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WiP Characters / Re: Aurelia Lumen
« Last post by ReaperJoe on Today at 06:59:45 AM »
Guys, I finished a character, it's a miracle!
Nami hesitated for a second, before taking the water bottle. "Thanks," he said, swallowing the pill, followed by a big gulp from water bottle.
You could clearly see how Nami tensed up a little when Catalina asked her question and he looked at her "It's ... A health condition. Nothing too bad, just a little dizziness from time to time", he said and gave the bottle back.
"Interesting weapon you have there, did you made it yourself?" Nami asked to change the subject.
Standard setting, huh? They at least won't have the problem of being attacked from a dead angle like this.
Mikado stayed on the professors right side and watched Billy and Smokey take their places. Unlike those the two, he hadn't much to say. The only thing he wanted to object was, how needless it would be for Kiro to scout for grimm, but the far away howls who slowly became louder and closer did not even give him the chance to open his mouth. Mikado reached for the bo on his back and pulled out the blade. Now it started to get interesting.
Beacon Academy / Re: A Morning on the Range [Closed]
« Last post by MonsterManic on Today at 03:30:06 AM »
"Sure!" Jocelyn chirped happily, scooping up Hyacinth in one hand and another pastry in the other, before a loud but muffled thump signified her running headfirst into the sliding glass door. Again. This time before the doors could open. "Owie..." she rubbed her head, pouting slightly. "What's with the doors today? Are they broken?"
Everywhere Else / Re: An Afternoon Downtown [Closed]
« Last post by NotSurprised on Today at 01:40:01 AM »
Hesitating at first, the grunts slowed their advance on the two, until the merc leading them was currently giving them the evil eye. Immediately, the grunts charged at the two hoping that numbers will give them the advantage in combat, trying to swipe at the two with their gunblades. As for the merc himself, he picks up a pipe as he charges up a ball of ice infront of him that is ready to be hit as if it was a baseball.

As for the grunts Sovereign was dealing with, he chucked them around enough where they should be down for the count. The merc with a greatsword on the other hand, immediately charged towards Sovereign. With a grunt, Sovereign blocked it with his gauntlet, using his fire dust to blow up the area in front of the merc's face. As a result, the greatsword user felt her sword blast upwards, she frowned before slamming Sovereign with the side of the blade. Not able to block it, Sovereign essentially flew over towards Airi and Lyra, eventually getting back on his feet and skidding.

"How is it on your end?" While it does seem like there is more trouble than how he is usually prepared for, Sovereign does not stop grinning with confidence as he's sure that they'll prevail in the end, albeit with some pain.
The Vale Region / Re: Participation and Procrastination[1/1 PvP practice thread]
« Last post by Siuwa on June 16, 2018, 09:46:42 PM »
Seeing Nami take his pill was a surprise. He doesn't know why and has no good guesses, but he did make for the water bottle, struggling to get up and limping to his it the seats, took it out and offered to the mentally assumed Faunus.

"What are those for?" Cat asked as he sat near his own backpack.
Beacon Academy / Re: Crème de la Crème [CLOSED]
« Last post by Moth on June 16, 2018, 07:24:03 PM »
As Coconut presses on, there's a slight twist to Prism's face. Despite meeting Coconut with equal force, he was stronger than her - and it shows as she needs to take a step, then two backwards to avoid being toppled. Her grip as on the lower half of the staff, and she couldn't risk sliding it higher to get a better grip without bringing them even closer.

Time to change things up. She needed more space.

Prism stops trying to press back, dropping the glaive and whirling around completely, trying to spin into his personal space with her back facing him. This plan wasn't without risks, he could grab her if he was fast enough, or still jump out of the way - but if he couldn't he'd find a pair of fast-moving feathery wings, faintly shimmering white, slamming directly into his chest.

Combat Stats:
Aura-Enhanced Wing Blow (5%), 2.5% if clipped with one wing)

Prism's Combat Stats:
Aura: 74%
Beacon Academy / Re: Renovations [Team CASA] [Closed]
« Last post by Moth on June 16, 2018, 05:32:20 PM »
"I trust you to Amane, but it'd still be useful if you forwarded it - I don't want to schedule team practice when you're not around. You don't need to go into detail, just let us know when you'll be absent." Prism says, extracting the pin from the sewing kit. Shoving the calendar still under one arm into the box, she hopes quietly to herself nobody mentions anything, if they noticed at all. Standing back up, she moves over to the closet to pull out what appears to be a piece of designing paper, before pinning down the individual corners.

"I plan on making digital calendar with all our schedules in it for easy use at some point, and I can probably finagle it to update automatically whenever you guys add to your plans, though at some point I'd like to get a physical calendar just for the sake of having a visual to look at." She explains, nodding in satisfaction as to the paper's flatness.

The Vale Region / Re: Royal Guard [CLOSED]
« Last post by Moth on June 16, 2018, 05:21:19 PM »
"Jima Purpora at your service." She says cheerfully, a surprisingly cheerful smile on the tall woman's face. "I'm here to help you keep an eye on things, but let's hope there's nothing that we need to worry about." Keeping an eye on things is literal, in Jima's case - despite orienting herself towards the women they're all guarding, the nice thing amount mobile senses is one can easily get a bird's-eye view of everything around them; especially in Jima's case, where she's parked her eyesight nearly 20 meters above the arriving party. Perfect for seeing anybody particularly interesting approaching them.
Beacon Academy / Re: A Morning on the Range [Closed]
« Last post by Moth on June 16, 2018, 02:42:46 PM »
Prism gives a little squawk as Jocelyn launches herself at her, staggering slightly under the taller woman's weight, but returning the hug with a fit of giggling as well. She's way more excitable than usual right now - note to self, make sure Jocelyn doesn't consume caffeine in high quantities, and get decaf next time around as well. "No worries, this is an excellent consolation prize."

Giving Jocelyn a soft smile as she pulls away, Prism thinks for a moment about what to do. "Since you're so energetic all of the sudden, how about we go outside and blow off some steam? Target practice with the wind going could be valuable."
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