atlas earlier-- if she had, Azure hadn’t been paying attention.
Beacon Academy / Re: Big Game Hunting [Closed]
« Last post by Vision on October 17, 2018, 06:56:16 PM »
While thrilled at the prospect of fighting monsters rather than her peers Diana couldn't help but shot a concerned glance towards Jima at the mention of the larger Grimm types, surely she was just saying that for dramatic effect, right? Looking down at Eclipse she detached the scope she had been working on, she wasn't too happy with the design and certainly didn't intend to fight with it now. As she followed the others out the door she pressed a button on the rotating handle of her rifle which caused the stock to split in two and wrap itself around the blade for storage.

When they had barely set foot inside the forest off the academy grounds Diana prepared her rifle, she retracted the bolt to check what dust round she had loaded, ice. She enjoyed Jima's tour guide narration and in a moment of distraction from the fight before them she couldn't help but admire the nature around them, the nature in Vale seemed so welcoming compared to Atlas.

Diana was quite intrigued by the colosseum in particular that it was from before the greyed war, wondering to herself if it could have served any function similar to Amity for the fighters from before the academies. The mention of its history with bloodshed snapped Diana back to reality and why they were there. She glanced around for any sight of movement, so far everything was still. Absentmindedly she pulled back the bolt of her rifle to check which round she had loaded, ice.

While she was certainly nervous for the fight ahead of them it wasn't out of fear, this had just become her role on her team. To be the one who was a bit more cautious and careful, she might not have the typical personality of a leader but she would make sure her teammates were safe and looking at her new impromptu teammates she was glad to see how excited they all were. She positioned herself as central in the group as possible, hoping to avoid a melee fight if possible, and for the third time she found her hand on the bolt of her rifle ready to check the round, ice.

"Well Grimm aren't blind, the energy of a place like this could certainly attract them but if they come and can't see anything they would look elsewhere, but it certainly means there are more Grimm around this area than a random place in the forest."

I'm terribly sorry for the massive delay, I've mentioned the reasons on the discord but wanted to keep everyone in the loop. I've been on sick leave for about a year now and I'm trying to sort everything out so I can study again.
Teams / Beacon First Year Seeks Team, Friendship [CLOSED]
« Last post by smashingBrawler on October 17, 2018, 06:25:02 PM »
Beacon Academy, 1st Year
Name: Zaffre Latya [Link]

Species, Gender: Human, Female

Background: Zaffre was born and raised in Vale. Her father was a huntsman but got severely injured and she had a crisis as a result during her second year at signal. Her father was able to reassure her and by the time she finished her 4th year she was actually fit to get into beacon.

Personality: In huntress-in-training related situations, Zaffre is serious and focused with a strong sense of duty who will work herself far harder than she probably should. In the rare periods of downtime where she can get away with it, Zaffre becomes a lot more relaxed and her serious attitude will melt into a warm and friendly one.

Combat: Zaffre is a versatile, tactically-minded mid-range combatant who keeps melee options available out of necessity, as her support-oriented semblance often keeps her closer to the front lines than she would prefer. Her biggest weaknesses are her low defence and inability to handle opponents who get in close, though she is also susceptible to being out-ranged and overpowered by offensive semblances.
Beacon Academy / Re: ABoat time [Open]
« Last post by Kingnoname1 on October 17, 2018, 07:35:39 AM »
Not even the smallest of reactions.’ Calen thought to himself almost impressed. Although not taking things seriously seemed to be Kisha’s style given her following comments the fact that Calen was unable to disturb his fellow student did erk him somewhat. ’If you are sure.’ Calen responded packing the food away again, looking longingly at it while he was doing so. ’I avoid the school kitchens mostly on principle, I have all the equipment I need in my team’s room and my apartment. I know what that equipment has been used for, who used it last and more important my ingredients no longer go ‘missing.’’ Calen continued chuckling away slightly. It had been a hard lesson to learn, very expensive and very hard to utilise ingredients being ‘borrowed’ and wasted maybe amusing now was infuriating at the time, particularly when there was someone Calen was trying to impress.

’You want to go sailing? I must say I would very much enjoy that, successful fishing attempts or not.’ Calen remarked walking on to the small boat Kisha had freed. It floated and although the planks creaked loudly under Calen’s insignificant weight the boat did seem seaworthy and worst case scenario what are the chances Grimm lay in weight beneath the waves. Just then there was a sharp rush of movement came up from the water, a fish going after an insect. Probably. Nevertheless, Calen’s eyes were locked on the water for a few moments before the gaunt boy turned away and used his semblance to load there new claimed boat with his fishing gear. ’Now I’m Captain Mood Killer am I?’ Calen joked as the boat rocked beneath his rapid movements, remain upright of course but may be upsetting the balance of those not expecting it. Motorised or sailboat Calen had spent many long weeks on ships with his family, unbeknownst to him laying low when the authorities or the white fang was closing in on them, and it had prepared him with a decent knowledge of the operation of the ship which Calen would happily explain as they went along unless Kisha was already aware.

’So if you don’t take the academic side seriously what about the more physical? Teamwork and combat exercises, can’t exactly rely on your notes there. How does your, with all due respect, lackadaisical outlook deal with that?’ Calen asked keeping his voice upbeat and carefree. Kisha’s response before had surprised him, there would always be people who took things less seriously or less conventional than he did but Kisha was still around so it clearly worked for her. This did make Calen rather curious, maybe there was a method behind the madness after all.
Beacon Academy / Re: How to Train your Idiot [Closed]
« Last post by Rush on October 17, 2018, 02:42:13 AM »
At least one hit, huh? Either Titania was underestimating him, or he was in for a quick lesson from the person causing a third of his problems. Regardless, she wasn’t going to move until he did, that was how this training session was going to work. Land one hit, and he’s golden.

Inhaling deeply, Juno considered his options for an approach. Launching himself at her could be unexpected, but also risky. If she could react, he’d end up halfway across the yard, or with his face planted between the dirt and the bitch’s boot. Dashing up wasn’t the greatest idea either, but a cautious walk was also just unnecessary. He couldn’t strike from range without Phi, either.

He was starting to miss her already.

After his moment of consideration, Juno shook his head, then lunged toward the pseudo-faunus, sword held in his familiar backhand stance. Once he found himself within striking range, the young man let loose with a swift horizontal slash to her chest, mostly to see how she would respond.
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