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Beacon Academy / Re: Tea and Cookies [Open]
« Last post by DEXES on August 18, 2018, 03:14:37 AM »
Kisha responded with a pleased smile to Billy's statement, and would have liked to continue talking about the cake, but it was probably better that she didn't. Especially considering the braggart factor.
"Salt is a natural flavor enhancer, you just have to watch that-" she cut off mid sentence as the door opened and another person walked into the room. And she seemed to know Leona.

"Ah, so that's your teammate?" she asked Leona before turning on tiptoes to the newcomer, "The name's Kisha, nice to meet you, as Leona already said, we're making cookies and- ah-" she cut herself off again as she looked over her shoulder at Leona to see her...Stirring. For a moment she stood there. Quiet. Ookkkay, at least it is well stirred. But still, poor batter... She personally was very sensitive when it came to wasting ingredients, or food in general, but she managed to keep the comment about it for herself.

With a barely audible sigh, Kisha turned back to the faunus. "You're welcome to help... Uhm..." She looked away, embarrassed. Leona had said the name not ten seconds ago and she had already forgotten it? She really had to work on her memory.
2v2 Matches / Re: First Year 2v2 bracket- Round 1: Billy & Smokey vs. Setsuna & Calen
« Last post by Moth on August 18, 2018, 01:32:32 AM »
To put it simply, this match had drawn Prism to edge of her seat. Literally. Once Smokey had smashed through the ice with Calen, Prism had sprung to her feet. The hyperactive hummingbird faunus was literally at the barrier of the arena, bouncing on her heels with her hands on the wall as she watched with baited breath as she'd watched the two disappear underneath the water, then a third as Billy followed, and then finally a fourth as Setsuna himself dived. To say the entire arena had been on edge hadn't been inaccurate - it's not everyday the action's literally taken where the cameras couldn't follow.

All they could do is stare at the hole in the ice, and steadily watch the aura counter on the side of the ring tick downwards.

She'd burst out cheering for the fledgling knight when Setsuna had reemerged from the icy water with Billy in his arms, dumping the woman on the sidelines before diving back in after Calen. Watching Calen literally shoot out of the water like a cork had made actually make him snort, and some dark part of her had found a certain amount of vindictive joy in watching Calen be used like a baseball bat - but he'd managed to stop it short with his semblance, leaving Prism to bury that weird feeling with her loud cheering for her friends.

She could at least wince in sympathy as Smokey attempted one last all-out attack, watching him knock himself unconscious with his own gun. She'd managed to get a concussion with it in it's normal form, she knew the gun's kick - she could only imagine how badly that hurt while in volleygun form. Calen's last few clumsy swipes combined with the wide spread of Matchstick just kicked Billy's aura into the red, and with a loud cheer the hummingbird faunus had literally leaped out of her seat, her updraft kicking in and hovering several feet above the stadium as the victory went to Aztec. Winning was fun, but it was even better to see her friends win.

Now all she needed to do was go congratulate the two on their winnings, maybe take them some hot chocolate, and casually rub Calen's face in the fact he spent most of the match clinging like a burr to Smokey.
Saffron knew it would be unreasonable to expect every throw of hers to hit but putting so much force behind her last one it was disheartening to see it completely miss. Still, the weapon being in the air did finally give Saffron the opportunity to use the second stage of her semblance. Expecting a kick Saffron's guard wasn't fast enough to block Justice's slice which struck hard against her armoured stomach. Half doubling over Saffron managed to duck under Justice's slap and used her lower position to launch a savage counter-attack.

Three quick hatchet strikes aimed at Justice's core just as he locked his feet. This frontal assault was assisted with the boomerang slamming back re-aimed and augmented thanks to Saffron's semblance. Putting out so many attacks did cause Saffron to overextend herself leaving her open for a counter attack if Justice wasn't overwhelmed by her attacks that is. It was a risk that the Faunus often took and although it often leads to a lot of pain it ensured even if she would go down she would never be taken lightly.

Aura: 84%(7% from Slice)
Semblance: 70%, 6% expended
General disposition: Increasing Ferocity

Not-Quite-Supercharged Boomerang 5+2%
3x4% Quick Hatchet strikes

Hatchet 1: Wielded in Saffron's left hand. In Boomerang Form.
Hatchet 2: On the ground to Saffron's right. In Boomerang Form.
Hatchet 3: Wielded in Saffron's right hand. In Hatchet Form.
Hatchet 4: Thrown at Justice. In Hatchet Form.
WiP Characters / Re: Leontios Dekatos Basiliscus (Balance pass) (Placeholder)
« Last post by Dr. Gustave on August 18, 2018, 12:52:08 AM »
Leo's semblance is still Calculation.

Beacon Academy / Re: Tea and Cookies [Open]
« Last post by L-Money on August 18, 2018, 12:38:46 AM »
Leona almost drooled when she saw the cake. "I'm almost intimidated by that cake, it's so lovely." She said with a giggle. She nodded for a while until Kisha said salt. "Why would I need salt?" She was quickly distracted by Chantou's entrance. "Oh! Hello Chantou. We are making cookies! It was going to be a surprise for our team, but I guess you can have an early cookie once we are finished baking them." She said as she spilled some batter on to the floor with vicious stirring.
Billy swung her hammer and missed? But it was the perfect setup!? It would have been Smokey's last hurrah! No matter, it was "go time." I would be team fighting at it's finest. She had been attacked by Calen's Glave as she tried to block it with her hammer, only to get her hands cut up. As she looked to him to give her a clue on what to do next, she heard him say something about firing his gun only once. She sighed and tried to jump out of the way only to get blasted in the back by ice. She spun around to scream at Smokey, only to see him knocked out. "You idiot." She said defeatedly as she went to pick him up and drag him off the stadium.

Aura 13% OUT
Energy 50%

Semblance inactive
Longarm Ice dust 8/9
normal rounds 4/9
WiP Characters / Re: Leontios Dekatos Basiliscus (Balance pass) (Placeholder)
« Last post by Vox Machinae on August 17, 2018, 10:53:49 PM »
And since Nav isn't here to do it...

WiP Characters / Leontios Dekatos Basiliscus (Balance pass) (Placeholder)
« Last post by Vox Machinae on August 17, 2018, 10:49:22 PM »
Awwww shit, G1 Leonius is back. Well, on his way back.

He's in the vicinity of back.

Back is his destination. Still thinking about how to format some shit.


Name: Leontios Dekatos Basiliscus

Nicknames: Leo, Big Guy

Age: 22

Species and Gender: Male Lion Faunus

Symbol: A set of three golden gears, arranged in a triangle.

Occupation: Student


"I was always... self-conscious... about my size... even when I was less... heavy..."
Something something LEO BIG. Still pushing 8'3" due to being a port of old Leo.

Fatass is going to break benches again. The new armor isn't Pilorum, so it needs to be even bulkier.


"(Talk about Childhood in Atlas)"

"(Talk about visiting Vacuo)"
Words words

"(Talk about war)"
Words words words

"(Talk about the accident)"

No Pilum, so history has to be full adapted, with little hints of awareness about the Dunkelwelt and/or Pilum Anomaly.

"(Talk about awkwardness)"

"(Analytical Fuck)"


Aura and Semblance

Leo's semblance is still Calculation. It's apparently still OP as fuck to be able to do arithmetic with your soul.

No Pilorum barrier shields, so he has to use aura to tank hits like a normal person.

Combat Behavior

This is G1 Leo, so not Final Boss material.

Leo still uses his cannons as his main arsenal. No AI anymore, so he has to change modes manually, leading to longer transition times between modes.

"(Artillery strike talk)"
Primary mode is still those six cannons. No Pilorum dust fuckery for anchoring anymore, so has to get rooted in place mechanically to handle recoil.

Melee mode uses the same anchoring setup to drive spikes into the target. Leo hits like a train, but he's easy to get off balance if you're agile enough to avoid getting squished.

No more drones means no more command mode.



Primary Form: Guns up.

Secondary Form: Guns as wings.

Tertiary Form: Guns down.

Dust Functions: Dust reactor.

History: NOT LIFE SUPPORT THIS TIME. Still cripple support, but he doesn't need it to live.
1v1 Matches / Re: Third Year 1v1 bracket- Round 1: Rufus Chocla vs. Jima Purpora
« Last post by Moth on August 17, 2018, 05:01:23 PM »
She's beating him out an inch at a time, only a foot or so from the lava pit when he opens his mouth to... compliment her? A confused expression mares her face for barely a second as he looks down towards the lava pit and opens his mouth again, before her eyes grow wide - fuck, his semblance!

She twists the neck of the mace to deactivate the grappling hook just in time to yank it away from the following splash of lava, rapidly backpedaling as she tries to avoid the sprawl. It's not enough to avoid it all though - a glowing globlet hits her arm, immediately followed by squeal of pain as she practically yanks off the leather jacket to avoid being burned further. No longer protected by her aura, the lava begins to sizzle burn a hole through the fabric. There's a moment of pause as she throws it to the side and watches the smoke rise, before fixing a death glare on Rufus as she reaches for her ammo belt as she begins to reload with red-colored shells. "You owe me a new jacket."

Jima's Combat Stats:
Aura: 62% (-10% on contact, -5% x 2 while stripping off the jacket)
Goliath: Reloading
Everywhere Else / Re: Coffee and friends are the perfect blend [closed]
« Last post by DEXES on August 17, 2018, 01:41:20 PM »
Lost in her thoughts, Kisha continued stepping from one leg to the other, until after only a few more minutes, Prism arrived.

"Oh, no, no," she said, unobtrusively shaking off the sleeve of her coat to get a glance at the watch, "You're even earlier than planned, but anyways, thank you so much for coming. It's great to see you"

She gave Prism a friendly smile, but shortly after raised her eyebrow a little. Only now she noticed what was weird about the hummingbird Faunus. And that's already it. The Faunus part. She was aware that, especially Atlas, was not exactly tolerant to Faunus, and even if she appreciated that Prism went through the trouble of hiding it, she really didn't had to. If the employees of the coffeehouse refuses to serve her just because she's a faunus, Kisha would personally walk to them and start a fight. Or even better. She would order something, give it to Prism and let her drink it right in front of their eyes. She could already see their dumbfounded faces. Whether it would come to something like that was another question. She didn't want to ask Prism about it, she had already made acquaintance with Faunus, who were a bit more offensive when she asked about it. If the possibility arises later, she would probably mention it though.

"How about we go in?" She asked as a cold breeze blew in her face. She quickly walked to the door and opened it with a "beauty first." Another warm smile formed on her face as she gestured Prism to walk in.
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